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Japan's crisis: one month later

Japan is just in the beginning of the long term recovery effort from the earthquake that struck off northeastern Japan on March 11. The crisis alert level from the damage to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has now been raised to the highest level of impact, the same as the Chernobyl Russia incident 25 years ago. Searchers continue to look for the dead, displaced Japanese live in shelters, protests continue over use of nuclear power, Japan's economic engine may be disrupted, the massive cleanup of debris is just underway, aftershocks are feared and many continue to mourn those who were lost. The photos collected here are from one month to the day of the quake and beyond. -- Lloyd Young (36 photos total)

Buddhist monks, Japan Self-Defense Force personnel, firefighters, and other relief workers observed a moment of silence on "Hiyori Yama," or Weather Hill, in Natori, Miyagi prefecture, on April 11, 2011, exactly one month after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan. Local fishermen used to climb the manmade hump and decide whether it was safe to fish. (Koichi Nakamura,Yomiuri Shimbun/Associated Press)
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#23 ...That says it all .. Our thoughts are with you japan...

Posted by Jan April 13, 11 01:17 PM

last pic, epic

Posted by Jon April 13, 11 01:17 PM


Posted by Lester Mendoza April 13, 11 01:17 PM

Picture number 5 warms the heart.

Posted by Felix April 13, 11 01:20 PM


Posted by Brad April 13, 11 01:31 PM

Magníficas fotos como siempre, Boston Globe. Me ha impresionado especialmente la número 18, esa en la que se ven cientos y cientos de carpetas, blocks, cuadernos y objetos personales. ¡Cuántas vidas hay perdidas para siempre entre las hojas de esas libretas! ¡Qué tristeza pueden llegar a transmitir los objetos!

Posted by el hombre del tempo April 13, 11 01:34 PM

Interesting that the Nikkei market board shows drops as green and gains as red? Is it deliberately opposite of our western markets?

There is a sober and deeply moving honor in these images that is hard to put into words!

Posted by CB April 13, 11 01:40 PM


Posted by Sam April 13, 11 01:44 PM

Très triste / very sad (utterly dejected).

Posted by WdF (Paris / France) April 13, 11 01:46 PM

Japan Gambatte!!!!!

Posted by WY April 13, 11 01:49 PM

@ #14

The raising of the Nuclear Severity Level to 7 does not mean that the Japanese nuclear crisis is the same as the Chernobyl accident. Current estimates put the Chernobyl radiation release at least 10 times greater than the current levels in Japan. They raised the level to 7 (which is the maximum level) because the radiation levels exceed the amount which warrants a level 7. If the scale was open ended then the Chernobyl accident would rate comparatively at around 70.

A half truth equals a whole lie.

Posted by Mcgyver April 13, 11 01:57 PM

not one single day goes by where i'm not thinking about them struggling, w/o watching any news. but one thing for sure: they'll get up on their feet again. the japanese people possess and maintain an unmatched level of self-control that should be an inspiring example for the west.

Posted by liqube April 13, 11 01:57 PM

feel sad :(
picture # 5 is good

Posted by Suresh April 13, 11 02:04 PM

Devastating photographs.

(Also, why are the captions suddenly in past tense? Present tense reads much more natural.)

Posted by Arnoud April 13, 11 02:05 PM

As always - Humbling - Thank you for reminding all of us.

Posted by Russell O. April 13, 11 02:09 PM

why the past tense in the picture descriptions?

Posted by eggbert April 13, 11 02:18 PM

sosad yet so beautiful...

Posted by Jeroen de Haan April 13, 11 02:30 PM


Posted by Milton April 13, 11 02:32 PM

"Ganbaro Nippon" -- "Be strong, Japan"

Posted by Chuck Brookhouse April 13, 11 02:39 PM

just so horrible...

Posted by Frederic Louis April 13, 11 02:46 PM

God bless Japan

Posted by daks April 13, 11 03:04 PM

#9 Good luck dude!

Posted by MarketGarden April 13, 11 03:08 PM

Respect for your tears.
From Romania, George

Posted by geo April 13, 11 03:09 PM

#36 Is this our future?

Posted by Jan April 13, 11 03:20 PM

#9.... devotion.

Posted by Jess April 13, 11 03:35 PM

Say a prayer for Japan!

Posted by Batka25 April 13, 11 03:39 PM

God please Save this world...

Posted by Pramod April 13, 11 03:40 PM

#18 is a great shot! My heart goes out to them.....

Posted by John April 13, 11 03:44 PM

#9 looking for his wedding ring ???
you sure ?
I admire the persistence...

Posted by Nick April 13, 11 03:49 PM

Yes, why the past tense in the captions?

Posted by lluisanunez April 13, 11 04:04 PM


prayers for their fast recovery

Posted by elmo April 13, 11 04:12 PM

Thanks a lot for not forgetting the devastated areas of Japan, whereas I somewhat regret that the coverage has obviously decreased in many of foreign media and there's far more focus on the nuclear plant related issues in nowadays....

Here in Tokyo we've been able to gradually come back into relatively normal life since early after the 11 March earthquake shock. Somewhere in my heart, however, I'm feeling sad and helpless for the harsh situations in the devastated areas and the other crises in the country. I'm completely unsure when the affected people can totally get back to the pre-Earthquake condition, but I truly hope as a Japanese that we would see the day come and it would not be so far in the future.

けっぱれ 東北!
Keppare* Tohoku!

* a phrase whose meaning is equal to "Ganbare" in a local dialect of Tohoku area.

Posted by ஜப்பான் April 13, 11 04:21 PM

God give strength to all Japanese!

Posted by Prakash, Helsinki April 13, 11 04:32 PM

If these photos don't motivate the citizens of the world to continue to support and pray for the people of Japan, I don't know what will. While the images are heart wrenching, perhaps this is what the world needs to see when weighing the value of nuclear power and its effects.

Posted by Kristen S. April 13, 11 04:33 PM

I admire this people.
It is such a loss for the nation.
But somehow Japanese people gained in the eyes of all other world. They showed how civilized, united and strong they are! I think they are far ahead of all us. We'll only become what they are...

Posted by Andrej April 13, 11 04:51 PM

Pic 7 - I hope all those babies are safe.. :(

What a moving set of pictures..

