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Mississippi River flooding

The Mississippi River and tributaries continue to rise, reaching record crests, and the worst may still be to come. Portions of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas are under water, with more to come. Pressure on levees led the Army Corps of Engineers to blow up a section below Cairo, Ill, inundating 130,000 acres of farmland while saving the town. As a bulge of river water makes its way downstream, levees are stressed and rivers that empty into the Mississippi have no outlet, backing up and flooding even more land. The bulge will reach the Delta later this month, and millions of acres are threatened. -- Lane Turner (33 photos total)

Floodwaters from the Mississippi River on May 3 swamp the area north of New Madrid, Mo. (Jeff Roberson/AP)
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dont give up my fellow country men I'll pray for you.

Posted by Jason summer May 9, 11 02:16 PM

love the teamwork in these captions

Posted by beto May 9, 11 02:19 PM

wow. reminds me of our nashville flood last year

Posted by jim May 9, 11 02:23 PM

Greetings from the Netherlands, living below sealevel since the beginning of age. We call them dikes/dykes/leeves.

We already gave you some after hurricane Katrina, now defend the rest of your country against the power of water, and live in harmony with it!

Posted by Jan May 9, 11 02:46 PM

Wow. I'd be looking to relocate or rebuild on a hill next time. Hasn't anyone gotten electrocuted walking around in water while messing around with a plugged-in appliance?

On the positives side, that farmland should be revitalized with all the new silt and dirt that was brought in by the floods.

Posted by Jojo May 9, 11 02:55 PM

Those poor people! When will this ever stop?

Posted by FSMarch May 9, 11 03:21 PM

Prayers for those affected... :(

Posted by Daniel May 9, 11 03:33 PM

As devastating as all of this is, it is nice to see such a light moment captured in image number 21. Nice shot!

Posted by Hannah keen May 9, 11 03:37 PM

You said....."Prayers for those affected... :("

Why would you pray for people.....if in theory "God" is what caused it in the first place? Seems sort of silly.

Posted by Agnostic May 9, 11 03:51 PM

a bsaeball game, really?!?!

Posted by cynumber9 May 9, 11 03:52 PM

Scary. But it only seems the beginning of those disasters. This summer may be a hard one. Would be interesting to know how much worse global warming is making that storm?

Posted by Jean Simenon May 9, 11 04:03 PM

En Colombia estamos iguales, inundaciones incluso en grandes ciudades. ¿imagino que algo tendrá que ver el calentamiento global?

Posted by Jurgen May 9, 11 04:13 PM

We really need to think about living on floodplains as increased precipitation continues as we move further towards rising global temperatures. Floods like this aren't just a "one in a hundred years", but can occur again and again. Thoughts go out to those affected.

Posted by JBizzle May 9, 11 04:19 PM

I sympathize with those who have lost their homes.

Moral of the story (writing here as a Louisiana native): everyone in these historic flood zones should build their homes on stilts. And if you do not, then you cannot get home insurance.

Posted by asha May 9, 11 04:27 PM

Terrible devastation, so sad to see homes wrecked. People say "it's only belongings" but they represent years of hard work and security for families. This is difficult to replace. Hopefully lives will not be lost.

Posted by Ann Courtney May 9, 11 04:38 PM

#14 - I'd've thought the game could've waited, but it makes for a great photo.

Posted by Thomas O May 9, 11 05:19 PM

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over...and expecting something different. When are people going to learn it's never a good idea to build in a flood plain, or for that matter on the coast.

Perhaps time for a law prohibiting the issuance of flood insurance for properties in a flood plain or along the coast. That US taxpayers subsidize in some part this insanity makes enacting such a law all the more important.

Posted by Joseph May 9, 11 05:32 PM

Lets all remember that these people could be us sometime so remember to put down the camera when there is a need to help.

Posted by Allan johnston Photographer May 9, 11 06:04 PM

My sympathies to those affected. I'm sure the rising incidence of climatological disasters and abnormalities is nothing to worry about...

Posted by Ian Davies May 9, 11 06:04 PM

Hey Agnostic, there's nothing silly about showing compassion through prayer. Respect people's feelings.

Posted by PJL May 9, 11 06:26 PM

Those poor people! without their homes-where are they all staying??? i guess its a blessing they have their lives. God bless, my thoughts and prayers are with you all-keep the faith!

Posted by bgwilliams May 9, 11 06:30 PM

Wow Becky! Those pictures really put things in perspective. I spent my high school years in Memphis and that city in spite of its crime is still very dear to me.

