September 23, 2008

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Less is more
Did you watch the ninth and final inning of the celebrated Yankee Stadium farewell on ESPN? If so, did you notice anything unusual? Jon Miller...
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McCain picking up ground in N.H.
Republican John McCain has gained ground in the battleground of New Hampshire, according to a new poll released this evening. He leads Democrat Barack Obama...
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In Marshfield, someone to look out for your tax bill
In a town where public-safety workers, teachers, and other municipal employees have unions looking out for their interests, a new group is claiming the...


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A back-and-forth over bailout

Democrats on Capitol Hill yesterday called for major revisions in the broad, $700 billion bailout plans for Wall Street financial firms, seeking tighter restrictions on executive pay, increased regulation of financial dealings, and help for homeowners facing foreclosure. (By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff and Jenny Paul, Globe Correspondent)

Interests clash in city's finance sector

As Congress and the White House hash out details of how to fix the nation's financial system, the outcome could have huge but vastly different consequences for Boston's banks, mutual funds, insurers, hedge funds, and other financial companies. (By Ross Kerber and Kimberly Blanton, Globe Staff)

Latino Sox fans lost in lineup shuffle

With no Pedro Martinez and no Manny Ramirez, with Julio Lugo on the disabled list and possibly headed for the bench whenever he does return, Latino fans see a Red Sox team that looks a lot less like them. (By Keith O'Brien, Globe Staff)

Kerry adjusting to a narrower stage

Senator John Kerry has a unique challenge before him: He has to put aside thoughts of what might have been four years ago and recollections of the status he briefly enjoyed, all while stoking up excitement to hold onto the job he has now. (By Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

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