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The Royal Wedding

Under cool, gray skies billions watched from outside Westminster Abbey and on television worldwide as 1900 invited guests inside witnessed as Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton were married in one of the largest events in London in decades. A little over an hour after they arrived at the Abbey to be married, the couple emerged on a red carpet and onto the streets to a peal of bells and into a horse-drawn carriage, heading toward Buckingham Palace. The prince had married what the British call a commoner; now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (titles granted by Queen Elizabeth II). The couple stepped out onto a balcony a short time later to greet the enormous crowd along the Mall - a tradition at royal weddings. They kissed for the first time in public as a married couple as a cheer went up from the crowd. -- Paula Nelson (36 photos total)

Catherine (Kate) Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey before her marriage to Britain's Prince William in central London. (Toby Melville/Reuters)
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Parásitos del Estado.

Posted by Diego April 29, 11 02:15 PM

happily ever after...

Posted by jenerick April 29, 11 02:26 PM

Nice photos.. Good job Boston Globe!

Posted by Ritish April 29, 11 02:33 PM

so how much money did the UK government spend on this? i thought the state was cash-strapped when it comes to schools & social services. but there's always money for senseless wars in Afghanistan / Libya and ego-stroking weddings, i suppose

Posted by earth's conscience(?) April 29, 11 02:35 PM

GORGEOUS pictures. Such a lovely wedding - the Brits know how to put on a show! Best wishes to this very handsome royal couple and thanks for the fun diversion!

Posted by moi April 29, 11 02:35 PM

Great photos..

Posted by Maheash April 29, 11 02:36 PM

It was the father of the modern British constitution, the 19th-century essayist Walter Bagehot, who once wrote "a royal family sweetens politics by the seasonable addition of nice and pretty events".

Posted by Markus April 29, 11 02:37 PM

The wedding didn't interest me, but the photography simply blew my mind!

Posted by Harsh April 29, 11 02:40 PM

Beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding.

Posted by Guillermo April 29, 11 02:41 PM

So many collections of pictures of this event. This is one of the finest . . . well done!

Posted by JC April 29, 11 02:41 PM

Three laughing policeman! priceless!

Posted by leofric April 29, 11 02:42 PM


You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Posted by Michael April 29, 11 02:45 PM

Beautiful Pics...

Posted by Amit April 29, 11 02:47 PM

Where is Charles?

Posted by Derrick April 29, 11 02:49 PM

Beautiful ceremony, she looked stunning as well as her hubby

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 02:52 PM

#35 is awesome! They make such a beautiful couple :)

Posted by Johana Cevallos April 29, 11 02:53 PM

Wish you Happy, Healthy and Successful married life to newly married couple. May God bless you.

Posted by Arjun Jaisawal April 29, 11 03:02 PM

Pathetic royalty. They are no better than anyone else. I can't wait till royalty falls. Until then the ''prince'' gets bald just like any other guys.

Posted by Etienne April 29, 11 03:04 PM

#11 is wonderful!

Posted by Cheryl April 29, 11 03:04 PM

good pics!

Posted by alex April 29, 11 03:07 PM

Great pics!

Posted by brigitte April 29, 11 03:09 PM

I'm just dissapointed there weren't more photos of those absolutely ridiculous hats that the guests were wearing. Maybe next weeks blog will concentrate solely on the hats? Fingers are crossed.

Posted by Cathpah April 29, 11 03:09 PM


Posted by sam April 29, 11 03:12 PM


Posted by elmo April 29, 11 03:14 PM

Congrats ! beautiful pics

Posted by J. April 29, 11 03:18 PM

Very inspiring! I wish them well!

Posted by Bangon Kali April 29, 11 03:26 PM

rly nice pics ;)

Posted by Xenophos April 29, 11 03:27 PM

They are so beautiful!
God bless them!

Posted by Natalia April 29, 11 03:28 PM

#6 I am at the wedding baby! Yeah!!

Posted by SC April 29, 11 03:33 PM

#33 and #34 - that kid on the left is so bored .. ( great photos )

Posted by frank April 29, 11 03:33 PM

who cares?

Posted by gregk April 29, 11 03:37 PM

beautiful! absolutely stunning!

Posted by jilliane April 29, 11 03:37 PM


Posted by Varun April 29, 11 03:38 PM

No matter who they are, it's sweet to see young people so happy.

Posted by Serai April 29, 11 03:39 PM

It's great to have something to celebrate.

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 03:40 PM

like a fairytale... :)

Posted by roberta April 29, 11 03:41 PM

Very nice.

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 03:42 PM

Amazing photos. for a lovely event.. just really nice to see people all happy

Posted by B April 29, 11 03:45 PM

How long before she goes the way of Diana and Sara?

Posted by Kenoscope April 29, 11 03:49 PM

Beautiful pictures... she looked lovely

Posted by Erica April 29, 11 03:52 PM

It was a nice wedding, for sure.

Posted by Olivier April 29, 11 03:53 PM

In #36 why is Catherine driving the car? Oh wait... they are in the UK.

Posted by Mark VPol April 29, 11 03:59 PM

There was a wedding?

Posted by NiBo April 29, 11 04:04 PM

Great photo coverage! I saw the gear the Reuters photographers were carrying... 110+ lbs of cameras.

Posted by duckster April 29, 11 04:12 PM

Great Occasion.
All the best to the bride and groom from NZ

Posted by MJM April 29, 11 04:16 PM

God save the Queen!

Posted by Peter April 29, 11 04:17 PM

Great day! fantastic pics. Well done.

Posted by Lamaldo78 April 29, 11 04:21 PM


Posted by Cedrick April 29, 11 04:21 PM


Posted by Oshik Ernst April 29, 11 04:21 PM

Yawn -O-

Posted by Jay Hyde April 29, 11 04:22 PM

Beautiful Royal Wedding Pictures!
I watched the entire Wedding; the pictures are just as I saw it!

Posted by Olga Mounicou April 29, 11 04:23 PM

Great pictures and the chance to see close up detail of the dress.

Posted by david wakeham April 29, 11 04:24 PM

Beautiful Royal Wedding Pictures!
I watched the entire Wedding; the pictures are just as I saw it!

Posted by Olga Mounicou April 29, 11 04:25 PM

Glad that's over with. Meanwhile in japan...

Posted by Mark April 29, 11 04:25 PM

Good shots!

Posted by Joerg April 29, 11 04:26 PM

Wow~~~ excellent pics~
Am i the first one to comment?