Posted by Len May 9, 11 07:08 PM

A whole lot of hurt... At least #21 is a keeper!

Posted by Cingent May 9, 11 07:22 PM

These floods worry me. I hope everyone will make it out safe.

@Agnostic: What's the point of you questioning another's beliefs right now? At least the other is willing to do what he/she thinks is productive, unlike you...

Posted by Contra May 9, 11 08:08 PM

GOD have mercy on all theses people ,give then strength ,peace, Hopefully lives will not be lost .thank you LORD AMEN.

Posted by MARIA May 9, 11 09:10 PM

#14 - The city is flooding, but have no fear we have a baseball game in progress!

Posted by Matt May 9, 11 09:23 PM

I thought we are the only people, Bangladesh; who are routinely visited by flood, every year more or less, 20% to 70% land goes under water; it brings so much agony, whom are not affected is very difficult to understand. Thanx Boston to see high quality pictures and feed sad to see this suffer.

Posted by Niamul May 9, 11 10:12 PM

#4, Jan-- there ARE levees. Levees erode, or the river overflows, or leaks may come up from underground.

Posted by E. May 9, 11 10:34 PM

God bless you all.

well, i have a question.
i hear the news which Mississippi River flooding every year, why don't you build bank?

Posted by Anonymous May 9, 11 10:38 PM

@MARIA If prayers worked, this wouldn't have happened in the first place.

Posted by Kevin May 9, 11 10:46 PM

Prayers for those in the affected area.

Posted by Francis Chan May 9, 11 11:03 PM

@Contra: As if prayer is being productive? It's a placebo letting people do nothing at all and feel like they're doing everything.

Posted by Renaldo May 9, 11 11:35 PM

My prayers and heartache go out to all these people affected by the flood. I cant even imagine having to experience such a loss. I truly pray from the bottom of my heart for everyone....My thoughts and prayers for all this suffering...God Bless Everyone.

Posted by Patty May 9, 11 11:49 PM

Haven't seen a fisheye photo in years. A nice one.

Didn't look like there were any fans at that game. But how memorable it must have been.

Posted by Sam May 10, 11 12:02 AM

We all should pray for the people in these photo's and that the least harm comes upon them, we cannot judge or make negative comments about where they choose to live . You have to notice that different mishaps happen to people all over this earth and we should be concern for them as we should be aware that we never know whats in store for where we reside so lets keep a hats up for all people affected . God i pray that you watch over all persons affected and keep them in good faith AMEN

Posted by Jhon Henry Gibson May 10, 11 01:05 AM

anyone that says "I will pray for you" or invokes "god" is a FOOL. Save your comments or DO SOMETHING. There is no god, get an education, learn something for once in your life.

Maybe now the ignorant right-wing nut job Republicans that make up the midwest will finally believe in anthropogenic global warming......

I'm sure some idiot will say this is the work of god and insert something they oppose like gay marriage or not killing enough innocent people in Iraq.

Posted by nicole lyon May 10, 11 01:25 AM

Profound thanks to those responsible for posting these photos. WE don't usually have the luxury to see the totality of world events from our tv sets. I am deeply moved by these scenes. I am also moved to realize the power of the human spirit.

Posted by Ken Bell May 10, 11 02:48 AM

Only make sure that people is safe when wade through water.

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 11 04:43 AM

so much for climate change being a myth!

Posted by Lewis May 10, 11 06:42 AM

#21 - amazing!
Let's pray for those people. Don't give up, be strong!
Greentings from Europe!

Posted by ntf May 10, 11 06:43 AM

Has the world gone MAD!!!!!?!!!

Posted by Inger Christensen May 10, 11 07:48 AM

Courage !

Posted by Aymar May 10, 11 07:51 AM

In recent years God has given us all kinds of test,I think to see if earth and the human race is worth saving.If we show love for each other and Him we may be saved.If we keep bickering and killing I can't see how we will be saved.God help all that is effected by the floods and disasters.

Posted by Herman Dutschke May 10, 11 08:13 AM

In recent years God has given us all kinds of test,I think to see if earth and the human race is worth saving.If we show love for each other and Him we may be saved.If we keep bickering and killing I can't see how we will be saved.God help all that is effected by the floods and disasters.

Posted by Herman Dutschke May 10, 11 08:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 10, 11 09:07 AM

#4, Jan - please keep your dutch smartness for yourself. Obviosly these people did not live with water in their basement from the beginning of age and the pictures above also do not reflect that they enjoy the situation.
If you read the notes carefully - they already blew up a parts of a levee to prevent further damage of a whole city.

