October 31, 2008

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Boy's accidental shooting
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Maybe 105 years isn't long enough
The modern World Series began in 1903. There were rain issues. The field in Pittsburgh turned into a mini-lake if someone so much as...
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Attack of the robocalls
Barack Obama's campaign tonight offered a new defense to "robocalls" from John McCain and Republicans: a video, called "Robots Attack" that spoofs those old...
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Will economy endanger tax hikes on the ballot?
As municipal budgets tighten and the economy gets worse, towns and cities throughout the region still must decide what to do about overcrowded schools, deteriorating...


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Wilkerson rejects
Senate's call to quit

The usually collegial state Senate yesterday shunned one of its own, unanimously passing an extraordinary resolution asking Senator Dianne Wilkerson to resign immediately, following the allegations that she accepted eight bribes worth $23,500 in an FBI undercover operation. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

License Board's alleged
dealings stirring anger

It was envisioned as a first-class steak house and sports bar just a block from Fenway Park. There would be room for 320 patrons with seating on an expansive outdoor patio lined with greenery. The place would be called Jerry Remy's, after the well-known sportscaster. (By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff)

South may be shifting in Democrats' direction

The racial divides that have buttressed Republican power in the South for decades appear to be crumbling in this year's elections, loosening the GOP's firm grip on the region, political analysts and independent pollsters say. (By Susan Milligan, Globe Staff)

Conservative causes get Bay State patron

Jill Stanek is an Illinois nurse whose antiabortion leanings turned into a mission a decade ago. That, she says, was when for 45 minutes she held a tiny, half-pound fetus with Down syndrome until it died after a second-trimester abortion. (By Irene Sege, Globe Staff)

Beatles songs to be licensed
for digital music game

Nearly four decades after they disbanded for good, the Beatles are back, but on a digital stage. (By Hiawatha Bray and Nicole C. Wong, Globe Staff)





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