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Australian flooding

Seasonal flooding across eastern Australia has been widespread and devastating this spring - their wettest on record. Cyclone Tasha came along two weeks ago, and dumped even more water on Queensland. Hundreds of thousands of people in an area the size of France and Germany combined are now affected, and at least nine people have been killed so far. Authorities are working to evacuate some communities and airlift supplies to others as the water level is expected to continue rising over the next two days and 38 regions were declared natural disaster areas. Collected here are photos from the recent flooding around Australia and its effect on residents and animals. (33 photos total)

A wallaby stands on a large round hay bale, trapped by rising flood waters outside the town of Dalby in Queensland, Australia on Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010. Days of torrential downpours have left parts of central and southern Queensland state inundated, flooding thousands of homes and businesses, cutting off roads and forcing the entire populations of two towns to evacuate. (AP Photo/Anthony Skerman)
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"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" ironic

Posted by trkota January 3, 11 01:08 PM

Haha, the shoes on the pic #28 looks like a hippopotamus :D

Posted by Borges January 3, 11 01:11 PM

Great pictures. Australians are a tough breed and they will persevere. Here in Southern California, we have earthquakes, mudslides, wild fires etc., which I can handle, but the thought of a snake floating around in flood waters like in picture # 4 gives me a severe case of the heebee geebees. Good luck Australians and God bless.

Posted by raul briseno January 3, 11 01:22 PM

Looked also at #28 and scrolled away. then i thought "Flood in Australia... wait a minute..."

Posted by Obu January 3, 11 01:24 PM

We, the Dutch, had such a disaster in 1953, covering 20% of our country in water. Since that date we builded dikes and mechanical wonders, defending our country which is below sealevel. We know how it feels like to be in such a situation, and wish the Australians the best of luck. I'm sure we'll send some troops if needed.

Btw, although this disaster has nothing to do with the sea, please people, build solid dikes. The sea might be beautiful, but it is powerful. Don't underestimate it.

Posted by Jan January 3, 11 01:25 PM

#26 pretty much sums up Aussie attitudes for me. Good on ya :)

Posted by TheLastRolo January 3, 11 01:49 PM

Awesome pics....This flooding is happenig quite regurlarly now a days. Europe was flooded recently.One third of Pakistan was flooded last year.

Posted by Piyush January 3, 11 02:05 PM

During my last trip in Australia in 2009, they were suffering of a terrible drought...
Our poor Earth becomes crazy !
Great pics !

Posted by Stephanie Kolosinski January 3, 11 02:10 PM

I'm pretty sure it just sums up that children, wherever they are, and whichever nationality they might have, always end up making the best of it and finding ways to have fun.

Posted by Jonas January 3, 11 02:18 PM

bad start for a new year...Our Prayers for you fast recovery!

Posted by elmo January 3, 11 02:25 PM

Its a terrible thing - will be donating to the relief effort, though here on the other side in Western Australia - we have had the driest year on record, the brooks have stopped running in my area, the bore is struggling to pump water - the dams are at 30% (still at the hottest part of the year) and when you live off a water tank, lets say we would of loved some of those rains, to take some of the stress off them and us.

Posted by Scottie January 3, 11 02:47 PM

#21 & #22 are great - how wonderful to save the Kangaroos!

Best wishes Australia!

Posted by Kay January 3, 11 02:59 PM

How many pictures of human challenges and suffering are necessary to get the point across? How about including more of the natural effects, such as pictures of the amazing waterfalls within the coastal Daintree National Forest.

Posted by Joseph January 3, 11 03:06 PM

C'est n'importe quoi!

Posted by Tamyris Teles January 3, 11 03:10 PM

"Rodney Dowton ferries a boatload of kangaroos through floodwaters near Wellington, Australia."

He looks really tickled to have the chance to make some kangaroo friends.

Posted by Minne January 3, 11 04:10 PM

Is thise a happy 2011 !
I hope your strong , and Autralia come back , maby better!
I pray of your all.
Don't give up !!!!
Love from Woutje .uit Eindhoven , in the Netherland.

Posted by Woutje Janssen - Hammer January 3, 11 04:29 PM

Photo #1: My first thought was, "Damn, that's an odd looking beaver."

Posted by James January 3, 11 05:14 PM

This is a realy sad disaster, maybe the flood will shrink if the weather is better

Posted by Simonovics January 3, 11 05:16 PM

Spring? I think that should be summer. And believe me I'm in the middle of the floods...and it hot and wet.

Posted by Bill Door January 3, 11 05:17 PM

Is Australia driest Continent?

Posted by michael January 3, 11 05:43 PM

photo 22: Only if wild animals listen to me as in this photo. Wha. lol.

Posted by C. Baldone January 3, 11 05:45 PM

...and they lost The Ashes too.

#3 is my favourite.

(Actually you should do a page on The Ashes just for a bit of a change from the misery. There's even a celebrity from your state [Ashley Kerekes] who due to her Twitter handle being @theAshes, scored free tickets to Australia and got to meet sporting legends, a hollywood actor [Eric Bana] and the former Prime Minister of Australia [John Howard]).

Posted by T (New Zealand) January 3, 11 06:30 PM

Thanks for the well wishes guys...appreciated...Just a few extra figures for you to get your heads a 2 week period at Babinda south of Cairns in Queensland we had 8500mm of rain..or 334 inches or 27 feet of rain...going down from there to the bottom of Queensland most places had over 500mm /23 inches or 2 feet of rain in December...On the bright side...all our dams are FULL!!!!...Lol!!...We will be guys in the snow areas up north take care as well...It looks damn COLD!!

Posted by R McDonald January 3, 11 07:04 PM

We are the land of extremes - drought for 10 years and water restrictions, followed by this...while Western Australia suffers drought still. This is a big county and experiences extremes. But drought is more common

Posted by Susan January 3, 11 07:38 PM

If you'd like to help, the Queensland Government has set up a donation collection from their website: > Want to Help? > Donate Online

It doesn’t appear to accept PayPal, although Credit Card is accepted (along with other methods for folks located in Australia).

Posted by Lard January 3, 11 08:07 PM


Posted by CÉLIO MARTINS January 3, 11 08:21 PM

Maybe this disaster will improve the Bundaberg rum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rip January 3, 11 08:23 PM

My heart goes out to all of you. Thoughts and prayers are with you. PatPat Mannie

Posted by Anonymous January 3, 11 08:36 PM

#23 your numbers are well off. In babinda we get between 4 and 7 meters of rain a year, averaging about 4.5m. 2010 we almost cracked 7 meters - for the whole year, not december.

Posted by S Morty January 3, 11 08:40 PM

The weather is schizophrenic all over the world, not just here in Oz.... As every nation, we stick together and help out those less fortunate. This disaster will be no different. We survived the drought and will now survive the floods and wild weather. No matter what happens, we all love this country and we will weather it out because we are Aussies and we don't quit! :-)

Posted by Sonja January 3, 11 09:35 PM

This photo collection is impressive. But it does suffer from repeating a false claim about the size of the flooding. The flooded area is not the size of France & Germany. This widely-quoted figure comes from a state government who add up all the areas of the affected Local Government Areas and give the total figure as the area flooded. In many cities affected (including my own) the flooded areas take up a couple of streets, and a few dozen houses. But the entire area of the city/shire is counted when the flooded area is less than one percent of the total.

Posted by Dermott Banana January 3, 11 09:52 PM

When you consider that the area covered by this flood is about the size of ALL of France and Germany combined I think that the pictures can only give a glimpse of the Scale of this Disaster Good luck to all those affected , And having gone through Cyclone Larry and its aftermath a few years ago all I can say is I know the Aussie fighting Spirit and the donations of Time and money by those not directly affected will go a long way to ease the pain

Posted by Gary January 3, 11 09:53 PM

just like hurricane katrina

Posted by kristian January 3, 11 10:04 PM

The Capricorn Highway goes WEST from Rockhampton, NOT south.
Austraila is a land of extremes, we have drought & we have floods going in cycles. This is nothing new, only that the area involved this time is larger than usual. The media are making this out to worse than it really is. The older locals are used to this, it may be a shock to the newer ones who haven't experienced it before.

Posted by Max January 3, 11 10:05 PM

Just to put into perspective how devastative these floods have been to inform our European neighbours, the flooded area covers an area of roughly the whole of France and Germany combined.

Posted by Battling Queenslander January 3, 11 10:31 PM

Ozi spirit is always there, rain or dry.

Posted by Selcuk Askin January 3, 11 10:37 PM

look so scare

Posted by Jim January 3, 11 10:50 PM

Queenslanders are tough, but the flooding is very severe. The pictures here don't even do justice to the devastation felt by many. Australia has gone from drought and bushfires to heavy rain, cyclones, and flooding. It will take some time for many of these communities to recover, but I hope they do so rapidly.

Posted by Kristofor Lawson January 3, 11 11:08 PM

Human cant challenge the nature...

Posted by Lokesh January 3, 11 11:53 PM

That's crazier than a boatload of kangaroos.

Posted by Joe January 3, 11 11:54 PM

Meanwhile, in Australia...

Posted by David D. January 4, 11 12:36 AM

The flood is now global problem due to global warming, if we want to solve this problem then we should control global warming.if we remembered that what happened in Pakistan 1/5 area effected last year and 20 million people affected and hundred of thousand houses washed away.

Posted by Munir Ahmed January 4, 11 12:57 AM

i feel really sorry for the people and the animals

Posted by sharmin January 4, 11 01:41 AM

Our thoughts are with you all
Auckland, New Zealand

Posted by Miss Paddlefoot January 4, 11 02:37 AM

Thanks @Dermott Banana for clearing that up. I was wondering how rivers could suddenly produce a few million times what they normally produce. I so wish news agencies would treat everything with a healthy dose of sketicism instead of just believing the source with the most spectacular numbers.

Posted by Diederick January 4, 11 02:46 AM

...astonishing pictures of a nature disaster...some years ago I have been there and I feel very sorry for the people that live over there...
God bless you !!!

Posted by Mauro Biagi January 4, 11 04:05 AM

Just when I think I have the worst flood ever in my life with 1 meter deep, this might be the first one which broke that thought, especially when I looked at photo #29. I wishes the best of luck for you Queenslanders

Posted by Pandu January 4, 11 04:25 AM

To put that into another context, the area flooded is about 60% of Alaska. Or a bit more than Texas and New Mexico COMBINED!

That's a lot of water!

Posted by Danny Riley January 4, 11 04:37 AM

Nature has its own power. No human brains can beat it!!!

Posted by Joe January 4, 11 04:41 AM


Posted by fsy January 4, 11 04:52 AM

oh too bad,
may be it is from climat change this year :(
Australia is the land that we can see ocean and lakes every where.
and wonderful jungle wih rare animals
i'll pray for you :)

Posted by n/a January 4, 11 05:48 AM

Incredible images.......the power of the elements
guys be strong!! i'm very sorry about you Nice People....
love from Portugal

Posted by maria joão mendes January 4, 11 05:50 AM

God bless Australia

Posted by dennis January 4, 11 06:27 AM

Aussie Spirit will prevail! Good Luck and Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I am in Cairns and have been thanking my lucky starts since Xmas! It could have been us, we copped a fair pelting but was like running under a sprinkler compared to you mob! For any fund relief PR people out there, I would definately pounce on # 22 for media! How legendary is that photo? God Bless

Posted by Dee NQ January 4, 11 06:41 AM

this is so tragic - but aviodeable, man keeps wanting to change Mother Nature's highways of natural rivers and this is the outcome. This earth our home has natural water tributaries that can't be messed with without such consequences as above. This is just the beginning - this devastation will replicate itself all over the world and very soon. We had a good thing going for the past 20,000 years until we started changing everything - we will pay the price one way or another

Posted by Bogush January 4, 11 07:36 AM

Australians will do the right things to keep that catastrophy down. I have great respect from what I see on TV and in newpapers. Sometimes Nature is driving crazy and we have to live with it. I wish you all the best to find out shortly out of this mess.

Posted by Orgetorix January 4, 11 07:52 AM

vry bad..... god bless Australia

Posted by Anonymous January 4, 11 08:13 AM

While on the other side of the country... Severe drought. One extreme to another eh?

Posted by Sinan January 4, 11 08:15 AM

How are the natives fairing . . . no pics showing their conditions?

Posted by Floyd "Baba" Barlow January 4, 11 08:17 AM

Prayers from the shores of Lake Erie...

Posted by Katie from Chautauqua cty, NY January 4, 11 09:20 AM

I will uplift all people affected by these flood waters in prayer to GOD Almighty. There is one positive aspect I have seen when disasters strike different parts of the world, and that is that people always HELP one another in the best way they can to help their fellow man. Whatever your thoughts may be about this next statement I write, is that I truly believe that GOD is pleased by the help and love that people extend to one another during emergency disasters like this or others. GOD Almighty bless each person, and I hope that people will continue on with strength and courage the best way they can in spite of this disaster. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Posted by Silva January 4, 11 09:48 AM

I'm an expat, now living in the Domincan Republic.
Shocked at the extent of the floods, and it must be so difficult for humans and animals alike.
Hang in there ! Wishing all the best to all Aussies who are so great at handling adversity !
Lee N

Posted by Beverley Nottle January 4, 11 10:10 AM

Around people are thinking god is here but his eye are closed allways no that is not sure...........some times when he is open he is looking somthing some were pls remember god is live ....think allways god. somethings happend in tha world he only he will help to around tha world................

Posted by Nazar January 4, 11 10:28 AM

God bless all those harmed by this flood! It is a terrible thing to lose ones home............!

Posted by desert dweller January 4, 11 10:31 AM

if you haven't submitted #31 to cuteoverload you need to.

Posted by Thad January 4, 11 10:34 AM

¡Qué cojones!

Posted by Elco Jones January 4, 11 10:40 AM

God Bless Australia.
Jakarta, Indonesia

Posted by John Andri January 4, 11 11:00 AM

I pray for your recovery!

Posted by Anonymous January 4, 11 11:35 AM

This is very sad

Posted by patricia putnam January 4, 11 12:46 PM

I'm a Bundy Girl living in Boston and while you can take the girl out of Bundy you can't take the Bundy out of the girl. We are a tough lot and while these floods are financially crippling, the town will come together. Thanks for the well wishes from around the world.

Posted by Sue B January 4, 11 02:21 PM

Meillä täällä Suomessa on murheena runsas lumisade ja pakkanen.
Koettakaa kestää!

Posted by Oiva hietala January 4, 11 02:40 PM

Sin palabras es lamentable tanto daño tras tanto esfuerzo desde argentina va mi apoyo soy enfermero y si de algo puedo servir cuenten conmigo a su disposicion.

Posted by osvaldo adrian breglia January 4, 11 03:48 PM

Dear Brothers & Sisters from down under know that our hearts goes out to our friends suffering in Australia from the floods, our hearts goes out for those poor animals like that poor kangaroo on the hay bale, and the woman who saved one in her row boat, and the other mate who saved a entire family of the roos in his boat wish we were their to help.Your friends from America, Dr.Barry Allen Krupkin, Supreme Commander United Veterans Of America 46 Veterans Lane,Freeport,Florida USA.32439

Posted by Dr.Barry Allen Krupkin January 4, 11 04:27 PM

Praying for GOD's presence and a quick recovery. Also for all to know
HE is Master of the Universe, not 2 uall down younder.
All of us Europeans and Americans want to live in Australia, honest.
Maybe not TODAY exactly...

Posted by Emily Store January 4, 11 04:52 PM

Being a survivor of Katrina, no one can understand the empty feeling in your gut when you've seen your house for the first time and realize that the five feet of water that was once inside for two weeks has left you homeless. No one except another person who had five feet one inch of water. You Aussies are going to come through this. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

Posted by Sidney F. Garaudy January 4, 11 05:38 PM

Someone said, "This is like Hurricane Katrina." Not exactly. There is no raping, stealing, robbing, or murdering. There is no demand for troops to be sent in. There is no President Bush to falsely place blame on. There are no incompetent liberals running the local and state governments or a populace dependent upon government handouts for their own survival after years of feeding off the welfare state.

No, what you have is a case study in independence, mental toughness, dogged determination, and self-sufficiency. God bless the Australian people for showing the rest of the world what tough people can accomplish through hard work and helping one another. I wish those Australians affected by this flood the very best. Thank you for being a shining example to other nations.

Posted by jbourneidentity January 4, 11 05:57 PM

There is no hand brake for the weather, but plenty of heart break for folks after it has been.

Posted by David Radonich January 4, 11 06:01 PM

I am so shocked and upset with the disaster that I see on Tv each night. I live in the Cook Islands and I have a sister in Warwick. It is only now that I realise that Warwick is also underwater so I am desperately trying to call my sister. The internet can be a great communicator, especially when one lives so far awaya from family.

Posted by Julie Bateman January 4, 11 06:14 PM

It is in the face of adversity that we see the characters of the individual come through, and so it is in the flood waters of our state of Queensland.

The great shame is that the governments that have come and gone have done very little to :-
1. To tap our abundance of water
2. To lessen the impact of torrential rain.
We could have a canal all the way from Darwin to Melbourne through the heart of Australia a straight line.
• Vegetation would start to grow along its banks
• Arteries running off from the main channel would do the same
• We could be great lakes in dessert areas
• Create new farming environment as so much of our country is inhabitable.

Once that is in place a high speed electric train moving passengers and cargo through the centre of country
• It would save the enormous cost of our road maintenance
• It would reduce pollution
• Reduce the noise through various towns

Posted by Michel Pearl January 4, 11 06:47 PM

Heart Breaking stuff guys, sending love and prayers your way For The Coffs Coast xxx

Posted by Alex January 4, 11 07:13 PM

Enchentes na Australia

Posted by Fm me January 4, 11 07:15 PM

My favorite is #9 - Save the booze!!!!

Posted by Jonathan January 4, 11 07:31 PM

As one who is in the area where picture #1 was taken I can say that this is a fair representation of a lot of areas around Dalby. Dermott Banana your area may not have had as much flooding but please don't lump the rest of us into that and thus have people possibly thinking that it is all exaggerated. We have never seen as much water around our farm as there was last week and after a huge amount of work put in by most of the district farmers to get crops in the ground we now need to deal with losses and damage to them. Some of my family had water in a house that has been in place for over 30 years and has never had water close....and the river was about 3km past it's banks.

And for some irony - the rivers are still running higher than they have in years....yet Dalby is on severe water restrictions (showering, toilets and drinking only...and no water for flood clean up) as the water treatment plant was damaged in the flooding and cannot pump enough water to support the town so water is being trucked in to supplement the supply....and there is quite a bit more rain predicted!

Posted by Katie @ Dalby January 4, 11 08:46 PM

I was in Australia one month ago.
It's a great country with great people and will pass trought it.
I wish a fast recovery. Good luck to everybody there!
May God be with you.

Wandel, Brazil

Posted by Wandel January 4, 11 08:49 PM

Let us all start a prayer chain for all these citizen of Australia. Having been through one of these major floods in 1958 my heart goes out to you all. Yes we all know that HE is the master of the universe so let's all join together and ask for HIS help in these situations.

Lord we pray for all our brothers and sisters and ask you to make this recovery as speedy as possible.

Posted by Betty January 4, 11 10:38 PM

mother nature's in distress. this is just the beginning of massive chaos from climate catastrophe. thanks to james watt, henry ford, and all of the other creative people who have industrialized the planet. cars and planes and chainsaw forestry... we all destroy the weather. the queensland coal that burns in chinese smokestacks is definitely cooking our earth. it's too late to save the environment, so just keep keeping on.

Posted by marvino January 4, 11 11:18 PM

Be strong Australia...
we live among the earthquake, tsunami, and volcano eruption here... but the flood in your country seems worse.
Pray to God, make the best of everything.
i hope you can recover soon.
God bless you.

Posted by elin nurmalina January 4, 11 11:24 PM

seriously people we live here because we love our country she is a mean bitch at times and all our animals are poisonous or want to eat us awsome place..........

Posted by Micko January 5, 11 12:12 AM

courtesy of your cars

Posted by Anonymous January 5, 11 02:42 AM


Posted by 任逍遥 January 5, 11 03:01 AM

nice pictures........they lost Ashes also..........

Posted by sunil January 5, 11 03:39 AM

It is so nice to see so many comments of thoughts and prayers.. and yes what everyone says is true on the aussie spirit.. we do all pull together and help out thy neighbour, even if said neighbour lives some 400kms away. While the state emergency service is helping the people out the RSPCA is helping the animals.. this is a huge disaster not only for individuals and the loss of their homes but also infrastructure and Industry. This is costing the communities millions of dollars.. Whatever anyone can donate is appreciated and will help those who cant afford insurance or who's insurance doesnt cover this sort of disaster. Lets just hope the severe weather warning this evening doesnt make this too much worse. i know here in Qld the rain is falling again and it will be for at least the next 24 hours!!

Posted by Qlder All the Way January 5, 11 05:05 AM

My Country by Dorothea Makellah
A land of drought and flooding rains.

Posted by Celia January 5, 11 05:06 AM

As someone who has lived through this type of flooding, I can sympathise with all the people in such a situation.
I wish you all the best of luck and hope the clean up doesn't take too long.
to all the farmers I am sorry to see all the destruction to your crops that took so much time and effort.
I feel so sorry for the poor animals that will perish through the floods.
all I can say is GO AUSSIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are now living in the Mediterranean where we get earthquakes, and there is no warning when it will happen. At least with the cyclones and flooding you get warnings in advance and maybe you can do something.
Any way God Bless Australia and all who live there.

Posted by SULA G January 5, 11 05:11 AM

Just to add a bit more perspective, as to how widespread the east coast flooding is, - Rockhampton is approx 850 miles from Queanbeyan (pic 26 v pic 24)
As for it's impact something like 75% of Queensland coal mines are under water, and these supply around 60% of the worlds coking coal for steel production

Posted by Martyn January 5, 11 05:11 AM

imagine if all those catastrophes were related to what some fools call climate change...

Posted by fosca January 5, 11 05:47 AM

Hang in there Ozzies, we know you're tough and although it is very hard to be going through at the moment you will come out the other side even stronger. Words can not help you with the loss of your homes or financially but may help soothe you a bit to know that you are in many peoples thoughts and prayers.

Paula & Bruce
Christchurch, NZ

Posted by Paula & Bruce January 5, 11 05:48 AM

No 79, you are correct but our Governments are pathetic & can't even save themselves, let alone this great country.

2 years ago I went to Alaska & all the people there kept asking me about the bushfires in Australia. Now it's the floods, next will be a drought & so the cycle continues but all countries are the same. They each have their fare share of natural disasters.

I just wouldn't live in one of these flood prone areas as you can't get any insurance coverage for floods.

Posted by Ward K January 5, 11 06:31 AM

[picture 29 ... walking a submerged section of the Capricorn Highway south of Rockhampton] ... we've heard stories of many, many snakes - even the occasional crocodile - being flushed out by the floods .... I would so not cope with having to perform this man's job.

Posted by Ralph January 5, 11 07:03 AM

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Hang in there!

Posted by Bill January 5, 11 07:13 AM

#1 Poor wallaby... whos gonna help it?! :(
#29 I hope there are no crocodiles around there... =P

Posted by Terence January 5, 11 07:13 AM

#26 has to be rejoicing because thorns have roses.

Posted by Mike Lesan January 5, 11 07:29 AM

Merry Christmas Happy New Year
We wouldn't dare put up a sign like that in Canada,as we might offend our immigrants.Good on you aussies.

Posted by otnorot January 5, 11 07:54 AM


Posted by Qlder All the Way January 5, 11 08:30 AM

Unbelievable photos. I am an ex-pat with a lot of relo's from Wellington. I can't believe that on my last trip to home the Burrendong dam was around 15% capacity. My best wishes and thoughts to everyone as they pull their lives back together again from this devastation.

Posted by JLH (A2, MI) January 5, 11 09:31 AM

Anyone have satellite images of these floods? To see a good portion of the Australian continent underwater from above will be as dramatic as these stunning ground images. Regarding the comments about dryness, weather, climate change, etc. ... As a chemist, I keep reminding people that sure, carbon dioxide is part of the combustion equation, but so is /water/. As many or more molecules of H2O are made as CO2 with each burning of fossil fuels. Literally billions of tons of water vapor are going out with the carbon dioxide, too--right into the atmosphere. What goes up must come down ... with these kinds of results.

Posted by Phoenixbeak January 5, 11 10:01 AM

What a terrible start for a new year!!!
we pray for your recovery Australia.....

Posted by eejaaz mohammud January 5, 11 12:50 PM

Only 2 industrialised countries did NOT sign The Kyoto Accords on Climate Change: The United States and Australia.


(Talk about an inconvenient truth...)

Posted by Andrew January 5, 11 12:54 PM

When it's cold, it's global warming. When it's warm, it's global warming. Why don't we just call it "Nature".

Posted by MakeSense January 5, 11 02:43 PM

Las fotos son impresionantes, tanto que no se puede ver los fuertes daños que hay detras de todo esto,pido a Dios que ayude a todas las personas ,familia que lo estan pasando muy mal,no puedo imaginar el estar en esa situacion,es que lo unico que puedo hacer es pedir al señor que pase lo mas rapido posible ,y que esta pesadilla se quede atras y no vuelva a suceder,es que mi fuerza a traves de la red para todas estas familias que lo estan pasando tan mal, y pedire en mis oraciones por todos ustedes, un fuerte abrazo y mi comprension en estos momentos.
Jorge Carlos Charola Postigo

Posted by Jorge Carlos Charola January 5, 11 02:54 PM


There's only one UNFCCC country that didn't sign it, Afghanistan.

Australia signed it, and ratified it.
US signed it too.

oops, as you say.

Posted by Rex January 5, 11 03:11 PM

I feel so badly for the poor people who have lost everything and it's just the first of 2011. I hope that there are more people out there trying to save some of those poor animals who are stranded with no place to go, BE STRONG AUSTRALIA

Posted by BHP January 5, 11 03:14 PM

Impresionante las fotos,solo intento ponerme en el lugar de los afectados y la verdad que no se que hacer,lo unico que puedo hacer es pedir a Dios que ayude a todas las personas y familias que lo estan poasando tan mal y que los tendre presente en mis oraciones es que Dios los bendiga y los protega ,que la naturaleza termine de una vez de hacer tanto daño a todas estas pobres familia que lo estan pasando mal,un fuerte abrazo para todos ustedes.
Jorge Carlos Charola Postigo

Posted by Jorge Carlos Charola Postigo January 5, 11 03:46 PM


Posted by BETTY AND BRONWYN ANDREWS January 5, 11 03:48 PM

4 - It is so rare to see a living creature crossing a highway safely !

26 - These guys probably did'nt come from Sidney for surfing and may have lost a lot of things in the flooding....Who sayd that surfing is a kind of ascese and religion ? If they stop the hardrock during their contest or when I will be deaf, I convert myself.

Posted by Uppereast January 5, 11 04:30 PM

These pictures make me sad, and I hope with all my heart that beautiful Queensland will go back to its charming scenery in a very short time. Australia for me is a sanctuary and it`s hard to see any part of it suffering.

Posted by Sami Jabbour/ Lebanon January 5, 11 05:04 PM

I reside in Western Australia and my heart goes out to Queenslanders. As I read all these comments tears are falling. Yes we are Australian, Yes we will conquour floods an drought, yes we are tough and resiliant, good on you Australia, stick together like you always do, lets just hope the floods recede soon and you can all try and get back to a normal existance. Thinking of everyone affected by this terrible disaster.

Posted by Anonymous January 5, 11 06:37 PM

What these photos don't show is the stench and the mud and the millions of biting insects. It also does not show the heartbreak that so many people are experiencing. It is worse than what these photos show...

Posted by deb January 5, 11 06:41 PM

Not such a "sunburnt country" at the moment. My heart goes out to all effected

Posted by chicka January 5, 11 06:45 PM

I hate it when people have a go at us Aussies, hey we do not ask for help from other Countries, as from fires and droughts to even our floods, we will stick together and come back from this,
that is what being a Aussie is all about, we always stick together as Mates, and always will, we have already raised millions for this, and millions more will be raised, so we will show all the countries how we do it, i live near off this, and Rocky is my home town, this is the worse i have seen it, but to us, yeah this is a flood, but this is nothing, we come out of this good, prayers go out to all of my Aussie families and mates, love ya sll xx

Posted by Julie Dietrich January 5, 11 07:34 PM

is any of the flooding getting down south into sydney??

Posted by monty s. young January 5, 11 08:01 PM

Dorothea Mackeller followed her "droughts and flooding rains with:
"Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold,
For flood and fire and famine,
She pays us back threefold"

Just hope that threefold payback comes around sooner than later for those who have lost much in these floods.


Ex-pat Aussie in cold Colorado

Posted by Bob O'Brien, Colorado January 5, 11 08:03 PM

My husband is flying the red dragon heli in pic 8. The company has the white and red one behind it too. He has been there for over a week and there is no end in sight.
He flew in New Orleans for 3 weeks after Katrina. Although Katrina had catastrophic problems due to the lack of planning and suddenness of the flooding, this flood has its own catastrophic issues because unlike New Orleans, it will impact the nation for a long time to come with food shortages already seen in shops and to come - increased prices.
In 1990, he was on a station in NW NSW flooded for 3 months, getting food drops by helicopter, how it is he repaying the favour dropping food, supplies and people during the 2011 floods of QLD.

Posted by Lee Ponder January 5, 11 08:57 PM

Leading statement reads: "Hundreds of thousands of people in an area the size of France and Germany combined are now affected...."
Not that that whole area is under water, just that the people are affected...and they are.
The flow on, pardon the pun, is that the whole of the eastern seaboard is affected in one way or another. Loss of income for the country/nation, cost of renewal, shortened supply of produce etc etc.
Arguing about the size and how much rainfall is a waste of time and energy. And saying that us country folk are used to it is to downgrade how we feel.
It's a bloody costly inconvenient nuisance every time it happens!!!

Posted by Peter Forster January 5, 11 09:13 PM

#79 A Pearl of wisdom there

Posted by Selina Thomson January 5, 11 09:20 PM


Posted by christine smits January 5, 11 11:17 PM

What sort of an idiot writes that filth in number 23's comment. Grow up mate. I hope you lose everything in a flood one day including your life.

Posted by bob January 6, 11 12:15 AM

I've been to we really need it?

Posted by Desmond Glenn January 6, 11 12:18 AM

I hope the floods haven't watered down the rum

Posted by Steve January 6, 11 12:23 AM


Posted by Qlder All the Way January 6, 11 12:35 AM

our hearts are filled with sorrows for what is happening right now to you australia, we hope this will end very soon GOD bless you all

Posted by Edwin Abiog January 6, 11 02:00 AM

The Fitzroy River that runs through Rockhampton is currently flowing at a rate that would fill Sydney Harbor between one and two times every day - that is how much water is in the catchment.

This is no every day flood and the media are not beating it up - this is a very serious situation for the residents, the towns and the economy.

Posted by Kelvin January 6, 11 02:23 AM

I do wonder about that photo of the fish. That water is soooo clear for flood water. Refer back to the picture of the snake. That's more like it! I do hope that there is no "photoshopping" going on here. This is truly a devestating situation and we don't need photo cowboys hijacking the drama to big note themselves. I was going to forward these to friends OS, but not now.

Posted by Meg Davis, Brisbane January 6, 11 02:29 AM

Comment #79:
You have hit the nail on the head. How right you are and I hope some of the current politicians get to read what you have said. Will you forward it to our illustrious Premier? She needs some good advise from people with their heads screwed on instead of listening to the boffins she employs.

Posted by S McMah January 6, 11 03:12 AM

I live in Bundaberg. Although the flood waters have receded, the city is still in a huge mess. To top it off, we had over 3 inches of rain this afternoon with more of the same predicted for the rest of the week. However, we Aussies are a tough breed and still manage to have a sense of humour.

The best thing that I saw last week at the height of the floods was a man standing on his balcony, surrounded by flood waters, with a sign saying "HELP NEEDED - PLEASE SEND BEER"

Posted by Warren Stark January 6, 11 03:22 AM

MY COUNTRY By Dorothy McKeller
I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!

Posted by Allan Wray January 6, 11 04:11 AM

Dear Anthony Skerman, can you come and save me after you're done clicking that frigging picutre, Sincerely, The Wallaby in Pic1

Posted by The Wallaby in Pic1 January 6, 11 04:16 AM

Australia is indeed a land of drought and flooding plains,
oh and don't forget the bush fires. We do pull through
whatever is thrown at us.
However, I just cannot see how England can RETAIN the Ashes
when this is the FIRST time they have won them in 24 years.
You can bet they won't win them next time.

Posted by Jeannie January 6, 11 04:31 AM

i feel for the people of the floods and hope they will get their lives back to noramal, and get all the help they need

Posted by gail modrzynski January 6, 11 04:36 AM

The positive attitude of many of the flood-afflicted people seen interviewed on TV is so inspiring. Many were also affected in early 2010 by major flooding. As the waters recede, they just get on with what they have to do ....

If anyone is interested in making a donation, the Queensland Premier has a secure website on which credit card donations can be made. It is:
It currently stands at $14 Million.

#55: Are you an apostle of NASA's James Hansen, the High Priest of global warming alarmism / religion?

Posted by Don Andersen January 6, 11 05:09 AM

why dont they just pump up the water into water tankers and transport it to the other side of australia!!!! LOL

Posted by marie January 6, 11 05:36 AM

Without a doubt we are a resilient bunch........