Thank you Boston for another set of great photo. God have mercy upon those people.

Posted by Andrés Iniesta May 10, 11 09:11 AM

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy!! So sad......

Posted by John May 10, 11 09:44 AM


Posted by CARMEN May 10, 11 09:59 AM

Dear God! the global warming caused by the human action some buddy must the received the flood waters. Please give these people the neccesary stregnt in their spirits and souls to resists this hard moments.

Posted by martin lacayo May 10, 11 10:33 AM

these pics show exactly why we need to make it illegal to build on floodplains.

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 11 10:37 AM

Please rebuild AWAY from the flood zone. The mississippi is not going away. This pattern of losing entire towns is going to happen year after year, and it only gets worse as towns become more populated. The river had a flood plain naturally to accommodate it. We tried to hold it back with levees (which clearly don't work so well), and we need to admit people are simply safer & better off not building in low land along this river.

Posted by Calico May 10, 11 10:42 AM

Hey Agnostic #9 - that's a very meaningful comment. Every time a tragedy happens, people are quick to say 'Prayers for the affected' and forget the fact that their god(s) is responsible for all this and that they are praying to him!!!

Seems very illogical to do.

Posted by The_Iguana May 10, 11 10:43 AM

Don't build on floodplains! Let rivers take their natural course!

Posted by Anonymous May 10, 11 11:24 AM

hey Joseph,

8 States buddy, there is no way you can chalk this up to "people should know better than to live by the coast". I understand your frustration with the damage caused, people affected, etc. but don't let your emotions force you to an answer that just isn't there. May all these people feel the presence of the lord to provide comfort

Posted by Dominic May 10, 11 11:30 AM

#4: In picture 4 they blow up LEVEES to protect another city. For you and me that would be like blowing up a dyke somewhere in Gelderland to protect Rotterdam when one of our main rivers would get to much water. The problem is that large parts of rivers get concreet walls through cities and than end up rising until there is a weak spot they burst through.

But I agree that they are probably not managing water like we do, but the difference is money. In a dense populated area like the Netherlands there will be great damage if something like this would happen. You can't compare it to this.

#27 Bangladesh and The Netherlands have the same meaning (low land). There are some Dutch people in Bangladesh consulting your country on prevent flooding, however with scares money it will take ages I am affraid.

Posted by Nico Nijman May 10, 11 11:58 AM

To Agnostic,
Where did you ever get the idea that God sends floods? If I believed that I wouldn't trust such a god either.

Floods are a natural part of earthly climate. They will come from time to time and when they do we have to cope with them. People of faith know that God cares and prayer is the method God uses to work together with faithful believers to accomplish good in the world.

I also pray for you, dear Agnostic, to come to know God as your loving heavenly Father. He loves you and wants to hear from you.

Posted by Rick Blumenberg May 10, 11 12:13 PM

mane this stuff is redecless so wish everone and mii family luck on this flood

Posted by chdiamond rosser May 10, 11 12:22 PM

Hey agnostic! God did not do this. He just allowed the natural forces of nature take over without His protection all because men reject God and His ways. People do not want to read his word or learn what to do to receive God's protection from things like this.

Posted by Steve K. May 10, 11 12:46 PM

it amazes me how much people are willing to bring religion into this, or other, natural disasters. it matters little if you believe or not, natural disasters are going to happen. if you choose to believe and send prayers to your god, and it makes you feel better, then do it. theres nothing wrong with it. also, if you choose to not believe in a god, you have that right too. please stop with the petty bickering about religion. theres other forums better suited to such a thing. this is not one of them.

Posted by LoneWolf8472 May 10, 11 01:22 PM

For all the unbelievers, it will be a sad day when the world comes to an end and you find out that God is very REAL and always has been!! My prayers for all the affected and to all the ignorant ones who don't know any better and base their beliefs on "theory." I am in one of these affected areas and will be praying to a God who does care and will help all that are affected.

Posted by anonymous May 10, 11 01:35 PM

@ Joseph: Are you serious? Do you actually realize how much land this flood is covering? Do you really expect people to not live near the largest river system in the states or along any coastline? Who is going to harvest the crops that grow along the Mississippi that provide food across the nation? Who is going to run the seafood industry if no one lives along the coastline? Every where in the states has the potential for some kind of natural disaster. Whats next? A "law" prohibiting insurance for people that live in "tornado alley?" A "law" prohibiting insurance for anyone in California because of earthquakes? Insurance companies don't have to issue insurance to places in vulnerable "law" necessary. Why would there be such a thing as flood insurance if nothing ever flooded? You're ignorant.

