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February 16, 2011 Permalink

New York Fashion Week: Behind the scenes

The first New York Fashion Week in 1943 (then called Press Week) was the world's first organized fashion week. It was designed to attract attention away from French fashion during World War II, when industry insiders were unable to travel to Paris to see the fashion shows. As fashion has evolved, so has the New York event, now branded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and held in February and September each year. It's one of four major fashion weeks held around the world, along with London, Paris, and Milan. Each year, the 232,000 attendees at the two New York Fashion Weeks account for more than $466 million in direct visitor spending and contribute to $1.6 billion in annual tax revenue to the city's fashion industry. More than $40 million annually is spent on meals at local restaurants; nearly $30 million on taxis, Town Cars, and public transportation; and an additional $56 million at area hotels. This is a look behind the scenes, behind the fashion. -- Paula Nelson (Editor's Note: Monday, February 21, is President's Day. We'll return with Wednesday's post.) (36 photos total)

A model prepares backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at The Theatre at Lincoln Center, in New York City. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for IMG)
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173 comments so far...

Nice pics! :)

Posted by Manu February 18, 11 11:48 AM

All of these people look hideous. What has fashion come to?

Posted by Nick February 18, 11 11:57 AM

Hmmm. You do such great work with this blog that I am going to refrain from bashing your choice of subject matter today. I am not going to say how utterly meaningless, vapid, and self-absorbed the entire fashion industry is, and how devoting a Big Picture entry to it does less to legitimize it than it does to demean BP itself. I won't go there.

Posted by Pete February 18, 11 12:01 PM

carine.............nulla di che.

Posted by Simone February 18, 11 12:06 PM

love it

Posted by weneedeaer February 18, 11 12:13 PM


Posted by Alex February 18, 11 12:28 PM

#2 Ick. Come ON, a little personal hygiene please!

Posted by -g February 18, 11 12:28 PM


Posted by Scott Stap February 18, 11 12:38 PM

Two pointless fashion shows in a row.

Thanks for the laughs,!

That blatantly points out the absurdities of our society.

Posted by TL February 18, 11 12:42 PM

Seems like a successful effort to make beautiful women ugly. What horrid makeup and dresses.

Posted by Ben February 18, 11 12:43 PM

Its amazing how the models all look very similar.

Posted by Jon February 18, 11 12:47 PM

# 2 Ewww, dirty fingernails

Posted by xaggy February 18, 11 12:53 PM

I'd rather see pictures of Afghanistan...

Posted by Wikileaks=Newfags February 18, 11 01:00 PM

just sick business

Posted by alongcomespolly February 18, 11 01:05 PM

#7 is my fav.

Posted by Ser February 18, 11 01:07 PM

Those models looks so skinny
Why they just can normal womans on stage?
They are so beautiful and are healty than these womans ;)

Posted by WimFromBelgium February 18, 11 01:14 PM

So... Dog show and then fashion week... Something a little more substantial next time, eh?

Posted by Jacnpdx February 18, 11 01:26 PM

What a miserable bunch. Only 1 semi-smile between them all..

Posted by skinnegg February 18, 11 01:30 PM

Nice pics!!!

Posted by joe February 18, 11 01:47 PM

ahh fashion, how superficial and boring

Posted by sasky February 18, 11 01:50 PM

that 's great pictures!

Posted by Eric February 18, 11 02:10 PM

Fashion is such a waste .....

Posted by Craig February 18, 11 02:31 PM

fashion =|= pretty people!

Posted by Jack C. February 18, 11 02:50 PM

very good!

nice shoots!

Posted by elmo February 18, 11 03:14 PM

they are so skinny they do not look hot

Posted by edgar February 18, 11 03:22 PM

Glad to see most everyone agrees these girls all look terrible.

Posted by Curtis February 18, 11 03:28 PM

Almost each time a new set of pictures is posted here there's always people complaining about how it's "not the best set" , "what a waste of time" , "this is dumb" , "the money wasted here should be used to feed the poor" etc...

Fact is, like or not, these things / events / shows / disasters or whatever is shown in each set of pictures shows what goes on in our world in many different facets of life and the likelihood of any complaining about it or dissatisfaction about it isn't going to change anything (Much like this post of mine won't change peoples attitude either).

Not every picture set is going to appeal to everyone all of the time. It doesn't always have to be photos of death and destruction from a disaster or people crying over a coffin as yet another dead soldier is bought home etc...