Posted by Tandy April 29, 11 04:27 PM

God save the Queen!

Posted by Peter April 29, 11 04:27 PM

No es pa tanto! pues!

Posted by Elizabeth April 29, 11 04:27 PM

What a waste of time and money !!

People are dying in the middle east and those people are spending millions of dollars on a stupid wedding..

Posted by Ahmed April 29, 11 04:29 PM

So beautiful! Kate is exquisite and her dress so well reflects her modesty and class. Wishing them all the happiness and as much normalcy in their beautiful lives ahead of them.

Posted by Hannah April 29, 11 04:30 PM

Wow!!! Kate is Beautiful

Posted by hughost April 29, 11 04:31 PM

Big congratulation from Poland !!!

Posted by Dominika April 29, 11 04:33 PM

Looking through the lens of history. A thousand of years of British pageantry and tradition. To watch that is to be part of it. I wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge nothing but the joy of life and congratulations to the British people !

Posted by Milwaukee Matt April 29, 11 04:37 PM

All they need is LOVE . GB him ! :)

Posted by Ovidiu April 29, 11 04:38 PM

best wishes!

Posted by prakash kandel April 29, 11 04:42 PM

jesus, he is bald, while the girl looks like snow white, it's really quiet a contrast, what the name of that dwarf died in harry potter this year,

i can't believe they would a bigger news , while the us and brit fight for "freedom" in the middle east should they get rid of their king and queen first, I think that's at least 50% communist to keep them right? white people?

Posted by jesus101 April 29, 11 04:42 PM


Posted by harry April 29, 11 04:43 PM

too beautiful!

Posted by Hamza April 29, 11 04:44 PM

Great set, best wishes to them!!!

Posted by Zach April 29, 11 04:46 PM

My congratulations go out to Prince William and Kake Middleton on there Royal wedding.Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness together.

Posted by Lance De Leavey April 29, 11 04:47 PM

Que hermosa mujer. Buena suerte, sobretodo que sea mejor que Diana

Posted by zenga April 29, 11 04:50 PM

Number 11 is brilliant. Instantly brought a smile to my face :)

Posted by Denver - Dublin, Ireland April 29, 11 04:50 PM

What lovely Wedding love it or hate it

Posted by The Saint April 29, 11 04:51 PM

I'm glad they're enjoying themselves. It's fascinating what people are willing to spend money upon.

Posted by Mark April 29, 11 04:54 PM

#23 Oh yes, now that's what I call royalty.

Posted by No Thanks April 29, 11 04:56 PM

What brand of cars are? the last is an Ason Martin?

Posted by Carlos April 29, 11 04:58 PM

I don't get how billions watched this.

But as an American, is this what it feels like when America blows events out of proportion (balloon boy, ectect)?

Posted by graham April 29, 11 05:01 PM

Thanks for the pictures, they're brilliant!

Posted by Zayn April 29, 11 05:04 PM

William may have a lavish wedding, royal riches and a beautiful wife, but he'd swap it all for a full head of hair...

Posted by George April 29, 11 05:06 PM

#6 and #34 I like the most. #6 because it shows how this wedding is really celebrated and enjoyed by the people. And #34 because the bridesmaid recognizes a real special moment.

Posted by Harm April 29, 11 05:11 PM

wow :)

Posted by ines April 29, 11 05:13 PM

Just beautiful. Even if one can't appreciate the history, one has to admit that everything was beautiful; the bride, groom, the Abbey. The photos are just amazing.

Kate's family's story is really an American story, one that we should really understand. One generation ago (I believe) they were coal miners and now the grand daughter will be the future queen of England. That normally doesn't happen in England.

Just the history alone was worth watching...everything from where her flowers came from, to the church, to the families. So worth it and beautiful.

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 05:14 PM


Posted by Dutchie April 29, 11 05:15 PM

people which is marrying the same day will seem ridiculous

Posted by gza April 29, 11 05:17 PM

BigPicture - best photos as always - thank you :-)

Posted by Paul April 29, 11 05:19 PM

They do make a nice looking couple I must say. I do wonder how many British government jobs could have been saved for all of the cost of this wedding of the royal family which are mere figureheads for a financially struggling nation. Oh well, cheers to the bride and groom anyways. :-)

Posted by RogerT April 29, 11 05:20 PM


Posted by Sofia April 29, 11 05:20 PM

pretty good job! You can take perfect photos of everything! Nice pictures as always, nice wedding! Congrats

Posted by Leandro Cortiano Elias April 29, 11 05:22 PM

It seems a little tacky to end a royal wedding with the future king driving off in a Mini.

Posted by Carl April 29, 11 05:26 PM

que lindooooo

Posted by Eu April 29, 11 05:30 PM

Me parece mentira el dinero que les a costado la boda y los preparativos para nada, al final se casan dos personas.
De verdad que es tan importantes la monarquía?
Viven como reyes sin hacer nada y los de mas sin trabajo, manda huevos.

Posted by Juanra. April 29, 11 05:31 PM

Yay! William and Kate look so happy! Kudos to security. I'm glad the wedding happened without incident.

Posted by Amber April 29, 11 05:35 PM

good! I like it.

Posted by JackTai April 29, 11 05:37 PM

Type your comment here...

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 05:38 PM

An enchanting day in London. It will seem hard to believe from these images, but we are a very modest nation at practising patriotism. We are outward, rather than inward, looking. These scenes are truly rare indeed. Thus, the occasion was special to us as a country, and special to those in the Commonwealth of nations.

Posted by Tim April 29, 11 05:41 PM

Can we move on with our lives now?

Posted by Patrick April 29, 11 05:46 PM

It's amazing how discretely such amazing pictures in the church have been made!

Posted by Philipp Blum April 29, 11 05:50 PM

Wonderful set of images. It was an amazing day and London was buzzing.

Posted by Kirsten Mavric April 29, 11 05:58 PM

Wonderful set of images. It was an amazing day and London was buzzing.

Posted by Kirsten Mavric April 29, 11 05:59 PM

like a movie !

Posted by ronsho April 29, 11 06:01 PM

Nobody can replace Diana.. She is true English Angel

Posted by Prasanna April 29, 11 06:08 PM

It was truly lovely! I really felt the affection between the two..and Catherine is a beautiful elegant bride. Congratulations to them both!

