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Earth Hour 2011

People, governments, companies, and organizations observed Earth Hour 2011 as 134 countries switched off lights worldwide Saturday, March 26, at 8:30 p.m. The movement to raise awareness about energy consumption took on added relevance with a Japanese nuclear power station crippled after the earthquake and resulting tsunami there. Gathered here are a series of before-and-after photographs from this year - which (starting with the second one below) will fade between "on" and "off" when clicked. [See also: last year] This effect requires javascript to be enabled. -- Lane Turner (15 photos total)

An Indian family hold candles during an Earth Hour campaign in Mumbai on March 26, 2011. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)
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215 comments so far...

wow. great pics!

Posted by jim March 28, 11 02:07 PM

excelentes pictures :)

Posted by lis March 28, 11 02:15 PM

But everything looked better with the lights on.

Posted by RS March 28, 11 02:52 PM

Ah, Earth Hour, the one time of year when the entire world can pretend to be as bass-ackwards as North Korea is year round...

Posted by Taoist March 28, 11 02:56 PM

Very astonishing, as usual! But....where is THE city of lights, Paris ?

Posted by Nathan March 28, 11 02:59 PM

Times Square = Fail. So sad.

Posted by Daniel March 28, 11 03:00 PM



Posted by elmo March 28, 11 03:00 PM

How pretty every place looks in the normal night; much better than all the lights!

Posted by JSimonson March 28, 11 03:05 PM

Just symbolic... but the energy consumption is growing each day

Posted by Marmock March 28, 11 03:09 PM

Those pictures are awesome!

Posted by D. Haddox March 28, 11 03:10 PM

....we should switch off the light every night!!

Posted by Dietmar Walser March 28, 11 03:12 PM

Superb #8

Posted by Logan March 28, 11 03:13 PM

excellent photos, the fade feature is great...

Posted by john williams March 28, 11 03:13 PM

#2 (Sydney) is dishonest, notice the vast difference in light level between lights that weren't turned off.

Many of the others are very well done!

Posted by Joe March 28, 11 03:15 PM

These are great!

Posted by Drew March 28, 11 03:22 PM

Yawnnn...what nonsense! Who cares?

Posted by Odumba March 28, 11 03:24 PM


Also, first.

Posted by Motherpuncher March 28, 11 03:26 PM

I'm no tree hugger and didn't take part in Earth Hour but I do wish people would not throw their garbage from automobiles.

Posted by Optimus Choice March 28, 11 03:27 PM

Nice to see the whole world doing something for the common cause.
I wonder how much power are we saving by doing this. I am sure a lot of it.

Posted by Saurabh March 28, 11 03:28 PM

Amazing Picture collection. Love the "click here"" and see the difference. Nicely done.

Posted by Lisa L. March 28, 11 03:30 PM

great photoas as usual. congratulations

Posted by joao almeida March 28, 11 03:33 PM

too bad it's only an hour

Posted by Kota Jarvi March 28, 11 03:33 PM

No pictures of Boston?

Posted by anon March 28, 11 03:38 PM

earth hour aka hippie hour

Posted by rabs March 28, 11 03:39 PM

The International Space Station orbits fast enough that it could capture Earth Hour from above. I wonder if submissions from their point of view are available. Having lived through the Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 and seeing the before-and-after images of that, there is a new respect for the dark.

Posted by Phoenixbeak March 28, 11 03:40 PM

Ahh, Earth hour. Another way we lie to ourselves, doing absolutely nothing to minimize our energy use, but celebrating like we are. It's great to be blissfully ignorant, isn't it?

Posted by Sheri March 28, 11 03:58 PM

wonderful images of some of the best skylines in the world BUT a totally useless gesture.

it'd be more impressive if we had earth year, or earth-the-rest-of-our-lives.

it's just a feel-good gesture for individual citizens who ultimately aren't responsible for state of the environment.

Posted by enaya March 28, 11 04:03 PM

Always brilliant work...

Posted by rita moreno March 28, 11 04:05 PM

Glad to see so many countries participating. Hopefully more people will become aware of how important it is to save our energy.

Posted by Micheline March 28, 11 04:11 PM

great the world...make it a better place to live

Posted by sangboi March 28, 11 04:13 PM

Simply awesome ! all the world is trying to do thier part , and the pictures are just too brilliant !

Posted by kalyan March 28, 11 04:14 PM

Why can't it be always dark? Imagine just how much energy is spoiled around the world.

Posted by Funz March 28, 11 04:20 PM

Incredible pictures:).

Posted by Brooke March 28, 11 04:22 PM

So much of this photo set is illustrating gross hypocrisy. What else can it mean when building owners make a show of turning off lights that should have never been installed to start with. What possible reason it there to have a building exterior lit up all night?

Posted by Gary Anderson March 28, 11 04:23 PM

By far one of the best post ever. Great job guys

Posted by Thomas March 28, 11 04:23 PM

Necesitamos la energía, pero muchas veces la derrochamos. Bonitas fotos.