Posted by DBR February 18, 11 03:34 PM

What horrible comments. Fashion is an art form, much like photography. It's a wonderful, creative field in which designers have the opportunity to express their point of view. The nails, hair, make up, lighting, it's all part of the show. These fashion shows are like art exhibitions, every detail is carefully and painstakingly orchestrated to achieve the perfect dramatic effect. A lot of hard work, imagination, and talent goes in to these shows and it's extremely disappointing to read comments by people who view the fashion industry with such a narrow-minded bias. We should respect one another's creative works, and encourage them.

I think the photographs are beautiful. I love this post. It's great to get an opportunity to see the behind the scenes action at NYFW.

Posted by Jessica Baker February 18, 11 03:42 PM

#2 is so appealing...

Posted by skimfish February 18, 11 04:05 PM


Posted by Jake February 18, 11 04:12 PM

Oh no, let the "THEY ARE TOO SKINNY!" comments fly! I am not a thin woman, but most of these girls look just fine to me.

Interesting subject matter today. I would prefer something else, but I suppose you do cover all cultures and communities. I understand that to some fashion is art, but this post isn't an intriguing as most of the others.

Posted by Anita February 18, 11 04:15 PM

FASHION...... lol

Posted by Trev D. February 18, 11 04:21 PM

All this suffering for nothing

Posted by Fernando (Roma - Italia) February 18, 11 04:43 PM

It's kind of interesting to see how the other half wastes their time I suppose, with this and the dog show. Pointless and boring.

Posted by moi February 18, 11 04:53 PM


Posted by James February 18, 11 04:58 PM

Great to see some behind the scenes shots. There's so much more artistry, skill and creativity at play that we don't see. Thank you for posting these up Boston Globe.

Posted by emem February 18, 11 06:00 PM


One of the strangest popular subcultures in the world today. And also the richest, inexplicably.

Posted by T (New Zealand) February 18, 11 06:12 PM

PS, Loving picture number 36!

Posted by T (New Zealand) February 18, 11 06:13 PM

I think some of the models being primped and readied for the runway,look like some of the dogs getting primped and readied for the show ring.

Posted by JD February 18, 11 06:25 PM

Nice segue from the Westminster dog show to the New York fashion week. So many hilarious parallels between the two sets of photos. All that primping and preening, hairspray and nail polish, and waiting bored backstage before strutting your stuff trying to be Best in could write the same copy for both events.

Posted by Daniel J February 18, 11 06:27 PM

Allan come back, please! :(

Posted by Livia February 18, 11 06:49 PM

I prefer the Westminster Kennel Club photos.

Posted by Basel February 18, 11 07:06 PM

#17 nice pic

Posted by myself February 18, 11 07:45 PM


Posted by weshn February 18, 11 07:52 PM

I think I would rather look at 36 pictures of Kermit the Frog.

Posted by Lindsey Rallo February 18, 11 08:23 PM

Nice collection ...

Posted by Yogi February 18, 11 08:59 PM

Most boring photos yet Big are given a free-pass on this one for all the good photos you normally post.

Posted by ExploreLife February 18, 11 09:11 PM


Posted by muhammadjavedansari February 18, 11 10:33 PM

It's just clothes...

Posted by Steve de Kretser February 18, 11 10:52 PM

I've often read in news articles and seen in movies some brief glimpses of urban life in some American cities, where it seems that there is a slow breakdown occurring in cities that were once large bustling centers (especially manufacturing centers). The real lives of people are affected, jobs have disappeared, families are destroyed and even infrastructure is crumbling. But because I do not live there, I cannot really see this, or know how widespread it is, or in which cities.
Rather than seeing pictures of millions of dollars being wasted on fashion, that most ordinary people in the world don't care about, I would much rather see pictures of real-life Americans, especially those who are now struggling to cope in difficult economic times.
I love BP and often share links with my friends, to give them insight into another world that is never shown in the media here. They all love it. But fashion? What a waste of time. I spent all of 10 seconds looking at the photos (a new record? hahaha).

Posted by Gene Netto February 18, 11 11:06 PM

Fashion is not for everyone, and that's okay. I think it's great that a news site can cover a diverse, if sometimes eclectic/esoteric, set of subjects, so that readers can learn about all different cultures and become better cultured ourselves as a result. (of course, only for people who actually like learning...)

#17 is my fave. Great lighting & composition.

Posted by spyra February 18, 11 11:07 PM

The ironies are stifling, but which one the strongest? the fact that this goes on despite world hunger or when left to their own devices young women are truly slobbish pigs? How do I know the latter? I'm a father and a landlord.

