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March 21, 2011 Permalink

Libya: UN air strikes aid rebels

After weeks of debate, the United Nations finally approved a no-fly zone in Libya, helping rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy at perhaps the last possible moment. Rebels had been driven back by the Libyan army to their last stronghold, the eastern city of Benghazi, and appeared ready to be overrun there as well. Two nights of bombardment by coalition forces have sent the army into retreat, and a missile struck Khadafy's compound in Tripoli, but the final outcome of the conflict is far from clear. Collected here are images from the last few days of fighting. For an earlier Big Picture post on the conflict, see the links below. -- Lane Turner (33 photos total)

Vehicles belonging to forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi explode after an air strike by coalition forces, along a road between Benghazi and Ajdabiyah March 20. (Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)
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It's not a attack for humanity. If it was, they would react to Bahrain and Yemen too. This is for petrol, as always.

Posted by serhan March 21, 11 02:06 PM

Let peace reign in Libya. Poland greet the brave people of Libya

Posted by achaj March 21, 11 02:14 PM

What's wrong with this world

Posted by Matt March 21, 11 02:17 PM

Mi apoyo para la gente de libia. Increíbles fotos, portada de muchos periodicos de hoy en España.

Posted by jordi March 21, 11 02:18 PM

Shouldn't the #2 picture be hidden/blackened/warned? That poor guy's hand is but a piece of meat at his arm's end...

Posted by Charlie March 21, 11 02:21 PM

Wow - thank you to the photographers, particularly Goran Tomasevic. What incredibly dangerous work.

Posted by nate March 21, 11 02:24 PM

it's a sad world

Posted by tessloo March 21, 11 02:26 PM

24 is shocking

Posted by sadegh March 21, 11 02:27 PM

Powerful photos taken by some extremely brave photographers. I hope to someday contribute to this website. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Kyle Rose March 21, 11 02:31 PM

Please warn about picture #2, I was not ready for that kind of image...

Posted by Teresa Oliveira March 21, 11 02:33 PM

It's not a attack for humanity as serhan March 21, 2011 02:06 PM says.

Posted by elina March 21, 11 02:34 PM

it is quite sad.. another quite developed country is going to be destroyed. we, as a mankind, should spend our wisdom for something better, not for destroying and killing.

Posted by Mato from MidEurope March 21, 11 02:38 PM

Imagine if there was no fighting in the middle east.

America is like that snide little prankster that whispers truth/lies/whatever is needed to both sides to keep them fighting for its own purposes. Yes theres civil war in Lybia now, but show some decency USA and go help the non oil producing countries in the name of humanity and your supposed freedom as well. Bloody hypocrites.

America is the problem. I'm not middle eastern,pro islamic or anti islamic. I'm a human who wants to see humans get along with each other. When the military super power incites/promotes/maintains fighting in an oil producing country in the name of democracy and freedom, yet totally ignores poor african countries in the hands of dictators intent on genocide, you gotta wonder.

Cmon America, please, settle down.

Posted by human being March 21, 11 02:47 PM

I think that all pictures show how the UN forces are doing things right and the Qadaffi forces doing all wrong.
I´m not saying Kadaffi is a good guy, but all this doesn´t seem like information to me.
I think that despite they are great pictures, all this photos are trying to make us think that the UN are in the right path. and i don´t think death is good.
War never leads to peace, Obama.
Peace nobel prize? you suck.

Posted by Jack March 21, 11 02:50 PM

I think that all pictures show how the UN forces are doing things right and the Qadaffi forces doing all wrong.
I´m not saying Kadaffi is a good guy, but all this doesn´t seem like information to me.
I think that despite they are great pictures, all this photos are trying to make us think that the UN are in the right path. and i don´t think death is good.
War never leads to peace, Obama.
Peace nobel prize? you suck.

Posted by Jack March 21, 11 02:51 PM

Yea, I totally feel like photo number 2 should be censored.
Big supporter of the Big Picture, and a fellow photojournalist, but that's rough even for me.

Posted by John March 21, 11 02:51 PM

While I do agree that oil is a contributing factor, to suggest there isn't oil in Iran or Yemen is completely false.

There are likely some other factors going on to explain why this is happening in Libya and not in the other two aforementioned countries.

Posted by James March 21, 11 02:52 PM

@ #1

How exactly are the airplanes going to get the petrol?? There are no Foreign ground forces in Libya. This is to prevent Qaddafi from slaughtering innocent people, get your facts straight.

Posted by TommyTelarico March 21, 11 02:58 PM

first time to see a president fights his own people , he is totally insane

Posted by amgadelsaiegh March 21, 11 03:02 PM
20. much for "being sensitive to the victims' families" by pulling images of people grieving next to their dead loved ones. Hmmm.......double-standard, much? Is it simply because no one from Libya has sent you guys an angry email demanding it be pulled?

Posted by SoulChorea March 21, 11 03:07 PM

That Americans do something or nothing at all, for some, they are in advance guilty of any crimes. The truth does not exist, as there is a political interest.
I think only the lives that are saved.

Posted by gza March 21, 11 03:12 PM

i hope many of those poor civilians get out of that battle field unharmed.

Posted by Julia March 21, 11 03:14 PM

For the America bashing that is sure to follow, this is not a unilateral US action. This is a UN action. The US is involved but we didn't start this fight. If the US did nothing we'd be uncaring barbarians who are only after oil. If we do something then we're uncaring barbarians who are only after oil. As an American I would have rathered we stayed completely out of this one. I'd rather have us be uncaring barbarians who are only after oil and not have spent the money it'll take to enforce this thing.

Posted by Uncaring Barbarian March 21, 11 03:52 PM

# 4 is a woman, not a man. Who says women have no rights over there?

Posted by Neto March 21, 11 04:01 PM

A few of you have requested that I cover image #2 with our graphic content warning, so I have. Thank you all for your concern.

Posted by Lane Turner March 21, 11 04:12 PM

#1 & #16 - Goran Tomasevic (the photographer) has a giant pair of you know what to be that close to the action.

Posted by Jonathan March 21, 11 04:15 PM

The Anti-American talk is getting ridiculous. Whenever there's trouble in the world: Blame America. This time the French are leading the action, WITH APPROVAL from the Arab League, and what do I see in the comments? Blame America. How stupid are people? Next they'll blame the US when they spill their drink or something. Sheesh.

Posted by Brett Brenneman March 21, 11 04:18 PM

If u observe well the pictures you will see that the rebels have much more weapons!

#26 a rebel points his gun at Gaddafi supporter... yet the supporter is a civilian!!! What happened to the supporter!!!

#25 rebels again is numerous with guns...

#9 rebel defeating Gaddafis fighters... Is it simply easy to defeat a fighter if u r civilians!!!

#5 rebels getting a tank - This also proves that the rebels have heavy weapons. It is not just an army killing civilians but two factions fighting each other...

The rebels are not that innocent, they are also fighting killing & have even gun down a plane!!! But western world is with them, the propaganda is for them!!!

Posted by Yussuf A. March 21, 11 04:41 PM

Bombs bringing democracy. Once again.

Posted by Принц Путин March 21, 11 04:50 PM

I totally agree with the first comment ...
I'm ashamed of beeing french when I see people giving trust to the talks of "our" president Sarkozy and other occidental governors implicated in this war.
If it is for the freedom of oppressed people, why is there no one to help in Yemen, Ivory Coast, Syria etc etc ... ?!

Anyway, there is a mistake in the text under the 3rd photograph, the Mig shot down doesn't belong to Kadhafi's forces but to allies. Te rebels shot it by mistake ..

Posted by hugo March 21, 11 05:00 PM

#2 was censored and required a "click to view". It did for me anyway.

Posted by Mike March 21, 11 05:08 PM

the 'rebels' there doesn't yet know whom they serve, they will be crying blood tears yet.. big heroes to make victory fingers at tanks destroyed by their next dominators

Posted by fxxx March 21, 11 05:18 PM

Pray for this world.

Posted by SAM_France March 21, 11 05:18 PM

Yep its always Americas fault right? If we did not help out, we would be blamed for any massacre of rebels. Now that we help out, we will be blamed for being involved. What about the involvement of the Europeans? What about the fact that this time the U.S. did not act until the UN voted for intervention on a limited scale?

As to all those people being squeamish about gory photos - they are supposed to make you extremely uncomfortable. This is war. War is horrible. Your precious little eyes should be exposed to this reality a little bit more often. Our media is too censored against "sensitive" images as is. Perhaps if people saw more mutilated bodies they would fight less wars.

Posted by n.h. March 21, 11 05:24 PM

Yet another war. This time set upon by a team of girls, Hillary

Posted by Sena T March 21, 11 05:39 PM

So sad... Qaddafi is really a jerk!!

Posted by Rami March 21, 11 05:44 PM

American Can do every thing. Bcoz They are owner of the World.

