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Osama bin Laden killed

Osama bin Laden is dead. He was 54. The leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist network had eluded capture for a decade since the attacks on September 11, 2001. U.S. forces and CIA operatives killed him in a firefight in his hideout compound in the city of Abbotabad, Pakistan. He was buried at sea. -- Lane Turner (27 photos total)

In this Dec. 24, 1998, file photo, Muslim militant and Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden speaks to a selected group of reporters in the mountains of Helmand province in Afghanistan. (Rahimullah Yousafzai/AP)
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Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 02:11 PM

The beginning of the end...

Posted by May 2, 11 02:11 PM

It's about time.

Posted by Jhun May 2, 11 02:15 PM

JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY..................

Posted by Peacelover May 2, 11 02:20 PM


Posted by JUSTICE May 2, 11 02:21 PM

God bless America!

Posted by George May 2, 11 02:32 PM

Osama Bin Laden, you got your wages. For the wages of sin is death. It was only a matter of time and it is only a matter of time for other parasites. You can run but you can't hide. Kudos to the SOGs!

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 02:34 PM

some of the people believe everything that they are "fed" on...

that pic with him shot is clearly fake; i'm not saying he is not dead though.. but somehow i don't believe it

Posted by pedROfilul May 2, 11 02:36 PM

I'm really skeptical about all this. Three options were possible :

-Bin Laden was alive, allowing bombings and attacks to take place around the world.

-Bin Laden was captured, making terrorists attack even more to urge the US government to release him.

-Bin Laden is dead, that will probably lead to future attacks in retaliation.

Now that he's dead, I don't think the problem is solved. We're still far from it. Let's hope it will help to fight terrorism on the long term though.

Posted by Charles H. May 2, 11 02:37 PM

Unfortunately, there will be another. Humans know little about Humanity.

Posted by SD May 2, 11 02:40 PM

I hope people remember when Bush took all of those special forces off the hunt in Afghanistan, to go invade Iraq. He could have been dead long ago, but he's had the last 8 years to move his operation to Pakistan.

Posted by Hurrdurr May 2, 11 02:41 PM


Posted by sam stevensom May 2, 11 02:41 PM

i don't think he is dead.
bin gives work to usa

Posted by titti May 2, 11 02:43 PM

So who's the next terrorist #1?

Posted by 123 May 2, 11 02:43 PM

My feelings about this (both the event and the images I see above) are extremely complicated. I will say that celebration in Times Square seems excessive and off-color, regardless of what Osama Bin Laden may have been responsible for or representative of. As an American I do not support or share that reaction. I know that this death will not be the end of the multiple wars that we are engaged in, and that it will spur many people of multiple faiths and ethnicities all over the world to engage in behaviors that are irresponsible and subhuman. I only hope that the end of this manhunt will mean rest and peace of mind for some people.

Let's hope that someday this will just be a cold, dark corner in an otherwise well-lit and warm global memory, in a world where peace is a genuine reality. Maybe for some people that seems like something ridiculous or unattainable, but for me in this context it seems the only logical thing to want.

Posted by Sam Friedman May 2, 11 02:44 PM

Bin Laden said America is dead.
America said Bin Laden is dead.

Posted by Jon Clayton May 2, 11 02:46 PM

It's sad to see people being manipulated by the new world. It's sad to see the whole world believes this story.

The whole world is celebrating a celebration of the real terrorists.

Posted by Pete May 2, 11 02:47 PM

Love live the United States of America!

Posted by hans May 2, 11 02:52 PM

good riddance.

Posted by May 2, 11 02:53 PM

I remember as yesterday when my father watching TV said me: "come and watch what is real terrorism".
A good thing is done.

Posted by Titoune May 2, 11 02:57 PM

Interesting to see the way people reacted.

Posted by Jam May 2, 11 02:59 PM

can't wait for the comments...

Posted by tom May 2, 11 02:59 PM

#27 is pretty impressive to create so fast albeit kind of a bizarre idea.

Posted by Adam May 2, 11 02:59 PM


Posted by Wes Jones May 2, 11 03:00 PM

Sorry, but I'm not buying it.

Posted by Ibrahim Cruz May 2, 11 03:01 PM

You condemned those in the Middle East and elsewhere who celebrated 9/11, and now you're celebrating the murder of Osama Bin Laden? Hello, hypocrites!

Posted by Mutende Shibanda May 2, 11 03:06 PM

They finally got him. God bless the brave service men and women of every nation fighting for justice and peace.

Posted by Jake May 2, 11 03:07 PM

His death does not bring the end of this war.
It does not feel so good to see how all these people celebrate about another people's death.

Posted by Matt May 2, 11 03:08 PM

It is always sad to see people celebrating the dead of other person.

Posted by Andrés May 2, 11 03:09 PM

While I cannot even remotely rejoice, respect, or tolerate Osama bin Laden's life and list of "accomplishments," I find it similarly disturbing and upsetting to see so many faces filled with joy that human beings have killed another human being. Al Qaeda murdered US citizens on 9/11 because they hated us, and this was deplorable; now we have killed Osama bin Laden because we hate him. I cannot agree with the killing of a person through hatred as an act to be celebrated and rejoiced in.

Posted by inezindc May 2, 11 03:12 PM

#7: What are they so happy about? A lot of humans died and the "war on terrorism" will have even more victims. The death of an isolated (no phone, no internet) leader means nothing, when a single gun can kill a whole crowd or explosives can be made from simple chemicals by individuals. There is no end to this by killing more people. The unarmed villager killed in action has some sons and they won’t see the world with your eyes, they will see a dead father and some foreign soldiers on their soil. They need no political or religious agenda with this biography.

Posted by Chris May 2, 11 03:19 PM

Big Pictures.

Posted by Wittek 0815 Comix May 2, 11 03:20 PM

Hey Mr. Taliban, we know where you're hidin'...

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 03:21 PM

It is too bad his preashings of ignorance and hate doesn't leave the world with him. He is nothing but a murderer of people from all ethinic and religious backgrounds. He brought more hate for his own religion than any person has brought in the history of humankind. It is a shame that his name will be remembered at all.

Posted by Flogging Murphy May 2, 11 03:24 PM

Obama 1, Bin Laden 0.

Posted by Elia May 2, 11 03:25 PM

Para ser anarquista não é preciso usar violência. Lutar por seus ideais tem de ser com diplomacia e sabedoria. Osama não soube ser sábio, preferiu usar de violência e matar inocentes. Errou e pagou pelo seu erro. Menos um imbecil no mundo dos homens imbecis.

Posted by Viko Rok May 2, 11 03:32 PM

Murio el ruco, que bueno.

Por las torres.

Posted by Luis Mexico May 2, 11 03:39 PM

Never been if we can only get our brave men and women back from Afganistan and Iraq. I can only pray that that all the men and women that have given their lives over the last 15 years were not in vain and that we can finally find peace.

Posted by Robert in Dallas May 2, 11 03:50 PM

Rejoice in the victory of justice--such as it is--but do no be consumed by hatred and evil, or suffer the same fate as the one you hate.

Posted by Lux Eterna May 2, 11 03:51 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 03:53 PM

I wonder what he would have said if he was put in a courtroom.

Posted by B.King May 2, 11 03:54 PM

Did anyone think to photograph the body? And why give him a burial at sea? Good grief, the 9/11 conspiracy theorists must be dancing in the street.

Posted by Jeremy May 2, 11 03:55 PM


Posted by C.Poole May 2, 11 03:58 PM

great photos

Posted by richard May 2, 11 03:58 PM

it's a great relief, that one of the most wanted terrorist as been killed...that pass a message to the others that matter how long you think you can hide, but a time will surely come when NEMESIS will catch up with's also good to know that the life's of those that has been killed my osama bin-ladin...has risen up to fight for them self..

Posted by Ndubisi May 2, 11 04:02 PM

So it's over now, right? We can have back our rights? We can start spending a little more money at home? We can finally start eating all that canned food in the basement? NO? oh...

Posted by Leon May 2, 11 04:02 PM

WTC has been taken down, radical islamists danced in the streets - US were offended. OBL has been taken down, US danced in the streets - radical islamists were offended...
This isn´t democracy, this is a killing! I am happy, that OBL can´t harm anyone now, but he should have faced a trial; a human has been assassinated and the "democracy" dances - sorry, this isn´t what it should be!

Posted by sorrow citizen May 2, 11 04:02 PM

I love the last picture, It kind of sums it all up. Now if we can just bring our boys home and let those Arab countries figure out their own problems. We could pump our own oil and write them off completely!

Posted by American Mom May 2, 11 04:05 PM

Justice has been done...

Posted by Jim May 2, 11 04:07 PM

Glad they got him. Although they should have captured and not killed him.

Posted by Timmi May 2, 11 04:08 PM

hmm I'm not sure we can believe in his death that soon...we haven't seen any boday, supposed to be 'already in the see' i'm suspicious, but I hope it's the truth

Posted by DarthHeirophant May 2, 11 04:12 PM

world peace!

Posted by jackcnd May 2, 11 04:12 PM

Rest in pieces, you monster!

Posted by John May 2, 11 04:14 PM

Great news!

Posted by Mlody Kalwin May 2, 11 04:15 PM

Adios, Osama you murderous thug....You misrepresentated the aspirations of Muslims around the world and caused untold suffering like nobody since Hitler and the Nazi party.
My heart goes out to my fellow Americans still struggling with memories from 9/11(and rejoice with them now) and to those around the world that Al Qaeda has harmed....things don't always happen on the schedule we would wish for, (they never seem to in the course of human history) but I'm proud of my country for standing tall...

Posted by alm May 2, 11 04:16 PM

good riddance

Posted by Dole May 2, 11 04:17 PM

The U.S. Government should admit that it's by no means their "success" nor "victory" even though they finally killed the long-wanted target Osama. That's because they'd already been failed to do it for nearly a decade, even while they've been investing in it enormous military budget and army personnel, and also high-technology weapons like drone bombings and Echelon espionage.

I'm not on a pro-Osama and either an anti-U.S. standpoint, but I want to ask the American people who seem now totally happy with the killing. Where and what kind of righteousness in it? What differences do you think will come to your people's life and the fellow troops in Afghanistan? I must say it's nothing, or simply the situation will gets even worse than before....

And, of course, now should we suspect the credibility of the fact and the reason for the timing of releasing ? Is Obama trying to take the same political benefits like Bush by scapegoating "enemy" ?

Posted by Yokohama W*nker May 2, 11 04:19 PM

I've never wished a man dead; but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." - Mark Twain

Posted by Mark Twain Fan May 2, 11 04:19 PM

Finally, we have closure. We must not let our guard down and let someone like this happen to us again.......

Posted by Ken from Boca May 2, 11 04:28 PM

Will history remember this as a great victory (Mission Accomplished)?
Is it possible to win the "war on terror"?
When our children are grown and look back what sense will they make of the big picture so to speak? What was the cost billions of our dollars spent on unwinable wars with no clear end. The erosion of our liberty and privacy in these United States. Do we get to bring home the Sons and Daughers of America? Do we now cancel the Patriot Act? Shut down GITMO? Are we safe now? Is it ok for our politicians/government to put it's money where it's mouth is regarding the 9/11 first responders? Is this our legacy, is this what you would teach your children: an eye for an eye, win at any cost!

Serisouly is this the "Hope" and "Change" we all wanted?

Posted by @shannonpatrick May 2, 11 04:28 PM

I don't get it, this solves nothing. Another dead person to add to the thousands killed by Amercians.

Posted by Anna May 2, 11 04:33 PM

Show us the body!!

Posted by James Hetfeild May 2, 11 04:38 PM

It's sad that so many people are happy because one man was killed, of course the terrorism is much more of a cause to feel shame about, but that doesn't justifies feeling joy about another human being killed. It's so sad because I'm sure the terrorists felt the same joy and thought (erroneously) the same reasons about justice, both are wrong and make the worst of humanity.

Posted by Miguel May 2, 11 04:41 PM

Excellent collection of images.

I would love to know what the posters in Quetta (#22) say.

Posted by A May 2, 11 04:45 PM

Thank God such evil was brought to justice on this earth. God bless the US and the survivors of the 9/11 attacks. Good job to my brothers in the service from this patriotic Marine.

Posted by PT May 2, 11 04:49 PM

Big thanks to the photographers for these shots. It is very strange to see people celebrating a person's death but I certainly hope this will be a large step towards a more peaceful world.

Posted by Kaori May 2, 11 04:57 PM


Posted by Jon May 2, 11 05:10 PM

Let us hope that this will slow down the terrorism in the world. There will always be someone to take hs place, but maybe it is a start to peace.

Posted by Milt Lonnee May 2, 11 05:10 PM

don't understand why so much joy and happiness due to death of one men, even he was terrorist#1.
maybe somebody thinks this death will stop terrorism?

Posted by Alexey May 2, 11 05:12 PM

I'm not really confortable with people celebrating his death by dancing in the streets. Out of respect for the people he murdered and for the thousands of innocent victims (soldiers and locals) who were killed in two absurd wars started because of him, I would be more moderate.
Plus his death doesn't sound like a victory, people like him are still alive, causes that foster terrorism still exist (and have been reinforced due to NATO intervention in the Middle-East) and I would have prefered him to be sentenced to death by a court (even if I'm against death-penalty) rather than just executed like this.

Posted by Thomas May 2, 11 05:14 PM

buried at sea???
Very suspicious. Maybe this is a fake news aimed for helping Obama's election. Maybe Osama Bin Laden was already dead long before this gun battle.

Posted by Sunny May 2, 11 05:21 PM

Was it really necessary to throw the corpse into the sea? Why ?

Posted by lluis May 2, 11 05:24 PM

I feel it would have been wise to stay home and just breathe a sigh of relief.
Those public celebrations and chants after OBL's confirmed death seem to promote the status bin Ladin helt, making him more important than he really was. And even if he really was the true mastermind behind 9/11 (don't get me wrong, I don't believe this CIA/Mossad/Bush-did-it crap for a second), if he really still was al Qaeda's ultimate leader - it might have been wise not to turn him into a myth (again).

Posted by Norbert May 2, 11 05:27 PM

Hey Anna (#54),

You don't get it? What don't you get? How about this...get a clue!

Posted by Steven May 2, 11 05:41 PM

He was irrelevant long ago… what a big deal!

Posted by Sarah May 2, 11 05:45 PM

I don't think he was killed. It is just cheap american propaganda. They needed something "fresh" to capture the attention from the economical problems. And Obama needed also needed something to boost his poll numbers. It is simply as that.

Posted by Stephen May 2, 11 05:45 PM

people are very much mistaken if they think that after the death of bin laden the world will find peace and unity. it's 200% certain that more terrorist leaders will take his place (if they haven't already).

also i find it quite sickening that certain people (obviously a minority) are rejoicing in the streets because bin laden is dead. just think, chances are if Bush junior passes away one day there will be more people celebrating all around the globe. and this is another sickening thought too.

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 05:55 PM

Isn't it a little convenient that only weeks after Republicans bring up questions about President Obama's birthplace and his eligibility to be president, the armed forces and intelligence services finally achieve their #1 goal. I mean, how long has it been? Weary of coincidences...

Let's just hope this will not make him a martyr and cause thousands of brainwashed radicals to join the "cause".

I think that the sea burial (if it really happened) was a good idea. It will avoid creating a place of pilgrimage or reverence.

Posted by Gringarense May 2, 11 05:57 PM

Only the dumbest of the dumbest will believe the U.S. government on these days. Those elitist scumbags are living on credit.

Posted by Dtuki May 2, 11 06:01 PM

No picture no party.

Posted by Davide May 2, 11 06:07 PM

Sam Friedman -- commenter #8 -- what a thoughtful and well-worded comment. Thank you!

Posted by Shannon May 2, 11 06:14 PM

I have to say my feeling about all this are unclear. That man didn't deserve to live, I do not argue that fact. But to run into the streets beat your chest in a jingoistic fervor about it? This man's death doesn't make me happy, or patriotic. It would take a lot more than the death of this one man to make me feel that we've achieved anything in the last 10 years.

Even without the wars, even embracing my deepest desire for revenge, it would take a lot more than this to satiate me. It's revenge we wanted when we invaded Afghanistan and we've destroyed two countries in the decade it took us to get it. This is flaccid victory.

Posted by Jack May 2, 11 06:24 PM

The celebrating americans are just as disgusting as the flag burning fundamentals.

Posted by Bela May 2, 11 06:28 PM

I'm in mourning.

Posted by Mario May 2, 11 06:36 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted by Klaus May 2, 11 06:47 PM

Too bad a perfectly good bullet was wasted on this modern Hitler - hope all his followers meet equal ends!

Posted by bullseye357 May 2, 11 06:48 PM

Took only 10 years to find the caveman. Good Job America

Posted by binbinbinladen May 2, 11 06:53 PM

Fish food! Justice is sweet!

Posted by Dave May 2, 11 06:57 PM

Obama kept a promise. Did it right. Thank you Mr President and administration. Well thought out and executed plan. I horrible person is gone and thats something to be happy about no matter how hypocritical it is.

I'm for pulling our boys out of EVERYWHERE and those countries can go it alone, not on our dime while giving us the finger. Let them beg for our support if they need it. Right now we try to help and everyone hates us. Lets let it become a supply (our help) and demand (their needs) and things will change.

Posted by Cuz May 2, 11 06:59 PM

Some people celebrate, but I remain neutral in this. First things first: even if authorities have confirmed the kill, it may all be fake - just to prove the power of the United States. Although I hope that's what really happened. But now that he is dead (if so), what happens next? Is it really Osama bin Laden who's been the brain in the Al-Qaeda network? What about names like Ayman al-Zawahiri? My point is that even if Osama bin Laden is dead, this might just be the beginning of a new era.

He sure got what he deserved though.

Posted by Johan Schagerström May 2, 11 07:08 PM

"...As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?" (Ezekiel 33:11)

Posted by Daniel May 2, 11 07:16 PM

Bush and Obama killed much more innocent people than bin Laden.

Posted by Viktor May 2, 11 07:32 PM

So, the assasin kill the assasin...

Posted by Patrick May 2, 11 07:36 PM

The reason he was buried at sea is because that does not give the others to make a martyr's shrine out of his grave. At least he was given the respect of proper religious burial unlike what he has done to people from around the world for the trade centers and all of the others in the world he has given absolutely no respect or even an after thought.

Posted by Rosie May 2, 11 07:42 PM

He was buried at sea to keep his grave from becoming a pilgrimage destination, I believe.

Dancing in the streets isn't the civilized way to react. I know people will say "but THEY did when Americans were killed," but we should try to take the moral high ground and be better than indiscriminate killers and their fans.

This doesn't mark the end of a war or a mission accomplished, but an ongoing struggle. The people who want peace and freedom have to be better than those who celebrate and bring about death.

Posted by Ann, Chicago May 2, 11 07:45 PM


Posted by KRYSTAL May 2, 11 07:55 PM

It is good news but will not change much in terms of security going forward. However, it will be a measure of closure for the many families of his victims in the US, Kenya, Indonesia and the Middle East. It will be interesting political theatre to see how this event will impact American and Pakistani politics in the next year or two.