Posted by Evan February 18, 11 11:47 PM

I for one am also very glad that most people here agree with the fact that fashion has changed a lot. Modeling is not what it was a long time ago and it truly is very horrifying to see how skinny, pale, and unhealthy girls are nowadays. I believe it is a very bad example to give to our modern society, especially to the young generation of girls who see these prepostorous images daily in the magazines and what not. Did you guys know that the Dove soap company made a campaign that focuses specifically on this topic? Yep, it is directed by a group of leaders who work to provide therapies and psychology sessions to young girls who, with a lot of work, get to proudly stand on a stage and yell out loud how happy they are about just being girls with nothing else to worry about besides school, their parents and their friends. No diet, no make-up, no heels or high hair. Now then, as far as sitting here and writing short, useless comments like, "Wow, this is so dumb," I mean yes, you're totally right. But why just write it out, instead of getting up, going out and try to make an actual difference. That goes for me, no lie. Except I live in Mexico and fashion doesn't mean too much around here, and I'm very glad about that too. For the record, I happen to be a very openly gay 21 year old dude, therefore fashion DOES mean something me. Nevertheless, I have the maturity to not freak about what I'm wearing how I look. It's rediculous, just like the clothes on a catwalk. Seriously, who would wear them? And by the way, don't confuse art with fashion. True art moves the soul; fashion makes a statement. It's as simple as that. Well that's it for me. I hope I made a difference. I wish you guys a good night. xoxo LEO

Posted by Leo February 19, 11 12:09 AM

I think fashion is an art and this was a great post.
To all those who have said fashion is dumb and boring: well, do you have the balls to stand afghanistan, floods and terrorism everyday of your lives?

Vanity is essential for sanity :)

Posted by PowerPuffGirl February 19, 11 12:56 AM

What a bunch of enh women-too skinny-too over made up...the only shock would have been if any of them had been actually reading a BOOK of any import (vs. playing video games and/or reading comics)

Posted by Anonymous February 19, 11 12:57 AM

Good Job...
i like your pic,, n for my inspiration...
thank you...

Posted by Yandhi February 19, 11 01:10 AM

Now to balance this set of photos, an essay on sweat shops that produce these products so cheaply they are marked up 10,000 percent.

Posted by Eric February 19, 11 02:46 AM

I don't get it

Posted by Vlad February 19, 11 03:07 AM

I was dumb to think that just because it is Big Picture, you could get something nice out of a stupid fashion show. Obviously, you can't.

Posted by Lily February 19, 11 04:47 AM

The crazy, shallow world we live in...

Posted by Leven February 19, 11 05:38 AM

Very interesting I like that I haven't realized how much work is required !

Posted by tim February 19, 11 06:08 AM

Got to agree with all the bored comments

Posted by Simon February 19, 11 07:03 AM

@poster nr. 27: THANK YOU!! i agree with you! what is it with you people, who have to see war and disaster and terror and destruction so their "aesthetic needs" can be satisfied!? :-S

Posted by Margit February 19, 11 07:08 AM

fashion week, who cares?

Posted by jagalla February 19, 11 07:17 AM

I agree! Really dissapointing, couldn´t really see the point. Pics 25+26, what´s the story???
There´s so much drama behind the scenes at a fashion show, but it doesn´t come through.

Posted by Line Sondergaard February 19, 11 08:04 AM

Disturbing collection.

But those who complain are wrong to do so: we need to take a look at the disturbing just as the beautiful and the spectacular to stay in touch with the world.

Posted by BB February 19, 11 08:15 AM

Let's see if this one gets published:
"Wonderful images! Probably the greatest single set of photos in the history of photography!!" ....not.

Posted by Mezzo Duomo February 19, 11 08:27 AM

This is the first time I've ever skimmed straight through a set of Big Picture images - not a single one worthy of pausing over. V disappointing.

Posted by andyuk February 19, 11 08:41 AM

#17 not boring, is a great photo!

Posted by Ricardo Cardoso February 19, 11 09:37 AM

This is lame

Posted by Anonymous February 19, 11 10:13 AM

Fashion is good for photographers...and vice-versa.

Posted by Serge February 19, 11 11:07 AM

Thing is, Fashion Week is an important event. Just as the Westminster show, election day, massive weather events, and war. This is a newspaper. They report on news and current events. This is a current event. If you don't like it, you don't have to go past seeing the first picture.