We need energy, but often wasteful. Nice pictures.

Posted by Ruben Castro March 28, 11 04:23 PM

Turn off the lights and light a candle, er carbon based fuel stick...

Posted by NoWay March 28, 11 04:30 PM

Click to fade...Fantastic

Posted by Prasanna March 28, 11 04:30 PM


Posted by Trellen Century March 28, 11 04:31 PM

This was a great idea!. All the photos from around the world are awesome!

Posted by Lydia L. P. March 28, 11 04:32 PM

The dumbest thing ever conceived

Posted by George March 28, 11 04:36 PM


Posted by Eduardo Calderon March 28, 11 04:39 PM

Suffice to say it would be a holiday for pick-pockets. Stupid!

Posted by NancyO March 28, 11 04:40 PM

Great initiative! Great pictures as always! Congratulations

Posted by Leandro Cortiano Elias March 28, 11 04:45 PM

The night is so much better than all this artificial glare, and we need it for our health too.

Posted by Bambi March 28, 11 04:54 PM

It's rather a marketing or hypocrite hour. There are 8000+ hours per year, this one is only one.
And it's not like the (most of the) power plants can be tuned down just like that, by a click for an hour. Most likely there was energy oversupply in this our at many places which obviously cannot be stored only dissipated somehow.

Posted by Oscee March 28, 11 04:54 PM

@ Saurabh: we are saving no energy at all by doing this. The exact same amount of coal was burned, or nuclear waste generated, during that hour than the hour before. The power plants still produced the same amount of energy, but that energy was not used, and therefore, wasted. There is no good way to store energy, so we produce more than we need, to avoid blackouts. Kinda seems like a silly exercise then, huh?

Posted by Sheri March 28, 11 04:54 PM

Earth hour: non-event this year compared to last ...

Posted by Jeff March 28, 11 05:15 PM

...never knew we could save energy by stopping-down aperture and decreasing shutter-speed.

Posted by Dave March 28, 11 05:19 PM

cool effects

Posted by jack March 28, 11 05:21 PM

hi from mexico!!!
great pictures!!! Congrats!!!

Posted by David March 28, 11 05:24 PM

To turn the lights on again cost 3x more and consume 5x more energy than keeping all lights on...

Posted by BarbedWire March 28, 11 05:28 PM

A candle gives off more "greenhouse gas" per hour than the equivalent of a light bulb, geniuses.

Posted by Cap'n Spackle March 28, 11 05:30 PM

amazing. i think its not just sembolic. that much electricity is switched off!

Posted by mona March 28, 11 05:36 PM

I disagree completely with the assessment of others that Earth Hour is "stupid", "nonsense", or "a non-event". There are people living in cities who have never seen Orion, let alone any other constellation, who have never experienced Venus as either a morning or an evening star, and who have never even once seen Jupiter in ths sky-- all because of the utterly pointless and needless lights we as a society choose to have blaring outside. The heavens declare the glory of God, and if people can experience it for even one hour out of the year, it is better than nothing.

Posted by Justinian March 28, 11 06:23 PM


Posted by Bobby March 28, 11 06:44 PM

Wow!!! Awesome pix! Thanx ever so much for sharing

Posted by Nana3Gwen March 28, 11 06:51 PM

Most of these lights could stay off. Pure aesthetics.

Posted by Matt March 28, 11 07:31 PM

The Parthenon one is my favourite!

Posted by Andre March 28, 11 07:47 PM

Are the picture testament that Earth Hour failed? I thought it was funny Google's YouTube pages went black for an hour, unless you were using CRT monitor you weren't saving anything as LCD is always on no matter what color.

Posted by Rip March 28, 11 08:07 PM

Enaya, what's to stop you from earth year, or earth-the-rest-of-our-lives?

As Margaret Mead said-

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Posted by Walker March 28, 11 08:30 PM

wow - and to think now we can all sit here on our computers watching this. Good thing I didn't switch my computer off or I would have never been able to see these wonderful pictures.

Please keep this server running for as long as possible and txt, email, twit or ring all your friends so that they too can look at these images.

Posted by Craig March 28, 11 08:33 PM

It goes even darker if you close your eyes as well. Think how much more that helps to save the world !

Posted by Reschs Refreshes March 28, 11 08:35 PM

Amazing Picture

Posted by يمان March 28, 11 08:45 PM

Looking in the backgrounds where people are actually living, almost no change in the number of lights going off - so an abject failure for the masses.
So it is big corporations and government infrastructure (brigdges) and buildings switching off primarily in the photos shown. Shouldn't they be doing that every night to save the taxpayer/ their shareholders money anyway?

Posted by Clinton March 28, 11 08:52 PM

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers

Posted by Jekub March 28, 11 09:09 PM

Earth hour. Promoted by mindless, hopeless losers who failed grade 10 science, still live at home, never run a business, never created a job and think the government should take care of them.

