January 25, 2008

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Bob Ryan's blog
A little give and take
I read an interview the other day with Tom Coughlin in which he claimed that the team committing the fewest turnovers wins 86 percent...
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Face to face
Source: Wired Even though technology makes it possible to live and act remotely from each other, what's interesting, Tim Hartford points out, is that…we don't....
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Thank you
The polls for the New Hampshire primary closed days ago. The winners are decided. Another candidate dropped out of the race. Those still running have...
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Schools face cutbacks across the region
Public schools are bracing for layoffs, even as Governor Deval Patrick proposes an increase in state spending on education in the coming fiscal year. Globe...


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Yvonne Abraham
Yvonne is on maternity leave.
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Hope and skepticism collide

Governor Deval Patrick may soon learn what happens when the politics of hope and change collide with the fiscal realities of shrinking revenues, a looming economic recession, and a skeptical Legislature. (By Matt Viser, Boston Globe)

Longer waits to become citizens

Immigrants in Massachusetts and nationwide could wait 16 to 18 months - more than double the usual period - to become US citizens because of a massive backlog, leaving thousands possibly unable to vote in November. (By Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe)

Romney, McCain look to Florida as launch pad

As Rudy Giuliani fades in the state where he staked his candidacy, Florida's Republican primary on Tuesday is looming as a showdown between John McCain and Mitt Romney - with the winner in a strong position heading into the 21-state national primary on Feb. 5. (By Michael Levenson, Boston Globe)

City spends heavily to fight suit

The city of Boston has spent more than $1 million on outside lawyers to fight a lawsuit filed by a man who spent 15 years in prison before prosecutors concluded he was wrongly convicted in one of the most notorious murders in Boston in the past quarter century. (By Jonathan Saltzman, Boston Globe)

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