Posted by Anis March 21, 11 05:49 PM

None of these photos should be censured/blackened! This is what men, women and children live and see every day, not just in Libiya, but in places all over the world. If the rest of world actually saw the heartache and suffering that is so many peoples lives, maybe, just maybe more would speak up against greed and oppression. The people in these photos are like people all over the world, who want to live a life in peace free of injustice and corruption. They are not just statistic and numbers ala "12 killed and even more injured". They're somebodies mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters and friends. But hey, if we censur what is going on all over the world everyday, we can sit down in front of our flatscreen TVs, in our nice homes, with a nice warm cup of tea and pretend that the world is a nice place!

Posted by Benjamin Watts March 21, 11 05:58 PM

From Indonesia, we pray for the peace in Libya.
God Bless..

Posted by Jeff March 21, 11 06:06 PM

the new French AASM bomb does marvels. Imagine 500 pounds to 2000 pounds high explosives delivered with 1m (3ft) precision. The Gaddafi thugs learned it the hard way... and the "viewer discretion" black screens show only how much USA has become disconnected from reality...

Posted by Leclerc de France March 21, 11 06:07 PM

War, war never changes...

Posted by andy March 21, 11 06:10 PM

@ #1 Bahrain and Yemen both have a decent amount of oil themselves so your theory really holds no merit. But at this point UN intervention is only a possibility if the crimes against the people become as severe (and on such a large scale) as in Libya. Otherwise we could just as well invade Russia China and the US for violation human rights

Posted by marco March 21, 11 06:18 PM

Americans get blamed if they DO and they get blamed if they DONT. Here's an idea world, "Go F..K, yourself".

Posted by Kmandew March 21, 11 06:24 PM

Si j'ai bien compris, les régimes qui ont le sang de leur peuple sur les mains perdent de leur légitimité aux yeux du monde. Alors qu'attendent les forces de la coalition pour intervenir au Yemen et ailleurs! Hélas, on ne peut que faire le triste constat du deux poids...deux mesures!

Posted by thami March 21, 11 06:27 PM

Libertad, Libertad, ¡cuántos crímenes se cometen en tu nombre...! (Voltaire).

Posted by Luis March 21, 11 06:38 PM

If we didn't support the rebels, we'd be demonized for "overlooking their humanitarian tragedy". Since we are supporting them, we're just "in it for the oil"...because we're not helping every other revolution or cause in the region/world. Many of those images of destruction were caused by FRENCH airstrikes...why is no one complaining about the 'imperialist French"? The same people who argue about Libya, are the same people who bemoan the US for acting unilaterally, (which at has before, admittedly, at great peril), yet we HAVE A UN MANDATE this time...doesn't change your response. It's just to easy for everyone to hate on America, that they're rhetoric doesn't even require thought anymore.

Posted by Kyle March 21, 11 07:00 PM

Why they not defend democracy in Gaza ??????

Posted by clopain March 21, 11 07:11 PM

These photos help to show the reality of military force. When operators in the US control armed unmanned planes and unleash death, injury and misery half way across the world with a click of a mouse, it needs brave photographers on the ground to show what "taking people out of the battlefield" really means.

Posted by Jon, Cardiff, UK March 21, 11 07:16 PM

Libyan poeple are showing their bravery and courage to the world
Tunisia first Egypte Libya Yemen and Bahrein are examples to the other arab contries , i just hope that the rest of the other arab coutries will wake up and staind against those thiefs and murderers who rule us !
and i hope that poeple from Europe and America make clear to their gouvernement not to deal with dictatorships anymore (including my country Morocco)
The killing that we witnessed these days from Gadhafi happened in every arab country since their independence and till the early 90's, but the information could not be spread back then like today ! the number of dead that we saw in libya in the last mounth is just the total of dead in 2 or 3 days when things like that happened 10 or 20 years ago .... that's why poeple are still afraid in the other arab countries.

From Casablanca
A democracy supporter

Posted by Hicham March 21, 11 07:34 PM

Rebels promise oil deals for France, UK and the US. They help out to take Daffy and in turn the rebel leaders will get high positions in the newly formed government.

Whats so difficult to understand about that? If you think this war is for a humanitarian cause, you're extremely naive. There are way worse things happening even right now. Look at what's happening in Ivory Coast for instance and you'll realise this is a war fought for the oil. Libya has the largest oil reserves in the whole of Africa it's no surprise France is leading the attack because French oil company Tam Oil is in danger and the oil flow from Africa to Europe is in danger.

Posted by jake March 21, 11 08:01 PM

What a BAD move! It will do nothing but force more innocent middle east people to become terrorists.....
If we still do things like this, the terrorist story will never be ended.

Posted by Dean Salton March 21, 11 08:08 PM

As an Iranian, I think that we should thank America for helping Libyan people in the way to their freedom. One day they may help us too.

Posted by Siamak March 21, 11 08:29 PM

Since when did a no-fly zone involve taking out tanks? This kind of deception from the US and her allies is despicable. Do what you say you're going to do and nothing more.

Posted by Chad March 21, 11 08:40 PM

Guy from Casablanca, at least you speak sense. Most of these idiots haven't a clue, they don't even know where Libya is on the map. And all they do is bash their own gvts. And yes, Arabs are also to blame, they want, they don't want. Well, now it's done, rather too late, but at least for once the UN (and not just US), actually served a purpose.

Good luck Hicham, but try and get it done without too much bloodshed.

Posted by Julia March 21, 11 08:48 PM

America is bad, America is evil, America is only for oil.. blah blah blah

What AMERCIAN Army Fire Trucks are pouirng water on Japanese Nuclear reacotors melting down right now.

What AMERICAN troops are in Haiti rebuilding the god awful island that should be abandoned.

What AMERICA forces are protecting innocent, outmatched rebels from a leader that is bombing, murderering and killing his own people.

What AMERICAN forces took down a leader that used chemical weapons on its own people.

Its NOT about the oil. China is the country that has the oil contracts in Iraq. NOT the US.

What AMERICAN military is building schools, water plants, and hospitals in Afganistan.

These are facts.

AMERICA could put up a wall around the country and watch the rest of the world kill themselves and live like animals but we choose to do what is RIGHT.

Anyone remember who said this..

"My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."

Posted by Liam March 21, 11 09:40 PM

I agree with human being, comment 13

Posted by Heinrich March 21, 11 09:50 PM

God bless the people~

Posted by ahlongs March 21, 11 09:56 PM

No More Wall, No More war!

Posted by fsy March 21, 11 10:43 PM

It's called a petrol will never end unless petrol pot is empty or empty headed petrol possessor over, calling humanity is hippocratic act here...cant believe? why master wait 42yrs.. yeh you will say then... "late is better than never"!!! that's da way worlds goes ...look at Saudi or Bahrain, coz master has Fifth brigade and guarantee of endless petrol supply. any way, thanx Boston.

Posted by Niamul March 21, 11 11:05 PM


Posted by Anonymous March 21, 11 11:32 PM

I blame Arabs for theier style of ruling people. They sucks every time.
I blame western powers for those causes that is mentioned above by many. Greedy for other's wealth.
If Gaddafi to go , then Presidents/Kings of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrein, Syria, Kuwait, Algeria, Sudan all to go. All of them more or less same kind of rulers. Gaddafy is projected but many of them are not. People are rising. and for the Govt; of west, like USA, UK, France, this may come to you from ur own people sooner or later. Because u have blood in hands and property is not equally distributed.

Posted by Milon Meem March 21, 11 11:32 PM

Attack!! the US and Others need Black Gold!! but need land in GAZA!!
how they do? Spread the stupid rumors and start to attack!! Attack!!
oh we just save a Libyan people from being slaughtered by Gaddaffi. Only few survive from ours attack!! it was because our missile cannot detect which is Libyan people and which is also Libyan people. Only theirs know. hmm but its OK. Their people is dead not mine. But the Black Gold is OURS!!

p/s: just close your eyes world and start buy a lot of gold now. real gold.

Posted by Gold March 21, 11 11:46 PM

all air attacks are necessary for the people slaughtered by dictator, through the image is so cruelty. because it is more cruelty to people in desperate to survive under dictator.

Posted by supporter from china March 21, 11 11:47 PM

What USA wants? only petrolium? whom would be next? Iran? China?we don't want to be that!!! Peace, Peace, Peace!!!!
From Chinese People!!!

Posted by Mike March 21, 11 11:54 PM

no more war!!!

Posted by ed March 22, 11 12:01 AM

When a legitimate National Government is acting in defense of its constitutional rights against rebel or violent upraise, would that be classed as act against humanity really?

Where was the UN or NATO during Rwanda genocide, DRC conflict and for that matter Northern Uganda war and so on?

In the event that, in the last over 40 years, the UN and NATO policy was unclear on world peace as it is clear now on Libya; why is the UN and NATO not acting on current issues in Bahrain and Yemen. Double standard does not make any sense these days.

