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Photo byTremont@ParkTEileenHymans.jpg
Photo by Eileen Hymans

Henry Timrod, a poet from 19th century South Carolina, once said "Spring is a true Reconstructionist." Although not commonly heard as a metaphor for the season that truly cures Boston's  Seasonal Affective Disorder, Timrod's words resonate this afternoon. It's 50 degrees--at least until tonight--and can acceptable weather be that far behind? Don't answer that.

This photo, sent to our facebook page a month ago by Eileen Hymans on her maiden voyage to DOB, captures the feeling of spring downtown at Tremont & Park in 1976. People are walking, brisk with purpose, adding a lilt to their struts. It feels good just to watch them. 

The body self-reconstructs simply to rise to the decending warmth of the sun pervading our deprived skin and bones. We anticipate it's coming, but we are Dirty Old Boston so we know better. As local filmmaker Michael Bavaro (Rex Trailer, Filene's Basement) said just the other day, "We have passed the apex!"

Catch you 'round the corner. Meet me at Anna's for some iced coffee and people watching. Better days-a-coming. Trust me.

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