Posted by Jodi M. January 6, 11 05:40 AM

The last time I was in Rockhampton we were up there helping you fight fires the likes of which you had never experienced before. Gotta love this country!

We feel for you folks. Hang in there; things will get better.

Posted by Lindsay Gorrie January 6, 11 06:08 AM


Posted by ALF January 6, 11 07:42 AM

Praying for you also in Slovakia...

Posted by Daniela January 6, 11 09:20 AM

its cold in london and the snow gave us so much trouble !!!
so i can only imagine what u guys at home are going through ...
my prays are with you .. hang in there ... we are a tough bunch !!!

Posted by sydneysider January 6, 11 02:35 PM

ami bangladeshi.
a rokom voyaboho bonnar jonno ami khubi mormahoto

Posted by russel January 6, 11 03:05 PM

Its not that bad, it happens all the time here, we will survive

Posted by Brissie Boy January 6, 11 04:02 PM

#22 A boatload of kangaroos. I thought that kangaroos were wild animals. Are these "domesticated kangaroos"? Does the man in the picture have some special powers?
I hope you folks are able to rebuild soon.

Posted by Mark G USA January 6, 11 04:32 PM

No.22 is awesome.....

Posted by Jeet Bookseller January 6, 11 05:20 PM

lVery impressive pictures, I feel for the people.
We seem to have (USA) something more in common.
I also know that you are as innovative, and as tough as any group of people on this earth.
My prayers go with you.

Posted by Bob Winterholler January 6, 11 05:57 PM

I am concerned for friends in Beerwah and have heard nothing from them maybe someone can give me some info. My thoughts are with you all including the animals. Hang in there as we are doing with the earthquakes tho I think water is worst. Ngaio Christchurch.

Posted by Ngaio Iggo January 6, 11 06:00 PM

# 150 When these animals are in need and they're satisfied you won't hurt them, they will accept help. Yes, roos are wild animals but it's not like they attack and eat you :) They're herbivores and will hop away from humans and other animals when scared. (It's still raining here in "sunny" Queensland).

Posted by Lyn January 6, 11 06:16 PM

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. I hope that the government and people will donate to your cause generously. But it is time to harvest all that lost water into dams so that it can be used during future droughts. Unfortunately we have a short sighted government with no will or inclination to build dams or harvest water. Bring on the visionaries!!!!

Posted by Shirley Kachenko January 6, 11 06:18 PM

Australia is strong with like people and we will see better days out of this mess.Just watch us.Go Aussies Go..............
Thanks, for all the prayers and goodwill from all around the world.

Posted by John narayan January 6, 11 06:43 PM

G'day from Paul, I currently have about 8 feet of water through my shed and yard, luckily it is still under my floor as my house is a highset.
It is fantastic to see all the positive comments and well wishes.
It does lift the morale, as for the animals yes they are wild and my main concern when we can get back to our house in about ten days will be the snakes. There have not been any croc sightings that I know of but we will be looking, thanks guys.
ps our house is in photo 10

Posted by Anonymous January 6, 11 06:51 PM

Is it too much to hope that this will lead to the long awaited Rivers Management plan being put into ACTION ? "Rivers do not respect State boundaries"........all this water will eventually pass through at least four States, and has the potenetial to revive agriculture, industry and lifestyle - which has long suffered form the careless grasping of generations who have ignored the soul of the land - understood by Aboriginies but ignored by so called 'civilised' incomers ?

Posted by Mary Bentley January 6, 11 07:20 PM

I'm in Emerald now cleaning up. Global climate change predicted extended times of drought and a significant decrease in rainfall across all Australia. This was one of the reasons given for not building dams in other parts of the country. When these decisions were made i thought that someone would have to pay. I just didn't think it would be me.

The whole town has pulled together well and the fire department is currently downstairs trying to help hose out mud. Everywhere I go, people are helping others. It makes me proud to be living in this type of community. There has been no looting that i know of and now that most of the reporters have left the helicopter noise has dropped. Although things aren't back to normal, I think we will be close in the next couple of weeks, assuming we can get replacement furniture and buildings inspected and repaired.

Posted by Duncan January 6, 11 07:47 PM

Comment 122 Re pic 1 Snake is a red bellied black

Posted by jp January 6, 11 08:01 PM

#150 - yeah kangaroos are wild but they're not as stupid as they look mate - given the choice they opted for the big wierd human in the boat rather than certain death in the floodwaters. I'm living 37km south of Rockhampton and my daughter is in Rockie. Best news is that the Fitzroy hit its peak of 9.2m yesterday and waters are very slowly receding. Still heaps of water around tho' - local thunderstorms just to add to the mix. Thanks to all for their prayers and messages of support - its awesome that even overseas folks are lending their support. We WILL survive.

Posted by Julie January 6, 11 08:01 PM

We wish all the people well that are involved in this.
In response to some posted comments, this Australlian tragedy is not the result of climate change but the result of climate. Australia has a history of floods and droughts and unfortunately someone usually suffers and Aussies will always help wherever they can as usual!

Posted by Yell 70 January 6, 11 08:13 PM

we will survive...we always do..but at what cost...we wll clean up..we will rebuild...we will start our lives again...we will help ech other...we will triumph...this is what we do best...WE ARE AUSSIES

Posted by Jo January 6, 11 08:17 PM

Dave and Barb were an exchange family in 1991 from Canada
It is hard to believe that Queensland is so wet- we were so dry
Our prayers and good wishes go to the Queenslanders
Barb and Dave

Posted by barb and dave January 6, 11 08:36 PM

fantastic pictures! The roo's great escape is fantastic!! I was very worried about the animals especially All the cows (Rockhampton is our Beef capital) are a worry. I am in Brisbane and we have copped weeks of rain. But not the flooding like they experience up north. Some areas are getting "Dry Floods" where it hasnt rained but they still getting all the water. It truly is unbelievable to think just last year i was having 4 minute showers and now we have an abundance of rain. Lets hope this is Mother Natures way of saying "right you had the drought and you were useless at water management so have some rain sort out your water distribution and enjoy the next cycle.." My thoughts are with all my QLD buddies. hope the donations make it to you and not the governments pockets.

Posted by Krystal January 6, 11 08:47 PM

Mind blowing,god bless all.

Posted by Anonymous January 6, 11 09:42 PM

After being burnt out some years ago and being caught in floods last year I was thinking at the time that I didn`t know what would be worse,flood or fire.Today I`m still not sure but I know that it is devastating and either makes you stronger or causes you great harm.I hope and pray that this is one of those times that these poor people become stronger and compassionate to others.

Posted by Laurie Maher January 6, 11 10:22 PM

The scariest part about all this is that the Wet season is just beginning, and it runs until May here in Queensland.

Posted by John S Townsville January 6, 11 10:27 PM

Living only 400kms from Rockhampton in the town of Mackay I know exactly what it feels like to be goin through this devastation, as we endured it in early 2008. My heart goes out to you all and I can say proudly that us Aussies are coming together collecting donations of food, money, clothing, linen, bedding, and furniture to go to you all to Help you all recover. The size of this flooding is as big as the State of NSW, the devastation is catastrophic. The loses will effect the entire world with a lot of our cattle for export being caught in the floods. We will struggle to make an income and we will struggle to have food on our plates but thats the best thing about being Australian. We began this country with nothing and we created a place we call home. With nothing in front of us again will we pull together and make our nation great.

TO ALL THOSE harping on about CLIMATE CHANGE this is not GLOBAL WARMING it is part of a millenia old weather system called El Nino. cos as we were going through drought the other side of the world (brazil/ south america) copped this rain.

Come on Aussies lets get together and show the world what a real nation of believers can do. We dont expect anything from the world cos it owes us nothing.

Posted by Cameron O'Rourke MACKAY QLD AUS January 6, 11 10:54 PM

we cant play cricket and we cant play footy, but when the chips are down, we CAN all be mates and pull together. aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi.

Posted by kw January 6, 11 11:29 PM

the photos of the flooding are all accurate ;but there are many other areas not shown.The rain we are getting is unbelievable,as much or more than the floods of 1974,and more widespread.Toowoomba had over 52 inches in 2010,
2009 year 22 inches ,already more in 1st week of 2011 than all of Jan 2010.
can anyone post accurate details of rainfall in the flooded areas?a good effect maybe much of the water from the Condamine will flow all the way to
South Australia[2000 miles] and help flush out the Murray/Darling

Posted by Frank & Cheryl Francis January 7, 11 12:50 AM

We are in Sydney, no flooding here, but appreciate the comments from the US, especially those who suffered in Katrina.

We watched that devastation while on vacation in Alaska, it was truly frightening.

Suppose you can't appreciate how it feels until you have been there yourself and lost everything, but its great to know people around the world are thinking about you.

Great photos too.


Posted by Susie January 7, 11 01:19 AM

every 1 always talks about how great the Qld spirit is and thats wat will get Qld thru these hard tyms, every 1 in together which ever way big or small we can.. prayers are with you xoxox

Posted by carmel January 7, 11 01:22 AM

The rain stopped now 5 days gone
but the water keeps on risin'
unless ol' Hewie dams the bridge
the wife will ave' to get bailin'

Australian's even in the toughest of situations will always look on the positive side of, and will always help someone less fortunate than themselves. It's in our DNA, it's what Australian communities do best when calamity comes, not ask "why" or "what if", or even the cost. The bottom line is, if people resist the call for help and sit on their hands, many lives would be lost.

Posted by Paul Harrop January 7, 11 01:40 AM

To those concerned for the wallaby fear not, despite the caption it unlikely to be 'trapped', they can swim for miles if needs be. It's just a matter of where to...?

Posted by Mr Clicky January 7, 11 02:09 AM

As i write this it is comming down in buckets i live in point vernon , hervey bay about 1hr half from Bundaberg we have not suffered from the floods but i would like to say thanks to all for you comments to us Australian's in this time of bad times but we are strong we are breed tuff in this neck of the woods we will pull together and put things right again might not be tommorro but will happen we have a great goverment in place i have read most comments and it has touched my heart greatly so THANK THANK THANK THANK we are australian many thanks

Posted by Kerry Bean ( Hervey Bay , Queensland ) January 7, 11 02:58 AM

I am appauled to think that Cities like sydney etc could spend millions of dollars on fireworks while people are suffering and loosing livestock etc .
surely they could have given it up for one year to help the food victims.
and now these governments will push the much needed help back on to the public when all these dollars waisted could have helped so many people and lives.

Posted by Robin Mackintosh January 7, 11 04:20 AM

Hope the day after will be good start for everybody there , we pray to GOD , help and save them.

Sadaya, Bangalore , India

Posted by Anonymous January 7, 11 04:38 AM

Oh! How can we help from Western Australia? Aussie Aussie oi oi oi !
Please let us know as we want to assist! We don't want to assist your local government nor the federal gov. We want to help you!!! What can we do?????

Posted by Colleen January 7, 11 04:58 AM

good luck as the saying tough get going aussies do it quietly

Posted by mick hutchinson January 7, 11 05:00 AM

To the writer of comment No. 91 with all this devastation around us only a mindless idiot would gloat about winning a 6 inch piece of wood full of ash.
Good grief I hope the rest of us have more empathy with all those that have lost
everything than this fool. Masteship is thinking of your fellow man and helping out where possible, anyway it's about time you won, you've been practising long enough.

Posted by Dale January 7, 11 05:33 AM

Man can only do so much. Only God can bring any relieve. God, look over these people and pour out your blessings. We thank you now for those blessings

Posted by Jim Ellis January 7, 11 07:08 AM

Re comment about the ashes - pretty tasteless- but in answer to 'How could they retain when haven't won for 24 yrs ?'- well we won the last Ashes but not IN AUS for 24 yrs. Actually I can't quite see the relevance of both our teams' ability to play first class cricket to a country's ability to cope with a horrendous and rare natural phenomenon.
Incidentally -lovely to see roos being rescued - how about all those koalas pictured after the fires? or are they all safely waiting up gumtrees?

Posted by Jancis January 7, 11 08:29 AM

We in Mackay live a few hundred kilometres north of Rockhampton and experienced severe flooding in 2008 -but nothing of the magnitude and vast area of the present floods, covering cities and towns, grazing and agricultural land, large and small mines and thousands of kilometres of roads and rail tracks. In a few weeks time the floods will very gradually subside, new stories will replace the graphic photo and TV images and the thousands of affected people will try to restart their lives. You can help financially through donating to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal as shown in message 141. Thank you all, throughout this world of ours for your messages of compassion and support- and yes, Aussies are resilient,
but sometimes we do need some extra help in times of crisis.............

Posted by John Pickup January 7, 11 08:59 AM


Posted by margaret Sandaver January 7, 11 09:12 AM

If this were in America, we would be looking at pictures of looters instead of people doing their best to salvage their own belongings. We would have politicians and others protesting the government's responsibility in letting something like this happen. We would have conspiracy nuts accusing President Bush (even though he's no longer President) for bombing the dams and levees and seeding the clouds. We would be inundated with stories of people complaining that their government welfare check is late.

Instead we see ordinary folks doing extraordinary deeds to help themselves. Good on ya' mates!

Posted by Mike from Texas January 7, 11 10:18 AM

We've had some pretty horrific flooding in the UK in past few years (but no evil snakes and the only crocs were on the feet of some unfashionable Doris) and I would bet few in Oz or the US have any idea about it. As for the Ashes comments: come on, you gloated big time with Warne and the rest when they played together. Give us our day in the sun; we don't get much in both senses. You'll get over this just as we have done countless times and we don't go bawling to the rest of the world to send help and provisions.

Posted by George W (England) January 7, 11 11:22 AM

Spent a super month in Australia in August / September last: Perth, Freemantle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney. Lovely country and people. Really saddened to see all the flood devastation. Just goes to show when nature flexises its muscle there is little us puny humans can do to prevent it happening. Aussies are a strong and stoic people. Rockhampton will come back. You are in our thoughts in Ireland. Keep the faith. The waters will recede.

Posted by Frank from Dublin, Ireland January 7, 11 11:50 AM

Hello from the Beef Capital of Australia (Rockhampton).

It wouldn't be a regional story without some cattle.

A cow was washed into the river near Rockhampton. It went down the river at a majestic 14 km per hour for 43 km to the mouth. It then went north in Keppel Bay to North Keppel Island for another 43 km.
A total of 86 km by water.
It was still paddling. Crocs too busy heading up onto drier land to worry about the cattle.

Floods would have submerged or washed away croc nests close to the river. May be a poor year for egg hatchings although NT seems to breed heaps in the Wet.

Approx 2 x Sydney harbour volume goes under the bridge here every day.

River has peaked and settled in for a very slow drain off. 9.2 metres is the 4th highest on record (since 1860s).

Overnight storms hanging around. If it keeps up like this we might get some rain.


It was still paddling.

Posted by Rocky Ron January 7, 11 12:45 PM

I live just south of Bundaberg and wow i am ever saddened by a few of the comments that have been posted. Most people get the point but it seems that many dont. I many cases this is peoples lives that are at stake and not it is definitely not a invertation for idiots to voice their oppions .

Posted by D Whelan January 7, 11 01:44 PM

Makes our local gas explosion look like a picnic! Thinking of you all...

Posted by ailin al January 7, 11 02:51 PM

So sorry to hear what's happening down under. It seems like there's always something. Hang in there...lots of people are pulling for you. Remember to take care of your feet!!
Advance Australia Fair

Posted by Don January 7, 11 03:11 PM

From our flood-free, if snowbound, home in the UK we feel for you Aussies.
The guy who said on TV ' No worries mate, we expect this every so often, just bloody nature ' .... sums up the ' Oz spirit '. Let's hope some of this will smarten up the cricket team.

Posted by Dickie & Bennie Bird January 7, 11 03:42 PM

hey aussies,our prayers r with all of you over strong..take care...god bless you all.

Posted by boy,pinky,arian & family January 7, 11 05:00 PM

Only those who experience this can appreciate the devastation - the rest of us can only imagine, offer sympathy and words of encouragement and money. It takes fortitude and a lot of will power to cope. Governments are usually very ready to assist overseas countries in such disasters but most reluctant to assist individuals -all too ready to increase their super and payouts - but rare to offer assistance on this scale as it sets a pattern they are not sure they can afford. Let us hope this time there will be some major assistance provided. Hats off to the SES Red Cross and all the individuals and groups that not only offer but do come forward and assist.

Posted by Phill & Shirley Murray January 7, 11 05:30 PM

I know that Austrailans are a strong people. I wish the US was as strong. Especially our goverment. I am so sad for this hard time you are going through. I know you will come out on top. God Bless you all. Your American friend. Nancy

Posted by Nancy January 7, 11 05:41 PM

Survived through the 15+ days of the Ice Storm in Quebec! Awlful experience. It's Always the water the bloody water in all its forms!
BUT it's the people that were ours and will be your strength!
Great country,Great people, Just like home.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by J. Shadbolt January 7, 11 05:43 PM

I have lived through floods but never to this extent.
The photo's are often devastating or touching.
For everyone who wishes to help, donations can be made here
Even small donations when all are combined will help.
This fund is for the people who lost so much, not the government.
Thank you for your help.

Posted by Robert January 7, 11 05:53 PM

We are all routin' for you in the UK. Good Luck AUSSIES. Our thoughts are with you

Posted by Chris and Jean. Bristol England January 7, 11 06:32 PM

All you people talking about climate change get a life,its all Political Bullshit, from the Green Party and do bloodygooders.

Posted by Tony Clarke January 7, 11 07:08 PM

May God grant you the strength to endure the hardships you are going through at this present time and in the times to come. He is our rock and no matter what is going on around you through Him you can overcome it. I will be praying for your country.
God Bless you all another American friend.

Posted by Jan January 7, 11 07:16 PM

What on earth does Isiah have to do with the flood here in Queensland. It is a natural phenomenen of great potency and power. It kills the unwary and the careless without having any choice or any malice. It is just the same as a torando hitting communities in the USA. There is neither rhyme nor reason in the way it behaves or where it strikes. The three main river catchments in Queensland have all received a huge downpour in a very short period of time and the wet season or monsoons have yet to begin. One might pity the wild animals and feel sorry for the people who have lost there all but again they will survive; people always do because there is always someone to assist in getting them out of trouble. These are the people who count, our emergency services workers who risk there lives to get people out of danger. Our policemen wo stay in the flooded towns to make sure no looting takes place. To all these people and the people who back them up. Those who fly helicopters and work the rescue boats, those who risk thier lives to rescue the foolish from stupid acts,; all these people have my respect and gratitude. I don't live anywhere near the floods, I live in inner Brisbane and all this time I have watched this ongoing emergency and have been humbled by the sacrifices made by everyone concerned. I take my hat off to them.

Posted by Brian Nield January 7, 11 07:24 PM

Yes. This is climate. It is our climate and it has been this way as long
as anyone can remember. Bush fires and drought one year and floods the next. This is what has made Australians what they are, resilient.
I weary at much of the 1st world whinging about climate change and blaming modern emissions. Climate change is with us it is part of our world. No significant changes can be made by the limitation of CO2 emissions.
I call upon the rest of the world to be equally as resilient and to make
changes to their social structure, to look after this world of ours and to make good the damage to our oceans and forests. We will survive this. We may not survive a damaged planet or our political warlike negligence.
Keep on keeping on Aussies and show our children how to do it.

Posted by Eric January 7, 11 07:32 PM

The messages say it all. Just hope you will soon be dry again.

Posted by Lloyd, Holmes, Fischer January 7, 11 08:41 PM

Thank you all for your warm words of support.

The amount of water inundating Queensland is equal to the land mass of Germany and France with a bit left over.

I live on the banks on the lower reaches of the Mary River near Maryborough which has, until now, has not received the quantity of rain as has other places - until the last 48 hours. Some 12-13 inches has been dumped on the Mary River catchment and as I watch the tide raise the level the flow of water is seawards - in the opposite direction to the tide.

It is going to be interesting when the peak gets here.

Posted by John Ford January 7, 11 08:50 PM

Keep soldiering on QLD :(

Down here in Victoria we pray your all safe

Posted by emma January 7, 11 09:38 PM

Have you heard anyone from Australia "bawling" for help. Aussie's are quite retcient to ask for help even in our most desperate times, but we're one of the first to offer help to other members of our world community when things go wrong. We just deal with the situation, get on with it & look after our own. We've had to learn tobe self sufficient. Maybe you guys should stop whinging about the world and try some of the same!

Posted by Ian January 7, 11 10:38 PM

Surfs up with all those lows around, some good has come out of all this...

Posted by Spiro January 7, 11 10:49 PM

@142 I assume that was an attempt at a joke.... not in the best taste when so many people have lost and are still losing so much.

But just in case you are serious and obviously have no concept of how much water is destroying some peoples livelihood, Post 189 points out from Rockhampton:
'Approx 2 x Sydney harbour volume goes under the bridge here every day."

That's approximately 1000 Gigalitres or roughly 35,000 semi trailer sized water tankers a day.... and that's only Rockhampton!

Hang in there guys - Australia is thinking of you and as usual will do all it can to help it's own.

Posted by Mark January 7, 11 11:52 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you AUSSIES. If that had happened in my country (USA) the people would still be waiting for the Government to rescue them and pay their expenses. God bless you all!

Posted by Hurshel January 8, 11 12:29 AM

I llive in Sydney, but all this Pictures put tears in my eyes and I donm t know if other People know, what all Australia is going through about Qld
its so Heart breaking just to imagin when this people come back to they
homes whats left of it. But as I read, we Australians always stick together
and we will collect money and it will be a lot, we never beg other Countries to help
God save Australia and the People here forever, Amen

Posted by Angelica Taylor January 8, 11 01:06 AM

down south are thinking of you as we still recover from Black Saturday, and are sweltering in the heat yet again, the aussie spirit is strong having been forged through many natural disasters and will prevail yet again, but in the meantime we are with you in thought and hope that it ends soon

Oh and the idiot at 108 - Aust did sign it once we had a change of leadership, in fact it was one of the first things K Rudd did once he was elected

Posted by Linda January 8, 11 01:21 AM

I read all comments and thankful all your wishes but in item No176 has stated by her (Kerry Bean of Point Vernon) that she is an hour away.So folks if she is on the road get off it she doing well over the speed limit as I drive there often and believe me it takes well over an hour to get there.Plus why did she bring the so called goverment in to it we are in a crisis and all we have behind us is useless Julia and Anna gawd help us but the people in flood are Queenslanders and they'll make the grade DONT YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT LOLO.

Posted by Ross- Eli Waters Hervey Bay January 8, 11 01:26 AM

While I feel for the humans naturally I do admire those helping all creatures and animal to them Thanks & thanks again

Posted by Emmie January 8, 11 01:47 AM

Just came back from Queensland. Traveled as far up to Woodford, but the weather was so bad we went back home to the South Coast. It's absolutely insane whether up there!

Posted by Charlotte January 8, 11 02:01 AM

As a Canadian, we are very use to this kind of disaster. From terrible winter storms to floods, we stay strong, and fight back and you have to do the same, things will get better, just keep fighting, stay strong.

The rest of the world, is with you.

Posted by bonnie January 8, 11 02:02 AM

I am a Queenslander living abroad and am deeply saddened by the trauma being experienced by my family and compatriates. All I can say is....."We will Survive"

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 11 02:14 AM

Things are getting bad in Qld. Just started seeing the animals pairing up.

Posted by Mark January 8, 11 02:24 AM

I live in North Queensland in the city of Townsville. Everybody in the north knows that the rainy season has not started yet. More rain to come very soon..

Posted by Stephen Dietz January 8, 11 02:38 AM

Re comment 153
Beerwah is okay; it's not far from where I live on the Sunshine (ha!) Coast. We have not had flooding but certainly record rainfall (654ml in December alone - about 26 inches).

Posted by Suz January 8, 11 03:15 AM

Viewing the photographs,elicits sadness and pity.But,in truth,only the wearer knows how the shoe pinches.god bless and prayers for all of you.

Posted by khoorsheed treasurywala January 8, 11 03:22 AM


Posted by TONY January 8, 11 03:23 AM

Can we at least begin to discuss seriously what the tipping point for climate change is?

Posted by RoughAcres January 8, 11 03:53 AM

How proud am I to be an Aussie! I pray all Queenslanders receive everything they need and deserve to get through this. God Bless.
Katie...from Adelaide.

Posted by Kaie January 8, 11 03:56 AM

I cannot comprehend how bloody devastating this has been for our fellow Aussies !!! Please Australia help our countrypeople get over this disaster !!!

Donate to help !! We pray that the money we raise from donations goes directly to the people who have lost so much !!!! And now !! not next year !!

Donate to Lions !! - all the money they raise goes to a recriprocal Lions Club in the area whwere it is needed.!!!!

Posted by Helen Anderson January 8, 11 04:15 AM


Posted by KARREN MCCABE January 8, 11 04:53 AM

as im writng this comment the water is spitting outside my window and im still a long way north of the most flood affected areas but i can tell you this the shops are becoming empty and the water is still rising and theres absolutley nothing we can do. i take my hat off to all the people who are being affected by the droughts and keep a positive attitude this is australia we have some hard times like droughts and floods but we have bloody good times too and this is because we stick together we're not like anyother place in the world....we're different, we're aussies, we're mates and i hope it can stay like that. i no ill be putting my hand up to help guys :)

my prayers and thoughts are with you strong

Posted by blueangel January 8, 11 05:11 AM

I live in Bundy (Bundaberg) and yes it is wet, smelly and has been horrific, however not to be a doomsayer, its not over yet, the main part of our wet season is yet to be upon us and Hayden Walker, long term weather forcaster forcast this 2 months ago at a meeting in Bundaberg when he stated that this would be 'the' wettest year we have seen. Including 5 to 6 cyclones. The weather bureau have followed this up stated that in 30 days(or so) the same system that brought the floods will return, so we better had be ready!

Posted by Mal McCullough January 8, 11 05:19 AM

Looking at the pictures, makes me realise that humans have been trying to understand the climate, for 100 and 25,000 years and we are still try to figure it out, humans being what we are, clean up the mess as best we can and bury our dead and after all pain and tears, we pick ourselves up and get on with life, people would not have become Australians, if life was easy, that what makes Australians what they are, God be with you Queensland Australia.

Posted by Michael January 8, 11 05:32 AM

Australia, God Bless You. You all so have my empathy. I live in Washington State, United States and Praise God, I live in an area that does not get flooded, but not to far from where I live, Bless them, they cross their fingers every year that we don't get that much rain and have to worry about flooding. Bless you, you have had a 10 year drought and then get the exact opposite, flooded? Oh, you have my empathy. I have never been to Australia, but I have been writing to My Maureen Fenson in Brisbane for over 30 years. She just e-mailed me and now I know she is okay, I can't be more happy, but believe me, my heart goes out to all of you who were affected. Bless you.

Posted by Lauraine Maddox January 8, 11 05:57 AM

Het is jammer maar ik spreek en kan geen Engels lezen

Posted by m lunenborg January 8, 11 06:25 AM

Hey John Ford Hope you, your family and house are ok. I live in Maryborough West and was looking at all the floods today and they are going to rise more over night. I hope everyone is Ok here and all over queensland and nsw. My mum is stuck in Yeppoon and her partner is a truck driver who delivers food to supermarkets in Rocky and Brisbane and he is unable to work because of the floods. Although it a spectacular sight it is also a scary one when you think of the consequences.

Posted by Natasha Harrison Maryborough qld January 8, 11 06:58 AM

I think its' a shame that people cant help people in this moment in time instead of making stupid remarks

Posted by Alan January 8, 11 08:09 AM

Australia has had these floods forever. Not constantly but every 10 years or so. The trouble is people forget (and councils) and build inappropriate houses in inappropriate areas. Or the store things or build in under raised houses that were originally built to withstand these things. Governments and councils haven't helped in recent times, because of the recent drought, telling everyone that we will never have much rain again because of global warming etc. Climate is variable and we have idiots with an agenda taking advantage!
"I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of drought and flooding rains" Dorothea MacKellar 1904

Posted by Garry January 8, 11 08:27 AM

We live in Dublin, Ohio USA Sorry about all the flooding, we prayer for you all.

Jim and Mary Jo McKenzie

Posted by Jim McKenzie January 8, 11 12:36 PM

Looked like Tn last spring in the states! Our prayers and love go out to you all!

Posted by GospelTruth January 8, 11 03:24 PM

Let's hope the donations given to the QLD flood appeal go to the people affected, not like the Victorian bushfire appeal money where lots of donated money is still sitting in the 4 big banks by the Labour Govt, and store rooms are still holding tons of clothing and shoes in Victoria. Give this money and goods now to the QLD people so devistated.

Posted by RosscoE January 8, 11 04:22 PM

Thinking of you all Downunder. I now reside in Seattle USA and have never seen flood waters so vast. I do remember the Condamine River flooding near Millmerran QLD back in the 60's where I lived for 18 years.

Posted by Mike January 8, 11 04:23 PM

our prayers to all the folks that have lost their homes, pets and livelyhoods in the devistated areas in Queensland. May the Sun shine soon and the flooded areas dissappear, and all the financial help get to the PEOPLE! not to the governments pockets, unless it's to fix the drinking water,or sewerage etc.

Posted by Bev Parsons and family January 8, 11 04:47 PM

To my dear friend Lorrine knott and her family in BUNDABERG my thoughts and prayers are with you .To all the people of Queensland kept your chins up God Bless you,s all A Poland Co Down North Of IRELAND

Posted by AMANDA POLAND January 8, 11 05:53 PM

The Australian Government should suspend all "aid" going overseas to rogue Countries and, spend the $millions getting Australia (especially Queensland) back on its feet but' you can bet your last dollar GILLARD will not do this and, (as always) the Australian people will give (donate) towards the recovery. Time Australia had a Prime Minister who has the balls to tell the "rogue" Countries NO MORE HAND-OUTS. Discrimination against Australians is alive and well within the Australian Government.

Posted by Harry L January 8, 11 05:53 PM

Those roos in the boat must be from a zoo or handraised. No wild kangaroo would sit there next to a human - and in a boat - and the outboard motor. The wild roo is the one being towed by the lady in the kayak, well done that woman!

Posted by Dianna, Queenslander January 8, 11 06:10 PM

Still the best country in the world to live in!
God bless and help you all

Posted by Anonymous January 8, 11 07:01 PM

"Beautiful one day....SATURATED the next?"

I am so sorry you guys are going thru's heartbreaking on all counts.
I hope that all the rest of Oz rallies 'round and makes sure that your lives are put back together somehow.
Our local area TV (NBN Newcastle) is having a telethon tonight: dig deep, won't you?

Posted by Bev Fox January 8, 11 07:02 PM

Such a great line of communication for all, just knowing you are not alone and everyone's on alert to help/talk whatever, fantastic.Proud to be NZ/Aust.An appeal to all, just $20 per family will make a diference and hey to those of you with excessive/un-used furnishings why not donate.Our hopes/prayers are with you all. Lou S.

Posted by Lou Sargeant January 8, 11 08:01 PM

I am in the U.S. I am so very sorry for those who are going thru this difficult time. The photos shown here really give us a view as to what is happening there. I pray the rains will soon be over, the water will recede.

Posted by Margaret January 8, 11 08:13 PM

Several website will help you assess the Queensland flood situation, including:- Australian Bureau of Meteorology This will give you 128 and 256 km radar coverage of areas like Maryborough, deluged with falls of over 100mm overnight.

The National Broadcaster ABC has provided great coverage 24/7 on ABC Local Radio Statewide. The live phone in interviews with flood affected residents, Hydrologists,SES Volunteers, Helicopter and flood boat crews are deeply moving, especially when people who have lost most of their possessions say "There's plenty of people much worse off than us"
Find the ABC on and click on "flood coverage queensland" Click on "Live streaming flood updates on ABC Local Radio" to hear 24/7 coverage of the disastrous floods.

To donate to the Premier of Queensland's Flood Relief Appeal go to:-
A lot of Aussie battlers will thank you for helping restore their lives.

Posted by John Pickup January 8, 11 08:45 PM

some people I know are saying "they" are getting what they asked for by damming up the rivers. Surely it is not the residents who are at fault !!! My heart goes out to these people , who, through no fault of their own are now forced to deal with a natural weather cycle that has happened. Keep the donations rolling in. There are going to be massive funds needed to recover, it will not happen overnight.

Posted by Marian January 8, 11 08:56 PM

Re Pic #22
Even wild animals know when they are being helped and seeing them stand there without fear goes to show how ALL Aussies will work together to help when needed.

Posted by Janine Hillier January 8, 11 09:10 PM

Re pic #21.

Thank heavens for people like Ann Mara. Your help is invaluable and the fact the 'roo is swimming along side the kayak shows that even though tired and exhausted it could recognise a helping hand.

God bless you Ann Mara.

Posted by Janine Hillier January 8, 11 09:16 PM

To the family of the truckie who died after an accident while he was delivering water to Condamine.
Our thoughts are with you, he was doing a great thing and you can feel so proud that he was doing his bit to help in this devastation.

We are thinking of you.

Posted by Chris C. January 8, 11 09:29 PM

I live on the sunshine coast but at the moment it's not very sunny..Work on a dairy farm and thats not fun at the moment either..I just would like to say to all the people that have been flooded and lost everything don't give up hope.As long as you have your family and friends and they are all safe thats want matters the most..

Posted by Coz January 8, 11 09:46 PM

To all those dealing with the floods, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay safe, you are a resilient bunch(your Aussies after all) and you WILL overcome this devastation. Wishing you all well for the future.