Posted by Cal May 10, 11 01:52 PM

Please note: We here in the heartland do not live next to a sea or ocean where we deal with tides that are predictable. Parts of our region have seen up to and over 20 inches of rain in the past few weeks. This intense deluge, which stalled out on top of us for more than a week spawned the Tornadoes that ripped through the South, hailstorms, and now, the flooding which you all are hearing about. This weather has been hitting us since April 22nd, if not before.
Also, the Levee at Bird's Point wasn't blown to save a town - it was blown to relieve all the back pressure for ALL the towns upstream from it, both on the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers, along with their tributaries. Was Cairo involved? Yes - that is where the river guage is located. But it also has affected Karnak, Paducah, Metropolis, East Prairie, Calvert City, Elizabethtown, Smithland, Ledbetter, Cave in Rock, New Madrid, Shawneetown, and scores more towns that, while they have levees, they have either fallen into disrepair, weren't adequate enough for the vast amount, or both.

Posted by Kathy Keeney May 10, 11 01:56 PM

You want to make it illegal to live on a floodplain? Will you also want to make it illegal to live in a tornado zone, earthquake zone, blizzard zone, hurricane zone, drought zone, volcano zone, etc.? Exactly where do you want everyone to live? Every inhabitable part of the earth has the potential for some kind of natural disaster....

Posted by L Sandel May 10, 11 02:22 PM

Where are we going? what are we doing to the earth? God help all this people...and I believe we are next here in Vidalia LA! prayers for everybody.

Posted by Susana May 10, 11 02:57 PM

Hey Steve K at 58! or are you Jerry Falwell? Lets hope people continue to reject God's ways as he's clearly insane...

"Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death" - Exodus 31:15

Posted by HKrinkle May 10, 11 03:12 PM

Where's our government when Americans need help?? Oh yeah, that's right. They're busy "spreading democracy" in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan (and who knows where else)

Posted by Disgusted May 10, 11 03:25 PM


Posted by Dissapointed May 10, 11 03:38 PM

All returns to be paid all ..

Posted by Freedom Fighter May 10, 11 03:52 PM

@ Nico Nijman (#55): Don't you think that the Americans are behaving a bit stubborn when it comes to accidents like this, happening every other year? And when something happens it's always very difficult to accept help, especially when the help is offered by people that have more experience and knowledge on the problem. Think about the flooding of New Orleans or the Gulf oil spilling (Deepwater Horizon).
Same situation btw with Japan, having difficulties with accepting help on the Fukushima situation.


Posted by Guan May 10, 11 04:49 PM

It'll go down as 'an act of god' on the insurance forms for these poor folks who have lost stuff, and as such the insurance companies will dodge paying out for losses? Religious or otherwise, some folks look to have been dealt a rough one, best of luck getting it all back together

Posted by random May 10, 11 05:19 PM

I will continue to pray for the families that are affected by this devistation. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!!!

Posted by Cortney Boutte May 10, 11 05:26 PM

devastating images, I'm proud to be christian and believe in something so I can pray to my Lord to help them and give strenghth to those in need. And if I believe in praying to a door for help then let me be, there are so many other important things to take to a table for discussion. All this seems like we were in the caveman era, hitting each other over the head with words. I opened my door in the year 2005 to four families, what have all of you done?, besides all this senseless bickering, think about it, YOU could be next. With a TORNADO,MINE EXPLOSION, ECT.... LUPITA

Posted by LUPITA RODRIGUEZ May 10, 11 05:39 PM

That'll keep em' busy,

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah

Posted by stewart May 10, 11 07:15 PM

Has revelation started, why didn't we get raptured?

Posted by g-man May 10, 11 08:21 PM

I deeply feel sorrow for all the people that have suffered tragedy and loss from the past tornado outbreak and the flooding that is taking place now. As for saying this is God's doing, that is so untrue. We r not promised a life without hard times, but God is there for everybody to lean on. I pray that God gives the people the strength to rebuild their life. As for the ones that don't believe, I pray for you that u will open your heart before it's too late. God Bless America!! When it comes to telling people where they should be able to live, I think you must consider that we have fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, and hurricanes. So the way I see it, every part of the country is effected with natural disasters.

Posted by Southern girl May 10, 11 08:54 PM

Someone once told me, when people turned against God,
nature turned against a man.

