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the Big Picture

The Big Picture is a photo blog produced by a select group of picture editors of The Boston Globe. Entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery, with a focus on current events.


Who runs this site?
Three picture editors at The Boston Globe -- Lane Turner, Leanne Burden Seidel and Lloyd Young. Lane Turner is a staff photographer and picture editor for the Globe, where he has worked since 1989, covering local and international news and sports while specializing in portraiture and studio work before turning his attention to picture editing in 2006. Leanne Burden Seidel has worked as a picture editor at the Globe since 1994, on page one, metro, and feature sections, as well as producing video and galleries such as The Natural World and From the Archives online. Lloyd Young has worked as a photographer or picture editor at newspapers in Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and now at the Globe since 2006 for metro, page one and business sections. They can be reached at Previous contributors include Paula Nelson, who led the Globe's award-winning photojournalism team from 2004-13, and Alan Taylor, a developer and photography fan who created the Big Picture.

Where do the photos come from?
The majority of the images come from companies such as the Associated Press, Reuters, and Getty Images, who license them to The Boston Globe for our use. Other photos come from public domain sources such as NASA, and others from private photographers who share them with the Big Picture for one-time use.

Can I buy/reprint/re-use the photos?
The Boston Globe rarely owns the rights to the images -- we only license them, or share them. In most cases the owners of the photographs are listed in the image caption, and you should ask them for re-use permission. Our main sources are the Associated Press, Getty Images, and Reuters Pictures.

Why don't you provide EXIF data (information about the camera and the photo)?
We would provide that information if we had it. Almost all of the source images we get do not have EXIF data embedded in them, so we're unable to pass that on, sorry.

Do you take these photos?
No. As stated above, the photographs on The Big Picture are licensed or public domain.

Who writes the captions?
The captions come with the photos from their original sources -- wirefeeds, public domain sites, and private photographers. We start with those, but we supplement them with some editing, some research, even some entire rewrites. If you find an inaccuracy or a typo, please let us know in the comments, thank you.

Will you make an entry with my photos?
That depends -- if they are A) very good, B) high-resolution, C) newsworthy, D) free for use (we will happily provide a link to your site, but do not have a budget to purchase images as yet) and E) numerous (as in more than 4 or 5), then send us a note.

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