Posted by Maureen D January 8, 11 10:07 PM

Our thoughts and prayers to everyone that have lost their homes pets also their livelyhoods May there be a rianbow around the corner and sunshine coming through. Thank God for all the couragous volunteers also people who are helping. we wish we could be there to help.

Posted by dorothy susovich January 8, 11 10:09 PM

Mark (post 150) kangaroos and wallabies are 'wild' only in the literal sense. They are non-agressive inquisitve animals. They are wary of humans but if offered help or some degree of kindness will readily interact with people. They are often kept in the open part of zoos where children can approach and pat them.

Posted by Jeanette K January 8, 11 10:21 PM

Yes, regarding comment 177. It makes me wonder about the mentality of those in Government who are more than happy to spend our tax dollars for their own gratification and then cry poor and expect the rest of us to bail them out. Fireworks are an unnecessary extravance at a time like this. It is about time they realise who votes them in and who pays their way. How about some commonsense from those who should have some!

Posted by TP Jimboomba January 8, 11 10:42 PM

Those Aussies will get through the floods, we are a hardy bunch & all the country is praying for you and giving donations. Keep soldering on.

Posted by mimsy January 8, 11 10:57 PM

The roos sitting quietly in the boat and being taken to shelter will be exhausted.

Posted by Helen January 8, 11 11:14 PM

My heart goes out to you all, we hope you can all recover from this and get your life back to normal It will be hard but have faith and god be with you.
Us AUSSIES are there for each other.

Posted by casandra cairns January 9, 11 12:27 AM

Hats off to Andy Roddick, awarded trophy for runner up 30 mins ago in the Brisbane International Men's Finals but this first rate USA player donated to the flood victims of OZ. Thanks Roddy!

Posted by Suzanne Newman January 9, 11 12:51 AM

I grew up in Bundy, and am lucky my parents live on the south-side of Bundy, they were flooded in, but not flooded. I know as kids we loved the times when we couldn't get to school because the creeks and rivers blocked the roads - but I can't remember such flooding.
I know our local farmers in Bundy will be suffering a great deal.
To all my family and friends still living in and around Bundy - my heart felt wishes and thoughts are with you all.

Posted by TJW January 9, 11 01:14 AM

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord give you strength for this day, know that everything we give God he will help us with. Out of hopeless situations our God can bring good things and work to bring good. We are with you and stand beside you to help in whatever way we can because Aussies help each other when times are tough. Remember, tough times don't last, but tough people do.

Posted by Marion McGregor January 9, 11 02:04 AM

Have been involved with disaster relief in various parts of the world for a number of years. Your positive attitude and pulling together is a credit to you all. Kiwis support you guys and wish you all the success in the future. (except in rugby and cricket of course)

Alan and Marg

Posted by Alan and Margaret ward January 9, 11 02:10 AM

Perth, Western Australia here, we are all very concerned about our fellow Aussies and there are collections being taken everywhere for money and clothing etc. I just wanted to say hi to my friends on the Sunshine ( yeah right) Coast and let all Queenslanders know that we are thinking of them and wishing for a speedy recovery. Hang in there people, we Aussies look after our own.

Posted by Peter Stallard January 9, 11 02:42 AM

I live on the Sunshine Coast south of the flooded areas and just wonder when the rains are going to stop. It has bucketed down here all day. The photos are great but do need more to show just how much of this wonderful State is inundated with water with more rain happening as I write. My prayers go out to all the people who may have lost their pets as well as their stock and our wonderful native animals. Not much has been said about lost pets etc so I am hoping this means that most have survived. On one news segment people being evacuated had to leave their cats behind to fend for themselves, I do hope they made it.

Posted by Helen January 9, 11 02:56 AM

Our hearts go out to the flood ravaged Aussies in Queensland and all the wildlife battling to survive, but don't forget Carnarvon in Western Australia. It too has had devastating floods. Our best wishes go to the West Aussies in Carnarvon who are also doing it tough. Our thoughts go to Cindy and Kevin in Carnarvon, we know you will be doing your utmost to help your local community and that you have not been totally wiped out by the floods.

Posted by Lois and Mike January 9, 11 03:55 AM

The commonwealth government gave 1 billion to the Banda Archans after the tsunami & 20 million to the Hatians . Come on Julia tell us how much you are giving to the flood victims.

Posted by Russell Billsborough January 9, 11 04:08 AM

I just wanted to say that its amazing, the beautiful comments from people especially overseas thinking of us in QLD. I live in Bundaberg and while it was bad here, i personally didnt get affected as i live on a hill (the only one in town) so i was very lucky. I really feel for Rockhampton at the moment and also Maryborough is getting hit with it now too. THANK YOU everyone for thinking of us QLDers...So proud to be an Aussie right now as we truly show our spirit in times of crisis.

Posted by tiffany painter January 9, 11 04:29 AM

"I love a sunburnt country,

with droughts and flooding rains",

Please Dorothy, cut us some slack

Posted by Treas January 9, 11 04:50 AM

i wish media told us more about efforts to help innocent animals...god bless the guy in boat with kangaroos....and others helping wildlife...blessings on you on earth and beyond..may others follow your lead

Posted by trevar January 9, 11 04:59 AM

Helen in #258 I was going to say pretty much exactly the same thing - remember the photo of the koala that was drinking from the water bottle after the Black Saturday fires? Well it was a wild animal too so those people who are thinking these photos are photoshopped need to think about the roos in these photos as being the same sort of "wild" as that koala. Water still hasn't gone down in Dalby and we have had nearly 2 inches again in the last 25 hours - not counting what we had yesterday too - oh joy! Two of the three bridges here are still over and the roads are just getting better and better! Can't wait to see how long it takes for all of them to be fixed - but I'm not complaining we are still better off than a lot of others.

Posted by Katie @ Dalby January 9, 11 05:00 AM

we wish all the vry best for our country neighbours and please remember you are all in our daily prayers, may God be with you and we know you will all keep your aussie spirit shining & irene

Posted by george & irene burrows January 9, 11 06:42 AM

Re Comments by 187 George in England. He obviously has no concept of the SIZE of the flood problem. The area of land covered by water is the equivalent of the whole of Germany plus France. Has he ever seen a river in England 10 miles wide? Or for that matter the whole of the British Isles under water? Some of our rivers are now 14 METRES above their normal height. And it is still raining! Even when the rivers stop rising it will take many days to weeks for the water to drain away. Would he like to try restoring his lounge chair after 3 weeks under water? And Aussies are not asking for help, they are just getting stuck into helping their mates. Entire towns have been evacuated here and are under water.

Posted by Ruth H. January 9, 11 06:44 AM

To 238, yes it has been amazing in Millmerran which is where I work. I live at Clifton just a bit up river, and a local here says that in "76 this happened 3 times on the space of a month or so. There are some spectacular aerial photos of the water and I believe that it covers an area larger than New South Wales. We are farmers and our whole farm has been under water all but covering the corn which is about 6 foot tall! And yet, out damage is nothing compared with those who live in Condamine or Theodore. It will take years to get our roads and rail system back to "perfect". Having had my house burnt down (in a flood year) I feel for these people. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, I hope they find those who need them most

Posted by Helen January 9, 11 06:46 AM

We were quite worried about our relatives living in OZ and tried hard to find out if they were affected. We have every sympathy with the terrible aftermath of the floods and know from the dreadful floods in the UK over the last few years what the effects can be with devastated home properties which take months to clear the foul smell and mud (and sewage) and sometimes take a life. For Australia to be hit by two disasters (the floods and the Test match result) might seem overwhelming but from what we know of the Ozzie spirit you will recover. Good luck and we hope to see a full recovery in the shortest possible time. Our thoughts are with you.

Derek Clements
Safe in rural Berkshire, England

Posted by Derek Clements January 9, 11 06:51 AM

Our thought's & Prayers are with all the people Nth of Ballina, New South Wales, to ALL Queenslander's.
The Aussie Spirit is very STRONG, we rally togetther whenever & wherever it's is needed to help others in need.
Well here we go again we utter under our breaths, say a Prayer & roll up our sleeves & rally to do what we know needs to be done.
God Bless all the State Emergency Service's, Red Cross, Police, The Australian Army,Medical Services, W.I.R.E.S, The Pilots that fly the rescue choppers.

Posted by Meg Chapman January 9, 11 07:17 AM

I am so ashamed that my country, who does not mind you sending your young men to die in our interests, did not organise aid to help you Australians in time of need. Had you been of different nationality, say Pakistan, Bangladesh then we would have sent millions and millions of pounds and equiptment to help you at this time. I believe I send this message on behalf of all true 'POMS'

Posted by Tony Hynes January 9, 11 07:19 AM

I wish all of u people there, be strong. I got nothing to donate to u. I just pray to God who knows everything..

Posted by hana January 9, 11 08:20 AM

Excerpt from Australia's National Anthem " of drought and flooding rains..."

Posted by Heather Mildred January 9, 11 08:55 AM

Not one more cent should be spent on foreign aid until each and every Australian who has lost their homes, has had their homes rebuilt regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Tax payer funded political time in parliament should Only be about how to get these cities up and running asap and not about the needs of non tax paying, non contributing non Australian boat people. This is our money for us when we need it and we definitely need it NOW. We need these people to get back on their feet as they are part of the backbone of this country.By the way, where are all the offers of help from countries we have always supported in their times of need? Take note for the next time they have their hands out.Our thoughts and prayers are with you Queenslanders.

Posted by lulu January 9, 11 09:01 AM

Norman and Nadine living in Coochiemudlo,
I have seen the pictures of floods in Queensland, unimaginable. How are you ?
The flooding is so huge and the flooding landscape shows that, all the developments from Big nations even failure, it is the threat to Humans as well. But, I pray God to save ourselves from all these nature demonstrations accepting the the real reality to the core. I consider this as a Global loss and we hope you are safe and wishing many of the Aussies too.

Posted by Prabhakar Kovelamudi January 9, 11 09:36 AM

To my sisters in Oz...I'm with you in spirit...and I'm sending prayers. I know you are all OK becuause I've heard from each of you. Aussies are a tough breed and you'll come through. I love you!

Posted by PWD January 9, 11 09:55 AM

Now is the time to put all of the overseas queue jumpers to work and help rebuild this great nation that we live in if they so want to call this the lucky country just like our forefathers did.

Posted by Jeff Bishop[ January 9, 11 10:07 AM

And we old folks in Blighty have been 'bitching' about a few inches of snow!! He certainly moves in mysterious ways, but our Aussie cousins are STRONG!! God bless you all in 2011.

Posted by Dick James January 9, 11 11:00 AM

My admiration for all the brave people during this massive flood. My prayers go out to all people of Australia.

Posted by Jeanne Bourque January 9, 11 11:05 AM

43 billions on fibre optic cable for greater speed on the internet in a country that hasn't got any industry. Boat people each costing $2000 a day to keep. Is it not time to get out of that corrup club in New York called the UN so that Australia can become a sovereign country? so that we can decide who comes to our shores and on what condition...Charity begins at home,,,,wake up mates....look after ourselves first. God bless and help those suffering floods and many not covered by any insurance. Imagine having lost all your precious belongings. However if you still have your life, you have hope, and never give up, only give this government and the UN the flick.

Posted by john nielsen January 9, 11 12:09 PM

Wir leiden in Gedanken mit Euch. Auch hier haben wir wieder Überschwemmungen im Rhein Main Gebiet. Aber trozudem es auch für diese Menschen schlimm ist ist es kein Vergleich zum Leiden Der Menschen im Hochwassergebiet von Australien. Hut ab vor Euch Australia ich bin sicher, das ihr auch dieses Unglück überstehen werdet.

Posted by F.J. Reich Cuxhaven Germany January 9, 11 12:31 PM

My Prayers and heart felt tears go out to each and everyone of
you and your country.You will all be in my prayers.I know God
answers Prayers.He will be with you always.God Bless All Of You.

Posted by Rose January 9, 11 12:33 PM

First, my prayers go out to the Aussies effected by this flood. While I was browsing the comments I particularly noticed several comments about how Americans are not able or are too weak to handle natural disasters such as this one. I don't know what rock they live under, but this is pure B.S. There have been numerous natural disasters in the US in recent years just as bad or worse than what is happening in Australia. We had the stupidity of the local politicians and some of the residents with Katrina and the media induced hysteria of the gulf oil spill, but in most cases such as the Nashville floods, the America people did the same as the Aussies and put to work rebuilding their lives and communities without whining. America has done more than any other country in the world to assist people subjected to natural disasters all over the world.

Posted by Engineer January 9, 11 12:59 PM

It's just the start of "The Wet Season" so there's more to come.

Over millennia, many many generations of my people and my country have survived the elements and thrived, because we know about country and the several seasons (not just 4 as in the northern hemisphere). But the british invaders and occupiers followed by the australian settlers and industrialists with extermination, protection (for them), white australia, assimilation, integration, self-determination, now intervention policies of colonialism and neo-colonisation, have different ways and different values from ours... and so we all suffer the consequences of these non-indigenous choices based on concepts foreign to us and our country, with stress and dis-ease, in sadness and awareness of the hard struggles ahead for not only those affected by the floods, but for all who call Australia home or even a refuge.

And so, Almighty God: I give you thanks and praise for your Mercy and your Grace: and pray for the Peace of my country, for in its peace, according to the covenant, I and all others will have peace too, for your Glory, Amen and Amen...

Posted by Patricia, Aboriginal Activist January 9, 11 01:05 PM

Very sad indeed
I pray Almighty to end the misery of all those who suffered on this major disastor.
Not long ago Pakistan suffered and the misery has not ended for them for wealthy are not interested in poor mases.
But here in Australia I am sure help will come forth and distributed honestly
I sincerely pray

Posted by Abdus Samad Chaudhry January 9, 11 02:19 PM

As I write this, it is raining outside has been for days now. I am fortunate I live on a mountain top but still doesn't stop the fact that we have local flooding, so what's new? It rains or it burns, fact of life. I have lived in this state for 60 years and have seen this 3 times before way back in the 1950's -- no bloody climate change then mate. We will move on and it will be a distant memory till next time. As for Governments helping, they are next to useless, look at the helicopters in the photo, do you see government markings, I don't think so. The average Aussie has little time for idiots, we just get on with the job at hand and assist our mates. To the rest of the sane world thanks for your thoughts mate. Gillard, you and your mates stay out of the way and let people who know what to do get on with it.

Posted by Tom January 9, 11 02:40 PM

Diese Überflutungen sind so furchtbar für Sie. Ich bete,dass Sie die Kraft bekommen diesen Einbruch in Ihre Leben auszuhalten und gut durchzustehen. Sie werden merken, dass sie viel stärker sind, als Sie bisher wussten.Das Leid macht uns größer , tiefer und stärker , wenn es richtig getragen wird.

Posted by Ilse, Österreich January 9, 11 02:46 PM

Where are Bush and Clinton and Michele with their campaign to help these people? Maybe helping our Allies isn't cool and we should only help people from countries that don't support us in the least.

Posted by Gene January 9, 11 03:02 PM

We must take reaity into account maybe this is the start to a radical changing weather pattern, caused by global we know everybody poohoos, WARMING. this must be a contribution to this disaster.We feel greatly for all those affected.Stu .

Posted by stu hodge January 9, 11 03:55 PM

Yes it is terrible and absolutely devistating, can't imagine what it would be like to loose EVERYTHING you own and have to not only start over again but clean up all the mud and mess left behind. The main thing is to make sure ALL the money donated goes where it is intended. We donated to the local Lions club who make sure the money goes to the proper organisations for distribution. I wouldn't give my money to the government donation site as not sure what percentage actually makes it through to the needy. Please give to a reputable charity and give generously.

Posted by Leah Harradine January 9, 11 04:06 PM

I am a Queenslander, and yet we are a fair way from the hugh flood areas but have our local flashfloods which seem to be weekly at present. We are ok just have to be careful and sensible about the waters. To all those who are in the flooded areas and most of them won't be able to read this who are truly affected, so pass it on. Stick with your family, stick to your friends and take care of each other. I know it is the ONLY thing that gets you through the bad times. Your sadness is felt worldwide, not that it helps but know that people do care and they unite within the traumas of life. May you all remain safe. To all my personal friends and family caught in this - I love you and take care.

Posted by Maryanne Carlile January 9, 11 04:08 PM

Well it's not letting up it's still pouring ,can't believe the rain we have had. It's a bit scary reminds me of the 1974 floods.

Posted by Pam Fuller January 9, 11 04:17 PM

God bless everyone affected by these tragic waters. In true Aussie style, they will dust themselves off and start again. Keep your chin up and make it even better then before!

Posted by Miranda January 9, 11 04:23 PM

I think the drought has finally broken. Hang in there folks.

Posted by Rick January 9, 11 05:26 PM

thanks 'Engineer' for your comment, I have lived in New Zealand, Australia and America for 20 years each and I can say quite catagorically that all human beings rise to the challenge when times are tough, this is simply one of those times. My thoughts and prayers go to all those affected.

Posted by Richard Clark January 9, 11 05:29 PM

Did you read recently that the present Federal Labor Government shamefully spent 31 MILLION DOLLARS on polls during the last 3 years, wanting to know what people thought!!!!!!!
Are they offering anything like that amount to the people who are suffering through this disaster?
And on climate control...the belief that man can control the climate is the most arrogant thing I have ever heard. We can stop polluting, but NO MATTER what we do, we cannot control it. (ie lower temps)

Posted by Brian of Sunshine Coast January 9, 11 05:46 PM

Now you see why we build those funny looking houses on stilts, known as Queensland highsets. Government has no corporate memory in this country. They conveniently 'forget' that this happens in 7 year cycles, with particularly bad years every 49 and 98 years. They block the mouths of our rivers so the water cannot run out freely into the ocean and clean out the entire system. I don't know about your country, but amateur fishermen represent a big vote here, and many environmentally disastrous plans are implemented so they can get their stink boats out through the river mouth.

Posted by Andrea Lupton January 9, 11 06:05 PM

It can olnnly get better from here on in .......

T O Fox New Zealand

Posted by T O Fox January 9, 11 06:18 PM

The roos i believe are wild, when animals wild or not are exhausted they will sit quietly and rest up. The woman towing the roo would of been in trouble trying to get it in with her dont you think. Stay strong people and it will dry up soon.

Posted by Max Rockhampton January 9, 11 06:21 PM

The floods in Yorkshire UK are still seared on our memories. What does'nt kill you makes you stronger. Our hearts go out to you all. Much Love Maureen and family in Hull

Posted by Maureen January 9, 11 06:26 PM

G'day all from QLD. I'd just like to say thankyou for everyone's support and prayers, they really are appreciated in times like these. I'm fortunate enough to still have the internet, many arn't, so I will say a big thankyou from those as well.

What doesn't kill us, only makes us (and the Kangeroo's I guess), stronger.

P.S. For those concerned, there is a big effort going into saving the animals over here. We certainly arn't forgetting them :)

Posted by Bob (Oakey, Australia) January 9, 11 06:37 PM

@248 There is a lot of controversy about damming the rivers and I am not saying it is right or wrong but I would to say from experience having lived in the Lockyer Valley that in 1974 when the rains came the flooding in Brisbane was devastating. This year is said the flooding is equivalent to the 1974 floods but because of the Wivenhoe Dam Brisbane is not suffering the terrible effects of the flooding. All I can say is thank God that at least one area of Queensland has been saved from this devastation. There is arguments for and against. I live in Maryborough and though we haven't seen the same amount of water as other areas so far it is heartbreaking to see people moving their belongings out of their houses to try to save as much as they can. But in the end we will bounce back, Australia is all about flood, fire and famine. Our prayers are with all of our fellow Qld'ers.

Posted by Janelle January 9, 11 06:40 PM

Our beautiful country has come together to assist people affected by this deadly act of nature that is depicted in all its glory.

Posted by Max January 9, 11 06:41 PM

am an ex-Queenslander now living in Victoria - my heart went out to the Vic Black Saturday bushfire victims, and now it goes out to all the Queenslanders/NewSouthWelshmen (including family & friends) who are being affected by the big wet.. but my heart also swells with pride after seeing the best of humanity rising to the top as a result of the hardship. Proud to be a fellow Aussie, priviledged to be able to donate to help support your recovery in a miniscule way, and frustrated that I can't do more than send my thoughts and best wishes.

Posted by melody January 9, 11 06:44 PM

Australia lost the Ashes....No big deal....It's only a game after all.
But Aussies haven't lost their spirit.....They'll fight their way back.
Aussies lost unimaginably in the QLD floods. Very big deal. Life & Death!
But Aussies haven't lost their spirit.....They'll fight their way back..and win.
You have our empathy.....admiration....and prayers.
God bless you.

Reza Beg
(Mumbai, India..The land of perpetual natural disasters)

Posted by Reza Beg January 9, 11 07:04 PM

I agree with reply '200' Global warming is a con.

Al Gore and his mates, who conned the world, should hang their heads in shame or give a donation the the flood victims.

I came from a farm on northern rivers of New South Wales where floods were frequent in the 1950`s and 60`s. The biggest record on the Clarence river was in 1890.
No global warming then.
I know what it is like to try and clean a house after a flood has been in it. 'not a nice job'
It takes years to recover from floods. [repair costs and loss of production.]
These people need help to survive

No gol

Posted by Phillip January 9, 11 07:32 PM

i'm troubled by how many say to all those going through this immense ordeal "god will take care of things". come on. get over it. god has nothing to do with this catastrophe, nor will prayer make things better. concern, anxiety, feeling real emotions, not praying to this mythical thing called god. and that one about 'the rock of ages'! made me laugh and then shudder at the way so many keep the reality at bay by 'prayer'. just dig deep into pockets when appeals are launched (come on julia, get on with it). now that would be a real prayer.

Posted by zannna January 9, 11 07:55 PM

Isn't it about time that we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start coming to terms with the reality of our climate and start thinking very seriously about totally changing the way we manage our land in order to accommodate for the severe droughts and floods.
There must be a better way of towns and land planning designing than the existing system.
If we haven't got the answer,expert international opinion in these matters should be thought.
I'm quite sure that there must be a better way to design towns and agricultural land in such a way that can help us not only withstand that sort of climate behavior but even benefit from it!
As for affirmative action, take for example Japan and what it did to it's building designs in order to withstand earthquakes.
We have got to adapt to nature and not only to survive, but come out on top.

Posted by Peter Mattha January 9, 11 08:05 PM

You will all be in my prayer..don't give up to pray cause we know that God will answers us..My prayers to all people of Australia..Miracle will happen to you in 2011..God Bless You..

Posted by Racheal January 9, 11 08:21 PM

Its VERY difficult for someone who has not experienced the trauma of flood waters or bush fires or landslides or earthquakes; all of which destroy, destroy, destroy, to REALLY understand the mental, fiscal and psychological effects of these disasters. There are a few who say it is nature and nothing we can do to stop it. That may be so, but the fact remains that the flood waters and snowstorms that have hit the entire world have been unprecedented. One reason is the increase in water temperature in all the seas of the World (which is an irrefutable fact), by something like a degree or two, which has caused greater evaporation and all that water vapor has to come down. It is coming down all over the world, not only in Australia -- we just don't hear about the plight in the third world countries. In colder climates, it comes down as snow, which has affected North America and Europe. So yes, it is climate change, and the cause of it is mainly our consumption of petroleum-based energy and coal-based energy, both of which generates hydrocarbons that deplete the protective ozone layer.

Posted by Jay de Silva January 9, 11 08:28 PM

I'm a Brisbanite holidaying in the Philippines until 14th January.I have only seen the pics so far but hopefully,our house is still there.I am so very proud of my fellow Aussies with the resilience they always show in the face of adversity.
The ordeals many of them are going through bring tears to my eyes,but I know they will bounce back and do it all again.
No,we don't ask for help,but it would be nice to see some offers of help from some of the countries which we have always helped.
Governments of all persuasions have always been tightfisted.It is up to us to tell them what we want them to do
Good luck to all the flood victims.It is herartbreaking,but you will persevere

Posted by doug and Maggie Wood January 9, 11 09:03 PM

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
Dorothea Mackellar 1904, published in 1908.

There hasn't been any climate change.
La Nina brings floods and El Nino brings droughts.

Posted by Ken January 9, 11 09:05 PM

280 and 286 your absolutely right!

There is a OZ saying, as useful as TITS on a BULL, that is our local Council and our Government, its up to you and me when the shit hits the fan.

Posted by Dieter Keller January 9, 11 09:06 PM

SOME ONE ASKED IF WE THINK WE LIVE IN A LUCKY COUNTRY comment to that is luck is what you make it some times we have bad luck but united we stand and as a community we will rebuild and rise above anything that comes our way YES WE DO LIVE IN A LUCKY COUNTRY

Posted by RECHELLE January 9, 11 09:08 PM

Oh my! I just can't believe these pictures. We will pray for all of you.

Posted by Tom and Telia Gilcrest January 9, 11 09:09 PM

Be strong, be brave, be patient...its just a challenge... we Australians are one and will continue to stand tall... all of us here are by your side every moment of this triumph spiritually and mentally... we have gone through drought, fire and now flood and yet we survived and come out stronger than we thought. So Bundyeeesss... from last night's fund raising, we know that our fellow Aussies are there to help in every way and any stay strong as it is just a test of our tolerance level and the our patience....WE WILL SURVIVED THROUGH THIS!! my prayers are with you all...

Posted by Jasmine Teen January 9, 11 09:28 PM

Harry L January 8, 2011 05:53 PM: Contemptible post, Sir.

Posted by Hand January 9, 11 09:29 PM

Here are some pictures of the flood we are suffering up here

Posted by Yvonne bradley January 9, 11 09:34 PM

After all that flooding I hope some of the water went into the Sommerset Dams that service Brisbane!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heartfelt sorrow to everyone whose homes have been affected. I really can't imagine the smell, damage and destruction of personal affects that gives ones lives meanings. I guess the greatest thing to come out of all this not many lives have been lost.

Posted by Angela Margison January 9, 11 10:09 PM

We face devastation of all types (flood,fire,drought etc) but what makes us unique as Australians, is that we do it together. No matter where in Australia we live, if one State suffers, all the other States get out the first aid kits to help the healing and repair. I am proud to be an Aussie and patriotic to Australia, we ARE the lucky country. So, I don't get why other cultures who migrate here to partake of who we are and what we have to offer, constantly and increasingly want to change us??
When the chips are down, no other country binds together like Australia, we will repair Qld,NSW and anybody else who needs it. We will offer money,food,clothing,housing & all manner of other assistance to our flood affected countrymen & women, because that's who we are and that's what we do! WE ARE AUSTRALIANS!!

I also believe that the poem "My Country" by Dorothea McKellar, with it's "land of sweeping plains, rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains", is far more apt to be the National Anthem, than the current catastrophy we have, where nobody knows the words to more than 1 verse and it sounds ridiculous when being sung.
Chris L; Perth, WA.

Posted by Chris L; January 9, 11 10:40 PM

Yes it s that time of the year when rain comes after years of drought nature returns to what it does best ......unpredictable weather . We humans forget that it s the cycle of live . Best wishes to all that are effected and us too. Cheers

Posted by L batin January 9, 11 11:02 PM

My Country
Dorothea Mackellar
(1885 - 1968)

The love of field and coppice,
Of green and shaded lanes.
Of ordered woods and gardens
Is running in your veins,
Strong love of grey-blue distance
Brown streams and soft dim skies
I know but cannot share it,
My love is otherwise.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!

A stark white ring-barked forest
All tragic to the moon,
The sapphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold hush of noon.
Green tangle of the brushes,
Where lithe lianas coil,
And orchids deck the tree-tops
And ferns the warm dark soil.

Core of my heart, my country!
Her pitiless blue sky,
When sick at heart, around us,
We see the cattle die-
But then the grey clouds gather,
And we can bless again
The drumming of an army,
The steady, soaking rain.

Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold,
For flood and fire and famine,
She pays us back threefold-
Over the thirsty paddocks,
Watch, after many days,
The filmy veil of greenness
That thickens as we gaze.

An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land-
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand-
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My homing thoughts will fly.

Dorothea Mackellar

Posted by Colin January 9, 11 11:04 PM

@187 You are what us Aussies call a "Wanker" this is a disater people have lost their lives, their homes and you are having a dig saying they are "bawling for help" so you wouldn't ask for help if you lost everything?? As for the cricket comment I do agree you deserve praise for beating us but now who's whinging....its only cricket!!!

Posted by willy January 9, 11 11:12 PM

Living in the 'Sunshine' (!!!) Coast in South East Queensland, we are below the worst of the flooding but it is coming our way. We have had 12 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and it hasn't let up. I have never seen so much torrential rain for such a long period of time. Sadly 2 houses 400 metres away from where we live have slipped and broken apart due to subsidence of the earth with so much rain. I feel so sorry for these people who will have nothing after this, with insurance not covering land slip. My heart goes out to all affected in this awful natural disaster. Now who mentioned climate change??

Posted by Lucy Lizzard January 9, 11 11:14 PM

The whole affair of the floods is devestating to 'man and beast' now matter where ever 'man or beast' fit into the whole event. I do feel so much for the animals who couldn't out run the flood waters. The people I would like to see tarred and feathered are the looters. You, and you know who you are, are lower than a snakes belly. How dare you prosper off of others utter despair and loss. I believe in karma so look out - you will eventually get 'yours'.

Posted by Ani Hart January 9, 11 11:20 PM

On post 277, Thank God for the "True Poms", we were blessed by you in the fifties and sixties, wish we could import more of you now.

Posted by Kerry January 9, 11 11:22 PM

@292 - I'm with you, it's our government and their failure to recognise any part of Qld not geographically based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that has lead to this travesty. Failure to ensure basic infrastructure is provided across the state. Failure to have disaster plans in place. Failure to act in a timely manner... how many more floods, cyclones etc are we going to endure for Gillard and her Cronies to realise that Qld does not stop at Gympie!!!

Posted by Lez - Mackay January 9, 11 11:26 PM

What can one say it is hard to see and it must be hard to live with .I can not say how I would be in such a problem. I would say don't give up Jrust in God He knows about yourr trouble .Nay God bless you amd all the people.

Posted by Irene Harron January 9, 11 11:27 PM

My beef iss against insurance companies who squabble about what kind of flood has wiped a client out. Surely a flood is a flood is a flood and the insured should be covered without quibble. I am lucky to live in a flood free area and cannot understand why so many inhabited areas are built so close to rivers, creeks etc and on known flood plains. Still, you have to feel for people who are devastated and hope they can recover and get on with their lives. Prayers with you,,

Posted by Anne January 9, 11 11:33 PM

The world is one big community and when one part suffers we all feel your pain. We live in Florida (USA) and have lived through flooding. It is a devastating feeling to see all your belongings under water. We will be praying for you as you work through this.

Posted by John & Nora Doss January 9, 11 11:36 PM

@279 Actually that's from a poem called 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackellar. Our national anthem doesn't mention floods, just being "girt by sea"....

It does talk of toiling with hearts and hands which we have most certainly done the last few years with devastating fires and droughts and floods but "with courage let us all combine to Advance Australia Fair" is definitely happening.

Seeing the stoicism with which the Queenslanders are handling this (as one friend said "we're a bit wet but we're doing okay") makes me proud to be Australian!

Posted by Proud Aussie January 9, 11 11:55 PM

of coure we Bloody well are Mate, get yer Arse off the Box yer standin' on and give yer Mate a Hand, that's what Aussies are all about. Bloody Hell mate, we need Positive People right now, not Negative People,no matter what! we'll all bounce back, a little better than mext time eh!

Posted by Joe Aleman .. Lismore NSW January 10, 11 12:04 AM

Aussies are tough dedicated people. We help (doesn't matter who), we stck together and we survive. When I get down in the dumps with too much bloody water, endless chemo for Leukaemia and Prostate Cancer or just plain pissed off with politicians, I pause and picture the 450 young Aussie Light Horsemen who 'jumped the bags' in August 1915 at the Nek, Gallipoli - they knew there were a hundred Turkish machine guns waiting for them but never faltered or winged in their quest to help and die for their old country, England. Thanks for all the positive comments from around the place. Onya mates!

Posted by Nick Powell January 10, 11 12:04 AM

Queensland's towns, cities and highways are flooded, thousands of families have lost their most valuable possessions and the spillways on the dams are releasing hundreds of millions of litres of water.At this time of disaster in Queensland, the recently formed Water Authority is charging the victims and everyone else in the state a high rate for water usage. The fat cats running this unnecessary corporation (water was formerly controlled by local councils) are sitting on six figure or higher salaries and laughing at the profits while oceans of fresh water flows away without nearly enough dams to see us through the next drought. Shame on the Government of Queensland, the Councils and their Water Authority.There should be a moratorium on all water charges until this disaster is well and truly over.

Posted by Lionel Hurst DD (Hon) January 10, 11 12:13 AM

A map of the area would have helped so we know how to where these floods and incedents are happening. For us "Yanks" it would haveb been nice. Good luck to all

Posted by Larry Jonson January 10, 11 12:40 AM

Living in Cairns in F.N.Q. we are very fortunate that we are not suffering the dreadful effects of the devastating floods that the more southerly parts of the Queensland are so cleverly coping with. Most of the state north of Mackay have had flash flooding and the biggest problem in this northern part seems to lack of necessary supplies due scattered road closures.
Apart from flash floods in weeks past due to some heavy rain Far North
a thunderstorm appears somewhere most days but the sun shines most of every day.

Queensland is at it's sunshining best.