Posted by Jennifer April 29, 11 06:12 PM

Long life live the queen and congs for Prince william and princess Kate :)

Posted by GoodSword April 29, 11 06:14 PM

I'm not a monarchist but that was great - only someone with a cold and soulless heart could pour scorn on such a celebration of life.

I hope the young couple have a lovely life and family together.

Posted by hotairmail April 29, 11 06:14 PM

Fantastic photos! Congratulations to the newly weds. The media circus can stop now. Lets focus on Obama's birth certificate now.

Posted by Stephen Frank April 29, 11 06:16 PM

Nice one

Posted by Christian Hedel April 29, 11 06:17 PM

bye bye tax money

Posted by steve April 29, 11 06:18 PM

She's so pretty ! Thank you very much for these extraordinary pictures of an extraordinary wedding. Kisses from France!

Posted by macak April 29, 11 06:21 PM

There seems to be some typo errors in a few of the photos regarding the Duchess's name. Is the Princess's name spelt with a "C" or a "K"? Kate is referred to as "Catherine" rather than "Katherine" in many photos and I do believe it is the latter.
Maybe those should be corrected if in error.

Posted by L Vantreight April 29, 11 06:24 PM

Très belles photos. Toute l'angleterre y figure : tradition, puissance, élégance

Posted by dubcek April 29, 11 06:24 PM

gorgeous couple. best wishes for a wonderful marriage

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 06:26 PM

congratulations on your wedding day at the same tme I am also a great grandma again on your wedding day.The Robbins family

Posted by zeny R. Robbins April 29, 11 06:30 PM

Nobody can replace Diana.. She is a true... English Angel

Posted by Prasanna April 29, 11 06:33 PM

Beautiful, beautiful pictures - so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Debbie Davis April 29, 11 06:35 PM

Beautiful Pictures!

Posted by Jeremy April 29, 11 06:36 PM

so happy for them!

Posted by yao April 29, 11 06:38 PM

I was here... :))

Posted by Indepy April 29, 11 06:38 PM

Nem feltétlenül TC a csaj, de szimpi

Posted by Gábor Toperczer April 29, 11 06:42 PM


Small note on the photo 18 caption, which is wrong: They did NOT exchange rings! William will not wear a ring. Only Kate was given one!

Posted by Steffen M. Boelaars April 29, 11 06:42 PM

Genial !!!, como siempre mostrando las grandes imagenes, felicitaciones !!!
Saludos desde México.

Posted by Jorge Arana April 29, 11 06:42 PM


Posted by 沙宣 April 29, 11 06:45 PM

# the near future...........Pippa & Henry :O :P

Posted by Jerry April 29, 11 06:49 PM

I must admit, I've had absolutely no interest in this event, seeing it as being a lot of hype over a group of people who are largely figureheads. But I actually enjoyed the pictures. Something to be said for the carrying on of tradition in a time when everyone else seems to want revolution.

Posted by Bruno B April 29, 11 06:51 PM


Posted by fred April 29, 11 06:52 PM

May they be happy and help bring peace to this world !

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 06:55 PM


Posted by kimzhengriwenjiabao April 29, 11 07:01 PM

The wedding of Kate has revealed the astonishing beauty if her sister Pippa !

Posted by thirty-one April 29, 11 07:03 PM

I like the pictures.

Posted by Lola (age 7) April 29, 11 07:04 PM


Posted by royallyindifferent April 29, 11 07:08 PM

she's beautifullll

Posted by Ianninis April 29, 11 07:08 PM

best wishes...

Posted by ktt April 29, 11 07:13 PM

Beautiful wedding! Kate's gown was simple, yet stunning! Well done!

Posted by Sandra April 29, 11 07:18 PM

So happy for them :)

Posted by Zikica April 29, 11 07:20 PM


Posted by DONKEY April 29, 11 07:22 PM

I'm 99% sure they aren't cousins or anything.

Way to go Willie!!!

Cheers to the great pics!

Posted by Same Jeans April 29, 11 07:28 PM

17 - mah-widge...

Posted by Buzz April 29, 11 07:29 PM

I wonder who is paying for all that fancy wedding..

Posted by Jose Luis 'El Puma' April 29, 11 07:34 PM


Posted by ABCNN April 29, 11 07:35 PM

Excellent photos...

Posted by Vishnu April 29, 11 07:40 PM


Posted by Whut April 29, 11 07:44 PM

Amazing snaps..and so quick. Awesome Job.

Posted by Chandra April 29, 11 07:47 PM

Beautiful pictures. May their marriage be long and happy. As an Englishman in America, these pictures make me so proud to remember my roots.

Posted by Richard April 29, 11 07:50 PM

Prince and Beauty, just PERFECT except bald prince!

Posted by Allen Zhou April 29, 11 07:54 PM

Wow. Fabulous pictures!
I always wanted to be in the scene of history.
I missed again ^^
May be I have to be a AP photojournalist, and I'm eager to be.

Posted by Bleuman April 29, 11 07:57 PM

Quite happy for them both!
Good luck!!

Posted by Oleg O. Moiseyenko April 29, 11 08:02 PM

Check out the difference in chairs on picture #23, as to not forget who's who.

Posted by Stijn April 29, 11 08:10 PM

Diana had a stronger presence, but I guess she'll do too.

Posted by Zainab April 29, 11 08:23 PM

AWESOME PICTURES!!!!! It was an event that will be remembered by the young and old. May they have much happiness and joy!!!

Posted by D. Svorinich April 29, 11 08:24 PM

Am I the only one noticing the ugly high-ISO noise in some of the pics?
Are these guys using 1Ds Mk2, or D2h?
Because the goods ones are MUCH cleaner, probably D3 or D3s.

Posted by Rodrigo Valle April 29, 11 08:33 PM

in history :)

Posted by maha araja April 29, 11 08:45 PM

#24 At the middle, Pippa and Harry! They're next! :D

Posted by Jedd April 29, 11 09:08 PM

am i the only one who noticed that in picture #28 the police office has the safety turn off on his MP5?

Posted by Jack April 29, 11 09:19 PM

Jeez? It's enough to make you wanna cry?

Posted by Raymond Clifford April 29, 11 09:26 PM

น่าประทับใจมากครับ Good Picture

Posted by หม่อม บางซื่อ Thailand April 29, 11 09:48 PM


Posted by mod_x April 29, 11 09:51 PM


Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 09:53 PM

Whats a waste of taxpayers money... They better build a new hospital or two...

Posted by Pavel April 29, 11 10:14 PM

It was absolutely beautiful. Hope their love forever.