Posted by Quatguy May 2, 11 08:01 PM

emotions running!!!! happy for my country!!!!! sad by the way we celebrate death...

Posted by Gina Rivera May 2, 11 08:13 PM

Bin Laden has been dead for a while now. Don't you see that the American government is brainwashing you? Oh right, elections are ahead in 2012... TV generation loses.

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 08:18 PM

It is interesting that the people that isn't buying OBL death, is the same as the people that never believed that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969....

Posted by Barbosa May 2, 11 08:25 PM

the end? I would not be so sure?

Posted by juan bartoszek May 2, 11 08:27 PM

so, you all celebrate when there are lots more people died over there compared to 9/11, and it costs all those lives to kill 1 person, that has been killed repeatedly, entered hell or heaven numerous times? and once that guy killed, everything turns peace? what peace when they invade other country in the first place? a war is a war, there is never peace when you invade other country and kill their citizens.

Posted by anon May 2, 11 08:28 PM

Wah itu fotonya om Bay Ismoyo ya??
Asik banget momentnya

Posted by tomfreakz May 2, 11 08:28 PM

Terrorism wont stop

Posted by sebas May 2, 11 08:33 PM

its the begging of a war

Posted by alejandro May 2, 11 08:34 PM

osama bin laden is just a justification for the mass murder of the real terrorism that came from USA, the kind of terrorism that swallowed souls with the green devil called "dollar"... don't u think, people, that is more dangerous been corrupted by money and greed, than a poor little man like osama?.. think about it...

Posted by Gastón May 2, 11 08:47 PM

Yes, I agree that his death brings on complicated feelings to be sure. Let's please give each other the freedom to react to this event in their own way... just as it was on 911 when we were too busy with our own emotions to make a judgement about how someone else was reacting at the time...... Whether you chose to stand in the middle of street and scream or sit quietly in the corner, we are still so very much connected by this event. God Bless America.

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 08:47 PM

Free Palestine from Illegal Country Israel will stop terrorism pemanently. Osama r.h.m uprising was the result of Israel brutality to Palestinian. This is the KEY to peace. There will be more people like Osama after this.

Posted by Bangiman May 2, 11 08:48 PM

i suppose there was a trial, isn't it?

Posted by fabrizio May 2, 11 08:48 PM

Man has been dead for 10+ years from kidney failure. Nice display of sheep who believe anything their TVs tell em and then disgusting wave flags while their own leaders have not been tried for war crimes! ARREST OBAMA AND BUSH! Millions of civilians and children die overseas because of them! they are the terrorist!

Posted by Jesus May 2, 11 08:50 PM

The world is actually more insecure than it was before the "death" of Osama Bin Laden. No one talks about his kidney failure reported back in 2001, or how his very existence provided USA with the perfect excuse to bomb wherever it believed Bin Laden was hidding. No-one should be happy about anyone's death.
Congrats USA, now you can keep on war-mongering the civilized world as you please, in the name of "liberty" and "security".

Posted by Kameeldoring May 2, 11 08:57 PM

#1 in the Killing Championships. Stealing the Gold in the Murder Olympics, and the crowd goes wild!

Posted by Steve W. May 2, 11 08:57 PM

Conspiracy theorists unite! It didn't take long for them to show up.

Hey Jaws - our gift to you, don't choke on it.

Posted by JLJ May 2, 11 09:02 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate, adding deeper darkness to a night that is already void of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Felicity Lingle May 2, 11 09:02 PM

Well done America !! venganza es un plato que se debe servir frio !!!

Posted by ivan guerra May 2, 11 09:11 PM

"Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live?" - Ezekiel 18:23

Posted by ZW May 2, 11 09:12 PM

the us are declaring having committed a murder and are proud of having executed a man without a trial, Saddam had a trial, where is the justice in these so called peaceful states. people cherish the death of a man, shame on you.

Posted by Frank D (canadian) May 2, 11 09:12 PM

Suspicious. How convenient to bury at sea. 48 hours for DNA testing.
Bin Laden probably been dead for years. How convenient for Obama to “order this mission”, with his approval rating lowest in history, economy is wrecked, gas is soaring, and we are in 3 wars. Need to dig a little deeper on this one. Bring all the troops home now please...Fear/Lies/Propaganda machine needs to stop. I love America; so let’s take care of our country. World Peace/Democracy is possible.

Posted by TJ May 2, 11 09:15 PM

Putting a bullet in the head of someone is not justice, it is nothing else than the big return of the "eye for an eye" rule.

Wouldn't it have been better to bring him alive in front of a court, to answer the numerous questions the world has about 9/11 ? Nope, the US preferred to murder him and get rid of his body in high seas as fast as possible.

All of this is highly shady and not credible at all.

Good job USA to keep acting like in a western movie while pretending being the biggest democracy in the world.

Posted by Yann May 2, 11 09:24 PM

The end ? I don't think so. God bless USA.

Posted by JackTai May 2, 11 09:26 PM

A coward until the end. Why do we celebrate? Because we know that no matter how much effort our enemies put into hiding they will be found and disposed of.

Why dump him in the sea? Because no garbage dump would take him.

This isn't the end, it's when terrorists start shaking.

Posted by M May 2, 11 09:30 PM

It's one thing to be rightfully satisfied that justice was done; it's another thing altogether to celebrate the fact that Bin Laden, the person, is dead. Hate is a bad thing no matter whose heart it resides in--whether you are an atheist, a Muslim, a Christian, or otherwise. Isn't hate part of what caused 9/11 in the first place? I might hate your actions, but hating you is a step in the wrong direction.

Posted by MPWorth May 2, 11 09:31 PM

you'r so stupid! Bin Laden never existed!!!
He already supose to be dead.... Every time you need somethin you kill Bin Laden, find someone else... it's becoming to obvious

Posted by only me May 2, 11 09:31 PM

The reaction of celebrating Americans dancing and chanting 'USA, USA' in the streets is no different to the extremists celebration of 9/11 deaths. I thought they would rise above such a low level. This ego driven, ugly 'patriotism' will only urge on more attacks. This is not the end to the war on terror. An eye for an eye will turn the whole world blind.

Posted by OnceCoalitionoftheWilling May 2, 11 09:38 PM

OMG finally he is dead!

Posted by Pseudonymous May 2, 11 09:46 PM

Some of these comments I read are disgusting!!! How can anyone call him a human being. He was an animal that killed many Americans, as well as others.

Posted by vikki May 2, 11 09:47 PM

it's sad that he will not suffer a slow death from old age in prison thinking about what he did.

Posted by Jack C. May 2, 11 09:48 PM

Conspiracy Theorists Arise !!!!!!!! This should provide fodder on a whole new (and quite long lasting) level !!!!!

Posted by Ken from Boca May 2, 11 09:50 PM

it is so timely that obama accomplished this. he's already got votes for 2012. just saying

Posted by bugoy May 2, 11 10:09 PM

This event shows that our future is very uncertain for these reasons

1) high percentage of idiots who believe whatever the mass media says

2) high percentage of sadists who rejoice when somebody is killed

Posted by Aleksey May 2, 11 10:12 PM

The only meaning here is that US is going to leave the Afghanistan.

The soldiers are twice deceived:
the first when they were told that they should go to Afghanistan
the second when they were told that they can leave it

The second cheating happens right now

Look at #18

Posted by Aleksey May 2, 11 10:22 PM

What proof do we have that Bin Laden is dead?

Posted by gary vallely May 2, 11 10:42 PM

If he is dead...which may be true....who stands to gain from this? I will tell you who....Pakistan. They wanted money from the US before to produce Osama. More money provided by American taxpayers to a country riddled with hipocracy. We the tax payers are paying out once again. Mark my words, in the coming days we will be hearing about what Pakistan may or may not have been paid to produce this killer when all along they knew he was hiding out in their country. Hmmm...did we pay a kings randsom to a country blackmailing us into paying them for the body of this muslim renegade? Time will tell....

Posted by Cheryld9690 May 2, 11 10:47 PM

there is no such thing as "god". and some people's concept of "justice" is really strange.

Posted by Abram May 2, 11 10:47 PM

This killing is just another political propaganda from Obama administration for another 4 year term. Hope their smiles on face last long.

Posted by HumanLover May 2, 11 10:52 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives,but I will not rejoice in the death of one, even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate,adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot out drive darkness:only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

~Martin Luther King Jr.~

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 10:58 PM

I have mixed feelings about the death of Osma Bin Laden even though he is/has been an evil destructive person, leader of the Radical Muslim people, and figurehead to all who hate the West and the USA. It is difficult for me to celebrate another person's murder.

I congratulate the CIA, our Military, the Navy Seals, and all at the highest level in our land for the tireless and oftentimes thankless work they do for our Country and our people.

We need to remember George W. Bush, who after 9/11 kept our Country safe and boldly sought out those who attacked us. He is the one who said -- "Osma Bin Laden" -- dead or alive. I give him a lot of credit for his leadership.

We need to be "watchful," as terrorism is not dead. There are still many who late our Country and the freedom and way of life that it stands for. We need to continue to guard our Country and keep it safe!

God Bless America! God Bless the USA!

Posted by Janet M. Schleusner May 2, 11 10:59 PM

Si no hay fotos, no hay cuerpo...
y aun así.. está lejos de ser el final de todo esto, como muchos creen.

Posted by Fruno May 2, 11 11:02 PM

I love that he was "buried at sea".

Isn't that just a euphemism for "we dumped his carcass into the sea."

I also find the jubilant faces in the crowd a little odd. In fact, haven't these people been influenced by the same sort of brainwashing that bin Laden used to convince people to carry out terrorist attacks?

It's not a normal reaction. If these people had any sense they'd know that nothing has changed with his death.

Posted by Raia May 2, 11 11:41 PM

To all those people who are saying it's sad to see people celebrating another humans death. Well let me teach you something called justice...

You need to understand that sometimes by killing one person you can save many. This man is responsible for the authorised killing of 3000 Americans and many more around the world including in London, Bali and the Middle East. Killing this man would surely save at least 2 other peoples lives. If we don't bring justice to people like this what kind of message does it send to anyone who commits crimes in our societies? "Can you please stop murdering people on your street, it's starting to get annoying", this doesn't sound like an effective strategy. What would you do if someone killed your children, parents, brothers or sisters, wouldn't you want them immobilised from carrying out repeated actions?

Secondly to all those skeptics out there, what happens if Osama really was killed by the Americans? What evidence would you want to see to prove this? If you are blind enough not to see all the preliminary evidence already..well let's just see if Osama makes any more video tapes shall we?

Posted by Michael May 2, 11 11:41 PM

Lưới trời tuy thưa nhưng khó thoát.

Posted by trungqh May 2, 11 11:41 PM

but there is 1000s osama remain ! ! !

Posted by azzoz May 2, 11 11:52 PM

The only person who could give the world some sort of answer -in court- about the insanity of the past ten years is dead. We will never know the truth or at least hear his side of it. I don't see any reason to be happy. And the story just doesn't add up... Throwing his body to the ocean?!? C'mon... If that alone isn't FISHY then what is?

Posted by Andy May 2, 11 11:58 PM

Q pena ele deveria ter acabado com os EUA

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 12:23 AM

A happy news for infidels around the world.. and sad news for musllims.. may ALLAH ALMIGHTY rest his soul in peace... this is not the is the beginnning..... blaming him for what he never did is higly unfair and unjustified... he is not dead and alive as martyr.. all what is happening around the world against muslims is part of grand conspiracy and so called great game...

Posted by WAQAR MAJEED-Karachi, Pakistan. May 3, 11 12:25 AM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted by matt L. May 3, 11 12:25 AM

Al fin la paz volverá al mundo.

Posted by Ignacio Ramos Mancheno May 3, 11 12:26 AM

Obama said in his speech that this is in no way a victory, and there is still more work to be done, but this is a huge morale boost for us. The people who are sickened by people celebrating this man's death obviously did not have anyone close to them that lost their life on september 11, 2001. This man not only killed our people, but others across the world with his acts. He was not a human in any sense of the word.

Posted by realistic May 3, 11 12:33 AM


Posted by Martin May 3, 11 12:38 AM

Punishment by bereave a life of even a criminal - worst reason for gladness. It is not a sport.

Posted by xanadu May 3, 11 12:44 AM

Yes it is a relief, but he was no longer the problem. The revenge has been taken, and now what? We in America are being played like a Banjo on Obama's knee. Bin Laden was a Saudi, Obama bowed to the Saudi King, as an American President that was disgraceful! A slap in the face to our soldiers and any Human being that is Humaine, for that King and all his followers a Tyranical Murderers! Obama refused to put his hand on the bible when being sworn in the first time as a US Senator of Illinois. Then he got permission from his Islamic friends that he could use Lincoln's bible as long as they announced it as Lincoln's belief, and not Judeo/Christian, recently we are being threatened by the Sharia Law? And now the real wind up! The right hand of the former mayor, (Richard M. Daley, who stepped down to threats) was an Iranian a dear friend of the president of Iran, and now Rahm Emanuel is Mayor of Chicago right hand to Obama and all he needs is Chitown to swing the election and he is counting on the racial vote to win. He has a hidden agenda but if you observe carefully, and listen to his speeches, such as when he accused the Americans, and discounted himself as an American by saying"The American People are Arrogant!" How dare he say that! He is an Arrogant slam dunking weasel! He lied to everyone. Now put in perspective the Al Quaida they sacrifice lives to win their battles! They sacrificed Bin Laden, for Obama to get the re-election and that is the truth! The Islamic and the Al Quaida with the help of Putin in Russia and the Russian Mob are going to take over!

Posted by Magic May 3, 11 12:59 AM

When we failed to kill Hitler, the world suffered and 6 million people died. So, killing an evil guy is better than allowing him to kill thousands of innocent people. Osama might have been angry against politicians, but had no right to kill innocent citizens just because they are Americans. Look, when USA is not taking military action in Libiya who is helping their citizen? Muslim world gets more financial help from the USA than from any one else, yet they hate the same giving and kind Americans. A common innocent Muslim does not hate any one, but their politicians use them against USA. One less terrorist is good for the world.

Posted by Simpleton May 3, 11 01:02 AM

Just as Obama was losing popularity. ..

Posted by w May 3, 11 01:12 AM

People forget that 9/11 resulted in the death of innocents, whereas Bin Laden had the blood of thousands on his hands. No qualms celebrating his death, and good riddance.

Posted by Matt May 3, 11 01:23 AM

Remember it was Obama 0 / Bin Laden 100 for 10 years!
Now its 1/ 100.

Still wondering how and why ppl can celebrate one person's death so much when they have the whole group hiding somehwere out there!

Posted by Jack May 3, 11 01:29 AM

Hide and seek champion 2001-2011

Posted by reddit gave me a virus May 3, 11 01:40 AM

It is always sad to see people celebrating the dead of other person.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 01:42 AM

Please, show us a picture of dead Osama! Show us official results of DNA test or Eyescan or at least a match of finger prints.

This just looks like some raghead from pakistan got killed and Osama is still alive enjoying himself.

Give us the proof of his death!!!

Posted by Denis May 3, 11 01:44 AM

we need better proof not blood stains in his room

Posted by coca May 3, 11 01:54 AM

Why was his body disposed of so quickly? Doesnt the world deserve to see this for themselves? I don't feel any closure to this situation.

Posted by Wes May 3, 11 01:55 AM

"Out of respect for the people he murdered and for the thousands of innocent victims (soldiers and locals) who were killed in two absurd wars started because of him, I would be more moderate."

I am sure that some of the many, many victims across cultures, and their families, might appreciate a more subdued celebration; and for them I am sure there are many who did adopt a more reflective and meditative response. But surely there are many of them who also would have 'jumped for joy' and its equivalent. Seems like all were/are represented in the last 24 hours. This assassination is, indeed, a smallish thing and also something huge, though I believe it is a major net plus for the world.

Posted by Scott H. Tucson May 3, 11 01:56 AM

"Show us the body" "dumped at sea" "want to see proof"

It does not matter. When they show you pictures of the body or other proof, you'll say they are fake.
Even if they had put him in an open casket on display in the middle of Times Square, those people would simply say its some other dead guy - People who don't want to believe the official story, won't - ever.
That's the beauty with conspiracy theories, no one can proof them - and if they are proven wrong, you can just come up with another theory.

One thing is for sure, he is dead - either killed last night, or he died before that.
(Personally, I tend to think he was actually killed there last night, otherwise there would be a lot of people who would have to be kept quiet now, which is not that easy)

And no way they would stage something like that if he was still alive, otherwise the embarrassment if he would release a video message the next day would be beyond belief.

Posted by Dirk May 3, 11 02:02 AM

Good riddance.

To those who think Americans are hypocritical for celebrating his death, remember, he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent American civilians. He had been elevated to the same 'evil status' as Hitler or Stalin, so while most Americans want to end our wars, we are glad to see him gone.

Also, conspiracy theorists will always disbelieve, it's in their nature. Even if they get photos, videos, or a long form death certificate, or touched the body themselves, they will never believe anything the government says.

That being said, he was buried at sea to prevent creating a site of martyrdom or pilgrimage. He was also combative, hiding behind a woman no less, which is why taking him captive was not likely possible.

Posted by Joe Sixpack May 3, 11 02:19 AM

Poor brainwashed americans, not only are you gulible but even more hated around the world now.

Posted by Ranter Smith May 3, 11 02:23 AM

Certainly no loss to humanity with him dead. The question is, when the next terrible senseless attack on innocent people happens, who do we blame? For 10+ years, he has been the face that we've put with the word terrorism. Some robot tries to blow up his underwear on a plane, who's the first person that comes to mind? OBL. Some maniac blows himself and kills inocent people, who's the first face you think of? OBL. Who's behind these acts? OBL.
Who will we blame the next time something happens? Who's face do we associate with it? Somehow I think the fact that the knowledge he's been around for the last ten years and was supposedly hiding in a cave on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has given us an outlet to vent our anger. We hoped that he would be caught but the fact that he wasn't still gave us some subconscious hope that when he was it would all stop. It won't, and now we REALLY don't know who the enemy is. It's a faceless enemy, which will make it all the more difficult and frustrating to endure the next time something horrible happens.

Posted by pjonescharles May 3, 11 02:29 AM

Bin Laden is finally dead 9/11 revenge 2/11

Posted by Alex Warren May 3, 11 02:30 AM

Thanks God I am not American...

A Big, most powerful Nation, spending more than 10 years hunting a small and effeminate murderer...What a shame.!!!