Where in Queensland is Wellington.?

Posted by Flo. Cooper (N.F.P.) January 10, 11 01:26 AM

I have a niece living in Queensland with her family & my love and prayers go out to all of you. Australia is the only country outside of the United States that I have visited and I think you Aussies are great! You're in my thought & prayers as well as my friend who lives in Smythes Creek, Victoria.

Posted by Eric Umstead January 10, 11 01:44 AM

I live on the Sunshine Coast,yes we have had a lot of rain here but had nowhere near the amount of flooding that the rest of Queensland have. And now New South Wales is coping it I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy
to All those who are suffering through this devasting time and am very greatfull to all the volunteers that are doing a mighty job for their Aussie family, we are a very lucky country to have the support of our fellow man and woman.That compassion we have for each of our Aussie mates who not only open their hearts but also their pockets in such an amazing way. We will pull through because that is the stronger and stronger stuff we are made of.
God Bless you all.

Posted by Voni January 10, 11 01:49 AM

I feel so sorry for everyone. But especially the animals. Bless those who are tirelessly working to save them. You are special people.

Take care

Posted by Kate Secombe January 10, 11 01:51 AM

Well the drought's broke.

Posted by OzzieDave January 10, 11 01:55 AM

If there is a silver lining, Australians will always find it. I'm happy that I don't have to mow the lawn for a while.

Posted by Jodie January 10, 11 01:57 AM

To the cynic whom is ignorant of the behaviour of australian animals, when stressed, exhausted and needing help most wild australian animals will respond to human help if their fear for the elements is greater than that of an Aussie who knows how to treat wild animals. The roos in the boat are obviously wild as is the one being toed by the boat, We quickly forget the images of the wild Koala caught in the bushfires in victoria and how with kindness and respect they will respond to human intervention when desperate.

Posted by karen McWilliam January 10, 11 02:02 AM

If we had more of these ordinary people (that is helping out all the towns that is under water) running our country, we wouln't be in the S**T the country is in now.

Too many sitting in government making up jobs to bleed the country dry which would help a little at the moment!!

The plane that was hit with lightening and who was in it!! hope a little reality set in.
But they still keep costing the tax payer, to fly them around and do what! give their best wishes and hugs to all.

Donat'ing a big percentage of their salary and give some of our hard earned money back to the flood areas, that would help. Lucy January 2011

Posted by Lucy January 10, 11 02:08 AM

Dear people who have written e/mails to wish us and give us support i thank you from the bottom of my heart this has been the worst flooding in
150 years and our great goverments federal and state treat us like we are
complete idiots the give $2 million dollers from both and hope the floods
go away so they can return to there usual life of dudding the people and
treating us as peasents and spending great amounts of money on these
boat people ask the Australian people what to do with these people you might get a great surprise come in the right way no worries the back door
get out of our Australia. also as for 290. Patricia why dont you get a life and help you own young people.???? . you should be ashamed of your self
using one of Australia great floods in History. for you disturbing quotes.
i think you need help.

Posted by Barrie Le Brocq qld. January 10, 11 02:15 AM

I can imagine the entire scenario...It is like the recent worst flooding in the Philippines... that lasted for weeks..where people had to stay on the roofs and wait for rescue.
My prayers for all of you there...

Posted by Emerlinda Baldomero January 10, 11 02:39 AM

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are affected by the flooding and devastaion in Queensland my home state, may God Bless and Help those affected by the flooding, and be with them in the reovery, I hope the government, and fellow Australians put as much as possible into the rebuilding of the flooded areas, the homes and lives of those affected, our our fellow country men need all the help they can get, we are always quick to send aid to those overseas now its time to help a mate charity begins at home,

Posted by Hendrik W Roelofs Adelaide January 10, 11 02:41 AM

The photos are amazing as to the real damage the floods have caused, But like true blue Aussies, the fight goes on to survive, and survive they will, because this country of ours is ONE BIG FAMILY when time of trouble starts and I personally witnessed this in Katherine in 1998-99, I think, and the locals all got together, and helped one another, and thank God for the friendly people that you do not even know at a time like this just put their heart and soul in doing all they can. Keep your chin up fellas and sure the bad times will roll and time will heal as building and planning start going ahead once the waters subside. May God give you all courage and peace to trust His Providence, as He knows the end from the beginning. God bless you all in this difficult time.

Posted by Anthony Williams January 10, 11 03:13 AM

280 and 286 your absolutely right.
The Australian Government and Local Councils in Australia are as useful as Breasts on a bull, when the Poo hits the fan they don't want to know.
The mongrels rather give our Taxes that we pay to keep boat people and Criminals from the other place that starts with A and ends with A.

Posted by Dieter Keller January 10, 11 03:37 AM

You Survived The drought God Help us to Survive The Floods
and give People affected by the Floods strength and courage to continue on with your lives.


Posted by George Papamanolis January 10, 11 03:57 AM

Hey, to everyone who is affected in any dissaster, qld/nsw or Wa. good thoughts to you all, and I am sad to see things so bad for you. But we know you will stand tall, (when you dry out) and go on. heads up, smile, take another step forward, and away you go.
Please, take care, you are the imporant one, you, your family, and pets..(and the other animals.)
Its not about who (usa ,Aussie, or any country) who is better, it is about being people, and helping each other. We are all the same, and all deserve to be loved & helped...taken care of. take care.

Posted by Julie Wilson January 10, 11 04:10 AM

Good On Ya's mates

Keep yer peckers up, so good to see folk fighting adversity, rather than wingeing about their troubles, (assuming there all packed up in yer kit bag)

Smile Boys- smile

You have shown the World, Aussies are strong and independant

Dont let the B---a--s-, get you down,

We pray your politicians are doing more for you than just Public Appearances, and truly wish you all so well

A ''JOCK''

Posted by B Taylor January 10, 11 04:17 AM
358.'s just a little damp here in Queensland. Still, most of us are bloody good swimmers. Thanks for all the kind words!

Posted by Jim Davies January 10, 11 04:40 AM

After our youngest son chose to live in Australia, the rest of the family still here in England , have formed a bond with your beautiful country. We have sold our home back here in England to release funds to be able to share much of our time in our newly beloved Oz. We visit annually for a few months at a time and have travelled into QLD on each trip, visiting friends we have made over the last 5+ years. When good as well as bad things happen in Australia we feel it in our hearts as though it was affecting us personally. We have witnessed drought, fire as well as flood in our travels, always a country of extreme contrasts, all we wish is that the good Aussie spirit holds up and holds on and we will continue to support you as much as we can from the other side of the world. We love you all and your amazing country.

Posted by Jan and Andy McGill January 10, 11 04:44 AM

This country that i AND my PARENTS and THEIR PARENTS WERE BORN IN have worked very hard and paid Taxes and given to ALL distarsters in this country AND see in the media of how many mill. and recently 1 Billion sent over seas AND now when we have a NATRAL distarster of this magnatude which is going to effect THIS country and ITS people for many years to com
DO i see any boat people OR people putting their hands up to offer help in return FOR their help they have been GETTING since they arrived curticity of US tax payers ??????????? Curticity should start at HOME

Posted by Ian Andersen January 10, 11 04:46 AM

I feel sorry for those who are affected. My prayers goes to them.

Posted by Benjamin D Golimbi January 10, 11 04:50 AM

The thing that makes me proud to be Australian is the way we've all pitched in to help each other during this time of crisis. Flood victims aren't standing around crying. They're just putting their back into it and getting on with the job of cleaning up. The rest of the nation has rallied and has raised tens of millions of dollars in flood relief benefits. Volunteers gave up their Christmas and New Years vacations to travel to the affected areas and help in the clean up efforts. Strangers were turning up on doorsteps with mops and buckets and food and water and offering their help in any way they could. My thoughts and prayers are with all the communities still at risk and all the people who have lost everything, including loved ones, for some.

Posted by Cate of QLD January 10, 11 04:50 AM

@ gary #234 Australia hasn't had floods like this since 1974 and, in some of the communities, the floods have exceeded ALL of recorded history. This is not a usual occurrence in Australia.

Posted by Cate of QLD January 10, 11 04:56 AM

From an Australian who has not yet been affected by the floods, but know those who have, on behalf of them and many other thousands affected, we thankyou for your support & kind words.

Posted by Patrick Otto January 10, 11 05:08 AM

For the past few years we have started the school year raising money to help support relief efforts from natural disasters - Tsuami, Victorian bush fires, earthquake in Haiti - looks like this year we'll be doing work with the students for an issue closer to home. Wouldn't it be nice to start a school year where we had nothing to raise money for? These things to bring the best out in people - if you can help, please do.

Posted by Jenny January 10, 11 05:30 AM

Comment 290...Stop pushing your BS aboriginal CRAP. So self centred cannot even keep the comment focussed on the poor buggers up here in QLD. I am lucky being on the Gold Coast, we have had heaps of rain, more than I can remember but we are still dry. Prayers go out to you all.

Posted by Fred Bloggs January 10, 11 05:34 AM

Amazing pictures of the terrible reality of these unprecedented floods!? Our major print and TV reporters need to look at these images and hang their collective heads in shame for the lack of local coverage!?

Posted by Frank Frok January 10, 11 05:34 AM

The scale of the flooding is almost incomprehensible for us in the UK! We tremble when we have 'major flooding' in areas here, which, compared with what you have now, is laughable! That is not to say I don't feel for the people involved in our 'major flooding' but it's hard for us to imagine floods of Biblical proportions and the sheer number of people affected.

I do realise, having been on a road trip with friends in Victoria and did 2000K in four days, just how ENORMOUS Australia is! When I looked at the map and saw where we'd been, you could hardly pick it out it was so small!!

I have cousins in Brisbane and Mapleton and know they are safe, but my thoughts and prayers are with all those who are currently suffering. I also know the Aussie spirit and have no doubts that you will all pull together and fight on. God Bless!

Posted by Mary Heywood January 10, 11 05:36 AM

A friend has just sent me this link who lives in Australia now from the UK - I've just spend the best 3 weeks in Australia in Perth. I can't even imagine how you guys are really coping in the East Coast - I visited Brisbane in the early 90's and went up to Bundaberg amongst my travels... We had tragic floods here in Yorkshire a few years ago in the North Yorkshire area of York etc... So I am aware of the damage all this can cause. Help each other and stay safe... Our thoughts are with you all. Lesley & Phil Robertshaw-Brennan (Yorkshire, UK)

Posted by Lesley Robertshaw-Brennan January 10, 11 06:32 AM

Re comment 273, Ruth H...
Don't presume I have no idea of relative size! The UK is tiny in geographic land mass to Australia, Canada or the US but is substantially more population dense. The floods to which I referred, like those in other parts of Europe, had devastating consequences. Homes lost, businesses washed away, families separated and many deaths not least a police officer in Cumbria trying to stop people crossing a bridge over a swollen (if small on your terms) river. Like you, we don't ask for aid. Like you, we donate generously to other countrires who hate our way of life. But, Ruth, lighten up or I will imagine you to be a croc wearing Doris!

Posted by George W England January 10, 11 06:33 AM

Will God be taking the blame for this?

Or is he powerless to prevent the bad stuff?

Posted by Mick McBeag January 10, 11 06:46 AM

Dear Australian friends ,I know the Australians are very kind and helping mentality so My Prayers and heart felt tears go out to each and everyone of
you and your country.You will all be in my prayers.I know God
answers Prayers.take it as test from our lord ,especially for my youngsters ,He will be with you always.God Bless All Of You.

Posted by naseeh alukkal January 10, 11 06:47 AM

I have never been in a flood....yes a cyclone in Townsville,but conparing the two I know the one that is the most heart breaking. I cannot think of anything worse than having to clean up after a flood. Where do you start? I live in
Bundaberg and pray that the river will not rise any more to flood those homes again,yes it is coming again,I saw it this can see the sadness on faces in the street,even fear. Love your will smile again.

Posted by Lorraine January 10, 11 06:55 AM

Australia & Australians are brave hardy & tough, we will never be beaten
by floods, drought,spiders,snakes etc. We are all here to help & support each other.God is in controll of the weather, no us.With God's help, we will be O.K.

Posted by Rita Dickerson. January 10, 11 07:06 AM

words are not much use in a situatation like this can only say stay safe and good luck

Posted by j.d January 10, 11 07:13 AM

shock horror one year drought next flooding, poor farmers can never win... I am in Darwin in the wet season but nothing like this...

Posted by pauline Finlayson January 10, 11 08:02 AM

I am a retired Veteran in Queensland and the courage, resilience, innovation, comradeship and willingness to pitch in and help from the "people on the ground", residents and local services alike makes me very proud. These people are the core of the Aussie spirit and as a result our current crop of troops (sons, daughters, brothers, sisters etc. you get the drift) reflect this in the esteem they are held, in the wider world community. Politics aside (lack of comment is better that an acid one) I reiterate that I am very proud of these "battlers" and will support them in any way I am able.

Posted by Noddy January 10, 11 08:10 AM

Love the pic's 22 & 21. People in the sh*t, but can put a smile on their dial & help out their mate's, (the Roo's, that is !). Best wishes & a speedy recovery to our fellow Queenslanders.

Posted by Greg January 10, 11 08:19 AM

It is amazing,very sad.Whe wish al the people of Australia,specialie the
Queenslanders GOOD LUCK.And whe hope it wil be very sone MUTCH
BETTER.Whe wil pray for it.
All the best

Posted by HERMANS H. BELGIUM January 10, 11 08:30 AM

our thoughts are with all those people who have been affected by this momentous disaster Brian and Inez UK

Posted by Brian Weston January 10, 11 08:52 AM

We are praying for all you people there in Australia ---
Here in the mid-east States of the US we are complaining about a few inches of snow that disrupts our lives "so bad" - we are a thoughtless, selfish people thinking only of our problems.
I hope we can hear of tons of help coming to all of you from all over the world.
God bless you to be strong and safe through it all.

Posted by Irvin E. Stowell January 10, 11 09:13 AM

Am really flabbergasted with the damage and misery that is now affecting Queensland. I read the comments and I am distressed to note that some comments says" I will pray for you" and things like that. If I remember the Holy Books, they ask us to pray both during happy days as well as sad days. So remember folks, not to forget to pray all the time come happy or sad days. Only the Almighty can offer divine help here. Don't be selfish - help one another wherever we can and whatever we can; during either bad or good times.

Posted by mike london January 10, 11 09:46 AM

Re 329 Willy...
Oh dear, Willy, you went and read it wrong. The original message was supportive, it meant, like us, you don't go bawling to others to help you out in times of need. I like the Aussies, good people, great soldiers, superb sportsmen (can't do persons). I expect many in QL will be Brits or of British descent, it stands to reason. And who's whinging about cricket? You don't whinge when you win. And the offensive "W" name you used is around 600 years old, used widely in England long before Captain Cook! Was Ricky Ponting your teacher by any chance?

Posted by Anonymous January 10, 11 10:04 AM

je souhaite beaucoup de courage à tous les gens qui subissent ces innondations et pense bien fort à vous. Marie (France)

Posted by TOMAS Marie January 10, 11 11:46 AM

My Heart is with with the people in Australia as it is a beautiful Country.
We were there in 1995 and i wished we had emigrated to Australia.I guess
Mother nature will always remind us she exists ( Tsunami,Tornadoes,etc)
and man adds fuel to the fire ( 9/11, London tube stn bombings, and unnecessary wars) it breaks my heart to see what you are going through.
I know you will recover,at what price? only you will know.
My thoughts are with you.

Posted by Leslie D'Brass January 10, 11 12:03 PM

If it's not 10 years of searing drought and raging bushfires, it's biblical rains and torrential flooding. Ah well, at least we can't complain that it never rains anymore. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones overnight in Toowoomba, that was a fair-dinkum flash flood, here's a quote from a local:

"I was talking to a fellow workshop owner near Grand Central and he said he had 15 minutes notice from when he realised there was a major storm cell dropping its guts to when the torrent arrived at his front door tearing things apart. Most destructive flooding in 1/2 and hour that i have seen."

The scary thing is the worst case scenario sees this happening for the next 3 months, continually. Here's hoping it doesn't pan out that way.

Posted by Tom January 10, 11 01:51 PM

It is tragic watching the news and seeing the devastation that has been caused as a result of the floods. Stay strong, do what you have to do, don't let it take any more. Our hearts go out to you all - Vaughan & Denise, NZ

Posted by Denise & Vaughan January 10, 11 02:00 PM

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words! We, in the United States feel your sadness and wish we could be there to help. It will take a long time and our Prayers go out to all of you, our Australian Friends!

Posted by Patricia Bartley January 10, 11 03:13 PM

We will pray for all of you.
Stay strong people.
May God bless you.

Andy Slovakia

Posted by Andrej Navara January 10, 11 03:36 PM

Marge & Bill
I am a 50 yr Kiwi Roo emmigrated here in the late 50s-60s I have always known how hardy Ozzies are and this just proves it.
We live in Sth East far so good, just have to prepare, watch wait...and PRAY.
At this time all we can do is offer our sincerest best wishes to those who are suffering..especially the latest tragedy at Toowwoomba.
Just a thought: "How many millions was spent on the Govts presentation to secure the big football event?" Come on mate! put that money where it belongs...what's more important PEOPLE or FOOTBALL

Posted by Marge Peters January 10, 11 03:47 PM

Please, Patricia, Aboriginal Activist, not now!
Please, even if you do enjoy the comforts brought here, i.e. cars, houses, clothes, shoes, schools, government benefits, please, leave your tirades at home and get out and help those people who have lost everything and won't give up. They will get up and start again, give them your help Patricia.

Posted by Jean. January 10, 11 03:54 PM

Brian said "it can only get better from here" he said that yesterday. Mate you got it very wrong. Lets hope it doesn't get too much worse.

Posted by Geoff Smith January 10, 11 03:56 PM

The Cyclonic flooding is to be expected from time to time that is the burden Australians bear. What always upsets me is the thought of all that muddy water going out to sea and polluting the Great Barrier Reef. What a waste of a resourse. It also doesn't make sense to southerners that Queenslanders are up in arms when anyone mentions damming rivers. They rightly expect the rest of Australia to help them in their time of need and we readily do so but they choose to totally ignore the plight of drought affected farmers in the Murray Darling basin who are crying out for water in vain from the cyclones lashing Queensland. The cry goes out "It's our water keep your hands of it". For Pete's sake we are all Australians "Turn the rivers inland and drought proof Australia"

Posted by Max Bancroft January 10, 11 03:58 PM

Australia.....the driest continent in the world...........the majority of land is a dessert.The wet season in Queensland may convince many foreigners that this isn't so.However most Australians live around the coastline where there is enough water.
We have devastating fires and floods............but we are a strong and loyal lot..........we help our mate...............there is always room on our horse for take my hand Jack.............

Posted by Trina Hatchard January 10, 11 04:12 PM

Well, after viewing the pictures and sitting here listening to yet more rain we are getting where I live at Maroochydore, on the Sunshine Coast, I wonder if it will ever stop.

Fortunately I live in a safe place, but my thoughts go out to those who are suffering the effects of Mother Nature rebalancing our climate with such persistence.

Australia, generally speaking, is such a low-lying country, the amount of rain we are receiving has far more impact more qucikly and longer it seems. Last night we heard of the flash flood in the Lockyer Valley which took lives, homes and cars in just 8 seconds. My heart goes out to all who are suffering.

Posted by Elizabeth Hays January 10, 11 04:13 PM

Unfortunately our flood situation got a whole lot worse yesterday with what is been described as an instant inland tsunami engulfing one of our cities of Toowoomba. It is at the top of a range and has not escaped the absolute devastation of mother nature. Innocent lives have been lost and our capital city of Brisbane is under threat of flooding today and tomorrow. Your prayers and well wishes from the other side of the world are not lost.

Posted by Belinda January 10, 11 04:22 PM

unfortunately you havent seen the worst of of 10/11 of january 2011 are indescribable. inland tsunami and more to come. yes australians are resiliant...but no more than those in other countries who suffer. you have no choice but to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. lets hope some help comes from those we have helped in the past...unfortunately we cant rely on our government...they are broke and asking the rest of the population to give. as of course we would and do.

Posted by jen January 10, 11 04:26 PM

Love and light coming across the globe hear and now from UK....keep strong and focused.....much love..xxxxxx

Posted by mel January 10, 11 04:30 PM

Everyone will have their opinion on how or why these floods have happened. What we should all be more concerned about is that they have happened. Those of us who have not been affected by this disaster should be extremely grateful. And instead of giving our opinions, we should be doing something to help those who are affected. What hasn't been seen in these photos is the loss of lives - 12 people so far and this will rise due to the flash flooding the Toowoomba received yesterday 10/01/11. My deepest sympathies goes out to those families and friends who have lost loved ones in this disaster. May all of us hope it doesn't happen to us. Now is the time to just get in and help out and keep Political and Religious Comments to ourselves. Those affected are more concerned about getting on with the cleanup and rebuilding their lives.

Posted by Kathie - Gladstone QLD January 10, 11 04:48 PM

I am amazad and humbled at the amount of financil and human support Australians give to our overseas neighbours,NOW how about giving all that love and support to our family, the Aussies suffering,DONATE AUSTRALIA.I can not get to Queensland to physically help but I can give money and encourage others to give..and plse dont forget the animals.

Posted by Jenny Boucher(Clear) January 10, 11 04:52 PM

I would hope that all Australians remember all those who have lost their lives so far to this flood and also their loved ones who are left behind saying "how did that happen" God Bless"

Posted by Val January 10, 11 04:53 PM

My heart goes out to all affected by the floods and especially those who have lost their loved ones. You can stand up, rebuild, replace lost valuables, but you can never replaced the loss of life.
As for our government time you bowed your head in shame, and gave back to your own country with it's disaster. You give so much to other countries in distress .... time to take a look in your OWN back yard!!
Stay safe Qld.

Posted by Golda (Vic) January 10, 11 05:21 PM

George W #187
Gutless poms like you lost your empire. Thank God we are now free of British rule! We don't need
help from "Barmy Army" slaggers like you.
Australian mateship will overcome any obstacle.

Posted by Tom January 10, 11 05:27 PM

As bad as things are here, how much worse must it have been in Pakistan last year.

Posted by Terry January 10, 11 05:42 PM

wow that aza lot of water

Posted by rebecca January 10, 11 05:47 PM

Many thanks to those who have posted positive comments. To those few knockers we can thankfully hopefully ignore your comments.
Since the photos shown were taken unfortunately the disaster has become far more widespread, with towns such as Dalby and Chinchilla north-west of our capital Brisbane once again flooded.To that add the major cities of Gympie with a current flood level just short of 20 metres (65 feet) inundating the city centre, submerging many shops yet again.Their record flood was just over 21 metres many years ago. The Mary River that has caused the floods there have travelled downstream to the city of Maryborough, about 350 klms (210 miles) north of Brisbane, cutting that city in half and submerging not only businesses but more houses. Fortunately they had some time to prepare, unlike other areas. The floodwaters in Maryborough that have begun to subside will rise again once the waters from the Gympie region reach there in about 2 days time.
We live in the coastal town of Hervey Bay, 35 klms (22 Miles) north of Maryborough, and while we haven't had any major flooding we are still cut off from the outside world by the floods there and further south. As we rely on road transport for most of our food supplies and other goods, our supermarkets are just about sold out with people unnecessarily panic buying. Likewise our petrol supplies will only last a few more days as garages run out. We are a tourist oriented city, and have a large amount (around 50,000 +) tourists either currently here or not able to get here. For those here, they have to remain in their accommodation for a lot longer than they had originally budgeted for, then they have to find places to eat, which like the supermarkets are swiftly running out of food, so what is going to happen there is anybody's guess. While our airport is open for business, including larger jets, most people travel here by road so that is their only way out, but it could be a week or more before they are open.
We have a son and his family outside of Gympie, and while they have enough food for themselves they have a 3 month old daughter who needs formula, and they only have 24 hours of it left. But unfortunately the only 2 places they can get it are chemists in Gympie, one of which is under water, and the other is out of supplies with no idea when they will be resupplied. It is little things like this that we tend to forget, and only look at the bigger picture.
My thoughts are with those in Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, which was hit by a Tsunami-like wave that raged through the centre of the city catching everybody by surprise. Cars were picked up like rag dolls and carried away, one in particular was crushed like a tin can and pulled through a causeway. Nobody knows for sure how many people were in those cars, but 8 have been declared dead, with at least 72 missing, mostly from surrounding areas. The waters from there will now head downstream to the city of Ipswich, where people are already in the process of evacuating from low lying areas, and from there it will join the already swollen Brisbane River and flow into the heart of Brisbane itself, inundating the low-lying suburbs there.
Their last major flood was in 1974 when half of the city went under causing major devastation, and there is talk that these floods could reach those same peaks.
Major rainfalls have been hitting the catchment areas outside of Toowoomba, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast, where some places have been receiving over 100 mm (4") of rain each hour, with no sign of let up. All this water has to go somewhere before it reaches the sea, and unfortunately in most cases that is through people's houses and businesses.
When you consider that the floods currently cover an area equating to the U.S. State of California it brings it into perspective.
And now some of the insurance companies are quibbling over what constitutes "water damage", claiming that it only covers things like burst pipes in or around premises, not "acts of God" (whatever that means). A lot of people are going to find that they have a fight on their hands getting compensation after this is all over.
We know that most of the rest of the world is thinking of us at a time like this, and we greatly appreciate that fact. But after the 2010 floods in Pakistan our government immediately gave them twenty million dollars in aid, with a pledge of more if it was required. Are we going to see that aid reciprocated? Unfortunately I very much doubt it. Now that same government has pledged only one million dollars to our own flood relief. Where are their priorities?
Dark days are yet to come I fear, but as Aussies we are a nation of battlers, and always have been. It is a harsh and unforgiving country, but we learn to adapt to everything that it throws at us. While we have floods, the other side of the country in Perth, Western Australia, has bushfires, unfortunately deliberately lit. Houses and businesses lost there too, but like us they also will cope and rebuild.

Posted by John Casey, Hervey Bay, Queensland January 10, 11 05:56 PM

Thank you for these pictures arriving in southern California, USA. We have had our share of flooding and much errosion in the Highland, California area. It will take months to clear the roads of the mud and soil pile-up.


Posted by Charles "Chuck" January 10, 11 06:02 PM

We may not know you but we share your pain. Please be assured of our prayers. Stay safe.

Posted by Shiu January 10, 11 06:17 PM

Here in the USA Midwest, the Mighty Mississippi shows her strength from time to time (along with the Missouri in 1993), and the folks along her shores pitch in and pick up... just like our good friends Down Under.

You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we'll make a donation at the link given here as well as look for organizations in our area who are getting aid to you directly and quickly.

God bless you all and help you through the struggle.

Posted by BlueJays January 10, 11 06:17 PM

Why must we have this "sledging" at one another at this time of great adversity? Please everyone, let's just wish those suffering through this time, a very quick and safe journey to the end of this "natural disaster" and let the rest of us give really healthy donations to the rapidly growing fund now being collected.

Posted by Ruth Mann, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia January 10, 11 06:18 PM

Please do not misunderstand my remarks. I have enormous sympathy for all the victims of the flood---human or not!
It is to be noted that for several years the condition of the River Murray and the lower lakes has been extremely bad due to no water being allowed to leave Queensland---by erecting dams across the tributaries that feed the Murray-Darling basin. In consequence no water can escape over the weirs, after a storm, quickly enough in order to avoid "flooding" over the wide area behind the dams. What has occured is a natural "flood" caused by man-made interference!

Posted by Steve Cooper January 10, 11 06:19 PM

To all of those people who are rescuing the animals... you should all be named Australians of the Year.


Posted by Francine January 10, 11 06:28 PM

@333 yes because Julia Gillard (doesn't matter how much of a dog you think she is) can control and prevent floods and torrential rain from falling on most of our state....

get over yourself mate. its a NATURAL DISASTER, one that we can neither create nor control, we just have to suck it up and get on with our lives no matter how difficult it seems to be in the short term, everything will work out in the end.

from QLD

Posted by Brandon January 10, 11 06:46 PM

Down here in safe Sydney we cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is for you, our fellow Australians, up there in all that water. Hope you get soon the share of money we collected for you through various organisations, otherwise we can only pray for you, may God give you strength to endure. We have you in our hearts, our tears and our prayers.
Love to you all from Melanie Petranovic and family

Posted by Melanie Petranovic January 10, 11 06:48 PM

What could be done to prevent flooding in the future? Is the answer
more dams? If anything can be done, do it. This devestation is
terrible. You have helped the U.S.A. in the Middle East. We don't
have any money, but maybe we can borrow some to send to you.
Your country has been a friend to us.

Posted by Jane Myerly January 10, 11 06:52 PM

Hello from Darwin. We are all watching and praying that everyone gets through this very hard time. We have seen and been through some nightmares overtime and can only say that only the strong survive. Sometimes we sit back and see what the weather can do to not just our country but many others and think..."What do you do?" However if you listen to the real workers, the farmers, they tell you this is life, this is the life on the land. If we all gave up and threw in the towel we would not have the life the farmers have given us with their crops and livestock. Let us just stop and thank the people who live through this and rebuild everytime......think about that....

Posted by Paul January 10, 11 06:57 PM

correct me if I'm wrong but, was it P.M Gillard who said the government would contribute one million dollars to the flood relief in Queensland. duh!!!. how far is that going to go.
How is it that the government can only give this country a tsp. of dollars but when any other country is hit with devastation, they get oceans of financial help as well as food, housing (tents), man power, etc and why is it that it is only the lower income earners that seem to dig deeper then anyone else.
e.g all these so called top fliers, e.g company c.e.o's, all you bigwigs who boast about receiving millions of dollars a year for the job that you do . hey, come on would you really miss a million or two from your pay packet. lets all hear from you lot making a donation. i mean your quick to take our money but very slow to give back. we know who you lot are and you are all a big embarrassment. hate to be a member of your families. I'd be so embarrassed.

Posted by low earner retiree January 10, 11 06:59 PM

@187 Fair go mate, this flood is the size of Germany and France together if that gives you any idea. And then there was the disaster yesterday in SE Qld, I was there so I know what happened. People did not get any warning, got to get back to cleaning up. DOn't need help thanks too bloody proud.

Posted by Tom January 10, 11 07:14 PM

GO to face book and check the page on Toowoomba and the Darling DOwns flood to see just how much damage can be doen in a matter of minutes, what a mess.

Posted by tom January 10, 11 07:16 PM

Hey Tom, it's people with an attitude like yours we can ALL do without, I had the misfortune of meeting a $%#@ like you in the Gold Coast, just because I spoke a little different I had to endure a tirade from this bigot, I informed this person I had been in this beautiful country over 40yrs, have children and grand-children, have paid my taxes and have given thousands of hours of my time in voluntary work to help the lesser fortunates, so lets not get involved in this petty slanging, and don't think that all Poms are as you see them, some of us also love to live here. Tony.

Posted by Tony January 10, 11 07:24 PM

To 292 & 333... wake up and smell the shit you are peddling. Governments do not create natural disasters and nothing they can do will prevent them. Flood mitigation and infrastructure may lessen the effects of mother nature, to some extent, but we are talking extreme conditions this time.
I have lived in Queensland for nearly 60 years and have seen many extreme events of nature, none of which were caused by the installed government of the time.
To all who have sought to make a political statement out of these sad events, a curse on you for the sad creatures you are. Put your hands in your pockets and contribute to this worthy cause... "Deeds not words".
To all effected by this disaster, our thoughts and wishes are with you.

Posted by Rod Wilson. January 10, 11 07:24 PM

All here in the U.S.A. feel your pain and offer up our prayers for a quick, sucessful recovery.....We know you can do it!
Ted, Texas

Posted by Ted Paulow January 10, 11 07:26 PM

what can one say, I pray for all of you, it's so true Australian do stick by one another in times of hardship I am proud to be Australian and proud of my Fellow Austtralians, it doesnt matter what state, when a disater hits we all feel the pain, and we will all get through this together

Posted by Karen January 10, 11 07:35 PM

******CURIOUS THOUGH?... The Floods having been declared a National Disaster... Does this grant the victims "Refugee Status"?... Will the Government coffers be opened?... Will the victims be showered with all the goodies given to Boat Refugees????.... "They had better be"

Posted by James George. January 10, 11 07:43 PM

madre mia esto es brutal ... this is amazingggg

Jose Vargas "Pepe" from Spain... i hope no more died´s please

Posted by Jose Vargas January 10, 11 07:46 PM

Man proposes andGod disposes. we who are not affected can only thank
God for spareing us from this disaster.

Posted by leomcinerney January 10, 11 07:48 PM

our hearts go out to all affected. and to 342, wellington is in central west n.s.w. approx 100ks east of dubbo

Posted by will n.s.w. January 10, 11 07:54 PM

Hoe groot en magtig is ons Here Jesus Christus nie! Mag Sy almagtigheid raakgesien word!

Posted by Annemarie Brunette January 10, 11 07:54 PM

I am in Somerset in England ... It is awful to see your plight ... We are all with you in Spirit ... Hang in there people ... The floods will go down ... and you will recover ... Keep that ' Bulldog Spirit ' going ... Much ' Love and Light ' is sent to you all ... J. D.

Posted by June Dauncey January 10, 11 08:04 PM

Anonymous at 383
He was whinging actually saying we don't give you poms credit for winning the cricket....I was merely stating that in times like these who gives a rats about cricket....and I never said that Aussies came up with the term wanker merely that he was what we would call one. I am sorry but I don't believe I read his note wrong at all and I wasn't the only Aussie who took offence to it. Whatever he was trying to say perhaps better to try and help by donating than ranting and comparing disaters I know plenty of Aussies helped you out in your times of need!!