Posted by Lucy April 13, 11 04:56 PM

Utmost sympathy and condolences to Japanese people After all the technological progress we still got no defense against nature,we actually making it worst,Chernobyl,3 Long island now Japan make you wonder where and who going to be next?Are we at least learning something from it?I don’t ting so,greediness seem looks like is more powerful force then nature,We have only one planet,what have to happen to really wake as up?We so fare can’t control nature but there are other options which we have before we destroy our self and everything else.

Posted by Mr.Samuel Struhar April 13, 11 05:12 PM


You have to start somewhere but what a task!

Posted by Rick April 13, 11 05:22 PM

all the photos posted in album are self explainatary.we can pray to almighty GOD for their early recovery to this junncture entire world is with japani people.thanx to and there team.

Posted by mukul kumar alkara April 13, 11 05:44 PM

It's all in past tense because only some tragedies are never to be forgotten. ;-) The monopoly must be maintained.

I know this will not be published. It's meant for you, mod, anyway.

Posted by Kalki April 13, 11 05:53 PM

And why finish off with a photograph of the setting sun in the land of the rising sun?

Posted by Kalki April 13, 11 06:31 PM

Picture 36 is awesome, the juxtaposition between nature and man captured in a split second and yet will stay with the survivors for a lifetime

Posted by Kevin April 13, 11 06:34 PM

Heartbreaking images :(

Posted by Karen April 13, 11 06:43 PM

Here in the Houston/Galveston and the gulf coast area we saw a lot of devastation from hurricanes Katrina, Rita and especially Ike - but that pales in comparison to what you are seeing in these photos. May God continue to watch over and help all those affected by this disaster in Japan.

Posted by Robert Courtemanche April 13, 11 07:44 PM

Where to the organized approach, the civilized layout of spaces in the shelter...clean because they take off their much to learn from these people. Number 18, how awesome is that! Thank you, Japan, for providing us with opportunities to learn from your hardship. For this I am grateful. May you have what you need.

Posted by Areya April 13, 11 08:13 PM

#34 Say a prayer for Japan!

Posted by djdeas April 13, 11 08:22 PM

Our prayers are with you, Japan.

Posted by AJ April 13, 11 08:53 PM

As an atheist I will not pray to any god to help the Japanese, for I am confident that such a strong and vigilant country will, with help, be able to recover. My thoughts go out to all citizens of Japan. It is by far the most beautiful and stunning country I have ever visited.
Ganbette Japan, all my love

Posted by kiku April 13, 11 09:18 PM

A Buddhist monk prayed for earthquake victims at a burial site in Higashimatsushima. A very powerful picture. I took myself a time to look at every small detail in this picture for a few mins. Thinking about the loss of family members who were buried there and yet a Buddhist Monk made time to pray for these earthquake and tsunami victims. Seeing the monk praying.... Wondering what did he say to the victims? Where will they go to home and resting for next life.
While people around the world were more worried about the nuclear radiation leaks and pumping the dangerous radiation into the Pacific Ocean.... Frustrations, confusion and anger toward the government and Tokyo Electrity Comapny over the nuclear disaster. I can understand that. We need to remember them as well.

Posted by Taavi Almquist April 13, 11 11:19 PM

There is a car stuck between the two mudslides on picture #3!

Posted by greg April 13, 11 11:25 PM

To the Japanese people, it doesn't matter if you're rich, poor or just in the middle I just wanted to let you know that as a Canadian and more importantly a human being, I am behind you 100% of the way. I cannot express the saddness I've felt about the triple disaster you've suffered and iin one case, are continuing to prevent.

United "WE" Stand for Japan.

Posted by Cager April 13, 11 11:28 PM

Much Light to all the people of Japan.

Posted by Melissa Mixon April 14, 11 12:14 AM

I m vary sad..:(

Posted by Axix April 14, 11 12:25 AM

sad & heartbreaking...
but HOPE is always there..

Posted by zen April 14, 11 12:35 AM

Get back sooner, Japan!

Posted by Indah Yuliana April 14, 11 12:37 AM

Will always pray for you...
We're one big "earth" family...

Stay strong!!

Posted by Erick April 14, 11 12:40 AM

Tokyo Electric Power Co said Friday it will implement pay cuts for five senior officials, including Executive Vice President Ichiro Takekuro, over repeated incidents of fire at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture.

In America, the blame game continues on for over a month after an oil spill as BP executives takes off for another well deserved vacation.

Posted by umad April 14, 11 01:43 AM

I just want to send best wishes from Romania to all those that are struck by this terrible disaster.
Looking at pictures of a settlement where all that remains are the roads winding through neighborhoods that are now completely leveled is truly moving.

Posted by Tavi April 14, 11 02:11 AM

I agree with Kalki..... "And why finish off with a photograph of the setting sun in the land of the rising sun?"

Posted by Vikas April 14, 11 02:13 AM

All my respect for the Japanese people.

Posted by Laurentiu (Romania) April 14, 11 02:15 AM

God give strength to all Japanese

Posted by sumit awasthy April 14, 11 02:28 AM

Me ha gustado mucho la 5ª foto, las fotos son una pasada y reflejan exactamente la dureza de lo que se está viviendo en Japón.
Les va a costar pero resurgirán y este país volverá a estar donde estaba.

Posted by Jorge April 14, 11 02:56 AM

So sorry for all the loss and the pain. Hope luck, strength and good will will be with Japan and all of us.

Posted by Simge Orhun April 14, 11 03:05 AM

i always consider myself as a strong man....till i saw this strong japan..we are with you...

Posted by rex ocampo April 14, 11 03:07 AM

God bless to all the people who died in the disaster

and god bless to whome who survived. Let the world stand for them and pray for their new life.

Posted by Murtaza Z. Sadriwala April 14, 11 03:26 AM

heartbreaking indeed

Posted by sda April 14, 11 03:54 AM

# 5 makes my day :)
Stay strong Japan!

Posted by Nana April 14, 11 04:42 AM

Iran is praying for you! wish to see soon nice pics from recoverying and rebuilding your land!

Posted by sima April 14, 11 05:00 AM

Chernobyl is not in Russia...

Posted by Pablo April 14, 11 05:07 AM

Ukraine. Next pic must b of the rising Sun. Japanees must simply know that other always ready help.

Posted by Alex April 14, 11 05:23 AM

I hope a better Japan growth through this destructions, and I know it will happens because Japanese shown it to world after 2nd world war.

