August 22, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
Ladies' night
BEIJING --- Good thing we brought the ladies here. American women are doing some very big things for the US of A as the Beijing...
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McCain unsure how many homes he has
Barack Obama and Democrats, who jumped on John McCain joshing that it would take $5 million a year to be truly rich, are now...
Override Central
Belmont tax hike, school plans entangled in state approval
Belmont school officials are frustrated with the state's new school building approval process, which they say has been slow and costly to the town. The...


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Break in tolls on Pike may go

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority unveiled a plan yesterday that would eliminate discounts for Fast Lane users and residents of some Boston neighborhoods. By scrapping the discount for more than 1 million people, the authority would be able to avoid another across-the-board toll increase. (By Ryan Kost and David Abel, Globe Staff)

How leaders warmed a State House chill

For months, the powerful leaders had been at daggers' points, barely speaking while exchanging accusations and recriminations in the press. But in May, Governor Deval Patrick and House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi sat down for a private dinner in the North End that has proved crucial to salvaging the first half of Patrick's term. (By Frank Phillips and Matt Viser, Globe Staff)

Plant society halts its payments

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has informed business partners and vendors that it has "frozen" its accounts and will not pay creditors until an independent adviser completes a review of the organization's finances. (By Tania deLuzuriaga, Globe Staff)

Strategy shift boosts McCain

As the parties approach their national conventions, Republicans who had effectively conceded the year to Democrats are finding themselves heartened by John McCain's feisty resurgence in his duel with Barack Obama. (By Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff)

Hatcheries see signs that lobster
'seeds' taking hold

On a rocking fishing boat half a mile from shore, a scientist screwed a blue hose to a water tank filled with 16,500 penny-sized lobsters. The other end was dropped to the sea floor. (By Beth Daley, Globe Staff)

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