January 9, 2008

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Ma Siss's place


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Driving less as gas costs rise?
Has the high cost of gasoline affected your driving habits? Are you driving less, or just sucking it up and paying the price to go where you want to go? Click here to share your thoughts.
Extreme tailgating
Who hosts the most outrageous tailgate at Gillette Stadium? Do you pack a Frialator, along with your multiple grills and your satellite dish? E-mail ebbert@globe.com if you take tailgating to the extreme.
Ever fake a phone call?
Do you ever pretend that you are talking on your cellphone in public? Click here to tell us when you do it, and why.
Are you guilty of 'wardrobing'?
Have you ever bought a nice suit or dress and returned it after wearing it once or twice? Share your story.
Do you gamble?
Are you a regular at casinos? Would you let a photographer and reporter hang around on a visit and interview you at home? Let us know at richman@globe.com.
Curious Jobs
What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
Miss Conduct
Have a quandary? Share it, and your question and Miss Conduct's answer may appear in an issue of the Globe Magazine. Submit a question.
Tales from the City
The Globe Magazine is seeking anecdotes about life in Boston. They can be simple, funny, touching, baffling -- anything, really. If you have one, please share your tale.
Business etiquette
Do you have a business etiquette question? Submit it to Business Columnist Peter Post.

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Bob Ryan's blog
When will It end?
It's now 44-3. Since Game 4 of the ALCS, when the Red Sox were down 3-1 to the Indians, the Sawx, Pats and Celts...
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The Starbucks reverse jinx
Source: Slate With nearly 15,000 existing Starbucks stores and six new ones opening per day, it stands to reason that mom and pop coffeehouses don't...
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In NH, Clinton pulls of one of the biggest upsets in American politics
Hillary Clinton was not supposed to win tonight. But she did. She took the lead in early returns because of friendly big cities and everyone,...
Override Central
Local aid plan on the rocks
A plan by cities and towns to get a larger slice of the state budget appears dead, according to State House News Service. That could...


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Yvonne Abraham
Yvonne is on maternity leave.
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Clinton edges Obama in N.H.;
McCain topples Romney

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York scored a narrow but impressive comeback victory in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary yesterday, as the Granite State again salvaged a troubled Clinton campaign and rejuvenated the former first lady's bid to return to the White House. (By Scott Helman and Susan Milligan, Boston Globe)

Candidates spread thin in the push to Feb. 5

Just under a month before a Feb. 5 mega-primary potentially involving half the voters in the United States, both parties are now without a clear front-runner, with two Democrats fighting for the lead and at least four Republicans jostling to establish themselves as national contenders. (By Sasha Issenberg, Boston Globe)

Teens feel sting of tougher driving laws

The number of license suspensions of drivers under 18 has soared over the past year because of a tough new law aimed at curbing bad driving habits by junior operators. (By Matt Carroll, Boston Globe)

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