Posted by Soheil Irani April 14, 11 05:30 AM

Proud nation, humble people, I join your prayers

Posted by Zorana Gajic April 14, 11 06:32 AM

love these pictures. i admire the japanese's organization amidst the chaos. the last picture says so much, too. great job.

Posted by mona April 14, 11 06:47 AM

Why not send all the soldiers of the world to help rebuild Japan instead of adding more destruction and desolation around the world .Lets protect the planet and rebuild what dame nature destroy . Peace to the world.
My heart feel for you Japan people. Be strong.

Posted by Normand April 14, 11 07:16 AM

So Cute & Touching @34

Posted by Lyunz April 14, 11 08:00 AM

Natural disasters happen, we have no power against them, its sad but true...

Hopefully the Governments of the world will AWAKEN to the true damages payed by innocent people
heart rendering photos
photo 35 No proud bows there! They look like they are abouts to be locked up....
photo 36 is an epic!
God Bless the people of Japan....

Posted by DiAne April 14, 11 08:15 AM

they will be back soon...............

Posted by Jeevan April 14, 11 08:35 AM

the 5th picture the little baby girl is so adorable :)

Posted by samimy April 14, 11 09:03 AM

I'm just so impressed with the discipline of the Japanese people! No rioting, no looting, if this had happened anywhere else, I'm sure we would have seen it.

And picture #22... I'm speechless! Great job

Posted by Bernard April 14, 11 09:11 AM

I have to agree with @Felix, picture number 5 does warm the heart. Made me smile despite the sorrow.

Posted by cursed April 14, 11 09:18 AM

Praying for the man in #9! Would be amazing if he found his wedding ring.

Posted by Joanne April 14, 11 09:30 AM

Mi más sincera condolencia y ánimo para el pueblo japonés. Estoy seguro que esta tragedia os hará más fuertes.

Posted by carlos alonso April 14, 11 09:31 AM

God bless the people of Japan

Posted by Stacy April 14, 11 09:45 AM

God's grace will be their for japan and hope they will recove soon , i respect for your tears....................

Posted by BHANU SRIKANTH GUDISA April 14, 11 09:48 AM

#23. Greenpeace should call for an end to tsunamis around the world instead, which have killed more people in the last ten years than nuclear power has.

Posted by Frenetix April 14, 11 09:55 AM

Very Sad for japan people...

Posted by Mister Ed April 14, 11 09:56 AM

@kalki (41 and 41) Does it ever get tiring to play the internet martyr?

The setting sun shows us that another day closes. That daylight flashes out, a sensual reminder of natures passion and fury. Yet, we know that same sun will rise. And these people will rise. They will wake up the next day and the day after that and continue. They will get to work, cleaning, mending, praying, rebuilding. Because that is life. You carry on. Not despite nature or because of nature but within nature. Within our world.

You sweep the streets, shovel out the mud, inform and communicate, organize your temporary corner into something resembling normalcy. You search, you weep for the missing and the probably never to be found, and you collect and clean the belongings of your community.

As a side note, I'm probably reading to much into them but is that type of dutiful, sentimental, wide scale social responsibility even possible, or probable, anywhere else? I don't know, I sadly doubt it. In this set, those two images (18 and 7) struck me more than the now,surprisingly familiar scenes of devastation.

Posted by Maria April 14, 11 10:05 AM

My heart goes out to all who are suffering, but who also have the heart to keep going forward.

Posted by M. April 14, 11 10:26 AM

Thanks for all the messages!
A month passed, but we're still sad, the land is not completely stopped shaking, we had days in April 04 and 07 aftershocks in these same regions that have been so devastated ...
Thank you!

Posted by Therezinha Esashika April 14, 11 10:31 AM

Es increible el grado de destrucción, es sobrecogedor que despues de una catastrofe de esa magnitud los japoneses aún son respetuosos con sus semejantes y no tratan sacar provecho vulnerando al mas debil.
Esa lección debieramos aprender en Chile que despues del terremoto en algunos lugares se mostro el lado malo de nuestra sociedad.
Un abrazo para todos

Posted by Patricio April 14, 11 10:34 AM

God bless Japan, stonning their persistence, really an example to follow

Posted by @efrenzamora April 14, 11 10:35 AM

Even though I've never been to Japan, I treated it like it was my 2nd Country. Its because I was very young when I learned about their culture. It saddens me knowing there's only few things I can do to help them. I don't know why but that feeling was amplified by the last photo.

Posted by Michael Arteta April 14, 11 10:41 AM

#34 made me cry.

Posted by Thea April 14, 11 10:56 AM


Posted by Veronica April 14, 11 11:02 AM

Why does the Japanese North Eastern coastline now look like my bedroom?

Posted by Komik Releaf April 14, 11 11:08 AM

I will include all of u in my Prayers .

Posted by Anonymous April 14, 11 11:11 AM

I'm shore they will come back stronger then ever God bless Japan.

Posted by Danny K April 14, 11 11:23 AM

We In Cape Town, South Africa
Pray For The People of Japan.

I Admire the Japanese you are a strong Humble Nation. I wish I wish I wish I can Be there to help. God make it easy for the people of JAPAN!!!!!

Posted by Isgaak Cassiem April 14, 11 11:46 AM

I agree with Frenetix. By far, the earthquake and tsunami caused more death and destruction than the nuclear power plants. Its just another lie and denial that focuses on the power plants.

And who cares about the past tense of the captions? The photos represent moments in the past. No big agenda.

Same with the photo at the end. The end of the day one month after the disaster began. No agenda. Just the end of a day.

Posted by Robert April 14, 11 11:46 AM

I like how people are 'praying' for Japan...

The country is around 0.5% Christian, and 85% profess no religion. 65% are atheist. Do you really think they want your prayers? Perhaps you should instead donate that tithe you'd normally give to your church to some charities that are actually helping the people.

Posted by Bingo April 14, 11 11:47 AM

God bless the people in Japan

Posted by root April 14, 11 12:03 PM


Posted by JAZMIN April 14, 11 12:09 PM

God bless Japan. This nation needs help. Be strong good peoples.

Posted by Anonymous April 14, 11 12:12 PM

Amazing photos of a very heavy subject.

Melissa Louise Morgentaler

Posted by Melisa Morgentaler April 14, 11 12:30 PM

Дар панохи худо бошед, дустони самураи мо!

