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March 29, 2013

Syria: A collection of images

The Associated Press recently re-transmitted a collection of images from the Syrian conflict. It remains an incredibly dangerous situation for working journalists who document the ongoing conflict and the conditions of those living in constant danger and with constant risk. Many continue to die for their beliefs, hoping that peace will come to their country eventually. The images that follow are storytelling, intimate and worth seeing again and again. -- Paula Nelson ( 32 photos total)

Syrian rebel fighters belonging to the Liwa Al Tawhid unit in the Karmal Jabl neighborhood after several days of intense clashes between rebel fighters and the Syrian army in Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 25, 2012. (Narciso Contreras/Associated Press)

Syrian rebels attend a training session in Maaret Ikhwan, near Idlib, Syria, Dec. 17, 2012. (Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press)#

The wife of Mohammed Halak slumps in a chair next to his body as she mourns the death of her husband, killed during fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and the Syrian Army in Idlib, north Syria, March 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)#

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover in a building during clashes against the Syrian Army in Aleppo, Syria, Sept. 25, 2012. (Manu Brabo/Associated Press)#

People help a wounded Free Syrian Army fighter during heavy clashes with government forces at a military academy besieged by rebels north of Aleppo, Syria, Dec. 15, 2012. (Narciso Contreras/Associated Press)#

A Syrian man reacts next to his brother, who was seriously wounded during a violence between security forces and armed groups in Latakia, northwest of Damascus, Syria, March 27, 2011. (Hussein Malla/Associated Press)#

A Syrian man cries outside the Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, after his daughter was injured during a Syrian Air Force strike over a school where hundreds of refugees had taken shelter, Oct. 4, 2012. (Manu Brabo/Associated Press)#

A Free Syrian Army soldier looks through a mirror that helps him see Syrian troops from the other side, as he takes his position with his comrade during fighting, at the old city of Aleppo city, Syria, Sept. 24, 2012. (Hussein Malla/Associated Press)#

A man points a flashlight toward the body of a Syrian man killed by Syrian Army shelling at a graveyard in Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 13, 2012. (Manu Brabo/Associated Press) #

A Syrian refugee boy peers from a tent in a camp in Boynuyogun, Turkey, June 14, 2011. (Vadim Ghirda/Associated Press)#

Free Syrian Army fighters swim in a pool on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, June 12, 2012. (Associated Press) #

Displaced Syrian children play in a refugee camp near Atma, Idlib province, Syria, Oct. 26, 2012. (Manu Brabo/Associated Press)#

Birds fly over the destroyed minaret of a mosque in the northern town of Ariha, on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria, June 10, 2012. (Khalil Hamra/Associated Press)#

A Free Syrian Army fighter displays a damaged ordinance in Aleppo, Syria, Jan. 15, 2013. (Andoni Lubaki/Associated Press)#

A Syrian rebel stands next to a flaming tire while firing at a Syrian army checkpoint in a suburb of Damascus, Syria, March 17, 2012. (Associated Press)#

A supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad waves a Syrian flag as she looks over a crowd gathered to show support for their president in Damascus, Syria, March 29, 2011. (Bassem Tellawi/Associated Press)#

A wounded Syrian civilian lies in the street with a shot to his stomach as he tries to escape the line-of-fire after he was targeted by a Syrian army sniper while walking near the frontline in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 20, 2012. (Narciso Contrera/Associated Press)#

A Free Syrian Army fighter runs after attacking a tank with a rocket-propelled grenade during fighting in the Izaa district in Aleppo, Syria, Sept 7, 2012. (Manu Brabo/Associated Press)#

A rebel sniper aims at a Syrian army position, as he and another rebel fighter are reflected in a mirror, in a residential building in the Jedida district of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 29, 2012. (Narciso Contreras/Associated Press)#

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes a position as the Syrian Army advances toward the town of Sarmin, Syria, Feb. 27, 2012. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)#

Free Syrian Army fighters ride a motorbike on approach to Syrian Army tanks in Idlib, north Syria, March 11, 2012. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)#

A defected Syrian policeman, Adnan al-Hamod, 33, lights a kerosene lamp at an underground cave used for shelter from Syrian government forces shelling and airstrikes, at Jirjanaz village, in Idlib province, Syria, Feb. 28, 2013. (Hussein Malla/Associated Press)#

A woman holds her daughter on the balcony of her building damaged by Syrian Army bombings in central Idlib, north of Syria, Monday, Feb. 27, 2012. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd, File)#

Hamza Mansour, Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front, joins Syrians living in Amman, Jordan, for their Ramadan prayers in front of the Syrian embassy, as they call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, Aug. 26, 2011. (Mohammad Hannon/Associated Press)#

A Syrian family that fled from the violence in their village, sits in a tent at a displaced camp, in the Syrian village of Atma, near the Turkish border with Syria, Nov. 5, 2012. (Khalil Hamra/Associated Press)#

A Syrian boy, who fled his home with his family due to fighting between the Syrian government troops and the rebels, lies on the ground under a mosquito net as he and his family take refuge at the Bab Al-Salameh border crossing. The family hopes to enter one of the refugee camps in Turkey, near the Syrian town of Azaz, Aug. 28, 2012. (Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press)#

Bullet holes in a window in Tripoli, Lebanon, Feb. 11, 2012. Clashes between pro- and anti-Syria gunmen in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli left two people dead and 12 wounded in the latest skirmish between Lebanese factions over the crisis in neighboring Syria. (Bilal Hussein/Associated Press)#

A Syrian municipality worker extinguishes a burned court room that was set on fire by Syrian anti-government protesters, in the southern city of Daraa, Syria, March 21, 2011. (Hussein Malla/Associated Press)#

Injured Syrian women arrive at a field hospital after an air strike hit their homes in the town of Azaz, on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, Aug. 15, 2012. (Khalil Hamra/Associated Press) #

A Syrian man holds bullets he plucked from the wall of a damaged house in the town of Atareb, on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, Aug. 5, 2012. (Khalil Hamra/Associated Press)#

Aida cries as she recovers from severe injuries after the Syrian Army shelled her house in Idlib, north Syria, March 10, 2012. Aida's husband and two of her children were killed after their home was shelled. (Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)#

Motorists drive past damaged buildings in Aleppo, Syria, Dec. 4, 2012. (Narciso Contreras/Associated Press)#