Posted by Brian April 29, 11 10:27 PM


Posted by Nathan April 29, 11 10:31 PM

best wishes to the beautiful and happy couple! :)

Posted by mona April 29, 11 10:41 PM

Boludez total.

Posted by Vurro Ruso April 29, 11 10:49 PM

Around 4,000 people get married everyday. This is no more important nor special than any of those. The worlds obsession by this event is so sad to me.

Posted by Thomas April 29, 11 11:45 PM

مبارک باشه

Posted by mohammad April 30, 11 12:00 AM

"Meanwhile is Africa..."

Posted by AAA April 30, 11 12:19 AM

ิlive happily ever after such a beautiful and perfect wedding

Posted by phimraphas ngamsantivongsa April 30, 11 12:49 AM

To Carl (#89) - Mini tacky, vintage Aston Martin Volante, not so much.

Posted by Silverback April 30, 11 01:06 AM

Notice how Kate's family had wooden chairs and William's family had the plush in photo #23
Wish the new married couple all the best.

Posted by Ryan April 30, 11 01:29 AM

Great photos!!!!!

Posted by Camelia Cristina Bunea April 30, 11 02:12 AM

Beautiful, beautiful pictures, as would be expected from The Big Picture. And it really was a lovely ceremony. The most important part was the obvious happiness on both the bride and groom's faces. It's a shame that some commentors here cannot take a single day out of their news-watching lives to experience something happy every once and a while, and would instead prefer all of us to focus on miserable news every waking hour. Oh well. Congrats, Prince William and Dutchess Catherine, you make the country proud.

Posted by Alicia April 30, 11 02:14 AM

Truly Amazing & Spectacular Royal Wedding of the Future King & Queen of UK and Commonwealth

Posted by R S H Lim April 30, 11 02:14 AM

great shot! once in a lifetime..

Posted by lolo April 30, 11 02:32 AM

Kate is Beautiful:)

Posted by peichun April 30, 11 02:46 AM

Spend now -as lavishly as possible
And then pay from your nose.
Or better still -ask world for help filing for bankupcy!!

Congratulations newly weds!

Posted by Mr Spok April 30, 11 02:53 AM

wow all these hatred coming from some people here. I wonder if they realise how much revenue the Royals bring in from tourism alone. Their history of tradition and culture dates back to over 1,000 years, compared to America. At least the Royals are doing good things with their life. Prince Charles owns an Organic company. His sons are serving the country as an Apache pilot and Search and Rescue helicopter pilots. Look at Princes Diana and her role to promote AID and landmines awareness. Something I don't see Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian doing.

Posted by god save the queen April 30, 11 02:57 AM

Ah new genetic material for the royal lifestock management. Tally Ho!

Posted by The Watchman April 30, 11 02:57 AM

She just looks right, nothing more than that. Diana was really special and extraordinary.

Posted by DV April 30, 11 03:13 AM

Truly Amazing & Spectacular Royal Wedding of the Future King & Queen of UK and Commonwealth

Posted by R S H Lim April 30, 11 03:21 AM

like it..:D our childhood cartoons came true!! i think everybody loves the couple together

Posted by ray April 30, 11 04:05 AM

like it..:D our childhood cartoons came true!! i think everybody loves the couple together

Posted by ray April 30, 11 04:17 AM

Picture no. 33

There are no rings on their fingers.

Posted by Ferdie April 30, 11 04:43 AM

love you congrats

Posted by anne stacey April 30, 11 04:48 AM

@152. The saftey clip of the Heckler & Koch MP5 is 'on'. It would be on red (warning) if it were 'off '.

Great photo's. I know that some on this site have complained about royalty but the vast majority of British people like having a monarch. Personally, I'd prefer a less formal version, but what we have is has numerous advantages over a presidency. As for the money: yes, the wedding could have been simpler in terms of troop involvment but, once again, we Brits like ceremony.

Posted by David April 30, 11 04:55 AM

wish em a very gud life ahead..................

Posted by kate April 30, 11 04:58 AM

A happy day of the World.

Posted by Sakchai April 30, 11 05:04 AM

I am not an afficionado of this royal "cinema" but Cate and William have the right to be happy, what ever happens in the world at this moment.
Great pics.

Posted by Photomichl April 30, 11 05:13 AM

Excellent stuff. Great pictures and truly an event to celebrate. Well done to the Brits. Don't ever dump your monarchy - it's wonderful.

PS (a minor comment to all men with hair complexes out there - "George & co")
I'm bald and really not rich but I've never had a problem with the women - in fact I probably have more than my fair share - get with it - baldness is nothing to be ashamed of.

Posted by Stephen April 30, 11 05:33 AM

Awesome!!! (: Love it.

Posted by TenGku Ahmad April 30, 11 05:53 AM

Historical events,flawless photos.

Posted by Mititelu Dumitru April 30, 11 06:00 AM

to those moaning about the money and trying to reduce this to a economic argument instead of just enjoying the day.

it cost 29 million to protect 50 heads of state, the cost of the policing, the wedding itself etc.

it brought in over 50million from tourism on that single day (never mind the rest of the visitors stay), 2 billion people watched it on tv.

to put it in perspective,
the popes visit cost 13million. to protect just him
The USA spends over 100million on a inauguration every 4 years

and we actually made money.

so get over yourselves and take the time to enjoy some happy news instead of the usual. honestly there are no other complaints at any other festivals posted up here.

Posted by toxic April 30, 11 06:01 AM

Fantastic Photos, a marvellous day.

Just shows you that although the protestors get all the publicity, the silent majority were able to enjoy the day. Please now can the UK newspapers stop knocking the UK.

And the cost, well with 20% VAT on every hotel room, every meal and drink and every flag sold, I think it might just have been met.

Posted by MJ April 30, 11 06:10 AM

Beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple! Good luck to them and the future British Monarchy!

Posted by Stefy April 30, 11 06:11 AM

Sure the money could have been better spent on other countries (though why we should when we are struggling here at home is another matter) or other things... but for all the people who sit and think of the cost, how much extra is coming back through trade generated by the attendance of over 1 million people into central London for that day? If all those attended spent £20 on drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, travel thats £20 million in the coffers for businesses not to mention the governments cut of it. Its not simply a case of money spent with nothing coming back.
And yes people are dying in the middle east, in the US with the terrible storms, but maybe for once its just nice to have a break from the tragedy of life and just celebrate something nice. What kind of life do you have if you cant stop and appreciate that in all the stories of death, destruction, war there are positive things to read about? I feel sorry if all you want is doom and gloom and cant take a few mins to smell the roses too. :)

Posted by Londoner April 30, 11 06:16 AM

All you people crying about money: Is that all you can think about? Why can´t you just appreciate that some moments in life are priceless?
Love the pics, but where are David and Victoria?