Posted by Asdf April 14, 11 12:51 PM


The Fukishima disaster is not a reason to abandon nuclear power. Yes, it was a tragedy, but if you build an outdated nuclear power plant on a MASSIVE FAULT LINE, yea, something is going to break eventually.

The power plant was 44 years old, and they were skimping on just about everything they could because they had 6 years until they had to worry about renewing the plant license and updating all the machinery. This really is one of the 'worst case scenarios' and Big Oil is really pressuring with their propaganda.

In California for example, when quake faults were pointed out, the companies building the plants basically ignored the possibility. Now they're trying to extend the operating permits without review of new fault data accumulated over the last couple of decades.

Posted by Ray April 14, 11 01:20 PM

very sad

Posted by Anonymous April 14, 11 01:31 PM

to Mcguyver #11; You look at these pictures and thats what you post? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Gambette Japan and my prayers are with you.

Posted by tjr714 April 14, 11 01:38 PM

As if anyone would look for a wedding ring in this rubble...
That's bull. Maybe a mistranslation or misunderstanding.

Posted by Mugros April 14, 11 01:50 PM

One month after and still trembling from the aftershocks, still struggling with the worsening radiation problems, still not finding loved ones, still not knowing what will be the future... :( we are with you in your sorrow and pray for you Japan.

Posted by Thi Hien April 14, 11 02:26 PM

I hope the beauty and security of this nation can be quickly restored. Lets draw on a larger area (the world nuclear community) to help remove this highly contaminated water. It must be removed and transported before workers can get close enough to attempt to stop this process. To remove more water than they must inject to prevent complete meltdown is a major task, and it will require extensive resources. The increasing levels of iodine 131 indicates major continuing release and meltdown is ongoing. These levels should be falling rapidly (8 day half life) and while we are very thankful for the significant efforts in containment -- the risk exceeds that of Chernobyl , Time is critical to prevent that from becoming a reality.

Posted by jmndodge April 14, 11 02:51 PM

Having been through the 2005 earthquake in northern Pakistan, Ive seen the devastation first hand ... and then reiterated in Haiti and Sichuan... but I am humbled by the grace, organisation and bravery with which Japanese have reacted. Only Japan can do that. God bless them!

Posted by Aliya April 14, 11 02:55 PM

I feel sad

Posted by serhan April 14, 11 02:58 PM

I still feel like I'm having a bad dream. I can't believe this is happening in my country...

Posted by shige April 14, 11 03:01 PM

Don't know what to say. Just feel sad seeing it. Ganbatte Nihon!

Posted by momipie April 14, 11 03:12 PM

Pero la foto 18 dice mucho de este pueblo japones ,la gente puede ir a recojer sus pertenencias alli ,nadie toma lo que no le pertenece ...maravilloso pais.

Posted by Fidel April 14, 11 04:00 PM

The pictures show the sadness and grief the people of Japan are feeling but they also show the strength of character, fortitude and calm since of perseverance the Japanese people have. It was a devastating act of nature and I can only hope these people find peace or even closure with lost loved ones who are not found. I applaud the Japanese people in the manner which they are dealing with the every day living, existing really, with nothing! In the states you would have people looting, fighting, acting out with loud demonstrations that they get a handout...screaming for free funds, food, everything they want, they expect to be giving, whereas the Japanese deal with what they have and are grateful for anything given and they do it with a calm and humble reverence. I commend them.

Posted by R.Mesch April 14, 11 04:00 PM

On Monday, April 11th, 2001, I decided to stop being sad, and instead, decided to fulfill myself with hope. I will help Japan in any way I can, and I will be a witness as Japan recovers and make itself an even safer and happier nation than it ever was.

There is a famous song in Japan - "Happiness does not come walking to you, so you need to march forward to grab it. Make a forward step one day, and that's three steps in three days. After making three steps forward, you may need to make two steps back."

Removal of debris may be a daunting task, and recovery of town may appear to be an impossible task. But hey look - see that they have cleaned up streets already so that goods can be distributed and people can go to places to retrieve items. It may be a small progress, but Japan, you are doing a wonderful job at recovery.

Japan, you will always be in my heart, and I am hopeful we will see lively fish markets, endless rice fields, children playing happily outside, mountains with rush green, festivals filled with songs, dances and lights... one day, I am certain.

Posted by Yuko April 14, 11 04:30 PM

Better not dump your contaminated water and other stuff into the sea though, Japan.

Posted by no name April 14, 11 04:35 PM

Herr, erbarme dich. God have mercy.

Posted by Kirk April 14, 11 04:37 PM

very dreadful, disastrous, shocking.. Hey GOD please please help the japan people especially the sufferers and near by belongings. Hey GOD I plead in front of you to do well to those people.....

Posted by yogesh April 14, 11 04:45 PM

Astonishing. #23 is an incredibly powerful shot. Should be in the running for World press photo of the year.

Posted by Grant April 14, 11 04:47 PM

beautiful images, that show not just the devestation that the earthquake caused, but the sheer strength of the Japanese people, of hope and solidarity. Praying for all of them.

Posted by Estelle April 14, 11 04:48 PM

My prayers are with you Japan. God Bless you all.

Posted by Josh April 14, 11 04:55 PM

I feel so helpless and sad when I see these pictures.
I have had Japanese exchange students stay in our family and have grown to love their gentleness and sweetness.
My son went to Japan on an exchange and was treated kindly and cared for as if he were part of the families he stayed in.
This tragedy seems so overwhelming!
My heart goes out to all in this country.

Posted by Miriam Mason April 14, 11 04:58 PM

My support to Japan.

On another note: For all you who are discrediting nuclear power because of these incidents, remember that nuclear power is THE safest method of producing electricity in the world (only .04 deaths per Kwh produced), yes, the number of deaths per watts produced is less than solar power (.44 deaths per Twh produced), wind (.15 deaths per Twh), or hydroelectric(.1 deaths per Twh produced). Coal is the one you have to worry about, it is THE deadliest form of producing electricity (161 deaths (no decimal) per Twh produced), and coal fly ash is very radioactive because of the impurities being left behind. Plus, nuclear energy supplies more energy than solar, wind, and hydro combined, and still kills less people than any single one of them.

