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Was this the worst Emmys ever?

Posted by Alex Pearlman  September 23, 2013 12:58 PM

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Why, voters? Why?

Are you still depressed after watching last night's celebration of death, also known as the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards? Still reeling from the pointless musical meta-number in the middle of the show? Still stunned at the way they turned "Game of Thrones" into an interpretive dance? Still bonking your head against the wall and crying out, "Jeff Daniels???!!!"

The universe has spoken, and the cosmos agree: Last night's Emmys should win a prize for award show shame. Here are some reactions. Chime in with yours in the comments, or tweet us @BostonComment - and feel free to defend the show, if you dare.

A shark-jumping moment, to music

glenn yoder.jpgThe self-aware nature of last night's Emmys Awards was the show's greatest strength and its biggest disappointment. The opening skit set a loose tone, and Neil Patrick Harris' ad libs gave the show a good-natured, self-deprecating feel: He perfectly summed up Wever's brilliantly terse acceptance speech ("Um, I gotta go, bye"), calling it the "best speech ever" and serving notice to all future winners. But then came the ridiculous mid-show song that was essentially the Emmy equivalent of jumping the shark. Sarah Silverman worked the word “vagina” into the lyrics. It’s kind of her thing. But it was clear, by that point, that the show had officially tried too hard. It’s a lesson we all learn early in life: When making fun of yourself, it’s easy to go too far for a laugh and come out looking like the joke. Apparently, the same holds true for “television’s biggest night.”
Glenn Yoder, @glennyoder
Editor-in-chief, BDCwire

It's just not working

"Let's put it this way: When the best thing you can say about a several-minute song-and-dance number is ''Sarah Silverman looked hot!'' something didn't work. Most bananas of all? The decision to rope this year's nominated choreographers into a huge production number that somehow involved Mad Men, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Breaking Bad. Because, when you think of Rubber Man, you think…jazz hands? Right?"
Landford Beard, @LandfordBeard
Entertainment Weekly

So much for merit

Thumbnail image for matthew gilbert.jpgA cloud of “huh what?” seemed to loom in the Nokia Theatre a number of times, not least of all when Jeff Daniels’s name was called out for best actor in a drama. Daniels is a great actor, and his may be the most bearable character on “The Newsroom,” but his win over Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm was an epic head-scratcher. Also mystifying was Bobby Cannavale’s win as the best supporting actor in a drama for his bombastic single-season work on “Boardwalk Empire,” over far more worthy competitors such as Aaron Paul and Mandy Patinkin. And Laura Linney’s best actress in a miniseries award seemed to come out of the blue, while Elisabeth Moss was the far more interesting favorite for her nuanced breakthrough performance in “Top of the Lake.”
Matthew Gilbert, @matthewgilbert
Boston Globe TV critic
"And the Emmy for the oddest telecast goes to..."

All in all...

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