July 27, 2008

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Good company ...
You have enough opportunity elsewhere to read about how it all came about, or what people think about the save rule that was given...
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McCain rips Obama on cancelled troop visit
The John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns continued their back-and-forth today over Obama's cancelled visit to wounded soldiers in Germany. Obama said he did not...
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Layoffs hit Freetown
About 15 town employees in Freetown, including five teachers and two patrolmen, are looking for new jobs after the resounding defeat of a Proposition 2...


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Firefighter files vanish
as FBI looks into claims

The medical files of three Boston firefighters who claimed career-ending on-the-job injuries disappeared from Boston Fire Department headquarters in recent weeks as federal investigators were pursuing an inquiry into dozens of questionable disability claims, according to two senior public officials. (By Donovan Slack, Boston Globe)

Out of silence, the sounds of hope

Erik Ramsey is 25 years old and hasn't spoken in almost a decade - not since a stroke sealed him up, awake and intelligent, inside his own skull. He can feel, but he can't move any part of his body, except his eyes, which exhausts him. But there's an electrode in his brain, and when his neurons fire, a computer records the pattern. For two years, Frank Guenther and his team at Boston University have been decrypting those patterns, working to turn them into speech. (By S.I. Rosenbaum, Boston Globe)

Senate passes rescue package for US housing

A huge bipartisan majority in the Senate voted yesterday to send a sprawling housing bill to the White House, seeking to halt the steepest slide in home prices in a generation, rescue thousands of families from foreclosure, and restore confidence in the nation's largest mortgage-finance firms. (By Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane, Boston Globe)

Camp David - or is it Camp
Deval? - in the Berkshires

Sweet P Farm is nestled at the top of a winding driveway, hidden from view by 77 acres of gentle woods and meadows, a retreat in the Berkshires where Governor Deval Patrick can swat a few tennis balls on his private court, work on a chapter of his memoir, or stroll through the wildflowers in his backyard. (By Matt Viser, Boston Globe)

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