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Another Rap Video from the Manning Brothers? Yes, Please

Football season is here.

How can you tell?

No, it's not the mostly unwatchable preseason football, nor the agonizing debates over the backup quarterback position. The journeyman receiver vying for a spot after countless cuts? Nice story, but he's not the real indicator either. How about the fact all your friends are preparing for their fantasy drafts? Not quite, though you're getting warmer.

Once again, Manning brothers Peyton and Eli are rapping to promote DirecTV.

Assuming you remember 2013's breakout success, "Football on Your Phone," get a look and listen to "Fantasy Football Fantasy" in all its awkward, amazing glory.

For a trip down Memory Lane with the Mannings' previous rap video and some of their all-time best commercial efforts, have a look here.

Even as Patriots fans, can we really hate these guys?

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