August 17, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
Now I've seen everything ...
BEIJING -- I'm covered now. I mean, in case I'm walking down the street and someone says, "Have you ever been to a high-level badminton...
Political Intelligence
McCain campaign hits Dean comment
John McCain's campaign is making noise tonight about comments that Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean made today about the differences between the two political...
Override Central
Belmont tax hike, school plans entangled in state approval
Belmont school officials are frustrated with the state's new school building approval process, which they say has been slow and costly to the town. The...


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Property tax bills
climb as values dip

The average assessed value for single-family homes in Massachusetts fell for the first time in more than a decade last year, even as property tax bills continued to climb. (By Matt Carroll, Boston Globe)
Globe Graphic Property tax of single-family homes

A shining feat, a golden future

From here on, after becoming the winningest Olympian in history, Michael Phelps will only be competing against his own gargantuan shadow. (By John Powers, Boston Globe)

Obama, McCain air views on faith

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain offered contrasting claims of kinship to an audience of evangelical Christians last night as they shared a stage for the first time, just days before their parties' nominating conventions. (By Sasha Issenberg, Boston Globe)

PBS unleashing 'Martha Speaks'
to aid children with vocabulary

"Martha Speaks" and its sequels, a set of goofy, cartoon-inspired books about a mutt who develops the power of speech, hit the shelves as academics were beginning to trumpet vocabulary as an essential academic skill. Now, Boston's WGBH hopes it will be the next big preschool public television hit. (By Joanna Weiss, Boston Globe)

For US, a terror threat lurks
in drug smuggling subs

Skimming just below the surface, they are extremely difficult to detect from surveillance aircraft or patrol boats. These "semi-submersibles," which exhibit some of the same characteristics as military submarines, mark a significant advancement in the ability of drug smugglers to slip past coastal defenses. (By Bryan Bender, Boston Globe)

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