November 17, 2008

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Yeah, he's a friend of mine. So what? If you're a dedicated Celtics fan, or if you know a dedicated Celtics fan who's on...
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Hillary Clinton silent on secretary of state post
Hillary Clinton, who reportedly met with President-elect Barack Obama in Chicago yesterday, declined to speculate on her political future at an appearance in New York...
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Property tax hikes: Five towns say no, Needham says yes
Voters in five municipalities rejected tax increases Tuesday night. But one town, Needham, bucked the trend. Needham voters approved $1.9 million to operate the High...



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Iraqi Cabinet approves US pact

After months of painstaking negotiations between Baghdad and Washington, the Iraqi Cabinet yesterday approved a bilateral agreement allowing US troops to remain in Iraq for three more years. (By Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post)

Hub grads come up short in college

About two-thirds of the city's high school graduates in 2000 who enrolled in college have failed to earn degrees, according to a first-of-its-kind study being released today. (By James Vaznis, Globe Staff)

Obama faces pressure on immigration reform

Before a huge crowd in San Diego last summer, Barack Obama vowed to make fixing illegal immigration a top priority as president, and Latinos nationwide responded with massive support for him on Election Day. Now, they are pressing him to keep his promise. (By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff)

5 years later, views shift
subtly on gay marriage

When the Supreme Judicial Court handed down its landmark decision five years ago tomorrow allowing same-sex couples to wed in Massachusetts, opponents warned that traditional marriage would be endangered, while supporters envisioned an equality movement that would spread across the nation. Over 11,000 same-sex marriages later, neither has happened. (By David Filipov, Globe Staff)

When you're a tractor trailer

City and town clerks across the state notified local officials last week that the 2-mile limit for tractors traveling on state roads has been expanded to 10. The measure quintuples the time drivers could spend staring into a neon orange caution triangle on the back of a farm vehicle. (By Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff)


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