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Is Boston really the Hub of the Universe?

Posted by News staff July 1, 2013 10:15 AM


I've known for a long time that New Yorkers consider themselves to be at the center of the universe. Recent research has disclosed that " ... the gravitational pull of the Universe was centered around New York City." What a stunning revelation! And confirmation! Experience has shown me that they consider themselves superior to all of the rest of us.

Now, I hear that "Boston is the hub of the universe." How can this be? Why is this not more widely publicized? It should be attached to a star. But, then, news reaches us out here on the West Coast several decades delayed, if at all. (Thank God for horses!)

Having lived in Europe three different times, I've learned that for many of them EVERY American is of an inferior species. Then, there are the Chinese, esteemed cloud-high because of their ancient and superior culture.

A man once told me of being homeless in Los Angeles. Winos hanging out on one side of a certain street drank a certain kind of cheap wine, which made them superior to those on the other side of the street, who drank another kind. Thus, even at the bottom there's somebody below you!

I once read that you must have an important category title in order to be invited to parties where the higher ups at the Washington Post are present. The truly precious few? Superior even to New Yorkers and Bostonians?

The more evolved? The less evolved? The superior? The inferior? And what will you be superior to when you are dead?

Being a Westerner, I admit that I speak in grunts and growls, but am I less human than you? and you? and you? I don't think so. Is my kindness not kind, my generosity not generous, my love not love? As I see it, all are priceless, unto the least and beginning there. And what is positive in the arrogance of the superior few? Nothing.

Sincerely Yours,

Leland Fred Mellott
Mount Vernon, Washington

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