Posted by Jockey. May 3, 11 02:43 AM

Only Americans can kill Terrorist. Each time Tamil terrorists bombed sri lanka to the stone ages, the Americans advised the Sri Lanka govt to "negotiate peace" with the terrorists, all this when their own FBI designated the Tamil terrorists even worse than Al-Quaida!.
When Sri Lanka army surrounded the Tamil terrorists leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, it was the Americans who were planning to whisk the fellow away to safety. And when Sri Lanka finally killed the terrorists and celebrated, Americans complained it was "Triumphalism". Of course when Americans celebrate the killing of Osama, its a "victory". When 9/11 happened we were in tears because we too know the pain from terrorism, but now after seeing this disgusting duplicity by the Americans, we just shrug and say "who cares""

Posted by RoberBlakesOtherEndOfMouth May 3, 11 02:44 AM

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always. ~Mahatma Gandhi

For those of you saying it is sad that we should celebrate the death of a human being...there was no humanity in him. He was a tyrant. Nor are we stupid enough to believe that this will end the ignorance of terrorism. Our brave soldiers, and many from other nations go where they are needed, to help end the tyranny for the peace and freedom of all of mankind. I would think you would join in the celebration, not of the death, but of the life and closure it gave back to all the peoples that were hurt by these sub-human creatures...these demons hiding behind their god. I am not condemning any religion, but its perversion by any act of violence committed in the name of one's higher power. We have a duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It's called humanity!

Posted by Tina N May 3, 11 03:04 AM

Strange arm in picture # 9, no ?

Posted by MoreArm May 3, 11 03:06 AM

Very similar to Russia's methods: find and kill. What about democracy? Human rights? Where is a court, a judge, a defense counsel?
He is probably very bad guy, but why we are using his methods? Aren't we the same as he after this?

Posted by Dmitry May 3, 11 03:17 AM

the end of his notorious days

Posted by Michael May 3, 11 03:19 AM

‎"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Martijn Lafeber May 3, 11 03:25 AM

After tens of thousand of innocent lives lost, trillions of dollars spent, the man synonymous with terrorism is dead. Hopefully, the rest of Al Qaeda top deputies fall like dominoes. One can only hope.
I guess President Obama just banked a lot of votes for the next election, so the Republican party better pick the right candidate to run against him.

I suspect that someone in the Pakistani government knew where he was living all this time and kept him safe and well fed. Money can buy pretty much anything. The number of innocent lives lost could have been avoided if the Pakistani just handed him over a long time ago. To think that he US government is giving billions of dollars to Pakistan every year and gets very little help in return. That money would have been better spent if we gave it to India.
I hope they demolish that compound where Bin Laden has been living all this time, given that that's the place he was last seen alive. Wouldn't want extremist using that place for pilgrimage before committing more terrorist acts.

Posted by P. T. May 3, 11 03:35 AM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."
~Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted by Human May 3, 11 03:36 AM

Only god has the right to take any human life.

Posted by Ken Packer May 3, 11 03:38 AM
177. me the body.

Posted by andywattbulb May 3, 11 03:49 AM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Think about it... May 3, 11 03:50 AM

Sadly , this is not the end of anything. Secondly, if I had called some guy in America a terrorist and killed him and bury under sea with no legal judgement, what would you call this action?

Posted by Mr. May 3, 11 03:54 AM

Once upon a time there were three little pigs and they all sprouted wings. One little pig did not have a birth certificate so they faked one very badly so he could say he was the Big Pig and live with his snout in a trough in his little, well, not so little, white house.

One day Big Pig, who was really only doing what he was told to save his bacon, announced that a naughty man who had died a long time ago had died again. The naughty man was very clever to do this, but he was well known for his little tricks. For years after he died the first time he still managed to speak on new videos and tell the people just how naughty he was.

Then another little pig said that the naughty man had been thrown into the sea and so the people could not see his face and know that the Big Pig was telling the truth. But everyone with a brain knew that the Big Pig never told the truth and so they knew that Big Pig was telling more porkies.

Big Pig and the little pigs showed the people a picture that was made up to fool lots of them, and, unfortunately, children, this was usually not very difficult to do.

Posted by Alexis Constantinos May 3, 11 04:04 AM

There is no body, no photos, no confesions, no trial, no verdict... justice indeed...

Is this The America, The -Leader-Of-The-Free-World, The-Greatest-Democracy-Ever, you were fighting for?

Posted by Mic_hall May 3, 11 04:05 AM

It's so funny, that everybody believes Bin Laden died now :D He was dead along time before. Special forces would`nt kill him, they would try to arrest him. Read more Wikileaks!

Posted by Obasa Jackson May 3, 11 04:06 AM

donc il était encore vivant, ça c'est une nouvelle

Posted by Alizé May 3, 11 04:07 AM

i can't believe how much stupidity can lie in one people's is marketing. wait to see what will happen, they'll strike when they'll be less expecting it. they won't know what hit'em

Posted by emes May 3, 11 04:22 AM

The End!!!

Posted by Barbara May 3, 11 04:22 AM

It is hard to believe, that OBL was still alive since 2001. Some sources mention, he was ill, required dialysis and he died in late 2001, possibly on december 16th.

One other fact: Why didnt the special forces use stun grenades and/or gas? Was this just a well-ahead-planned "lynch mob mission"? Is this the way justice works?

Even now there is no evidence for OBL's involvement in the 911 desaster. Ask the FBI. Also "the burial" at sea is fishy at best, destroying evidence..Maybe someone set up a "patsy" or "fall guy" in advance then sent in the firing squad. The location was one ISI safehouse.

Don't get me wrong, OBL was a nutcase from the point of no return after 1991. But take heart, there are many many more nutcases playing with matches on a global level.

Why not have them arrested and put to work in irons? They expect to die as martyrs, so dont give them this satisfaction.

Just my two cents...

Posted by Obi-wan May 3, 11 04:35 AM

hey people .. did you really believe that he was killed by the US army?

Posted by Sarah May 3, 11 04:51 AM

Good riddance

Posted by Raman May 3, 11 04:58 AM

"Who faith with a nknife,his come be killed with nknife"

Posted by Albert Francois Nyeck May 3, 11 04:59 AM

Pic #9. Can you see the fake?

Posted by Ramon May 3, 11 05:09 AM

All i see around here is US fanatics celebrating the death of a muslim fanatic.
Bin Laden is your reflection on a mirror, with other values, other "god", but the same fanatism, which blind yourselves.

You American are as much scary than muslim fanatics.

Posted by Arn May 3, 11 05:28 AM

Good ridance, we are all safe now, haha Bin Laden, you should of tried harder!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 05:33 AM

Good ridance, we are all safe now, haha Bin Laden, you should of tried harder!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 05:34 AM

can you believe some people here?

who cares if he is dead? doesn't make any difference of anyone. all it does is bring up more hate.

yeah, war and killing bringing peace. you heard it first in america.

Posted by phil May 3, 11 05:40 AM

i dnt think dat dis was his death....
he is someone else in place of osama bin laden...
he is still alive or died early in 2002 december 13....

Posted by himss May 3, 11 06:22 AM

Tuer quelqu'un sous le drapeau de la justice : Ce n'est pas la peine de mort ça ?

Posted by Julie May 3, 11 06:28 AM

I wonder if, because he was buried at sea, if he now gets 70 virgin mermaids instead? :o)

Posted by PK May 3, 11 06:30 AM

I do not feel satisfied with the taste of death

Posted by nono May 3, 11 06:44 AM

It is kind of stupid - they had his corpse and nobody bothered to make a picture of his dead face - it seems shady to me

Posted by Reus May 3, 11 06:50 AM

Osama had grey in his beard! There was no grey in the dead guys beard. Is that really him, You would think that they would have done a better job. Obama 1, Osama 2,983.
Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found OBL and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!!

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 06:50 AM

There is always people who know everything better like we don't believe Osama is dead or the usa didn't go to the moon or the car that work on water exist but the car industry kill it.... :(

Posted by wumps13 May 3, 11 06:56 AM

I don't sympathyze with Radical Islamists in the slightest.
But it's wrong to celebrate a person's death.
It's wrong to conduct a military operation on a country's territory without its government's consent.

This is setting a very bad precedent - surely, special operations on foreign soil aren't anything new, but for the first time they are so openly admitted, as if it's something normal, even something to be proud of.
And, of course, that whole dancing on the grave shows just how thin the veil of civilization is.

Posted by danvolodar May 3, 11 06:56 AM


Posted by AIMAN Jr. May 3, 11 07:03 AM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted by Nevpervoy May 3, 11 07:10 AM

its weird a little bit...

Posted by ganjer May 3, 11 07:13 AM

hey people .. did you really believe that he was killed by the US army?

Posted by Sarah May 3, 11 07:25 AM

m!nD blOw!Ng joB bY U.S.A aRmY..!!
hAts Off..!!

Posted by Nitesh May 3, 11 07:26 AM

time to celeberate, but he death was very comfertable as compared to his sins

Posted by manmohan May 3, 11 07:31 AM

you compare Osama to the Nazis, that's just stupid, just realize who's building a wall on his frontier and chasing humans who tresspass like game...

Posted by miss May 3, 11 07:34 AM

@OBL....Unrest in Hell

Posted by KB May 3, 11 07:40 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen whether you believe the pictures or the truths which you have been told through social media, except this idea: The man responsible for thousands of deaths to our friends, husbands, wives and children is gone. While this is no where near the final chapter in this book, this is a moral victory for those who continue to sacrifice their lives to so that we as normal Americans can continue the lives which we so easily take for granted!!!! Be proud of our military, shake the hand of someone who has served your country and thank them for your freedoms. We are in difficult times within our country, take this momentary pause and smile knowing that we are pushing forward towards the future. Congratulations to the skilled men carried out this mission!

Posted by Terry May 3, 11 07:42 AM

@#30, You have a right to your opinion however in a world of uncertainty, it is better to remove evil by any means necessary than hope that such evil will somehow change for the the better. Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States of America and incite other radicals to "kill" any American they can get their hands on. Such evil can not be allowed to exist among people who only wants to live in peace. You can't fault people from "celebrating" his death because in these uncertain times, we have to celebrate what little victory he have against evil people and there are a lot of them out there.
Someday the human race will live in peace but not in my lifetime and certainly not in yours.

Posted by Peter Shoen May 3, 11 07:46 AM

For a long time I thought that there will come a time when America will be sick and tired of fighting in the Middle East. When that day would come, America would first shoot some bearded guy in the Middle East, declare Victory, and retire their soldiers. Step one has just taken place.
I just wish that, before american soldiers retreat, some schools were established as a basis for education or the next generation may be comprised of more and more jihadis.

Posted by V May 3, 11 07:48 AM

Le destin d'un guerrier est de mourir. Oussama a fait son devoir et payé sa dette. parlons du reste. Si les 3000 morts du 11/9 sont ainsi vengés; il restera a venger les millions d'africians, d'arabes et de musulmans qu'on tue tous les jours, sous les prétextes les plus divers
Le jour ou leur vengence arrivera, il ne servira à rien de brandir une résolution de l'ONU. Personne n'est dupe, ce sont les rapports de force qui aujourd'hui vous sont favorables. Mais la roue de l'histoire tourne et rien ne sera oublié.
Je conseille aux americains de profiter de cette occasion pour proclamer la paix au Monde, se retirer de l'IRAK, de l'Afghanistan, cesser de bombarder la Libye et trouver le moyen de réparer ses erreurs.

Posted by Abakar Adoum Elhadji May 3, 11 07:48 AM

Picture 7 ==== OMG
Ben Laden is the terrorist and America is the victim! The same old story! I think that they didn't need him anymore after all they got a new thing to concentrate on "the arab revolutions" :) the show must Go on .....

Posted by Framboise May 3, 11 07:54 AM

Everybody is happy!! What about our soldiers? There are going back!!!!!!
And Inthink he is been death for along time. And obama open the pandora box now he needs our votes for the next election. is not that weir? well is just my opinion. And God Bless America!!! (pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage, etc.) ironic?????

Posted by Lizzy May 3, 11 07:59 AM

The difference between Bin Laden and the rest is that he made we civilians his targets rather than the military.

Congratulations and many thanks to all those responsible for demonstrating that people do so at their own peril.

Posted by Abbottabad May 3, 11 08:06 AM


Posted by Himanshu May 3, 11 08:22 AM

The SEAL Team executed him then the ships captian fed his worthless carcass to the sharks, perfect!

Posted by Mikeb May 3, 11 08:28 AM

Dnt believe he's dead show some proof I want to see pictures....

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 08:36 AM

Good, now we can go back to trying to find Waldo.

Posted by KW May 3, 11 08:49 AM

Lies all Lies!

Why does it take a government, that can tell exactly what is digesting in your stomach as you swallow, take this long to find 1 man?

Sadly, the celebrants are all too ignorant to beleive this smokescreen.

God help us all!

Posted by djv2011 May 3, 11 08:50 AM

Ultimately the u.s. force could finish the head of terror with Laden but one should not take it easily as we have seen that whatever has been ignored for years directly or indirectly resulted painful to the innocent human life having nothing role on either side so the victory is big and must be honored, the world and common men expect the same further in future with same feeling of pain and reaction if anything happens in any part of the world .

Posted by Praveen Raghuvanshi May 3, 11 08:58 AM

Thank you US Military, for your hard work and dedication!

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 08:59 AM


Posted by cnboy May 3, 11 09:00 AM

#6, can anybody tell me which sort of helicopter it is ?? (with wings ?) Is it a model designed for special forces ?

Posted by Caramba May 3, 11 09:00 AM


Posted by ERIC ZIBELL May 3, 11 09:09 AM

Muero el perro se acabo la rabia?

Posted by @caroape May 3, 11 09:25 AM

Entro, veo que no está la foto del cadáver y me piro

Posted by Stranno May 3, 11 09:28 AM

How can anyone not be happy about this?The true tragedy here is that people are politicizing it.
One of the most evil people ever to walk the face of this earth is gone. True there will be more, but hopefully when these people emerge they can be eliminated quickly.
Violence is not the answer to all the worlds problems but in this case it had to be the solution.

Posted by John May 3, 11 09:28 AM

I do not celebrate the death of another person, no matter who that person is. Murder is murder.

An eye for an eye just makes us blind.

Posted by Right to Trial May 3, 11 09:31 AM

The Truth Is..... iTs not Over Yet , Qaieda means beging and if thats the case .. be ready for the worst , happiness is there but the damaged is even goin to be worse i pray holding both my hands for the betterment for the humans .... Technology has destroyed us all ...............hope we save our more humans in future not start killing people for Terriorty in the name of Religion .....

Posted by Fardeen Patel May 3, 11 09:40 AM

He may be dead for now. But, look what happened when we put Megatron at the bottom of the ocean.

Posted by HT May 3, 11 09:42 AM

I'm a Muslim who is proud to be a Muslim,but i would in no way justify crimes committed by bin laden in the name of Islam,killing the innocents,children & women.
But what i don't seem to understand is why the educated son of a millionaire would leave his country,go to a remote place somewhere in the world and start a mission to kill innocents.He was not after money,that's for sure.....Then,what did he want???
God says in the Quran"Whoever kills an innocent soul,it is as if he has killed the entire humanity,he who saves an innocent soul,it is as if he has saved the entire humanity."
Jihad in Islam is completely different.It means "Strife for the Truth".First,we have to conquer ourselves,only then can we conquer injustice .And the way to conquer injustice is not by hitting and taking out ur anger at everyone u see,destroying lives and wrecking families.
These ppl are misinterpreting the Quran.Islam stands for Peace,always."Defend Evil with what is better,then there will be between whom there was hatred become as if they were close friends.None can attain it except the Patient,none can attain it except the most fortunate."(Quran)Misguidance is more dangerous than the more killings over this.What Obama said is something we all have to bear in mind,It is not a fight against Islam,it is a fight against Injustice,a fight for Peace......

Posted by United We Stand May 3, 11 09:54 AM

Lets celebrate death! Hurray for the killers!

Posted by Jeff May 3, 11 09:57 AM

I don't believe this untill i've seen moving images of the moment they took him from that house in Pakistan. I don't believe photoshopped pictures while the US government has said that displaying the pictures of the killed Osama is too horrible to show the world. When they arrested Sadam it was showed in all the newsbulletins. When he was hanged there was footage of it. Also pictures of his sons who had been killed in a firefight. And not now? At this moment when the world most wanted terrorist has been killed?? Another thing that i don't understand is that they threw him in the sea and didn't burry his body close to the compound where he would have stayed... I simply can not believe this story. I guess Obama needed a little succes these days. And when he can't earn it, he creates it himself.

Posted by Mackan68 May 3, 11 10:06 AM

remember CIA and Obama relations.
remember 9-11 event with twin towers, and their destruction character. it is not from aircraft impact, it is from artificial demolition.
it all says, that us govm't is involved in all horror from terrorists.
Obama was necessary to them.
I'm surprised, that he is dead. by the way, it is not evident.
news say, that DNA tissue test result is 99,9% equal to sample. WHICH SAMPLE?
many mammals have 99,9% identical DNA code.

Posted by Pablo May 3, 11 10:07 AM

we are our own worst enemies

Posted by android May 3, 11 10:15 AM

I hope they will show us the pictures of bin laden. 99% I believed 1% he still alive.

Posted by xtremus May 3, 11 10:19 AM

Osama Bin Laden could have been one of histories greatest men. With his family's multi-billion dollar empire, he could have channeled all that money and effort by helping the less fortunate, establishing scholarships and even fostering dialogue between Muslims and Christians. Instead he decides to spend tons of money to kill innocent people, cause massive social upheaval and financial distress.

I hope he's happy in hell along with 70 virgin demons.

Posted by RIP....Not! May 3, 11 10:20 AM

We Afghan People are happy that Osam killed by America forces we need more coopreation of America on Afghanistan once again we are happy that America end the life of Alqaida

Posted by nikmal May 3, 11 10:29 AM

There is no enough dead evidence of Osama Bin Laden given by the US to make people to believe it

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 10:36 AM

No picture, No party. Exactly!
Is anyone asking the question, WHY WAS HE BURIED AT SEA? Where the body cannot be recovered.

Is this Obama on Osama?

Posted by Slim Shady May 3, 11 10:39 AM

Oh Dad, Oh Dad, Navy SEALS put two holes in your head and I'm feelin' so ...dead?

Posted by mustafa May 3, 11 10:39 AM

Google "bin laden dead", take a look at images. Leak or fake? You be the judge

Posted by mclseek May 3, 11 10:44 AM

#15: Cant agree more with Sam Friedman!

The murder of a human being shouldnt be celebrated and this war is far from over.

Posted by CR May 3, 11 10:45 AM

i think bin laden death was too easy and simple how ever in my mind i think even if he's really gone i think there's someone out there that who really believe bin laden is their god and really believe in him so stop and think for a min do u think a man like that do not have a plan or already planed somthing in case he died come on be real am in antigua and am scared for everyone the US

Posted by mis antigua May 3, 11 10:49 AM

Does the American government think all the world is stupid ? I find it really hard to believe that such victory was achieved without taking any photos or videos for it, they even got rid of the body !

Posted by haz May 3, 11 10:51 AM

LOLZ you people are si naive. They say something and you don't beleive it? They don't even have a picture or video as a proof and got ''rid'' of his body. Seriously wake up people, I can't believe how easy it is to make weak minds beleiving what they want.

Posted by etienne May 3, 11 10:54 AM

god bless America! all the best.

Posted by gokull May 3, 11 11:02 AM

I want to see his dead body now

Posted by Robert May 3, 11 11:03 AM

Somehow I believe it is human nature from the centuries to kill each other whenever there is clash of different point of views or urge to dominate the surrounding by force or violence.