Posted by Rob H March 28, 11 09:12 PM

Keep an eye on suburbia in the city panoramas. Easy enough to black out city office blocks and cosmetic bridge lighting (and reflections) on a Saturday night but the real people don't seem to care.
It was business as usual where I live.

Posted by Aard Knox March 28, 11 09:26 PM

Sydney's pictures are faked every year. They over-expose the "lit" pictures so the place looks artificially bright.

Also notice:
- They also chose a Tuesday evening (when the office blocks are filled with hundreds of thusands of office workers) and then compared it to a Saturday night when they are not at work and dark.
- The pictured scene is Circular Quay where most of the buildings are owned/controlled by government-agencies (which exaggerates the participation rate of the private sector).
- If you look in the backgroud, you'll notice that car-lights and telegraph poles are all darker too... Amazing! ;-p

I live there just under 2km from the city office blocks, and I know it's fake.

Posted by ekb87 March 28, 11 09:40 PM

These photos illustrate the power of marketing nonsense to the scientifically illiterate by neurotic ideologues. The Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) wide-angle shots were especially sweet. Had you had the courtesy to have driven to my property about 220 km southwest of Sydney, and taken before-and-after photographs of my home, you'd have had a real treat. Normally dark, I put out the Christmas lights six months early. I even plugged in several spotlights I reckon you can see from space. Of course, I switched on the air-con and stereo full-blast as I watched the footy on the plasma television set. And to enjoy the night, I mixed cocktails and ran nearly every appliance I own before I sobered up the next morning to drive to my coal mine on the north-central coast. I just love Earth Hour.

Posted by Gerry Murphy March 28, 11 09:55 PM

The first photo, I think its only for the photograph sake because in India we celebrate Earth Hour every day, in cities there is a power cut for atleast 2 hours a day, in villages the power cut is for more than 6 hours per day. We celebrate Earth hours every day, there is no need of a photo for that.

Posted by Suman March 28, 11 09:55 PM

one hour`s break~~~fantastic pictures
The contrast between turn-on picts and turn-off picts is really amazing
I prefer the national stadium one

Posted by adam March 28, 11 09:59 PM

Time Square Fail ? You mean Las Vegas Strip Fail. Someone wants to see time square looted.

Posted by King Dela March 28, 11 10:14 PM

Your Photo for Sydney is completely dishonest. Many people were at home that night following the results of a local state election. As part of the TV coverage of the election SKY NEWS switched to a picture of Sydney purporting to show the city with the lights out, except for the fact that they were blazing as gaily as normal, with a few government buildings excepted , To general embarrassed laughter in the studio the camera's switched back to the election coverage.

Posted by Chappell March 28, 11 10:14 PM

Nice pictures..Nice place..

Posted by Bubuu March 28, 11 10:16 PM

So pleased the world is being made safer!

Posted by James Stone March 28, 11 10:16 PM

excellent special effects, like it.

Posted by Narwhal March 28, 11 10:25 PM


Posted by Val Rivero March 28, 11 10:29 PM

just plain awesome.....

Posted by David March 28, 11 10:37 PM

Earth Hour was started in Australia in 2007, and each year since then we have voluntarily switched out lights out for 1 hour to help decrease OUR carbon foot print on the earth. What you see here are pictures of major tourist destinations that have dimmed their lights, it does not reflect the amount of people around Australia, or in fact around the world these days, that have turned off their lights or their electricity in the house, to make a stand on helping the environment. It's something that we should all do, as caring human beings, turn off the lights at night and enjoy the darkness and starry sky the way humans have for thousands of years :) Well done Earth Hour 2011!!

Posted by Jacqui March 28, 11 10:40 PM

Can I get an embedded code for any of these?

Posted by Kentron March 28, 11 11:04 PM

For all of the critics, have you never heard of symbolism or raising awareness. It's not about turning off all of those lights for one hour to save energy. Talk about stupid.

Posted by mic March 28, 11 11:10 PM

Across TX, just a few days prior to the Superbowl, we involuntarily participated in rolling blackouts to save energy and avoid long term blackouts. They lasted anywhere from 15 minutes (the scheduled amount of time) to 1 1/2 hours (due to some glitches). If that little amount of time in the small clusters power companies grouped saved enough energy to avoid blackouts, think of the amount of energy that was saved by people participating globally in Earth Hour? I'm not what one would call a tree hugger or hippie, but why not try it? The worst it can do is nothing. The best it can do is help.

Posted by Blu March 28, 11 11:26 PM

nothing on Paris..?

Posted by Arno March 28, 11 11:30 PM

Not a good look. If you closely examine the background of most of these shots, the plebs aren't turning off their lights. In a manner of speaking, it seems like it's the rich that can afford to turn them off. That and businesses who couldn't afford to be targeted by extremists.

Posted by Scott March 28, 11 11:42 PM

these places got more beautiful when they're dark!