Posted by June Harris May 10, 11 09:46 PM

Possible result of global warming as mentioned by few in above that finally comes to everyone's doorstep.

Posted by seikomatic May 10, 11 10:09 PM

i hope insurance companies will help those lost their properties, I shall say their homes

Posted by watersource May 10, 11 10:43 PM


Posted by BETO May 10, 11 10:47 PM

We were thinking that whole USA is rejoicing the killing of most wanted dreaded terrorist osama bin laden but here is another side of picture.the flood of mississipi river left the americans in helpless condition as happenes in any countries of this is true nature does not spare anybody and everybody on this earth has to pay the cost. I request to President Obama and USA administration to lookk after their internal affair before policing the world ,Our wholehearted sympathy to all affected by flood.WE also hope that fighting to terrorism will continue till the end.there is only one solution to root out the terrorism by merging of pakistan in india as done in case of Germany.Mr. OBAMA startnow in this direction.

Posted by ALKARA May 10, 11 11:28 PM

stop polutions , and the weather will be better . who are the greater man make the most polution in the world ? american no ?They reap what they sow

Posted by ol May 11, 11 12:59 AM

I really feel for all these people from my heart - may god be with them. I hope that they are all issured and the insurance companies dont mess them around, god willing.

Posted by Mahomed May 11, 11 10:15 AM

To all the "the end is coming" crazies. Please, for the love of humanity, get some perspective.

Think what it would be like if there was no internet, no media, no copper wires, no satellites. If we didn't have our instantaneous, overwhelming, voyeuristic news feeds. If we lived just a bit more than 150 years ago. It's safe to say that most of us, living our daily lives, wouldn't know these things were going on.

We wouldn't know there was an earthquake in New Zealand. Fires in Texas and Brazil. An active volcano in Indonesia. Earthquake swarms. Sunspots and solar storms. Sandstorms across northern Africa. Flooding in the Midwest. Tornadoes in the US south. Tsunamis in Japan. Glaciers calving. Droughts in Siberia.

We wouldn't know unless we lived there.

Yes, some of us would find out through letters and through gossip. Maybe a snippet in a paper. A grainy photo or lithograph. And it would be days, weeks, if not months later. And it would be news lacking in intensity and vigor and scale, unless told by the right traveler. Unless told by the right story teller.

We are all such children in the face of this planet. And we are all such children in the face of technology. Blinded mewling babes taking our first steps next to a cliff.

As for this flooding, may the dry weather hold out a bit longer and may the strength of the people carry them through. Good luck.

Posted by Maria May 11, 11 10:21 AM

i hope the folks in the flood areas pull together and get through this . my thoughts and best wishes go out to them from across ' the pond ' , i'm afraid that's all i have ... wishes . Love from England :-)

Posted by roger walker May 11, 11 11:29 AM

I"m sorry for this situation natural or not,people suffer a lot,we simpatize with all,dont give up please!!!!!

Posted by CarmenAguilar May 11, 11 12:13 PM

And people still don't believe that global climate change and carbon reduction is important.

Posted by lizzie b May 11, 11 12:32 PM

The people who keep saying "don't build in a flood plain" seem to forget that there are reasons for doing so - such as rich farmlands for one. I guess all of the farmers could move to drier areas - but then of course, there's that sticky thing about having water for their crops and livestock. Cities were built in these areas historically because of the nearness to water - most of the world's major cities are along rivers and coastlines. Should we just pack up them all up and move them to drier locations? When you say "don't build in flood plains" have you considered at all the implications of doing so?

Posted by Kelly May 11, 11 12:52 PM

This is what happens if man tries to change nature. The straightening of rivers causes a greater catastrophe than it usually would have been and people seddling in floodplains know the (natural) risks of their area.
Nevertheless, I wish them all the best and enough time to think about life - that's always helpful.

Posted by Patrick May 11, 11 01:31 PM

who won the game? ; D

Posted by silly May 11, 11 02:38 PM

Sorry for all of those that didn't have the resources to protect their properties. For all of the community leaders that do not have a clue thatbthere are easy methods, that are an alternative to regular sandbags. I saw these big bags USA barriers, that were so fast to deploy, they deployed 1800 feet in less than 4 hours. That is about 100,000 regular sandbags and the equipment does all the work. Look at all of the faces of the sandbaggers in the above pictures, they are stressed out volunteering, and have no other option.......or do they?

Posted by TSpalj May 11, 11 03:01 PM

I feel so bad for these people. But it makes my heart smile when I see how everyone from all walks of life are working together. God Bless You All! You are in my prayers!