Posted by An Educated 16 y/o. April 14, 11 06:21 PM

Give us more info on how we can help. God bless you all

Posted by Sharon Rudison April 14, 11 06:28 PM

God will give you the strength to recover and rebuild your wonderful country

Posted by Mervin April 14, 11 06:51 PM

Nuestra solidaridad y respeto al pueblo de Japón, Históricamente han sido ejemplo de fortaleza y recuperación. La raza humana entera debería hacer una pausa para pensar en nuestra relación con la tierra, en lugar de sólo tratar de dominarla.

Posted by Shaman ek April 14, 11 07:53 PM

The devastation is depressing. I have no idea what it's like. I do admire discipline and faith of the people of Japan, and believe they will rebuild their country. Although it'll be lots of work, time, money, and heartbreak.

Also, to the editors - what's "Chernobyl Russia"? The Chernobyl disaster took place in Soviet Union. Geographically Chernobyl is located in Ukraine. Neither of both mentioned countries is Russia.

Posted by Ira April 14, 11 08:29 PM

U guys shouldnt talk so much abt this man called "god" after things like this happens.

-Bernard i agree with u, they are for sure proof of good.

Posted by philip April 14, 11 08:36 PM

The reaction of the Japanese people in this disaster sure makes Haitians look especially bad.

Posted by Carbon April 14, 11 08:54 PM

It will be amazing to see how much time it is going to take them to get out of this horrible mess

Posted by Martin April 14, 11 09:04 PM

Japan, the MCRmy is here for you. We want to make a difference and we want to help you. Just for Japan, and inspired by photo 23, I will be making plenty of origami cranes and hanging them around my room. #SINGItForJapan

Posted by Megan W (MCRmy soldier and Killjoy) April 14, 11 09:12 PM

feel so sad..... :(

God bless Japan.

Posted by Lilien April 14, 11 09:22 PM

I was born in Japan, but i'm living in Peru since I was 1 year, it's too hard to see this, really, mi country in this situation, this is not happening people, this is so unreal.

Sing it for Japan guys.

Posted by Emi Valdez April 14, 11 09:31 PM

Penso no sofrimento das crianças que perderam seus pais, família, enfim o lar, e que terão que buscar identificar-se com um futuro que indica que virão outros fenomenos como esse que tragicamente lhes atingiu, isso é aterrorizante, e, resta a indagação de como lidar com essas placas para evitar-se o pior? Existe o risco de um cataclisma nuclear, face as Usinas Nucleares não resistirem aos impactos que sem dúvidas virão em futuro próximo, creio que a Humanidade por seus cientistas devem adotar o Japão protegendo-o de seus sismos mortais, antes que uma tragédia maior cubra todos os oceanos, e, consequentemente todos os continentes, pois todos navegam a crosta terrestre.

Posted by pedrorichter April 14, 11 09:49 PM

OMG! So sad!

Posted by Dorothy April 14, 11 09:55 PM

Nothing more than stand still Japan, our prayer will be yours..

Posted by Linawati April 14, 11 10:23 PM

God give strength to all Japanese
pary for Japan...

Posted by X.THA April 14, 11 10:32 PM

japan is most development country
different as other earthquake place
best wishes

Posted by etles April 14, 11 10:33 PM

Good shots. Feel very sad for the Japanese people, and perhaps other nations should also learn from this lesson..

Posted by Jin April 14, 11 10:42 PM

I recently started a relief effort called Relief By Design where the design community has come together to create beautiful posters in support of the devastation that struck Japan. If you purchase a poster on the site 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to help those who need it most. Check out the website posters are only 5$ but you are free to give as much as you like. Japan needs us, here is your chance to make an impact.

Relief By Design

Posted by Carlos Perez April 14, 11 10:56 PM

As a photographer I see sights like this too often.Thoughts with you from Australia

Posted by ric woods April 14, 11 11:10 PM

It's impossible fully understand Japan's loss without pictures like these. My love to you all. Your perseverance is truly inspiring.

Posted by Pip Muser April 14, 11 11:23 PM

It is still unimaginable that a certain percentage of the earth population could be wiped out in one natural desaster.
It has happened in Japan, who knows where and when next it will happen again?
May God save us from all these.

Posted by Emeka J.N April 15, 11 12:16 AM

Greenpeace is being stupid, ending nuclear power around the world? what are we just going to use coal? We need to be using nuclear as a bas and solar/wind to supplement it as much as possible.

Posted by eric April 15, 11 12:17 AM

#5 made me smile. I always pray for Japan.

Posted by ets April 15, 11 01:42 AM

Don't know what to say ......God bless you all
pary for Japan

Posted by Haitham. Australia April 15, 11 02:38 AM

I, also was devastated about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The pictures I have viewed are breath-taking and awe-inspiring. I have no doubt that a re-building will occur. We are, as a people, resourceful and will overcome. But my biggest gripe right now is the letters that I have viewed lately regarding this tragedy, is that every one of those had mis-spellings and abbreviations only a texter would know. If you cannot communicate as an adult (who hopefully graduated from high school), and /or an intelligent high-schooler and write out your thoughts on your own, then I pity the world. It is one thing to say I love you, but to write, "I heart u", is demeaning to me and my intellect. We are in too much of a hurry to actually say what we mean to, and have to shorten everything. Life is too short for this! Say exactly what you mean and mean it! And please use spell check! Bless us all!

Posted by Malinda Smith April 15, 11 02:58 AM

Dramatic pictures but only to show human drama...
why are the animal dramas left out???
like the animals that were left behind when the farmers were told to leave their farm...the cows are left to die from starvation and thurst....they are condemed anyway because of the nuclear contamination and should have been put down humanely because leaving them to die this way is animal cruelty.
why is there no attention given to the animals?? They must suffer just as much.

Posted by AEN April 15, 11 03:48 AM

God bless Japan
~prayers from Taiwan

Posted by mike April 15, 11 05:44 AM


Posted by Kamehamehaa April 15, 11 05:59 AM

Never give up...Japan.

Thank you Big picture for the great shot.

Posted by purohit April 15, 11 11:39 AM

En la luz de los ojitos de Rui Sato (foto 5) emana la esperanza del pueblo japonés. Se que resurjiran de esta situación. Dios los Bendiga!!!!

Posted by Humberto A. Rodriguez April 15, 11 01:06 PM

i feel so bad for that people but they are very strong thay can past the nuclear bomb in the past....
gob bles Japan¡¡¡

Posted by javier April 15, 11 01:55 PM

Don't give up, Japan!
You are heroes...