Posted by Riri March 29, 11 12:10 AM

awesome pics. ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by iris March 29, 11 12:13 AM

I must say I love the click feature, TimeSq was too funny though. :]

Posted by Bu3ouf March 29, 11 12:39 AM

Those clever Brazilians.....they even managed to move the statue in the darkness!! :)

Posted by Trevor March 29, 11 12:48 AM

Nice pics - spolt only by the underlying crap ideology.

Posted by Peter March 29, 11 12:48 AM

Love to everyone who made EARTH HOUR happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Suely M. de Souza Eloy March 29, 11 12:56 AM

Save the earth....four ylur self ...and for other./....It is a place to live or to spent few moments life...
Pleas save it...'

Posted by Babar March 29, 11 01:12 AM

Super pics.........!

Posted by Rajasekhar March 29, 11 01:15 AM

... just looked at the pictures and I realized that something always happen to be that most of the people ... together, the images speak for themselves fundamentally ...,!

Posted by Andrea P. March 29, 11 01:38 AM

The candles in the first picture are far worse than the lights that were turned off. Those candles consume OIL equivalent to 24W electric each - approximately that of a 100W replacement CFL - for less than 1% of the light output. One dinner candle emits 0.54 lumen-hours/gram of CO2 versus 14.5 lumen-hours/gram for CFL corrected for the worst case 100% coal fired generator.

Posted by Ben Quick March 29, 11 01:55 AM

great work. . just loved that pics and i jut wanna say to every1 hat plzz save energy or else all of us will die pretty soon

Posted by arushi March 29, 11 02:04 AM


You may turn your lights off but I doubt if the majority do. I only know of one person, a remote colleague, who supports Earth Hour, even my environmental scientist future daughter-in-law thinks it is a pointless, empty gesture aimed at solving a non-problem. For my family, friends and colleagues it just does not register, life goes on during Earth Hour just as it does either side. I guess we're not caring human beings.

Posted by DocBud March 29, 11 02:17 AM

Wooooww..... Love Jakarta.... # 5 Great pics... ^__^

Posted by agabluenight March 29, 11 02:35 AM

#14 : Time Square. Did you notice any difference ?? hem ? well.. you know,... billboards advertising...important....bla...bla...bla... :(

Posted by jb March 29, 11 03:40 AM

Oh please, please, please keep all the building lights off every night of the year. It's so hard to do all those break-ins in one lousy hour! :P

Posted by A Thief March 29, 11 03:45 AM

Attila, köszönjük a képet!

Posted by Péter March 29, 11 04:15 AM

Funny how Times Square only half-way commemorated Earth Hour, ha. But in all seriousness, I don't think one hour is going to do much damage. We need to focus on the bigger picture (no pun intended :)

Posted by Aputure March 29, 11 04:37 AM

Good start but still a lot to do - what about one a month and then once a week?

Posted by Twlip March 29, 11 05:09 AM

No images from England? thought so...

Posted by Anonymous March 29, 11 05:13 AM

Paris Missing :)

Posted by Atta Baloch March 29, 11 05:48 AM


Posted by Sladjana March 29, 11 05:59 AM

The Sydney photos have been photoshopped. Either the before image has been brightened or, more likely, the Earth Hour picture darkened. Easy to see, for there are hundreds of lights common in both pictures - due to the need to maintain public safety. Compare the images by switching from one to the other and you will see street lights that dazzle in one picture but barely glow in the other. Yet on both days they were casting the same amount of light. Are they all like that?

Posted by Dave March 29, 11 06:07 AM

Earth Hour is symbolism.
I was cynical until my daughter pointed out that my two grandchildren (aged 7 and 4) were being educated into environmental awareness and that Earth Hour was assisting in that education.

Remember, fellow adults - this is a small step for the benefit of our future generations and if it helps their awareness then it has a power of good.

Posted by Trevor March 29, 11 06:34 AM

egy évben többször is érdemes volna megcsinálni!

Posted by isty March 29, 11 06:43 AM

I'm loving it!

Posted by Ahmed Iqbal March 29, 11 06:44 AM

Gr8 Pics

Posted by Mandar March 29, 11 07:05 AM

its good that most pple observed this day..the pics are so cool and the earth still beautifull even when there is less light...well done everyone

Posted by Tryphine March 29, 11 07:08 AM

Why such a short series? There are now scores of countries taking part in this great movement (even though of course, ideally, we would prefer more: Vegas is probably consuming more electrictiy than a number of small countries...)

Posted by Tom March 29, 11 07:32 AM

Such wonderful pictures... even if it's not just turn off lights for an hour that will save the world, but it's a beginning.

Posted by Nene March 29, 11 07:49 AM


Posted by Anupama March 29, 11 08:09 AM

even the with minimum lights, it's still good view. Nice !

Keep Support to Prevent Global Warm :)

Posted by mactavish March 29, 11 08:27 AM

Imagine, a carbon footprint in a carbon based universe. How gullible can you be. What a waste of time. Why don't we take care of the oppressed in Syria, Sudan, the Congo etc. etc. etc. People are much more important than bogus science.

Posted by a2rjr March 29, 11 08:37 AM

I laughed when I saw Times Square's half-hearted attempt at Earth Hour. "somewhat" LOL
Well, that's Times Square.