Posted by Inger Christensen April 30, 11 06:23 AM

billions for symbolism. may be it is not? part of the Empire?

Posted by araz zeynisoy April 30, 11 06:23 AM

Amazing, happy for them

Posted by Rizky April 30, 11 06:34 AM

Thank God for this perfect couple.. KING AND QUEEN. May God continue to watch over them by day and night. I am extremely happy to watch the whole celebrations in NTV7. Well done !

Posted by Connie Ooi April 30, 11 06:34 AM

Long life WILLIAM N KATE.....Congratulations, much love from Malaysia ...... Perfect couple made by God... Awesome Royal Wedding.........

Posted by Connie Lim April 30, 11 06:47 AM

amazing pictures!

Posted by aleksandra April 30, 11 07:21 AM

Picture 3: I have never seen that many sheep together before.

Posted by Hakan April 30, 11 07:26 AM

20 MILLION POUNDS YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK... Good job." Posted by Whut April 29, 2011 07:44 PM

It went straight back into the economy! ...thats what happens when you spend money, personally I think £20mil is pretty good value considering the scale of the operation and am glad the day went with success and the public gt to appreciate some of the money and grandeur it brings.


It seems a little tacky to end a royal wedding with the future king driving off in a Mini.
Posted by Carl April 29, 2011 05:26 PM"

Its an Aston Martin DB6 Valante...nothing tacky about it.

Posted by Ryan April 30, 11 07:28 AM

Outstanding photos as always. You do a tremendous job all the time. I have your link on my website and strongly recommend that teachers who use it go here at least three times a week for current events around the world.

Posted by Dan Hoffman April 30, 11 07:36 AM

Congratulations to both of them - This makes me very proud to be British

Posted by Sean Fro April 30, 11 07:44 AM

No 79 - Hair only keeps your head warm!! - William can always wear a hat - I am very sure that he is not bothered about his hair and is very very happy!!

Jealousy not a very nice trait is it!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sean Fro April 30, 11 07:52 AM

am i the only one who noticed on the balcony pictures that small girl on the left has the devil looks and could be a candidate for the future exorcist movies

Posted by marques April 30, 11 08:04 AM

not particularly a royalist, infact i took the dog out when it was on, but its good just to remind ourselves and realign the fact we are british, a true and strong nation, and we excel at things like this, good luck to them, its amazing to think some of the traditions on show are older than the usa. amazing.

good save the queen.

Posted by derek. April 30, 11 08:16 AM

What a beautiful ceremony. Thank you for the great photo's !

Posted by Chris April 30, 11 09:22 AM

Best wishes !

Posted by jaga April 30, 11 09:36 AM

@152: White is safety on, red is safety off. The guns in the picture are set on safety. Besides, they have professional trigger discipline.

Posted by BGE April 30, 11 09:51 AM

Great pictures & everyone is so happy,however,millions of people in the US have been struck by tragedy from the tornado outbreak in the south. I just find it hard to be joyful right now.

Posted by LuAnne Beutel April 30, 11 10:01 AM

# 28,
c 'est mieux de voir des flics rigoler au lieu de les voir tirer

Posted by Alizé April 30, 11 10:06 AM

nice photos! beautiful wedding!

Posted by Hochzeitsfotograf Vadym Plyushchakov April 30, 11 10:17 AM

Just fabulous. Kate's dress was beautiful, simple, and regal. I thought it was perfection. The whole wedding was so apropos for the world today in this overall recession. My hope for them is their touching the average person. Prince William has his head on straight. A new era begins.

Posted by Geraldine Pedersen April 30, 11 11:21 AM

Thank you Big Picture again for these photos!

#183 I agree. We have had too much of gloom and doom. The devil just wants that. We indeed, our very selves, need to stop and enjoy the good that life brings such as this wedding. This couple are humans too, and had a right to it. This wedding is a welcome break, brings about a positive atmosphere and hope for the future not only for the UK but for the world.

#200 One may find it hard to be joyful now with the tragic events in Mississippi, Alabama and other states but the devil really wants us to sulk, feel depressed. He is a thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy including our joy. I'm formerly from Mississippi and do care about people there in the disaster areas. However, I refused to sulk and preferred to encourage and help now. There are blessings and curses, life and death in this world through the choices we make in life-both in the short and long terms. G_d said "choose life" so I choose life. It's really up to us how we prefer to let our minds be played upon. One thing a hungry child, the suffering and oppressed need is hope. Joy, such as what this wedding brings, brings hope. Isn't it that even in a small birthday party we experience happiness and joy? Everyone needs it now. I see this wedding as a welcome change, a hope for the future in seeing the next generation continue on.

Posted by ExMississippian April 30, 11 11:30 AM

Beautiful Wedding and Great photos either ;))

Posted by Chalita M. April 30, 11 01:09 PM

CONGRATULATION TO PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE MIDDLETON. really nice wedding. Prince William and Kate were looking amazing. great pictures and yea Kate`s dress was gorgeous.
i watch it all. i will never forget this date because my mum and dad celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary and my husband and i celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the same day. From Resh in Mauritius.

Posted by resh April 30, 11 01:10 PM

a wedding payed by the taxpayers...
a soap aopera financed by the workers...
send the royals to real work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Frank April 30, 11 01:23 PM

wonderful absolutely wonderful, congratulation come from the capital of somaliland hargeisa. long life cathe and prince william

Posted by ahmed amarre April 30, 11 01:46 PM

RE.. am i the only one who noticed on the balcony pictures that small girl on the left has the devil looks and could be a candidate for the future exorcist movies...

a picture on the front page of a british newspaper today shows William and Kate kissing with the little girl in the corner with her hands over her ears with the same evil look!!! LOL! she didnt like the noise of the planes from the fly past. haha she does indeed have a funny look about her!

Posted by rach April 30, 11 02:10 PM

privilege should never be inherited

Posted by eduardo April 30, 11 02:22 PM

a fairy-tale wedding....but nice&simple .HAPPY WEDDED LIFE ,FOR U BOTH!!! GOOD LUCK&GOD BLESS!

