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May 19, 2014

The Ansel Adams Wilderness: A photographic tribute by Peter Essick

Esteemed National Geographic contributing photographer Peter Essick revisited the Ansel Adams Wilderness 75 years after Adams’s photographs made it famous, to pay tribute to Ansel Adams and the California sierra Nevada wilderness area named in his honor. These images come from his new book, ‘The Ansel Adams Wilderness.’ From the books’ introduction: “Like Adams, I am a native Californian familiar with the High Sierra, and some of my first successful photos were of this wilderness area (located between Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes, and renamed for Adams following his death in 1984). For 25 years I have traveled throughout the world as a photographer for National Geographic magazine, but the High Sierra always has had a special place in my heart.” --Thea Breite (30 photos total)

Frost covers an aspen leaf on a cold October morning near Parker Lake. (Peter Essick)

Shadows from afternoon light darken fresh snow near Gem Lake. (Peter Essick) #

The Milky Way and Banner Peak shine in the moonlight from Summit Lake. (Peter Essick) #

At sunrise the Minarets reflect in a small pond near Cecile Lake. (Peter Essick) #

A small piece of ice floats in Iceberg Lake in August. (Peter Essick) #

Sunrise highlights the granite islands of Thousand Island Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Reflections break the dawn’s stillness on a corner of Cabin Lake. (Peter Essick) #

A strong summer wind makes whitecaps on Dana Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Shadow Lake remains shrouded as the morning sun hits the mountains beyond. #

A waning moon sets over the granite cliffs near Donahue Pass. (Peter Essick) #

Photographed from Nancy Pass, afternoon clouds form behind the Minarets. (Peter Essick) #

Grasses fill a small pond near Rush Creek. (Peter Essick) #

Young aspen trees sprout in a meadow near Parker Lake. #

A small, unnamed waterfall flows near the Marie Lakes. (Peter Essick) #

Summer runoff cascades in Shadow Creek at dusk. (Peter Essick) #

Midday light streams through ripples on to the rocky bottom of the San Joaquin River’s Middle Fork. (Peter Essick) #

Parker Creek flows past aspens shimmering in the October afternoon light. (Peter Essick) #

Reflections of the sun form streaks in a small stream near the Clark Lakes. (Peter Essick) #

The sun sets over Dana Lake’s outflow waters. (Peter Essick) #

Moonlight shines on a majestic Sierra Juniper near Shadow Lake. (Peter Essick) #

An early snow melts on the forest floor of an aspen grove near Parker Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Golden autumn leaves surround an old aspen tree near Parker Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Trees frame granite cliffs reflected in Cabin Lake. (Peter Essick) #

A white fungus outlines a plant flattened against a rock by winter snow. (Peter Essick) #

Sleet from an October storm blankets aspen trees near Parker Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Blowing snow surrounds a pine seedling near Summit Lake. (Peter Essick) #

Winds of up to 50 miles per hour move up a ridge near Summit Lake. (Peter Essick) #

A fierce storm encompasses trees near the Clark Lakes. (Peter Essick) #

A Sierra wave cloud hangs over Rodgers Peak, left, and Mount Lyell.(Peter Essick) #

Afternoon thunderclouds rise above Garnet Lake. (Peter Essick) #