Posted by Milo B. March 29, 11 09:22 AM

That's the way it should be, all the time. It's so much more natural.

Light is for daytime.
Darkness is for nighttime.

Posted by Bob March 29, 11 09:24 AM

no words............ pure beauty

Posted by wrongh March 29, 11 09:29 AM

Fantastic pics.. I have supported this every year since 2007 by taking down the power to my house... well done WWF and well done all those that took part.. To those who think its stupid, well I think you have missed the point..

Posted by Peter March 29, 11 10:27 AM


Posted by H.Hernan Herrera March 29, 11 10:28 AM

Posted by Anonymous March 29, 11 10:30 AM

A idéia é maior do que somente combater o consumo de energia,
mas a de conscientizar pessoas ao redor do mundo, para atitudes
ecologicas.Fico feliz de participar.

Posted by Taine Carlomagno March 29, 11 11:12 AM


Posted by Monkeen March 29, 11 11:49 AM

What many people, also here, don't get is that this is just a symbol for saving energy. It's not about saving energy during this time. And also, not everyone has to do it at home. It's about awareness.

Posted by Mugros March 29, 11 11:53 AM

Desde Colombia : Excelentes fotografías, felicitaciones a todos los que en una u otra forma hacen que tengamos conciencia del ahorro de energía en todas nuestras casas, edificios, apartamentos, con el fín de ayudarle a la madre naturaleza y a nuestos amados paises. gracias a todos Ustedes por su tiempo y profesionalismo.

Posted by Gonzalo Salazar Arango March 29, 11 12:03 PM

For the suistanable!

Posted by Ricardo Nehrer March 29, 11 12:34 PM

Awesome pictures, too bad this couldn't be done 365 days a year so that we can enjoy the night sky with all the stars and galaxies it has to offer. It has always been said Man is its own worse enemy. Guess that is true true true!

Posted by JMWB March 29, 11 01:03 PM

I got it through my friend.I must thank er first.A marval,i can call it the 8th wonder of Media.With Thanks to your TEAM.SADHU/INDIA

Posted by Anonymous March 29, 11 01:24 PM

Would it not be easier to generate some more energy so we dont have to be so picky about every watt we use???

Posted by Mike Nystrom March 29, 11 02:31 PM

Great! Never thought I could make the decision to switch off the lights on time-square or in the harbor of Sidney or just keep 'm illuminated.
Why not keep 'm turned off, candles all the way!!!

Posted by Suy March 29, 11 02:56 PM

Yes this is purely a marketing gesture, actually wastes energy, so they should just give it up. Kind of like Al Gore telling everyone else it is a world crisis while living in a ginormous mansion and using 50 times the energy he personally should be, another political hypocrite, what a shock! I do like the "click to dim" setup on the page, nice job with that.

Posted by DoSomethingReal March 29, 11 03:29 PM

Hungarian Chain bridge is the most beautiful :)

Posted by juliolopez March 29, 11 03:54 PM

My city has failed @ Earth Hour for the past 3 years, why?

there has been a hockey game on TV @ earth hour on the dot every time.

Posted by Orv c March 29, 11 03:56 PM

We choose not to participate in Earth Hour here at our home, not b/c we don't care about conserving energy, but b/c it totally conflicts with our Sat. night schedule. This does not mean we are not conscientious in our daily lives, conserving as much energy as we can in our daily decisions--using only the lights needed, turning lights off when we leave a room, using the oven for multiple dishes when we turn it on, hanging laundry out to dry, using reusable containers, fully loading the dishwasher, and so on. I would not want my neighbors to look at my house and assume that I don't care just based on what they see during one hour of the year. It is silly to put pressure on people to turn their lights off during that hour as if that is the only way that you can tell that they care about the earth.

Posted by Lisa Beth W. March 29, 11 04:36 PM

Great pictiures!
But I've seen some of them here about a year ago...

Posted by Jumm March 29, 11 05:03 PM

you could use software like hugin in cases where you need exact overlays of 2 pictures from the same location but not identical viewing directions .... just an idea, some overlays differ quite a bit

Posted by mrJoe March 29, 11 05:07 PM

I just love this site ........i check everyday for fresh photos ..I think it now is my most visited website ...Thank you for posting these amazing photos ..keep up the great work "BiG Picture"

Posted by Kevin Elrick March 29, 11 05:24 PM

I'm confused. In every picture, lights are on. I thought this was about turning lights off?

Posted by Gary Snooker March 29, 11 05:25 PM

Lovely images. Illustrative. A boon to sky observers and amateur astronomers that’s for sure. But…

Every year I get increasingly berated by self-righteous dips because I don't "participate" in earth hour. This despite the fact that I consume very little on a day to day basis. Maybe, it’s because I can’t swallow empty symbolism when it is flavored with opportunistic propaganda.

The hard truth is this:
We will run out of cheap power. We will run out of cheap oil. And we will run out of cheap food.

