August 7, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
Pretty good day
Here's how sick I am. July 31 is a very important day on my calendar. On this date, 54 years ago, Joe Adcock of...
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Veep choice could matter more this time
As speculation swirls about possible running mates, a new poll suggests that the choices made by John McCain and Barack Obama may matter more this...
Override Central
Belmont tax hike, school plans entangled in state approval
Belmont school officials are frustrated with the state's new school building approval process, which they say has been slow and costly to the town. The...


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Late try to salvage student loans

Governor Deval Patrick has asked the state pension fund to invest $50 million and will ask Harvard University and other local colleges to invest millions more to provide student loans to thousands of families struggling to pay college tuition bills that are due in the coming weeks. (By Casey Ross, Boston Globe)

In a cold case, chilling details

Two Los Angeles County homicide detectives were turned away from the Suffolk County Jail on Nashua Street yesterday by inmate Clark Rockefeller, even as vivid similarities continued to emerge between the accused kidnapper in Boston and the possible murder suspect from the 1980s in San Marino, Calif. (Boston Globe)
2008 Olympic Games - Beijing

No time to be under a cloud

In an effort to fully orchestrate the glittering pageantry of tomorrow night's Olympic opening ceremonies, the Chinese are trying to control Mother Nature and clear the skies overhead. From driving restrictions designed to reduce pollution to meticulously manicured grounds throughout the city, little has been left to chance. (By Shira Springer, Boston Globe)

US workers in Mideast
find hurdles in local courts

When William Christopher Hyser abruptly lost his job as a police trainer in Iraq - and his $16,000 bonus - he was so angry that he wanted to sue DynCorp, the Virginia-based defense contractor that hired him. But when he called the company's complaint line, he was told that if he wanted to file a lawsuit, he had to do it in the United Arab Emirates. (By Farah Stockman, Boston Globe)

Dental benefits widen, waiting lines grow

Since getting free or subsidized dental coverage in 2006, more than 200,000 low-income adults have climbed into Massachusetts dentists' chairs for work on their long-neglected teeth. But increasing numbers of patients are expected to seek care, and advocates fear the wait for appointments, now three months at community health center clinics, will grow. (By Kay Lazar, Boston Globe)

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