March 10, 2009

A few scenes from northern Nepal


Reuters photographer Gopal Chitrakar has recently filed a few stunning photos from northern Nepal, of a valley that had snow-less winter for the first time in local memory, and a golfer practicing at a very high driving range. (3 photos total)

Villagers walk around in Kyangin Gompa valley at the foothill of Mt. Langtang Lirung (7252m), north of Kathmandu, Nepal on February 24, 2009. The local people say this year is the first time as far as they remember that it did not snow in the valley while they celebrate their New Year which coincides with the Tibetan New Year with whom they share their borders also. (REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar) (click to enlarge)

2: Houses are seen in Kyangin Gompa valley north of Kathmandu February 24, 2009. (REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar) (click to enlarge)

3: Ang Tshring Sherpa plays a shot in Kongde March 5, 2009. Amateur golfer Sherpa, who is the owner of Nepal's largest domestic airlines Yeti Airways, hired a helicopter to reach the place as he wanted to practice his golf in a different location. Sherpa, who has a seven handicap, plans to invite Tiger Woods to play a few shots at this location, which is more than 4,420 meters (14,500 ft) above sea level. Mount Everest, the world's highest peak at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft), is seen in the background. (REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar) (click to enlarge)

4: Interactive Google map of Langtang Valley in Nepal

More Information:
Langtang trek Himalayas (Nepal) - recent Flickr Photo set
Langtang National Park - wikipedia entry.

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It must be nice to be rich enough to fly a helicopter to pristine wilderness so you can litter it with golf balls.

Posted by Bill March 10, 09 01:53 PM

Nice pictures! Descriptions on the first two images seem to be switched.

Posted by Aragos March 10, 09 02:41 PM

Awesome place.

Posted by alexandru savu March 10, 09 06:20 PM

by see itself it very very good and it is regal nature by see in email itself it very good and if image it valley of naepal is good and house in tin building to nice

Posted by pspadmana March 11, 09 03:54 AM

"It must be nice to be rich enough to fly a helicopter to pristine wilderness so you can litter it with golf balls."

Actually, Bill, it's better than nice. It's fantastic. Hope you get around to it too one of these days.

Posted by vanderleun March 11, 09 01:57 PM

Bill... pristine wilderness? So, the people who have lived in the area for the last few centuries don't count?

Gorgeous and remote, I'll give it that. Pristine... probably not.

Posted by pril March 13, 09 01:22 PM

In our times of aggressive climate change, I wonder about Sherpa's carbon footprint ...

Enjoying the freedoms that countless other can only dream about, only thanks to strategically arranged Ones and Zeros in his electronic bank account ...

I hope Mr. Sherpa is grateful for it while it last ... and does not engage in pouring concrete on gorgeous Himalayan mountains for the sake of his fancy.

Posted by Huang Di March 17, 09 02:54 PM
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