If UN and NATO permanent Security Council Member States are to restore their credibility then their respective Fixed Foreign Policies - only after they had disagreement with oil rich countries leaders at the expenses of other countries - should be challenged in an independence International Court.

Can ant lawyer or groups of Activist with potential to mobilize people and resources take steps to implement a law suit against UN and NATO act of aggression once and for all?

Posted by David Toolit Luwum March 22, 11 12:12 AM


Posted by ooo March 22, 11 12:14 AM


Posted by 不須放屁 March 22, 11 12:19 AM

Yes you're right! (:

It's not a attack for humanity. If it was, they would react to Bahrain and Yemen too. This is for petrol, as always.

Posted by serhan March 21, 2011 02:06 PM

Posted by me March 22, 11 12:21 AM

It's not UN's war,its western countries war!
How ugly countries they are!
It's naked invasion!
Libya,hold on!
and the invader,go to hell!

No War
Form China.

Posted by Trans March 22, 11 12:31 AM

What is it with middle-easterners always firing their small arms into the air in celebration??!!!
Where do they think the projectiles go.....into orbit?


Posted by Trevor March 22, 11 12:51 AM

Actually if the people be patient even Khadaffi is injustice, the war will not occured. Why US helping the rebel, but they don't help people at Gaza from Israel?
Because there is always has hidden agenda on the middle east. Like Oil or something. Afghanistan with their opium. iraq with their oil.

Posted by arc March 22, 11 12:55 AM

Europa und Amerika werden es nie lernen...Lybien wird wie Afghanistan und Irak enden. Das beste wäre gewesen sich hier nicht einzumischen..Oder ist es das schlechte Gewissen- jahrelang mit einem Diktaror Geschäfte gemacht zu haben....

Posted by Tom March 22, 11 02:16 AM

To the editor: I would not call these UN Airstrikes. Sure, the resolution is from the UN security council, but this title makes it seem like every bomb has been thrown by the UN peacekeeping forces, which is not the case.

Posted by Joshua March 22, 11 02:26 AM

no more war! god save them...

Posted by anju aryal March 22, 11 03:20 AM

This operation is not for humanitarian is just for petrol, becouse this is whad happened in Iraq.

Posted by Mujitaba Zangon Daura March 22, 11 03:28 AM

2011: A nuclear plant explodes and Libya is raided by a Western country ... wait ... isn't this 1986 ... what a flashback

Posted by Thomas March 22, 11 03:30 AM

serhan, you are bang on target. I agree with you 100% - "It's not a attack for humanity. If it was, they would react to Bahrain and Yemen too. This is for petrol, as always." Correctly said really.

Since the pro-US government in Egypt collapsed after a great revolution by the Egyptian people, the Americans want a new "friend" in the oil region to fulfill their oil thirst thats all.

I have no comments about Col. Gaddafi - whether he is good or bad is not a question at all. What NATO and so called "ALLIES" of US are doing is all absolutely wrong. They are practically provoking a civil war by siding with the rebels. This is an internal matter and no external intervention is morally right here. I'm glad that dear Germany and Italy as always are intelligent and not joining hands in this joke.

Posted by Vikas, Pune, India March 22, 11 04:09 AM

I'm very afraid of this Islamic world. These people can not control themselves and be controlled by any authority. I think they do not want peace.
Regret what happened. Nobody deserved the war. Hope the solution will be find soon.

Posted by Natalia Mindru March 22, 11 04:13 AM

The best solution for Libya now is to split the country into two halves: one west part for Khadafi tribe; the other east part for rebel tribe, while making it for sure that Khadafi tribe will never get access to oil field.
Also, put a strict international sanction on his wealth outside his country, thereby leaving him to starve to death.

Posted by Prince Kevin March 22, 11 05:17 AM

Humanity continue the cycle of violence. I wonder what the Creator is thinking right now? It's an all out civil war and the man in power along with his whole family will not easily give up their power and money. It's just too bad it took the Libyans 40 years to realized that their leader is just another power hungry despot who will not hesitate to slaughter them if they question his omnipotence.
Of course there are a lot of ignorant people here who spouts unfounded allegation against the US. Why don't you READ about who else is involved in protecting the Libyans. France was the first country to recognize the rebels and believes it's in the best interest of the Libyan people if the Moammar Khadafy leaves. It was the French not the Americans who spearheaded the efforts to intervene.
Why is it whenever America is involved in protecting the freedom of people, nutcases around the world associate that with hunger for oil.
I would very much like to see and read concrete evidence to support such nonsense.
America is not perfect but we try to help the less fortunate by getting rid of bad people and always be there to help whenever disaster strikes and what do we get as a thank you, we get stab in the back!
Thanks a lot, stupid people!

Posted by J. Mullins March 22, 11 05:35 AM

Why do you interfere in the internal affairs of the country? Bandits strike against legitimate authority. And your troops are helping the bandits. It turns out that you yourself bandits. Concern for democracy and human rights is good, while bombs are falling on your city. Libyans are not up to human rights. They are under your bombs, your children save

Posted by ya March 22, 11 05:38 AM

# 4 scares this Libya after Khadaffi?

Posted by Mark March 22, 11 05:45 AM

When will this wars end...
At one side people die helplessly due to natural calamities and in the the other side they kill each other...

No value for life .. Sad picture of the world...

Posted by diham March 22, 11 06:08 AM

What USA wants? only petrolium? whom would be next? Iran? China?we don't want to be that!!! Peace, Peace, Peace!!!!
From Chinese People!!!

Posted by abdi fatah March 22, 11 06:35 AM

Another sad NEVER won in any war!!!!

Posted by DD Ziyad March 22, 11 06:55 AM

Poor Libya. If only they have no oil underneath its soil, they won't care. Look at what happened in Sudan or other Africa countries that have no oil.

Posted by Rahmat March 22, 11 07:15 AM

It is staggering how Western countries can come to foreign land and do whatever they want! Did all Libyan people ask for this? And how much damage will be done in this war? How many years it will take to rebuild, what is destroyed in seconds? It's obvious that those bombs were sent not to protect people, but to protect natural resources(oil in this case) price and supply stability. What is happening now, is that people are being killed by bombs, that are "protecting" them.. And it is a very good opportunity to colonize land and build army bases..
And, Liam, if America would spend so much money for helping Japan or Haiti, as it spends for killing, it wouldn't probably take a month to rebuild everything.

Posted by Ignas March 22, 11 08:28 AM

Tragedia para todos los habitantes de nuestro mundo son estos acontecimientos.
Que acabe todo pronto y bien.
Los esfuerzos por la libertad deben ser recompensados.
No debemos dar cabida a opresores de ningún pueblo, raza ó color de piel.

Posted by jaime moner March 22, 11 08:38 AM

Somehow this has turned into a negative thing for the USA. We are their to help people of Libya from being killed by their own Government.

If the haters who post here about the USA want to truly believe that this is about oil for America then show proof. You can't.

Let not forget facts people, China is the sole country that has any benefit of the Iraq invasion. They are the country that has the contract with Iraq for the vast majority of oil in that region.

The new Iraqi Government put the contracts out to bid and China won fair and square and thats what we do as a country.

QUESTION: If the USA is soo bad and evil why would we let this happen especially since we control Iraq.
ANSWER: Its simple, We are not bad and evil and care about the human suffering by the hands of dictators that treat their citazens like wild animals.

Guess how long a dictator like that would last in the US? Not long because the American people would do something about it on their own accord because we do not sit idle while WRONG is happening amongst the world.

Can someone please post what other country does 1/10 as much as the USA with regards to helping other countries?

We have enough oil reserves in Alaska to last us the next 300 years, the Guld of Mexico is open to all for drilling and we could shut that down to just US companies. We could be the Hugo Chavez of the Gulf. We have enough natural gas reserves to last the next 200 years and enough coal reserves for at least 300 years. (in West Virginia alone!!)

This is not about oil because if you haters were as smart as you think you are then you must realize that if this was TRULY about oil then we you would not be posting here because we would have taken it..ALL, we would have already won the war on oil, because WE CAN.

But as none of you want to admit you know this is NOT ABOUT OIL. this is about a Muslim Leader out of control and bullying his own people.

We do not sit idle. We do the right thing.

OBAMA (a non-dictator Muslim some claim) did the right.

Please THANK US for now us.


Posted by Friend of the USA March 22, 11 08:44 AM


Posted by Anonymous March 22, 11 09:43 AM

Silly American and NATO forces are just want to grab oil field. These US and NATO forces are big threat for humanity. Their Slogan is peace but inside they want to destroy the rest of World other than US and Europe.

Their act is strongly condemned by all peaceful nations.