Posted by Epitrope February 19, 11 11:07 AM

I find fashion fascinating and backstage at just about anything intriguing. I love the close-up feel of these pictures. I would have liked to see the model's names in the captions. As far as the relevancy of the subject matter, the fact is this "show" is the only kind of industry left in the US, we have exported everything else. The service jobs that are funded by the influx of the attendees twice a year IS our economy. By the way, that is our fault, the American consumer, we did this to ourselves we might as well look at it.

Posted by Marabeth McSeveney February 19, 11 11:35 AM

Why is there so much hate in the comments section? PEOPLE LEARN TO APPRECIATE!!

Posted by Danny February 19, 11 01:46 PM

I will never understand fashion.

Posted by TG February 19, 11 02:17 PM

The only BP photographs I find boring are the ones that focus on sport.

Sport is not news.

Posted by Mr. Meow February 19, 11 03:19 PM

Fur is an insane crime committed to animals!

Posted by Andre from Amsterdam February 19, 11 04:43 PM

I miss the days when fashion and the lovely models sporting them were something to inspire you to look/dress nicely. Nowadays both the men and women are made up to look hideous. Sad, I'm pretty sure most of these folks could do a better job putting together their ensembles on their own.

Posted by Lisa February 19, 11 05:06 PM

great post. i had no. idea. that NYFW contributed *that* much to the New York economy. very interesting.

and as i photographer, i've always loved behind the scenes photos like these.

Posted by Pat! February 19, 11 05:47 PM

Great collection. Fascinating to see all the work and organisation that goes into an event like this. Floor charts, lighting checks, model pics to probably ensure they have the right clothes on. Such a tedious job for the girls sitting around all day, dozens of others behind the scenes making it work.


Posted by Michael Quinn February 19, 11 06:55 PM

Love the juxtaposition of the fashion show immediately following the dog show.

Posted by Brad Hudson February 19, 11 07:17 PM

People forget its the fashion...not the people...Models are there to make the clothes look good, not to look good themselves. If it was a model show, then i see the argument...some of those people don't look so good.

Posted by Tenebris Visuals February 19, 11 08:00 PM

How completely and totally uninteresting.

Posted by John in Austin, TX February 19, 11 10:37 PM

I wonder how many people would say this was "boring" or "dumb" if it showed women in a third-world country getting dressed in less familiar dress or make-up. There is a considerable amount of morbid curiosity that makes BP successful-- what I find deplorable is not how "vapid" Western fashion is but rather how greedy we seem to be for more photos of death, destruction, tragedy, or the "exotic." If it's anything familiar or benign we suddenly become blase and even indignant. I think we should be a little ashamed of ourselves for that.

Posted by Hime86 February 19, 11 11:41 PM


Posted by Sleepy February 19, 11 11:59 PM

anyone know who the blonde model in the middle of shot #16 is?

Posted by Taylor Martin February 20, 11 12:11 AM

These no doubt are nice pictures shot to present another aspect of our life. i'm a fan of fashion so this is really ok with me. but for those who r not interested in this industry you cannot deny the quality of these photo shoots. they r just beautiful.

Posted by Hank Ling February 20, 11 12:29 AM

Fashion is regularly photographed. Where are the pictures of people and places that are different from the ones I'm bombarded with daily? This used to be a nice little niche...

Posted by T313 February 20, 11 01:27 AM

PLEASE BGPICTURE, tell me what is goin on in the entire world!
First, the world is round, there is no such center as Europe and Northamerica and second, there are much more momentous ongoings than ...wintersports, doggy dog shows or fashion! ...for me, BIGPICTURE has been an important source of actual news! PLEASE dont let it alter into entertainment of no relevance!!!

Posted by siobhan February 20, 11 05:18 AM

Yawn (apart from no.7 because those shoes resemble satanic hooves and gave me a laugh).

Posted by Christopher February 20, 11 05:23 AM


Posted by Somedude February 20, 11 05:26 AM

I see no art in all these pics, the Big Picture is really falling, you need to change your Main Auditor,, totally dumb

Posted by dido February 20, 11 06:41 AM

Pointless industry... There is no relevant contribution of this industry to the world.

Posted by Marko February 20, 11 07:05 AM

Bring back the previous editor! God these last two picture sets posted are very lame....

Posted by Mark February 20, 11 07:56 AM

Great photos of a horribly pointless week

Posted by Dan February 20, 11 10:15 AM

I guess most people think fashion is just the runway/catwalk. There´s much more to fashion than just fashion shows and runway shots.
I would find it much more boring if BP posted some runway shots than those presented here.

Posted by Serge February 20, 11 10:43 AM

So much ignorance in these comments.