Process of creating peace in the so called "CIVILIZATION" was and is very long and very few "human being" have found the correct path do the same, countless have lost their lives. As long as the division of human being is there in the name of race, religion, caste, financial fitness level, there will be jealousy and hate-rate between two or more groups and we keep pulling and killing each other like crabs.

"The ONE" may not mercy us anymore!!!

Have a good luck with your death and life!!!

I wish all souls may rest in peace!

Posted by Manu May 3, 11 11:13 AM

celebrating OBL makes him a Martyr and more of his followers would be dedicated to living his legacy. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, killing should be condemned by human for one good reason "THAT WE CAN'T CREATE AN ANT" but we build weapons to destroy and kill life upon lives in the name of justice.

Posted by Osama Lad May 3, 11 11:15 AM


Posted by w May 3, 11 11:22 AM

Somehow, it's still just not enough....

Posted by Wendy May 3, 11 11:23 AM

Hey All Americans.....

Did you add up the numbers on date of O'sama's death????
May = 5
The date 2nd = 2 and 2011
5 + 2 +2 = 9 then 11 It is also 911.........

Posted by Peeha May 3, 11 11:26 AM

This shows that the United States are the same terrorists that they pursue.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 11:28 AM

Why is everyone so upset about Americans celebrating? Perhaps for many of them, bin laden was responsible for the death of their family members or friends. If that was me and the murderer was finally brought to justice I'd dance on his grave and burn pictures of him. Let them have their party.

Nobody's kidding themselves that the cause dies along with him, but bin laden was so charismatic and symbolic for Al qaeda that there's a chance this may result in less terroist activity. If not then at least it's nice to see lots of people happy for a change

And the hasty burial at sea was to honour Islamic tradition, if bin laden was still alive he would have made a video of himself by now to prove he's not dead.

Posted by Josh May 3, 11 11:31 AM

He is not dead. I need more proof, maybe a video of him being shot. USA have taken too long to take down the Laden down, and should it be this easy? Him being hidden in a house near a military area, doesn't make sense too me.

Posted by Dr. Rock May 3, 11 11:32 AM

i only hope it is true because iwant to beleive that you eat by the gun in order to die by the gun what is writen will always come to pass

Posted by francis ndarau May 3, 11 11:38 AM

@ Yokohama.

What righteousness you ask? None. Only vengence. And payback. Which is what we do when we our country and our people are attacked. We don't sit and protest. We don't just pass resolutions and make Tweets. We do something about it. It may have taken a long time, I'd like to see you do better.

The most wanted man in the world is no longer wanted, because he is now fish food.

Posted by Bobby Dukes May 3, 11 11:39 AM

Insanity can affllict very wealthy and very poor individuals, religions and the vast number of different categories available here on prison earth. Do recognize that the appropriate memorial for Usama is the naming of a newly found species of wild pig on Komodo Island as true justice.

Posted by SamtheSham May 3, 11 11:42 AM

God Bless the USA.

Posted by EDDIE May 3, 11 11:45 AM

finally he is dead that evil person was in charge of the airplanes

Posted by Damante Thibodeaux May 3, 11 11:51 AM

American Patriot: Please note to all who are sad that OBL was killed.This is not about killing an innocent man.He was responsible for killing innosent people on 9/11 in New York city and else where.He was a criminal that was tring to escape his crimes, also on a quest to kill all Americans. He was a leader of an extreme islamaic cault.He was an icon for all that hate America. America has done nothing to hurt the free peoples of the world.We the people of the United States of America have always tried to be a friend and allie to those in need of help from the tyrants of the world.Yes we want peace for all man kind and to live in harmony with our brothers and sisters of the world.When you see people of the free world rejoicing over the death of this man ,it is not because we are happy that OBL is dead, it is because the U.S.A. has helped rid the world of another tyrant to make this a safer place for for all of us to live as a free and peaceful people.

Posted by Bruce May 3, 11 11:55 AM

‎"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Posted by Eire-p May 3, 11 12:05 PM

How dumb do you have to be to believe all of this?

The REAL terrorist is oBama/US government, not oSama...

I for one hope Osama is alive and well, if not, he died years ago. And no I'm not a radical muslim, I'm an atheist living in London.

How convenient is it that this news is released just after this whole birth certificate fiasco, and even more importantly with the presidential elections round the corner.

As long as this american government exists justice will never prevail.

The "retaliation" by "Al Qaeda" should be interesting. I predict many more "acts of terrorism" in the USA and Europe within the next year, which in turn will probably lead to the Americans invading more countries, waging more wars, and the government MAKING UP new enemies. Is this really something to celebrate?

This whole story reads like a book...


Posted by Joe Blog May 3, 11 12:06 PM

hmm.. 1 million dead civilians in iraq, unable to celebrate..
rising civilian deaths in afghanistan, unable to celebrate..

tasteless celebrations.. reflection and respect would suit better.

and some expansion of thought on where this leaves the middle east conflict..
because what is certain is that no-one has won..

Posted by db May 3, 11 12:21 PM

May his passing cleanse the world...

Posted by Megan May 3, 11 12:29 PM

what to believe? either way this is a massive psychological victory for the U.S. even if it has little effect in real terms.

Posted by Prez May 3, 11 12:34 PM

I never celebrate the dead, but this is one death I will celebrate as long as I live. God Bless America

Posted by Carmen May 3, 11 12:37 PM

the people is stiupid and more yankies!! after look these pictures i can said that the americans don't think!!

Posted by Manolo May 3, 11 12:38 PM

ladin and kaide was a fiction. his death is fiction. Noone believes except us fools

Posted by serhan May 3, 11 12:57 PM

Now think bout it dis way....if it waz Obama in Osama's place, dnt u think our troops is gona go attack back for our president??????? hmmmm wonder if there troops gona attack us back????????? dnt get scared now.....n remember dis, there WHOLE country has guns even nine year olds!!!!!!!! I mean no disrespect to our troops n president but i dnt think its over yet, i just think its gona get worst.......oh yea n its just my opinion CONGRATS TO THE US TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 12:58 PM

Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror

Posted by zahid mahmood May 3, 11 12:58 PM


Posted by a dude May 3, 11 01:08 PM

The Japanese picture (second from the bottom) must be fake. I'm a Japanese but I've never seen anything like it.

Posted by Yukio May 3, 11 01:13 PM

Some people say that September 11 is an American conspiracy. Now they say that Osama is not dead. I also want to say that pigs have wings and that the earth is flat.

Posted by gza May 3, 11 01:13 PM

Poor and believer american people. Your government lies to you. This is a fake news. Whereis the body ? No body photos. Buried to the sea ? There is no body, there is no murder.

Posted by Arrow May 3, 11 01:14 PM

if he is dead ... why not show us his dead corps? and why bury him at sea ? this is just another american conspiricy to add to many others ... im starting to think tht the american goverment strive on ther conspiricys or they are just trying to cover somthing else up by giving the people sumthing to take ther minds of the real situation ...... just like vietnam being a cover up for the jfk asassination !!! u no who u are !

Posted by woulnt you like to no !! May 3, 11 01:28 PM

I think its full lie!

Posted by al May 3, 11 01:28 PM

I thought this would become another Vietnam by us pulling out, but now we have to finish the job that started in September 11th, 2001

Posted by Joshua May 3, 11 01:35 PM

First USA sponsors bin Laden against the USSR in the 80s and create the chaos that the world has been watching and now celebrate his death, funny!

Posted by Leandro Cortiano Elias May 3, 11 01:35 PM

I am a brasilian born,but with an american heart.Finnaly Obama is dead,but the terrorism need participation of every on us to vanish from the earth surface.People will only have peace in the world, the day we put the last terrorist in a deep hole.The hunt must to go on....

Posted by Flavio Frossard May 3, 11 01:44 PM

I really want to see his body to certify that it really dies because it's really a smart guy it could change face already during the killing.that's right Obama supposed to be very careful about this guy.but if he died.that's gon a great victory for the world because he made all america ssuffering but if he isn't dead will give a lot of new problem.thanks

Posted by Saint Bien Jean Fritz May 3, 11 01:45 PM

I will beleive it when i se the body. Picture of the body will be conformation and until then i dont beleive he is dead. Give us more information so that we see it and where not going by someone word. So president Obama release the photes.

Posted by maggie May 3, 11 01:58 PM

May God have mercy on the soul of Osama Bin Laden and on the souls of all the others who have lost their way.

Posted by Chuy May 3, 11 02:01 PM

We got Saddam, we got KSM, we got Zarkawi in Iraq and now we've gotten OBL. Lesson to the terrorists: Don't mess THE superpower or we will ultimately find you, drag you out of your hole and kill you...or just drop a Tomahawk on your head.

The sane segment of America's people pity and revile those among us who can't seem to distinguish between murdering the innocent (OBL) and killing a murderer (USA).


Posted by Chuck Brookhouse May 3, 11 02:03 PM

after reading all the semistar big star ordinary specialization folks all types of thousand of valuable/ useless/ non-valuable / good /significant all types of comments I want to say as a tiny part of this ancient world .......

Don’t take offense people but think about it. Buried at sea ? What USA government is trying to pull off this time. Show me/us The body of Laden (he is almost is a notorious person) as a common people wants to see his dead body as an evidence for their self satisfaction .

have some DNA test taken to back up all of this . Sorry, but I've been on the receiving end of the just too long. Prove it !!!! Or are you asking me to believe what your government says. ???? And Blindly follow /believe it Like the missing Black Box World Trade Center area .... 51 and the magic bullet of JFK ? .............
my quarry / curiosity is obnoxious inquisitive ! if it is then plz forgive me .

Posted by adaap May 3, 11 02:05 PM

People happy because somebody is dead. This guy have kill, so we do the same to him and we celebrate it! Dead for dead, what is that; human?

Posted by Axel May 3, 11 02:06 PM

Beatification du pape pour les chretiens et canonisation de Ben Laden pour les musulmans . Dieu reconnaitra les siens , mais ce ne sont pas aux hystériques américains de se comporter en cow-boys !Mais helas qu'attendre d'une population décadente ?

Posted by batdaf May 3, 11 02:14 PM

what now...

Posted by gea May 3, 11 02:40 PM

I seriously think people chant and dance of relief but in reality this will make more problems there are more people just as dangerous as osama and lets hope everything will be ok and pray to god to help us!!

Posted by jess May 3, 11 02:47 PM

Same anti-American worms crying here over Osama would have cried over Hitler or Stalin or Mao's passing. In fact, a few are probably old enough to have done just that.

Hallelujah and let's cue up the next terrorist for removal.

Posted by Jeff DanLeoni May 3, 11 03:20 PM

. لله اللّه اللّٰه ﺍﷲ

Posted by timo May 3, 11 03:25 PM

in the photos of scenes in india, the signs/ sand art are in english. what's up with that?

Posted by michelle May 3, 11 03:29 PM

To me, rejoycing for Ben Laden death is like buying a pig in a poke. I'm not pretty certain whether he's killed or not.

Posted by Guyto Saint Fleur May 3, 11 03:33 PM

Great timing on the killing. Just before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Well, some people say this is definately not a conspiracy. Whatever it is, it is definately not as simple and straight-cut as the media - and pic 27 "THE END" - makes it out to be.

Posted by Ricardo Clarke May 3, 11 03:34 PM


Posted by cece May 3, 11 03:39 PM

Found these words in the timeless wisdom Martin Luther King, it is exactly how I feel about the whole situation - "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one... Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of star... Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

Posted by Aisling Ireland May 3, 11 03:48 PM

The government is corrupted, anyone with half a brain knows hes dead. Congress controlls miitary and usa and 9/11 was by usa coincidence that you find two iraqi passports in the ashes of 9/11 and the towers fell straight down impossible the plane would make it fall sideways scientists prove it. Also weird that the pentagon at the hour when the plane crashed was empty congressmen left for lunch yea rite. The moon thing was fake if you look closely at the video when we landed on the moon the usa flag moved hello no air in space duh no wind cant make flag move scientists has proved it we are all living a lie usa is the worst government ssystem in the world but its the best one we got. we are all living a lie but until someone stands up to congress than we all ignore it and keep going on with our luxuries. RIP 9/11 victims

Posted by Isabella Tyler May 3, 11 03:49 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by helenallwright May 3, 11 03:51 PM

We have to say that he was,nt a brave men at all,he used his wife as a shield before his dead,That is the real face of terrorism.Im happy today because he is in hell

Posted by Leo Martin May 3, 11 03:54 PM

Justice wins...

Posted by BDY May 3, 11 03:55 PM

It's about time!! Good ridens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by syl May 3, 11 03:58 PM

for 1 , i hope he is dead BUT if you people think this is the end?? wake up and smell what your goverment tells you!! PROVE US WRONG AND SHOW THE BODY!!

Posted by robo uk May 3, 11 04:00 PM

God, the morons on this site. We didn't create Islamic jihad in the Middle East by defending ourselves after 9-11; Islamic jihad has existed for centuries against the West. When the Left's anti-American knee-jerk reaction to everything becomes a blanket support for terrorism against our country, then the Marxist mask has slipped again.

God Bless America and our military and Don't Dream of Treading on Us.

Posted by Jason Wright May 3, 11 04:12 PM

ha muerto pero eso no les devolvera la vida à los que el hizo matar. Mil muertes no hubieran sido bastantes para ese ser monstruoso

Posted by Maria Luisa Ubierna May 3, 11 04:33 PM

im soooooo happy osama is dead now we will have scratch dat we might have a war...but then we'll be at peace

Posted by malik May 3, 11 04:38 PM

im soooooo happy osama is dead now we will have scratch dat we might have a war...but then we'll be at peace

Posted by malik bush May 3, 11 04:42 PM

It is unbelievable that Osama was killed by U.S army troops as there were no pictures of the body and there was no atopsy done and proven to the public. Why was the body disposed off in water so quickly?

Posted by irene May 3, 11 04:42 PM

How many people died 9/11 ?
How many people died in Afghanistan / Iraq?

Posted by nick May 3, 11 04:42 PM

It is unbelievable that Osama was killed by U.S army troops as there were no pictures of the body and there was no atopsy done and proven to the public. Why was the body disposed off in water so quickly? But if Osama is realy dead it's time to rejoice. It's peace to mankind.

Posted by irene May 3, 11 04:43 PM

And now......... another HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!

Posted by Jose Luis May 3, 11 04:44 PM

You Americans! Get some perspective. How many people were killed in the war on terrorism compared to the few that died in the 9/11 attacks. It was a terrible thing yes, but you're country is the master of far worse. Your self pity is small minded.

Posted by Maia Puturu May 3, 11 04:46 PM

Wher is the BODY !!!!!!!!???????

Posted by Villi May 3, 11 04:47 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


"The Chinese are coming, US's days are numbered..." - me.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 05:07 PM

Why do I always cry when I view The Big Picture

Posted by minute May 3, 11 05:25 PM

Rache bleibt nicht lange ungerächt.

Posted by gerd May 3, 11 05:38 PM

I am glad He is Dead ,
Thank you to all of our Service Men Job well Done

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 05:58 PM

No reason for pride here, USA!!

I find it disgusting that so called civilized people in the US celebrate the murder of an unarmed human being on the streets... This has nothing to do with human rights. No matter how bad this person was! Everyone deserves a trial since to decide on life or death is up to no God and no one else! This will create more and more terror and the so called war on terror can remain productive for the industry. Sad chapter of history... again!

Posted by sitzsack May 3, 11 06:05 PM

did u notice that when weaky leaks got some proof that the goverment did it a couble weeks later he is dead! and how mand the any times did they think they killed him! and did u see the fake picture!!!!!!google it!

Posted by looker May 3, 11 06:11 PM

i dont thnk they kill him is fram work
osama is alive

Posted by tood May 3, 11 06:20 PM

To all you American haters - have your countries quit taking our financial, medical, economic and humanitarian aid. Build up your own national defense and do not call on us to bail you out when you are being threatened or overrun by another country or terrorist group. Stop immigrating to our country just because your country is in complete disarray or is unlivable due to poverty or an oppressive government. Stay home and straighten out the mess you and your ancestors created over the last 5,000 years.
God bless America and God bless everyone in our military!

Posted by chris smith May 3, 11 06:22 PM

Justice delayed is justice denied

Posted by O'Lee May 3, 11 06:29 PM

A morte de Osama B. Laden é tão certa quanto à chegada do homem à lua! Me angana que eu gosto!

Posted by M.Tigre May 3, 11 06:30 PM

En un país extranjero, hombres cobardes armados hasta los dientes allanan la casa de un hombre enfermo y lo acribillan a tiros en su alcoba... Aunque la víctima sea un criminal, tomarse la venganza de esa forma convierte en terrorismo de estado la acción de sus asesinos. El mundo civilizado es otra cosa: respeta el derecho y lleva a los culpables ante tribunales independientes. Lo hecho por ustedes es jurídicamente barbarie.

Posted by Leopoldo Maimónides May 3, 11 06:31 PM

Does anyone ever use "spellcheck"?

Posted by Bulldog May 3, 11 06:33 PM

May this help the families of those whose lives were taken, find peace. May the healing begin.

Posted by Glenn in Vancouver, wa May 3, 11 07:12 PM

Ignorants,now more terrorism will occur soon only god gives and takes lives.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 07:26 PM

i dont believe it till i see a picture of that dead guy

Posted by jubal santos May 3, 11 07:32 PM

Celebrating the death of a human being. Bizarre. What if someone had sent Special Forces into Washington and killed one of Bush's crew?

Posted by Puzzled May 3, 11 07:39 PM

osama bin laden has many clons terrorism is not over.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 07:42 PM


Posted by lissa May 3, 11 08:10 PM

Bin ladin and Hitler killed or killed self the same day May 2 hmm go figure.. One coward to another.. We need to feel joy over this. Maybe you all will think, did you know anyone in them towers. its closure to the family's.. WAKE UP !

Posted by because i said May 3, 11 08:31 PM

I don't think he's dead, and if even if he is don't you think his followers will attempt an attack any where at almost anytime, and won't it be worse to be fighting a bit more? Especially with the media, have they really given us enough proof?? A lot of people talk, who's to say they aren't just some sick rumors?

Posted by TVC May 3, 11 08:37 PM

I am sorry, but I smell a rat. Nothing in this whole scenario makes sense. We cannot trust our gov't at all, especially this particular leader who berates the military one day for roughing up islamic terrorist and claims the next to have given the order to take out the leader of the most violent terrorist in recent times. The fact that he produced a false birth certificate last week and is now setting his sites on a 2nd term may give one reason to give it another thought. There is no consistency in this odd person posing as our leader. Why would a person who's sympathies are obviously muslim make this claim and why are there too many unanswered questions? Where is the proof? We have been fed a diet of lies for too long and I am sick of it. We the People, deserve to see the true destruction of the person who orchestrated the murder of innocent men, women and children. We should demand it. People, wake up and smell the coffee--we are being lied to....again!

