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March 21, 2014

Spring 2014

Spring was welcomed in the northern hemisphere this week after a long, cold winter for many. The temperatures and visual cues of spring are not omnipresent for all regions, but for some around the world, beauty abounds. --Leanne Burden Seidel (26 photos total)

A Palestinian man and his daughter pick wild mustard flowers which grow in untilled fields across the Gaza Strip, on March 20, as the official start of spring is marked by the by the Vernal Equinox. (MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)

Japanese plum blossoms in full bloom in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture, Japan, March 4. The plum blossom, which is a popular subject of traditional painting in East Asia, originates from China, and was brought to Japan and Korea later. (Everett Kennedy Brown/EPA) #

A man rides his bicycle under almond blossoms in a park during a warm winter day in Madrid, March 19. (Sergio Perez/Reuters) #

A daffodil blossoms on a meadow in Cologne, Germany, March 7. (HENNING KAISER/EPA) #

An almond tree blossoms on mountain Ainos of the eartquake striken island of Cephalonia, Greece, February 6. The blossom of almond tree is a sign of the arrival of spring. (ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU/EPA) #

Cherry blossoms bloom against the Eiffel Tower in the warm spring weather in Paris, France, March 9. Sunny conditions with temperatures close to 20 degrees Celsius are forecasted for the French capital. (IAN LANGSDON/EPA) #

Raindrops sit on crocus blossoms in a park in Munich, Germany, February 21. (SVEN HOPPE/EPA) #

A woman takes pictures with a mobile phone blossoms of crocuses and winter aconites in the Great Garden in Dresden, Germany, February 26. (JAN WOITAS/EPA) #

People sit in front of blossoming crocuses in the Botanical Garden in Berlin, Germany, March 10. Germany is currently enjoying the highest temperatures on record for the month of March. (Britta Pedersen/EPA) #

A bee collects pollen from an almond blossom on March 14, in Gimmeldingen, southwestern Germany. (UWE ANSPACH/AFP/Getty Images) #

A boy plays in the Pollinator Garden at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, March 20. Spring officially began on Thursday in the northern hemisphere, and is known as both the spring or vernal equinox. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters) #

Japanese plum blossoms in full bloom in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture, Japan, March 4. The ripening of the fruit in June coincides with the rainy season in Japan, which is called 'plum rains.' (Everett Kennedy Brown/EPA) #

Turtles sun themselves on a log March 20, at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC. Balmy temperatures are making for a great first day of spring. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images) #

General view of several peach trees in blossom in the spot La Macetua, Murcia, eastern Spain, February 20, a spectacle in 40,000 hectares of wooded. (MARCIAL GUILLEN/EPA) #

A bumblebee sits in a crocus blossom in Oldenburg, Germany, March 7. (CARMEN JASPERSEN/EPA) #

A boy runs amid field mustard, symbolic flower to herald the start of spring, in full blossom at a park in Tokyo, Japan, March 19. (KIMIMASA MAYAMA/EPA) #

Blooming crocuses are seen at the Jasne Blonie park on a first day of the astronomical Spring in Szczecin, Poland, March 20. (MARCIN BIELECKI/EPA) #

Spring flowers blossom on a meadow in Potsdam, Germany, March 21. (Ralf Hirschberger/EPA) #

Peach tree blossoms bloom in the valleys below the Mont Canigou mountain near Perpignan, southern France, on March 7. (RAYMOND ROIG/AFP/Getty Images) #

Robins feed on staghorn sumac on a tree in North Adams, Mass., March, 20. While the sight of robins have often been linked to the beginning of spring as some travel south for the winter, many of the birds are actually seen throughout the winter in the Northeast. (Gillian Jones/The Berkshire Eagle via Associated Press) #

A prematurely blossoming almond tree is seen in a field near Krini village in the Turkish occupied area of the north part of the island of Cyprus, Feb. 14. (Petros Karadjias/Associated Press #

A woman carries a branch of peach blossom flowers for sale at a field in Hanoi, January 24. The peach blossom is believed to bring luck to families. (Kham/Reuters) #

A bee flies towards a cherry blossom in sunny spring weather in Maienfeld, Switzerland, March 12. (ARNO BALZARINI/EPA) #

A woman walks through blossom in a park on March 13, in Sevastopol, Ukraine. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) #

White flowers bloom on a tree in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden in Washington, March 20, on the first day of spring. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press) #

A slackline walker enjoys the sunny and warm weather in a park at the river Rhine bank in Duesseldorf, Germany, March 20. (Frank Augstein/Associated Press) #