Posted by Anonymous January 10, 11 08:04 PM

Who are they? Yes we look to those who have fought in the War and we say they are the true heros.
But there are True heros here in our flood devestated State.Our State Emergency Workers many of whom are volunteers who give up their time to help others while they need help themselves. Last night we saw the devestation that the "inland tsuami" caused to Toowoomba and we saw true acts of bravery!
Unfortunately it is still raining and we need more help
Thank you to all for your prayers and donations to help those who need it most

Posted by Joy Pulford January 10, 11 08:07 PM

313 `you're another wanker

Posted by Boots January 10, 11 08:16 PM

Hi All, I live in Brisbane and my relatives live in Toowoomba 150kms away which was hit with flash flooding yesterday in which 8 people lost their lives and at least 72 people ar still missing. This is the worst natural disater to hit our region since the 1974 floods. The main point I'd like to make is this - we are Australians, we always pull together to look after our own. We don't care about all the bullshit of who won the cricket or wether global warming is to blame. It's the time for action - If there is someone in need reach out and give them a hand!

Posted by Anthony January 10, 11 08:24 PM

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you sending love and prayers and financial aid to us QLDers. Its a horrible time and its not due to ease for at least another 4 weeks.

I have several family members, including my mum, who are isolated and, I guess you could say, trapped in their homes. We are just praying that waters don't get any higher.

Keep praying with us please.

Posted by Rivke January 10, 11 08:28 PM

As an ex Queensland girl i have shed buckets tears for the loss of life and land. Sending cloths and money seems so little. But I know the spirit of the Queensland people and they will rally and overcome this . Think of the wildlife and the stock loss too. It is the worst thing to have happened. From fire to flood we have a great spirit to band together and stay strong.

Posted by Ingrid Mitchell January 10, 11 08:29 PM

My girlfriend lives up there, I havent heard from her so I can only pray
she is okay. I know we will all bounce back from this, we always do. This is what being an Aussie means.

Posted by Lorraine January 10, 11 08:42 PM

Pic # 22 "Rodney Dowton ferries a boatload of kangaroos."
This says soooo much of the "Big Picture" of life in this lucky country on this beautiful planet Earth. Thankyou.
Like the fire fighter and drinking Koala in the bushfires.
Sadly she didn't pull through in the end but the love evoked in this pic went around the world.
Frank. Toowoomba

Posted by Frank January 10, 11 08:57 PM

187 is not a wanker - I would have a far stronger word for him than that - but I would not stoop to declare it. Chin up Qld - our thoughts are with you

Posted by Leanne - Wagga Wagga January 10, 11 08:58 PM

Myslím na vás a držím palce, aby stateční obyvatelé Queenslandu vytrvali a znovu obnovili své domovy, víc na tu dálku nemohu, vydržte!!!

Posted by Jarmila Zídková January 10, 11 09:00 PM

Great photos and really capture part of the impact of the floods.
It has got worse, Rockhampton has been hit with flash floods and unknown loss of life.
Greens go and take a bath the area has needed Dams for decades. Now all living things and property are paying a price...big time! Lets get a Government that will bite the bullett and get action. Otherwise invite the Chinese Government in to run the place.
Our thoughts, prayers and donations are with the people of Queensland and Northern NSW.

Posted by Ken Sparkes January 10, 11 09:14 PM

I am a Queenslander whose home is not threatened by flood waters but like so many others here and elsewhere, our hearts go out to those who are, have been and will be. We know it's just not the water, but it's the cleaning up of mud, the stench that follows, the loss of wages and income, the tears over the loss of unreplacables, the fights with insurance complanies. We do feel for you - AND - I see on TV those many, many volunteers - SES, Red Cross and other ordinary Aussies, who are out there helping. And I think it's seeing all these people caring for each other and pulling together that makes me so very, very thankful I am an Aussie and live in this wonderful land.

Posted by Merle January 10, 11 09:15 PM

Excellent collection of photos over a huge vast area of our Country.
I am holidaying in Sarawak Malaysia and this at least gives us an idea of what the poor buggers back home are going through. Keep up the Aussie Spirit Mate,Strength and survival...and now we need photos of Toowoomba,and down both sides of the Dividing Range in todays news.

Posted by Lorraine De Roode January 10, 11 09:37 PM

Looks like atlantis all over again,geeeeez hope that all is well soon.

Posted by Bk January 10, 11 09:41 PM

Thought you may be interested

Posted by Sharon January 10, 11 09:54 PM

great coverage hope you are getting an equally good coverage of hhat is happening as i type this to you as at 1430hrs 11012011 ED

Posted by edek augustyn January 10, 11 10:18 PM

Kathie #399 - I echo your sentiments exactly - rather than looking at blaming governments we must all pull together and do whatever we can to help these people - I'm sure they would do the same for us.

Posted by Wendy January 10, 11 10:40 PM

OMG! big thoughts and prayers for the people and scared animals there. it has to be terrifying for all there. may God be with all to help you all through this! My heart is there with you

Posted by Peggy January 10, 11 10:41 PM

Toowoomba is on the top of the Great Dividing Range and even we went under yesterday !! Scary stuff !!

Posted by Michelle January 10, 11 10:46 PM

This flooding happened before and will happen again..and again. It is about time the authorities start thinking about how to prevent or reduce the impact ot this natural disaster. Certain parts of our roads and railways are inundated, why can't they be raised above flood levels? Is there a possibility to build levees and/or dams to divert flood waters and store them for agricultural or irrigation purposes? All these things have to be done in order to reduce and convert a potential flood disaster to our advantage. Is there any commmon sense left? I am sure there would be many volunteers willing to assust..

Posted by Prosper ooi January 10, 11 11:13 PM

To all workers & survivors... & animals!

Bless ya all! We're all pulling for you. What can I say... GOD bless!

Posted by jc the Firefighter in Québec January 10, 11 11:55 PM

Wow what can 1 say? It's just mind blowing looking at these images and the news reports! My heart goes out to all affected. I can only hope no more lives are lost and that we all contribute in some way. The great aussie humour makes me smile but also brings a tear to my eyes. So proud to be Australian

Posted by Henry Burton January 11, 11 12:09 AM

I am humbled and so proud to be an Australian I love the compassion and the kindness of the people in this Country and even though I have never been anywhere else and have lived here my whole life, I believe this is as good as it gets if not better.

In a time of Chaos and Turmoil this Country drops everything they are doing and they reach out and help one another whether it be into their pockets, with their bare hands or clasping them together for Prayer.

In a time of pain and suffering we all help eachother see hope, this is why I'm proud. God bless you all.

Posted by Aras January 11, 11 12:22 AM

the $500,000,000 our australian prime minister gave to one of the most corrupt countries in the world on her visit a few months ago would be better given to the flood victims at home..not to corrupt politicians in another country to line their pockets

Posted by john January 11, 11 12:32 AM

Austraian floods: Christmas in Australia and Christmas movies on TV ; we always watched their messages TOGETHER with children and grandchildren. SHAME ON YOU TV STATIONS: Imported MIDDLE EASTENERS can have theri own god, and pray in their own way .. but at this time we need everyone to support. We all need to pray to God for every familys safety, for those whose lives are devastated and privately grieve and pray to our own God for flood victims without the fear that IME's will be offended

Posted by wendy carol January 11, 11 12:40 AM

What Australia needs as any country in turmoil is aide. like shelters, kayaks, boats, trailers, food, the australian government helping?? Has a national plead for help been issued to nato? Obama of usa? if not use the internet to as for supplies if needed. Maybe someone with money and connections will respond and round up the people to donate supplies needed by the Australia's people.

Posted by Gigi January 11, 11 12:49 AM

Gday everybody.

Bloody hell bita water up there hey? Send it down to us South Aussies we'll take it off ya hands we need it badly!

Good luck with it all, we will send some help over to assist in the mop up. Everyone should kick in and support ya's un-Australian if ya don't.

Posted by Christopher January 11, 11 12:51 AM

mother nature just to show you, you must live well with earth, love the earth as you love yourself.God bless.,

Posted by monika January 11, 11 12:56 AM

The floods are indeed terrible. As much as the Victorian bushfires two years ago were terrible. Both tragedies however highlight true human spirit. My admiration and thanks go to all State Emergency Services personnel, police and ordinary men and women of Australia who often risk their lives to help other fellow citizens in this crisis. Aussies are a resillient lot and no doubt they will bounce back as strong as ever. In the meantime though they need our help and surely the help is coming from all quarters. My thoughts and prayers go to all who have suffered so much.

Posted by Ivan Kolarik, OAM January 11, 11 01:03 AM

My heart goes out to you all,God Bless you all and lets hope know more lives are lost.
AUSSIES are strong and this is our the time to help one another.

Posted by Marg Perth W.A. January 11, 11 01:21 AM

I have bloody good mates in Queensland. The best mates to have. One by the name of Keith who is doing so much to help as only Keith can. Humanity , kindness an ear that listens , words that comforts. Good on you mate , a true blue Aussy , is me mate , Keith
Ken D Williams

Posted by Ken D Williams January 11, 11 01:21 AM

The worst part is that all our TV's are digital now and in this kind of weather we can't understand a word of coverage which is constant. The picture freezes and we only hear one word every 30 seconds. If we were still on analogue we could at least hear what's being said. The radios are all static or stations playing music. Can't even get the ABC. Everything is so unreal. I can't even get the number on TV to call for news about my sister at Murphy's Creek because of the digital signals.

Posted by Ned Wood January 11, 11 01:22 AM

At a time like this there is really nothing you can say,except that somehow you will pull through,even when you think you can't...I remember as a child being airlifted from an isolated town by the raf due to floods on the Nmoi River ..I was so excited I had a ride in a helicopter.Now,as an adult all I can see is the horror.Please know my love & thought are with you.

Posted by Maureen January 11, 11 01:30 AM

Cannot imagine how God is going to help here. He should not have allowed this in the first place. Will have to help themselves.

Posted by richard January 11, 11 01:30 AM

It is time for the big 4 banks to give 1 billion each back to Queensland to repair the place.
They made approx 20 billion profit, by milking the people that are now in strive.
And Gillard should put 1 billion up for starters,to help all those affected.
Incredible, how Australians have to do with a lousy little pension, while the
imports getting 3 times that.
Come on, Get the money back from the banks.

Posted by Tietaai January 11, 11 01:33 AM

280 and 286 your absolutely right.
The Australian Government and Local Councils in Australia are as useful as Breasts on a bull, when the Poo hits the fan they don't want to know.
The mongrels rather give our Taxes that we pay to keep boat people and Criminals from the other place that starts with A and ends with A.
Posted by Dieter Keller January 10, 2011 03:37 AM"


Posted by ben January 11, 11 01:40 AM

Hope you are still not effected by the floodingas it managed to be item 2 on the BBC National news

Posted by Catriona McCartney January 11, 11 02:11 AM

What are we complaining about the little cold winter in Holland?
So sorry to hear and see what's happening to our beloved and most beautiful Australia (in part.Queensland where we come from)
Our prayers and thoughts are with you and all our families and great friends. May our Lord intervene en stop the rain and heal our land! H & A (netherlands)

Posted by harry & ans January 11, 11 02:11 AM

to 449...they did Wivenhoe was built for this exact purpose think how bad it would be without this! no one can prepare for the kind of water that has hit queensland over the past 8 weeks.
as for those whinging about how little our governments are doing...they're the ones who will be rebuilding our roads after the floods have gone! the 2mill is to help the people on top of they (our government..both sides!) will spend after!
as a queenslander i have never been more proud of our great state!!!!

Posted by K Penman January 11, 11 02:19 AM

A lot of heart-felt comments have been submitted here, and rightly so. I live in an area not prone to flooding (as yet) but when nature decides to unleash some of its fury then no one or nothing will stop it. Human beings are a tough lot and eventually overcome an adversity. It makes it easier to overcome when "someone" gives them a "helping hand". I hope in the weeks that follow this dreadful calamity we are able to muster many many willing hands to assist and help in what will be a monumental clean-up! To the family and friends who have lost loved ones--my prayers are with you, and to all the others who are caught up in the floods--my prayers are also with you. I have no doubt that the Government will allocate whatever resources are necessary, including troops and equipment, to assist our flooded communities get back to something near normal. A lot of good, hard-working people and community services organisations, including our local police forces and SES volunteers, are busting their guts to try and help you get through this "nightmare". GOOD LUCK and God Bless you..

Posted by Alan January 11, 11 02:28 AM

And this is just the beginning,
Next, a major capital city, Brisbane, will be effected by water again. The last time we had flooding this bad was 1974 - and it disrupted an area 1/6 the size of the USA.
Please donate to our flood appeals like I have, because again I am lucky enough to live out of the flood zones.
Please stop the rain.

Posted by Lorraine Robotham January 11, 11 02:32 AM

As 441 says it's not only the water etc. It's also losing loved ones and friends and many things you hold dear, such as personal things, photographs which hold so many memories that you cling to....I feel so much pain and heartache for you....I pray that our good Lord will give you the strength, courage,and resources to carry on, am keeping you in my heart and prayers.
Colleen ..S.Africa

Posted by Colleen Tozer January 11, 11 02:53 AM

The devastation of vast areas due to extensive flooding of our farming communities and valuable crops after years of drought is more than heartbreaking. How will these communities and our precious few experienced farmers survive without the rest of the nation supporting all those facing natural disasters this summer? My sincere condolences and prayers for all those in need and those who have lost family members, and for those who have lost their homes and their livelihoods

Maybe the magnitude of these devastating weather patterns may not have been ameliorated or not been so servere, if, globally, as a world community, had elected governments who had the mandate to carry out the painful steps to reverse these alarming trends in current and future world weather patterns due to greenhouse warming.

If an equal amount of media attention was given to the environmental sciences as it does to news on world sports, then a more educated world population would better understand the effects of and the remedial measures required to drastically reduce the effects of manmade greenhouse gases.

As a mother, I fear for the well-being of our children left to face the effects of our inhuman excesses, and inaction, in taking the time to fully understand, the messages our scientists have been releasisng for the last forty or so years. We acted when our precious ozone layer was threatened by manmade gases, so why not now?

Posted by Robyn January 11, 11 03:09 AM

Photography really helps to communicate the emotions that the people face and provides us with a more emotive take on stories than plain news headlines - thanks for sharing!

Posted by Mike January 11, 11 03:15 AM

I honestly don't get why none of the tax payers money goes towards keeping australian citizens safe, all the politicians care about is the boat people and making our internet faster which is not really that important. Every person who has been affected by these floods, reguardless of how much or little damage has been done, should all be given money to get their lives back on track. It's just not fair.

Posted by Kiara McCallion January 11, 11 03:16 AM

I don't understand the negativity in some of the comments against "boat people". This has nothing to do with them and they aren't to blame. Why shouldn't our compassion as a nation extend to those overseas who are seeking a better life rather than the despair they live in? The negativity against them has no place in this situation. My donations and prayers go out to those in need in Queensland.

Posted by Chrstna January 11, 11 03:20 AM

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and heartfelt wishes they are all welcomed into our hearts. We will over come the floods and we will grow stronger as people and a nation. We are Australians and we never give up.
Thank you

Posted by Kylie Vale-Central Queensland January 11, 11 03:45 AM

Put things in perspective. Don't moan because of a drop of rain. We all need it but not this amount. My heart goes out to all those affected. I live in Spain & have had more rain in the last few years than in the past. The weather has gone mad. Haven't heard much of outside help!!

Posted by Colin T. Holloway January 11, 11 03:49 AM

one million acres of my property is 10 meters under water, i have lost tens of thousands cattle... my home was swept 40 kilometers down the raging torrent... i have no family left and everything is gone

Posted by ash January 11, 11 03:50 AM

To "Tom" comment number 403...
G'day Tom... Please let me assure you that I respect your opinion as your democratic and undeniable right as fellow Australian... But tell me... What makes you think we are free of British rule...?
We ARE NOT FREE OF BRITISH RULE and NEVER WILL BE unless we become a REPUBLIC with an AUSTRALIAN HEAD OF STATE... We have to stop pandering and grovelling to those royals...
I know this is not the time or place to push the Republic issue but I thought I had to make a comment about it...
What we have to do now, and keep doing is what we are already doing... Helping our fellow Aussies to try to get over this heartbreak, and which from all reports we are doing admirably... Cheers...

Posted by So Sad. January 11, 11 03:59 AM

Yeah it does look like Atlantis all over again! (443) Jeeeeez ... ! It was damn wet then, too! The whole place sank ... ... Pakistan, Europe, Qld, ... what next? Well, quite a lot to come, actually. Hang on to your collective hats! In terms of our collective consciousness, and consciousness being energy, and given energy can't be destroyed, perhaps we can collectively create some powerful energy for earth healing. Well, I know only some will understand.
Queenslanders, hang in there, this will all be only a memory before too long. Welcome to Earth! Light and love and peace and blessings to you all!

Posted by Shivani January 11, 11 04:12 AM

strength and love to our aussie neighbours as you fight against nature and its are a tough and resilient nation, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Not only for the flooding but also the bushfires in WA..stay strong xx

Posted by Cherie Marshall January 11, 11 04:18 AM

I don't think words can discribe what the pictures show.
All Australia will pull together to help as they always do in times of natural disaster.
Just a pitty that the Canberra press gallery who questioned the PM 11/1/11
were not up to their necks in the QLD flood waters. That was the media at it's disgusting worse heartless bastards.

Posted by Craig Brownrigg January 11, 11 04:19 AM

What a fanastic photos and so unbelievable. As I said to my daughter, just amazing so few lives have been lost. Well done to all the volunteers and God bless the people who's lives are so affected.

Posted by giselle wilding January 11, 11 04:35 AM

Keep your chins up you guys. We go to Aus every year to see our family, and love the country and the people. but this is not the time to start mud throwing, you can do that after the floods have gone, Just help each other!
All our love go'es out to you all

Posted by David January 11, 11 04:40 AM

Queenslanders are the thoughest of the tough they will laugh and may even have a few beers They will survivie They are Queenslanders

Posted by Gavyn January 11, 11 04:56 AM

We have been moaning about the bad winter in Scotland,loads of snow and ice, but your weather is horrendous! The photos say it all.

Posted by Kate Mann January 11, 11 05:05 AM

Looking at these photos is heart-wrenching. Our prayers and good wishes to all who are affected by this freak act of mother nature.Stay positive.This too will pass and life must go on.God bless.

Posted by Mike Krishnan January 11, 11 05:05 AM

So sorry you've all had this trouble - thankfully, there's a tough crowd of men and women to cope somehow. From a freezing and debt-ridden Britain we hope you can find relief soon enough.

Posted by Michael and Elizabeth Crumplin January 11, 11 05:11 AM

We too have had bad floods but not on this scale. One can't beat Nature.Our prayers are with you

Posted by C.Clarke January 11, 11 05:11 AM

And unfortunately, these may turn out to be the good pictures and the lucky people from the floods that are covering so much of Queensland at the same time over the past 2 weeks. The far more dangerous flash flooding caused by subsequent rains in the South East of Queensland over the last 48 hours have created deadly tsunami like walls of water pushing through the streets of some towns and sweeping houses from their foundations.
Flooding may not be as ferocious as bushfire of cyclone, but it's certainly packs a deadly punch and has done so today.
We can only wish the people of Ipswich and it's surrounding areas and townships as well as the City of and Brisbane some Good Luck!!!.

Posted by Tony Schelling January 11, 11 05:34 AM

Our heartfelt thoughts to everyone affected. All we can do is think of you all and give what we can. On the river Murray in the Riverland, we are also on flood alert. All the hard work and the battling to survive is hard to watch on TV. Bless you all. May you have the strength to get through this bigger and better.

Posted by Jan Murray January 11, 11 05:37 AM

Seeing this devastaion has realy made me feel so sad, my heart goes out to you all. Have strength, be strong. I hope, I know it will bring out the best in you.
Our thoughts are with you. You are not alone.
From Scotland.

Posted by Kathleen Baxter January 11, 11 05:51 AM

This wonderful country is taking back some of the control she has lost over time.

"I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!...

...Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold,
For flood and fire and famine,
She pays us back threefold -
Over the thirsty paddocks,
Watch, after many days,
The filmy veil of greenness
That thickens as we gaze." Dorothea MacKellar 1904

We are not wealthy, we often struggle for money and have trouble meeting our bills, so what? Look at what these people have lost!!!

Let's make a difference.

Stop for a moment and think about what they have to get up to tomorrow morning. Think about their personal belongings and precious personal items lost. Think about the lives lost. Think about the Christmas presents given with such love to their children, and lost forever. Think about the financial devistation to small businesses which have no hope of recovering. Just think.

Let's make a difference.


- I will no longer buy any of those pricey drinks & snacks at the servo.
- I will plan my trips to town better & use less fuel.
- I will shop better for groceries, and plan ahead.
- I will cook more and buy less prepared food.
- I will conserve more energy by only using the dishwasher overnight.
- I have changed my mind about hiring someone to do my ironing for me.
- I will buy less snacks for the kids to nibble in the pantry.
- I will tend my veggie garden better so it will be more productive.
- I will ONLY buy my meat from the Globe Butchers in Tamworth, who are FAR cheaper than Coles' "Organic-TM".
- Less drive-thru Maccas when the kids come to town with me...
How shamefully wasteful we have been when there are so many struggling.

Let's make a difference.!/pages/Donate-5-A-Week-to-the-Queensland-Flood-Victims-by-Bank-Deduction/183607971663444?v=info

Posted by Monica January 11, 11 06:03 AM

75% of Qld now declared a disaster zone (that's 1,300,617km or 808,166mi) - and which country has offered aid?? good ol' NZ who goodness knows has enough on its plate what with earthquakes and mine disasters - Obama your silence is deafening - fires in California - sure we'll send over firefighters, need more troops in Afghanistan - sure mate - not a prob

Posted by Ali January 11, 11 06:04 AM

Dont you just love the rue tour boat

Posted by Brian Clifford January 11, 11 06:16 AM

The opening lines of this article are very misleading. Australia DOES NOT have "seasonal spring flooding". Sure, there is a monsoon season in the northern part of the country (called, unsurprisingly, The Wet) but the areas now flooded, vast swathes of Queenslands territory, only experience flooding like this once in a hundred years or so. Toowoomba, where at least 2 people have died, has never experienced flooding on this scale. The tragedy here is people have lost lives. All material things can be replaced, but in the meantime, the poor people enduring this deserve all our support. My heartfelt sympathies go out to them

Posted by Rod Leys January 11, 11 06:23 AM

Can't believe the stupidity and ignorance of George #187. What planet does he come from? Here in S A we watch the TV screens with horror as we see what is happening to our fellow Australians in Queensland. I feel for all the people in this tragedy - both the victims and those engaged in rescue work - as well as for the lost and terrified animals both great and small, wildlife and domesticated livestock plus loved pets too.
As for Lucy #349 - what a cynic you are - and not particularly literate either. Can't say that it matters much in such trying times.
#313 - If we haven't any faith in a greater power, then in the break-down of our lives, we are left with nothing. The ability to pray is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity.

Posted by Lucky's Lady January 11, 11 06:26 AM

We're wet, and about to get wetter here in Brisbane. But if the sandbags hold the bbq should be OK for use again by Saturday. Bring ice for the beer if you're coming. Cheers!

Posted by Pete January 11, 11 06:36 AM

To all those people in crisis during these floods... I know you are on your knees at the moment but not down..I know you will stand up, brush your self off, look into the face of adversity and fear and say "you won't beat us ,we're Queenslanders...we're AUSTRALIAN...Guys my thoughts and heart are with you...Paddy

Posted by Paddy Watson..Queenslander January 11, 11 06:53 AM

@222, YES! This remains the lucky country. Thanks for asking!

Dorothy Mackeller in 1908 penned the following..... perhaps you've heard it before. It's the second verse of a famous work.....

I love a sunburned country
A land of sweeping plains
Of rugged mountain ranges
Of drought and flooding rain
I love her far horizons
I love her jeweled sea
Her beauty and her terror
‘Tis the wide brown land for me

Posted by Pete Dore in Brisbane January 11, 11 07:05 AM

I am an Australian living in Ireland and I shocked at the devestation in QLD. We have an amazing spirit that always come through in troubled times. Bless all the people who have risked their own lives to help save others and all the animals. I hope the Kanagroo that was stranded was rescued. My thoughts and prays are with everyone.

Posted by Gill January 11, 11 07:13 AM

Watching your problems from Taunton in Somerset UK..................Hang in there everyone......stay well and safe and remember people are worth more than possesions so sod the Telly and the Wii thingys just get yourself to safety.

Posted by Toni Apps January 11, 11 07:20 AM

Bon courage à nos amis du Queenland : quelle tragédie !!!

Posted by Ti-Punch 64 January 11, 11 07:22 AM

It feels so close to home im from Mackay and the devistation we all endured three years ago when Mackay flooded, but we are proud Australians and we dont give up to easily and that is something im very proud of. I have held back the tears feeling their loss, it is uncomprehendable the devastation or the Queensland flood crisis and in Toowoomba to start this raging inland tsunami that will effect more properties, lives, livelihoods and animals that we could ever imagine. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone. GOD BLESS

Posted by Jackie Glasby @ family January 11, 11 07:31 AM

I will pray that God will help you all in your hour of need. Good luck and may God be with you all.

Posted by Carol Mitchell January 11, 11 07:43 AM

So sad words can not discrible it. My thoughts are with you all. It is heart warming how the Aussie's have come to aid to one and other. We all will contribute in some way.

Posted by Karen McKinnell January 11, 11 07:47 AM

Our thoughts are with our fellow Australians in QLD. In 2009 we lost many Victorians in bushfires in our state. Today, we watch our friends and relatives in QLD suffer. We care for you in the current floods. you're not alone.

Posted by Julie January 11, 11 08:01 AM

Dear friends, the worst is over, good and better things will come. Let pray for all in good and healthy condition. Let have a positive mind to face the aftermath of flood. There will be a lot to clean up.

Posted by Mak Siew fong, Malaysia January 11, 11 08:12 AM

That's hard yakka! As a Victorian who was affected by the bushfires, my heart goes out to those in strife up north. Chins up Bruce's and Sheila's, we're a tough mob and will pull through any stick in the mud.

Fair dinkum legend that bloke with the roo's. Looks chuffed!

Cheers, Cam.

Posted by Cam January 11, 11 08:42 AM

Photo 22 is why I love my country, and why there is there is no other country in the world like Australia.

Posted by Rochelle January 11, 11 08:47 AM

I feel very sorry for the affected people.

These pictures remind me of the floods in Pune India on 13th July 1961!

Pray God to give strength to all those who have suffered.

Please note that full stop is not the end but it is to start a new sentance; in similar way a problem in life means the new era will start and that will be better!

S M Kamdar Pune India

Posted by Shirish Kamdar January 11, 11 09:15 AM

Thinking of all the people involved .......and the animals - we cannot imagine what you are going through but....God is in control we must remember that.

Posted by joy January 11, 11 09:24 AM

all thinking of you thats all we can say wish we could do more to help, what happens to those who have lost their homes.

Posted by b.roberts January 11, 11 09:24 AM

Here in Holland we know what it means when big floods hit the land: we have been fighting them for many centuries. So our are hearts and thoughts are with the people in Queensland who have to cope with this disaster and we wish them the strength and the courage to overcome.

Posted by Alice Hoeijenbos January 11, 11 09:27 AM

Hopefully everything will get better soon. I’m very sorry for everyone loss and I hope you all find happiness after such a terrible tragedy.
maz (Qld)

Posted by maz January 11, 11 09:36 AM

I lived in Australia for 11 years as a migrand and I know how the Australians are. They are very strong and get over this terrible disaster.
Those people who even think of the animals and safe them from drowning are worth their weight in gold.Dear fellow Australians I wish you all the best and as I said you get over it in time to come.Love you all, John.

Posted by John Jansen- Holland January 11, 11 09:58 AM

It is heartbreaking to see and know what is happening on the East Coast of Australia. Not only in Queensland but New South Wales as well. My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved. These devistations that are and have been happening are all signs of the Second coming of Our Lord. Reas your Bibles. Luke 21 verses 9 & 10. I look forward to seeing my Saviour.

Posted by Rita January 11, 11 10:53 AM


Posted by GUILLERMO ORTEGA. January 11, 11 11:32 AM

This brings tears to my eyes, as a Sunshine Coast girl now living in Switzerland, it's so hard to see this happening from so far away. I wish I could be there to support and help. I'm so proud to be an Aussie! One thing Aussies do well, in times of need, is pull together and help each other out. My parents couldn't go to their workshop today as the roads were blocked, I pray they and their business will be ok. I'm praying for you all and you will get through this. I'm coming to Aus in 3 weeks, I can't wait, i've missed my dear Australia. God Bless.

Posted by Makila Blennerhassett January 11, 11 11:34 AM


Posted by POSTED BY KIM MALLORCA 11.1.11. January 11, 11 11:51 AM

As an Auzzie I know those all affect will get past this only to battle in the next drought fire etc .. to @187 you have no idea of what you are talking about Many here in the UK think that Australia is so much smaller than it is. I dare you to go to Australia and see first hand the vastness and the beauty and see first hand many of the dangers such as snakes spiders crocks etc. of the country and then eat your words I can almost bet that you have not even left the shores of the UK let alone more the comforts of your own town you were born in.. To the fellow Aussies good luck all with the clean up I Know you will all get there in the end it saddens me to think that some can be judgemental with out knowing the facts as the song goes COME ON AUSSIE COME ON!!! and the other one that comes to mind is I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME NO MATTER HOW FAR I ROAM !!!!!! THEY MAY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TAKE THE AUSSIE OUT OF THE COUNTRY BUT THEY WONT TAKE THE AUSSIE OUT OF THIS GIRL !!!!!!

Posted by Janice January 11, 11 12:03 PM

As someone who visited Australia ( Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth) in March last year, I have no doubt you will pull through this and move on. All the best from freezing Scotland.

Posted by Kenny Barr January 11, 11 12:21 PM

I am english and can really only say that I hope all the people affected by the flood can pull through safely and unharmed. I hope the nations can pull together on this and put aside anything going on at the moment as this is more important.
Good Luck to everyone in australia and I hope they can pull through safely.

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 11 12:50 PM


Posted by MARIA SYLVIA FLORE January 11, 11 01:41 PM

This is natural terrorism, at its worst ever that i have seen in 60 years of my life in Aus, I can only imagine how devastated the unlucky people that have lost loved ones, their pets & their homes must feel, i hope that the refugees & out of work people on government subsidies offer their help? May God have mercy on them & stop this bloody rain. I don't live all that far from this deluge, however we on the coast of the Clarence Valley have so far been spared, with only minor flooding!

Posted by Geoff Weekes January 11, 11 02:03 PM

ik hoop dat het snel zakt het water wij nederlanders kunnen er van mee praten maar god waakt over jullie allen en het komt alle maal goed en met de mensen en met de dieren geef de hoop niet op veel sterkte en bid samen hij waakt over alle mensen endieren groeten uit nederland truus

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 11 02:40 PM

I agree with all the comments on the boat people/refugees having visited their countries, been at international airports with them, and treated as DIRT!! or someone to SPONGE!!! off. I was always generous to donating to them, NOT ANYMORE. Support the battling Aussie who pays the taxes. Will these people who get much more support than the pensioner/middle class Aussie donate to our flood victims-YOU GOT TO BE JOKING. I've even confronted some I work with, NO WE ARE POOR they claim, yet they are able to send money back home and go home regularly-how many struggling Aussies ever get a holiday, let alone one overseas. Do you realize how much of their tax they can claim back etc??? I spoke to an elderly Italian who immigrated here, THEY DID IT TOUGH and we didn't exactly treat them well, but they WORKED HARD and did good for our country. You know what he said, your country was good for us, and we expected nothing of you and he is discusted in what the boat people EXPECT and what our GOVT. freely gives-OUR MONEY. Now its time for OUR people, make the boat people earn their keep like us, no SPECIAL deals. Sure we should help those in NEED, but you earn your HELP. There are lots of good imigrants, and don't want/get handouts and are a asset to our country. HANG in there all you Aussies whether affected by floods or fire, we'll do what we can to HELP.

Posted by christine January 11, 11 02:45 PM

God bless everyone in that fantastic country you will get over this you have the spirit to get through this and I hope my Family members over Australia in Brisbane Hervey Bay and Dysart are safe and well

Posted by Ian M Dear January 11, 11 02:51 PM

We have friends and relatives in your lovely country and our thoughts are with everyone who is suffering through these floods, and I know that you will help one another through these days and months ahead so come on the rest of the world let us all help in some way.

Posted by Doreen Walters FRANCE January 11, 11 02:53 PM

This is so sad, I'm so sorry for the lost of lives, my hearts goes to those people who lost the loves ones, God bless you with courage and love one other, please know that we all fell for you, this will take a lot of strength not only for the people affected, but for the governments, we need to came together and pray for strength, love, commitment, and lots of tolerance. God bless us all.

Posted by Teresa Carrillo January 11, 11 03:12 PM

Love to the Australians people and animals having to deal with this challenge . I've learned some very awesome things from one Australian man that I now see also reflects the country , that no matter the hardship there is a place inside us that can and will get us through . I have faith in you guys :)

Posted by Janey January 11, 11 03:13 PM

These are the people we should be helping in time of disaster like this, they are our people. God bless them and help them. I have been to Australia 14 times over 28 years and love the place and the people, just didn`t make it to live there.