Posted by Judy Barnes May 3, 11 08:40 PM

i dont beleave that he need to be dead that is sad that kill some many peape hahaha

Posted by amanda May 3, 11 08:46 PM

I can't believe the number of idiot conspiracy theorist in this blog site.
We're not talking about aliens, we're talking about a mass murderer who is responsible for tens of thousands of death and the US government will release pictures in due time. I suspect they are weighing which pictures to release so as not to incite extremist radicals to go on a massive killing spree of innocent people.
Of course that doesn't matter to all those keyboard pundits as long as they see proof of death. We are talking about extremist whose view of the world borders on the insane. I guarantee there will be innocent death caused by Bin Laden's death and the release of his death pictures/videos.
I'm uncomfortable watching people celebrate the death of a man but I understand the reason for such celebration and certainly will not criticize such behavior.
This is only the beginning, there are a lot of extremist radicals to be remove and I prefer for them to die in operation like this so as not to drag on for years trying to convict them while libertads try to set them free.
Throughout history, there are instances where people could have remove maniacal despots and failed and as a result, millions died and millions more suffered.

People should be more concerned how Osama Bin Laden manage to live in Pakistan without getting caught by ISI. For 6 years or more, he orchestrated the death of thousands, while living in an "affluent" neighborhood under the noses of the Pakistani government. I understand if he lived in a cave in Pakistan but the man lived just miles from a military academy, in a compound built like a fortress. Any helicopter flying over such a compound would question who would live in such a place unless they knew and look they other way.

Posted by J. Mullins May 3, 11 09:01 PM


Posted by MICHAEL May 3, 11 09:01 PM

I care about the tragedy of every human life loss...And being said that, I really sorry for the Americans that lost someone in the past 09/11 event.
What I can't believe is...The US Government.
I can't buy the lie that they killed Osama...And they buried the body into the sea...Yeah right.
Ok, Osama was the "bad guy"...But the way that it comes all of this...Makes me sick. I don't believe in the US Government.
Stop believing yourselves as the "World Police", United States!...'Cause you're not (This is for the comment # 190)...I respect your loss...But I agree with so many people: this isn't over, and there's nothing to celebrate.

Posted by Rafael May 3, 11 09:03 PM

No hay que creer toda la basura que nos quieren hacer creer los medios y EEUU.

Posted by tte coronel chagar May 3, 11 09:19 PM

I still don't believe Osama is killed easily.
I think they have bigger picture behind.
I'm going to check on wikileaks

Posted by Ryan May 3, 11 09:20 PM

Publish the pictures. "They are so terrible to watch...." a White House spokesman said yesterday. I'm sure people wanna see this terrorists last horrified looks, why should this dead man's last approach be any worse than any other scumbag killed? The hanged war criminals after WW2 trials were published, what's the difference?

As long as they hide the pic's, I will be in doubt of the scenario published is true and genuine.

Posted by Adar Komdenja May 3, 11 09:41 PM


Posted by wwwizard May 3, 11 09:51 PM

God ! Bless America , now it's going to be hell to pay for this murder. We as American have allowed these people on every corner operating businesses that we partronize. But, I'm sure some of them are relieved too.

Posted by ledge May 3, 11 09:53 PM

Killing Bin Laden is not going to stop terrorism, Im not saying that he did not get what he diserved, but did we just screw ourselves. Also we are getting close to elections, and Obama will probobly say Look What I Have Done, Bin Laden Died Under my term, so we will have to deal with him another four years. I think that the government set this up so Obama will get re-elected.

Posted by Jake May 3, 11 09:58 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Ashley C May 3, 11 09:59 PM

May God bless American and keep her safe:) Bin Ladin was an evil man , but i dont gloat on the facts hes in hell , its two bad he choose a dumb life

Posted by Christian May 3, 11 10:08 PM

To all the people who say they will not celebrate the death of a person, we are not celebrating the death we are celebrating the justice brought for all those people who have died because of this man and all the peoples families who had to suffer through pain

Posted by TylerAnthonyMcGrew May 3, 11 10:24 PM

to bad 9/11 was bush's doings.

Posted by bill May 3, 11 10:25 PM

Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, declares the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live? - Ezekiel 18:23

Posted by ZW May 3, 11 10:30 PM

Finally they killed that nasty rat..........

Posted by criz May 3, 11 10:35 PM

Obama killed Osama.
The real Hero Laughs last and Best.
Thank you Lord for the Victory.

Posted by Anonymous May 3, 11 10:53 PM

So people are dancing in the streets over Osama's many people were disgusted with the fact that they were dancing in the streets over bringing the towers down and killing so many? does this make you celebrators feel to know you aren't any different than them?

Posted by Sherry Ann May 3, 11 11:05 PM

Obama kills Osama? This Muslim on Muslim violence must stop!

Posted by Jeffrey May 3, 11 11:17 PM

I didn't feel any happiness in the event

Posted by Arnold May 3, 11 11:24 PM

Hes dead. he didnt die years ago he died 2 days ago. believe it the body and the shooting videos will be up on the internet next week.

Posted by monkey May 3, 11 11:46 PM

i wonder if he repented to god and did god forgive him?

Posted by nickybgud May 3, 11 11:49 PM


Posted by Ofelia Valenzuela Hutchinson May 3, 11 11:55 PM

A icon

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 12:00 AM

THE GOVERMENT IS FULL OF IT.!! I really don't believe He is dead! Why? Throw him into the sea..Why? no pictures this doesn't make any since!!!!

Posted by Mabelina May 4, 11 12:04 AM

They have yet to show a pic of his body! I don't buy the story that the GOVERNMENT is feeding us. First they said his body was in the US, then they said his body was dumped in the water, his official death day was changed from May 1st to May 2nd. . .what dead person has their date of death changed? *RED FLAG* I am not buying none of this. They have yet to release a photo of him laying on the ground at least but nothing. . .

As for people celebrating. . . There is nothing to be celebrating about. When one falls another one rises. It is only going to get worse. People better start praying instead of praising. .

Posted by Jess May 4, 11 12:10 AM

ok all the people not from america are mad that our efforts have paid off. And for the people who are saying the pakistani government will retaliate your wrong. Al Queida is not their gov it is a terrorist network. And the US will keep getting them til their is noone left.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 12:11 AM

To all you people who are saying what if they killed our president. How is that relevant? Does the president decide to just kill innocent people for the heck of it? NO. So why bring him in to it? Its not as if Osama was even the leader of a country. He was the leader of a terrorist network his whole country was scared of. And besides that most of the people in the middle east especially pakistan are relieved by the news of this because they were not his followers but they were scared of him.

Posted by gray May 4, 11 12:20 AM

"So people are dancing in the streets over Osama's many people were disgusted with the fact that they were dancing in the streets over bringing the towers down and killing so many? does this make you celebrators feel to know you aren't any different than them?"
Posted by Sherry Ann

Really? You don't see the difference?

The world needed this. Now it is known again that if you step over the line, we will flatten you.

Islam should be celebrating most of all, the face of the perversion of your religion is gone

Posted by M May 4, 11 12:22 AM

Thank you! its about time! Thank you US Navy Seals!!

Posted by Jhon May 4, 11 12:24 AM

This maybe be hard news to some of you out there but, life isn't always about peace and love. It can all be fine, but when someone such as OBL conducts such a major disaster and destruction of innocent human life, something has to be done. Yes, many more Americans died in the war on terrorism, however; how can you not fight back? Not fighting back means that it was acceptable or okay, to do such a thing. If some random guys comes along and punches you in the face, you're not gonna fight back? Even if you do get a whopping you're letting that person know it's not acceptable for him to punch you. Is it wrong for someone to be happy that their sons murderer was found guilty and sent to death? So he doesn't harm anyone again. It's the same win Bin Laden, honestly, what do you
think would've happened if he was put court?! Of course he would've been
sentenced to death! I too have not seen pictures yet. But really is that what you like to see, a dead body? Who knows if they government is lying, if you're American, I think you should believe in your government. They may be messed up financially but have faith. If you don't believe in your country, what are you even doing here?! By the way, Osama and other Alqaeda terrorists cause mortality and destruction in many other countries besides the U.S. Even if you're not American, he very well could've affected you or your community. His death brings justice to thousands and thousands of people world-wide. To sum up, is it wrong to be happy that the man who killed a little girl or boy's father or mother is finally no longer harming anyone else? I think not.
Ps: 9/11 was not Bush's fault. You think the terrorist cared who the president was? No! They just wanted to harm people.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 12:27 AM


Posted by ALVIN MAN May 4, 11 12:36 AM

we lost more than 3000 people on 9/11... but we learned a lesson of fear and tolerance i hope that in the future we can prevent more disaster. we lost a lot of morale that day but we gained wisdom.

Posted by kiel eklof May 4, 11 12:39 AM


Posted by ellie May 4, 11 12:41 AM

Bin Laden Unarmed?!?! Read the passenger manifests from the 9/11 flights. Those children were unarmed too. Toss THAT logic!!!! >:-() As usual, thank you Big Picture for this GLOBAL perspective. You represented the manifestations of a violent philosophy and how far it has reached...Africa, Yemen, the U.S.A., Bali, Afghanistan, (not pictured) the Phillippines, Iraq, Great Britain, Russia, Morroco, Egypt, Uganda...The world has suffered from what this man and his followers have fomented, justifying the death of innocents in the name of a cause. Is using civilians as a weapon anything BUT terrorism? ALL of this violence makes me sick.

Posted by franknbeans May 4, 11 01:32 AM


Posted by Trevor May 4, 11 01:49 AM

Early was Indian Ocean, now is Obama Ocean (?)...

Posted by michael May 4, 11 02:25 AM

The hunt for Osama started 10 years ago, tailing his go-betweens.
Obama got this opportunity on a silver platter.

Posted by mike reed May 4, 11 02:34 AM

we must show his body to give a lesson for all those criminels who kills men whomen and childrens in the name of >!!!!!!!

Posted by georges May 4, 11 03:32 AM

"This doesn't make any 'since'",... really?... The photos and videos will come eventually. The important information is that he is (finally) dead. Let us rejoice in that fact for a moment. Then let's focus on who's next.

Posted by Wendell W. May 4, 11 03:44 AM


Posted by JAMSHED May 4, 11 04:10 AM

Osama is dead? I don't believe it. There is no photo of the body :) I think this is Obama's PR job :)

Posted by Gabriella May 4, 11 04:23 AM

Wheather or not to believe it all is still up in the air. I want to see proof, I live right near where flight 93 was taken down and the whole ordeal in itself is sad. I won't celebrate his death, he was still a human being even though I don't believe in what he did or have any respect for him I think instead of celebration we should allow those who loved him mourn for him, as we do for our dead, and we as americans need to thnk about and prepare for whatever is to come now that 'Osama has been killed', he still has followers and right now that's whtwe need to think about... If the man isdead, like I said I want to see actual proof. Oh and for everyone saying 'why a burial at sea?' to an extent I aree with you but if you look at it logically, now there cannot be a shrine made at a burial site, although I do believe that one will be made somewhere anyway but atleast it will not be near him..... that I am happy about. And anyone can say he didn' go this and he didn't do that, fact of the matter is he was stilla terrorist and killed many people... his God will do what sees fit (I think cerain Muslim religous 'stories' are ridiculous but it's just my opinion) and my God will send him straight to hell...

Posted by Proud American Mother May 4, 11 04:30 AM


Posted by Ali Karabulut May 4, 11 04:30 AM

Nothing about this situation makes a lick of sense. The chances that it was actually Bin Laden that was killed are slim to none. He has managed to evade capture for a decade. In all probability, this is a ruse designed to feign his death, allowing Bin Laden to escape. He's probably sipping margaritas in Miami Beach right now.

On the off chance that Bin Laden actually perished, the next Al Queda leader will undoubtedly be bloodthirsty and in all probability, return fire upon the U.S.A.

Great job government, you've only just invited every Al Queda friendly nation and "terrorist organization" to attack the U.S.A. It'll be you against the word. Thanks for destroying any future this planet may have had. It's fecking aces.

@ 263 Posted by EDDIE: "Don't MASS with the USA" doesn't make a bit of sense. Try "Don't MESS with the USA". Hopefully you aren't so incredibly dense that you are able to see the difference between the two. You imbecile, proofread your comments before you post them.

@ 330 Posted by MICHAEL: While I don't agree that celebrating the death of someone is cruel, you should understand that people are truly celebrating the perceived end to Al Queda terrorist threat. In all likelihood, whomever next comes to power will be more extreme and thus, a greater threat to the U.S.A.

@ 339 Posted by CHRISTIAN: God doesn't exist and if by some chance he did or does, he would be nothing more than another dead-bead dad and has abandoned us.
Bin Laden made the best of the hand he was dealt. Haven't you seen the footage that comes in from the middle east? Mere children armed with guns when they should be in school or playing with their toys. It's all about perspective. Had you grown up in such conditions, you would have made the same decisions which he did.

Posted by 666 May 4, 11 04:41 AM

I use to sit and WONDER HOW THE WORLD EVER GOT INTO SUCH A MESS, Yet after reading a few of the posts on here , I can easily see how "To post #301 the towers fell 45 minutes after the jets hit . You obviously live in a cave with no TV or cable to think they would be swaying . Either that or you have no idea of how a high is constructed , second to post #267 take off the blinders & learn the saying "Don't tread on me" Funny thing is we were not invading any country on a large scale until after 9/11 If you pull on a sleeping dogs tail ...your gonna get bit!!

Posted by Richard McCall May 4, 11 05:10 AM




Posted by Carwell May 4, 11 05:40 AM

A civilized country shouldn't celebrate one's death

Posted by Yann May 4, 11 06:01 AM

thankzzzzzzzzz usa

Posted by farhan cheema May 4, 11 06:06 AM

Junior Osama is staying in Myanmar, kill him quickly, please help us Mr. Obama.

Posted by thgyee May 4, 11 06:21 AM

Obama killed Osama.
The real Hero Laughs last and Best.
Thank you Lord for the Victory.

Posted by JAMES May 4, 11 06:58 AM

Osama is alive, he will come back for all those who went against him!!!!!!!

Posted by Mohammed Allah May 4, 11 07:03 AM

I don't believe that Bin Laden is dead..... There 's something fishy in that whole made story..... he was killed, performing DNA test and then buried in the sea in less than 24 hrs??? We are not that stupid to believe these nonsense!!! We want evidence, not just words!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 07:05 AM

bad is bad always as an Afghans youth Iam very much happy about the killed of Osama Bin Lodan when I heard the NEWS I accept that America struggle against Alqaida and terrorism .
now the world is bright and Afghanistan will develop soon
best regard!
Muhammad Shoaib Andarabi

Posted by Muhammad Shoaib Andarabi May 4, 11 07:07 AM

lukdit mu, gungunam!!

Posted by by ld boys May 4, 11 07:46 AM

I agree with 277. The Japan pic is very, very weird. It is very unnatural that Tokyo people smile reading papers when some terrorist is assaulted. Japanese people haven't shared the 'fear of terrorism' so far. It should be almost impossible to capture those smiling people acting like they are glad to have him dead. Doubt.

Posted by yus May 4, 11 08:23 AM

We thank God that Ben Laden has been killed but we need to remain more virgilant and continue to secure everywhere and watch for every unusual suspicious or abnormal movement that we may see to report it. All of us americansor not, once you live in America you have to contribuate.

Marie in Dedham MA

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 09:55 AM

@ yus (377)
I think people (especially the couple in right, and the schoolgirl in center) were smiling not for Osama's death, but rather by some relaxing mood amid the week-long holidays, and just expectantly seeing what is on the extra-paper. All of the others on the photo are not smiling in any way.

I agree, however, the photo was somewhat misrepresented as a "proof of positive reaction to the killing of Osama".

Posted by Yokohama W*nker May 4, 11 09:55 AM

People that think it is wrong to "celebrate" the death of Osama do not know God. The bible says to celebrate a death and mourn a birth. In this case the celebration is not because he will be in eternity with God but will be judged for his deeds and sentenced to eternal hell for them. With that, the folks that think he deserved a fair trial can rest assured he will receive one....from the highest authority and at no expense of the American tax payers.....he deserved nothing more than what he got. Not from us. We (Americans) already pay too much to keep bad, useless people alive. The bible also says and eye for an eye...I believe they "stoned" people to death who broke the law....They crucified Jesus.....figure it out!!! Rejoice!! Justice has been done!!!

Posted by Cathy May 4, 11 10:01 AM

he is finally dead:) God Bless Amercia!!!!!!!!!

Posted by erika May 4, 11 10:05 AM

1) Whether Bin Laden is really dead is irrelevant. Chances are more will come to take his place and the war will go on.

2) It's truly sickening that people are actually celebrating for Bin Laden's execution. Even if they lost family or friends on 9/11, they'd rather contemplate in silence after justice (?) is served. I can't bear the idea of people dancing on the streets because a bad guy was killed. They are so naive if they think their problems will go away now. Nothing will change.

3) US will soon go bankrupt and Obama needed something to boost his re-election chances (much like Bush Jr. was re-elected only because he blamed Al Qaeda for everything and the US nation stood behind him -at least for awhile-).

4) For those who talk about the "fear of terrorism", they'd better think first WHAT caused all the terrorism and WHO provoked some people into becoming terrorists and blow themselves up (along with other innocent civilians). Are you naive enough to believe that Afghani, Palestinian, Iraqi, Irani or Pakistani citizens suddenly woke up one morning and thought "well, life is boring here, let's make some hand-made bombs and kill all the infidels"?

5) Something BIG is bound to happen, that's for sure. Some big explosion somewhere that will kill innocent people and the US will put the blame on some other country and start a new war.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 10:17 AM

Yes,I can't believe that they do not want to show Osama's body to the United States because it is too brutal and would not be pleasant for our eyes to see.Well,we all witnessed hundreds of victims jump to their death off of the trade center,and thousands die right before our eyes on 9-11.Come on!! I don't think it could get any worse than that.I think the photo of his dead body should be portrayed up in Times Square.

Posted by Allison May 4, 11 10:59 AM

You people that think that the USA did not get Osama and that this is all some sort of conspiracy have been watching too many Jesse Ventura TV shows. I for one am glad he is dead. Make no mistake he IS dead and WE killed him!
393 , The Japanese have had their fair share of some research son regarding the subway attack with serrin(not sure of the spelling) gas.
All u that judge others for celebrating look at yourselves before you start pointing at the rest of us!
These terrorists are pure evil. What kind of people convince these young men and women to strap on bombs and kill themselves for a cause that most of them do not understand. Pure evil!

Posted by Franklin May 4, 11 11:06 AM

1. Obama declares Manning guilty. There has been no trial yet.

2. Obama orders US military to invade Pakistan, hunt out Bin Laden and kill him - without trial. Note that Pakistan is not, at this time, part of the U.S.A. The U.S.A. invaded a foreign country and performed an act of murder.

There is no proof that this is Bin Laden. He was not brought to trial. There is not even a body.

The whole thing smacks of the 9/11 lie where two planes were supposed to have brought down three buildings.

I for one am sick of being lied to.

Posted by John Davis May 4, 11 11:06 AM

I also believe there is something wrong with this whole thing. I agree that the families of 9/11 need to celebrate the death of OBL, but I believe he has been dead for a while. I will not put it past President Obama tp use this as a PR stunt.
As for the people who believe it was wrong to kill OBL, the word of God says in Matthew 26:52b - "for all who live by the sword will die by the sword."

