July 17, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
Good people gone
Some phone calls from old friends are nice. Some are not so nice. Well, I guess "nice" isn't exactly the issue here. What I'm...
Political Intelligence
Romney will eat campaign loans
By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney, whose prospects to be John McCain’s running mate appear on the rise, is preparing to formally...
Override Central
Some Dedham officials still want senior center
Last weekend's solid vote in Dedham against funding an $8.65 million senior center sent a resounding message to officials that they have to revise the...


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Big Dig's red ink engulfs state

Massachusetts residents got a shock when state officials, at the peak of construction on the Big Dig project, disclosed that the price tag had ballooned to nearly $15 billion. But that, it turns out, was just the beginning. (By Sean P. Murphy, Boston Globe)

Romney not getting his $45m back

Mitt Romney, whose prospects of becoming John McCain's running mate appear on the rise, is preparing to formally declare he will not seek donations to repay $45 million in personal loans he made to his failed presidential bid - the biggest ever made by a candidate in a primary campaign. (By Michael Kranish, Boston Globe)

Doctor indicted in '07 death of abortion patient

A Harvard-affiliated obstetrician has been indicted on a manslaughter charge after an abortion he performed last year on Cape Cod ended in the death of a 22-year-old woman, prosecutors said yesterday. (By David Abel, Boston Globe)

Fame-courting biotech running short of cash

Advanced Cell Technology Inc. of Worcester was the first to clone an endangered species and pioneered research that could one day be used to reverse the aging process and grow replacement body parts. The firm is now in danger of shutting down. (By Todd Wallack, Boston Globe)

Menthol the bait to trap
smokers, researchers say

Hoping to lure a new generation of smokers, tobacco companies routinely manipulate levels of menthol so that their cigarettes prove more appealing and less harsh to novice users, Boston researchers reported yesterday. (By Stephen Smith, Boston Globe)

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