Posted by Kashif Masood March 22, 11 09:52 AM

I love how somehow people find a way to blame the US for just about everything. I mean seriously people, you are never satisfied.
If the US doesn't intervene it's said that the US is morally responsible for any mass killings because of its failure to intervene. If it does intervene it's somehow responsible for the bloodshed as well.
Make up your minds, do you or don't you want intervention. For some reason whatever the US does, they are portrayed as the bad guys.

p.s. I'm not from the US but from The Netherlands, myself.

Posted by Jonas March 22, 11 10:21 AM

Don't understand the reference to "Africans" on picture # 24. Lybians are Africans too.

Posted by Toto March 22, 11 10:45 AM

acabem com kadafi!

Posted by Kleber Alves March 22, 11 10:56 AM

let they free their own country... 'outsider' are opportunist...

Posted by maha raja March 22, 11 11:02 AM

@42 Yes, Bahrein and Yemen do have oil, but also US have military base there, and have proamerican goverments, and american oil companies have monopoly on oil there, but not in Libya... @18 When planes take down Khadafy, and rebels takes on power, new regime will be proamerican, US will establish military presence in Libya, american companies will get exlusive rights for rebuilding Libya and oil driling...

Posted by Emiliano March 22, 11 11:17 AM

todos los dictadores terminan asi... masacrando , a su propio pueblo , VIVA la democracia

Posted by rubens March 22, 11 11:26 AM

It's good to be the king.

Posted by King March 22, 11 11:29 AM

probably involved in libya for a couple of reasons, 1) the rebals nearly overthrow the government, 2) its on the boarder with europe, 3) yeah the oil does help.

there are already some amount of UN in ivory coast, i dont know much about the situation in yemon.

Given gadafi's history and crazyness, its in the best interest to have some involvement with those against him. These rebals are fighting for something like we have in the west, we should be helping them.

Posted by paul March 22, 11 11:53 AM

Bunch of thiefs wants to get more oil. Yeah, just throw some staged photos, ignore supporters of the current regime and say that rebels are right and support them with the NATO rifles and machineguns. Still not enough? Bomb the country. I hope agressors will get what they deserve.

Greetings from Russia.

Posted by Daniil March 22, 11 11:58 AM

Amen to #55. Enough anti-US rants! The opposite of war is not always peace. Often the alternative to war is oppression. Good to see America (yet again) and Europe (finally) on the right side of history.

Posted by Chuck Brookhouse March 22, 11 12:09 PM

Bullets that go up in the air, are just as deadly on the way down.

Posted by MrSalty March 22, 11 12:47 PM

Re: Hugo's comment in post 30, the plane that has been shot down in photo #3 is a Mig-23 Flogger. The Libyan Air Force flies a number of these 70s era planes. None of the allied countries involved in this operation fly Migs and even if they did, they wouldn't be using one from the 1970s. Do some research before posting misinformation. The caption is correct.

Posted by Stan March 22, 11 01:16 PM

...y el premio Nobel de la paz es para....¿Quién paga más?.
Es estúpido:¿Una masacre para detener una masacre?

Posted by Perronegro March 22, 11 01:28 PM

Don't look at images of war if you don't want to be met with images of broken bodies. Use some common sense people.

Posted by Ryan Knoup March 22, 11 01:29 PM

Love comment 55. Its all true, America is the first to blame when something bad happens, and the first to go help those who need it. Plus its the UN attacking not America.

Posted by shaun March 22, 11 01:34 PM


One Tomahawk rocket costs over one million USD and on first operation US used over 100 of them.

Posted by Ignas March 22, 11 01:44 PM

Liam @ 55 - Spoken like a true commissar.

"The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them."

George Orwell

Posted by Jeremy March 22, 11 02:05 PM

I do not blame the shocked reactions of people plus the blame being put on the US and the UN for the air strikes. Dictatorship or being under a tyrannical rule is hell. It is oppressive, kills a lot of people, and causes suffering of people. I have been there.

I am from the Philippines and we were once ruled by a tyrannt/dictator named Ferdinand Marcos. He tried to remain in power for 20 years, imposed martial law, imprisoned his policital opponents and even killed some of them. One was my classmate. My brother was tortured and imprisoned as a political detainee. This is how dictators and tyrannts work. As I grew older I fought that regime myself in the People Power revolution of 1986 which toppled and drove Marcos out of the country. People stood and prayed in front of tanks ready to die for the sake fo the much cherished freedom without dictatorship. We got it but not after many have died through the years Marcos reigned. Never rob people of their liberty and justice.

I do not think oil is the only reason here though a lot of it comes from Libya and Iran. French President Sarkozky was one of the first to be concerned about the suppression of the people in Benghazi by Khaddafi's Libyan forces. You do not suppress or kill the very civilians that you are supposed to protect. Only tyrannts and dictators like Khaddafi, Idi Amin, Marcos, Stalin did that. Lives will be lost in any conflict like this. The UN has at least stepped in to protect the populations in Benghazi and other rebel held cities. These have considerable populations. Should Libyan forces capture these cities the people in it would surely be treated severely. Mass executions are likely to happen.

Any freedom loving country should not just sit back when a tyrannt is trying to kill his own people. This not 3, 12 or 50 people. It would be the population of cities. We, as part of the UN nations, have sat back when Idi Amin and Pol Pot killed thousands. The skulls of victims scream for justice in Cambodia, Uganda, Rwanda, Poland, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Russia - among many nations. Are we going to let this happen to the people of Benghazi?

I don't cheer the death of innocent civilians but Khaddafi is a cruel man. He cheered the Lockerbie bomber after he was released from the UK. War is hell but there is no philosophical reasoning or diplomacy involved to someone who is bent at staying in power forever at the cost of lives. There is a long list of dictators and tyrannts from of old to the near present who have tried to stay in power forever but almost all of them were toppled by revolutions or foreign military powers.

Some say the US is the terrorist. I don't think it is though many are deceived by this thought out of hatred, envy or plain ideology planted in them by someone trying to manipulate them (as Khaddafi does) through politics, religion, etc. Terrorism's goal is fear and intimidation and uses the death of innocent people to forward a political or fanatical ideology. It does not respect life, and liberty. It does not have a conscience. The US military actions around the world is to combat this evil of terrorism. It is the police of the world much to the sacrifice of US tax payers. I see as the US as the light and hope of the world. That is why it's still the most popular immigrant destination in the world (39 million immigrants about 2-3 years ago). Because in it there is hope, respect for life, justice, liberty and a chance at success in life for all who come.

The cost of liberty and freedom is such that people would fight for it. The desperation for it is visible in the ultimate sacrifice of the man in #2. Bitter to say but freedom is not free.

Posted by george March 22, 11 02:37 PM

Comment #50 - Tam Oil is an Italian oil company. While there are French oil companies present in Libya, they are dwarfed by the Italian presence.

Posted by Nico March 22, 11 03:20 PM

History dictates the future. It is a fact exampled so frequently in World history that it cannot be ignored. I wish I knew more than I do because often we as human beings become passionate and irrational on a whim. It's a pity newscasts are never inclusive of historical facts; i suppose if they were the news would be dragged on for those who already know and those who don't care.
It is extremely sad what is happening to the world. I can't remember what comment it was, I think 51? But the stark realization is, those little children in the streets, holding the dolls, staring out of the bus windows... they are the future of tomorrow and this will be their history.

Posted by grenadacarib March 22, 11 03:53 PM

Photojournalism will never die!

Posted by AdrianPhotojournalist March 22, 11 04:11 PM

Re: Stan's comment in post 69: This is, indeed, a MiG23. But which has belonged to the rebels, after some of the pilotes joined the revolution, 2 afaik. Do some research before posting misinformation. The caption is uncorrect.

Posted by Matt March 22, 11 04:19 PM

Why when it's about African teenagers, you wrote that they were hit by the "French warplanes" but when it's a tank , you write "coalition airstrike" ?

All these armies are managed by the USA as a part of the UNO.

The UNO is one and a single entity and no one of its members said no...

Posted by Benoit March 22, 11 04:25 PM

again people blame America, France is also taking part, wheres the blame for them?

Posted by brad March 22, 11 04:31 PM

Свободу Ливии!

Posted by н March 22, 11 04:41 PM

comment 55.

i'd read up on some recent us history before you praise america so highly.

start here.

Iran 1953- CIA depose democratically elected leader for dictator
Guatemala 1954- CIA depose democratically elected leader for dictator
Chile 1973- CIA depose democratically elected leader for dictator (is there a pattern here?)

Panama- CIA kill dictator because he nationalized the panama canal. They then support his replacement- who was horrific. He still won't play by the rules and give the canal back to the americans. So, they proceed with largest invasion since vietnam, and kill 4000 civilians and displace 20,000.