Posted by Milan April 15, 11 03:29 PM

My prayer for Japan, may they may recover soon from this terrible disaster. I have a whole new respect for the Japanese people of how calm and humble they face all the damages. We all need to learn from their humbleness. Truly a great nation.

Posted by Matthew April 15, 11 03:48 PM

It's terrible what you guys have to be put through. You have done so well staying strong so far, you guys are inspirational. Please know that the world is by your side all of the way. xx

Posted by Ettie April 15, 11 07:14 PM

I see all the tragedy in the images but I must say Mike holman certainly has that touch of photos

Posted by Anonymous April 15, 11 09:08 PM


Posted by Anonymous April 15, 11 10:10 PM


Posted by ganhongyu April 16, 11 12:55 AM

we will past this disaster together

Posted by Jane@china April 16, 11 01:53 AM

pic#5 warms my heart!
Never give up! Nippon!

Posted by xuyingen April 16, 11 02:44 AM

Allah give the power ...................

Posted by Mohd Rahil April 16, 11 03:11 AM

Our thoughts are with you.

Posted by Anonymous April 16, 11 03:22 AM

pray for Japan!

Posted by Iris April 16, 11 03:43 AM

We are the most happiness person when we live in a peace place ! we must thanks God ! what we can do? Let us donated money to support japaness and also pray for them ! God with us :D

Posted by Paul Yii April 16, 11 04:25 AM

smiles in #5 save us

Posted by ryokawanaka April 16, 11 05:29 AM

I hope sincerely, this tragedy will not come again.

Posted by RainReader April 16, 11 09:14 AM


Posted by monika April 16, 11 12:15 PM

SO SAD ...........

Posted by DJOKO WIONO April 16, 11 12:45 PM

Mr President truth already has prevailed Nikola Tesla stole invention wrote Revelation and what you know of ours do now pitch u.s. now how insider trading messages from the once "future" time made the time line which is and was actually the creation of life and death and God Himself scientifically actually created The universe Our universe Your universe successfully sending secret messages and inventing Time Travel which allows the inventor to steal invention divine stolen and accomplished by Nikola Tesla 700 patents and Wall Street they hunted the bear market and crashed a world and JP Morgan and EH Harriman who with secret stole truth, wealth and power of all countries faster than light like a thief in the night may you not have bet gainst me right.

Posted by Gillender Building April 16, 11 03:00 PM

hope in God Hebrews 9:27-28 And Jest As It Is Appointed For Man To Die Once, After That The Judjment , So Christ Having Been Offered OnceTo Bear The Sins of Many, Will Appear a Second Time,Not To Deal With Sin But To Save Those Who Are Eagerly Waiting For Him. Hope In God

Posted by Ralph April 16, 11 04:58 PM

The ones of the picture #29 are my relative. My aunt was living in the house, and her body was found aproximately 2km away from this place. Gassho.

Posted by MY April 16, 11 09:50 PM

The vehicle in #3, caught between two slides! Must have been incredibly frightening to be there when the aftershock hit. I hope they got out OK.

Posted by Choudoufu April 16, 11 11:59 PM

stay strong japan! ♥

Posted by qin yi April 17, 11 12:18 AM

I have a thought...the Japanese are such kind loving people and the USA can help them as well as they can help us. They should come live in the US..after all we have so many vacant homes and they can bring their business' and we can help them manufacture and help rebuild Japan right here in the US! Why Not? We are depressed country and together we can make a difference. What is our other choices? We need to help them and maybe by helping them..we help ourselves as well.

Peace..and love and many prayers to you all!

Posted by Lisa April 17, 11 01:37 AM


Posted by バルン April 17, 11 08:04 AM

Best Wishes for Japan people from URUGUAY, South America

Posted by Victor Gomez April 17, 11 10:27 AM

"Fisherman Koichi Sasaki chercha son anneau de mariage, qui a été perdu un mois plus tôt au cours le 11 Mars séisme et le tsunami, à une zone endommagée dans Ofunato, dans la préfecture d'Iwate. (Hanai Toru / Reuters)" C'est sûr que le Dieu de l'amour l'aideront à retrouver sa bague de mariage comme ce même Dieu qui aime le peuple japonias malgré cette catastrophe naturel,saura inspiré et renforcer le peuple japonais pour supporter et sortir vainqueur du chaos.

Posted by archtectedubien April 17, 11 02:09 PM

What a Nation, what people. It makes you envious of their dignity, their patience and their self-respect! Coming from a country where showing your emotions is a MUST, it is very novel to see the dignified way those people carry their enormous suffering and grief. They have my unlimited admiration and respect. They are the most noble people one can imagine.
Keep on going with your lives my friends, you have the people of Greece and the whole world with you!

Posted by Panos Hadjiconstantinou April 17, 11 08:24 PM

Words cannot describe this unimaginable tragedy, nor the strength and resilience of the amazing people of Japan. Thank you for continuing to bring the truth in incredible pictures to us via this blog. Image #34 is heartbreaking, yet shows just where the future of Japan lies, in the children who will endeavour to not see a tragedy like this repeated.

Posted by me April 17, 11 08:48 PM

Une pensée toute particulière pour le peuple japonais...
Nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous...
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Posted by Claire Marchand April 17, 11 11:00 PM

5, 6 and 7...

Japan, you're in my thoughts

Posted by Tina April 17, 11 11:26 PM

May God be with them & help them recover soon

Posted by sampaths April 18, 11 01:38 AM

My heart goes out to all that was in Japan. Also my heart goes out to anyone in the world that is hurting or in pain. I love you all.

Posted by Matteo April 18, 11 06:14 AM

Moving pieces. My heart bleeds for Japan

Posted by wiselar April 18, 11 08:08 AM

Sinceramente me sorprende la aplicación, la bondad con su prójimo, que tiene el pueblo japonés que ni una catástrofe lo logra cambiar, es algo que los pueblos al sur de sudamerica (por lo menos) es inimaginable.

Posted by Esteban April 18, 11 08:59 AM

sum times i wounder y nun of this happins in tha u.s. its nt far for ppl to hav to suffer like that.

Posted by amy April 18, 11 09:56 AM

Mugros @ 109: "As if anyone would look for a wedding ring in this rubble..." Yes, there are people who would. I would. You may think the caption is BS, but unless you or someone you know has lost everything they own in a natural disaster reducing their home to rubble, then you are not in a position to judge.

