October 3, 2008

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Spending less on entertainment?
Has the economy affected how much money you spend on entertainment and leisure activities? Are you attending fewer concerts or plays, eating out less, thinking twice about driving to Worcester for a show? Please contact arts writer Joan Anderman at anderman@globe.com to discuss how the economic downturn has changed your plans.
Struggling to find a job?
Are you looking for a job? What are you noticing in the market? E-mail Robert Gavin at rgavin@globe.com to share your observations.
A sing- and drive-along
Do you frequently sing while you drive? The Globe is looking for people willing to invite a Globe reporter and videographer along as they belt out the tunes behind the wheel. Please e-mail Gary Witherspoon at witherspoon@globe.com and provide your name and number for contact purposes.
Have you had a CT scan or MRI recently at a Massachusetts hospital? Did insurance cover it? How much did it cost? Please contact medical writer Liz Kowalczyk at kowalczyk@globe.com to discuss the cost of imaging tests.
Unique gift
Do you know of an amazing or unique gift someone has given to an individual or group recently? A physical object, a person's expertise, the gift of time, etc. The Globe Magazine is looking to spotlight extraordinary acts of generosity for its Giving Issue. E-mail Jenna Pelletier at jennapelletier@gmail.com to share your story.
Curious Jobs
What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
Miss Conduct
Have a quandary? Share it, and your question and Miss Conduct's answer may appear in an issue of the Globe Magazine. Submit a question.

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Bob Ryan's blog
It's about time
One of my favorite annual exercises is to examine major-league baseball game times on the last day of the season, especially when Team X is...
Political Intelligence
Analysis: A mixed performance for Palin
By Peter S. Canellos, Globe Staff Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin began last night's much-awaited debate with a reminder of why she seemed such a...
Override Central
Tax hikes on Nov. 4 ballot in Brockton, Walpole, Needham
A $3.59 million Proposition 2 ˝ override tax increase request on the Nov. 4 ballot may be one increase too many for Brockton residents. “They’ll...


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Sam Allis is on special assignment.
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No fatal slips as Biden,
Palin tussle for the title of reformer

In their sole debate, vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin battled last night for the title of defender of the middle class, arguing over taxes, Iraq, and the mortgage crisis as each claimed to represent the force for change and reform in Washington. (By Susan Milligan and Scott Helman, Globe Staff)

Both show their strengths in colorful clash

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin began last night's much awaited debate with a reminder of why she seemed such a fresh and unique presence on the national stage, tackling economic issues with a vernacular that hasn't been used in recent presidential politics. (By Peter S. Canellos, Globe Staff)

A wait to see if tax breaks
will swing bailout vote

The House of Representatives is expected to vote today on a revamped version of President Bush's sweeping $700 billion economic rescue package, which has grown to include more than $100 billion in tax provisions that affect everything from Puerto Rican rum imports to motor racing speedways, mental health coverage and the alternative minimum tax. (By Michael Kranish and Bryan Bender, Globe Staff)

Financial chaos threatens
to besiege universities

Amid a deepening financial crisis that has sapped college endowments, college and university officials are grappling with the growing fear that the Wall Street turmoil could cast a shadow over nearly all their operations. (By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff)

Pumpkin grower stakes record
hopes on 'Beast from the East'

Darkness and fog shrouded the ranch houses receding into the inky blackness of this forested suburb. Standing in the damp grass of a field, wearing galoshes, shorts, and a long-sleeved T-shirt, Steve Connolly held aloft a portable work lamp, brilliantly illuminating an otherworldly orange orb that looked as though it had crash-landed in his yard. (By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff)

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