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Oh No! Patriots Hang Out with Justin Bieber, Season Now Left Hanging In the Balance

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Man, things had been going so well, hadn’t they?

Sure, the Patriots lost at Lambeau over the weekend in their potential Super Bowl preview with the Packers, but it was hardly a soul-crushing defeat. New England held a Green Bay team that’s now 6-0 and averaging 40.8 points at home to just 26 points (three in the second-half) and lost by only five while not playing particularly well.

After the defeat, which dropped the Pats to a still AFC-leading 9-3, many were even explaining away the outcome as a “good loss”, whatever that is.

Who knows how people will rationalize this one, though.

With the Patriots already in California, waiting for Sunday night’s showdown with streaking San Diego, Rob Gronkowski, Shane Vereen, Jonas Gray, Akeem Ayers, and Darius Fleming made the two-hour pilgrimage to Los Angeles to take in Monday’s Clippers game at the Staples Center – and celebrated Doc Rivers’ team’s 127-101 victory over the Wolves with Justin Bieber.

No big deal?!

If anyone should get a handle on what is and isn’t a big deal these days, it’s Gray! Does this guy ever want another carry?

Bieber, if you’ve forgotten, showed up at the Steelers’ Bible study last month on the night before Pittsburgh’s game with the hapless New York Jets. Gang Green was 1-8 and hadn’t won in two months, while the 6-3 Steelers had scored 94 points and received a dozen touchdown passes and 862 yards from Ben Roethlisberger over the previous two weeks.

Arthur Moats, Cam Heyward, Robert Golden, and Bruce Gradkowski all felt compelled to tweet and Instagram photos with the increasingly-hated pop star, and then the Jets scored 17 first-quarter points on the way to a 20-13 win.

Steelers fans, to no surprise, blamed Bieber. Their team has since split games with the Titans and Saints to fall to third in the AFC North and 10th in the conference at 7-5 (or a six-way tie for sixth if you’re seeking optimism).

The Bieber Curse is so powerful, it’s hard to know if even Gronkowski can put it to a stop.

You gotta think Gronk would be the popular pick in a “Who Can Party Harder” competition, so maybe the NFL’s premier tight end can strong-arm the Bieber bashing that awaits the same way he would any opponent – without mercy. To be sure, Bill Belichick needs to give Gronkowski a curfew-free night in LA this week just to party away Bieber’s stench.

Is this a big deal? Too early to tell, but you better Beliebe the city of Pittsburgh is laughing at us right now.

Imagine what people will be saying if the Pats lose to the Chargers, the Dolphins beat the Ravens, and that Dec. 14 meeting with Miami is for first in the East.

If the Patriots crash and burn over their final four games, Tom Brady, Gronk, or Darrelle Revis gets hurt or, hell, the Pats simply fail to make it to Glendale, #BlameBieber.

A quick Twitter search, and you’ll see the funeral arrangements have already been made.

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