Posted by Mark May 4, 11 11:06 AM

I believed we killed his stunt double. No real terrorist would risk true harm to himself.

Posted by RETICLE May 4, 11 11:09 AM

Thank you, @382! Exactly my thoughts. I told people the same with mohitos and the Cayman Islands, but yeah, Osama's sipping his "well-deserved" drinks on the Bushes' tab in some exotic country, because he's only a smokescreen of your government. And you don't hate him because of the 3000 people that died in WTC (God rest their souls). I mean, Winston Churchill made 4 million Hindus starve to death, and everyone loves the good old alcoholic. You hate Osama because media makes you hate him.

By the way, civilized men don't celebrate death. They mourn or shut up.
And if someone had shot Stalin or Mao or any mass-murderer dictators right now (given they were alive), you wouldn't be on the street celebrating, even though they made a thousand times more people suffer.

- Áron from Hungary (it's in that backwards Europe)

Posted by Áron May 4, 11 11:13 AM

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they killed him now he is gonn

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 11:14 AM

I appreciate very much the quote on COMMENT # 300. Very wise word and very true. Thank You for posting this and I will post it now.

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Sergio Lopez Santillan May 4, 11 11:21 AM

Finally he is dead hip hip hooray go North Korea because NOrth Korea is beast mode

Posted by omhanana gus May 4, 11 11:32 AM

Contrare #385. It is Imperative for Civilized People to Celebrate the Killing of the Gravest Living Enemy to All that is Civilized!!! Hoorah, USA!!!

Posted by Paladin6 May 4, 11 11:44 AM

Of course he is really dead. Obama would never take the risk of blatantly lying to America when Osama (if still alive) could release more videos and reveal the truth. Oh, and to all you Osama sympathizers... If there is one man you can deem directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks, which left 3,000 American's dead, it is Osama. Get your heads out of the gutter! Osama would have liked to see this whole country go up in flames, and was probably plotting more attacks. If people feel like celebrating, let them celebrate!

Posted by Dan May 4, 11 11:46 AM

You are all very opinion based. Have you stopped to think every time one is killed another is brought up? Killing a person does not bring back the thousands of dead or fix the thousands that have been injured. I am not political I think the govt is crap. However i support the fact that we need someone to help PREVENT these attacks in OUR country. Clinton was aware of what was to take place, Bush sat back and allowed, and Obama is one of them. The USA is a place of freedom and dreams, yet its at a constant state of war. So are we really all that different from the others after all?

Posted by Mel May 4, 11 11:48 AM

Bill, Bush's fault? Check out who cut the funding for Terrorism on his way out of office? Only one guess, YOU IDIOT.

Posted by Tom USA May 4, 11 12:02 PM

OBL, Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh, Jim Jones, shall I go on? There are very evil people in this world and we cannot send Navy Seals or military in to deal with every last one. God will have the last word and the last sword. Believe me, read your bible He is coming.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 12:37 PM

"God bless america" 'thanks God ! "....

Please, STOP to involve God in your hate speech !

Where you read in the Bible than God ask for war ?
Where do you read in the Bible than God ask for revenge ?

Why did you want than god bless a country so far away from God ?
Don't you realize ?

they are 10 very simple laws for all christians, one one them is : "You shall not kill !", the kind of statement you can't respect in your own country, when you kill people with gaz or lethal injections in your prisons.

Believe me, you are not the children of God. but a narrow minded people. I hope than every american get out of their narrow minded state of mind, and travel a little around the world to understand the image they give to the rest of the world.

You are scary, in the baddest way. And i feel sorry for all US people who still have a brain, surrounded by haters.

Posted by Arn May 4, 11 12:39 PM

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa osaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamma is dddddddeeeeeedddddd

Posted by sparky May 4, 11 01:07 PM


Article 11.
(1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.
(2) No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

Just to note that you have obviously failed to play by the rules that you were so eager to create and sign not so long ago. It appears America no longer believes in bringing the accussed before a court. You know what that means - no one else will, either.
I'm not a supporter of Osama bin Laden, or of Obama bin Laden, as Fox40 reported, but I know what a true Christian should be doing. He should be praying for absolution and forgiveness.

Posted by From Latvia May 4, 11 01:15 PM

wow i cant grasp the depth of the everyones disbelief of osama bieng dead theres no question that he's dead now but even if our great big government gave you all pictures you would still say they were fake and assume his bones were in a cave in afganistan somewhere get real they wouldent say he was dead unless they new he wasent going to pop up again. As for motives for war of course there has to be a pay out for war that shit is expensive the romans, jews egyptians, persians, greeks,christians,british,french,english,spanish never took over a country and didnt loot it neither did anyone in history. get real its war and its going to keep going im just proud and happy to be american and backed by the largest fighting force on the planet. god/allah/yawe bless america!

Posted by the man in black May 4, 11 01:21 PM

the world is lot safer but lets not let them catch us with our pants down like pear harbor

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 01:26 PM

I think that the American wanted to show that they were still controlling the world. But the Americans are the true criminals as seen by their action around the world. They do whatever they want. They protect Israel and hence contribute to kill Palestinians, invaded Irak without still now proving that there is weapon of mass destruction and still killed so many people there, invaded Afganistan and killed so many people there. No they are killing people in Libya as they know that this country has petrol. Why don't they invade North Korea, Russia or China which are communist countries?
Why are they scared? They are only cruel people in America

Posted by MBA May 4, 11 01:41 PM

It's the end of the beginning. THE WAR HAS STARTED NOW till Muslims takes over the world! ALLAH HU AKBAR !!!

Posted by New Muslim Soldiers May 4, 11 01:50 PM

I think the "celebrating someone's death" really has more to do with seeing justice finally done, One of the worst parts of the 9/11 experience was for all of our technology and the assurances by the government at the time, we couldn't seem to catch this guy

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 02:01 PM


Posted by carlos ramirez May 4, 11 02:27 PM

Será este el final?

Posted by Ramiro May 4, 11 02:32 PM

okay people go to school first and learn how to write....duh

Posted by ash May 4, 11 03:04 PM

CIA and US Government sealed Bin Laden's body into the sea.
How can I believe the whole story without actual proof?
The entire story strongly smells fake to me.

Posted by John May 4, 11 03:07 PM

The conspiracy "theorist" clowns posting here are hilarious. Please keep it up! You make current events so much more interesting. "9/11 was a Bush/Jewish/Masonic conspiracy!! Osama is still Alive! Osama never existed! President Obama is a Kenyan spy! The moon landing was faked! Fluoride in your tap water is a government attempt at mind control! The world is going to end in 2012! The sky is falling!!!!...." the stupidity of the world never ends! and I love it.

Osama was human garbage. Nothing more. He played with fire and years later finally gets taken out by a covert military kill squad. Boo-hoo! Why people here seemed surprised by this is beyond me. Osama deserves a Darwin award. Now he's fish-food and the world is short one more nut-job. You don't believe it, you say? You demand your masochist photos to pleasure yourselves with? Well guess what, clowns!!! No one cares what you think....

Posted by Bin Laden Bait & Tackle For Sale May 4, 11 03:16 PM

To all those rejoicing in the death of Osama Bin Ladin:
You are a sad bunch of people, no better than Bin Ladin himself.
He would be just as glad as you are now if you died, which mean that you are just as low as him.

Posted by Sick people May 4, 11 03:23 PM

he is not dead

Posted by michael May 4, 11 03:28 PM

Yus #393. I believe people are smiling because they know they are caught on camera, not because of the newpaper.

From the interviews of the people 'celebrating' I have seen, they are not celebrating his death, per se, but rather closing at least this chapter on these neverending wars. I saw quite a few people saying, 'now we can focus on getting our troops home', indeed.

Posted by Melanie May 4, 11 03:34 PM

there is something i do not understand. why did Obama go on television and say Osama is dead at 10:45 on may first, if he supposedly died on the second?

Posted by Anon May 4, 11 03:36 PM

For those of you who believe that a celebration is not due for the "loss" of a terrorist is ignorant. They are also the same ones that would watch their family members get brutally murdered, without saying a word to the attacker, right? So tell the family's of the fallen soldiers, firemen and police that died that day, trying to save the innocent people that were crushed during the attack, not to be happy that he is dead.

Posted by chandler May 4, 11 03:41 PM

CIA and US Government sealed Bin Laden's body into the sea.
How can I believe the whole story without actual proof?
The entire story strongly smells fake to me.

Posted by John May 4, 11 03:42 PM

All I have to say is that many of you commentators or should I say bloggers, need to go back to school and learn how to write grammatically correct.

In regards to your criticism of our President, we must admit that we live FREELY and have the opportunities no other country can afford their citizens.


Posted by Maida May 4, 11 04:24 PM

that fool aint dead...........

Posted by chris May 4, 11 04:52 PM

الله يرحمه

Posted by bebowebs May 4, 11 05:37 PM

c est triste de celebrer la mort de quelquun

Posted by guiro May 4, 11 05:57 PM

#312 likely NOBODY in Afghanistan or possibly Iraq would have been killed if the Osama lead 9-11 attacks did not happen and tripper the decade of defense. your statement lacks logic.

Posted by Bob May 4, 11 06:03 PM

OK so # 382: First and fore most You will undoubtly regrett what YOU said about there being no GOD!!! When he comes and taked his people home you will be one of the ONES LEFT BEHIND! secondly take your own advice and proof read your comment before posting they do make spell check you know!!! the correct spelling is dead beat dad not dead bead dad!!!! Just remember your not perfect just like no one else is!

If Osama is dead then I agree that someone will most definatly take his place in first command but I as an American have faith in my Counrty and my GOD that when that day comes and they want to step up then we will just take them out of the equation also!!!!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

Posted by OLIVEOIL2023 May 4, 11 06:30 PM

The End of OSAMA

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 06:44 PM

not so inspirational photos but a very sugnificant event whatever your opinion of it.

i for one wouldn't celebrate death. not for anyone, Bin Laden should have stood trial for his crimes not been gunned down by a faceless assassin.

We are told he masterminded many attrocities, that this is fact and irefutable yet America couldn't put him on trial.

However history records this moment, the end of an eira, the beginning of the end for islamic extrimism or just another death in a never ending war based on ignorance from both sides, it will not be forgotten quickly

Posted by david b May 4, 11 07:31 PM

Looking at all those happy American'sfinding out he's dead makes me feel a little queasy . I can't help thinking what are they celebrating. For a country that is supposed to be based on Christian values rarely see evidence of it.

A momentous event whoever you are

Posted by David B May 4, 11 07:35 PM

Thank you, Big Picture, for creating a place for citizens of so many places to have these mind opening discussions!!

I have to side with Martin Luther King Jr. on this one. This death is not something to celebrate. As an American citizen, I am sorry for all families who have been effected by our government's greed and our inability to be able to steer our country onto a more peaceful route.

Our country is run by a bunch of men who are not thinking with their brains, but with their penises... Poking it's head into countries where we don't belong , not thinking about the consequences of our actions and the massive explosion of STD's that we're bound to get, only to destroy ourselves. For these selfish and immature acts, I am sorry. I can only say there are many, many of us who don't agree with the acts of our government and are doing our best to protest and petition so this doesn't happen again.

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 07:48 PM

He is not dead! theres no picture tahaa

Posted by star May 4, 11 07:54 PM

obama is lieying he didnt kill osama i bet u dat he is still alive

Posted by kareem May 4, 11 09:39 PM

If he's dead,then GOOD. But,we all wanna see pictures,c'monnnnnn.

Posted by Shaluuuu May 4, 11 09:41 PM

he is dead he died years ago from his kidney failure that he was fighting in the us hospital back in july 2001 and ordered 2 dialysis machines to take home there is no way he could have lived that long in the stages he was in with the kidney failure...

Posted by mike May 4, 11 09:53 PM

Like the previous comments stated up there^^^ that's fine, I totally agree.....he got what he deserved. this isn't the end of terrorism. who knows what's going to happen now. we talk **** about them burning american flags and rejoicing over there attacks. But, aren't we doing the same thing? I understand 9/11 was a horrible day, i lived it. But celebrating a death doesn't make us better than these people. We're as low as they are.... we have lost all respect for human life.

Posted by smart teenager May 4, 11 09:55 PM


Posted by devworks May 4, 11 09:56 PM

dead and gone

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 10:04 PM

If a mass murderer killed a citizen or family member of any of the braindeads that commented here in tears over Osama's death, they'd be celebrating too.

Make it a holiday.

Posted by Brian Potts May 4, 11 10:05 PM

I think that we have to enjoy this moment. Thanks God this is over. we must try to create a better society after this situation.

Posted by Cristian Barboza May 4, 11 10:40 PM

the event of osama bin laden's death is nothing more than an assassination. if anything at all it will if it has not already done is encourage heinous attacks on the western world. the extremist "terrorist" cells have been in place since and even prior to 9/11 as most of us realize. we are dealing with a patient, determined, massive, internationally placed group of people. my concerns are that their "wheels of mayhem and destruction" are in motion to inflict as much bloodshed and kill as many "innocent" men, women, and children as they can to further disrupt a planet that already has been rocked and is already unstable in so many arenas. keep faith in your God, however you perceive he or she and keep prayer in your agenda. may God bless all mankind.

Posted by Jimmy R. May 4, 11 10:40 PM

osama is not dead he is in the white house. I would like to see this facial reconision used on osama and obama . My bet is the same.

Posted by robin gtiffin May 4, 11 11:12 PM

i think that it was the best because he has done alot of things wrong and he dont deservesss liveingggg at all he did alot of things like killed anocent people so that day was the end of his life now his paying what he did i hope america can be better now and a little more peace fall knowing that the person that was agasnt uss is killed.........AM GLAD HIS NOT LIVING ANYMORE BECAUSE HE WAS A BAD FLOUENT FOR THE STUDENTS AND TEENAGERS THAT ARE LIVING NOW AND TRYING TO GET A EDUCATION ..... AHAH TO BADDDD WHAT HAPPEND HAPPEND...THE END OF IT BUT NOT GET BECAUSEE STELL RUMORS GOING AROUND BUT ENLESS HE PAYED WHAT HE DID TO US......WOHAOOOOO

Posted by ALIZE May 4, 11 11:14 PM

"Create in the lost a remembered spirit of yourselves which examples God who came in the form of man and was a self sacrifice to those He so generously created." -Mother Teresa

May God use this to pierce the hearts of those who do evil, for the glory of Himself, that their hearts might be turned from such things. I ask that God, even as hard as it may be, softens Americas' hearts, as well as mine, to rejoice and only boast in Him and Him alone; although our first desire is to boast in America's justice, victory, and in the death of our country's worldy enemy. Can we love America, and respect those in authority as the Word says to, with the same heart that adores You before any kingdom? If not, I pray that God shows us individually how to do so. May God strengthen the sorrowful and broken hearts that were affected by 9-11 and any other attack that was placed on America. I hope you find peace in the One who supplies it. Most importantly, may all and any of this, be completely for nothing but the glory of God. Last but not least, I am extremely proud to be an American. God truly bless America.

--From a sinners heart who pursues Christ daily,

Posted by follower May 4, 11 11:29 PM

Even if they show his dead face, and confirmed DNA , I do not care. What I would like to see is the current evil man running this country being run out of office.

Posted by remesquaddie May 4, 11 11:38 PM

# 455 Take a chill pill... maybe you are mirroring yourself !!! Take a hike...

Posted by Theresa Sigala May 5, 11 01:35 AM

ok our so called goverment did not kill him or they would have proof to show and acording to obama they r NOT going to show the pics and also y does everyone keep saying in this post keep saying something about 911 osama did not have anything to do with 9/11/01 if he did it would be on the fbi most wanted thing along with everything else he was on most wanted from 1998 truth be told our so called goverment is the ones behind 9/11 so yes im saying osama is not dead and yea im saying our so called goverment is the real terrorist behind 9/11 and so for those of u that dont wanna listen to the truth do your research before u try and come back with some stupid post to my comment thanks

Posted by TJ May 5, 11 02:01 AM

I just want to understand the different versions of this history:

First Osama got killed in the shotting after using a lady as a human shield. He received two shots, one on the chest and one on the head and the lady died too.
Question: Why they killed the guy instead of capturing him?

Later on the lady wasnt dead anymore but got shot on the leg. In this version Osama didnt have a gun.
Question: So Mariners shot an unarmed person?

He was unarmed and one of his guards killed him so he would not fall into the US hands.
Question: So we should assume the invasion was a failure as the main target was lost?

The guy was buried at sea.
Question: In a straight line, Abbottabat is 700 miles or 1200 km from the nearest coast. Did they travel all this way to dump Osama into the ocean? Really?

Honestly, this history has more questions than information and I would not be surprise if he is now very alive receiving a "cuddle" from the Uncle Sam in a secret prison or so...

Posted by The question guy... May 5, 11 02:06 AM

The people that think Osama is still alive area also probably the ones who think Obama isn't a citizen and we never landed on the moon. Osama's death is a blow to terrorist organizations around the world. They know if he's dead, and no body is needed to prove that to them. As Obama said... believe what you want, you won't hear from Osama again.

He was buried at sea within 24 hours in accordance with Muslim practices.

Posted by M@ May 5, 11 02:28 AM

"President Barack Obama ordered grisly photographs of Osama bin Laden in death sealed from public view on Wednesday"

When the USSR got into Afghanistan, it did not invent any Osamas for that. They just created the term "international duty". Thousands of people died for that "international duty". Almost million of Afghans was killed. Then USSR run out of money and the new term was created - "new thinking". This term was used to leave the Afghanistan. All who were busy killing the civilians are still treated as heroes through nobody can clearly explain what USSR was doing in Afghanistan.

I think the fiction of George Orwell is childish prattle in comparison with what we have now on this planet.

Posted by I am a glossy photograph May 5, 11 03:02 AM

for those who think they are christian's : we are not allow to kill people, killling one will not change a thing rather than spark another war. It's a sin.

for those who think they are moslem's : do not protect someone just because you're having the same religion nor deem killing as Jihad. Killing is a sin.

everybody in this world is equal, we are all human, have right to live and have right to believe on what we believes. No one in this world has a right on someone's death. If this world can't make peace, then start from yourself, make peace! stop the hatred! stop a never ending revenge.

Posted by commonsense May 5, 11 03:47 AM

#415 note is most valuable here

Posted by I am a glossy photograph May 5, 11 05:04 AM


Posted by BreadYoung May 5, 11 06:10 AM

I doubt whether Osama was killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whose of my opinion????????????

Posted by Anonymous May 5, 11 06:19 AM

It was great day....................

Posted by Vikas Tripathi May 5, 11 06:26 AM

There is no happiness in a death, even the one of a bad person...
Anyway there is nothing to there is no more one person to find but much more...and it will be more difficult to face...

Posted by Mirko May 5, 11 06:47 AM

i dont know what to say

Posted by chemsdu May 5, 11 06:50 AM

why are people celebrating? do they think our world has become safer?

Posted by pete May 5, 11 07:56 AM

10 anos, duas guerras, 919.967 mortes
e US $ mais tarde,
conseguimos matar uma pessoa.
tenho vergonha do imperialismo norte americano.

