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March 7, 2011 Permalink

Bodies in motion: Dancing around the world

The dictionary defines it as "to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.'' People around the world, however, have their own definitions of dance, as exemplified by these images taken since the first of the year. And such expressions can celebrate a culture, win a competition, make a living, entertain a crowd, and play a role in propelling social change. Get those bodies and feet moving. -- Lloyd Young (40 photos total)

A Haitian child finds her own space as a religious crusade is held in the background at the national stadium on Jan. 9 in Port-au-Prince. The ceremony, sponsored by American evangelist Franklin Graham, came a few days before the country noted the one-year anniversary of the magnitude-7.0 quake that killed more than 220,000 people and left millions homeless. (Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press)
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91 comments so far...

I thought #38 was an Apple Store, and I really, really wanted to find out where it is because I've NEVER been in one this empty. Then I realized its a Microsoft Store. Hah!

Posted by Jonathan Gullery March 7, 11 01:30 PM
2. all around the world doing humanity's greatest celebration of itself. Folks what's not to like about this one? Can't blame God this time.
Fabelhaft, mazeltov, la sublima, don't know what else to say. Look at these joyful faces...I needed this one. Thanks...

Posted by alm March 7, 11 01:43 PM

Sin música la vida seria un error.

Posted by Lucas March 7, 11 01:43 PM

Dance on the earth before the earth dances on you...

Posted by popol vuh March 7, 11 01:50 PM

Yay! Matt Harding is still dancing all over the world.

Posted by Jeremy March 7, 11 02:01 PM

loved the frist one

Posted by Toni March 7, 11 02:03 PM

Nice pictures !

Posted by Evangeline March 7, 11 02:05 PM

beautiful pictures ... Greater Boston Globe, congratulations for bringing this beauty to the spirit

From Leiria - Portugal

Posted by Joaquim Silva March 7, 11 02:06 PM

This is so cool: guys, continue we love your job! (:

Posted by Sam_France March 7, 11 02:06 PM

superbes images !!! des couleurs fantastiques !

Posted by Francky21 March 7, 11 02:06 PM


Posted by Tomek March 7, 11 02:13 PM

thx for a gorgeous trip around the world! beautiful pics.
have a nice day.

Posted by gregk March 7, 11 02:16 PM


Posted by spilberg March 7, 11 02:23 PM

It is hard to believe that there is no photo from the Brazilian Carnival...

Posted by Barbed Wire March 7, 11 02:34 PM

no Flamencos! Otherwise the photos are beautiful. I especially love the colours.

Posted by marilee pittman March 7, 11 02:38 PM

#8 What a *great* job of framing these ice-dancers! Only someone with an amazing eye (and imagination) would have seen that *this* was the perfect way to shoot this picture. Wonderful! Couldn't stop looking. (And I can't stand ice skating/dancing.)

Posted by RDanca March 7, 11 03:02 PM

#35 is a Lion dance, not a dragon dance...

Posted by JustMe March 7, 11 03:15 PM

Awesome Collection as always ... It left a smile on my face ... this is one of the happiest collection compiled by :) ...

Posted by Yogesh March 7, 11 03:32 PM

#35: It's a lion, not a dragon.

Posted by Jan March 7, 11 03:52 PM

Finally a picture set with no blacked-out "graphic content" photos...this is a great tribute to a universal human birthright-dance!

Posted by richard March 7, 11 04:18 PM

Beautiful, gorgeous tribute to life! My heart stopped at #13, that child is a shining star amidst her surroundings.

Posted by Yoli March 7, 11 06:32 PM

very nice... Thanks

Posted by Nabeel March 7, 11 07:57 PM

No ballroom dancing? :(

Otherwise awesome pics! I love #19! I want to go to that now :)

Posted by Paulina March 7, 11 09:06 PM

Pour nous rappeler que même dans les temps les plus troublés, la vie est aussi joie et bonne humeur.

Posted by Michiro March 7, 11 09:29 PM

I mentioned this the last dance around the world collection published, where are the Philadelphia Mummers ? And Brazilian Samba ?

Posted by MCI March 7, 11 10:02 PM

#20 was too cute!! #17, however...was HORRIBLE.

Posted by SoulChorea March 7, 11 10:07 PM

Thank you. Sometimes you just have to dance. The world does not dance enough.

Posted by Breezy March 7, 11 11:10 PM

The expression on the little girl in #20 is delightful.
A lovely photograph.

Posted by Trevor March 7, 11 11:34 PM

Awesome !!!
20th and 25th are the best :)

Posted by Atta Baloch March 8, 11 12:23 AM

#4... it's better to be lucky sometimes. the light is just perfect.

