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We Aren’t Seriously Worried About Tom Brady, Are We?

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Will Jackie Bradley Jr. or Will Middlebrooks ever hit well enough to spend a full season in the major leagues?

Will the Celtics hoist Banner 18 by the time my son is my age?

Will Loui Eriksson look like Nathan Horton or Jarome Iginla playing next to the newly extended David Krejci?

These are all things I will spend significantly more time worrying about over the next couple of days than whether Tom Brady will be on the field Sunday in Miami.

Of course he will be. Several reports have already indicated as much but, still, there is a small minority – maybe it’s just the Twitter skeptics – concerned that it’s Jimmy Garoppolo time a few seasons too early.

Rest assured, it’s not.

This all began, of course, because the practice-loving quarterback was a surprise absence for Thursday’s workout on account of a mysterious calf injury.

It’s unusual for Brady to miss a practice because he relishes every opportunity to hone his craft, improve upon his communication with receivers, and game-plan for his offense. The pain of not being on the field was, in some way, probably worse than whatever caused the discomfort in his calf.

Clearly, Brady is no stranger to the Patriots’ injury report either, but this ailment is far south of those typical shoulder “woes” we like to joke about.

Brady was actually held out of work for a day. That’s worth our attention. But, knowing the 37-year-old as we do, it would literally take a torn ACL to knock him out of a game. Ankle, hand, and actual shoulder injuries haven’t done it to this point. Hobbling an already breathtakingly slow pocket passer with a bum calf is gonna turn the trick? Maybe when he’s 40.

The future Hall of Famer missed a postseason practice in January prior to the AFC Championship game. Brady hasn’t skipped a regular season practice since late in 2012. The last time the QB missed a start? That’s right, 2008, because of the ACL.

It’s reasonable to react to the calf injury – or any other concern, for that matter – once we see Brady on the field this weekend. Until we have the eye test to aid us, however, lock him into your fantasy team’s starting lineup, credit him with at least a handful of targets for Rob Gronkowski, and hope the Pats find a way to win at Sun Life this time around.

Would you believe the Pats are 15-34 all-time in Miami? If you want something to worry about, fixate on that.

Shoot. They won’t lose, right?

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