Haiti 1994- A change maybe?- US depose dictator for democratically elected president- nope- they demand the privatisation of major industries- which, as that democratically elected leader stated- "would lead to the augmentation of the wealth of the rich- at the expense of the poor"

oh, and don't mention all those pictures of US presidents with mubarak.

do you know what i love about afghanistan? well, in Rambo 3, he asks a rebel whether the soviets could ever win. the reply- no, they could never win- and rambo agrees- saying that the rebels are so resilient and tough that they could never be crushed- the soviets had better get out! However, where the USSR failed- the US will of course win. Why? Umm......

and, as to Iraq. *cough* blackwater. *cough* haliburton. *cough* fallujah. *cough*- uh, yeah, hitting the AJE offices in baghdad even though they'd made us aware of where they were, was.... just a mistake.

for god's sake, just watch collateral murder. Maybe you'll see how american pilots treat ""rebels"" in buses who are just ""helping"".

and, i guess that """anti-immigration"" wall in mexico doesn't count as closing yourself off from problems.

Posted by Guy March 22, 11 05:35 PM

#81, just to clarify, a tomahawk missile does not cost $1 million, depending on payload, it should cost around $500,000 to $575,000. The conventional warhead fitted on the tomahawk targeting radar, missile, command and control were loaded with 1000 lbs of explosive. One tomahawk is certainly is cheaper than the F-15 that crashed in Libya. That costs around $30 million.

None of this would be necessary if Ghadaffy just step down from power and not massacre his own people. But the power and wealth stolen by his family is just to great to give up so easily. I guess they don't want to operate gasoline stations in the west.

For those people who loves to bash America, go get a life. American is always there for people in need and there is absolutely no reason why America should be vilified at every turn. Based on some of your rants, most of you anti-American are not from America. I would love to see your country give billions of dollars in aid to the less fortunate, send your soldiers to die for freedom and keep dictators from slaughtering their own people. So you haters out there, go crawl back under a rock where you belong.

I am proud to be American!

Posted by A.J. March 22, 11 05:45 PM

Months ago, Khadafy announced that he won't be sending oil directly to European countries anymore. Instead, he would make agreements with China, Russia and India.

And who striked first? France, the biggest customer of cheap Libyan oil...

Who defended Khadafy? Russia and China...

I'm sorry but it's rather naive to say that this is a war for humanity. If goverments cared for humans, there were millions of them in Bosnia, where oil didn't exist and the massacre went on for years right in the middle of Europe. Literally next to your door...

Posted by toughguy March 22, 11 06:54 PM

The Libyan rebels are basically peaceful protesters who found their demonstrations against Gadhafi met with bullets and had no choice but to resort to violence, they are nice, sincere people who want a better future for Libya. FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!!
from The Philippines

Posted by Flushma March 22, 11 07:27 PM

to the above comment when someone said,
"You do not suppress or kill the very civilians that you are supposed to protect. Only tyrants and dictators like Khadafy, Idi Amin, Marcos, Stalin "did that.""

I don't think so...police killed innocent civilians in developed countries...yeah talk about protecting your own people...
I am sorry but that is the fact...

And censoring is shows respect for families and everywhere else.
Its called peace my friends...It incites anger if you don't and not peace...when you show those pictures..Peace doesn't come from anger..remember be sensitive to those people.

When Obama gave the ok, did the coalition forces attacked. YEs unfortunately America supports this...the international community was hesitant yet only with the support of U.S. did the coalition started to attack Sunday. France, United Kingdom, Spain, and other countries, it is a international effort to stop Libya forces. However, there are many rulers and dictators whom kill innocent people and injustice is ubiquitous in the world. I suppose we are playing the police when we were children and now in a grown up way with childhood like psychology. and shoot everyone...Grow up this is not freedom and we are not fighting for freedom it way of getting things one's who is free when everyone dies? freedom is felt when there is no suppression. But there is automatic freedom such as life which comes from above. So much of what we call freedom is dependent on issues and agenda or political process. These agenda often take form of, power, liberty, etc. If we again see the rue details of freedom we cant really say freedom is such and such. Only God can give true freedom.
UN resolution 1973 is a shame... countries should be sovereign both parties in Libya should just agree on a resolution...

Posted by Hafa March 22, 11 07:32 PM

"again people blame America, France is also taking part, wheres the blame for them?"

If it is a response to my comment, I don't blame the USA, t was just to precise that the France is not acting by itself.
I just don't understand why a country is named when all the operation is done under the name of the UNO.

But actually I have been surprised by the bombing, I think they have done more than necessary to keep Lybia's sky clean...

Posted by Benoit March 22, 11 07:45 PM

There is victims in a war... Well, where is the point ? Is it a surprise ?...
Or maybe they should stop bombing and let civilians dying by the slaughtering of Gaddafi... thats what people who are blaming want ?.... No ? So, maybe they can explain, how, in the hell, you can made an opposition in a war with a 0 victim (that would be so great...) stat ?... You simply can't, yep UN support have made, unfortunately victim, but you should consider how many there would be without... And i think no-one know how to suppress the immediate danger to civilian that represent a government tank, without, at least, killing those driving them....
I know it's not cool that there is victim, but on any war, people killed and bombed what they're not supposed to killed/bombed sometimes...
In WW2, american hardly bombed France west coast, village, and train roads, it made victims in civilians French side (like there wasn't enough by those time), and they don't complain as it was in order to beat Hitlers Nazis occupation... It's not great, but it's war, simply that... If you think you can deal with war without make any victim, you're just an idiot watching to much Disney princess story...

For Comment #50 : France dependecie of Lybia's oil is only of 10% (40% for Italia, who didn't actively take part of UN movment, appart of giving their military base, by the way...) of all France's need in oil (wich is, itself, very low, as France relay more of its energy needed to nuclear, hydrolic and renewable energy... And if you want another thing about France and oil, know that France consumption of oil is ranked only 11th, behind USA, Japan, Russia, India, Germany... and.... Canada, South Korea, and.... Brazilia and Saudi Arabia (!, surprizing , uh? ...))

Still for Comment #50 :If you still argue about a fantasy of "France depedency of Libya's oil", one thing more you should know is that , the few Lybia's oil bought by France has ALREADY been replace by Saudi's Arabia ones...So, guess me, French don't absolutely give a sh*t of Lybia's oil (compared of other consideration like the possible bad consequence of such involving in military opposition...). And France's dependency on Lybia's oil? It doesn't exist. Since many decade, France has understand that it wouldn't be a good thing to be dependent on Oil, that's not a coincidence if 90% of their energy production are only nuclear and renewable energy... Exiting some oil's dependency has, by the way, been one of their plan many years ago...

If you want to know, there is 2 huge country that are massively dependant on oil...2 countries that are now surprizingly complaining after being neutral about a UN military movment in Lybia... Yes, i'm talking about Russia and China... Those 2 sure know a lot about violence by the way, being without a doubt the 2 major symbol of democracy and freedom (that's what a Chechen people, as a Tibetan one would tell, without a doubt too) [i'm of course ironic...]

And for the whole thing... I'm not totally agree about whats happening, buut again, what you expect, what should European do ?
Get involved and being blame for some victim ? Not getting involved and being blame for even more victim ?...

I'm not very a "USA's fan", i'm even more one of those who can hardly critizism its government... But, you can't just blame USA this time, nor you can't blame UN, or even France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark... (countries that are not know for being warmonger) Don't forget that what's happening is after weeks of Gaddafi's army slaughtering on civilian galvanized by the Tunisian's wave of freedom... UN was in hard position between acting and being seen like an imperialist illegitimate judge and not acting, staying blind and being seen like cowards or hypocritical guarantor of democracy who claim freedom and won't act when this freedom is in danger...

So what should they do ? What should we do about that ?... Give a realistic answer, i'm sure involving people/countries would be interested....

Posted by Noname March 22, 11 07:49 PM

Obama has fired more cruise missiles in three days than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined !

Posted by BuddyG March 22, 11 09:59 PM

Olé! por el coraje de las mujeres de libias

Posted by m March 22, 11 10:37 PM

when the ruler of any country going away from his responsibility towards his country/people his nation pays heavy price of his ignorance.these small countries are play ground for ,it is term of Libya.TO protect his country from from attack of allies forces Mr. Gaddafi should step down immediatlly and hand over the power to people of libya, afterall he has enjoyed the power for 40year. the time has come nobody an save him. superpower also try to change the regime peacefully avoiding military action.entire world is condem ning their air strike for their hungry of oil.

Posted by MUKUL ALKARA## INDIA### March 23, 11 12:03 AM

If they want to end this civil war in Libya, all they have to do is cut off the head of the snake. That would guarantee death to the regime.

The western military bubble head said that they will not target Moammar Gadhafi and only target soldiers attacking civilians.
Unbelievable! Isn't that what they did in Iraq in the first gulf war? Had they did way with Saddam Hussein in the first gulf war, then the second gulf war wouldn't have been necessary and would have save thousands of lives. So how about learning from the past and get rid of Moammar Gadhafi so that the west doesn't have to go back 3 years from now to finish the job. Those stockpile of missile aren't manufactured to last forever, might as well use them on the bad guys. Give the Libyan people what they want, bomb the regime into submission.