São Paulo

Posted by Nick May 5, 11 08:14 AM

Dear Friends, though it is glad to note that a No.1 terrorist is dead, I wonder whether the entire episode is a drama. though lot of people raised doubts on the killing, DNA test and burial on the winkof the eye, it seems that it makes sense. Please have a look at picture No.8. if an aircraft (big or small) falls down, doesnt it catch up flames ? doesnt the un-plastered wall get a crack, there is no sign of even a single brick falling down. Even if you think scientific, the aircraft should be travelling at some speed and the trajectory can be traced to some extent by looking at the ground where it fell.... atleast it should drag on for a few metres is nt it ? it looks like a toy aircract kept on display at a museum. isnt it interesting toponder

Posted by LN May 5, 11 08:55 AM

osama ben laden servant of allah figth for democracy not a terorist

Posted by al shariff May 5, 11 09:09 AM

So, army is leaving Irak?.

Posted by Jolt May 5, 11 09:24 AM

I wish the SEAL team dropped in on all the anti-American morons who are crying their hearts out of Osama's death on this comment board.


Posted by Jeff DanLeoni May 5, 11 10:20 AM

Shame on you American people, Seals and Government.

This cold-blooded assassination is irrational. It's an awufully embarrasing display of passionate crime, articulated within an almost Medieval mystification idea of good and evil.

Not what I would expect from a civilised society based on a judicial system.

I guess US administration can use the help of a "Yes, We can" as the new idiotic line. Despicable.

Posted by Pablo May 5, 11 10:37 AM

Osma is dead and the world has not seen his dead image. this must have to do something with election. we are tired of conspiracy theories after all there has been rumors that Osama was dead 5 years ago and its very possible.

Posted by Tom May 5, 11 10:45 AM

Celebrating Death, no difference to those fools who were celebrating the 9/11 attacks...

A life is a life, regardless of who it is....

Posted by Juan Ali May 5, 11 10:50 AM

Il faut faire rechercher les boites noires.

Posted by De l 'ancienne France May 5, 11 10:57 AM

we are all living by god's grace. why? now what is so important now. our children need this attention ? yes our drugs in this country needs our attention ? yes Japan needs our attention ? Yes why does obama need to get new york a democratic state on his side because we are unsure of him. This was all about his greed and power rise to fame. He will get reelected you know he will . Mr Bush what has happened to your friend you can answer most of our questions and all of the countries inquiries what was your friendship with Mr bin ladin about ? I am afraid the followers will be coming to us next . This is a very crucial time . What have you all done ? There will be more bloodshed and for what? This is not a good example for our children !!! We should all be praying right now for the next years and months ahead ! God help us all be safe and forgive us of our sins! thou shalt not commit murder .!!

Posted by asc May 5, 11 11:06 AM

To 388,
Obama DIDNT kill Osama, our troops did,
Screw obama but thank god we have our troops.

Posted by AMR May 5, 11 11:45 AM

I think that everyone sgould stop sayin it took obama to kill him because obama wasnt a solider & you dont see him out there fighting for his life like these soliders do! Its pathetic that there isnt really any pictures of him dead

Posted by UnKnOwEn (; May 5, 11 01:58 PM

Picture # 16: I'm just as patriotic as just about anyone, proud to be American and proud to show it. However, i just wanted to make you (people in the photo) aware that according to the United Sates Code "Flag Code" §176. Respect for flag Section (d) states: The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.

Posted by Hart May 5, 11 03:30 PM

to muhammed allah, what do mean osama isnt dead? do you just not believe it, or do you know something? if you do know something, it would be helpful to let us know,because he could do a lot more damagethan he already has, even if you know him, how would you feel if you were in our place in america?

Posted by anon May 5, 11 03:38 PM

Finally they caught him. We should b happy he killed alot of inocent people. On top of that he destroyed two world famous land marks

Posted by T May 5, 11 03:50 PM

i can't understand how so many people celebrate death. no matter if it's the death of the enemy.

Posted by dacian May 5, 11 04:06 PM

idk wat to think about it all

Posted by jhon May 5, 11 04:31 PM

thanks to our presadent this was caryd out American style yet with a touch of class by showing respect for the dead and any family members of the beast who were in no way involed. I now have alot more faith and confadens that our presadent will finish this in a way that will make us all feel more proud than ever that we are americans. he repersents as all as strong, brave and FREE Americans.

Posted by mickey May 5, 11 04:41 PM

With Osama dead.....
Is time to create a new enemy, time to create a new bussines.....

Posted by Think May 5, 11 05:23 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 5, 11 05:35 PM

Guys, he is not dead! We have him in our custody. The code name Geronimo, it was intended only to name the military operation to kill or capture Osama bin Laden. Geronimo was called multiple times meaning that we did not killed him. That's why there are no Osama bin Laden photos.

Posted by Javier Sanchez May 5, 11 05:41 PM

Will you conspirator people who "need" to see a photo of a stone dead ObL please get a life. Whine, whine, whine. It's nauseating.

Posted by Titus McGillicutty May 5, 11 06:06 PM

Wow guys..this is just all retarded that everyone is in such conflict over this. Telling someone that celebrating a death isn't good wont stop them from celebrating. Osama and his buddies were celebrating when many of our innocent American friends died. This life is going to be nothing but war from now on. There really isn't anything we can do about it. If people want to celebrate, let them. America is supposed to be free, so let them do whatever they want with their lives. I really don't think America would go through all this trouble saying he is dead if he really wasn't personally, but that is just my own opinion. Everyone just needs peace with God in their lives. Once you have God you will be different. You won't want to celebrate a death. So God help all of you.

Posted by Becky. May 5, 11 06:30 PM

it's hard to beleive osama's dead afteall im confused is he dead or not??? even if he is dead its not like The world is automaticly a safer place uuuggghhhh false hope if any thing we just ticked off tons of people who want to get revenge of the killing of osama. how would we feel if someone killed our leader we would be pretty cheesed.

Posted by blairhearts america May 5, 11 07:31 PM

mudah2an akan lebih baik kaum muslimin indonesia, amin.

Posted by yo May 5, 11 09:01 PM

God Bless all of our U.S. men and women fighting for our country.Bless everyone who lost loved ones fighting in the war and from 9/11. I'm glad they got Osama but we still need to watch our backs now more than ever.May there be peace in the world for us now and for our kids in the future.

Posted by Amie Davis May 5, 11 10:07 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Anonymous May 5, 11 10:47 PM

I don't need proof that Osama Bin Laden is dead just as I don't need proof that majority of the bloggers here are stupid. My conclusions are based on the comments that are brainless, deficient, dim, doltish, dopey, dull, dumb, foolish, half-baked, half-witted, idiotic, imbecilic, inane, irrelevant, laughable, loser, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, out to lunch, pointless, senseless, shortsighted, simpleminded, trivial, unintelligent, witless and finally preposterous!
I would be more than happy to pull the trigger to get rid of that insane mad man just as I would have done to people like, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin. Pol Pot and countless other spawns of the devil. Any man who would willingly kill thousands of innocent people does not deserve to live with the rest of mankind.

What Pakistan could not do, the USA did, so I'm glad that monster is dead!

Posted by P. Chen May 5, 11 10:47 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by * May 5, 11 10:50 PM

i dont know what to say about this happened but we should be praying, for all that things our country...

Posted by lynne mes,.. May 5, 11 10:56 PM

Osama bin Laden is a BLOODY COWARD. He is dead iand will be gone forever. Obama, you're a GREAT HERO. Thanks to NAVY SEALS. LONG LIVE USA !!! Please Obama release the Osama's dead pictures to the doubting Thomases..........

Posted by Daniel Butt May 5, 11 11:04 PM

to 393
I think so too.
now I'm in japan.
the pic of smiling has no mean to express this news.
many japanese people felt this news as something strange.
we have never delight with someone's death,if he is terrorist.
This is quite unnatural attitude for Japanese culture.
If we were you,we would pray for passing people with silent,tears.
because the meaning of this incident is not for terrorist.
It is important for passing people,and the bereaved family...

then,U.S people have to explain that almost all U.S citizens are not
type of such.
this news,U.S people celebrating someone's death like festival,were
broadcasting all over the world,again and again...

Posted by Mac May 5, 11 11:20 PM

Proverbs 11:10
"When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices; and when the wicked are destroyed, there is singing."

Posted by Word of God May 5, 11 11:32 PM

"USA White House don't show pictures with Osama dead because it's to brutal". It's mental manipulation done by amateurs: before Osama was dead, the helmet cameras of the super-killers from SEALS recorded images with Osama alive, even for at least 1 second. These images can not be displayed? Are to brutal? Since "chemical weapons" from Irak, White House and CIA do not even bother to make good professional manipulation.

Posted by Iu May 6, 11 01:37 AM

Why do you Americans are so stupid?

The government is lying to you with this show back in Pakistan again.

It leads not a war against 10years long to kill a man to him in one night and then to get rid of the body?

10 years for a head shot ?!?!?

You Americans are really easy to influence!

I can only say that Hollywood made ​​in Pakistan

We doubt in Germany the process of the U.S. Army!

The thing stinks to high heaven

Posted by Gerd May 6, 11 02:31 AM

As Winston Churchill said, "Thousands of OBL will rise up when one OBL is down".

We Americans should understand that using violence against violence can never be a solution. I hate terrorism and I don't like OBL, but if our country keeps bullying the rest of the world then one day we will find that OBL is everywhere, just like what WC said.

Posted by Amitabha May 6, 11 02:55 AM

#10. peace? just end osama, not the end of war

Posted by kiyoung May 6, 11 03:12 AM

whoo, they killed him,

From Anthony Of England (You People Are Sick).

Posted by Anthony May 6, 11 03:54 AM

rich one!

Now they claim they had to execute Bin Laden immediately because -supposedly- he was planning another* terrorist attack on the US soil (probably on 9/11 to "celebrate" the 10 year anniversary and probably his target was the railroad network).

Does ANYONE actually believe this bullcrap? They said they found evidence of his planning inside the Pakistani mansion. Is there ANYONE naive enough to believe documents were NOT forged by the CIA?

*another= assuming Bin Laden and Al Qaeda actually DID 9/11. Because there's never been any proof of this. The only proof was Bush Jr. appearing on TV in front of a shocked nation and declaring "Al Qaeda did this". And I say "My aunt did this". So believe me, let's go after my aunt who did 9/11.

Omfg, this world is so full of crap.

Posted by Anonymous May 6, 11 04:39 AM

We need proof of his death.

Posted by TSHIMANGA NGOYI CREQUI May 6, 11 06:35 AM

Google 翻訳
Google Chrome をダウンロード
Opposite of what is evil, not justice, another justice.
Violence suffered by the name of justice, revenge and generate a new name called violence.
Things rejoice rather than defeating evil, would not you cry Only love can remember a life lost?

What is justice?
What is evil?

Describe the definition of justice and evil.

Posted by yuki May 6, 11 08:33 AM

so FAKE, it's embarrassing!

Posted by suco manga May 6, 11 08:51 AM

This is all very scripted. Without photographic evidence...very difficult to believe.

Posted by Joe May 6, 11 10:12 AM

I thought OBL died years ago???? Is this just a ploy to make Americans smile again. To get our minds off of this terrible economy. Seriously, we have the right to see some proof! At least show us the video of him sliding into the ocean.....No, why not, because there isn't any! Oh wait they have to make one first!

Posted by Summer May 6, 11 02:40 PM

YaaaaaaaaaaYaaaaaaaaaa O.......S.......A........M........A isssssssssssddddiiiieeeddddd(tnx obama)

Posted by Meles dika May 6, 11 03:27 PM

The only Truly God JHWH and his son Jesus, are alive, and they are watching and waiting for the appointed year, day and hour for to make justice on time and forever.

Posted by Luz May 6, 11 03:55 PM

" If god is truly just then I tremble for the fate of my nation " - Thomas Jefferson.
You're all a bunch of illiterates, jesus freaks and flaming idiots.
It's exactly morons like the ones posting here that have destroyed this once great and proud nation. This country will never recover from the Dubya ( I mean Rove/Cheney ) administration and their unbridled lust for power and/or world domination and/or oil. Wake up people- for the American dream is DEAD!!! Time to face the harsh realities of a world where we are viewed as the bad guys, the occupiers, and the evil that must be stopped at all costs. In short : we have become the Russians during the Cold War. All empires fall and this one will be no exception.
PS- jesus is not coming back, but if he was I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want ANYTHING to do with a nation of morally and spiritually bankrupt fools.

Posted by HM Holt May 6, 11 04:05 PM

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate:… only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oh wait, the americans murdered Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Anonymous May 6, 11 04:08 PM

We all know that Osama was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Osama not only attacked America, he attacked the world. "WORLD TRADE CENTER", the words speak for themselves. Osama has even said, he was the mastermind' in a few of his earlier posted videos. We all know that Osama has killed or has had thousands of innocent people killed around the world by his followers, even his own innocent people in many mid-Eastern countries. All in the name of Religion, Men, Women' and children has been killed in their Allah's name, YOUNG or OLD' GUILTY or INNOCENT it doesn't matter to people like Osama' who dies.
I am happy Osama is dead, I am sure I can speak for millions of good people around the world who feel the same as I. I have never rejoiced in the death of a person in my life, but this man "Osama" I rejoice and feel relieved. But I also feel that all the hate and killing of the innocent people is far from over. Sure' it's the end of Osama, but not the end of this battle. There's a lot more Osama followers out there that will follow right in his footsteps. Now let's all just sit back and enjoy all the conspiracy theories. I know their dancing in the streets on this one! :)

Posted by Linda / May 6, 11 06:13 PM

Que Dios guie a nuestro presidente a nuestras tropas y que los bendiga por siempre GOD BLESS AMERICA

Posted by Bruno Diaz May 6, 11 08:03 PM

I am amazed at how many people rant and rave about "proof", as if they would accept it. If they were shown the photograph,they would say it's a fake. They will never admit to anything because these are little people with closed minds. Terrorists and enemies of the free world love them because they become PR agents for the terrorist, biting and stabbing at their own people and governments

Posted by Nick May 7, 11 02:00 AM

The leader of a terrorist nation killed a leader of a terrorist organization.....

So they are actually bros.

To Obama and Osama:

If you're alive, you are gonna die someday. If you die, you will live forever......

Posted by O & O May 7, 11 02:42 AM

The most insane war of all times, where a Super Power had to spent 3Trillion Dollars over 15 years to hunt a single man. It could have make sense even if it was just a man but what will happen if it is an ideology to fight against US.
Nobody knows how many trillion dollars and human lives will it take to eliminate an ideology but one thing we know is that an ideology never ends.

Posted by Faisal Saeed May 7, 11 02:52 AM

A lot of US people and muslim fanatics share the same behavior = involve god and hate.
God don't need hate. God don't want death, god don't want any revenge.

You are just a bunch of brainless morrons. I feel terribly sorry for the rest of US people who still have a working brain, surrounded by haters.

You're not a blessed nation, but a hater nation. So far from God.

Posted by Arn May 7, 11 04:20 AM

好一个 野火烧不尽 春风吹又生。。
方知 除去杂草的唯一办法 是种上好庄稼。。。

Posted by JD May 7, 11 10:32 AM

las pruebas. si no hay pruebas, es una ofensa a la inteligencia humana.

Posted by silvia canales May 7, 11 01:23 PM

yeah... right!

Posted by leann May 7, 11 02:33 PM

What is this!? The US BIG PROPAGANDA Picture? Even Japanese children are laughing at the death of OBL? What a nonsense!!

And what are these freaks doing on the street, cheering and all?? It's always scary when people cheer when someone has been killed. Successful propaganda from the US gov.... There is no proof, except a crap photoshopped image. Bush Sr and OBL were close buddies. Well, I guess Al CIAda has it all properly planned...

Good luck, poor American people, you don't deserve the gangsters in your government!!

Posted by Anonymous May 7, 11 03:05 PM

What I believe on the news of Osama Bin Laden, ALIVE OR DEAD!
Osama Bin Laden was one of the “Most Wanted Terrorist” for America. He was convicted of doing the 9/11 Twin Tower attack that killed so many people. Also in many other cases, he was been involved.

Suddenly on Monday 02nd May 2011, I found out in the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed in the shoot out and his body was buried in the sea. I am not really satisfied on this issue and see that if there are reasons that suggest Osama Bin Laden is dead, their can be reasons that imply him been still alive. On the other hand, the way how evidence was presented in the news, it may seem that he is dead.

Why I believe that Osama Bin Laden still may be live?
There are few reasons that would still make me personally think that Osama Bin Laden can be alive. They are because quite a few times, I noticed Osama Bin Laden death in news in previous news long time ago. The photo shown is not clear. The operation only took 40 minutes and the body was thrown in the sea. It is hard to believe that he might be in trouble with his bodyguards with his in the defence.
1) Previously few times it has been mentioned in the news:
I have always noticed quite a time that in the newspaper and Internet articles, they mention about Osama Bin Laden death. It was obvious, that it just a rumour because to catch someone like him is not going to be easy and also he would not die easily. It can be thee same case this time but, it seems obvious because; the news went on the whole day.
2) The Photo did not seem clear:
In the news, the photo was not clearly shown of what Osama Bin Laden looked like. The last time how Osama Bin Laden looked like years ago, he would not look the same because; his face would have changed. Also after injuries, in the photo shown, it did not satisfy me to believe that it would be Osama Bin Laden. The main reason was colour of his beard did not match to the one that he normally would have. There are reasons like this that makes it hard to believe whether it was Osama Bin Laden or not.
3) It only took 40 Minutes to finish the Operation:
Searching and tracking Osama Bin Laden was never easy for America or any other nations. Then suddenly, they found him and killed. In contrast looking at so many years of trying to catch him, it cannot be easy for any to do something in “40 Minutes”.
4) Did they tell Osama Bin Laden to surrender?
The whole point of CIA to use weapons in the operation is for their self defence. Also, they should only would someone, if they are getting violent. But in this case, they had killed Osama Bin Laden in the head to complete the operation. I do not see point of them shooting him in the place that can kill him. He should be caught alive and court trial should be set to expose the real culprits involved. If they had to shoot, they could have shot him in his leg to control him so at the end of the day, they could take him with him.
5) Osama Bin Laden was thrown on the sea:
If anyone is killed, CIA does not have the rights to throw the body away on the sea to dispose it. After someone is been shot or been killed by the CIA, the body has to be taken away of post-mortem. This implies the full examination of whether if that was Osama Bin Laden or not. How can I believe if this was Osama Bin Laden after thrown in the sea?
6) There would be bodyguard looking after Osama Bin Laden:
Osama Bin Laden is going to have a lot of bodyguard that is going to be in his defence. I do not see a way CIA would be able to get through to defeat him. Also there would be protection that would surround the building in depths to stop anyone coming through. Also Osama Bin Laden is likely to get the information in advance if the CIA is going to come.
7) It could Osama Bin Ladens Duplicate:
It is very obvious that they can be more than one person that would have the same face. The terrorist organisation does understand how important Osama Bin Laden is for them. As a result, they would not risk him and he would be staying elsewhere secretly where nobody would any anything. This could be a lot safer for him and would misguide the CIA. Can that not happen?
Why I believe that Osama Bin Laden may be dead?
On the other hand, I would believe Osama Bin Laden would be dead on news that was presented. The DNA sample and family getting caught shows concrete evidence. The place where he was found contains terrorist camps and there he was killed.
1) In the news it was shown very obviously:
The news introduces live pictures from where Osama Bin Laden was killed. It was not just one news channel, but more that one news channels showed the same the news and in the same style to depth. This implies that it can be real and evidence was introduced in depth on how the operation was taken step by step.
2) The DNA Test Sample:
The DNA sample would introduces symptoms that Osama Bin Laden would have and could match it with what they have and see if it concurs. The DNA Sample would make it much obvious. This can imply if it was Osama Bin Laden killed in the shoot out.
3) One of the family members is caught:
Wherever Osama Bin Laden would go, it would not just be his bodyguard; but his family would follow as well. As a result, in this operation, one of his family members were killed and injured. Also during the investigation, anyone caught from his family can reveal truth.
4) The USA president Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden specially:
USA president Barack Obama had specially come to announce what had happen and this makes it obvious because; he would know first. Also the president in any nation would be trusted easily and would come out with information that exists. Moreover, it would have been the president that would have sent the CIA to accomplish the operation.
5) Most of the terrorists/terrorist camps are in Pakistan and Osama Bin Laden was their:
In Pakistan, it has been proved that they have terrorist camps and they train them in Pakistan on those activities. Also, it is likely that Osama Bin Laden would have hidden there because it was report that he his residence in Pakistan.
6) All of Osama Bin Laden guards were killed:
For CIA to get hold of Osama Bin Laden they would have to kill his bodyguards and that would have happened. This is because; CIA has trained officers with them that can control the situation and that would have helped them to get rid of Osama Bin Laden later. This time, they could have come with better officers and way to approach the operation.