Take a moment and learn about what industrial and personal Hemp can do to help us, the planet, and our future. Learn what some don’t want you to know.

Posted by Maria March 29, 11 05:34 PM

Gorgeous photographs!! And great job, Australia, for starting this in 2007 to raise awareness. I hope each year Earth Hour will continue to inspire more and more people to decrease energy consumption & light pollution!

Posted by Vicki Cook March 29, 11 07:00 PM

Amazing, the cynics here. Of course people participate who don't do much else. Of course some businesses use it for a PR gesture who do nothing but exploit the planet the rest of the year. So what? The reality is, if a few thousand people change their life practices from wasteful to thoughtful, then perhaps influence a half a dozen to do the same, something will come from that. Better than writing ever so obvious and oh so not clever remarks about the futile meaning of it all. When you have no water, or no power, those crazy 'hippies' might look like your new best friends! Lighten up (pun intended), why not do some little thing and say your trying versus spreading more nastiness in the world? What a crazy idea!

Posted by MJ March 29, 11 07:11 PM

Man came live about 40 days without food, about 3 days without water, about 8 minutes without air, 1 second without hope. To eat bread without hope is still slowly to starve to death.
Hope is the pillar that holds up the world, what ever the time is, even the differents hours in each part of this world . Who move the world is the motivation of the hope.

Posted by Nellie Anderson March 29, 11 09:06 PM

Fotos hermosas y fantasticas ¡

Posted by Eduardo Aguilar J. Quito-Ecuador March 29, 11 09:31 PM

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen."
Romans 1:25

Posted by Bob March 30, 11 12:49 AM

a truly great moment immortalized by awesome photography..but it must be utilized to motivate further.. by having such power-cuts much more much more frequently say weekly or even daily..then only some meaningful saving will be...

Posted by s.c. madan March 30, 11 12:50 AM

i'm join..keep save our earth for a better life.

Posted by dessy darmayanti March 30, 11 02:11 AM

Awesome ! Great pictures!

Posted by isaipriyan March 30, 11 02:22 AM

Wow. After reading some of the aforementioned comments, it truly amazes me how even some of those that seem to have participated in the Earth Hour event, do not seem to understand its symbolism.

Posted by Jasper March 30, 11 02:35 AM

Earth hour proves one thing, we who participate believe cheap energy is bad, otherwise we would not have shunned it for an hour.
So establishing that, Electricity is like, you know 'bad', so we need to like, turn it off for good.
Maybe we should all disconnect from the grid and appreciate simple living instead of being tokenistic wankers for 'earth hour' and really lead by example.
Simple living is far more "sustainable" as we die soooooooo much earlier without the impediments of refrigerated food, heating, modern medical care, transport, sewerage, running water from plumbing etc that the evil of cheap energy provides.

Imagine how much less we would consume if women were forced back to the home from sheer necessity with the absence of labor saving devices such as washing machines, gas/electric cooking/heating, vacuum cleaners etc.
The women would be again bound to the tedium of chopping and carting wood to cook, heat and for boiling washing in a copper and passing it through a 'mangle' or even better and more organically beating the cloth with rocks by a stream.

The cheap concentrated energy which has brought so much evil human freedom and prosperity will be wound back and we can go back to the Eden of living in harmony with nature and her creatures such as gut, lung and liver worms, lice, bed bugs all manner of tooth bacteria and body rotting fungus as our forebears did.
That is natural/sustainable/organic living !

Posted by Ethan Earthavenger March 30, 11 02:58 AM

I saw some companies I'm going to boycot: they did not take part. Just check out the faded photos and they are easy to spot.

Posted by Anne March 30, 11 03:30 AM


Que bellesa

Posted by CORA March 30, 11 04:45 AM

just goes to show how many unnecessary lights we have on in our world. ridiculous most of them. i think all those places could do a LOT better. bring on solar energy revolution

Posted by chaquita March 30, 11 05:41 AM

#58:"nothing on Paris..?"

Normal, EDF is always on strike :)

Posted by Pierre March 30, 11 06:11 AM


Posted by Yang March 30, 11 06:45 AM

So beautiful!
Not the lights, the darkness overflows around.
Calm & peace reveals.

Posted by sabo.kouenjishorin March 30, 11 07:30 AM

Let's have our own private earth hour-s every night. Let's just use less electricity without boasting about it. It we don't, yes, Earth Hour will remain a greenwashing thing. But if it raises awareness to carry on by oneself, it will be very worthwhile.

Posted by Hangooroa March 30, 11 08:08 AM

I love lights, shame we have to turn them off.

Posted by Rodney Johnson March 30, 11 08:45 AM

mind bloing

Posted by raju March 30, 11 08:55 AM


mauro pizarro

Posted by MAURO PIZARRO March 30, 11 09:46 AM

You can get all these people to turn their lights out for one hour every year, and yet we can't all get along??? Makes you think....instead of Earth Hour 2011, how about "Everyone gets along, and stops killing each other Hour 2011"????