Would you be as dismissive of a collection of photos on the world's most important exhibits of paintings or sculptures? Fashion, whether you like it or not, has always been and will always be an art.

Beyond that, it's a much more functional art than the mediums which tend to garner more respect with the public. What we wear is a reflection of who we are and what's important to us, and these shows have an impact on what we decide to wear- regardless of whether we're conscious of it.

Plus, it's an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars, providing countless jobs. I dare you to try and tell someone who makes a living off the fashion industry that their work is unimportant.

Don't be dismissive of something you clearly know nothing about.

Posted by Annie February 20, 11 11:12 AM

Pointless, pointless,pointless;an exercise in vacuity and emptiness.

Posted by David Davies February 20, 11 11:45 AM

I agree that the fashion world is vapid, but these pictures are an insight into what goes on behind the curtain.

Posted by Andrew February 20, 11 12:33 PM

I think there's some wry humor at work here. Posting this set directly after the dog show set.

Posted by Starhawk February 20, 11 01:50 PM

Agree with quite a lot of posters I'm afraid.... two fairly lame and totally un-inspiring sets of photographs. First a set about dog breeding which is just a source of cruelty, and where non-perfect dogs are disposed of like kitchen waste. And a fashion week.... well really ?? Boston Globe .... pull your socks up, have a serious word with yourselves, and sort it out eh ?.... Please !

Posted by Brownz February 20, 11 02:05 PM

First a dog show and now this?
Revolt is taking hold all over the arab world.
Oil is still choking the sea floor in the gulf.
an we get dog/fashion show?
I know you guys are better than this.

Posted by Matt February 20, 11 02:42 PM

I don't have anything against NYFW, but these photos are mostly boring compared to the usual calibre of Big Picture.

Posted by jdeplater February 20, 11 05:00 PM

banal snaps of a nauseating event.. although there may be a sly irony in the placing of this next to the previous post.. it's still pretty dull stuff.

Posted by db February 20, 11 05:37 PM

Models seem not to even care about fashion!
Just a routine!

Posted by María Teresa February 20, 11 07:08 PM

Love the stats and the pics are fantastic

Posted by cca. February 21, 11 12:02 AM

Utterly, utterly inconsequential pap that just devalues the very high standard set by The Big Picture over the years.
Please - do both yourselves and we viewers a favour by not publishing any more of this type of silliness.

Posted by Trevor February 21, 11 12:17 AM

Good collection...but second one made me upset :(

Posted by Hareesh February 21, 11 12:49 AM

fashion's none about just being beautiful.

Posted by JIA February 21, 11 12:58 AM

Boston is just trying to cover everything happening around the world and everything that is there. So no issues in covering a fashion but these pics (except few) are like 'from someones digi cam for time pass' sort. They are not appealing, plus other posts are damn too good and thus you see so many comments against these. Probably half those comments would not have come if it had prettier faces :P. Still boston gotta be wise in choosing pics and this one was not worth going through.

Posted by Akhil.V February 21, 11 01:36 AM

Photos are good but the series is not really giving the feelings of a big fashion event. Some of the photos are really classy. but an average series.

Posted by Sarat February 21, 11 02:22 AM

I too would like to voice my disappointment with this series. I normally really enjoy BP, and find alot of the images very compelling. But for some reason, this and the last series didn't resonate with me at all. For lack of a better word, many of the images were 'boring'.

In the light of everything thats been going on worldwide, I think two consecutive, fairly pointless fashion series is a bit much. I find it hard to believe that there weren't enough photos to make a series from:
-the Wisconsin protests
-the Libyan protests
-the Bahranian protests
-Australian/Brazilian flood aftermath/cleanup
-many other underreported stories

I think the strength of BP before was drawing attention to stories that weren't widely covered in other journals. This is what gave people a reason to visit. Not covering obvious, well documented events like the NYFW or Westminster.

Posted by Matt February 21, 11 05:08 AM

#6 made me laugh, sexy dripping saliva ?!

Posted by Arthur February 21, 11 05:38 AM

how excessive makeup makes a hottie ugly

Posted by sid February 21, 11 05:43 AM

First the dog show , now the fashion show ...... this does not make me feel happy that I am sitting in front of my desk or makes me wanna be outside my office... :)

Posted by Maguito February 21, 11 08:00 AM


Big Picture please bring back the shocking topics, I'm bored of the dog shows and fashion...

Posted by etienne February 21, 11 08:17 AM

Bored. Soulness.

