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Lucic's Wallet, Reputation, Takes a Hit

Milan Lucic Game 1.jpg

Milan Lucic did not do himself any favors with his reputation after spearing Danny DeKeyser in Game 1. Photo by Joe Makarski, Bruins Daily.

Milan Lucic’s wallet feels a little lighter after being fined $5,000 for his spear to the groin of Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser at the end of the second period of Game 1. His reputation has also taken a hit.

Lucic was not assessed a penalty for his foul play, but it was not the first time he did a “cup check” on an opposing player. Just a few weeks ago, the seventh-year forward took exception to Alexi Emelin’s hip check during the first period of the Bruins-Habs game and responded two periods later with his tap below the belt on the Canadiens’ defenseman.

Both were examples of Lucic getting lost in “the heat of the moment”, but both garnered different responses when the media asked about his antics.

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“Whether it’s fair or legal or whatever you want to call it, if he wasn’t scared, he’d want to stand up and hit me and not going after my knees,” Lucic said about Emelin’s low hit a few weeks ago. “It shows you how big of a chicken he is that he would go down like that to take me down.”

As questionable as Emelin’s hit might have been, Lucic was in the wrong with his stickwork in response. Here are clips…

A few weeks later, Lucic didn’t give any excuses to the same antics he used on DeKeyser.

“I don’t want to say it was too much frustration. It was kind of a heat of the moment thing where you’re not thinking when you do something like that,” Lucic told reporters after Saturday’s practice. “I’ve been in the years seven years now, and I think I’ve only done that three times. I don’t know why I did that.”

Although he did express remorse, and even though DeKeyser told the Red Wings press that there were no hard feelings, Lucic is not doing himself any favors with his reputation. Because of that, the NHL will undoubtedly be paying closer attention to him.

Still, Lucic should still play a physical game and move his feet, because that is when he’s at his best. And certainly after a sluggish performance in Game 1 by he and his fellow linemates, David Krejci and Jarome Iginla, he’ll want to put his best attributes on display and help his team even the series before the series shifts out to Detroit.

Going forward all that Lucic, his teammates, and the hub ask for is for the Vancouver-born winger to play the game the right way.

“It’s funny, I never do that. I haven’t done that, but I’ve done it twice in the last little bit here, so I’m not going to try to make a habit of it,” Lucic said to the media. “I believe in playing between the rules the right way, and that’s what I’ll continue doing moving forward.”

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