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Should we celebrate South Station's bitcoin ATM?

Posted by Alex Pearlman February 19, 2014 01:13 PM

What might be America's first bitcoin ATM was installed today next to Track 6 at South Station. LibertyTeller, a pair of self-described "bitcoin enthusiasts," unveiled the small, white box this morning, to generally positive response on Twitter.

But is Bitcoin ready to go mainstream? The digital currency, once used largely on the black market, has now been embraced by retailers such as, Karmaloop and Foodler. Some call it the future of finance. Some say it's dangerous because it's unregulated, and its value fluctuates widely.

Would you use a bitcoin ATM? Do you embrace bitcoin, or fear it? Add your thoughts to the comments, or tweet us @BostonComment.


Should Barbie and Sports Illustrated be #unapologetic?

Posted by Alex Pearlman February 13, 2014 11:01 AM


Finally, Sports Illustrated has found someone more plastic than a supermodel! For the 50th anniversary of its swimsuit issue, the magazine is devoting a spread to...Barbie.

Yes, that Barbie, in a big-splash public relations move that merges two controversial brands (Mattel is issuing a commemorative doll) and tosses another firebomb into the ongoing conversation about body image and the media. To promote the move, both brands are using the hashtag #unapologetic, and Mattel is arguing that Barbie is a victim. "Under criticism about her body and how she looks," says a company statement, "posing in ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ gives Barbie and her fellow legends an opportunity to own who they are, celebrate what they have done, and be unapologetic.”

Have you been concerned about Barbie's self-esteem? Angry about persistent body image pressure? Add your thoughts to the comments, or tweet us @BostonComment.


Replay: The 2014 Gubernatorial #LabDebates

Posted by Alex Pearlman February 6, 2014 09:09 AM

If you missed it, or just can't get enough, here's your chance to replay the Feb. 5 #LabDebate between the five democratic candidates for governor of Massachusetts.

New Generation 2 Chromeless player.


Introducing the Tom and Gisele Matrix

Posted by Joanna Weiss February 4, 2014 06:41 AM

Thumbnail image for tom and gisele matrix heads.jpg

Mourning the end of football season? Surely, there's some Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen news to fill the void. It seems a day can't go by without another saccharine-sweet Instagram photo, or a magazine interview, or an article about a property acquisition. Given the volume of material, it seems useful to have some way to organize it all. Luckily, Boston.comment has your back.

We've plotted some of our favorite recent Tom/Gisele news items on a four-quadrant grid, ranking them by how Boston-centric the act is, and how gluttonous or benevolent it feels. Click the link below, have a look at our valuations, then make your own using our handy tool. As always, tweet your comments @BostonComment. Welcome to the Matrix. More to come.

The Tom and Gisele Matrix

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