May 8, 2009

Big Picture taking a break


I'll be out of town all next week on a much-needed vacation, so posts to The Big Picture will resume again on May 18th. The past few months have been... stressful to say the least, with threats of the Boston Globe closing down, last-minute negotiations, concessions and more.

Also, as many of you know, this blog is not my primary job, and the other, larger part of my job has been extremely busy and deadline-driven lately, so my mental gears are crumbling a bit lately and I look forward to unplugging for a week.

On the plus side (still somewhat stressfull, but in the best way), The Big Picture has won a number of nominations and awards, including nominations for the SXSW Web Awards and Editor & Publishers Eppy Awards. The Big Picture was honored with an internal annual award from the New York times Company called the Punch Award, for Journalism and Community Service, and also recently won a Webby Award for Best Use of Photography (and People's Voice award too, thank you all).

But the best immediate reward I've received recently has to be an invitation from a fan of the blog from NASA - she offered me and my family an invitation to the upcoming launch of the Space Shuttle (STS-125) on Monday, and I'm so excited to be able to go - it's a lifelong dream.

All the best to you and thanks for your continued support and feedback. I can't believe that in a few weeks it will have been one year since the first entry on The Big Picture. What a crazy and amazing year.


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Congratulations, Alan.

Enjoy your vacation and have fun at the launch!

Posted by Aijaz Ansari May 8, 09 01:16 PM

Wow, that sounds awesome, enjoy the break! We'll be here when you get back. :-)

Posted by Chris May 8, 09 01:26 PM

Congratulations Alan. Have fun there and show nice pictures afterwards.

Posted by Michael May 8, 09 01:30 PM

HF Alan. I'm gonna miss your posts, see ya one day after my b-day yay!

Posted by mandinh0 May 8, 09 02:05 PM

Well done you - you deserve it!

Will you make a blog of your photo's from the day?

Posted by Jon T May 8, 09 02:09 PM

Congratulations on being able to go to a Shuttle launch. I've lived in Florida all my life and never managed to see one from the Cape or across the water in Titusville, though I tried.

I, for one, very much look forward to your return for my own greedy reasons: to see the continuation of this blog.

Have a great trip!

Posted by Daniel Cormier May 8, 09 02:10 PM

Gee, can't believe how much of a Big Picture junkie I've become; next week's gonna be rough! But you DEFINITELY deserve the break. so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Hope you come back relaxed and recharged!

Posted by Carol S. May 8, 09 04:11 PM

Every week, so many great stories, and images that are just fantastic...THANK YOU for creating us such insight to so many wonderful stories.
Have a great week of vacation, us die hard Big Picture Junkies will survive, though I am not sure how. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...I am told.

Thank you again!!!

Posted by Paige F. May 8, 09 11:32 PM

Enjoy it, you deserve it!

Posted by ken May 9, 09 07:00 AM

You do a great job here. Enjoy your week off.

Posted by Mig May 10, 09 03:16 AM

Don't forget to come back !
we're a lot to follow your blog !
For the excellent photo selection you're making !
Clap clap clap
and enjoy :)

best regards


Posted by Anthony le Bourlier May 10, 09 11:16 PM

Enjoy your vacation. Looking forward to your return.

Posted by Alexander Avtsin May 11, 09 09:05 AM

Great job on the Blog; and blog notes add depth to you and your work. I enjoy all the pictures, it truly has broaden my view. Best wishes on your vacation.

Posted by Arturo May 11, 09 09:21 AM

Enjoy your much deserved rest!

Posted by Tony May 11, 09 09:32 AM

A trip to NASA is a great reward for your efforts! Thanks, look forward to seeing it all return, maybe with your own pics of the event!

Posted by Miles May 11, 09 01:59 PM

i like the big red spot

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 09 02:46 PM

I can hardly believe it's only been one year!

Posted by Bassem B. May 13, 09 06:27 AM

Enjoy your trip!! Looking forward to your return!

By the way, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this blog! It is absolutely much loved!!!

Have Fun!!!

Posted by Christine May 13, 09 04:58 PM

Happy vacation to you! Enjoy your adventure!

Posted by Cyndi May 14, 09 10:47 AM

You are a hero.
Thank you for your insight and continued artistic and journalistic genius. website ever.

Posted by Tom Bodhi Reeves May 14, 09 04:07 PM

thanks for show us your fantastic work.. we'll wait you!!

Posted by Dano May 15, 09 03:15 AM

Bonnes vacances et revenez vite

Posted by Ixav May 15, 09 08:57 AM

I love this site. You deserve a vacation. I hope that everything works out so that you can continue to do this site. It is the best, usually non-spin, non-policitcal photo site i have seen that addresses worldly events. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Dano May 15, 09 11:00 AM

Have a great time, but come back to the blog. One of the best things out there today!

Posted by keith May 15, 09 03:50 PM

I am a huge fan of this site and I want to thank you for your effort to keep it afloat. I am eagerly awaiting your return from your well deserved vacations.

Posted by Andreas May 16, 09 07:13 AM

Vacation fully deserved, in my opinion. Im am a follower from the beginning, and I keep my screensaver loaded with your pictures. Thanks a lot for allowing me to keep posted on the world . From Quebec, JiJi

Posted by J.J. Sainte-Marie May 16, 09 11:36 AM

I love your website... its one of my favourites.

Enjoy your break.

Posted by Kev Koh May 17, 09 09:16 AM

I really hope The big picture is here to stay, I check the site several times daily for updates. I love what you do Alan, please don't stop. The sets are so amazing, every single one of them.
Enjoy your vacation, and the shuttle launch. That's going to be wild.

Posted by Frederik May 17, 09 02:53 PM

Nous vous attendons avec impatience !
Bon courage pour la suite.

Posted by Guy May 17, 09 02:57 PM

Miss you a lot guys.

Hope you have a strong come back and great well deserved vacations.

Posted by Richi May 17, 09 04:57 PM

You have provided so much pleasure, so many photos of great interest, that I can but pray you will return renewed in every way. May the Big Picture live on, and on, and on.

Posted by annie Morgan May 18, 09 09:01 AM

I hope you enjoyed your well earned break. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the awards success.

Posted by Daniel Mitchell May 18, 09 11:14 AM

Wow Congrats Alan! Have a fun and resting vacation. See ya soon.

Posted by Judy Dement (Sumrall, Ms) May 20, 09 05:09 PM

would you be interest looking at someones work ,

Posted by linda morgan May 24, 09 02:53 PM

You rock... I love checking your blog at least once a week. Thanks for all the work.

Posted by Jackson May 27, 09 06:11 PM

This is a great site. I just found it. I hope you are able to continue this site even if things don't work out for your news paper. Do you do the pictures and post by your self or are you part of a team?

Best regards,


Posted by Eric Cheavers May 28, 09 11:23 PM

Well done, sir. Much love from Reddit!

Posted by Atticus June 15, 09 09:28 PM

Well done.
I have been glued to the site for a number of weeks and hope that it will remain consistently excellent. Enjoy your well earned vacation.

Posted by scott July 11, 09 12:51 AM

Thank you, I hope you have a great holiday....,

Posted by Hilary (Grenoble, France) September 13, 09 03:48 PM
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