January 18, 2008

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Who hosts the most outrageous tailgate at Gillette Stadium? Do you pack a Frialator, along with your multiple grills and your satellite dish? E-mail ebbert@globe.com if you take tailgating to the extreme.
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Are you a regular at casinos? Would you let a photographer and reporter hang around on a visit and interview you at home? Let us know at richman@globe.com.
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What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
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Bob Ryan's blog
A little give and take
I read an interview the other day with Tom Coughlin in which he claimed that the team committing the fewest turnovers wins 86 percent...
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Wii surgeons
Source: BBC A new study says that playing games like the Nintendo Wii "can improve a surgeon's performance" in the operating room. That is, if...
Primary source
Thank you
The polls for the New Hampshire primary closed days ago. The winners are decided. Another candidate dropped out of the race. Those still running have...
Override Central
Newton schools chief: override would add $12-mil
A proposed property tax override in Newton would add about $12 million to the city's school budget next year, helping to pay for building maintenance,...


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Big tab still rises at shut churches

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston says it is spending $880,000 a year to maintain 14 churches that it has tried to close but are occupied by protesters, tied up in litigation, or restricted because of appeals to the Vatican. (By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe)

Fear trumps hope on recession

The Bush administration and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke agreed yesterday that the federal government should pump as much as $150 billion into the faltering US economy, but it wasn't enough to stem recession fears that swamped investors and added to Wall Street's losing streak. (By Robert Gavin, Boston Globe)

Report says shock tapes
destroyed against order

Top officials at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center destroyed videotapes at the focus of an investigation into alleged abuse at one of its group homes after being ordered by state investigators to preserve the tapes, according to a report obtained by the Globe. (By Patricia Wen, Boston Globe)
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Latinos test voting muscle

Thousands of Latino voters find themselves squarely in the spotlight in Nevada's presidential caucuses tomorrow, hoping to capitalize on newfound clout that could help tilt a state that went for President Bush the past two elections toward the Democrats in November. (By Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe)

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