Posted by Esteban February 21, 11 08:38 AM

Disturbing. Just....disturbing.

Posted by rasklking February 21, 11 09:08 AM

Picture 21...and this woman is a "supermodel"???!!!!

Note to self: I NEVER want to date a supermodel!

Posted by Chris Clement February 21, 11 09:26 AM


Posted by Anonymous February 21, 11 09:36 AM

The ugly and the filthy!

Posted by bill February 21, 11 09:39 AM

BP.....I am keeping this in perspective as a photo essay. It is about the pictures as much as the topic.

That being is one of the most useless things I have ever seen. The amount of time we (people) give it just makes my brain hurt. It serves no real purpose. And the people who are in the middle of it are some of the most vapid and ridiculous personalities. They are interesting only to the point they are TRYING to be interesting. They have nothing going for them other than that cry for attention.

Posted by DP February 21, 11 10:31 AM

So disappointing. I check Big Picture for interesting news photos from around the World. I used to tell my friends to check out this site for fascinating high res unedited new photos, but with a Dog Show & now this. Very boring & pointless.

Posted by C February 21, 11 10:52 AM

Been following The Big Picture since it started, but why not photos of something that really matters? Riots in multiple countries, two American wars, protesting in Madison, WI, natural disaster? Apparently dog shows and overpaid fashion models trump subjects which truly matter.....

Posted by MadTownBC February 21, 11 10:52 AM

Despite all the caustic comments from those not thinking, I enjoy seeing things I would never have the opprtunity to experience.

Thanks !

Posted by Becks February 21, 11 11:34 AM

Picture number 18: FBI's Ten Most Wanted...

Posted by attila February 21, 11 02:52 PM

Good old Alan days... If you follow this procedure, BP will be gone soon.

Posted by Blue Hen February 21, 11 02:59 PM

Totally boring, I agree. And make no mistake, I buy clothing from some of the designers featured but the photos aren't very inspiring.

Posted by Raia February 21, 11 03:36 PM

picture #2 ..... dirty nails ....

Posted by sumayya February 21, 11 04:26 PM

Such a superfitial, fake, fantasy world...

Posted by InAwe February 21, 11 04:51 PM

With the protests in North Africa why are we spending time & energy on something as silly as Fashion Week?

Posted by Shannon February 21, 11 05:04 PM

Stunning photos!! Great job!!

Posted by Jin February 21, 11 05:12 PM

I am bored by all the comments from people who cared enough to inform us they are bored. I'm pretty sure your interests are boring as hell to someone else.

Anyway, fascinating photos. I have always appreciated this blog for its plethora of subject matter.

Posted by Rich!!! February 21, 11 07:27 PM

we don't give a heck about the so-called fashion week. Revolution is going on in north Africa. Don't you have some more interesting topics?
Best regards.


Posted by G. February 21, 11 08:01 PM

Sometimes you just need to appreciate the photo and let it stand on it's own. Separate yourself from all other influences and prejudices in your mind for a little while if possible. Just put yourself there in the moment and try to live as if your in the picture. I can appreciate life and what I do have control over and I automatically let go of those things that I cannot immediately remedy when I do this. It's important to live for the moment as much as possible and control what you can at that second...not what you wish or think ought to be.

Posted by John Wright February 21, 11 08:59 PM

Wow! so hipster comments!

BP is for news in photography, not all the news in the world are catastrophes or revolts. Those are important, maybe far far more important, but one cannot only focus on tragedies or death.

Also, you may not like what is it. It is fine. Enjoy the pictures, not the show. Enjoy composition, context, etc. If you do not like fashion, is ok. I do not like baseball, british food or rap music, but I can enjoy a picture set of them.

To those who say this is not art, art is something that moves a feeling inside you, it can be approval or negation, good or bad, but moves it.

Two sets ago, World Press Photo. Great pictures but some shows horrible things, like the first one. Do you have to agree with barbarian custome as servering a nose to enjoy a good taking picture? Dont get me wrong, that is barbaric but the picture is good. Lear to discern!

Posted by aeiffel February 21, 11 09:20 PM

im glad to see at least a few people that havent been brainwashed and know what's going on. greetings from greece, keep up the good fight.

Posted by gregk February 21, 11 09:28 PM

I love how there are so many haters and cries of wastes of money and our immoral society reflected by fashion week. Would we ever hear the same things said about outrageously expensive sporting events, like the FIFA world cup or the Olympics? How much money do they spend? What unhealthy body images do they promote? And what nonsense to say that these photos are not worthwhile - they capture a part of our world and human life. Sorry that it's not as gratifying to you as photos of starving children and maimed soldiers.