Peace....what a concept!

Posted by Angry Citizen March 30, 11 09:56 AM

It always amazes me the people who are against the "good" effect an idea may have....this is a small step in the right direction for this human race who has a hard time letting go of its greed...and selfishness. Look beyond yourselves and be thankful we still have a planet to find joy in.
Bravo...Earth Hour!

Posted by lisa March 30, 11 10:31 AM

..but it must be utilized to motivate further.. by having such power-cuts much more much more frequently say weekly or even daily

Move to Papua-Nui Gini. Power cuts are the norm (if you live within cooee of electricity.) So are encephalitis malaria, cannabalism and every other tropical disease you can list in your medical register. I beseech the inmates from the green asylum to move to a similar locale and leave the rest of humanity to live normal lives without having to feel your middle-class pain and share your urban mental anguish. Thomas Alva Edison versus the incredibly rich, oil & gas public shareholder, silver-spooned, mansion-dwelling, scientifically illiterate spoilt public teat named Al Gore? I vote Edison. He could screw in a light bulb.

Posted by Gerry Murphy March 30, 11 02:18 PM

These pictures confirm that lights are lovely and darkness is ugly. I will celebrate human achievment and turn all my lights on.
Shocking that we have people who literally want to take us back in to darkness.

Posted by Bill March 30, 11 05:04 PM

It seems everyone has a valid point to their interpretation of Earth Hour. It's nice to see this statement to the world is as controversial as it is. I myself felt rather dubious about Earth Hour.

However, once you can take the perspective of how it will help raise awareness for our young, in a very visual way, the idea finally makes sense. I think it just needs to be longer and more widespread to non-touristy parts of the world.

Posted by Progresh March 30, 11 11:44 PM

I read all 164 comments. Please see Comment 164 by Gerry Murphy March 30, 2011 02:18 PM.

Some were trash. Many were thoughtful and sincere even though I think they are factually wrong. I remember years ago, that Perth Australia and all of Autstralia flicked there lights for a space shot. I think it was first done for John Glenn's flight or maybe for a Russian flight.

Sincerely your,
jrsligo10:36 PM 3/30/2011.

Posted by jrsligo March 31, 11 01:37 AM

wouldnt mind this been done , once a week, for an hour
not only will it save power, it will spread more "awareness"
Im from Mumbai and this black out dint happen in all the suburbs except for Greater Bombay (South Bombay)

Posted by Leena Jose March 31, 11 05:04 AM

These photos shows the power of marketing nonsense to the scientifically illiterate by neurotic ideologues.These photos are gargeous.

Posted by drupal themes March 31, 11 05:29 AM

Earth Hour was about raising awareness - it has served it's purpose and needs to end.

I'm from Sydney and the fact is: Circular Quay doesn't look anything like that.
The obvious fiddling with the photos has made them worse, not better.

Posted by Gazan March 31, 11 06:14 AM

bonitas fotos, es como haber visitado

Posted by rafael March 31, 11 06:50 AM

Here in Eastern Japan it's Earth Hour every night at the moment. Everyone's doing their utmost to conserve power, and with such success that many of the scheduled 3 hour blackouts have been able to be avoided. Well done Japan.

Posted by Snuff March 31, 11 10:01 AM

Earth hour raises awareness about saving the earth. Keep in mind that being aware of a problem is different from trying to fix a problem. And is there really a problem here? Doesn't light represent life and darkness death? What kind of message does this send?

Posted by Quantell Jackson March 31, 11 10:22 AM

Every McDonald's I saw never turned their lights off.

Posted by naugle March 31, 11 10:52 AM

Felicitaciones a ustedes por el éxito de la acción, en la ciudad de Juanjui, San Martín, en la amazonía peruana también nos unimos a favor del ahorro de energía!

Congratulations to you for the success of the action, in the city of Juanjui, San Martín, in the Peruvian Amazon also unite in favour of energy-saving!

Posted by Roldán Rojas Paredes March 31, 11 12:19 PM

I am glad to see Taipei 101 here. It looks awesome! The NYC Time Square was hilarious lol.

Posted by Leti March 31, 11 02:17 PM

Have somebody heard about load shading? Load shading (light cut off more than hours daily) is much more efficient than to just cut off the light for one hour and seeing the beautiful building images around the world (isn't really completing goal of light cut off to save the energy?).

Posted by Raj April 1, 11 03:13 AM

the advertisements on Time Square obviously care less for the climate and more for their views.

Posted by Elias Daman April 1, 11 09:05 AM

That was so cool

Posted by Anonymous April 1, 11 09:23 AM

Awesome!! Faces!!!

Posted by Anonymous April 1, 11 09:24 AM

Geben Sie Ihren Kommentar hier ..

Super Bilder!.

Posted by Paule April 1, 11 11:14 AM


Posted by Anonymous April 1, 11 01:24 PM

¡Me encanto!
¡Que Bellesa!

