August 14, 2009

Big Picture on a one-week break


I'm off on vacation next week - trying to catch the tail end of the summer, and enjoy some time on Boston's Harbor Islands with my family. If anything huge and photogenic happens next week, I'll try to do my best to wrap it up with my next entry on Monday, August 24th.

Until then, here are a few links and things I've been wanting to share for a while:

1. TBP is on Twitter, for those who don't already know - @big_picture
2. There's an app for that: Hippo Foundry has released a free iPhone app for TBP.
3. TBP now functions with the amazing CoolIris browser plugin.
4. Since last December, TBP has been supported by Boxee media software.

And more recently, a note about AP Photographer Emilio Morenatti, who was badly wounded in a roadside bomb attack Afghanistan last Tuesday, August 11th. Morenatti is a favorite photographer of mine (and of many), his photos have helped enrich and humanize many stories coming out of Pakistan, Afghanistan and more, and his injuries just bring home the risks many of these photographers take on a daily basis to bring those stories back to us in such a powerful and professional manner.

One other journalist, Andi Jatmiko, and two U.S. soldiers were also wounded in the attack, and now Morenatti and Jatmiko are in a medical center in Dubai. If you enjoy the photo reportage you find here, as I do, it's always good to give some thought to the people on both sides of the camera, seen and unseen. New York Times' Lens blog has a great wrap-up of this event here.

Enjoy yourselves over the next week, I certainly plan to.

All the best,

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A well-deserved break, if you ask me (although you will be missed!).

Enjoy :)

Posted by @lijn August 14, 09 08:16 PM

Good luck and best regards from Changchun ,China and wish you and your family all the best ! I appreciate The Big-Picture very much !

Posted by Yue Guomin August 15, 09 07:23 AM

Enjoy, we'll wait. ;o)

Posted by xoxoxoBruce August 17, 09 01:59 PM

This is kind of Pictorial that i have been looking for. Great. Thanks

Posted by Myron August 20, 09 08:23 PM

Dont you realize how much we are addicted to your Big picture? Anyways, Happy Vacation.

Posted by Maddy August 21, 09 07:59 AM

Still on holiday?? :-)

Posted by MisterMagoo September 17, 09 02:19 AM

God says in the Quran"And when your Lord said to the angels"I'm about to create a vicegerent on earth",they said"will you place therein someone who spills blood and creates mischief while we celebrate your praise and glorify you".God said"I know what you don't know."And he taught Adam the nature of all things and placed them before the angels and said"Tell me their natures if you are truthful."They said"Glory be to you,we have no knowledge except what you taght us.You are the All-knowing,Most Wise".He said"O Adam,tell them their natures".When he had told them,God said"Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heavens and the earth and that I know what you reveal and what you hide?""How can man spill blood on this earth after having been honoured by his Creator and made as the vicegernt on the earth,when all humans are from the same parents?Man has no right to destroy this beautiful earth,because it belongs to God,who has given it to us for safekeeping.Hoping the injured journalists recover soon.

Posted by a concerned commentor September 21, 09 10:31 PM

It`s a amazing what man can do went he put his mind to it.

Posted by Larry Pickering October 1, 09 07:27 PM

everyday,we hear of suicide bombings,killings,murders,Iraq and Afghanistan come in the news everyday for suicide bombings,Britain's news are filled with parents and children killing each other, Palestine Israel fight goes on,have we gained anything from the Iraq war,it is so heartbreaking to see man kill his own brother.our earth was once a beautiful place full of trees and flowers,birds and animals,man has brought out about nothing but destruction.God says in the Quran"Indeed,We offered Our Trust to the Heavens and the earth and the mountains,but they refused to take it and feared thereof,but man bore it ,indeed he was astray and ignorant."Let man ponder over about this great Trust that God has given religion teaches us to kill, why don't we follow what we have been taught,set aside our differences and live together peacefully?

Posted by Anonymous October 12, 09 01:35 PM

very impressive picture,this is the kind of picture i,ve been lookin' for
all my life.please add more picture

Posted by Immer Jajo December 14, 09 10:36 PM
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