Posted by Paul February 22, 11 02:57 AM

cmon, lets face the fact: no one wants to see pictures of gadaffi shooting his onw people, no one is interested in whats goin on in bahrain; afghanistan is old news, who cares, there is no political history made theese days.......or?

Posted by jake February 22, 11 03:25 AM

I've been following The Big Picture for a long time ago, but now I see this section is all about fashion and pointless things. Nothing about Egypt? Libya? They are making history over there, but all i can see is you care about dog shows..:S

Posted by Anonymous February 22, 11 08:30 AM

people are dying in Africa.

Posted by Africain February 22, 11 08:50 AM

Beautiful photography regardless of your thoughts on the fashion industry.

Posted by Heidi February 22, 11 02:40 PM

I have to disagree with a lot of the comments here. Does fashion deserve (a good deal of) criticism? Heck yes. But yet again the Big Picture has given us a tiny glimpse into a world many of us may not be familiar with. Just like the posts on everyday life in Afghanistan, or poor whites in South Africa, or protests, religious practices, celebrations, natural disasters, and international opens our eyes. Just because the topic is not of interest of you doesn't mean it has no point being portrayed here.

Like most of the Big Picture posts I learned a little bit and even loved some of the photos.

Posted by Adrienne February 22, 11 03:43 PM

This is a really disappointing set. The photos on Big Picture are usually so compelling, these are so ordinary.

Posted by Felicity Lingle February 22, 11 06:11 PM

Contemporary freak show. An interesting parallel universe. Nice juxtaposition with the dog show photo essay...

Posted by The Chemist February 22, 11 06:13 PM

why did i look through these pictures?

Posted by Kevin Klein February 22, 11 06:52 PM

Only a few weeks since the original editor left and the big picture is already starting to go downhill, what a crap set of photos.

Posted by A. Vafeas February 22, 11 08:47 PM


Posted by Chon February 23, 11 03:55 AM

BOF, superficiel et insipide

Posted by Pat February 23, 11 07:01 AM

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.

Posted by Pers February 23, 11 10:59 AM

this album, and the dog show album, boo. Big Picture can and has done way better!

Posted by JBell February 23, 11 11:43 AM

What happened to the Big Picture...ever since the editor change it's gone downhill. Where are the pictures of Libya, New Zealand....there are much more important items in the world going on today than dog shows and fashion week...with weak photos as well...this site used to be updated more often as well

Posted by Vancity Ceej February 23, 11 12:50 PM

funny. first the doggies, now the girls. =)

Posted by chenzen February 23, 11 02:03 PM

Vanity... vanity... Still nice set of pictures showing the backstage

Posted by Ava February 23, 11 05:17 PM

It is soooo NOT important, such scrap-heap fashion things, ineffective, useless, stupid.....
In New Zealand Christhurs are people so sad, without home, destroyed houses, dead.... and here a few people are "celebrating" some stupid and so ugly fashion garbage.... weak up people!!

Posted by matus February 23, 11 05:50 PM

Man, The Big Picture has kinda sucked since it got outsourced.

Posted by Graham February 24, 11 11:23 PM

A global, international fashion walk bringing together the biggest names in our fashion industry for a walkway event. Ok, fine, im cool with it. But I think the standard of photos in this set isn't really that great. I mean, photo 20: a pair of orange coloured shoes of an attendee; photo 24: a couple hugging; photo 36: 4 stools in a row. I think I can take better photos of this event.

Its a huge fashion show --- so many things are happening backstage! Somehow this set conveys to me that 1.there's a lot of prep work and 2. all the models get a lot of make-ups and perming while they look bored and play their Nintendos. No offense, but BP can do better IMO.

And for the fashion haters out there, have u watched "The Devil Wears Prada"?

Posted by CCH February 25, 11 01:39 PM

I love how wrong this picture set is for this audience. It's sad how people can't appreciate something other than what they're used to. This industry not only inspires thousands of people, but it also provides jobs and a career to many. Just because it isn't science, a current event, or a new discovery doesn't mean it's not absolutely relevant to the world.
Learn to appreciate something new and stop being so narrow minded.

Posted by Andrea February 26, 11 12:08 AM

For all the people saying how dumb and empty this is id like to see what you are wearing today.