Posted by patrick tobin January 11, 11 03:20 PM

God be with you. Not all 'Poms' are as bad as some suggest! We here in the UK should be setting up a emergency fund as we are so ready to do for Pakistan and African disasters.Ozzies are a tough, resilient nation and will stand together but now is the time to repay them for the loyal way they supported Britain.Oz is one of our best allies ask any ex serviceman!
Come UK lend a hand - without being asked!!

Posted by Rab Peattie January 11, 11 04:13 PM

Its so sad, Iam lost for words but my tears won't stop streeming down my cheeks. I just keep thinking of the terriable lost of live's, property, the wild life my thoughts don't stop for all of you. All I can say god bless you all and we are Australian's and we will get through this together!!!

Posted by Natasha Anderson January 11, 11 04:34 PM

We are saddened to see pictures and television coverage of the flood here in the United States. Our heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to all who are suffering from these very damaging flood waters. I hope the U.S. government and other governments around the globe will come forth and offer their assistance to the people and government of Australia. Take care my friends and know we are thinking and hope the best for you.

Mr. and Mrs. Tilman M. Bishop
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States.

Posted by Tilman M. Bishop January 11, 11 04:37 PM

Here is AUS
Oh please God help us
we need your help

Posted by Nick January 11, 11 04:48 PM

God bless all those who are helpers in the this time of need for Australians. We thought our earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand were bad enough and we are still getting them even this morning. Loss of life is horrible and we sincerely hope that there will not be many. God bless and keep safe.

Posted by Miriam January 11, 11 04:55 PM

2010 has been a year of weather extremes: extreme droughts (US, Brazil), extreme flooding(US, Pakistan, now Australia), record heat waves(Russia, Middle East, Pakistan, Africa), record snowfall (in the US and Europe).
Other people may think as they please but I am convinced this is a definite proof that the climate is changing. When once in a hundred years events begin to happen too frequently, you can not keep saying it’s coincidence or bad luck. I fear we will be hearing the word “unprecedented” fairly often from now on.

Posted by Brigitte January 11, 11 05:04 PM

Allen eingegriffenen wunsche ich moglichst fruhste Wetterbesserung!

Got sei bei euch!

Posted by Slowakei January 11, 11 05:23 PM

Strange! Queensland (where I was born and lived until the age of 30) have always thought they were special and talked regularly about seceding from us "Southerners" - now that they need help they are Australians!

I lived in Brisbane in the 1974 flood, took the hint and left.

Posted by High&Dry in NSW January 11, 11 05:26 PM

Hey Tom of Toowoomba, pleased to hear you and your cattle are on high ground, our thoughts and prayers are with your neighbors who lost all, your help in our fires was great now it's our turn to repay.

Posted by Rickg January 11, 11 05:34 PM

As an Aussie i am proud to support other countries in dire need of our help, support and financial donations, from the Aussie locals and our government funds, we have been the lucky country and pull together to help others! Now it's our turn it is the time for not only NZ (bless you) to come to our aid! As decent human beings pull together show the support we have in the past! This is mass destruction by mother nature its gut wrenching be kind.

Posted by Deb January 11, 11 05:51 PM

iam so sorry for those people for the loss and suffering i will pray for them

Posted by teresa January 11, 11 06:24 PM

Barrie Le Brocq - post 350.

You ARE a peasant.

Posted by Middloe classs and dry January 11, 11 06:24 PM

{495} It is nice to see people out there still care about the animals. I think that the Roo tour boat and the kyak towing was bloddy beautiful. I was born in the seventy four floods and have never seen anything like this. My grandfathers old property is now completely under water behind the Rocky airport, I couldn't even see the roof of the house in these pictures. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected and to those who have lost loved ones and the biggest thankyou to those who are helping the defenceless animals. Love you all and stay strong. I love being a Queenslander

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 11 06:41 PM

So many natural crises - yet wars continue !
Now, with all nature's vitriolic and uncaring passion, it's surely time for human kindness, integrity and honesty to prevail. Those in power throughout the world, may you stem the tides of those things you can and work together towards Peace.
I see Australia now - in the midst of the worst floods we can recall - and with Australians working side by side, at every level, we can overcome, as long as we pull together . My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. They cannot be replaced.
I hope that those who are richly endowed can give generously to rebuild the lives of those who have suffered and that they continue to so do until such time as people are back on their own feet.
Blessings to Australia

Posted by R.Lee January 11, 11 06:43 PM

Hi Ash, Comment 478
I noticed that you shared a devistating experience here and many on the comments below were about politics. I want you to know that there are people out there who are really feeling for you, after your devistation. Please know that there are people who care. There are no words that I could say that would really give you comfort at the momen;t but I wanted you to know that people do care about you.

Posted by Jo January 11, 11 07:18 PM

Yesterday and today they have started letting wivanhoe dam water go as the dam is at 170% capacity. We have king high tides and massive rainfalls, as they have said, this is the perfect storm.
Yesterday afternoon the Brisbane river broke its banks and flooding has started on Brisbane. 80 suburbs and over 6500 houses are expected to go under. Over 14,0000 people in Brisbane affected.
The expected peak in Brisbane is around 21meters.
Here's hoping all the debri from Toowoomba, Gatton, Grantham and other badly affected areas dont damage wivanhoe dam wall.

Posted by shikira January 11, 11 07:30 PM

Its a great thoughts to circulate the pics, so that we all can share the pain and tears!

We care, we share and we pray together!

Posted by Stella Tsung January 11, 11 07:44 PM

I pray for a country to come together to repair it's wound.
I pray for a government that actually has a brain & is not so stupid/ignorant/greedy!
I pray for the loss of lives from this disaster & for their families to cope with the grief.
I pray for strength for all who are suffering through this.
God Bless All

Posted by Neeni January 11, 11 07:58 PM

I would appologise for the Crass Comments made by an Idiot Englishman. To talk about the ashes then to say that any comparison can be made to the floods in England to those in Australia at this present time only enforces what a morron 187 really is. I just hope that no more lives are lost over there.

Dave Bramble a Southern POM

Posted by Dave Bramble January 11, 11 08:01 PM

It says the flooded area is the size of France and Germany and this is so
But the area affected by too much rain now extends from Townsville to Hobart
Not all flooded of course but too much rain
From Melbourne to Brisbane is some 1670 Km / from Bribane to Townsville another 1350 Kms If we walk from Melbourne to Townsville at the moment we have wet feet all the way ,that is if we don't have to swim. It is an un-imagineable amount of water . These last two days we have had 50+ mm of rain in Geelong from the same rain system 1500 Kms away and over the mountains
The very best of luck to all and God bless the emergency workers and volunteers

Posted by Ken Richards January 11, 11 08:14 PM

put your hand out to your fellow aussie, and offer the hand of help and friendship. Hard times are comming and the only ones to help us up is ourselves. a shame every wage earner cant give a couple of dollars a week for a month or two. It's time for us the hard working Aussie to be helped instead of giving out to every joe blow. Lets see what happens in the comming weeks

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 11 08:19 PM

May God give strength to all those suffering humans and animals all creations of the Almighty.This is some sort of Karma that the whole world seems to be having to undergo.Please God give them all the strength to withstand these onslaughts of nature.

Posted by Vasanthi Harasgama January 11, 11 08:37 PM

I can't understand those who use such natural disaster to attack the people who have been chosen by voters to run the country.

What a terrible challenge this must be for any government... I wonder what the critics would do if they were in charge.

I did not vote for the present government, but I don't believe that any alternate could do more than the present one is doing.

Bless all of them, and of course the workers who are braving the dreadful conditions.

Posted by Ann January 11, 11 08:44 PM

They are great photos. comes with a message which taps your heart and mind. There is sadness , fear,and shock. The picures also shows some hope, love and courage . Well Done

Posted by Elizabeth January 11, 11 08:48 PM

Please a pray for Australia. excume my bad English I am Colombian and here in Colombia we are with you.


Posted by Nayibe January 11, 11 08:54 PM

With all the devastation by Mother Nature I wonder what's happened to any of the Aboriginal remote communities and their people in Queensland. Can anyone tell me please?

Bless the SES workers, the Salvos and everybody else who has given their energy and time to assist in any way (be it small or large) and let us remember them for putting themselves in harms way and the trauma they will experience once this is over.

Posted by Gay January 11, 11 08:54 PM


Please Got help Australia. excume my English I am Colombian and here in Colombia we are with you.we hope that every the things in Australia is betther


Posted by Nayibe January 11, 11 08:58 PM

Father, God, we come to you in the name that is above every name, the precious Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, asking you to touch my friends in Queensland Australlia whom I've never met.

Send all the support and help they need at the hands of those who are available to help them, knowing that I am too far away and short handed that I cannot be of help to them. Amen!

Posted by JACK HETZEL January 11, 11 08:59 PM

Aussies and our Govt give so much to so many outside of our country and for all the right reasons. It is time for those people to return the favours. We do and will continue to need financial and physical help for some time. I would like to see our Govt look into our own backyards and give more support to our own population before extending help to those countries not willing to help their own people. 540. I am so glad you do not live in our great state any longer and hope you stay well away. You are a heartless bigot. WET N PROUD QLD'er.

Posted by Danny January 11, 11 09:48 PM

Its one of the worse in years, that's mother nature, its sad to see people have lost loved ones, But i'm sure the fairdinkum Aussie spirit they will all get through it soon. take care all and be safe.


Posted by ian bishop January 11, 11 09:50 PM

May God bless and protect ONE & ALL in this huge disaster - - - - I am sure the whole world is moved by it all and pray?

Posted by Delphine D'Mello January 11, 11 09:53 PM

My heart goes out to all affected by the devistating floods in Queensland.
Also to those affected by the bushfires in W.A.May you find strength in knowing,you are in the thoughts and hearts of your fellow Australians.My Deepest Sympathy goes to all who have lost loved ones.
Helen From Victoria,Australia.

Posted by Helen White January 11, 11 10:43 PM

Picture 22 is an example of how the innocent have been affected by this natural disaster. Wildlife cannot make a difference but hopefully humanity learns from these events and realises that the earth will fight back if we continue to disrespect the home it offers all living creatures, great and small...

Posted by Anonymous January 11, 11 10:47 PM

As Australians we are regularly hit with Fires and Floods. We will fix everything that is broken and emerge stronger. What we can't fix is the lost lives, especially the children. Rescuers were attempting to save a parent and two small children. The eldest child of 13 years told the resuers trying to save them from their stranded car to 'save my little brother first' they did and came back but the waters swept away the car.
Along with 90 other people they are now listed as missing.

Posted by Peter Bloom, Gold Coast January 11, 11 10:48 PM


Posted by Eugene Conger January 11, 11 10:54 PM

A very good depiction of the actuality of what happened and I appreciae the time and detail takento produce this

Regards George

Posted by George Turvey January 11, 11 11:23 PM

stunning pictures! Who new kangaroos could swim?

Posted by Shutterfly Travel Club January 11, 11 11:39 PM
Please everybody, go to the above address and donate.
If you have read the comments by "493" you start to get an understanding of how these fellow Aussies are affected by this ongoing huge disaster which will keep unfolding for many weeks to come.
Just think, 75% of Queensland already declared disaster areas with services such as clean water, sewerage, power, transport, and communications disrupted -all this plus the shock and horror affecting so much of the population who have lost so much.
Come on Aussies, come and donate to help your mates, It's the Aussie way!

Posted by David January 11, 11 11:46 PM

So nice to see so many comments of thoughts and prayers to the people of Australia who got floods that have inundated 22 towns (Queensland - Rockhampton, Warwick, Bundaberg and others). So sad to know that many people loss their beloved ones and suffer on New Year's Day. I pray and do believe God will help you all through the hard times and move towards to the better ones. I hope your Prime Minister Julia Gillard could do her best on this matter. Be strong Australia... My thoughts and prays with you...
Jakarta - Indonesia

Posted by Sandra January 12, 11 12:14 AM

May God Almighty ,

Give the strength and courage to all the Queenslanders , to face this natural disaster ,

We will pray for souls of the departed.

I am sure the QLDs will bounce back from this disaster and will be back to normal at a record speed.

Posted by R.Madhavan January 12, 11 12:17 AM

My prays and best wishes are with all people and animals affected by these floods
And my sympathy to all those who have suffered a loss
I have hope for a rainbow

Posted by Karen January 12, 11 12:32 AM

These photos, although showing the devastation are BEFORE the floods that have happened yesterday and are still happening today. Floods have moved into New south Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Waters are still rising rapidly. The death toll is increasing by the hour.
To show the fickleness of nature, in Western Australia where I live we have daily temps over 100degrees F and major bush fires. We desperately need rain and the eastern states have too much.

Posted by Shirley Fitzthum January 12, 11 12:49 AM

We sure cannot play with mother nature as shOwn by the magnitude and power of the Queensland floOds and how it's mOving in with such a fOrce destroying things that are bigOsmall however with it's strength we too can be stronger.. lets all pull together and help each other in times of trouble n need and always.The more you give the more you'll receive tenfold and beyond :)
Whether it's just showing someone you care by a simple hug meetOgreet share foodOclothing items of needOwants giftOgames moneyOwhatever is within your meansOreach please share and you'll have blessings beyOnd cOmpare ! Flood Headlines..giftogamesdotcom

Posted by Amen , giftogames January 12, 11 01:26 AM

Our feelings go out to all the people in Queensland. I lost my home in the christchurch earth quakes so do know how you are all feeling. Take are and keep your spirits up. Amazing how we all stick together and look after one another.Blue skys ahead. !!!!!!!!

Posted by Pauline, from christchurch new zealand January 12, 11 01:55 AM

v bad:_{

Posted by arslan ali khna January 12, 11 02:05 AM


I'm very much South of the Border, in Victoria (don't hold that against me, I'm here because of love! lol).
We've had a bit of vertical water here ourselves, but Praise the Lord!, nothing like Queensland! Mind you, I have discussed with my dh the possibility of growing rice...
Yes, we are supporting the Queenslanders. They are first and foremost suffering human beings - and deserve our support, regardless of what some of them have said or done.
Why does God allow it? When you have children, they need to learn from their mistakes. If you are a Bible-believing Christian or a Jew, you would know that Adam and Eve betrayed our God, even though they were warned in no uncertain terms. And we've been suffering a devolving, decaying Universe ever since.
Oh, don't think that you or I wouldn't have done the same thing in their place - we would. We'd believe the Devil and would want to be like God. We still like to try and imitate him.
What was God to do? Lie? Go back on His Word? That would make Him like the Devil - and He is further from that than the East is from the West.
He has tried to help and quite often we spit in His Face.
So much of this is our fault - we divert rivers, we build on mudflats, we increase bad usage of land, so more erosion, more extinction, less quality of life, less ability to control what we believe we should - our World.
We are a selfish species. We quite often show Jesus in ourselves with our desire to help others, but we are still selfish. It starts to slow when we ask Jesus into our lives. Then, and only then, is there no hidden agenda.
Keep giving. Keep helping. Keep loving. Be like Jesus.

Dominus tecum
Leonie in Victoria, Australia

Posted by Leonie Edge January 12, 11 02:07 AM

all thinking of you that's all we can say wish we could do more to help, what happens to those who have lost their homes.

comment in Lao people

Posted by phoutsavanh January 12, 11 02:12 AM

This flooding is so sad - beyond words. The pictures we're seeing are so unreal. My thoughts are with everyone affected. Also spare a thought for the people affected by the floods in northern NSW and Carnarvon/Gascoyne region in WA as well as fires in WA.

Posted by Connie January 12, 11 02:13 AM

Ann and Rodney (pics #21 and #22) - you are what makes Aussies great.
My heart goes out to my homeland.
God bless you all.

Posted by CAROLYN California January 12, 11 02:25 AM

From cold, miserable, dark, damp England. How lucky we are! Got 2 sons and lots of friends in Oz, so very worried. This is bringing out all the best in the Australian character. You could probably do it without help, but how about other nations digging out as Australia did for you.

Posted by Allan Neil January 12, 11 02:26 AM

Look, your god did not send this rain, why do you ask him? or her! for help?Grow up & ask yourself the Question.The people of Queensland need OUR help now.

Posted by Rex January 12, 11 03:22 AM

Yes, being a Queensland is being proud. We will bounce back, and all will survive. It is just time we need now. Prays will be answered, and God will help with all the strenght that we will need. It will be years to get back on to track, but we will. Thanks all from overseas persons, we know you all care. God Bless us all. May peace rule.

Posted by Ziggy, Qld January 12, 11 03:25 AM


Posted by LEROY C. SCOTT January 12, 11 03:31 AM

I know money is more important than clothing etc, but (there's always a but)
When it comes to rebuilding what's lost.....
some people are going to make an absolute fortune out of this.
Is there a way we can make sure 'local' builders get 1st option to make a profit out of this so the money can stay within their community, rather than these big conglomerates moving in and profiting from the locals misfortune?

I call on NRMA and GIO and all the other big Insurance Companies to do the right thing by supporting the local building industries !!!

As Australians, we stand shoulder to shoulder when times are tough.
Right now we call on the Australian and Non Australian Corporations looking at profiting from this disaster to stand by the side of our brothers and sisters in QLD and support the local building and construction industry.

Although I'm a government worker in Sydney, if I was given a few weeks off, I'd head up there and donate 2 weeks of my own time to assist in the rebuilding. All I'd ask in return is food, water and just a tent to sleep. Nothing fancy.

I saw this link for volunteers:

All the big work starts when the floods start to dwindle.

Posted by Stephen Samson January 12, 11 03:51 AM

Where are the Dutch tv stations now?Is OZ to far away to collect money or what?Look at Hawaii etc.they collect and send millions overthere but they never got the whole lot(Hawaii)we are asking ourselves,,where is ALL the money?The Dutch people are willing to help with mony,but someone have to organise it,im going to send e-mail's to some tv.stations and ask them to start something.Im 76 and lived in Sandgate close to Redcliff for 1.5 year ,been working at the Brisbane Gas Company etc.this was in 1954-1956.Im back in the Netherlands now and live in Oud-Beijerland,next to Rotterdam.
All i can say is,i see OZ as my 2nd home country,if you are im my thoughts,that doesn't help.i realise you all need money to survive and start up again.(Sorry for my English,its not perfect)

Posted by Jan Brijs (male) January 12, 11 04:27 AM

Hey guys, I'm in the middle of the fun here in Brisbane. Thanks for the support. Yes my car has been swept away down the street, and my house is under 1 m of water but hey, stuff happens. This will never stop me from donating to other causes or other people. Instead of talking about countries, we should remember that we are all human. We are all one. Who cares where we live. We just need to support each other. Now I'm off to start sweeping!

Posted by Sammie January 12, 11 04:51 AM

Thaughts go out to all familys and friends in this horrible time xoxo

Posted by Katie January 12, 11 05:03 AM

I think it's sad that at a time we should all be pulling together, people are using this forum to air ridiculous prejudices and spout racist rubbish. Embarassing. This is about showing compassion, not hate. There is no one to blame, that is just pure ignorance.

Posted by Nicole January 12, 11 05:35 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with all friends in Australia and all the people suffering in the present time with flooding and damage to homes and properties. Back inthe 70s we had flooding here in our house but it was nothing like the scale of what I have seen in these photographs. I saw the devastation in Toowoomba on TV last night. I thought of a young chap who attended a seminary in Co. Tipperary some years back. He returned to Toowoomba and I hope he is safe now. My thoughts are also with Peter in Brisbane as are the thoughts of Dolly and Muiris.

Posted by Alice in Co. Tipperary January 12, 11 05:48 AM

And it just keeps on going, now we have no food in the shops because there are no roads to truck anything to us

Posted by Cathie Reimers January 12, 11 05:49 AM

This is a comment for post 540... we, as Queenslanders are a VERY HAPPY BUNCH that you now live elsewhere! It takes a very small-minded person to make comments like you have in a time of huge personal loss and devastation. Shame on you... you are NOT anything that a typical good Aussie (or Queenslander) stands for! When the rest of us are pulling together to get through this anyway we can, you are making ridiculous unconnected comments.
For those who are affected by the flood; our well wishes and offers of support are here!
For those who are helping out the flood victims, a HUGE thank you for being there when needed.
For small-minded, whinging ex-Queenslanders: GOOD RIDDANCE. I don't think even NSW would want you and your attitude!!

Posted by nana-breezy- Proud Queenslander January 12, 11 05:53 AM

Moving photographs! All you who have been hit bad, please find comfort in the compassion shown worldwide and the help given, and let that give you strength. Disasters also tend to bring forth the best in humankind, social cohesion and altruistic solidarity with one another. Is there a reliable help organisation (account no.) to which one can send money from abroad that will guaranteed be effectively end efficiently used. (and, please, leave God out of this; if the allmighty (!) existed at all, why would he help now, if he has let you down in the first place, or was he who foresees all sleeping?).

Posted by jaram January 12, 11 05:54 AM

Perhaps one day our pollies will learn
Instead of complaining about the drought, get busy building dams.

Posted by Tim January 12, 11 06:09 AM

People blame God for all this devastation but why think this. But who should we really blame!! Many the Devil

Posted by Suzanne Harmer January 12, 11 06:13 AM

I maybe on the other side of the world but my thoughts and prayers go the victims of that terrible floods in Queensland, Australia. And I take my hat off to all the State Emergency Personnel and all who come together to help. You'll get through all these my fellow Aussies. You're tough!

It is just a big shame that the Prime Minister Julia Gillard is donating A$500,000,000.00 (Yes...500 Million Dollars) to Indonesia to build Islamic Schools. Makes one sick!

Posted by Libby January 12, 11 06:27 AM

Lovely People from Queensland.

I"ll have seen the pictures and read the letters. How is it possible, that you keep your head kool? This morning we saw on T.V., that the waterflood is
comming into Brisbane.Our sister is living there and we hope for her and her son AND ALL the people there, that our Lordaving you all saving. We
pray for you all. The best wishes for all of you.

Posted by Ria and Guus Habets January 12, 11 06:48 AM

Oh my gosh, seeing all this makes me so devastated. I give my heart to all the families suffering from this tradgic event. And all the animals fighting for survival, good luck with the rest of this tradgety. and I wish you all the best luck that can be found on this plantet.

Posted by Danielle and Tirzah January 12, 11 07:04 AM

hello what can i say just be strong have faith
nothing bad lasts forever materail things can be replaced but lives cant so to the people of quennsland my heart goes out to all of you i think victora is next to get it

Posted by greta penkalla January 12, 11 07:04 AM

Thanks for everyone's well wishes. Now if only our governement didn't give away so much money to other countries when they have natural disasters or to boat people who come over illegally - who don't seem to be putting their hands in their pockets to help the Aussies!!

Thank god for the Aussie spirit and good will!!

Posted by CJ January 12, 11 07:04 AM


Posted by PEARL MANNS January 12, 11 07:14 AM

My tears added to the flood level at Goodna in 1974,found my family safe & dry,still I cry for those now at Goodna.At age 74,I share thier pain,you will endure,I am sure.Ray ,Hervey Bay.

Posted by Ray edmonds January 12, 11 07:17 AM

I can not find the words, I wish you strength

Posted by stans from holland January 12, 11 08:00 AM

As a Queenslander it is humbling to read the above comments. Thank you to you all for your thoughts, prayers and best wishes. We are known as Aussie battlers and we will battle on.

Posted by Jackie Rogers January 12, 11 08:06 AM

I was 4 in the 1974 flood in NSW.We were evacuated by boat from our house to my Auntys house which was across the paddock i remember the boatride was fun and remember alot of water.Its not until you see the floods today as a 40 year old how frightening that would have been.
The survival stories are incredible.Thankgoodness for Rescue people.
Deepest sympathy to those who lost their lives.

Posted by Maz January 12, 11 08:14 AM

God bless you all will be ok for your prayers

Posted by feng yu jia January 12, 11 08:49 AM

We in the UK are hoping you will all keep safe in the terible floods. We in the past have experienced floods and loss of life, but nothing like this. We love your country and am sure it, with with all your pioneering skills, be as great or even better than before. Ausies never say no or cant you will and you can get through all of this wet time.

Posted by Di and Harold January 12, 11 09:09 AM

God bless Australia and all us. Let's pray Lady from Medjugorje to help us.

Posted by edo bernobich January 12, 11 09:33 AM

My thoughts and prayers are with the people and all the animals of Australia where the devastation caused by the floods has caused many to lose their home,habitats and loved ones.
The spirit of you ausies is amazing and the photo of all the wallabies being taken to land in a boat was heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time, good on ya.

Posted by Pat. Sears January 12, 11 09:43 AM

Yes it s a very sad state of affairs,especially our PM (public menace)who offers a pittance and pokes her head in at every opportunity.She is borrowing $100million dollars a day, and sending hundreds of millions to the source of the queue jumping boat people, who hate us infidels, and want nothing to do with us except bleed the country dry.Take them from their comfortable free holding pens and send them,and every last one of them who came here in the last 12 months to the affected flood areas and make them help.Instead of free money for nothing round them up to help or stop their payments and benefits.I have seen old people of both sex's filling sandbags and working their guts out.COME ON "PM"forget your outdated unneeded cable roll out monument to YOURSELF. STOP the waste of money you are spending on it and GIVE it to the unfortunate flood victims,who need it.Hold back the 460 mill and the 42 mill to Indonesia for Islamic education and Climate change STUDY.We will end up being their victims.ITS OUR MONEY NOT YOURS! HELP THOSE WHO SUPPORT AUSTRALIA AND THEY ARE THE UNFORTUNATE BATTLERS UP PM stay off TV you are not appreciated.Keep out of it The QLD Premier and Police don't need you in the way.

Posted by David Evans January 12, 11 10:01 AM

What can one say! Its so hard to imagine how bad it is, I guess they all have to be there to help each other, and pray that the rain stops soon, but in the meantime it must be darn hard

Posted by Jessica Stamm January 12, 11 11:09 AM

I'm from New Orleans, and we all feel for you in the eastern region, and even have a pretty good idea what you may be going through: my son is in Brisbane going to Medical school. He actually finished a clinical at Rockhampton in November. I hate to see the town in such straits. It looks such a pleasant, heartland-type community. We are praying for you all. The losses to wildlife, the crops, and especially to the humans are truly unimaginable. The misery of all the wet stuff that used to be your personal things, nowhere to go to clean up, where is the food to come from, this week, next month, and the ones after that?We are praying for you all.

Posted by Lenda Dean January 12, 11 11:51 AM

My heart goes out to all those poor people who have lost their homes and belongings in the floods.

Posted by lina lindsay January 12, 11 01:38 PM

I wish all the peaople in Australie good luck and God bless.

Posted by anton January 12, 11 02:03 PM

Having lived in Australia as a child, I can't remember ever seeing these floods that are happening in Qld. I am sure the ausies will get through this,and I do feel sorry for those people that lost their homes, or family.

And not to forget the wild life that suffer.
We see the news in Holland everyday, hoping that it gets better.
Our thoughts and prayes are with all of you

Posted by liz van Bruggen January 12, 11 02:03 PM

ik hoop voor all inwoners in Queensland Brisbane and other city's and
deze overstroming gauw voorbij mag zijn.
God Bless you all
Harry de Keijser

Posted by harry de keijser January 12, 11 02:56 PM

that wuz a scary snake

Posted by ara January 12, 11 03:12 PM

Long live Australia and free Puerto Rico from Yankee Imperialism. Independence for Puerto Rico now!!

Posted by Hector Lopez January 12, 11 03:21 PM

From Germany . My Parents live in Australia and i wish all the Australians good luck . I now the australias are helping together . Bless you

Posted by Rene January 12, 11 03:49 PM

All of us have a change to face disaster, I am personally just send my best pray to all of Oz people which suffered. God will be with you

Posted by Kadek January 12, 11 03:55 PM

I feel for all Queenslanders right now. As a South Australian living near Adelaide, I feel we are very lucky here as we have had wonderful wheather most of the year.
The Goverrnments of Australia will do their bit. They have to otherwise they will look very foolish on election day as people remember these things and translate that into votes.
What gets me is that the Australian Labour Party will Gillard at the helm has promised Indonesia and other countries millions of dollars yet has only pledged $25.000.00 loans to individuals to get their lives back together. A Loan ? !!!. This is the type of penny pinching this unAustralian government is all about. This coupled with this obsession for illegal immigrants is getting to be boring. It's unAustralian to be looking after others instead of on'es own. Refugees are another problem we could do well without. We don't need them here. If they cann ot come here ( with papers) they should be sent back. Most of them are Muslim and potential terrorists and we know what problems Europe and the UK has with these people.
I hope that the poor Queensdlanders rebuild their lives. My prayers and goodwill go out to them. I will help in any way I can, of course, because I have to. This can happen anywhere and none of us is immune. God's justice extends everywhere and those who are the most innocent and pure will get divine help. Sometimes God gives us these trials to stregthen us and sometimes it could be a punishment as in these modern times God has taken a back seat in our lives. Maybe this is a sign that people should be more aware of God's love and fairness than they have until now.
God requires us to love Him and to believe in Him and if we don't we will suffer for it. Let's hope Australia will do her bit and come out strong and great.

I also find it unfair that throughout the years Australia has always helped out other countries with their disasters yet none of them has offered any help for Queensland. This should also be a clear message to the government to stop pandering to foreign countreies and look after our own people first.

Posted by George Craig ( Adelaide, South Australia January 12, 11 04:09 PM

This Aussie is on Vancouver Island, where we are complaining about an unexpected and unusual snow storm! It pales when we see the plight of Queenslanders! Please know that we are all thinking and praying for you. Even though I am an ex-Sydneysider, I've always thought Queensland has it all. No doubt it will again, when all this subsides. Everyone will bounce back, in true Aussie style, better acquainted and stronger because of this trial. Hang in there!!

Posted by Marj January 12, 11 04:19 PM

So sad. Perhaps stop sending money to Haiti and help these poor people.

Posted by Leslie K January 12, 11 04:22 PM

Greatest shock to everyone globally. Lost for words and viewing all on TV just brings tears to our eyes. We hope and pray all will get back to normal and our condolences for the innocent ones who lost their lives in the floods.

We will support fund raising to help as best as possible.

Posted by Benito de Souza January 12, 11 04:35 PM

I can do little, living on the opposite side of the Earth, in Italy... Just being near you Australians, humans and animals, with my heart and my thoughts. God bless and save Australia ...(and forgive my english)

Posted by Larry Marchesi January 12, 11 04:48 PM

In Scotland as we see on TV the flooding and trials of our Australian friends, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.
We have friends in Brisbane and Family in Perth, have visited there, what a wonderful country, keep strong you will fight back I'm sure !
God watch over you all .

Posted by Connie Hickie January 12, 11 04:51 PM

Human nature always shines at it best in the face of a disaster and what a disaster it is. I wish all the strength to all, for the massive clean up that has yet to come. Please stay safe and healthy..

Posted by Kimberley Van Elk January 12, 11 05:40 PM

being from SE Queensland with our home an island and the roads closed I am proud of the Aussie spirit . . throughout tragedy it shines and the Australian humour is reflected in our bird the kookaburra who wakes us each dawn with his hearty laughter and as the sun sets their same joy rings out across the land . . . Aussies have an ability to dig deep and help whoever needs it . .
'spirit of the rain . .wash away my pain
spirit of the storm . . help me be reborn'
from a Native American chant, 'Spirit of the wind'
thank you for all your prayers and good wishes from around the world . .

Posted by Evie Pikler January 12, 11 05:47 PM

Been watching since the beginning with tears, smiles and pride of our Aussie spirit.
Thanks to Channel 9 for the coverage, most of these guys are from Queensland so they have their hearts in the jobs they are doing.
If anyone knows of the Bourke family, Sue & Greg please give our wishes.
Come on Aussies, if we all give just one (1) dollar per person this will be $17 billion approximately to assist all that have lost EVERYTHING.

Posted by Anne White January 12, 11 05:52 PM

nous sommes a noumea et nous allons tres souvent an australie notre coeur saigne pours toute la poulation pour tous je pense que tous les calrdoniens sont prets a venir en aide quelques soit leurs moyens que dieu vous vienne en aide ansis que toutes que toute l'aide que vous recevrer courage
roselyne and jacques

Posted by texier January 12, 11 05:55 PM

Thank you for all the support and thoughts from an Aussie who has family in these devastated areas of Qld......its heartbreaking and the aftermath will be horrendous....Khris

Posted by Khris January 12, 11 07:02 PM

Hi I live in New South Wales, Aust, and love all the support that is posted on this page. Its great to see that other countries are aware of and care about us in times of devistation and need. Although i do not live near the floods i do have family in Toowoomba and friends in Brisbane and feel very passionately about those people in need and its heart breaking to see all the footage and photos of whats happening up there.

I must say its time for the world to support Australia. We donate and give to every natural disaster and horrible events that occur all over the world and its the moment for the world to shine and give back. Please donate and represent your counrty. Be proud to help us Aussies.

In advance, i'd like to say thanx and good on ya

Posted by Kiera Eveleigh January 12, 11 07:27 PM

California has its own disasters but nothing what the Queenslander go through. My heart goes out to each of you effected. My visit to the Gold Coast was unforgetable for me and know you Auzzies are a tough resillient people to overcome also this. To you all , hang tight.