Or maybe you just don't think other people care about wedding rings.

To those complaining about prayer -- notice that several Japanese people are depicted praying in these pictures. I think they would not mind knowing that someone is praying for them. Remember that prayer is not a uniquely Christian activity, and even many who do not profess a religion do still pray. The thing is, prayer isn't as narrow a thing as you might think. And it does have value. It's a way of saying "I am thinking of you, I am keeping you alive in my thoughts" and a person who is doing that is much more likely to do other good for them. Again, doesn't matter if you call it prayer or not or if a deity is involved or not; thinking about other people is important, and telling them that you are thinking of them can be a great comfort. It is good to know you are not forgotten, and that is the value in hearing that someone is praying for you. Don't knock it if you haven't ever needed that reassurance.

Posted by Calli Arcale April 18, 11 03:47 PM

がんばって にほん。
we always pray for your safeness..

Posted by manilyn moriizumi April 19, 11 12:55 AM

It is very hard to forget this accident, but there is no way, if we don't forget. It is batter to start hard working. And this is the only one way, is'n it?

Posted by Ali shah Zarifi - Afghanisthan April 19, 11 01:09 AM

GANBARE TOUHOKU JAPAN !! and Thank you help for Japan everyone !

Posted by nobby April 19, 11 04:04 AM

What a dignified people. We are all Japanese, we feel their loss, but we know with their strength of character, they will survive and prevail.

Posted by C. Kofi Bucknor April 19, 11 04:14 AM

Earthquake in Japan is that Japan is the most advanced country in the world.
If there was no earthquake, then how would be Japan?

Posted by Mansoor April 19, 11 04:44 AM

What happened and is happening in Japan is heartbreaking.

On a side note Mr. Young, Chernobyl is in Ukraine not Russia. Many people in Ukraine suffered from the nuclear disaster there just as those in Japan now suffer. At the very least, when drawing parallels, you should strive to be truthful.

Posted by Shelby April 20, 11 10:40 AM

Wow! What a country! What people!
Good luck!

Posted by rrr April 21, 11 02:41 AM


Posted by zidane April 21, 11 04:16 AM

To dear friends on the Big Picture:

Thank you very much for keeping thoughtful eyes on Japan.
Japanese are deeply thankful for 134 countries (included the suffering people; slumdweller of Thailand, Kandahar in Afganistan, Congo, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, hungry children in Kenia, land-mines village in Cambodia, Serbia, Libya ........ and New Zealand).
Also, I was glad many blankets and toy were delivered to the devastated children from citizen in Chernobyl.

Many relief, tremendous fund, charity songs, 1000 cranes campaign, cheerful YouTube videos, voluntary workers.... thank you for everything !

It will take years to recover from this hardship, but I believe Japan will rebirth to a better world thanks to your support and this painful lesson.

As for " prayer " mentioned above, Yes. prayers is very meaningful for us too. We pray for everything in our daily lives, for the dead in heaven, for someone's safety, for bright future, and to express the respect for nature ... The difference is that most of us neigher go to church nor visualize the face of Christ or Budda.

Although Japan is such a technological world, nearly 70% of Japan's land is mountainous. Before putting labels ---- Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Buddihist ------, we are simply " Nature worshipers " since ancient times.

We believe that the Great Spirit abided in all living things, offering harmony, meaning, and acceptance. It is the fact that the spirituality of Japanese has exactly so much in common with the one of the Hopi (Native American, originally from Maya).

Now, the earth is completely out of balance and will continue to shake so that she can form new land at the bottom of the sea floor. Magma is looking for the way out. It is scary but we are still nature worshipers and people would just respect and accept any activity of our Mother.
On the other hand, we really feel guilty for putting poison into her...

May prayers from all over the world can change things better...

With much gratitude,

Lisa (Japan)

Posted by Lisa (Nagano prefecture in Japan) April 21, 11 04:31 AM

My eyes are now wet with tears as I read all the comments. My family is in Tohoku, and I've been there for relief work from Tokyo twice already. Yes, though there are only less than 1% of Christians (I am one of them), the people appreciate our prayers to God. They need more than just receiving material gifts. They are strengthened by the love we show.

I didn't know how so many people are praying for Japan. This is overwhelmingly comforting! Indeed, this nation is blessed by Him.

Posted by Kiyo April 21, 11 08:24 AM

om mani padme hum

hope everybody goes well!

Posted by Anonymous April 21, 11 09:46 AM

At the beginning,I though the photographer take the pictures in biased by mistake.Actually,he maybe just to want to show the Chinese normal people's life,on the other hand,it reveal the beauty of life.It's true.On the other hand,it is not necessary to care the point that the photographer take.Maybe the point is we should proud of my life,at the same time,we believe we will make it more beautiful,colorful.meaningful!

Posted by Lawrence April 21, 11 12:36 PM

Tot respectul pentru poporul Japonez.

Posted by Lazar Marian April 21, 11 12:57 PM

God bless you, and god will give you all the stenght you need to recover from this terrible event.
People from all over the world are praying for you.
We are with you Japanese and our prayers too.

Posted by Anie April 21, 11 09:55 PM

To my Japanese brothers and sisters:
I was given the greatest experiences in my life by being allowed to live in Japan these past few years. I refuse to leave this place that has shown me such kindness, and taught me to live in peace and solace, simply because Mother Earth is showing her power over Man (as it is a natural thing after all)

With every aftershock, I am reminded that although I still have my four walls, floor and ceiling for shelter, there are many to the north that do not. I've donated time, money and given my love and prayers. I hope everyone around the world can do the same thing too. Then when and if you can, please see this place and I hope then you can see why I call Japan home too.

Posted by J.L.Gatewood April 22, 11 03:42 AM

Just a note: Chernobyl is not in Russia, it's in Ukraine. 25 years ago it was the part of USSR.

Posted by Alexander April 22, 11 09:06 AM

I do not have words to say except my prayers. Please all the people who are ready to criticise the country should look and see how their country would have handled the situation, I know I could and I can not even begin to imagine the situation. They will be back stronger and they wonderful and great people. Always loved the Japanese!

Posted by Gouree Ramanath April 22, 11 09:53 AM

Condolences to those of you, who have lost the close-ones in this terrible
event. As life is the only thing that matters. The deepest respect to those,
who were (and still are) risking their lives to save people and eliminate the
consequences of devastation. I believe in courage and ingenuity of Japan
people that will help them pass this cruel test.

