April 13, 2008

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Taking money from your 401(k)?
Have you had to make a ''hardship withdrawal'' from your 401(k) retirement savings account? Globe reporter Ross Kerber would like to hear about your experience — email him at kerber@globe.com.
Taking the T
Do you leave your car at home in favor of taking the T or commuter rail? Tell us about your decision at nbierman@globe.com.
Beijing Olympics
Are you planning a trip to the Beijing Olympics? Are you going only for the sports - or any personal reasons? Please tell us about your plans at wen@globe.com.
Retired but still working?
Are you retired from a corporate job and now working some place else -- like at a Home Depot or Borders -- because you want or need to continue working? Contact mpothier@globe.com to tell us about it.
Men who read
Do you belong to a men's book club? Contact aucoin@globe.com to tell us about it.
Credit crunch got you down?
Having trouble getting a mortgage or refinancing? Email blanton@globe.com to tell us your story
Have a consumer question you want answered?
Want to know if an extended warranty is worth it? Wondering what to do if a dry cleaner ruins your clothes? We want to find answers for you in an upcoming feature. Email questions to business@globe.com with "consumer" in the subject line.
Surging cellphone bills
Has your cellphone bill gone sky-high because someone in your family text messages, downloads ringtones, or uses premium services too much? We want to hear your story. E-mail cjohnson@globe.com.
Ever been solicited?
Have you been approached by a prostitute or call girl while attending any major conventions or sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, PGA, US Open, or World Series? If so, please email silvio@globe.com.
Do you gamble?
Are you a regular at casinos? Would you let a photographer and reporter hang around on a visit and interview you at home? Let us know at richman@globe.com.
Curious Jobs
What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
Miss Conduct
Have a quandary? Share it, and your question and Miss Conduct's answer may appear in an issue of the Globe Magazine. Submit a question.
Tales from the City
The Globe Magazine is seeking anecdotes about life in Boston. They can be simple, funny, touching, baffling -- anything, really. If you have one, please share your tale.
Business etiquette
Do you have a business etiquette question? Submit it to Business Columnist Peter Post.
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An ode to Riley
SAN ANTONIO Before I get to the part where I knew him when, allow newly elected Basketball Hall of Famer Pat Riley to tell...
Political Intelligence
Clinton jumps on Obama remarks
Hillary Clinton, who is relying on blue-collar support in must-win Pennsylvania, is jumping on comments made by Barack Obama about "bitter" small-town Pennsylvanians who...
Override Central
Upcoming override votes
Tax increases are on the agenda in town meetings and special elections. Here is a calendar of what is coming in the next few weeks:...


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A critical visit for
Benedict, US flock

Pope Benedict XVI, who has praised the United States for its religious freedom but rued its increasing secularization, arrives this week for a six-day, two-city visit in which he will introduce himself to a nation enamored of his predecessor but largely unsure what to make of the new pontiff. (By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe)

Amid housing slump, first-time
buyers are priced into the market

When Kelly and Justin Crosby first started looking at homes in Boston's western suburbs last year, they quickly eliminated Southborough from their list - they liked the large lots but prices were out of their reach. (By Kimberly Blanton, Boston Globe)

'I, like, so totally agree' to stop texting

Modern connectivity creates a parenting predicament: Let your children rack up hundreds of dollars in one-word text messages and quick calls or take the phones away. Often the solution may be picking a better plan after parents learn their lesson with one big bill. (By Carolyn Y. Johnson, Boston Globe)

In Rwanda, visionary doctor
is moving mountains again

It was November 2004, and Dr. Paul Farmer had agreed to bring his world-renowned Partners in Health model to Rwanda, which was still reeling from the aftershocks of the genocide a decade earlier. Now here he was, with Rwandan health officials, to scout out a location for a hospital to serve the poorest of the poor. (By Bella English, Boston Globe)

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