August 30, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
They've had a good run
BEIJING -- As defending men's basketball champions, the Argentines had hoped to repeat. That's only natural. But they seemed very happy to be leaving here...
Political Intelligence
Alaska Governor Palin is McCain's pick
By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff DAYTON, Ohio -- Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a dark horse candidate with little national prominence, is Republican John McCain's...
Override Central
It's not a tax. It's a fee -- for school sports and a whole lot more
Schools throughout greater Boston are raising fees for sports and other activities. While it's not a property tax increase, the school fees are yet another...


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McCain surprises with VP pick

Senator John McCain stunned the political world yesterday by announcing that he had selected Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his running mate, hoping the first woman on a Republican ticket will draw disaffected Democrats and independents while countering Barack Obama's message of change. (By Michael Kranish, Boston Globe)
News Analysis

Selection is a bold, but risky, political gamble

Like Walter Mondale in 1984, who put the first woman on a major-party ticket, John McCain, in choosing the second one yesterday, is looking for a game-changing moment, a way to persuade voters to look at him in a different light. (By Peter S. Canellos, Globe Staff)

For cabs, higher fares and hybrid future

A cab ride across Boston just got more expensive, though potentially less annoying and polluting. (By Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff)

Students, landlords flouting a city limit

Landlords and college students are widely flouting a new Boston ordinance prohibiting more than four undergraduates from sharing an apartment, amid deep skepticism that city officials can practically enforce the measure. (By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff)

Mass. Registry drifting back to slow lane

The warm summer sun seemed distant this week beneath the fluorescent lights of the Registry of Motor Vehicles' Chinatown branch. Tired motorists were sprawled, asleep on wooden benches, an impatient child puttered around on a scooter, and others among the huddled masses clutched cellphones to cancel appointments and complain to their friends about the long lines. (By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff)

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