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Goodbye, and happy eating

Someone please pass the nachos: It's my final day posting on the Restaurant Hub. In the future, I'll keep writing Tables, a weekly column about restaurant news for The Boston Globe, as well as longer features for their food section. You can also find me every week writing about parenting topics on's Parent Buzz. Meanwhile, writers will continue to post enticing restaurant news right here, so never fear.

But before I gather up my Sriracha and gallop into the sunset, I wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants throughout the city. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just places where I've had luscious meals lately or where you're likely to see me spending my hard-earned blogging cash. Maybe I'll see you there? Happy supping!


(I want these for lunch!)

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1. Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe
Thick, strappy noodles burbling in garlicky, spicy broth. Cheap, efficient, amazing.

2. Taqueria el Amigo
The best tacos in Boston are actually in Waltham. Get the pork chili.

3. Winsor Dim Sum
Freshest dim sum in the city, in my opinion. And it's nice that they have a menu, so you don't need to upend your tablemates prowling for a cart.

4. L'Impasto
A friendly little Cambridge gem with exceptional pasta and a Doors soundtrack.

5. T.W. Food
Whenever someone asks me where to celebrate a special occasion, I steer them here. The $55, three-course prix fixe is one of the best deals in town.

6. Sarma
Ana Sortun's Somerville meze parlor has a spicy, kinetic energy (and excellent small plates). It's a perfect choice for groups or first dates. It's easy to fall in love over those carrot fritters.

7. Taipei Gourmet
OK, this place is in Lexington, but they sell ever-elusive Szechuan spicy wontons. And they're divine.

8. Sycamore
Great room, great service, great cocktails, great meat boards. Date-worthy.

9. Casa B
A sublime little tapas den in Union Square. Sit at the bar downstairs!

10. L'Osteria
The coziest, loveliest little red-sauce joint in the North End (and excellent in a pinch if you can't get into the Daily Catch, my other favorite hideaway).

Oh, and I'm always happy to give people restaurant recommendations. You can contact me at my website if you want to know where to take Granny for her 90th birthday, where to break up with your boyfriend, or where to find the best Italian subs (call me crazy, but my bet is Market Basket...really!). Happy dining!

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