Posted by J. Chen March 23, 11 01:27 AM

"Can someone please post what other country does 1/10 as much as the USA with regards to helping other countries?" ... friend of the USA

Friend of the USA is right. no other country has helped other countries in the last hundred years more than the USA.

Its just that the USA's and Europes version of helping generally means, funding, training and equipping militias to overthrow governments unfriendly to the west, such as iraq, iran, indonesia, chilly, Venezuela, panama, etc.

Diplomatically, finically, militarily supporting countries with awful humane rights issues such as egypt, saudi, pakistan, (israel?).
Attacking countries for "humanitarian" reasons killing more civilians than that of the accused such as iraq and Afghanistan.

And mostly all under the guise of democracy, freedom, liberty......
These things are worth dyeing for, but im not convinced that there worth KILLING for.
Is it all about OIL, no, Is it all about POWER?.....yes.

Posted by Patrick thompson March 23, 11 07:14 AM

I don't think the rebels are civilian there :s

Posted by onuroz March 23, 11 07:30 AM

hopefully the UN and US and also the others country take the same action to Israel. They also doing the same things .. just like gadafi. it has been long time ago. what do you say?

Posted by PeterPan March 23, 11 07:31 AM

@Brett Brenneman Where do you think old Khadaffi gets his guns from? Not just the Russians..

Posted by p March 23, 11 07:59 AM

Coming from a country where people blame America (and Israeli for sure) for every single thing they despise, it's been very sickening for me to hear people's stupid and irrationale comment on how US is behind every single evil demeanor in this world and start creating their own version of fact.

Hatred.. Haters.. Violence.. Killing in the name of God.. what a world we live in :)

Posted by wantpeace March 23, 11 08:06 AM

Na aula de jornalismo científico, falando aqui e vendo as fotografias do mundo atual aqui neste site! A imagem faz sentir, mas se vc estiver aberto a isso! Aqui no curso de jornalismo nós acompanhamos o mundo com vocês. Bom trabalho aos fotojornalistas do mundo!

Posted by Fabiana Beltrami March 23, 11 08:12 AM

Why does America do nothing about the trouble in Zimbabwe?, they are repressed and treated far worse than those in Libya. Maybe because Zimbabwe has nothing to offer.

Posted by Steve March 23, 11 08:22 AM

we hate kiling of people???let the people survive peacefuly

Posted by Anonymous March 23, 11 08:55 AM

Why won't UN / NATO sort out the illegal occupation of Cyprus by Turkey? Why won't they liberate Palestine.... I have an advice for Palestinians !!! Start digging cause if you find oil you may be saved....

Posted by Vasilis March 23, 11 09:10 AM

Pic #33 has a pretty baby but killing people is NOT the answer
Why are we not doing anything to help these people they are dieing


Posted by Jennifer Mayes March 23, 11 10:05 AM

no more war, please ...

Posted by 張旭 March 23, 11 10:37 AM

Y se supone que somos la obra maestra de la creación...

And we are supposed to be the masterpiece of creation ...

Posted by Juan Carlos Posada March 23, 11 10:55 AM

Italy will always let you down. It will sell you NATO/ UN and everyone off.

Posted by Giovanni March 23, 11 11:58 AM

Re: Matt in post #114 -- Here is the text of photo 3 for review:
"A Libyan jet bomber crashes after being shot down in Benghazi on March 19 as Libya's rebel stronghold came under attack, with at least two air strikes and sustained shelling of the city's south sending thick smoke into the sky."
Post #30 suggested this plane belonged to the allies. It does not. The coalition forces that are enforcing the no fly zone, otherwise known as the allies, are not coordinating with the rebel forces in Libya, and are not bound in an alliance with them. Regardless of whether this MIG was flown by the Libyan Air Force on this day, or flown by Libyan rebel forces on this day, it is still a Libyan plane, not an allied plane, therefore the caption is correct, and your post is incorrect.

Posted by Stan March 23, 11 12:19 PM

From a Greek reader..The history of Western Powers is full of atrocities,imperialism,colonialism,devastation of local cultures,exploitation of local richness(oil,gold,agricultural products...).Peoples of the world stop them from massacring the Libyan people and taking their oil.I feel sorry about Greek's government stance..Hypocritical, as all Europeans.

Posted by Anonymous March 23, 11 01:31 PM

i do not agree with blocking pictures that have objectable content when displayed as part of a reportage on a war. whoever clicks to watch pictures of a war-zone has to expect the horrors that are.
another excellent display of photographs.

Posted by fosca March 23, 11 02:34 PM

can you please stop saying "it's just for the oil"

sry but the western got the oil before the atacks and i dont think the western will get it chaper after the war not to speak about the cost...

Posted by crissthebig March 23, 11 03:09 PM

let's pray...

Posted by March 23, 11 08:43 PM

Here they go again...

Posted by Gus March 23, 11 11:01 PM

Who is "The Evil Empire"?
Western people, you nothing can to do with yours government )))

Posted by Chemist March 23, 11 11:55 PM

feel so sad for those people , nothing is worth than life

Posted by Anonymous March 24, 11 01:19 AM

Why does America have to stick our nose into everybody's business? Obviously the leadership of this country is in so much denial about the state of our own problems that we can "afford" to go to yet another dust bowl region of the world and "help" out. Read the majority of the foreign replies above. If we help out they hate us. If we do nothing they hate us. They are going to continue to hate us. And for good reason. For decades we have bombed them to oblivion. Here we go again. But if they are going to continue to hate us lets be hated for saving some money. They don't want our help. LISTEN TO THEM. We have our own problems. Let them fix their own mess. We have our own to clean up. At this point in time every American citizen should be preparing for a worst case scenario to occur with our currency and society as a result. Yet keeping our uniquely individualistic hopes for the best alive and well is what makes us different. It's how we will return to prosperity. We need to get ready for a world without oil TODAY. No YESTERDAY. We need to be building an infrastructure that is based on LOCAL economies. Put people to work in our OWN country. It is falling apart. Look around. How can you expect to help the rest of the world out if you can't even help yourself. The empire needs to pull up on the reigns. I know many of the humanitarian folks reading this are freaking out. "What a cold way to be". When a plane is crashing the instructions say put your mask on first. Then help your neighbor. You're no good to anybody, not even yourself, if you don't do right by yourself first. Sorry world. Your drama must wait. Hope you can last while we get our own house in order. Maybe you can. Maybe you'll figure out what our forefathers did over 200 years ago. Would you rather live on your knees or die standing up? I know my answer. Look to YOUR OWN HEART and answer it for YOURSELF. You can lead a horse to water........ To the haters: You'll miss us. And when we do figure out how to keep rolling without your overpriced useless black goo by perfecting solar, wind, geothermal and natural gas; I hope you aren't mad when we return the price gouging favor. I can live without driving and electricity. You obviously do now. It can be done. But can you live in the desert without food and water? Keep your oil fields. I'm going long organic farmland that has naturally spring fed ponds. I'm also going long the steel and lead that it will take to protect it. Only in America!!!! Arable land of the free... Peace

Posted by Schwann March 24, 11 02:19 AM

Of course, the war is necessary to protect the people from being killed by the already-proofed-evil Khadafy. This is the exact positive thing that can never to neglected.

Posted by supporter from China March 24, 11 02:24 AM

Re: Stan in post #142: Hmm, for God knows reason, I read "rebels" instead of "allies" in the original comment of Hugo, leading me to a terrible misstake. My apologies so, my criticts on your comment wasn't justified.
Tought, I think it would be good to precise that this Flogger was on the rebel side when it was shot down by rebels, as the description of the photo isn't realy accurate.

Posted by Matt March 24, 11 03:39 AM

Um #3 and #8. Let's take a class on gun safety OK? You know those bullets you "randomly" fire in the air have to land somewhere??

Posted by mdcoop1967 March 24, 11 08:39 AM

Another invasion, Good for American and NATO's economy... Gotta love the disaster capitalism. Hope libyan people stays safe.

Posted by tony March 24, 11 10:20 AM

To Chinese People: Before commenting, you should first try to have a democracy and stop killing people in Tibet (Oh and what about the peace nobel prize still in your jails?)
To Russians who think their country is so fantastic: How is it to kill journalists and keep a politic opponent like Mikhaïl Khodorkovski in jail longer in oder to avoid his candidature to next presidential elections? Do you plan to let Poutine lead your country for the next 20 years?

The coalition in Lybia is there following an UN mission order. It's completely different from Irak. But of course maybe it would have been better to let Kadhafi kill everybody in Benghazi...
My country is not perfect, but at least we are not as much narrow minded as you and able to recognize our mistakes sometimes (We totally screwed up in Tunisia).

Greetings from France.