Posted by Vitaliy April 22, 11 02:17 PM

Thank you, all the people around the world for having been helping and encouraging Japan! Our very best wishes for your happiness.

Posted by From Japan April 22, 11 02:55 PM

As a japanese, I am very encoruraged by kind messages from world.

Posted by Hisato April 22, 11 08:33 PM

We will rebuild because we have hope and a strong will!

Posted by がんばろ日本! April 23, 11 02:36 AM

I cannot express in words my feelings. My heart goes out to Japan and everyone who has lost close ones or have suffered from this catastrohpe. Prayers for Japan.

Posted by SL April 23, 11 03:40 AM

жалко японцев ((

Posted by Александр April 23, 11 12:47 PM

Please give us any real information.
Almost all of us don't know what is going on in terms of the radiation issue.
TEPCO and Japanese government don't open what they truly know, and Japanese mass media seems to shut their mouth up...
Please help ordinary people living in Japan!
We surely have a fundamental right to know what's going on.
Please urge "your" media to see this issue for us.

Posted by atom April 24, 11 02:19 AM

To everybody in the world.

Thank you for worrying about Japan.
You in the world, please teach.
What has occurred in my country, and information is concealed to the Japanese as if North Korea.
We do not learn correct information.

We do not understand it is correct. how wide the radiation poisoning is
The nuclear plant how many is serious, and the country and the mass communication seem only to be concealing it.

It is asking.
Please request to disclose correct information you, Japanese Government, and Tokyo Electric Power Company in the world.

The lack of policy of Japan troubles all over the world you.

Posted by TAMA MURUHYA April 24, 11 04:27 AM

Thank you for your prayers.
We are living in the land of the rising sun. We believe and know that we will come up again.

Posted by dee April 24, 11 05:47 AM

If I wasn't an Arab, I would have wanted to be Japanese!

Posted by HK April 25, 11 01:37 AM

Soutien au peuple japonais. Que Dieu ( peu importe le nom qu'on Lui donne) vous donne la force de surmonter ces terribles épreuves.
Que les nations du monde autres que japonaises ne se croient pas prémunies des désastres. N'oubliez pas que la société japonaise est une des civilisations techniquement parmi les plus avancées au monde..... et pourtant. Lessons learned dans les domaines possibles, même si les forces de la Nature sont toujours les plus puissantes.

Posted by POLIS April 25, 11 05:01 AM

É um grande horror, tenham força!!!!

Posted by João Inácio April 25, 11 11:56 AM

We share your pain, Turkish public is praying everday for Japanese public. God be with you always.

Posted by Mesut DURMUS April 25, 11 01:40 PM

We share your pain, Turkish public is praying everday for Japanese public. God be with you always.

Posted by Mesut DURMUS April 25, 11 01:45 PM

Don't call for GOD.

It's YOU that can help.

Posted by Lutz April 25, 11 06:16 PM

I have been calling there almost everyday because my mother, my sister, and her family are there. At least 10 times a day, they are feeling shakes after shakes... After my mother told me that she can not have good sleep at night, I asked my mother if she wants to come to U.S. and stay with me for a while. Her answer was, "I can not escape just by myself when everyone is doing their best and hanging on there." I told her I will be there this summer, but my heart is crying every time I talk to them. I can not show my emotion towards them. We need to keep them strong. I know Japan will recover with the strong spirit, but for now, I ask every one of you to pray for Japan.

Posted by Midory April 26, 11 12:34 AM

Tragedy. One word to explain it.
But Japanese people once withstood Kobe earthquake which devastated the country in 1995. Then it's NOT impossible to recover from this one. Cheer up, I really can't do anything big for the victims but I can at least make a bit of donation. Let's do what we can do to support them!

"Ruined cities will be rebuilt at last!!!"

Posted by Tyler Bass April 26, 11 07:43 AM

I'm Japanese. Thank all you for praying for Japan.
We are glad and grateful to world.

Posted by Anonymous April 26, 11 01:47 PM

Remember that God is with you even in the bad times. You are a coragous people and a great example. My prayers are with you each day.

Posted by Doris Oakes April 26, 11 05:44 PM


Posted by lebanese girl April 26, 11 05:59 PM

Anyone miss Germany on the stock exchange picture? What's that about, painful history?

Posted by Arjan April 26, 11 06:02 PM

so bad

Posted by ankit April 27, 11 11:26 AM

How can you say there is no God, yes he let it happen but all things happen for a reason.

Posted by Annabella Jones April 28, 11 11:55 AM

Never suffer never gain! Just look back the history, Japan became much better
after the 2nd war world, and thanks to Japan, look at China now!!

Posted by Francis K H Chan April 29, 11 06:41 PM


Posted by S.Y.P May 1, 11 12:44 AM

i feel bad for you people

Posted by adriene May 3, 11 10:53 AM

I had been Japan last month period on 06-16 April, from Osaka,Kobe',Hiroshima,Ibaragi,Kyoto,Takayama,Hirakawako,Yokohama,Nikko,Tokyo and Narita everywhere was safty and Japanniess people are very kind. Many people ask me "you are not afraid about Nuclear?" . Where are the place in the world is safty? this is my question.

I had been Japan 5 times, I like Japan country? no, I like Japanness people and love them too can see and understand why I say that?

Posted by wanalee thanomkiat May 3, 11 11:36 PM

I am a Chinese.
The #2 and #5 deeply touched me. It was really hard to Japan at the moment but I prey for all people suffered in the disaster.

Posted by Benjamin Shi May 4, 11 05:32 AM

With love...

Posted by noname May 6, 11 05:50 AM

Lo que sucedió en Japón fue algo que el planeta nos está reclamando, el planeta es un ser vivo, él puede sentir, él respira. Seguramente es por el daño que le hemos causado, desde que se inventaron las fabricas que solamente contaminan. La humanidad tomó un camino malo, ahora solamente nos queda esperar cuando nos toca a cada uno de nosotros.
Los desastres naturales son impredecibles ahora todos somos vulnerables a un desastre. La humanidad acabará pronto.
Pueblo japónes es una fuerte crisis lo que pasa con ustedes, la verdad están afrontando las cosas valientemente.
Abrazos a esa gente.

Posted by Loko motas May 6, 11 04:14 PM
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