Posted by kumudini fernando April 30, 11 02:47 PM

The wedding of the kingdom which built on the blood and colonialism of the world...congratulation

Posted by Nobody April 30, 11 03:14 PM

Un mariage couteux pour des gens riches c'est normal !
Seule la santé n'a pas de prix !Alors réjouissez-vous d'avoir toutes vos facultés pour l'avoir vu , l'admirer ou le critiquer !
Et vive tous les mariages du monde entier !

Posted by Belge April 30, 11 03:25 PM

بعد از مد ت ها که رسانه فقط از جنگ کشتار انقلابهای و اعهتصابات کشتار بوسیله دیکتاتورها بمب گذاری وکشت کشتار زلزله ژاپن جنگ لیبی و........... افسردگی ناشی از این همه بی رحمی نامردمیها سرانجام دیدن مراسمی به این زیبایی با شکوهی و سادگی دوست داشتنی چقدر باعث سرخوشی وسرمستی من شد هنوز زیباییها و عشق و شادی وجود دارد مرسی از اینکه مارا در شادی خوتان سهیم کردید

Posted by shahnazsaghafi April 30, 11 04:19 PM

The most beautiful wedding in the last times!

Posted by Antonella Camponero April 30, 11 04:21 PM

بعد از مدتها که افسردگی ناشی از دیدن جنگ کشتار انقلابهای نبمه تما م کشتار مردم لیبی زلزله ژاپن طوفان بمب گذاری قتل ادم کشی در رسانه ها دیدن مراسم بسیار زیبا با شکوه و در عین حال ساده و مردمی احساس شادی و سرمستی داشتم شادی که مدتها یادم رفته بود....از شما ممنون هستم که ما را در شادی خودتان شریک کردید همیشه شاد باشید..............شهناز ثقفی از ایران ..تهران

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 11 04:42 PM

*****REALY... wonderful absolutely wonderful, congratulation come from K.S.A. (JEDDAH) ..long life cathe and prince william

Posted by saeed alghamdi April 30, 11 05:45 PM


Posted by GABRIELA April 30, 11 05:51 PM

beautiful photos!!!

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 11 06:06 PM

re comment 218 about the little bridesmaid in pics #33 and 34.

Check her out in #25...she looks like a cherub.

Your comments of her are unfair: she is a three-year old who has had to
keep herself reigned in from the time she got up that morning, had her hair
done, dress and shoes put on (no running around in that!!), the wreath put on, sat in the car on the way to the abbey, kept her cool as she walked down the aisle, sat very quietly and properly during the looooong ceremony, retained her cool as she walked back down the aisle, back into the car, over to the Palace, up the stairs (or elevator?) to the balcony, to still be quiet and not behave unbecoming for the event she was a part of. That's just the day of; she already had a rehearsal or two behind her the days before the wedding.
What you are seeing on her face is the need for some quiet rest. The child is beyond tired, she has circles under her eyes from the strain of keeping pace with the adults around her, and she is to be commended because the little trooper came through with flying colours -- she hasn't lost, dropped or played around either with the wreath in her hair or the little bouquet of flowers at her wrist, she hasn't lost her temper or focus, hasn't cried or been out of line. That's amazing self-discipline for such a little one. She'll
be even more awesome 18 years from now!

Posted by karen April 30, 11 07:24 PM

Everybody smiles!

Posted by Anonymous April 30, 11 07:42 PM


Posted by ANONYMOUS ONE April 30, 11 09:41 PM


Posted by Angel April 30, 11 10:00 PM

هر چي نگاه ميكنم سير نميشم از همون ابتدا بصورت زنده تا آخر ديدم.تكرارش رو هم چندين مرتبه ديدم.از ساعت 3 صبح امروز تا الان ساعت 6:45 صبح داشتم عكساشون رو دانلود مي كردم.اين قده لذت بردم كه حس كردم خودم اونجا بودم.بي نظير بود

Posted by hamid April 30, 11 10:16 PM

Kate.. I love her

Posted by Vishal Bangarshettar April 30, 11 11:33 PM

New vocabulary & beauty >>> Pippa

Posted by DD Ziyad April 30, 11 11:55 PM

I like all those picture so much.....

Posted by time May 1, 11 12:36 AM

Hacia rato que no veia tantos garkas juntos...

Posted by juan Exocet May 1, 11 01:03 AM

Napaka ganda at nakakabigahani ang kanilang kasuotan. (Tagalog)


They are so beautiful and amazing. Specially thier costumes.

Posted by Migo May 1, 11 01:34 AM

موكبهم في النهاية كان جميل، والسيارة رايقة عالآخر

Posted by فرحان May 1, 11 02:12 AM

cant believe how much people are complaining about the cost of the wedding. the amount of money and tourism it generated is amazing, a worldwide advertisement for the uk. quit complaining.

Posted by stitt May 1, 11 02:30 AM

what a wonderful day, loved the pictures.....

Posted by s.betty May 1, 11 03:22 AM

stupid peoples

Posted by kai May 1, 11 03:30 AM

Beautiful and historical event.

Posted by Ada May 1, 11 03:47 AM

.,congatulation!!!.,,nice shot!.,fabulous!

Posted by dona May 1, 11 03:49 AM

god bles you both of you.........

Posted by Sharan May 1, 11 05:29 AM

20 mln spent when the recession is going on and people are losing their jobs.

Posted by Peter May 1, 11 05:53 AM

A perfect match! Wonderful pictures! They make the whole world smile too.

Posted by Sirina May 1, 11 06:39 AM

I agree with comment 229. All the flower girls are angels :).

Posted by Cantique Auntie May 1, 11 06:47 AM

Not enough beer commercials ...

Posted by michael May 1, 11 07:25 AM

Очень красиво))))))

Posted by Anonymous May 1, 11 07:48 AM

Beautiful pictures! Our prayers and best wishes for Prince William & Kate!!

Posted by Judy Dan May 1, 11 08:15 AM

O casamento foi lindo....
aqui no Brazil, paramos para assitir.
Ótimas fotos, parabéns!!

Posted by Carlos Vieira May 1, 11 11:41 AM

A truly beautiful spectacle which I thoroughly enjoyed watching. May you have a long and happy life together.

Posted by S. Fretz May 1, 11 11:58 AM

Weg met geldmors

Posted by Krongii May 1, 11 12:06 PM

Congratulaion to the couple on their wedding. These pictures are so wonderful and worth to be kept for the memmory and the history of life. This is just the beginning of the family life. I wish them all good luck and strength of everlasting love.