Posted by w February 27, 11 01:37 AM

Beauty (#27) and the BEAST (#21)

Posted by peter February 27, 11 12:05 PM

I feel really silly writing this, but one day my dog and I were at a park, resting on a wall after a nice walk. My dog is very good looking, a mix of akita and lab. Along comes a photographer with a very young girl painted up to no end. He asks may I take pictures of them together? Yes, I say, the dog is very friendly, but the model seemed to be upset about it as my dog licked her face.She was about as beautiful as a piece of whatever. Plastic is the sense I get of this whole encounter.

Posted by edgar helbling February 27, 11 02:54 PM

As Peter Gabriel once titled a Genesis song:

The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging.

Posted by Greg (Los Angeles, California USA) February 27, 11 06:07 PM

Those girls look hungry.

Posted by Carbon February 27, 11 06:16 PM

My responses, fwiw (about $ 0.03 -- and that's with inflation):

@ # 73 ("The service jobs that are funded by the influx of the attendees twice a year IS our economy. By the way, that is our fault, the American consumer, we did this to ourselves"):
Completely correct – but not correctly complete. As important as our consumption choices have been in bringing us to this parlous pass, our voting choices have been far more important.

@ # 86: ("anyone know who the blonde model in the middle of shot #16 is?")

Nobody who will ever date you (or me - but at least I know that). And whoever she is, she’s very likely no more than 17. Still want to know?

@ # 119 ("Note to self: I NEVER want to date a supermodel!")

Very good; making a virtue of necessity is a well-known – and usually pretty effective -- coping mechanism.

And @ OP (the "original poster," ie, Globe staffer Ms Paula Nelson, or whoever wrote, "one of four major fashion weeks held around the world, along with London, Paris, and Milan"):

If New York and three cities in Western Europe are your idea of "around the world," our journalism "profession" is in even worse shape than I'd thought.
When there's at least one city in Africa, at least one in Asia, and at least one south of the equator, then you might be able to use the term, "around the world," correctly and without irony.
Until then, not so much.

Posted by smartalek February 28, 11 11:09 PM

There's a lot more to the world then just death, destruction and protests. One of the strengths of BP is it's ability to show a variety of things going on in the world, whether it's science, or culture, or who knows what.

One of my favorite posts was a series about that festival in England where people chase a piece of cheese down a hill. It was so random and bizarre and sorta unnecessary compared to the other things going on in the world at the time. It was a little sliver into the culture of that area.

So this post and the Dog Show are little slivers into American culture, just as a post about some fashion show in Malaysia is or a sporting event in Africa.

To the new editors of the Big Picture, keep on posting what you feel should be shared. Yes it's important to tell the stories of major current events going on, but it's also important to show other aspects of the world!

Posted by Anonymous March 1, 11 04:08 PM

Ditto to #165!

To all the posters who are so incensed by “worthless” photos of show dogs and Fashion Week:

I think you're completely missing the point of this blog. The Big Picture shares photos that express the incredible variety of issues, experiences, people, animals, places, and things that make up our universe. Some aspects of that variety are somber, and some of them aren’t. If you just want to see the somber stuff, feel free to start your own photo blog and make that the focus. In the meantime, please stop chastising the blog's editor for selecting images that reflect the rich panoply of life.

Posted by Another Anonymous March 2, 11 05:14 PM

One learns about painting by looking at and imitating other painters.

Posted by Prearcepe March 4, 11 09:33 PM

thanks for these,I like that.

Posted by lagha March 6, 11 02:47 AM

Is it just me, or does #22 look like they were trying to make a bunch of women look like extras in a Satanic ritual? I mean, it's not the only one where you can tell the women would look better in any other imaginable situation, but it's the weirdest of the bunch. Why is fashion so strongly devoted to finding new ways to make people look ugly?

Posted by Bill March 7, 11 12:52 AM

Geez, the fashion world is into 'emaciated' and 'gaunt' more than ever...

A quite horrifying reflection of the inner emotional famine and spiritual bankruptcy of the people in the industry...

Posted by Barrie March 12, 11 02:22 AM

I'm very interested in that tattoo on the man in photo #3; does anybody know his name or have more photos?

Posted by michael krenzer March 13, 11 06:48 AM

I'm so disgusted at the negative comments on here. Fashion is a functional art, unlike watching a football game, where nothing gets accomplished except the production of more beer bellies and couch potatoes. If you're not interested, then why did you click on the link?

And if it makes you yawn, then throw your Guess Jeans, Sean John, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein jeans away and only purchase Wrangler Jeans from now on...Dorks..

Posted by BlogShag April 12, 11 04:36 AM


Posted by Anonymous April 12, 11 12:01 PM
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