Posted by Peggy from Delaware May 11, 11 03:07 PM

Keep your heads up. God Bless you all!

Posted by Caro May 11, 11 04:00 PM

#6 - talk about sacrifice. This is one thing you have to respect Americans for, in a time of need they will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Their hearts are in the right place.

Right, blame it on global warming.. How about the cyclical nature of weather or the fact we are overdue for a pole shift?

Posted by Smark May 11, 11 04:15 PM

Maybe we should stop rebuiding countrys o''seas and take care of Americans!

Posted by L.Anthony May 11, 11 04:59 PM

Man the Midwest is getting it hard this year. I wonder if it is possible to build a tornado resistant home that is also on stilts. I'd guess probably not.

And to all you Christians and atheists - pray for these people, or don't. I really couldn't care less. But definitely donate to the Red Cross. I did.

Posted by John Irvine May 11, 11 05:04 PM

#22 Len, I lived in around Memphis for 50+ years. People are resilient as you see in the photos. Many memories as I see these pictures. Some years are worse than others. We survive and carry on, we pray and GOD answers in HIS way, not ours.

Posted by Roger K. May 11, 11 07:09 PM

Such sad images from top to bottom. And what make it more sad is we see images of this kind of flooding more and more often. For all of the climate-change deniers out there ... what planet do you live on? If a picture is worth a thousand words, these photos tell the story of how our world is changing.

Posted by PJRiowa May 11, 11 08:12 PM

#83, Maria, you are a breath of fresh air on a site overrun with hysteria. The sky is always falling, just depends on where you're standing.

Posted by Matt May 12, 11 12:21 AM

#83 Great point. Thanks for the perspective. My thoughts are with all of those around the world facing adversity.

Posted by Linda May 12, 11 12:54 AM


Posted by Anonymous May 12, 11 02:00 AM

#83's comment: right on the money, it's amazing it took that many comments (to the religious debate morons)

Posted by shane May 12, 11 06:50 AM

In spite of the sad news, I couldn't help chuckle on pic #21. Now, THAT's resilience!

Posted by Tom May 12, 11 08:56 AM

This is very devastating. I will keep those people in my prayers.

Posted by Chyna Gatewood May 12, 11 09:39 AM

I pray for all everyone affected. The Big Picture, however, should also cover the flooding caused in the province of Manitoba in Canada. People are affected there too. Prayers go out to them as well.

Posted by Anonymous May 12, 11 09:41 AM

Being a christian, I believe GOD has a reason for everything he does. I look at all this devastation, and am sending prayers for all the individuals involved. May GOD send you the people to help you remake your lives.....

Posted by Joyce Sanders May 12, 11 12:20 PM

Dhiss Is Sooooooooooo Sad , I'm Glad It Didnt hit Nashville ( : I will pray For Yall ErNiqhtee .

Posted by Mrss.Faulk May 12, 11 03:12 PM

Climate Chaos causes more water to evaporate and go into the atmosphere. When it rains, it will POUR. Get used to it and prepare for next time. If you've already read the Bible, pick up a physics book to round out your education. There is a difference between 'climate' and weather.

Posted by The Chemist May 12, 11 04:39 PM

Where were foreign aid workers helping Americans? I'm sure they'll be showing up sometime soon, right?

Posted by KK May 12, 11 05:53 PM

bless you all.

Posted by pat May 12, 11 06:08 PM

Desde Caracas Venezuela.De verdad es sumamente triste esta situacion,muchisimas personas Venezolanas sentimos un gran dolor por el padecimiento de estas pbre. gentes, Dios los Ayude y los asista tenga fe , ustedes son muy especiales,pues tienen una gran nacion ,donde sus Gobernantes Si quieren a su Pais de verdad verdad, Por aca en Latinpamerica tambien tenemos situaciones muy similares con la disferencia, que nuestros Gobernantes son muy distinto ,pues odian a su pueblo simplemente por no comulgar con sus ideas socialistas ,comunistas,por favor les pedimos al pueblo Norteamericano recen por nosotros, a ver si salimos de este sistema democraticamente en las proximas elecciones, digan los angeles Amen . Dios Proteja al gran pueblo Norteamericano y a su sistema , la mejor Democracia del Mundo . Dios los Bendiga.

Posted by Jesus May 12, 11 08:16 PM

это ужасно:( но в сша отличная социальная политика, думаю они справятся. если бы такое произошло в россии, она бы просто перестала существовать..

Posted by Анонимус May 13, 11 02:46 AM
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