#25 is incredible. a moment that seemed unthinkable just weeks ago.

Posted by kyle March 8, 11 01:20 AM

It is sad to know that you have not included the World Longest Dancing festival in Gujarat, India. This is called Navratri, where thousands of people dance on single tune for 9 nights to enjoy the victory of Good against the evils.

Posted by Bhadrik Shah March 8, 11 01:48 AM

And where is the flamenco dance?

Posted by Jason March 8, 11 03:24 AM

Number 13 of the Indian girl is a really uplifting image

Posted by Tom March 8, 11 04:20 AM

Will be there Brazilian Carnaval photos?

Posted by Rafael March 8, 11 06:02 AM

Type your comdsdsament here...

Posted by Anonymous March 8, 11 06:05 AM

To editors: on #6, it says a bit more in fact: "Paix en CI" is "Peace in CI", i.e. in Cote d'Ivoire, the official name (even in English) of Ivory Coast

Nothing on the Rio Carnaval? Or maybe a full series coming on Wedneday?

Posted by Tom March 8, 11 06:34 AM

Such a lovely change of mood - joy and smiling people.

Couldn't you give us a bit more of this from time to time, just to leaven the all too frequent photos of war and misery?

Posted by annie morgan March 8, 11 07:33 AM

We needed this post - thank you.

Posted by Dan March 8, 11 09:04 AM

#20, the expression is so delightful :) So heartwarming to see.
#1 as well, after so much hardship to see the kids enjoying themselves. Music is a powerful thing.

LOL at #38 what a stark contrast to that of an Apple Store which as was posted earlier would be packed.

Posted by AJ March 8, 11 10:28 AM

yaaaaaaaaaa its too amazing

Posted by ganeshan March 8, 11 10:54 AM

Who knew the Burmese and the Chinese were into kilts...!

Posted by Rob March 8, 11 10:55 AM

Having seen several classical dance performances first hand, I find some of these "dance" photos laughable.

It's kind of demeaning to see Classical Indian Dances (such as the Indian Bharata-natyam), where participants train and practice for years to be even compared at the same level as the troupe dancers of the Black Eyed Peas at the Super Bowl.

I'm not complaining, just voicing my opinion. Merely shaking your body around and waving your arms and legs is not defined as "dance" in my humble opinion.

As usual, great pictures.

Posted by Joe March 8, 11 11:03 AM

I love the diversity you have captured in these exqusite dance is to speak with the soul. It knows no boundaries, it joins us together, a common language for all of humanity.

Posted by Chris March 8, 11 12:07 PM

The caption for number 4 make it sound like he toppled the government. Made me laugh. Dancing topples government tell the mass!

Posted by Rafa March 8, 11 12:18 PM

#40 Reminds me of good times back in Punjab :)

Posted by Divya Sharma March 8, 11 12:34 PM

13 is the best. 17 I can live without. Wish there was something from a nightclub but regardless it's a beautiful set!! Thanks Big Pic!!

Posted by moi March 8, 11 12:58 PM

#28 ... myyyyy, what big eyes you have!

#13 .... if it wasnt for the boy on the side smiling, I would have definitely thought that the girl was crying!

I dont think this set is a good portrayal of dancing around the world... more like moments of joy contrasted with real dancing ;)

Posted by sumayya March 8, 11 01:23 PM

Thank You!!!!!! Sometimes we go through life forgetting that there are simple ways to make ourselves happy, and dance is just one those ways.

Posted by Diana Palacios March 8, 11 01:29 PM

I am writting a research paper. My topic is about Dancing and the different aspects in which it is viewed. I would love to get your point of view, obviously behind a camera.

Thank you.
Diana Palacios

Posted by Diana Palacios March 8, 11 01:35 PM

It would be nice to have the EXIF info available for each shot.

Posted by Alejandro March 8, 11 01:52 PM


Posted by 30SecBoard March 8, 11 02:13 PM

#30 we've all been there. ..."Leave me alone. I don't wanna dance"

Posted by M Jackson March 8, 11 02:38 PM

Beautiful! Thanks a lot for brining me such a good mood early in the morning. It helps me to start a hectic day :)

Posted by Jessie March 8, 11 07:45 PM

The Microsoft Store isn't packed because the shoppers already went home to enjoy the products they purchased; they don't need to hang around at the Apple Store to try and convince themselves that the ludicrous prices charged there for slightly revised versions of last year's overpriced gadgets are actually worthwhile.

Posted by Bradley March 8, 11 09:23 PM

#35 shows a lion dance, not a dragon dance.