Posted by Bob March 24, 11 10:29 AM

I was a Truckdriver with the 3rd Supply+Transport Battalion,3rd Infantry Division stationed at Emory Kaserne outside of Wurzburg,Germany in 1975! We were driving around in green forests with desert camo trucks because we knew we were headed for Libya if it hit the fan! I am so happy to see this filthy excuse for human slime get what has been coming to him for what seems like forever! Every time he takes a hit is heaven for me! He was the ENEMY 36 years ago and he is the enemy now! God praise whoever woke up and decided to give him a taste of what for! Thank you for the present of the year! Please finish the job and vindicate the thousands of victims this madman has made throughout his long and despotic career? Thank you again for letting me live long enough to witness this despot brought down at least a couple of notches! BYE.

Posted by Raymond Clifford March 24, 11 02:44 PM

Amen to post 55.

Lets see people list where they are from and then list what your leaders do to help the poor and innocent of this world. You all list the countries we are not helping and say we are not helping because there is no oil for us to take. You are all sheep.

If thats your argument then why are we not taking out Chavez and taking his oil?????????????

As it was said before, if we wanted oil, we could have it all. We would just take it and then your arguments would be true, heck, the more I read them we might as well do that since we are blamed for it anyway. It would be like taking candy from a child......

To the poster from India, if it were not for the USA, Pakistan would have already nuked you back to the ice age.

My next door neighbors are from India and have been in this country for 7 years. My wifes best friend grew up in Iran and my sons classmates from Ethopia. I work with engineers from India and Pakistan. I sell to african, irish, english, scottish. Guatamalans are the best roofers and th epeople from Brazil do everything. My dentist is from the Phillipines and the guys that run our 2 local gas stations are all Arab. ( I never ask where from because we are all in this together.

Point is this. USA only wants everyone to be happy, have freedom and not be oppressed.

The year is 2011 and if you are from a Arab country and happen to be born female, you are screwed. The women in USA prisons have more freedom.

Bottom line is this.......Instead of hating NATO for helping the rebels PLEASE TELL US where you are from and what you think should happen to the people of Libya. PLEASE.

Posted by Mike from the USA March 24, 11 09:47 PM

@155,ye~right,we are still killing people in Tibet,oh come on ,please just come and see the truth. actually we don't care so much about the peace nobel prize,that is just for your western world.obama~peace? nobel prize is so funny~~ From a what you called narrow mind Chinese

Posted by DJ March 24, 11 11:15 PM

iam very sorry really libia is like my country reaaly i am verry sory

Posted by saciid abdisalan March 25, 11 03:08 AM

Post 150 makes a good point. Sort your own mess out. Reduce the amount of food you waste, reduce the amount of power and oil you use, increase research in renewable energy, this is how you will help the world. Stop bombing small countires.

What is the plan with these unrising, Is NATO going to support every group of rebels that emerges? Is NATO going to rebuild the areas it has bombed?

And to post 157 " if we wanted oil, we could have it all" it is comments like this that make people dislike your country, and comments like this "To the poster from India, if it were not for the USA, Pakistan would have already nuked you back to the ice age" that just make you sound ignorant.

You can't even sort out Afghanistan, how are you going to take on Chavez and Venezuela.

Posted by Tamas of Hungary March 25, 11 10:36 AM

When Obama gave the ok, did the coalition forces attacked. YEs unfortunately America supports this...the international community was hesitant yet only with the support of U.S. did the coalition started to attack Sunday. France, United Kingdom, Spain, and other countries, it is a international effort to stop Libya forces. However, there are many rulers and dictators whom kill innocent people and injustice is ubiquitous in the world. I suppose we are playing the police when we were children and now in a grown up way with childhood like psychology. and shoot everyone...Grow up this is not freedom and we are not fighting for freedom it way of getting things one's who is free when everyone dies? freedom is felt when there is no suppression. But there is automatic freedom such as life which comes from above. So much of what we call freedom is dependent on issues and agenda or political process. These agenda often take form of, power, liberty, etc. If we again see the rue details of freedom we cant really say freedom is such and such. Only God can give true freedom.
UN resolution 1973 is a shame... countries should be sovereign both parties in Libya should just agree on a resolution..

Posted by Al-shammer March 25, 11 12:08 PM

Its interesting that the vast majority of people viewing these pictures always assume that money and greed are the underlying motives for assisting humanity and putting down an oppressor. Of course, all the US, UK, France, and allies ever want are financial benefits. I can respect and tolerate this perspective because the right to disagree is God given, however, please acknowledge that when I step up to help out a friend or a stranger, it is because I legitimately want to serve as most people do. I don't subscribe to the belief that the world is that far gone that is void of "good people", people that will help out when the call comes, its the opposite, I believe that most people will serve humanity given the chance, and when it requires force, so be it. A rational individual will stop at nothing to protect the innocent from injustice.

Posted by Nivag March 25, 11 06:18 PM

Wow, that's some harsh spin work, Lane. The UN enforced the non-fly zone as a means to stop the violence, not to help one side against the other. Why the counties participating elect to bring yet more suffering to those already in trouble remains to be explained.

Posted by danvolodar March 25, 11 10:14 PM

Stupid, all in vain, it is 15 century, like Irak and more.

Posted by michael March 26, 11 06:37 AM

please.. please stop war people.

Posted by brayan March 26, 11 07:13 AM


Posted by Anonymous March 26, 11 10:36 PM

Every life is valuable. And should not be a war.

Posted by Anonymous March 27, 11 03:36 AM

Few years ago, USA help the Afganistan people & talibans in the Rusian -Afganistan war. Are give one help to the muslims terorism. In the poor people. Now in Libya..situation are verry dificully. If behind of action is the fundamentalist muslims. If is one eliberation people only those who knew no dictatorship is against America. Romania has experienced 40 years communist dictatorship ( with Ceausescu pesidential dictatorship ) . And we are against all dictatorships, but they did not forget the Russians and the communists and the feelings are not very good.Now nationalistic and racist feelings grow, thanks to some Arabs who stole and cheated (economic fraud) our confidence

Posted by Maresal Antonescu March 27, 11 03:47 AM

"they would react to Bahrain and Yemen too." on comment 69 : so stupid comment... because there is a lot of oil in both ! China's PC don't want to see such a popular movment in their country... how afraid they are... and as usual are paying some people to react like these...

Posted by Ricky March 27, 11 04:15 AM

no more war more

Posted by sohel islam March 27, 11 06:53 AM


Posted by FUA March 27, 11 08:01 AM


Posted by Timur Sinar Suprabana March 27, 11 09:43 AM

no lo puedo creer dios mio espero que algun dia termine lo que es la guerra entre nosotros mismos.....

porque si no no podemos vivir en paz, y tambien que esto termine ya!!!

Posted by anonimo March 27, 11 01:22 PM

Thank you Jonas ! Post 93

"Make up your minds, do you or don't you want intervention. For some reason whatever the US does, they are portrayed as the bad guys.
p.s. I'm not from the US but from The Netherlands, myself.
Posted by Jonas"

It must be jealously or ignorance that drives the world whinners who use every opportunity to cry and whine about the U.S.A.

The USA is so awful,, there were Coast Guard helocopters flying in Relief to Hati before the Sun rose the next morning, then sent relief ships within days . The USA sent an entire Carrier Task force to the natural disaster in Bonda Ache. The USA had 2-3 Ships in Japan within 1 day of the Earthquake and currently have almost 20 ships with all support forces providing relief in Japan. Who was there first after the New Zealand earthquake ?? How many Billions of dollars has U.S.A. citizens sent to help other countries ???

The U.N. did not do anything militarily to help Libyaian's,, Until,, The U.S.A. finally agreed to get involved..

The "oil" argument is just as juvenile. Libya has less the 2% of the worlds oil.

If the U.S.A. is "so awful" ,,,, why are so many millions of people continuing to try and immigrate into the U.S.A. ??? Stay home! Fix your own Countries !!

Stop Whinning,, fix your own contries and quit calling 911 (U.S.A.) when your countries can't handle your own disasters, Natural or Man made !


Posted by Tired of whinners March 27, 11 02:25 PM

Look at #25 and #26, the rebels are just a bunch of trigger happy thugs pointing their guns at innocent, unarmed passerby's. If US and the UN Security Council are true to their intentions of stopping civilian killing in this conflict, shouldn't they stop the rebel as well?

Ultimate solution: call a cease fire between all sides administered by UN's forces, and give every adult a free iPad with Angry Bird preloaded. Also exchange guns for free Xbox kits. There, problem solved.

Posted by Kevin X March 28, 11 01:58 AM

Post 118 is a brilliant response to post 55, even though they're both off-topic. All the good things the US military do abroad - which I agree are many - are dwarfed by the crimes it has committed since WW2.

Posted by Martijn March 28, 11 05:01 AM

I noticed the same man in pictures 10 and 14, seemingly unrelated events. Somebody is managing the media methinks.