Posted by Dr LaMarre April 1, 11 02:35 PM

If everything was really dark, then you would see nothing, and all your "beautiful" comments would be pointless...

Posted by MegaLoL April 1, 11 09:55 PM

i love this

Posted by maha raja April 1, 11 09:57 PM

¿Y para cuando Buenos Aires - Argentina?

Posted by Marcos April 1, 11 10:44 PM

maravilloso!!!!!!!! los felicito por tan excelente trabajo,un placer ver y recorrer las fotografias.,y para tomar conciencia tambien.

Posted by alejogarbis April 2, 11 02:35 AM

Dudo poder ver todas estas ciudades con velas,pero si me gusta la idea de comenzar apagando luces y mirar la posibilidad de otra clase de energia en un futuro...para todos mas limpio y sin despilfarros.Saludos

Posted by Maite Alvarez April 2, 11 08:08 AM

Most of those lights could easily be kept off all the time. I see no point in flood-lighting a skyscraper.

Posted by Carbon April 2, 11 02:05 PM

Man, I look at these pictures and they all disturb me. It's like I'm watching some tragedy in slow motion, like half of society is broken and nobody's noticed. It's deeply unsettling.

Posted by Dude April 2, 11 06:57 PM

I am amazed with the collections, thanks for the effort made by each individuals.

Posted by Govind April 4, 11 12:08 AM

Mil Gracias, excelente trabajo¡¡¡ y por que no hacerlo una vez al mes todos los años. respetemos a la madre tierra. Saludos a todos

Posted by Saúl Amparán April 4, 11 01:50 AM

click all the pics, and u'll see what the night should be

Posted by Anonymous April 4, 11 05:21 AM

Actually everything looks much more nicer with lights dimmed. Cosy...

Posted by Interesantas April 4, 11 05:40 AM

What about a fading picture from space? But great job world! Good to see people and business show respect for the environment.

Posted by AJ April 4, 11 04:24 PM

Where is Paris?? Great photos anyway, and good idea to let us see the change

Posted by FJ April 4, 11 04:28 PM

None of the drivers observed Earth Hour. Selfish B*st*rds.

Posted by Wagman April 6, 11 01:38 AM

When ever we human exceed our limits, in any field, to that extent which is not meant for us, there Mother Nature come to put us in track, that is where we should get lesson , but we do not. When are we going to learn? what use of getting rectified after nothing is left? Is it not the time to wonder and take the right step to save our world? I am asking to the most powerful nations, they are the only one who matters and can take correct steps to protect themselves and others. Hope they will take timely action, otherwise no use.

Posted by Asif April 6, 11 04:46 AM

The Earth doesn't need us to stand and protect it. It has been able to renew itself and survive all climate changes, I think that we are the ones who need the Earth. If we don't want human race to become extinct, we should start from now.....

Posted by Adiba Mukhallalati April 7, 11 06:32 AM

its amazing in what it can and prove

Posted by judith nelson April 8, 11 12:06 AM

fantastic..I wish all big city of the world does Earth Hour before the New Year count down ....will be so cool Hahahaha !!!

Posted by Lily CHNK April 8, 11 01:53 AM

Wow,temple in dark,fantastic.

Posted by Mr.PinYin April 8, 11 11:09 AM

cool its amazing

Posted by daren April 9, 11 12:54 AM

This is great, people can imagine how it looks like when it is totally dark without power. Even without the earth hour we have no power all the time in Iraq, thanks to the invadors

Posted by Amal Alshakir April 10, 11 02:53 AM

Hermosoo!, soy de Paraguay y participe para La Hora del Planeta :)

Posted by Arlene April 10, 11 10:21 PM

Amazing pictures. I love it! Disappointed that U.S. cities only halfway participated though. Very sad.

Posted by Lynn April 11, 11 12:40 AM

Earth Hour highlights our energy dependency. Many of these photos show buildings which do not need to be lit up like a Christmas tree all night.

If these buildings were left in the dark just one night a week. It would increase the amount of energy saved 52 times per year!

Posted by Robert Dart April 11, 11 01:09 AM


Posted by paris April 11, 11 09:30 AM

Hermoso nuestro planeta, a la vista de cualquier país es grato saber que hay quienes se preocupan por el. En lo personal me siento orgullosa de mi planeta lo amo, admiro su fuerza para soportar los embates de está humanidad, carente de conciencia y de amor hacia está maravillosa creación de Dios. Un saludo desde el Norte de México.

Posted by Airaly Aguilar Guajardo. April 11, 11 04:18 PM


Posted by Raju April 12, 11 05:13 AM

Este es un mundo hermoso, es extraordinario,

Posted by rico valentino April 17, 11 04:37 PM

apik tenan gambare

Posted by sastrowi April 18, 11 11:41 AM

this is Great

Posted by Osman April 21, 11 10:51 AM

Amazing!!!! Beautiful !!!!!
Me encanta estas imagenes...adore

Posted by matilde pereira komjetan April 21, 11 01:44 PM


Posted by mily saga April 26, 11 10:42 AM
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