November 5, 2008

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Yeah, he's a friend of mine. So what? If you're a dedicated Celtics fan, or if you know a dedicated Celtics fan who's on...
Political Intelligence
Obama wins historic election
By Scott Helman and Michael Kranish, Globe Staff CHICAGO Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected the 44th president of the United States...
Override Central
Property tax hikes: Five towns say no, Needham says yes
Voters in five municipalities rejected tax increases Tuesday night. But one town, Needham, bucked the trend. Needham voters approved $1.9 million to operate the High...



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Historic victory

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected the 44th president of the United States and the nation's first black commander in chief yesterday, his triumph ushering in an era of profound political and social realignment in America. (By Scott Helman and Michael Kranish, Globe Staff)

Shift in tone will bring a watershed for nation

The people who crowded Grant Park last night, straining for a glimpse of President-elect Barack Obama, were aroused by a lot of passionate issues - war, jobs, race - and yet they insisted that no single goal, nothing that could be written out and measured, defined their expectations for the next administration. (By Peter Canellos, Globe Staff)

Among blacks, joy and tears at journey's end

Sixty-six-year-old Jake Coakley picked cotton as a boy in Beaufort, S.C., just as his father and grandfather did before him. So yesterday, as he stood amid a throng of people hugging, high-fiving, and even weeping outside a Roxbury polling place, he wanted to underscore the significance of the day. (By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)

New era beginning for party in power

Democrats increased their ranks in Congress last night, picking up seats from the Canadian to the Mexican borders and ushering in a new era of Democratic power in Washington the party has not seen since the 1960s. (By Susan Milligan, Globe Staff)





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