Posted by Thomas March 28, 11 05:21 AM

This whole war is an information war, & it is not real, look up Pallywood!

Posted by Dingane Walker March 28, 11 10:07 AM

it's a terrorism. the main argument - NATO wants oilfields.
lifes of muslims do not equal to western people lifes. it easy to do genocide.
people of the world, open your eyes and hearts.

Posted by from kazakshtan March 28, 11 12:20 PM

Hail to # 55 en # 90

We owe America alot. Most of us would speak German in stead of our own languages if it was not for the US. We need a strong arm in the world that corrects evil. People who whine about the US interfering with things don't see the big picture. If the US would not have interferred in Europe in WW2 or in Iraq/Afghanisatan, Imagine how the world would have been today. The worlds needs a cop, and this cop happens to be the country with the largest force, it makes sense. The recourses of America are so large, they don't need to expand it. Anyone ever thought of the cost of war? And the 'profit' they could get, while in their own country they have more then enough? People who just shout : US just wants oil are ignorant. The US CARES, and im not even an american.

Greets from the dutch

Posted by Anti-ignorant March 28, 11 02:18 PM

Banyak sekali yang harus menjadi korban dari peperangan bodoh ini..stop peperangan..!

Posted by sulaiman March 28, 11 10:19 PM


Posted by Anonymous March 29, 11 12:19 AM

when the money and the power worth more than the life.....

Posted by nerfff March 29, 11 01:42 AM



Posted by EL0CHITO March 30, 11 12:07 AM

That's Right...Let's protect the World One Missile at a Time.

Posted by EA March 30, 11 12:40 PM


Posted by Mario Araujo T. March 31, 11 12:27 PM

The USA have spent $ 3 trillion destroying Iraq, perhaps they could have spent this money to provide free health care for its own people if they are such a caring government. This latest war with Libya proves their quest for the worlds oil supplies. If the USA are the worlds Police then they must be the most crooked cops on the planet.

Posted by Naemarewar March 31, 11 03:05 PM

U.S. - please stop spending my tax dollars trying to help countries around the world. They don't want help. No matter what we do they will hate us. Spend the money here in the U.S.. Leave the Muslim countries to their poverty, desert sand, and fighting amongst themselves.

Posted by Wakeup March 31, 11 04:06 PM

Posting #140

And we are supposed to be the masterpiece of creation ...>>>

No es verdad. La obra maestra de la creacion son las hormigas. 140 millones de años y mas fuertes que nunca!!

It's not true. The masterpiece of creation are the ants. 140 million years and going on strong!!

Posted by Al Bertrand April 3, 11 12:59 AM

Lo mas estúpido que a inventado el hombre es la guerra

Posted by javier vasquez April 4, 11 12:14 AM

Maybe Kashif should learn how to spell before he starts making judgements on international peace organizations. Last time I checked both the U.S. and NATO are still providing support for Libyan rebels, even with the opposition from some American people.

Posted by Cody Elmore April 4, 11 11:46 AM

Американский президент Обама забыл Вьетнам,забыл ложь об Ираке,завяз в Афганистане.Война в Ливии- очередная операция спецслужб, санкционированная президентом.Одна из ряда последних "революций" в арабских странах. Президент Обама,прикрываясь интересами демократии,развязал войну в Ливии без санкций сената,по крайней мере видимых,привязал к этой войне своих союзников в Европе и тихо ушел в сторонку.В Китае тоже нарушают демократию! Почему США не бомбит Китай? Страшно?Почему США не борется с наркотиками в Афганистане? Это недемократично? Или это выгодно?Не думают ли в США ,что придет время когда мусульмане объединятся в" священной" войне против США и смогут ли они устоять?

Posted by AAC April 5, 11 08:52 AM

I always loved patriotic comments. For those guys, their country involve in bombing and war in order to save some people from a bad guy or a bad situation. They spend those money only in the name of world peace, love, flowers, healthcare and hamburgers for everyone in this planet.
Just wanted to say that i love all of you. you're an inspiration.

Posted by Dimitris April 6, 11 07:24 PM

De que libertad me hablan si esto es solo negocios con el petroleo, porque no bombardean paises como bareim , Qatar, y muchos otros títeres de occidente que tienen alli a sus reyesuelos solo para esquilmarle al pueblo el petroleo y sus ganancias, tantas que se queda el monarca con la mayor tajada y a su pueblo lo tiene en la mas terrible pobreza. El movimiento contra el dictador gadafi esta totalmente planificado desde USA y Europa con el fin de tener la tutela del petroleo. Nos taparon de información falza de grandes asesinatos de civiles. Arabia saudita irrumpe en los estados que occidente no quiere perder en esta revolución y bombardea a los "malos".que no le quieren dar sus riquezas en bandeja de plata. Gadafi pudo atacarlos sin piedad, pero no lo hizo pero ahora las cartas estan hechadas, Gadafi no se va y Occidente otra vez se mete en un zapato Chino

Posted by Robert April 8, 11 12:52 AM

May PEACE reach to every land of our beloved earth!!!! It's heart breaking to see this images...............

Posted by Nur Saeed April 8, 11 07:45 AM

No one want to be ruled that is the problem and the cause of this. One of the rebels want to rule them so he or she is using peoples blood to achieve that

Posted by MegaStallis April 9, 11 02:34 AM

El hombre tiene que establecer un final para la guerra. Si no, la guerra establecerá un final para la humanidad.
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy--

Posted by JavitoLega April 9, 11 02:35 AM

It's kind of entertaining, in a horrible way, to look at the messianic complex the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole display, and are able to put in their civilians' heads. One of the staple principles of the international law is non-interference with sovereign states' affairs.

US and France may mean good for everyone (let me hold my skepticism at bay for a moment), but they have absolutely no right whatsoever to mess with an independent country's affairs, overstepping their UN mandate (which, let me remind you, was aimed at stopping the war, not intensifying it).

Look, would the Glorious Land of the Free like if some international forces, - let's say Russian and Chinese, for example, - bombed its "military infrastructure" to support, say, the Wisconsin protesters? Or if some other militant coalition bombed France during their riots a couple of years ago? Or Italy, during one of its many political crises? It'd be to stop the violence and help the people, don't you doubt that!.. Surely neither France, nor Italy, nor US would like that.

People above write how the world in ungrateful for the aid US provides. And why should they be grateful? Nobody ever asked for that "aid". Nothing good has ever come of that aid. Ask the South Americans with their history with US-backed military juntas whether US involvement makes anything better; or see comment #118.

Again, nobody asked for your help. The world does not need you, and it doesn't want you involved in every matter you can possibly involve yourself in. You have your own problems to care about, like aforementioned Wisconsin, the rampart abuse of the Constitution in California, the sad state of the infrastructure, whatever. Deal with your own business, and don't mess with other peoples' one. Is it a concept that difficult to grasp?

You say people from all over the world express their disdain for US here in the comments, and that makes those people arrogant ungrateful dorks (or whatever, the basic idea is there). Well, if the whole world shares the same feelings about USA, perhaps there's a reason for that, hmmm?

Posted by danvolodar April 9, 11 07:38 PM

no es justo q por culpa de un dictador todo un pueblo sufra y los niños tengan q soportar las brutalidades de la guerra las naciones unidas deberian sacar del poder libanes a gadafi por un mundo mejor no apoyar la guerra donde niños, mujeres y hombres q no hacen parte de ella sufran las inclemencias de la guerra, hay q luchar por la libertad de cada ser humano el derecho a la vida es fundamental en tosdo el mudo NO MAS GERRA

Posted by YAVESA April 10, 11 02:12 PM

I very shoked.

Posted by Anis April 11, 11 11:30 AM

In reply to George from Philippines:

After EDSA People Power, what happened to the Philippines? From #1 Rice Exporter during Marcos regime, #2 Highest economy during Marcos Regime, 4-Peso per Dollar exchange rate during Marcos Regime. Can you tell us what did the Aquino administration did? It is the biggest mistake Filipinos made. Until now, your president PNOY is a very big joke.

With regards to Libyan uprising, why does UN favor those rebels in the first place and why did France intervene?

Posted by Ethel Shadowsong April 12, 11 11:47 AM

sad to see governements will only help oppressed people in oil-rich countries. How can politicians look in a mirror and think "it's ok to bomb innocent people so I can drive my car".

Bombing for peace is like .... for virginity.

Posted by jefklak April 13, 11 01:47 PM

Ah.. US dgn Bush n Obama sama aja... keduanya maruk minyak... semua serangan ini yg beralasan membantu.. ujung2nya semua sama...semua karena mo rampok minyaknya.. !! Oh no way.. never let it go...!!

Posted by Linda April 15, 11 08:18 PM

USA .....YOU WILL ... DESTROY......

Posted by MACFUL SANTAI April 22, 11 05:10 AM
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