Posted by Sharon March 8, 11 09:55 PM

That's really beautiful!
A great theme to photograph.

Posted by Alexandre March 8, 11 10:18 PM

Happy World

Posted by Jaey March 9, 11 12:17 AM

Good fun!

Posted by liveme March 9, 11 01:52 AM

This is so very nice as opposed to all the terror and suffering in the world.

Posted by rabs March 9, 11 02:10 AM

I'm having trouble sharing this on Facebook. I'm getting an error when I try to post it. Anyone else having the same problem?

Posted by Dragos March 9, 11 05:40 AM

why is there always a heavy emphasis on third world in culture pictures? well ok feature them but western world and europe especially also has a very rich cultural life if not the richest on the globe. i am from latvia and traditional dances here are quite popular amongst some people so why not feature us for instance? im sure europeans and their descendants around the world dont recognize eachothers rich cultural heritage as well as africas or pakistans. why not start with knowing your neighbors and closest relatives and then whats further?

Posted by janis March 9, 11 06:27 AM

Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Awsome pictures!

Posted by Claudia Rodriguez March 9, 11 07:27 AM

#21,#28and #37 are really crepy but #8 is fun to do and i am talking about ice skating not figur skating! :)

Posted by Jennifer Mayes March 9, 11 10:08 AM

number #14 looks like russell brand...

Posted by ryan March 9, 11 01:41 PM

I love women!!

Posted by Tomi4 March 9, 11 06:41 PM

Beautiful, wonderful pictures; would have loved more ballet, though.

Posted by Line Sondergaard March 10, 11 01:21 PM

Black Eyed Peas? Really?

Posted by Ed March 10, 11 03:22 PM

want to be photo star (photographer)

Posted by mutakabbiru March 11, 11 12:43 AM

Humans danced before to walk

Posted by skymyj March 11, 11 02:54 AM

Can I have some more pictures........ like these!!!!!

Posted by Chandan March 11, 11 04:04 AM

This is soooooo fantastic

Posted by Anonymous March 11, 11 10:13 PM

This is soooooo fantastic

Posted by erin March 11, 11 10:19 PM

so beautiful. thank you for bringing the joys and sorrows of the world to us in Big Pictures!

Posted by Emma March 12, 11 02:25 PM

Really? No bboying? C'mon

Posted by Klunder March 14, 11 01:26 AM

Very nice pictures thanks

Posted by Fernando March 14, 11 01:28 AM

These all collections are nice.........infact it's nice...but you missed Lake Dance from Nepal

Posted by Dinesh Maharjan March 14, 11 09:35 AM

Very good! ... I only wish there were some pictures of FLAMENCO dancers! Nothing beats fans, flowers and frills!

Posted by Jemilia Barnman March 15, 11 02:48 PM

Hasta el mismo ritmo cardíaco es una danza eminente, constante y perpetua...

Posted by Nallely Esparza March 16, 11 12:43 AM

pic 20 so cute :)

Posted by Chabesz March 16, 11 12:46 PM

I like the kitty(: hehehehehe... tehe(:

Posted by Hulio Hernadezzz March 17, 11 09:22 AM

Nice pictures! Some really stupid comments though! Guess what? They can't feature every country and every obscure culture and every single dance around the world in just 40 images, so don't complain if your country or dance isn't shown. Geez...

Posted by S. R. March 18, 11 05:41 AM

loved them all some happiness amid so much sadness!!!!!

Posted by susan cuthbert March 18, 11 05:21 PM

loved all the pictures! such an amazing variety of emotions and expressions.. :)

Posted by Melissa March 19, 11 02:47 AM

I'm in this!
And, and course, incredibly honoured to be included among this incredible collection of dancers and pictures!

Posted by Paul Poirier March 19, 11 08:17 AM


Posted by peter March 21, 11 06:18 PM

THIS IS JUST AMAZING !!!!!!! : )))))))) Love it Lobe it !!! : ))))) 7!!!

Posted by marylou dunnigan !!! March 22, 11 02:29 AM

India is great nation... rich culture..

Posted by Victor March 22, 11 02:52 AM

#13 without any doubt. :) Great picture!

Posted by Ricardo Martins March 22, 11 10:08 PM

Mind Blowing pics........

Posted by prashant hunagund March 23, 11 11:36 AM

great images, as ALWAYS, but as a dance lover, i have to say, you have missed the 3 great ones, Flamenco, Samba and Salsa....

Posted by Aris March 24, 11 02:17 PM

#20 is my favorite

Posted by Ball Lightning April 19, 11 02:54 AM
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