Posted by Posted by Hanni January 12, 11 07:32 PM

My heart goes out to all of the people who are affected by these dreadful floods. I recently moved from Toowoomba, and knowing the area of their disaster, I am greatly distressed. I lived through several floods there over the 40 odd years I lived there, but it was never anything like this.
God bless you all and may you get back to some kind of normality. Australia is defnately on your side.

Posted by Val January 12, 11 07:57 PM

Hi - to High & Dry... Post 540..
What a ridiculous wanker of a thing to say...
God forbid you are never in need of a helping hand.. As I sit here IN BRISBANE reading ridiculous comments such as yours - I ponder who I feel more sorry for.. Those being struck with devastion or yourself for being so narrow minded and ignorant.
God bless all those who are affected by this tradgedy.

Posted by Hoping and Praying BRIS January 12, 11 08:22 PM

Dear God,

Please bring hope and recovery to the Australian people, our brothers and sisters. I have been there and it touches me to want to do something. What can we do? Please reach out and ask our U.S.A. and other countries to help, Deb Fowler

Posted by Deb Fowler January 12, 11 08:39 PM

It grieves me greatly to hear and watch the news on TV of this grave disaster! My thoughts and prayers are with and for each and everyone of you, including the animals as well!

Vancouver, Canada

Posted by Philip T.H. Tan January 12, 11 08:50 PM

Blame helps no body. We are all human and feel the suffering of our fellow person. It does not matter where we come from, if we are a politician or a nurse. We need to reach out to those we can help and focus on solutions, not blame. Everybody in QLD is either experiencing this situation first hand or knows people affected. Help and support is what is required from those people not dirrectly affected. Blame and accusations do not feed or help our fellow QLDs. To all those QLDs I know and those I have not met, I send my love. I will help where I can.

Posted by Jo January 12, 11 09:00 PM

We are so sorry you are flooded out. God Bless.

Posted by Sam January 12, 11 09:06 PM

still don't believe in climate change ? Nah it's all crap !!

Posted by John January 12, 11 09:19 PM

Totally agree with 597 & 611 about our government giving money to indonesia. Our pm gives them $500m & they give our flood victims $1m so why THE BLOODY HELL DO WE CONTINUE GIVING TO THEM??

Posted by ANNOYED January 12, 11 09:25 PM

Hurts like HELL doesn't it when our habitat is destroyed or threatened by a power greater than ourselves? Spare a thought for the other innocent creatures on our planet whose habitats have been obliterated and destroyed by humans in the name of "progress" over the last few centuries. In fact humans have exerted their power to destroy entire species and landscapes.

Thank goodness some people have the heart to rescue kangaroos & other wildlife in this Queensland maelstrom. Humans with heart will always rule at a time of national disaster. Maybe that is where you see God at work.

Posted by Margie January 12, 11 09:39 PM

oh... We want to help these people. God can't help....:/

Posted by Harish-India-chennai January 12, 11 09:44 PM

Gday everyone, Hope you all are keeping safe and dry in this horrible time, my name is Anthony and i am from Toowoomba and saw what the amount of water can do to a town it was horrifying watching cars and people getting washed away with that what they call a inland tsunami I have never witnessed anything like that in my life, I can only feel for the people who have lost loved ones and their prized possessions from all over Queensland , The good thing about Australians is we can all stick together and help each other when it is needed, so for all you guys who carry on about the ashes and other stupid remarks can you keep them to yourself because you are only making yourself sound really stupid, we dont need to hear that crap, for all you other guys keep your chins up and we will work through this together , stay strong Australia love yas all x
Anthony H from Toowoomba x

Posted by Anthony H January 12, 11 10:28 PM

Gday again , Its Anthony H i forgot to say a huge thanx to all the people that go out of there way to help the stranded animals it is amazing to see people with such kind hearts , those phots of the wallaby and those kangaroos getting saved is absolutely amazing well done to you guys your blood is worth bottling there should be more people in the world like you i take my hat of to yous. My mother is a wildlife carer and i can feel her smiling from here she lives in Brisbane and i live in Toowoomba. So once again a very big thankyou to you guys . Anthony H

Posted by Anthony H January 12, 11 10:38 PM


Posted by RAY MANT January 12, 11 10:42 PM

if only they new what was coming after this POOR things my heart goes out to them all in Queensland, don't give up were all behind you and will help as much as possible, keep that Aussie smile on your faces it does help. god speed to you all.

Posted by Fran January 12, 11 10:49 PM

i pray for the people of this part opf heart goes out to them...i also pray for the animals that live there...i pray for the elderly and the afflicted...such a dister..i live in canada...some flooding here too...but not to this extent....i hope help comes soon to all...God bless........diane

Posted by Anonymous January 12, 11 11:04 PM

I think it's time the Federal Government showed what they most care about i.e. Internet Cables or Australia - $43Billion would go a long way to helping fix Queensland.

Posted by Jim January 12, 11 11:22 PM

I can clearly state that I was very sceptical as to whether our PM, Julia Gillard and Anna Bligh could handle this devastation and have the strength, resolve and leadership to pull us through it.... but I am more than happy to say that they seem extremely well organised and they have the situation as much under control as one can possibly have in these unpredictable and horrendous circumstances!
Give credit where credit is due.... well done ladies, and to all who are helping behind the scenes to see that what can be done, IS being done, THANK YOU!
May your faith in your darkest hours keep you strong!
Love and best wishes.

Posted by Trying Times- Hervey Bay, QLD January 12, 11 11:25 PM

We have just returned from Pakistan where we provided flood relief and we are ready to get in and do our bit for Queensland. A bit different this time, we have family up there and its personal.

Posted by shane January 12, 11 11:38 PM

@ comment 103 -

With all due respect,
This IS Australia, if foreign residents don't like OUR customs & way of speech, they can exercise their right to gain another stamp on their passport :-)

Posted by Deb January 12, 11 11:40 PM

I am here in Australia and reading that many of you would like to help, there is an official donation link on this site.. it is our national news channel and Im sure many will appreciate all and anything as they have nothing ! My son is in Brisbane and I am desperately waiting for news.. I am in Melbourne and have been trying to contact him for two days.. It is hard to watch this devastion and imagine that it has affected so many so hard,and still have hope that he is okay... and then today to see the Premier of Queensland actually break down during a press conference really brings home the human element and suffereing..

Posted by Kathy Youla January 13, 11 12:19 AM

As an Aussie living abroad. My heart is aching that i can't be there in Brisbane to help my family right now. I was 7 years old and went through Cyclone Tracy, Christmas eve, 1974. That, I could write a book on!

Well, as it turns out, my parents home was saved by the fact, that the river did not reach it's 5.25 metre peak... it's was around 4.5 m and that saved their home and many, many more...

I have been watching all the news videos online and I must say, all those women in charge, Prime Minister, Premier of QLD & NSW are doing an amazing job. Even my family and friends have said how fantastically the government, emergency services as well as, neighbours helping other neighbours has been incredible. There is even a video this morning of ex Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, wading down his flooded street to move neighbours items.

I just want to say, I am truly PROUD to be an Australian! The 'no worries, she'll be right', spirit of our country is reflected in tough times like this.

If you want info, videos, & the Australian perspective, these are good sites to watch live, streaming broadcasts & such:

Posted by Lisa January 13, 11 12:42 AM

A Big Thank you from Bundaberg, for all your kind words of loving support from all over the world..It's not over yet! Bundaberg is flooding again today..and food is being flown in. The enormity of the devastation is just hitting home. We have spent the last 2 weeks salvaging and cleaning up, so exhausting, but now our minds have time to think. Our Earth is rebelling and 2011 will see big changes occurring.

I reject the "we" word used that blames the common people for the lack of foresight in managing our earthly HOME, it is more appropriate to recognise the multi -national corporations and governments for their insatiable greed and insanity. For instance, QLR ( Queensland Rail) was sold recently by our Premier Anna Bligh, against the people's wishes. The corporate owners have refused to add extra carriages on to deliver urgently needed food supplies to Bundaberg, according to MP Paul Neville. Maybe it's time to run these corporations out of our country, and all countries, that have suffered from their hands ...cold blooded lizards that they are. We should reject the passionateless and loveless as sub-humans, not of this world. God is LOVE.

Posted by Faye January 13, 11 01:37 AM

I too live in WA but originate from NSW, my heart goes out to all Queenslanders and the whole of the Australian SES, army and all the other helpers in this natural disaster. We have had the floods at Carnarvon and now fires down south, we as humans are all affected by the intensity of Mother Nature. She sure lets us know when she is not happy with what we are doing to our earth. May God Bless all and throughout the devastation and ongoing cleanups, may we pray for smiles and blessings. Deepest sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones.

Posted by Vicki - Central West WA January 13, 11 01:44 AM

The World should Pray for Australia. The weather has been changing the past few years. I hate to see people or animals suffer...God take care of all these people in Queensland. You are in my prayers as well as my heart.
God speed to you all...

Posted by Irene Stellato January 13, 11 01:45 AM

@653 You are a goose.@103 was congratulating us aussies for having the courage to stand up for our culture.

Thank you 103

Posted by robert January 13, 11 01:52 AM

Government leaders of all persusions are doing everything they can at this time, working day and night to keep on top of this disaster, supporting emergency services and being there for those affected . This is not a time to talk about politics, what should have been done in the past. It is not a time to talk about refugees, what has that got to do with anything? And it is not time time to pat ourselves on the back about past donations. We give when it is needed not to get something back. People, wherever they live in the world, are people. When people need help we give it, and from the majority of comments I've read that is how most people feel. Thank you so much for all the messages of support; and to the whingers, keep it to yourself or get out there and do something.

Posted by Jan January 13, 11 02:17 AM

Shame on you Gillard pledge this $ 500 million to our people here , what is wrong with you ? its about time our people came first, and get these lazy illegal bludgers off their backsides and send them up north and help out. if they want to stay here then let them earn our respect, Ask them for volunteers and I bet none of them will put up their hands. I am third generation OZ and am very proud of my country , am 71 years old and still working , we live in the best country in the world and we will never loose our OZ way, I now live in Melbourne but lived and worked in Queensland , Come on mates, keep your chin up YOU CAN DO IT.....Rick melb.

Posted by Richard Black January 13, 11 02:29 AM

As an Australian and a Brisbaneite, who has gone through the 1974 floods and bush fires in Victoria, as a child, I think , no I know, we will be ok, Australians just get one with it, when confronted by disasters. As we are, unfortunately, used to it. and to cope is in our DNA. . The farmers are who I grieve for, as after so many years of drought, this was the year that they thought would be bumper crops. My thoughts go out to them...

Posted by Sussanne Air January 13, 11 02:38 AM

I completely agree with 622 - the money that PM is sending overseas and spending on things such as the Internet Broadband is a joke! It definitely should be going to Queensland.
And then there is NSW and Labors intention to spend billions trying to get back into government in March - they are going to be thrown out so why waste the money??? Send it to Queensland! The Brisbane Bridge tolls were suspended - why not send all the Sydney Harbour Bridge Tolls for the rest of Jan to Queensland - they were meant to stop after the bridge had been paid off so I am sure two weeks of tolls could be sent to Queensland.
My thoughts are with all the people who have lost loved ones and homes

Posted by Nicola January 13, 11 02:53 AM

my god this is so depressed :( the kangaroos

Posted by Anonymous January 13, 11 02:59 AM

Je reste sans voix et l'angoisse me gagne de voir ces images digne d'un film catastrophe, quelle HORREUR
Que Dieu protège les Australiens de toutes ces catastrophes, le rêve Australien est devenu un cauchemar
Courage à vous tous

Posted by BISSON Martine January 13, 11 03:05 AM

my tboughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the floods,

Posted by sharon January 13, 11 03:23 AM

All Australians would know the song 'True Blue' and how it describes our national identity. We will "tie it up with wire, just to get the show on the road."

And to all our mates who have now gone before us "Hey True Blue, don't say you've gone. Say you've knocked off for your smoko and you'll be back later on."

Have never been more proud to be an Australian. As I look around at all the mud and broken tree's and pontoons floating down the river I still thank God that I live in the luckiest country in the world.

And to the rest of the world.......thanks for remembering us. We'll pay ya back when you need a hand

Posted by Alana January 13, 11 03:26 AM

Australia appreciates all the love, from those next door to others across the seas.

We thankyou all for your support, and let it be known, there WILL be brighter times ahead.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
...Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!

--Dorothea Mackellar

Posted by BOE_4eva January 13, 11 03:44 AM

Its a disaster we are looking at probably 1/4 of our country under water in all states with QLD the worse.
I am disgusted with the attitudes of people at my worke place and my town Whyalla towards the flood affected people.

- They live there thats their problem.
- Their stuck up pr*cks in QLD anyway.
- Oh no we may end up with Cane toads.
- Drown a few of the pr*cks we don't need them.
- Why should I donate any money.
- Why are we sending our SES and MFS.
- Great there could be some more guns for sale.

Just realise these are comments from people who have not travelled past Gladstone, Adelaide is a long trip.
Similar comments were made towards the lower Eyre Peninsula and Pt Lincoln after the 2005 and 2009 bushfires.
If the day ever comes when Whyalla may need help just keep these comments in mind, not all are tared with same brush but these are common statements from people who in most cases are first and second generation Australians how quickly they have forgotten what their parents went through to make them come to Australia.
Which now I may understand after some of the comments I have read coming from from the UK.

Posted by The Dog Whyalla S.A. January 13, 11 03:55 AM

I am from Christchurch New Zealand.. whilst we have been shaken by a very large earthquake, I just cant imagin what it is like for you in Australia with all that devisation and loss of lives.. Please God that is stops and save what is left of this beautiful country ...My heart goes out to you.. Prayers and support .. I am so sad also to see all the animals lost and drown, but it is wonderful to see even in the trauma of all that is going on people are saving and helping the animals that they can.

Posted by Val... New Zealand January 13, 11 03:55 AM

Dear Mum,

We've been having a bit of rain up here lately. It's been a real bugger - I've had clothes on the line for a week and haven't been able to get 'em dry. I was gonna ask for your advice, but it doesn't really matter now 'cos the clothes line went under yesterday.

We have been sitting on the roof of the homestead and it has been a bit of all right. You don't have to worry about the tucker, because it comes to you. That python doesn't taste half bad but it's a bit stringy. The cook has been whinging about how hard it is to get a fire going, but it's okay 'cos when the sun comes out we can cook 'em on the roof.

It's been a bit hard on us 'cos the beer isn't that cold. The boss told Charlie to tie the fridge up, but the silly bugger tied it to the boat and now they have both floated off. We aren't suffering too much 'cos when the boss told the cook to throw a few essential items on to the roof, he managed to scrounge up three case of rum. The only trouble is that the cook and the rum are a rough mix and he keeps falling off the roof. We've been taking it in turns to fish him out until the boss said we should tie him to the chimney. Charlie offered to do it but for some reason the boss asked me to.

I know I shouldn't whinge but it looks like cricket is gonna be called off again. This will be the second week in a row. It's no wonder the Poms keep giving us a hiding if we can't get in any practice. One of the neighbours just came past in his boat and he reckons we should take up water polo. I'm happy to give it a crack but I just hope some of the horses made it to high ground.

The weather must be making it a bit hard for you too. Maybe you should rethink the barbeque for Uncle Kevin's birthday. I don't think I'll make it, but if I can get past the cook I'll have a rum for him. I better be going now because there is a helicopter coming. Charlie reckons it'll be the Red Cross. They must be looking for donations. Don't worry I'll kick in a few bob, I know you always told me there is always someone worse off than we are.

Your loving son,

Posted by Dave January 13, 11 04:14 AM

Australians are tough they are dinkum, they are battlers, they are survivors.
There isn't anything that they cannot achieve.
Australians and Queenslanders will get through this and anything else you throw at them, just turn back the pages of history. Cyclone Tracey, Ash Wednesday. The list goes on and on and on, but for these families to get on their feet "all charitable donations in cash should firstly go to the families!"
I know that the Australian gov"t will do the right thing.

Posted by Peter Greece. January 13, 11 04:32 AM

We are Australians. We are humans. We will prevail

Posted by Kev January 13, 11 04:53 AM

it is at times like these we have to say CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME and that is where the billions of dollars in aid should now be spent. I am not an Aussie but as a Brit I say that the commonwealth we live in should pull together to assist one of our members. The Aussies, just like the rest of the Commonwealth, always go to assist other countries whose governments normally line their own pockets and have a pandemic system of corruption.
Come on the Commonwealth - give aid to the AUSSIES

Posted by GARY POWELL January 13, 11 05:25 AM

hope, make strength,and god bless U.!

Posted by Liza jane Tan January 13, 11 05:25 AM

#611 - A man after my own heart :)

Posted by SA gal January 13, 11 06:09 AM

My heart goes out to the people and creatures affected. I wish them all the best and will do what I can to help. And with that I mean financially or otherwise. Not pray to a god that, if he existed, caused this disaster in the first place. A little food for thought: One hand GIVING is better than two hands PRAYING. Thank you, David (No 570) *DONATE:*, will do.

Posted by PoppyFlower January 13, 11 06:09 AM

What a sad, sad person you are George W (England) 187 We plebs down under are constantly bombarded by International Events and Disasters. A large proportion of the world don't even know we exist. We sent more than provisions to England and Europe, we sent human lives some as young as 15 16 which were then used as cannon fodder, How dare you, go back to the sewers from whence you came, we WILL survive,bigger and better, without one iota of your help. Thought I had heard it all, guess not.

Posted by BrissyG January 13, 11 06:11 AM

My thoughts are with all the people affected by the flooding.

Posted by Neville Tingey January 13, 11 06:18 AM

i just looked at the pictures and have been watching the news my thoughts are all with you and what a dedicated people you all are .i have family living in sydney and a very good friend and family in brisbane but wasnt affected by the water /maybe by not being able to carry on thir lives like they should but they still care so much
i am in uk and my family and friends and i are still shocked by it all
god be with you all and our prayers are with you xxx

Posted by carol nunez January 13, 11 07:23 AM

re comment 671.
absolutely loved it. Describes the Aussie attitude to a tee. A sense of humour in a very dark time.
thinking of you all
Aussie Aussie Aussie
oi oi oi

Posted by Linda West Australia January 13, 11 09:11 AM


Posted by JOHN January 13, 11 09:16 AM

god bless you all stay strong your a proud peole so you will get through

Posted by margaret sumner lancs January 13, 11 10:16 AM

I used to live in York and get used to flooding when The River Ouse used to break it's banks but I have never seen floods like this. I hope you can get through your problems soopn. God Bless Posted by Valerie Masters Wisbech Cambs January 13th 15.25pm.

Posted by valerie masters January 13, 11 11:42 AM

My God these floods are horrendous, my heart goes out to all those poor people who have lost everything xx

Posted by Judith John January 13, 11 12:53 PM

Sad as it is, my friends and my kin
As we lost mates in this horrible crazy din
I will still seek a way to make it all gin.

It is only a bit of a bad watery run,
and please excuse my unworthly pun
as eventually, it will bring out the familiar sun
we aussies do know that life, will eventually be fun.

In pain is the guy that thought life is a prawn
because of a flooding that watered our lawn

This lawn will be green after the deluge has ebbed
For loosing you my friend I will always be sad.

To the publisher,
As I cannot be there because I am far away
This crazy event has put me astray
so I do appologise to all that feel dismay
to the way I am expressing this frustrated display

Posted by Marvic Attard January 13, 11 01:29 PM

Hello Dear People,
I pray to God for jour misery,the lost lives.
I pray to God for new happiness.
From my heart,with love.
Greetings from Flanders.

I love jou all !

Posted by Linda January 13, 11 01:49 PM

Our hearts go out to all of those who are suffering this dreadful flooding.

Your friends in Canada.

Posted by Sandra January 13, 11 02:07 PM

Wyrazy współczucia z powodu tak wielkiej tragedii,która tak niedawno przezywaliśmy sami w Polsce.Tak nam przykro.Pozdrawiamy Polonia

Posted by KOWALCOOL January 13, 11 03:18 PM

To straszne!!! Badzo wspolczuje tym wszystkim ludziom! Niedawno to samo przerabialismy w Polsce. Mam nadzieje, ze szybko ta woda splynie!

Posted by Elma January 13, 11 03:20 PM

In 2009 there was a massive (and very realistic) international flood excersise which can be seen here...

Posted by Paul January 13, 11 03:43 PM

Wow, and to think that those photos are from late December and the first few days of January - and that it's STILL going! Devastating.

Posted by Andrew January 13, 11 03:49 PM

Great photos! Hats off to the lady with dry hair in a kayak towing a kangaroo! That is Awesome Aussie paddling!
My son is drying off in Arizona, happily reliving those arid days when dusting was a task.
Don't break your backs. Mother Nature will clean up in her fashion!

Posted by Rico Leffanta January 13, 11 04:12 PM

Just to say we have been praying for you all these past few days.
Thank you for the courage and dignity you show in these terrible times, a great example to us all. Australia a great country with great people.
May God be with you, Bless,Guide and provide as you rebuild.

Posted by Patricia & Irene Moody January 13, 11 04:15 PM

From San Angelo,Texas. We're praying for ya'll.Can only look at the pictures and try to keep from crying. Hang in there, it'll get better. God bless each and everyone.

Posted by Sis Wen January 13, 11 04:26 PM

I only hope & pray that you get all the help that is possible for you to get.
We here in England were very put out when we had a little more snow than usual, but what you have, puts everything in a new light.

Posted by EILEEN WEBB January 13, 11 04:27 PM

the dam should have been empty redy 4 the rains but they held it back because of the drought.

Posted by jill fitzgibbons January 13, 11 04:34 PM

Bless you all, I can feel your pain, I was in the Bundersburg area in October and it was wonderful 3 weeks,friendly People and wonderful sites to see, such a shame that this Storm has caused so much damage to your Beautiful homes.
My Heart goes out to you all and I know that you Guys will pick your selfs up from this and get your Great Area back as it was,yes it will take time and money but you will do it God bless you all -- Bob Lawson UK

Posted by Robert Lawson January 13, 11 05:46 PM

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected by these horrendous floods. Keep strong and god bless.

Posted by John Whitehead January 13, 11 05:56 PM

We are just beginning to see the result the flooding, and still more to come. I surely pray for safety and guidens for my friends i the Rockhampton, Gladstone area. May our good Lord give you safety and hope. Jack Anderson
in safe & dry Everettt, Wshington

Posted by Jack Anderson January 13, 11 06:12 PM

Am overwhelmed at the devastation - and also the looks of
determination on the faces of the people involved. You Aussies are
special indeed - be assured of prayers!
Do you have an address for the National Red Cross in Australia?

Posted by Dody Blackburn January 13, 11 06:15 PM

Very saddened by all the tragedies, deaths and losses, but Aussies shall survive, clean up, rebuild and thrive! You have friends all over! You need a hand? Give a shout! Aussies have been generous to the world on many occasions... payback time is here!
Lâchez pas, les amis! COURAGE!

Posted by Jacques from Québec January 13, 11 06:22 PM

How absolutely devestating. We Canadians wishing you all a speedy and safe recovery.

Posted by John Kernc January 13, 11 06:32 PM

My heart goes ou t to all of the people in the flooded areas in Queenslan. I don't like watching it because all it does is make me cry, I have never seen anything like it before and I hope I never see it again. I don't think there is anthing that anyone can say that is going to make thoese people feel any better. God bless you all is all I can say.

Posted by gay boyd January 13, 11 06:39 PM

God bless all those families that have lost their precious family our heart cries with you
There is no pain or suffering in heaven
also for the loss of hard earned possesions
We pray for quick recovery and clean up
Love to all

Posted by sharon January 13, 11 06:58 PM

All people in queensland australia had been effected by the flooded disaster...
My thoughts are with all the people who lost loved ones and homes... hope,make strength,and God bless u.!

Posted by Hendrik January 13, 11 07:03 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with all those people who are affected by the Floods.

Hang in there - don't try to battle it - seek the refuge that is being offered by the various resources until the floods subside. Your life if more valuable that your other possessions.

Posted by Jennifer Lewis January 13, 11 07:08 PM

Thank God for all our volunteers and SES people all we can do is watch with a sadness what is going on in Queensland.This is devastating for everybody.Keep your spirits high for all Australia is behind you.

Posted by Marjorie Watkins West Aus January 13, 11 07:25 PM

Bless all of you that are having to deal with this mess - wish I could be there to help! Hang in there....from a friend in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Posted by M. Stites January 13, 11 07:42 PM

Valoloma from Fiji - really sorry and sad

Posted by Ratu Ropate January 13, 11 07:45 PM

Totally agree. @671 describes our true fighting spirit. We always look around to see someone worse off than us.
I honestly don't think this is the place for people to be putting up messages for their own agenda's. This site is to offer hope, faith and love to all of those affected. Not just in Queensland but now it seems in NSW, Victoria and some parts of Tasmania.
Makes me proud to be Australian seeing everyone pitch in. I just feel helpless as all I can offer is a cash donation. Wish I had the strength and energy to come help clean up, unfortunately ill health prevents that.

Posted by Verne Larkins January 13, 11 08:34 PM

Our prayers and thoughts are with all those affected by the floods. May God be with you....

Posted by Elenoa M B January 13, 11 08:41 PM

sitting in Adelaide, South Australia and reading comments from across the globe... Like all, I'm terribly saddened by the damages and loss of life but as my employment puts me in direct contact with people affected I am amazed by the calm and concern shown by these peope for others in their communities even though a lot of the people I'm speaking to have been directly affected by the floods and lost everything- my heart is overflowing with pride and tears are flowing - so proud to be a part of this fanastic country and to call myself and aussie.
... to 'Dave' on the homestead roof - I can picture it all in my minds eye - you're a dinkum aussie (I'll have a rum tonight in appreciation!) and to all who have given so generously - thank you.
Lets not complain about our governments and where precious funds are going - it's gratifying to know that the true human spirit does not ask what race/colour/creed the victims are but simply how can we help - shame though that it takes a catastrophe like this to remind us of something we should be considering daily

Posted by Gerry from Oz January 13, 11 09:24 PM

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people of Australia. Our condolences go to the families and friends of the persons who lost their lives due to the floodings. We sincerely hope that the nations of the world will immediately respond with all of the needed assistance to help the Australians recover and rebuild their country.

Posted by Vaughn and Shirley Rogers January 13, 11 09:28 PM

Keep your chin up Queenslanders, prayers are being said to Saint Mary MacKillop from Western Australia. Prayers for our PM to guide her to assist our flooded Australians before we assist others.

Posted by Suzanne Perth WA January 13, 11 09:36 PM

Firsty to all the unfortunate people who are suffering and have lost loved one's in this terrible disaster, I am so sorry and hope you keep your heads held high, as Australians this is what we do, my thoughts, wishes and donations go out to you all.
Love your comments 611, we wont c a red cent for assistance from them only HALAL KFC'S.

Posted by S.Crampton January 13, 11 10:52 PM

Poor Banana benders! Poor Bastards! There are now images that show the extent of the damage in Brisbane. Noooo... i loved the Regatta hotel! I just can't get the images out of my head of a family of three near the city of Toowoomba on the roof of a floating Subaru Forester... as the camera panned outwards it looked like kms (sorry guys miles lol) of water around them. rescuers were unable to save them. they found mum and bub down stream and no sign of dad... how horrid! People in the Lockyear Valley didn't have any warning and homes have been ripped from their foundations... I'm sure there are going to be horror stories in the media shortly.

i guess the only positive thing that could possibly come from this trajedy is the uniting of all races, backgrounds, and social standings, all chipping in to help and support each other. I see some other comments on here from other Aussies dissing our PM to which i say... IS IT REALLY NESSESSARY? how could you think about the politics at a time like this? You make Aussies look bad!

i live in NSW/ACT in Australia, and i now (unfortunately belatedly) realise the terror the people in New Orleans had to deal with. We are all birds of a feather and we need to start realising this.

On behalf of the affected Australia public, i thank the international community for your thoughts, prayers and support. Hopefully we can repay the favour someday!

Posted by Matt Townsend January 13, 11 11:38 PM

Time has come for all Australians to see what our Government is doing. It is helping those Nations which create problems for themselves , knowing very well that they will not give a cent to us in our time of need, by pouring Millions of our hard earned Dollars in their country instead of fixing our own problems. Lets face it WE DO HAVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS which need fixing urgently. I don't have to itemise it. Its glaring into our faces. Yet our Government turns a BLIND EYE to it pretending not to see it.
Wake up PRIME MINISTER and wake your TEAM up, serve the AUSTRALIANS who have worked their backsides off to make this nation what it is today and who deserve the benefits of every cent they give to you.

Posted by C. Akhil January 14, 11 12:16 AM

Proud to be an Aussie we are a special breed of multicultural humans who in times of hardship band together and help our fellow man in any way shape or form, Aussies hold your heads high ,dig deep, gather strength from adversity, learn fom disasters and love our wonderful country. Message from a proud Gippslander.

Posted by chris lipscombe January 14, 11 12:38 AM

Overseas at present. I wish everyone well in Queensland and New South Wales caught up in the flooding - lots of cleanup. Hang in their Guys. All those above who have put in your politicial ratbag comments (who cares about this bulldust?) you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Posted by Vance Painter January 14, 11 01:22 AM

The QLD Disarster is an eye-opener to all Australians. We are very complacent, thinking that "She'll be right mate." NO ! NO ! NO ! my fellow Australians "She'll NOT be right Mate". NATURE is unpredictable mate. I can't think of an anology as far as "Unpredictability" is concerned. Our GOVERNMENT seems to be complacent too embracing the "she'll be right mate" feeling.
Instead of pouring Millions of our hard earned dollars into countries to solve their self-created problems (knowing that they will NOT give a CENT to us in our time of need) our GOVERNMENT should focus its attention to solving our own problems and building up reserves of DISASTER FUNDS. LETS FACE IT WE HAVE OUR PROBLEMS!!!! I don't have to list them. They are glaring at our faces. PM - WAKE UP and WAKE your TEAM up Serve the Australian people who have busted their backsides to make this Nation what it is today and who deserve the benefits of the hard earned Dollars which they have given to you.

Posted by C. Akhil January 14, 11 01:59 AM

to see this devastation. is heartbreaking, the resilience of you poor buggers makes me proud to be an Australian, to the Queensland Premier you have shown that you are a most remarkable person under the circumstances, as for our PM stop pissing in other countries pockets and put your own people first, we don't need most of the proposals you and your cohorts dream up, put the money where it is most needed, here, in our country and stop wasting it on pipedreams, to see the ex PM Kevin Rudd getting off his arse and helping out his neighbours gave me a new insite into the man. May the suffering of you flood affected people be minimum and your lives return to normal as soon as possible, God be with you in your time of need,

Posted by Peter Isaac January 14, 11 02:25 AM

Hi to ALL in Oz!! i am sitting here at work and am struggling to keep my tears back as i work in a reception in South Africa...we are not allowed to cry as I am 'frontline' but it's so hard not to. the more i see the pictures and then the comments, the tears keep coming. i can actually feel the pain in my soul. I have a daughter, her husband and the 2 boys who moved
to Perth 3/4 years ago. Looking at the pics of homes damaged, of the animals (i'm a very big animal lover) and i see people rescuing them too, i say thank you to those who made the time.. the planet belongs to animals
aswell. for those who have lost their loved ones, homes, cars, possessions..i'm soooo sorry that you all have to go thru this!! But pse don't give up, turn to the 'Higher Power'..down on your knees and still be thankful for your all..i know it's easy to say. But us humans have really
hurt/abused this world, maybe it's payback???? Our world is bleeding. I can assure you that there are so many people praying / calling out to GOD
to please help you in South Africa.. lots of us have family living in your lovely country... you are such a strong nation!! Be Blessed!!


as well..

Posted by Beryl January 14, 11 04:00 AM

Have just seen the photogrpaphs of the floods, they are horrendous, fight back Queensland.

Posted by Mrs Wood UK January 14, 11 04:06 AM

Hi, I live in Brisbane, and perhaps these photos should be updated as much more than 85% of Queensland, not to mention other states such as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania is underwater, almost the entire East Coast. The death toll climbs, and the loss of homes and lives are catastrophic. Please donate to the flood victims of Queensland and Eastern Australia.

Posted by Rahman January 14, 11 04:07 AM

Dear people of queensland you are brave god be with you and all australia and the hall world be with you

Posted by Michel El-Sayed January 14, 11 04:30 AM

How proud I am to be an Australian , watching TV tonight and seeing strangers and everyone pull together helping clean up after those terrible floods , words can't say it all . So very very proud of everyone . My thoughts are with you all .

Posted by Heather Templeman January 14, 11 04:36 AM

Go no further than DAVE: his comment sums up the Aussie spirit, and in recovery, that needs to be promoted!

Posted by Anonymous January 14, 11 04:44 AM

Oh, here comes the flood
We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent in any still alive
It will be those who gave there island to survive
Drink up dreamers you're running dry
(song van:?)

Lot's of love and strenght from the Lowlands (The Netherlands)
I wish I could help

Posted by karin beset January 14, 11 04:50 AM

i agree we should look after our own first then the government may be able to hand out a bit more money at times like this

Posted by edward thomas January 14, 11 05:23 AM

I'm so sorry for all people and families who have to clean all those muds from their property. Hope everything went well and all receive help.

Posted by Rizky January 14, 11 05:25 AM

Amidst all this tragedy and disaster, the great Aussie spirit will prevail. Towns will be rebuilt, the schools will reopen, new roads will make their way under and over new bridges and the sun will shine again in QLD.