Posted by Wonchat SUBHACHATURAS M.D. May 1, 11 12:32 PM

wat een geweldige foto,s echt gaaf.

Posted by henny geltink May 1, 11 01:06 PM

I have seen lots of photos of this historical joyful occasion. The photos you have included capture the magic of each step progressessing towards the grand fanalie.
Very clear pictures describes the mood of all those closely involved as well as thousands of people who attended in the wonderfully organised marriage ceremoney . We should be very proud that only the British can effeciently organise a function of such huge magnitude involving manay many people including the millons of public,
Well done Britain.

Posted by sharad Dongre May 1, 11 01:44 PM

did you have a lovely day

Posted by amandaheather May 1, 11 01:52 PM

Grand Slam Wedding... Leslie out...

Posted by Leslie Rockall May 1, 11 03:44 PM

Kate = Beautiful queen material, Pippa = Smokin' hot fantasy material

Poor Wills. Once you get that bald spot, getting photographed from above becomes a nightmare. Luckily Harry has a different father.

The one little bridesmaid, who's gotten some attention because she was making a weird face... it seems, that's just how she looks all the time. Hope she grows out of it. Poor kid.

Posted by Carbon May 1, 11 04:00 PM

Happy and healty years to new marriage

Posted by Hakan May 1, 11 04:32 PM

Picture #35: "I win!" neener neener neener. lol

Also, Pippa kinda stole the show with that amazing dress/body.

Posted by Adrienne May 1, 11 05:10 PM

Soy argentino y felicito al príncipe Guillermo y su novia Kate Middleton por su casamiento, les deseo sean felices toda su vida. Tengo entendido que hace muchos años son novios y algunos que conviven, esto es bueno ya que se conocen bastante bien y a pesar de eso se casaron, mis felicitaciones a ellos, a la familia real y a ese lindo pais.

Posted by Rafael Bravo May 1, 11 05:34 PM

It's ironic that they spent 40 million on the wedding but couldn't afford some Rogaine for William and Harry.

Posted by Dude May 1, 11 05:43 PM

Touching flight of the pilots of RAF who have sketched a heart in the sky before going to bomb Tripoli

Posted by fab May 1, 11 05:45 PM

tous les photo est bonne, sans exception. grande.(ian)

Posted by ian subianto May 1, 11 06:20 PM

semua photo bagus ,tanpa terkecuali .hebat.(djaskiya,jogyakarta,indonesia)

Posted by djaskiya May 1, 11 06:22 PM

Protocolo absurdo e inutil. cuanto dinero se ha tirado ala basura?.

Posted by Dario Salinas Spinella May 1, 11 08:13 PM

#23 is a great pic of Pip Middleton

Posted by Deano May 1, 11 09:17 PM

she looked uglyy

Posted by :) May 1, 11 11:29 PM

She looks great

Posted by chelsea May 1, 11 11:29 PM


Posted by kelly May 2, 11 12:03 AM

I dont know why people have given too much importance. if they have seen the marriage organised in chennai especially few yrs back for sudhakkaran's marriage these are all nothing....

Posted by Deva May 2, 11 12:25 AM

gracias,Big Picture, por las fotos fantasticas y de gran calidad, las he disfrutado de tal manera, que me sentì, como una de las invitadas de primera fila. privilegio de los monarcas. larga vida a la pareja y mucha felicidad.

Posted by silvia canales de alfaro May 2, 11 12:40 AM

@221 Nobody "The wedding of the kingdom which built on the blood and colonialism of the world...congratulation"

You are so right my friend, I wholeheartedly agree.

Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 05:06 AM

I like on the pictures 33 and 34 the two little girls. The one on the right is old enough to understand, not the one on the left. Very beautiful pictures, thanks to the professional who shot them. To those who complain the cost of such a wedding, may I suggest to them to have a trip to North Korea and check the cost of their "beloved" dictator

Posted by JMDenver May 2, 11 05:10 AM

UAU .......I was there.................just amazing!!

Posted by maria joão mendes May 2, 11 07:31 AM

I want to see the marraige certificate.

Posted by Loki May 2, 11 08:08 AM

I was never too much interested in this "world-wide" event. But the pictures are simply amazing.

Posted by miticosul May 2, 11 08:17 AM

Ohhhhhhhh so forever beautiful and memorable. Sighs. I smile can look at these images over and over. This was indeed a moment to witness.

Posted by Dawn May 2, 11 10:50 AM

Thank you for sharing these splendid photos of regal event, which was uplifting in spirit, inspiring of vision, and beautiful in ceremony! It was moving to see Britons in celebration of their Monarchy, nation of regal heritage, and joyful in majestic marital union.

Surely, it must have played-out many a father's unreal dream for a beloved daughter walked to the alter of new life, and many a bride's fairytale hopes for wedding day happiness in gold-ring vows of joining hands for life.

May Providence help and bless their marriage.

Posted by Jean-Rene' May 2, 11 11:04 AM


Posted by Leslie Rockall May 2, 11 11:20 AM

Totally fun to watch. HOWEVER, the media sent all of the biggies to the wedding leaving one trainee or so to cover the tornados in the south or continuing efforts in Japan. Shows where the priorities are.

Posted by me May 2, 11 11:30 AM

I really think the Big Picture should do a spread on the hats at the wedding LOL!!

Posted by moi May 2, 11 12:59 PM

I'm just glad that it's over. It is always great news when people join in matrimony but the media made the whole thing go sour for me, especially ET. They make me sick. But great pics! I love pic # 11.

Posted by Wedsday May 2, 11 01:16 PM


Posted by Anonymous May 2, 11 08:42 PM

me and hubby watched the whole ceremony while hugging and falling in love all over again!!! this was amaaaazing. I love the royal family. I am not a fan of monarchy but if monarchy means this kindda family then i am all for it!

stop talking about money and how they wasted! just grow up already. gawd. they have produce 50 times more via this wedding for their country! i wanna see what your country has done for you!!! not just money wise but spiritually this was Awesomeeeee for people of England. love love love!

Posted by Atiyeh May 3, 11 02:21 AM

hey kate i am eiman nasir and i have to say that i have the biggest dream in my life that first to meet prince illiam and now to meet u both plz fullfill my dream and i am deadly sour that u will do it for me pz plz plz i have heard that sir william helps the people so if he meets me so i will be realy thanx to him and u god blesses u live long life be happy and do fullfill my dream only u can do it love u eiman nasir

Posted by eiman nasir May 3, 11 09:05 AM

Ils sont magnifiques !!!!!!!Quel beau couple.