What happens if Osama Bin Laden dead?
The General Public:
If Osama Bin Laden is dead, the people would feel relieved in terms that their revenge is taken. This is because; a lot people had died and their family and relatives wanted justice. As a result, they got it. Moreover, they would also believe that major terrorist attacks would not be carried out and the general public would feel a lot safer in that way.
Other countries would be satisfied in terms that terrorist would not attack easily because; they would understand the consequence. People that have their relative living in America and if they lost them on the 9/11, they would be relieved just like how the people in America are. Also without the main leader it is not going to be easy for them to prepare anything. In another nation, they would not have any contacts because; it will only be Osama Bin Laden that would have higher contacts wherever they would want to have terrorist attacks on another nation or not. As a result, not just America but other people from other nations would be a lot safe. This introduces positive impact on other nations.
The Prime Ministers and Politicians:
One of the major issues for the Prime Ministers and Politicians was to deal with the political issues, which widely involved terrorist attacks and killing of innocent citizens. This would have made a big difference in terms they would not have be a lot worried as it has brought an end to it by the death of Osama Bin Laden. As a result, they can concentrate on other areas that would be beneficial to them and how they can develop the society and community better.
Other terrorist would be demoralised:
The terrorists would not be able to do anything without the support of their main person. Also the death of Osama Bin Laden would have put them is a large shock. Besides, many of their people were killed in the operation and they had to face a lot of damages. This shows negative influence as overall and they would need time to regroup and more importantly select who is going to be the “boss” for them. There can be dispute internally and can break the group down a lot more.

What happens if Osama Bin Laden is Alive?
The General Public:
For Osama Bin Laden being alive was never any benefit to the American citizens as to what they had experienced. Also, they would not have gained their revenge or justice for what they had lost. The main drawback to them would be that they may experience another serious terrorist attack if Osama Bin Laden is alive. As a result, the general public life is still in danger and they need to be a lot careful.
Osama Bin Laden contains several networks around the world. It is not only Osama Bin Laden but, any terrorists from any terrorist organisations would have the network connection in more that one location and other nations. In future, if any terrorist attack is going to happen in another nation, nobody is going to know. That would only be because; the main person that if declared dead happens to be alive for some reason. This implies that several nations would still under the terror threat ad they would not find out who is responsible for it.
The Prime Ministers and Politicians:
The Prime Ministers would not be able to focus on other ways how to develop the society and community into a better atmosphere. This would only be because; the main terrorists are still alive and they could do anything to spread disturbance around the world. As a result, it makes it much harder for Prime Ministers and Politicians to put any of their plans into practice.
Other terrorists would be encouraged:
Other terrorists would feel confident and they would not have to worry. Also to build larger group, it would be much easier approach. This implies that in all ways they have the benefit and are able to can execute their plan easily of a terrorist attack. As a result, they can intimidate the public and make it really unsafe for the people.

Pakistan’s Involvements:
Pakistan has been involved in terrorist attacks many times and proved by secret agencies. The London bombing in July 2005, few suspects from Pakistan were arrested. Also, they have been blamed for the Mumbai attack in 2008 and one of their terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab is arrested in India. It also been shown that Pakistan are running terrorist camps to train the terrorist and suicide bombers. Referring to the history of Pakistan and their politics, I believe that Pakistan was hiding Osama Bin Laden to keep him safe from the trouble and away from America. It may seem that only looking at history, it may not be enough to prove Pakistan involvement but, there are other evidence putting together with the history would make them one of the bigger culprits. On the whole think Pakistan says that they do not know anything, but I totally disagree with this because Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan from a long time and want him to be safe as years ago it was reported by the American secret agencies. This implies that they are hiding the truth and want to get away. If they did know anything in regards to this, they should have taken action in order to help the CIA and America.
Media’s Involvements;
Is the Media right all the time? The Media would want influence the story wherever they can to earn their USP (Unique Selling point). Also they have the advance technology to introduce Graphical images and build up on that to make up the story. If the audience response is going to be very highly positive, they are going to earn even more profit. There are some parts of the information’s presented by the media that does not satisfy me and may be other audience. The information shown in the news did not imply clearly how the operation was carried. In this operation they did not mention how many Osama Bin Laden bodyguards got killed by CIA. Also if the statistics were given, they would not be true and would be false. The whole point would be influence the news and make it more appealing to their audience to make then entertained and interested. They also mentioned that American CIA faced least problem. Can this be true? I believe that CIA would have faced a lot of problem but to make CIA look strong, the Media would introduce the news in a different style. More over to introduce their success, they showed how the operation was carried out step by step. This does not prove anything to me as for the media it is a lot easier to put the pictures together and talk on what they believe. As a result, the media are aware the audience in going to be believe.
Political involvements:
Do we all know what is going on in the politics? There are two ways politics are going to be played on this issue. The people that believe Osama Bin Laden was a threat and they have got rid of him would believe that what happen was good. On the other hand, the people that want Osama Bin Laden to be alive for future would have played a game and hid in some other place, where he could be a lot safe. As a result, in the place of Osama Bin Laden, they would have someone duplicate that can frame the CIA. In this case, I would not believe just Pakistan, Afghanistan or America because; it would be altogether that want the share. The information can be pasted on secretly and the operation that was meant to be done by the CIA could have been leaked. As a result, they may still have Osama Bin Laden alive somewhere that nobody knows. All those politician and government in favour of Osama Bin Laden want is that the world should believe that he is dead at present. This may give Osama Bin Laden to an opportunity to attack later in the future.
Media and Politics combined involvements:
The Media are able to earn more of their USP (Unique Selling Point) by covering the political news. Whether the political news is right or wrong, it would not make any difference and they would show it to the audience. In the case of Osama Bin Laden, it was the same and also was based on the political involvement. The audience watching the news would always be excited to know the news about him. Also America were after the Osama Bin Laden all the way through for the 9/11 attack. Later in the future, suddenly the news show that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and that cherished smiles on the people. From my opinion, that it is one of the ways politicians want to gain the audience attraction and have used media to spread the message across. The success rate of the politician in using the media has been high in terms of how the audience responded and believed that their revenge is taken. Also they would believe that the nation is safe. Not just America, but other nations would see that America would be fighting the terror. It creates better impression of the politician in front of the audience and whenever they come on the news, the audience would blindly trust without knowing the truth.

Conclusion: My final point of view on this:
Looking at two different ways, they both counter with each other and do not explore what the truth is at all. This implies that truth is still not revealed and everything still seems to be hidden. To make it obvious and have the truth reveal, it was important for CIA to have the body in front to satisfy the audience. To make it more obvious, he should have to arrested alive. It is not just about bringing him alive in front but, mainly about exposing the real culprit because; the people believe it cannot be just Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda behind 9/11 attack as some people believe that it was George W Bush. People believe that George W Bush produced Taliban and Al Qaeda for his purpose. Can he not financially support them to have the political power? I would not personally blame the president but, there has to be someone from American political party that would have created the 9/11 to go on. Just by ending Osama Bin Laden life is not going to give American Citizen Justice as there has to be more names that are yet to be exposed. If anyone thinks to expose the name, that person would be killed so they fear the death. As a result, if the whole plot takes place only one person or a terrorist organisation gets blamed. On the other hand, the main person who prepared the plot would get away by saying that they were not available during the tragedy taking place. This is still not the end of it and there is yet to be exposed. To my point of view, the investigation on this case will still have to continue until the full truth has come in front. Not all the truth has come in front of the people and main mastermind are having a good life, which they wanted.

Posted by Mohil Patel May 7, 11 03:06 PM

The commando raid was so much easier and more effective than a pre-emptive, illegal war, based on lies, waged against a country that had nothing to do with 911 or Saddam.

So many dead soldiers, so many dead civilians. Generations in debt from money borrowed from USA competitors, and no end in sight on the so-called "War On Terror"...all for what?

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, and Bush Jr. have the blood of untold thousands on their hands. USA has lost credibility worldwide...oh yea, and they didn't even have to raise taxes to pay for it....afterall your Great Grandkids will take care of it.

Moral of the story...if The USA wants to swagger onto the world scene on the high-horse of morality....we better make sure we're not actually riding a blind, stupid, donkey.

Mission Accomplished...indeed.

Posted by Fooled Twice May 7, 11 03:51 PM

Anybody can say anything, If I told you osama is dead you would laugh at me. The president tells you and you believe. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you. Prove osama is dead. Where is the proof?

Posted by Nancy Day May 7, 11 07:18 PM

There's no muslim tradition about "sea burial".

I think this is actually avoiding muslim tradition, as in muslim tradition, somebody should be buried in earth, and since he was such evilness, so it was decided that he would not be buried in earth, but in the sea, to avoid martyrization

my theory

Posted by Rizky May 8, 11 05:14 AM

why kill biny boy we needed him alive now we will never know

Posted by holiv8 May 8, 11 08:57 AM

In 20 Years from today we will see the pics and videos, of a healty, fat and americanized Osama Bin Laden, He is NOT DEAD.. to much info and intel inside he's head, that for sure.. He is here some where in this great nation. He will be treat as he deserved.
1. yes we kill him, cut and dry.. people will be progeamed to believe that
2. Yea he is dead... OSAMA followers will dont try stupidity acts to negotiated with the US.
3. Any extra body could be trow in to the sea... any one with same similarities...
So no doubt he still alive and kikicking..

Posted by Pepe Agosto May 8, 11 10:44 AM

How much are all the "Rare Earth Elements" worth?
The ones needed to make your I-Pads, Plasma Televisions and Computers?
The ones that we don't have very much of here in USA?
The ones for which USA is competing with China?
The ones that are so "Rare", yet so vital for our economy?
The ones with which Afghanastan is loaded?

So, we invade Afghanastan to eliminate "Terror".
We invade Iraq to elimanate "Terror".
The former comes with the world's largest deposits of "Rare Earth" Elements" . The latter comes with the world's second largest proven reserve of Crude Oil.

So Osama is dead...for some reason I feel no safer.

Fooled me once, shame on you.
Fooled me twice, shame on us all.

Posted by Fooled Twice May 8, 11 01:49 PM

Sad to celebrate the death from someone. The human's heart can't found any other option than kill to make justice.

Posted by SAM 957 FRANCE May 8, 11 03:50 PM

The American government grow up terrorists in the mercenary purposes, and them destroy, when they are not necessary to them...

Posted by Alex May 8, 11 07:28 PM

I question pictures 19, 20, 21 .... wonder what they are really thinking...blood is thicker than water....where are their hearts really....

Posted by emma marro May 8, 11 10:47 PM


Posted by Blunar May 9, 11 12:10 AM

We want proof of death!!!

Posted by Anonymous May 9, 11 04:31 PM

Celebrating someone's death will not brings your mission to accomplished. bcoz if osama was truly death mind you that the second osama is in the white hause.To take you deeper in to this, ommit "B"from the name OBAMA and placed "S" inspite of it the result will be OSAMA instead of OBAMA.Above all, Obama is only targetting 2012election.

Posted by Abbakar A Badamasi May 10, 11 12:46 AM

"A strong believer is better than a weak believer.The strong believer is not the one who throws his opponent to the ground in a fight,rather the strong one is the one who forgives his opponent when he has the opportunity to take revenge"(Prophetic saying).
our Prophet(peace be upon him) was not someone who lashed out at others just bcos they were not Muslims.He was someone who loved and was loved by others irrespective of religion.everyone adored him for his refined manners,eloquent speech and high morale.
it was a time of intense conflict between Muslims and the Jews.There was a little Jewish girl who would throw trash at the Prophet when He passed by her house.The Prophet used to bear it and say nothing at day,he didnot see her.He inquired after her and heard that she was sick.He went to the girl's house,visited her and prayed for her recovery.
when a Jewish funeral procession passed by Him,he stood up as a mark of respect.This was our Prophet,filled with kindness,mercy and love, which he spread to those around him.
"And Persevere.Verily God is with those who persevere."(Quran)
let us all Muslims unite and say "NO" to these terrorists who kill people in the name of our religion.

Posted by v r all friends May 10, 11 12:59 AM

Osama is dead and red riding hood is real.
People who celebrate the death of another human being are really sick.
From whatever side are they on.

Posted by Mario May 10, 11 08:46 AM

i dont think he is dead either. i want pics.
to gruesome--come on. this generation was raised on saw, texas chainsaw, halloween, friday the 13th, feed.
i think osamas family still owns half of new york.
nobody wanted to give him a burial--bs. you KNOW that some church in the US (with more better people in it's congregation) would have taken him and given him a decent christian burial.
muslim burial and respect--first of all: on his side, facing mecca. why should we care about respecting somebody who killed all those people? i dont hink he did it by himself though, he had help here in this country.

Posted by birdy May 10, 11 07:32 PM

Every picture was nice and presentable accept Osama Bin Laden

Posted by Tatiyana Wills May 10, 11 10:52 PM

527 is a fool.

Posted by Joe May 11, 11 03:43 AM

Osama is dead

Posted by Samuel abiola omidotun May 11, 11 05:47 AM

I, for one, wish he was dead. I hope he is. But there is a big part of me that sees it differently.

Here's what I see explained to us:
A NAVY Seal specialist team was sent in.
Said team killed the target Osama Bin Laden.
The President himself watched the operation take place real-time from the helmet cams on the Seal team in the White House.
Target's body was extracted.
DNA testing confirmed it was Osama Bin Laden.
The body was disposed of at sea with full Muslim tradition.
No photos or video has been or will be presented to the public for verification as it will only make the US look distasteful.

Based on a reputable source, Osama is alive. The CIA has him in custody for interrogation. Why would the kill the head of a massive terrorist organization when he could provide information to defeat additional future planned attacks? You wouldn't, especially when you send in a much higher trained tactical team that can take him alive without issue. He doesn't need to be dead to obtain and confirm DNA. You announce to the world that he is dead and has been buried at sea so that no one will bother to look for him, while you interrogate and torture the answers out of him.

You would be a horrible leader of a nation to have it go any other way. Taking the head off a snake doesn't stop the scorpions from attacking from afar.

Posted by Anonymous. May 11, 11 08:50 AM

Dead or not, no matter. But we must feel relief, not happiness for his death.
Bin Laden did much more damage to muslim world than any one in history. Muslims are suspect, guilt or not, anywhere. But the damaged to democracy he has caused goes far from terrorism. Behind the Anti-terror War curtains, bad objectives are being reached. The political actions of last presidents in USA had transformed the Eisenhower USA ,from the most loved contry in the world (even in Japan, Italy e Germany, and by the people behind Iron Curtain) into the Bush USA, the most hated county, due to support undemocrat dictators everywhere, to engage into unjustified (if we ignore MONEY) wars, and Mr. Obama partiality in arabic riots. Mr. Obama started presidence as a Hope for all the world, as a God that would solve the Israel issue, the populists left governs (ditactors or only liers...) in Latin America, Africa and Asia, to lead Arabic region into peace, respecting the right of all people to choose their form of democracy, observing universal human rights, to solve the Koreas and Taiwan issues, to atract the ex-comunist world into European Union, to solve the economic crysis without people sacrifice...aff, a God mission, not a Man mission, but that was the (irrational) hope in everyone. But if he can replay the Kennedy, Carter and Clinton in Foreign Policy, and Roosevelt in economic issues he will be a GREAT MAN.

Posted by Carlos A M Prado May 11, 11 09:58 AM

!!!!!!THE VERY HAPPY END!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LOREN MOSS May 11, 11 10:38 AM

This foo aint dead.... People who think he's dead are stupid.

Posted by Anonymous May 11, 11 05:31 PM

I'm not happy that a man was murdered..But that ..That monster will not be able to kill any more innocent people..Shalom!:)))

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 11 02:00 AM

So from what i have heared osama was killed, unarmed!
why would someone kill an unarmed man, so it was a pure revenge thing, this lowers ourself to the same level as those al-quaida figures who fight dirty (suicide bombers, IED's). I even think there are rules against this (warfare rules, humanitarian rules). I'm not defending the fact he shouldn't been killed, i'm just saying we are better, more civilised then this.
The seals who shot osama earn 36000dollar a year (so i'm told) there was a price on Osama's head of at least 17million dollars, they get nothing. I can allmost cry when I know that American soldiers put their lives on the line (every day) for such a small wage!

Posted by Man from Belgium May 12, 11 04:55 AM

this is great

Posted by peter puffer May 12, 11 12:07 PM

I think that Osama is really not killed. I think he ran away, I would like to see some pictures before I can believe anything. But the evidence of his room, I still can't believe. I need to see it, to believe it.

Posted by Hanna May 12, 11 04:00 PM

HES NOT DEAD!!!!!people

Posted by kayla schmidt May 12, 11 06:42 PM

read the newspapers; today at least 80 people have died in Pakistan in an act of revenge by the Taliban... all because of this impulsive deed of the US... how many more will have to die before the bloodthirst of the US and the Taliban is stilled?

to all Americans; why don't you first clean up the mess in your own country before trying to "help" others in the Middle east? (and making a wreck of it in the process)

Posted by anonymous1 May 13, 11 07:20 AM

wtf are you americans thinking... killing someone without trial (no matter how terrible this person might be) is just not civilized and goes against the universal declaration of human rights.

Posted by anonym May 13, 11 07:38 AM
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