December 30, 2007

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Are you guilty of 'wardrobing'?
Have you ever bought a nice suit or dress and returned it after wearing it once or twice? Share your story.
Do you gamble?
Are you a regular at casinos? Would you let a photographer and reporter hang around on a visit and interview you at home? Let us know at
How is your boss responding to the new health insurance law? Is he giving you coverage for the first time? Did she cut your hours to avoid providing coverage? Please share your story with reporter Alice Dembner at
Curious Jobs
What are the quirky, odd, or just plain interesting jobs in Massachusetts? Tell us about someone whose job makes you envious, inspired, or perplexed.
Miss Conduct
Have a quandary? Share it, and your question and Miss Conduct's answer may appear in an issue of the Globe Magazine. Submit a question.
Tales from the City
The Globe Magazine is seeking anecdotes about life in Boston. They can be simple, funny, touching, baffling -- anything, really. If you have one, please share your tale.
Business etiquette
Do you have a business etiquette question? Submit it to Business Columnist Peter Post.

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Bob Ryan's blog
Have a happy-merry and all that
All too often we scribes really are guilty of shamelessly over-hyping an event because our main premise is just too juicy and too easy...
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Holiday blog break
Back on December 29!...
Primary source
Concord Monitor endorses Clinton, McCain
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- A small, but influential liberal New Hampshire newspaper announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign tonight. In an editorial to be...
Override Central
Needham considers $21-mil town hall rehab
Needham, whose voters passed two Prop 2 1/2 overrides in 2007, is now considering a $21-million town hall fix up, possibly paid with Community Preservation...
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Yvonne Abraham
Yvonne is on maternity leave.
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Patriots 38, Giants 35

Just perfect

In a fitting finish to Boston's magical year in sports, the New England Patriots - Bill Belichick's History Boys - last night recovered from a 12-point, second-half deficit and defeated the New York Giants, 38-35, to complete the first 16-0 regular season in the history of the National Football League. (By Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe)
More Patriots coverage

Special state law benefited firefighting recruit

William Hayhurst III's dream of joining the Boston Fire Department and carrying on a family tradition appeared to be dashed when he received relatively dismal scores on the civil service exam all three times he took it. Then, in what critics call an example of the patronage and favoritism lingering in Massachusetts government, the Hayhursts' political connections turned things around. (By Donovan Slack, Boston Globe)

BU student's cancer blog:
'Clearly, I am changed'

Caroline Bridges came back to college after more than a semester’s absence, determined to force her way back into college’s normal rhythm, even though life had become both a physical and emotional struggle as she continued to fight a disease that could kill her. (By Linda K. Wertheimer, Boston Globe)
Countdown to Iowa

Ground game is key for Democrats

The three leading Democratic presidential contenders head into the Iowa caucuses Thursday with distinct approaches to winning. But with just five days left, all their fates now hinge on the same thing: How good their painstakingly built ground organizations — the deepest and biggest in Iowa history — perform when it counts. (By Scott Helman, Boston Globe)

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