Posted by assma May 3, 11 09:51 AM


Posted by dipak May 3, 11 12:49 PM

I Love her Drees this wedding will be remember for along time...

Posted by iris May 3, 11 01:33 PM

Pippa Middleton looked fine! :)

Posted by Smark May 3, 11 02:33 PM


Posted by gea May 3, 11 02:45 PM

The united states is flooding.. But here, have some silly wedding pictures.

Journalism at its finest right here, people.

Posted by no May 3, 11 05:43 PM

Good Morning, thank you very much, have a wonderful day,
God Bless you.

Posted by Luis Felipe Medina Zegarra May 4, 11 12:58 AM

Very very happy for Kate!!
Best Wishes for Will and Kate!!!

Posted by Doreen Ng May 4, 11 01:17 AM

Happy and healty years to new marriage (መልካም ትዳር ዘመን ይሁንላቹሁ!)
I Love her Drees this wedding
I invited u Ethiopia for your honeymoon

Posted by Aster Hailemichael May 4, 11 05:00 AM

exelentes fotos todo muy lindo :)

Posted by yesica May 4, 11 12:54 PM


Posted by Eva van Loon May 4, 11 04:37 PM

presently, I am dieing of C.O.P.D. I watched the entire wedding, sooooo beautiful!! as my tears rolled down my cheeks, this brought back memories of my hubby and I 48 years ago at our own wedding. I felt happiness I had not felt lately. best of best wishes to william and kate forever.

Posted by charlotte hamling May 4, 11 05:36 PM

بعد از مد ت ها که رسانه فقط از جنگ کشتار انقلابهای و اعهتصابات کشتار بوسیله دیکتاتورها بمب
و........... افسردگی ناشی از این همه بی رحمی نامردمیها سرانجام دیدن مراسمی به این زیبایی با شکوهی و سادگی دوست داشتنی چقدر باعث گذاری وکشت کشتار زله

ژاپن جنگ لیبaftter a long depression from seeing revolutions of war destruction Nbmh Tema M Libyan earthquakes kill people killed in Japan storm homicide bombings in the media see a beautiful ceremony with a magnificent and yet simple, people feel happiness and joy that I long remember intoxication gone .... you grateful that we share in your joy you always be happy .. .............. Shahnaz Saghafi Iran Tehran

Posted by Anonymous May 4, 11 08:29 PM

What a perfect wedding. Everything was simly beautiful!!!! Diana would be so very proud.

Posted by Tracy May 5, 11 12:04 AM

Тошнотворно это всё.

Posted by Русбир May 5, 11 07:49 AM

I enjoyed the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton live on
BBC. Next I saw the "Royal Wedding Photos" in The Big Picture, and I enjoyed more and more. The Photos are superb to the last detail. Thank you so much. We saw the previous 'Royal Wedding' of Prince Charles and Lady
Diana also live some thirty years ago. It's wonderful!

Posted by Mr S Jacob Paul May 5, 11 09:41 AM

The British gave the world a Royal Wedding. The USA raises you with a funeral! (Osama)

Posted by Jason May 5, 11 10:20 AM

Perfect match in heaven. Kung Hay, Kung Hay!

Posted by Ho Yin Fong May 5, 11 07:28 PM

Awesome wedding I wanted to cry

Posted by Anonymous May 6, 11 12:46 AM

super jolie

Posted by etoile May 6, 11 03:08 AM

Thanks for posting such lovely memories

Posted by Tilkesh May 6, 11 07:07 AM

What a excellent wedding ceremony is!!!!!!! I am very happy and wishes them for haven life of the world. Allah bless them.

Posted by S. M. Asadur Rahman May 6, 11 09:23 AM

The most beautiful couple I ever seed have a long and happy life together
and Dear Diana will R.I.P forever.

Posted by Anahid Manssourian May 6, 11 03:41 PM

Like the comment above says (well)

a wedding payed by the taxpayers...
a soap opera financed by the workers...

and while students can not afford to pay their education bills
DISGUSTING 'prince' (and I use the term very loosely) william!!!!!!!!!!
God help us all if you are ever king

Posted by Michael May 7, 11 09:03 AM

American brides all want that "wow" factor with wedding gowns that are over the top, sexy, revealing, in your face, drop dead gorgeous....etc.etc. They can all take a lesson from Kate Middleton. She "wowed" the world in her stunning, elegant dress. Less is more. I like her dress better than Diana's.

Posted by Susan Mah May 7, 11 02:22 PM


Posted by LEANN May 7, 11 02:54 PM

For those black fur hats the royal guard wears, thousands of wild Black Bears from Canada are being poached, strangled in iron wires and steel traps for days, and bleeding to death or shot when found by the poachers. All for the royalty.... Sick.

Posted by Ansje May 7, 11 03:11 PM

You are not alone in your thoughts, #218. Though it's not the child's fault, her being only 3, the reality is, it did not help beautify those photos.

The wedding was a nice, brief distraction from all the negative news we get. Slightly boring at times- but nice.

Posted by Anonymous May 8, 11 01:24 PM


Posted by liz May 9, 11 07:19 AM

God bless the tax payers!

Posted by Sir Jojik May 9, 11 02:26 PM

May William and Catherine have a long and beautiful life together. William YOU deserve all the happiness in this world. Your Mum would be very proud of YOU. Protect Catherine well and may your happiness last a lifetime.
Best wishes

Posted by cristina pacini May 9, 11 07:21 PM

I am agree with #319 that was beautiful wedding i wish the best for them

Posted by l;ida May 10, 11 01:30 AM

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !!! .... Lalalala... lalalala aaa .... such beautiful wedding with lots of beautiful photos. Kate and William are made in heaven. May God Take Care Of This Lovely Couple by Day and By Night. Protect Them Lord... Amen !

BeeBee ....

Posted by BeeBee Lim May 10, 11 10:14 AM

muitas felecidades para vos que seja tao grande que deia para debordar sobre um povo que esteja ele onde estiver enflismente esta sempre caremte boa sorte.

Posted by Martins May 10, 11 03:23 PM

ekane h pipa kolo ki exese to gamo olo

Posted by Mario May 11, 11 10:01 AM
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