Each and every Australian must help financially. Donate cash wherever you can. Just a few dollars, which none of us will miss, can and will make a difference to the suffering.

Let's all help to make the sun shine again in QLD hey?

Posted by Angel, NSW January 14, 11 05:41 AM

I live in Toowoomba, Queensland,
We have just been through a huge disaster here,
What has happened in the valley below our city is far worse than here.
We are a proud lot of people north of the border, lend anyone a hand if needed, beat the Blues in footy, they don't like it, but we do.
There is only one word for us and that is
My prayers go out to all the missing person's and all their family's, the one's who have lost their lives,family and friends.
God Bless

Posted by ALLAN January 14, 11 05:58 AM

We love a sunburnt country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Maree January 14, 11 06:31 AM

Thinking of everyone from Q'land to Tasmania, dealing with the heartbreak of flooding....& I hope the courts deal harshly with the low life who stoop to looting, 10years is not enough....

Posted by Shirley January 14, 11 07:17 AM

Davo at comment 671 - totally loved your letter home, sounds something like a true digger would have done in years past with that wry & dry aussie humour - absolutely terrific
I am here in stinky hot sunny dry Perth, Western Australia (more commonly known as the Wait Awhile state with the Black Duck river) and my elderly mum is over there in Queensland. Waited days to hear from her & if she was safe. Got told very matter-of-factly that water come to 2ft under her balcony at high tide. She may have lost the car, the washing machine and a few other items but she will just get on with the clean up as it is just a job to be done.
We just love the new monkers Brisbane is getting: Brisvenice and Brislantis ! Chuckling our heads off at those.
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !

Posted by Elfin Kicker January 14, 11 07:31 AM

As our country, UK, responds to all other counties in their hours of need, I sincerely hope to come to your aid as well.
I pray that thes awful times will soon be over for you all
Anne Cornwell U.K

Posted by Anne Cornwell January 14, 11 08:34 AM

God Bless each and every one of you and hope you all get things under control soon. These photos are painful to watch and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

Posted by Ada in Guelph, Canada January 14, 11 09:04 AM

The Aus gov is spending a ridiculous amount on refugees. Whilst I support giving them shelter and food, I do not aree with the gov policy of providing them with spending money, a lot of which goes to cigarettes - lets face it, smoking is a part of their culture and culture is a big part of what our gov supports. Lets take that money from these people and give it straight to the Australian people who are suffering from the flooding.

Posted by Angela January 14, 11 09:30 AM

My heart goes out to my family and friends in these trying times. I am on the other side of the planet at the moment but I suppose that even if I was back home in Oz there wouldn't be a lot I could do to help. We are all helpless to "acts of god".
To Patricia, Aboriginal Activist : Post #290
Let's not get into a racial debate here because as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you'll lose it.

Posted by Dave January 14, 11 10:18 AM

My heart goes out to all the people of Queensland, I have family and friends in Australia ( not in Queensland thank goodness) and it was my brother who sent me the link to this site. Haveing viewed the pics of this awful disaster and watched the TV footage I can only admire the Australian people for there courage and compasion to one another at this awful time. God Bless you all and I hope the future brings you all you need to recover and build back a better Queensland you all deserve the best.
Linn Somerset England

Posted by Linn Devine January 14, 11 10:23 AM


I am concerned about a friend, Gareth, who we met in Singapore in 1995. She and her family live in Brisbane!!!

If by some luck she sees this -- msfair AT pacbell DOT net -- Remember DALE!!

Please write!!!

My positive thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone affected by this act of Mother Nature.

Posted by Marny January 14, 11 10:42 AM

very very very sad :-(

Posted by arsanti from indonesia January 14, 11 10:43 AM

QUEENSLANDER AND PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LEE.PHILLIPS January 14, 11 11:04 AM

I'm not an "Aussie"....I live in Billings, Montana...but, just want you all to know that my (and others, here) heart and prayers are with you all.....there are no words to describe what we (here) feel in our hearts for all the loss and suffering your going through over there....especially in Queensland.......and it grieves my heart even deeper to hear of all the assistance that your gov't has apparently
given out in the name of humanitarian aid to other countries....and
while and of itself, is fine....."your" own people should come First and foremost, especially in times of disasters such as this.
I have some dear friends who live in various parts of Queensland, and who are all very near and dear to my heart and life.....and I soon hope to be one of you over there....and will be proud to be
an " Aussie ".....even if a " transplanted " one.... matter where, have more or less one thing in common.....control, greed & corruption.......but, it's the People who make a country Great....and Australia should hold it's collective head
up high & some of the finest people on this planet....
barr none.
God Bless and Protect you ALL !!

Posted by Jim January 14, 11 11:10 AM

As and American with friends and a cousin in Australia, my heart goes out to all of you in Queensland and those with family there. I'll be praying for you all. I hope our President will send aid soon. Rosemary Krumme

Posted by Rosemary G Krumme January 14, 11 11:54 AM

Having just looked at the pictures of this terrible disaster. Living here in the Uk and now being in our later 70s, we offer our prayers to all of you in Queensland and elsewhere on Australia, for your safe return to something of a normal life.
On behalf of the Parkstone Baptist Church in Poole Dorset we say God Bless, Keep Strong and you will come through

Posted by Shirley & Geoff Kennard January 14, 11 12:18 PM

I have been watching the news here in south wales GB and am so dreadfully sorry for the devastation you have all gone through, it is heartbreaking to see you all suffering in such a way, my prayers are with you all, I,m flying out to perth next month to see my daughters, and if they have collection points for donations I will not pass one without putting in a donation, take heart you fair dinkum aussies, not all pommies are bastards, although I,m welsh not english, so may the sun shine on you all, god bless.

Posted by sue collins January 14, 11 12:56 PM

Our heart aches for all the suffering you and your beautiful country have had to endured but we are sure with your undying spirit and your faith in God you will come back bigger and better. Our prayers are with you.

Posted by Jack & Andrea, Fallon, Nevada USA January 14, 11 02:07 PM

Dave 671, you are a CHAMPION

Posted by Marvic Attard January 14, 11 02:21 PM

To all Ozzie's, Poms, and anyone who is in the queensland flood plain. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, be strong and you will win through.

Posted by edmund and Judith Thorborn.Manchester UK January 14, 11 03:27 PM

When I heard an read the news,my heart is broken to the victims of flood in Australian County. It is my prayer that God to stop the disaster and give strength,patience,ability to rebuild and recover from loss and panic.
My soul and heart with all of you! Your pain is my pain!

God's Mercy upon Us!

Posted by Milkiyas January 14, 11 03:37 PM

So disappointed to see a little petty anti-migrant comment among all the 'good stuff.' NOT the time for it!! I found it oddly amusing/comforting to hear and note that there were so many funny foreign names with funny foreign spellings among all the survivors, police, Salvo's, SES and media people, etc. on TV and newspapers. But the voices were strong, caring, honest Australian ones...dinkum Aussie accent and all. That phrase THE LUCKY COUNTRY can have so many shades of meaning. My Scottish/Irish ancestors migrated here in 1840's and 1860's - I say 'welcome, mate!' In the meantime there is work to be done, survivors to comfort, and a lot of selfless workers and helpers to thank.

Posted by Not for Publication pse. S. T. CUMMING January 14, 11 04:03 PM

I have seen lots of comments here and elsewhere about sending as much money as possible to Qld, but it should be remembered that they are not the only ones that have suffered in the last couple of months in Australia.
There was a terrible bushfire in WA last week that destroyed homes and livestock, and I believe took at least one life, there is flooding in Vic at the moment, and there was a good portion of NSW flooded in December too. These communities still need help and support as well. There are plenty of people that have lost their homes and everything in them, and are now trying to rebuild their lives. Many farmers in NSW have lost all of their crops, and for plenty of them this will the final straw to break them. I have lived through drought and floods in rural NSW, and they are devastating, though I was lucky not to lose anything personally. Small communites can be broken, towns plunged into almost irreparable decay. These are terrible natural disasters, but as always we will pull through it, but there are a lot more Aussies outside Qld that need help too. As Australians we should be able to pitch in and help everyone in need, not just those that are making headlines today.

Posted by Sara January 14, 11 04:49 PM

I have just been watching 'Salvation Saturday' on Channel 9!

We as Australians have something very special in the way that we UNITE to get things done! Not all countries can boast about this type of attitude!


To all of you that have been affected in any way shape or form....I extend my sincere heartfelt wishes to you!

If I here anyone complaining about anything of late, I tell them to THINK OF ALL THE FLOOD AFFECTED VICTIMS and our complaints are insignificant!!

All the very best to you all.....I work for Corporate Express in Sydney and we are having a big fundraising BBQ on Tuesday! Every $$$$$ helps! DIG DEEP CORPORATE EXPRESS SYDNEY!

Chrissy Lasker
Rosebery, NSW

Posted by Chrissy Lasker January 14, 11 05:08 PM

We are Scottish but live in Gibraltar and have visited Australia 4 visit we spent nearly 3 months camping in Queensland which we love. our hearts go out to all you poor brave people and we know all those flooded areas which makes us so sad. Mother Nature can be very cruel at times but I
think we are being warned yet again that we must do something to save our beautiful world before it is too late.
God be with you all.

Posted by Heather Thomson-Stewart January 14, 11 05:38 PM

It's my understanding that it's Global Warming that's causing the weather that's causing the flooding.
It is also my understanding that the International businesses are causing the Global Warming.
But whatever the cause the results are unacceptable to the unfortunate people of Queensland , Australia.
Our hearts go out to them.

Posted by Goldie & Roy January 14, 11 05:53 PM

God bless all the people in all the flood affected areas, they have shown true courage in this sad time, and my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Posted by Dianne Propfe January 14, 11 06:05 PM

We are all in the best country and we all pull together for our help to one and other. Lets keep our good spirits up and help all in need in any way we can. We are not alone in whatever state we live and all have a friendly attitude in Australia. Everywhere you go somebody smiles at you if your stranger or not, so lets keep the smiles up and keep our country as it is and give help in any way. In the lucky parts of Australia, you have a safe house where as others have flood damage to everything and need to rebuild.

Posted by Allan Clarke January 14, 11 07:50 PM

What a disaster this is and what agreat way to get the message accross to people everywhere.
Our thoughts are with you all.

Posted by Bob & Ralphene Henderson January 14, 11 08:04 PM

god bless him..........

Posted by gurjit singh January 14, 11 10:41 PM

We are all thinking of you all in this, our usually 'sunburnt country'. BUT we are sure, those of us whom have never been through such devastation, can not possibly imagine just how bad it is, so we wish you quick resolution of all of your individual problems and sincerest condolences for your losses.

Posted by Doug & Pat Scroope. Sydney. January 14, 11 11:14 PM

I live in regional New South Wales and have seen many floods; bushfires and windstorms, but these are the most devastating floods I have witnessed. What has happened in Brisbane in the last few days makes you cry. Many thousands of homes and businesses under water and mud. Today (Saturday 15th) hundreds more homes going under in Victoria. But we all pitch in and help anyone clean up without complaining. A proud (but sad) Australian.

Posted by Jim Scarsbrook January 15, 11 12:24 AM

the devistation there in queensland is just terrible and you must be brave and strong people to live through this my heart goes out to you i wish i could help i live where we get very cold wheather and snow but this is nothing to what you people are having to deal with the whole world is in some sort of trouble today.things like this are predicted in the bible but we dont know what it is like untill it happens to us i pray for you all and wish the rains stop our government helps countries in disaster and i am sure we will help you god be with we love a cocerned freind in sask canada

Posted by .ronald holmes January 15, 11 12:45 AM

I spent my youth in Brisbane and surrounds and have relatives in QLD and Brisbane. The Queenslanders just get on with things in such a positive way as we are now showing the world. Those that have lost their houses and belongings are saying the Australian catch phrase " there are others worse off ". Those that have lost loved ones our prayers and thoughts are with you. Our hearts go out to all that have been touched by this terrible disaster in all states of Australia! WE WILL PREVAIL WE ARE AUSTRALIANS AND PROUD OF IT. We always help when needed, where ever it is.

Posted by Kendal January 15, 11 01:00 AM

I am a Queenslander living in a part that has bee spared from the devistating floods....We are the lucky ones. It is very hard to sit a watch the coverage on TV, & not be moved to tears...

Those of us who weren't touched by floods, certainly feel the pain of the people who have lost family,homes, & their life long possesions.. If only words could help mend??? ALL that can really help, is MONEY...As crass as it sounds.....PLEASE GIVE, Remember that even small donations add up ...Money will be needed for a long time to come..Let's hope the Insurance companies do the right thing too...I have heard some rather sobering tales that are starting to emerge....These people don't want to hear that they are being let down by those in the Industry most in power to help them at this time of need....Remember, you are alsoAustralian...Don't let the side dowmn Pay up.......

Posted by Val of Queensland January 15,2011 5.30pm January 15, 11 02:33 AM

God bless the people who suffered in any way with the flooding and their familes :(

Posted by Brooke January 15, 11 03:57 AM

Still thinking of you guys over there in Queensland .... Heavy hearted ..... Good luck to you all, you will make it, your spirit and determination overweights all.
Keep safe

Posted by Chris Peterson January 15, 11 04:10 AM

My aunty sent me these pics and it made my mouth drop in horror at some times and laugh at others.

Posted by Molly January 15, 11 04:19 AM

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this. So unbelievably devastating.

Posted by Ann Kuzbyt (Egypt) January 15, 11 04:33 AM

Dear Son
Have you got your singlet on? It sounds like water sports and drinking are going to stop another visit but don't worry about me or uncle Kev we are having the BBQ at Aunty Vals in the shed, it floated down to the Thompsons but the roof is still on so we have somewhere to sit.
Are you wearing a helmet when you play cricket? David you know that rum doesn't agree with you.I hope your eating vegetables with your pythons, you young people seem to forget about your health. If your going to play water polo make sure you've got suncream on and your Aunty Dot is sending you some new moleskins.Uncle Alf is coming to pick us up tomorrow in the tinny as the CWA is having a crochet circle for the flood victims in Brazil. I have packed some vitamin C tablets for the cook and some extra hankies for you. Lovely to hear from you and remember me to your friends.
Love Mum

Posted by Zeke January 15, 11 05:02 AM

Unfortunately 663 the floods are not only in Queensland. They are in New South Wales in the West of the State, Victoria and Tasmania at the moment. South Australia is bracing for flood waters heading it's way.

We have scumbags who are purposely lighting fires in the West for their own amusement - they should be made to find the bodies of people who have died no matter whether they were burnt to death or drowned poor souls.

The spirit of being Australian (rather than just belonging to one part of it) should survive. If we all pull together we will survive. The memories and hard times will become to us like the Blitz in London and other war atrocities have become to people who survived them.

God bless everybody who is affected by this and to the workers who are toiling to help get everybody back on their feet.

Posted by Janet January 15, 11 05:02 AM

We are the world, we are the people - 500 died in Brazil floods this week,
Bangladesh 1,000's - at the very least we are lucky in our disaster because we live in the LUCKY COUNTRY for so many reasons that are not so obvious at the moment.
I am truly proud to be Australian and truly thankful for that fact as well.
And our Government should get it act together and pool the Labour NSW Re -Election fund and give it to all the Aussie in need. Face Premier Kenneally you are a re lost cause - no matter how much you waste you are not getting back in, in fact the only way you will get back in if you do give all that cash in your war chest (taxpayers money not yours) to needy Australians you might just have a chance - imagine all the publicity - "KENEALLY DONATES RE ELECTION WAR CHEST TO FLOOD EFFECTED AUSSIES" I thinks its the only way you could win, think about it, any just ask your mate Bono

Posted by Andrew from Batemans Bay January 15, 11 05:27 AM

Thinking of you all and feeling so darn helpless......

Posted by Keith & Marie in the UK January 15, 11 05:51 AM

Mate some of the readings are a little overwhelming with all the well wishes from through out the world.
I along with my [mob] family, my mum n dad and the [outlaws] inlaws live in the Lockyer Valley and are high n wet but it is the people of Grantham,Murphys Ck communities that our heart goes out to.
The choppers have been up n down the creek searching non stop.
To our fellow QUEENSLANDERS and Australians suffering loss from flood and fire we are a strong mob and we will fight back.
If the boat people didn't get the hand outs we would have a few more bucks left.
Ah yeh Dave 671 maybe those skippys in the photos in that boat might have been a bit taster than that ol' joe blake onya mate.
M8 a I hope ya mum got the letter.
Jim 745 mate you are more than welcome in Queensland and hopefully like to meet up and have a rum with ya. I would

Posted by Craig / Saddler January 15, 11 06:30 AM

My prayers are for you.Be strong.

Posted by Monique Lebon January 15, 11 07:20 AM

May God help you all.
And I will pray for you.

Posted by Linda January 15, 11 07:45 AM

I thank God that my friends in Australia are safe and did not suffer too much damage and I pray for those who were most effected by the floods. God bless you all and help you recover from this.

Posted by Nydia January 15, 11 07:53 AM

God bless Australia and all the best wishes from Brazil!

One year ago i was in Australia and i really enjoyed live with this fabulous people...I hope that everything is going to be ok since now!!

Posted by Leandro January 15, 11 09:18 AM

I couldn't imagine for a moment the enormity and seriousness of the floods that took place in Australia. It is shocking and I can now believe and appreciate the flood that took place in bibilical times of Noah. Hopefully the inhibitants are safe and that the water will recede quickly.

God bless the people affected by it and may they remain safe. God bless.

Posted by Robert Oh January 15, 11 09:32 AM

I hope the floods end soon , I will pray that they do.


Posted by carol power January 15, 11 10:31 AM

I'm sitting here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I want to send my spirit to those in ALL Austrailia who've been affected by Mother Nature. I can't donate. I can't be there to help physically. I want to do both. But I can send you my spirit.
I was trying to think of what could I do if I were really there. Since I'm not strong, I'd be a waste on the "filling the sand bags" duty. I can't cook worth a darn, so I'd be a waste on kitchen duty. But, I would try to focus on what I could do to relieve stress. I would offer to wash your clothes. I would share my toothpaste. I would keep the towels clean in the bathroom so people could pop in anytime-- day or night-- just to rinse off the mud and muck. I would keep extra soap and shampoo. I can make coffe, and would get out the spare cups, and keep them all clean. I would try to get your mind off the fact that all your personal belongings (including old photos) are under water and mud, by just talking to you. (I'm really good at talking. Very gabby!) I could offer my phone for you to call your friends and relatives and tell them you're OK and tell them where they can reach you.
And I would surly give you all hugs. Plain, simple, long hugs. The kind of hugs that need no words... the kind of hugs that just say "yeah, I know. I'm sorry. But you're not alone in this. I care. If ya need something, please ask, 'cuz I'm here."
So, in spirit, I'm there. Offering BIG HUGS to those who need that extra boost to their own spirit, when the moments come that a boost is needed.

I hope that somehow, everyone who should read this, but can't because their computers are not available, will be given print-outs of these blogs. It would be a good thing. They need to know that they are cared about. They just might need THIS kind of hug.

Posted by Mary Van Dyke January 15, 11 12:49 PM

Prayers and thoughts to all affected in this horrendous disaster, I live in Lismore and we normally experience bad flooding nearly every year, so far we have had only minor flooding twice,the old timers down here say we will get heavy rains next month and experience simular weather as to what queensland have just experienced.fingers crossed they are wrong for once.... To all those kind and caring Americans/Canadians and people from all over the globe sharing their thoughts and prayers please do not let this put you off coming " down under" for a holiday we will pull through this, and out beautifull country , sights and native animals will be better than ever. god bless all people and animals.

Posted by Janine . Lismore NSW Australia January 15, 11 02:26 PM

Our blessings and health go with ye all and may ye all try and be there for one another , now is the time to show ones kindness , we have ye all in our thoughts and prayers over here in Ireland and we wish ye all to get over this as ye will in time take care of each other and Gods Blessing go with ye all ...... all your friends in Ireland

Posted by sarah(Ireland) January 15, 11 03:39 PM

To our good friends in Australia. God Bless and good luck. From the land of fires and earthquakes...San Diego, California.

Posted by Ted O'Connor January 15, 11 04:00 PM

My thoughts are with you , be strong.

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 11 04:02 PM

I Thank God our son, partner & friends are safe, my heart & prayers,to all in this disaster. Prayers for the P M she has a tough job,stay COOL, the people of Queensland, will shine through, with God's help.

God Bless Jordon & Donna Rice, and all Rescuers.

Posted by Virginia Cheshire January 15, 11 04:24 PM

Mong tất cả người Úc gốc Việt ở Queensland thoát khỏi thiên tai nầy. Chúng tôi hằng cầu nguyện đến Ơn Trên....
We wish all Vietnamese-Australians in Queensland will be away and survived from this natural disaster. We are praying to Our Good Lord to keep you safe and sound...

Dominic L. Barnard (AKA Lê Ngọc Báu)

Posted by Dominic L. Barnard January 15, 11 05:03 PM

We are praying to Our Good Lord to keep you safe....

Posted by Dominic L. Barnard January 15, 11 05:07 PM

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. All Canadians are wishing you
a better furture.

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 11 05:18 PM

Reminds me of the rains we had here in Aurora IL back in 1996. I pray for everyone to come through this devastating act of mother nature in the best possible way.

Posted by Teri L January 15, 11 05:20 PM

Those of us largely untouched by the actual flood waters are super keen and eager to pitch in and help. Once the roads are usable and more centres are established to pick up volunteers and bus them to areas of need you will see more cars on the road, can't wait for trains to go again, they will be packed with volunteers, it is heartening to see and hear of the 7,000 volunteers gathered to help on the 1st day, 1,000 had to be turned away but will be back stronger every day once we can get around more easily. Living just 30mins from the CBD of Brisbane, we weren't touched by the waters, but we will all feel the effects for a very long time to come, don't be fooled into thinking this won't affect everyone in this great state. Hats off to all the emergency workers, our Army, our Leaders who in great time of need have been doing their utmost for us all, keeping us informed, planning the strategies needed to prioritise jobs and keeping people safe. This is a most testing time for Queenslanders. Send us prayers and don't forget us please!

Posted by Dianne Porter January 15, 11 06:56 PM

From all of America our hearts go out to all of you who suffered in these terrible floods. We Americans know that you Aussies are a stong lot and will look after and take care of your fellows. Good luck and our prayers are with you all!! God bless and be with all of Austrailia.

Posted by Hal & Alice Dennison and the Boys January 15, 11 07:12 PM

Seeing endless flooding is devastating - but the photos of people dealing with the devastation seem to assure that somehow the grit and determination of Australians will enable both survival and eventual recovery. Bravo to each and every one of you!!!! Not sure how some of you have maintained a sense of humor- but you sure set a grand example for those of us who have never experienced such a nightmare. New York may be ":broke" but only in economy not in flooded land. Hang in there and God bless.

Posted by Marj Root January 15, 11 07:37 PM

My generation experienced Japanese occupation and prison camps and just like the present folks now we helped each other regardless being young or old, rich or poor! Keep up this wonderful spirit to build a stronger nation.

Posted by J.W.Dieuonne January 15, 11 07:47 PM

We are so very sorry - our hearts ache for you. God Bless you and may you find strength through Him and know that others are Praying for you. Please find the strength and courage to carry on during this terrible time.
These few words are being sent with deep heartfelt feeling - only you know
the true feelings of being part of such a nightmare! God Bless and please continue to remain united as your "tomorrow" begins and you start to pick up the pieces!
Christine and Alan Penn - England

Posted by Christine and Alan Penn January 15, 11 08:43 PM

I live in Brisbane and have just been overwhlemed by this disaster that has hit our beautiful state of Queensland. Its amazing to think that we have been in drought for sooo long and water supplies were getting extremely low and then this happens.

I have spent the last 2 days helping numerous people out, throwing out the entire contents from homes and business' and cleaning all the smelly, oily mud from their properties, which is all the fertile soil from the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley, some our largest arigcultural areas that provide food throughtout Australia.

I'm a photo documentary photographer and here is a link to my blog with updated images from the flood and the massive cleanup procedure happening in Brisbane at the moment. More images will be posted once the clean up subsides.

To all those affected throughout Queensland - Stay Strong!

Posted by Nigel Wesley January 15, 11 09:04 PM

Have been to Towoomba - was a pretty town. Terrible destruction, my newphew lives in Westfield Lakes - and was only 1 1/2 streets from Brisbane River and 1 1/2 streets from lake - which got flooded. He was lucky - has two storey house, and the water only came onto his laws, and then receded. Neighbours though were not so well off. He is out helping them clean up now.

We are really in drought on this side of Australia. Need rain urgently.

Posted by Esther January 15, 11 10:21 PM

Having lived through a local flood (Johnstown, PA,USA) in 1977 I can truly empathize with everyone there. The pictures don't do justice to the destruction that you are going through. Some things will never be the same... gosh, my mind is racing back to then and having a gut reaction .or you all. God bless you all with courage and peace.
Prayers and blessings up.

Posted by Charles Eisenhuth January 15, 11 11:37 PM

Proud to be Australian. We, in Mackay, on the Eastern seaboard of Qld., had big floods in 2008. Same camaraderie, same generosity. Total strangers came to devastated doors with sandwiches and hot drinks and offers of help ... it is the indomitable Aussie spirit, the eternal good humour, and the ability to face the worse kind of adversity with that loveable, self-effacing comment, 'there are people much worse off than us'... How I love this country!

Claude 16.1.11

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 11 11:44 PM

"Not My Will, But Your will be done,"
Heavenly Father Look upon thy Children,
Hear their Cry, See their Tears, Feel Their Fear and Sorrow,
Heed Oh Father, Rush to their Rescue and Comfort.
Lest all should perish, and there be none to worship you.
Take away this watery deluge, so they may rise from the Valley of floods
Redeemed by you Oh Lord and Creator, Strengthen their hearts,
Their Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. You have promised to Noah
" You will never again flood the Earth" So Please take away this one.
We interseed to you Oh father throught your Son Jesus Christ,
Mary all the Angle and Saints....Amen

Posted by Ashley Ian Rodericks January 15, 11 11:46 PM

From a Dallas, Texas friend.
May the waters recede quickly. We all cringe when we see the pictures on our TV's, and realize how devestating Mother Nature can be at any time. I pray no other people lose their lives in this catastrophe.

Posted by Anonymous January 15, 11 11:59 PM

We where not affected with the flood , but cleening up others is a big job now, God will help then now,

Posted by Alaister Cartney January 16, 11 01:47 AM

We are so very sorry - our hearts ache for you.

Posted by Shyamal January 16, 11 03:10 AM

I pray that the Lord has mercy on those who have suffered through this. Bless you, one and all.

Posted by Daniel Garvin/ Montreal, Canada January 16, 11 03:35 AM

My name is Allyson and my horse property is in the Lockyer Valley, the hardest hit area. I am stuck in Western Australia, unable to help the people from my beloved region. I see faces on the news every night of people I know and care about a great deal.
I am blessed to be removed from the disaster as my home is on one of the creeks that has turned into a raging torrent of destruction. I know that sounds horribly dramatic but that is exactly what it is. If I was still living there, all of my beloved horses would be drowned, and that is a reality I cannot bear to think about.
Yes, we will rebuild, and yes we will get through this, but at what cost... So many lives haave been lost, so many torn apart. We will rebuild, and rebuild stronger, but a piece of our hearts is gone forever. When I return home in a few weeks it will be one of the most emotional journeys I have ever made in my life. I long to be there now, but I dread it. My beautiful Valley will I fear never be the same again.

Posted by Allyson Corti, Lockyer Valley Queensland January 16, 11 03:35 AM

I can only imagine what it must be like to loose what for many people has been a life's work - the building of a home and a community. My condolences to those who have lost even more.. family.

As one person said .. Australians are resiliant peoplwand as the flood waters ease they will pick up the pieces and start again.

From me and my family here in a cool and dry England to the good people of Queensland my very best wishes.


Posted by M D Frampton January 16, 11 03:36 AM

Hello to all.. I am from Australia, Far North Queensland, Cairns... I always watched the news almost every hour just to know the updates of the floods. Watching these people suffered from this natural disaster made me cry heaps. I asked myself, "What is going on with Mother Nature? I guess she's had enough.." Everything has a reason why these happens to us. As a concern citizen of Australia, all I could ask is LET'S NOT DO THE BLAMING NOW.. LET'S JUST STOP BLAMING PEOPLE OR THE PM, OR ANYONE..The best thing we should do now is help each... Let's help others to build a new life... Blaming other people doesn't make any changes anyways, I mean we can't turn back the time if we keep on blaming our country leaders. Let's just be glad that these people or our leaders are there to help, there to think of what to do next. There to save the victims... I am praying that for this moment of tragedy LOVE WILL REPLACE THE HATRED in other people's hearts.... Let's move on.....Let's be open minded....Let's listen each other's opinions...Thank you..:) God Bless all and RIP to those who died from the tragedy...:(

Posted by Sophia January 16, 11 03:51 AM

May God Bless them!!!

Posted by YaoJia January 16, 11 03:53 AM

What is not shown is the people of Brisbane who gave up there weekend to help clean up the suburbs which went under.The true spirit of the Aussie's are shown with bus loads helpers.Last weekend a TV Telethon was held and the general public raised $ + the Governments help will help as some of the victims did not have insurance.

Posted by G Bavister. January 16, 11 03:57 AM

Strength to overcome difficulties ...

Posted by Alcione, Cascavel , Brasil January 16, 11 04:35 AM

My heart goes out to everybody that has been affected by the floods in Australia and I pray that you will all get back to some normality soon .May God be with you all to get over this tragedy that has hit your beautiful country

Posted by Norma Stilwell January 16, 11 04:54 AM

Thank you all for your kind words xoxox

Posted by Leslie, Australia January 16, 11 05:30 AM

Eastern Australians our nz hearts go out to you as we see the devastation of your homes & lives so quickly destroyed, but we know the Aussie are strong together and after the pain plus the mess it won't take you long to be emotionally strong & planning your future again. Can't keep a good Aussie down, be strong. your sparring partners. Kiwis.

Posted by Clara Anderson January 16, 11 05:34 AM

I'm from Melbourne Australia, so not directly affected by the floods. But it's heart warming to read the beautiful comments people from across the globe have posted in our support!! Thankyou all !

Posted by AussieSheila January 16, 11 05:51 AM

To think that the cost of recovery for the Australians will be into the millions. Our foreign minister has made a choice on behalf of the Australians, without consulting them, to REFUSE aide from other nations, how absurd. Our government alone gave 1 billion dollars in aide to Indonesia, for the horrific tsunami in 2004, not to mention the other countries who helped Indonesia during the terrible time they went through. Yet, our Australian government are only giving 20 Million dollars for our own people. There are whole towns wiped out in the central highlands, not just Brisbane. This money won't even cover the cost of rebuilding the towns out west! This is devistating to our country

Posted by Bec January 16, 11 06:08 AM

I was more fortunate in 1991 cause even though the flood waters were chest high at the bottom of my stairs I still had the phone and power as well as the company of my grand-daughter. My heartfelt Prayers for all of the people and their loved ones. God Bless you all and your Aussie Spirit.

Posted by Joy January 16, 11 07:15 AM

Thank you to all the people from right around the world for you thoughts and prayers for the many Aussies whose lives have been devastated by the floods in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Those who have lost loved ones need our prayers the most. Houses can be rebuilt, and businesses restarted thanks to the money pouring in to the many disaster funds set up by charities and the government, but it will take time, effort and and heartache. Farmers who have suffered years of drought have watched their first crop in years drown before it could be harvested...

Posted by Margaret Wilson, New South Wales, Aust. January 16, 11 07:24 AM

Hi There
I am from the land of OZ and proud of it. I live in Toowoomba.Thank you all for your kind comments. I was caught in the deluge and was nearly swept into the maelstrom of water that rushed through the city. My vehicle was floating and I only got it under way again by forcing the drivers door open and flooding the cabin and getting traction back on the wheels. Ended up on on the wrong side of the road. Lucky it is a diesel engine and it kept going. We are coping, food, fuel, and roads are now starting to reopen. Unfortunately bodies are still being found.

Posted by Jack Thompson January 16, 11 07:58 AM

From China,Shenzhen city...
To our good friends in Australia, especially friends in Queensland.
God Bless and good luck, we are always be there with you~.

Posted by Annie Lu January 16, 11 10:49 AM

All the BEST to You and may God Bless. So sorry for your suffering over there. Our prayers are with you ALL.

Posted by Richard in Minnesota USA January 16, 11 11:37 AM

yes you Qweenslanders your goverment help immigrants better than thier own, british gov't the same mate we have the rainy season too by the look of it but nowhere the same as your's. my hearts out to you lot and will send healing thought's to you all.

Posted by davy boy January 16, 11 12:41 PM

Hope and strenght from Chile, our hearts are right there with you :)

Posted by Isi January 16, 11 01:02 PM

My heart goes out to you all .... and all the poor animals. Be strong.

Posted by Maggie January 16, 11 02:56 PM

we lived in Sydney for 7 years in sixty and seventies you are such genenerous people we feerl so deeply for you but we all know how good australians are at coping its in your nature brian and lynne theobald

Posted by brian and lynne theobald January 16, 11 03:00 PM

my thoughts and prayers are with you , all the best to you may GOD bless, Brampton Ontario

Posted by frank January 16, 11 03:36 PM

We've been following your torment closely & are praying that all of you come through this stronger & safe. We were caught up in flooding in King's Canyon in 1995 but it was nothing compared with what all of you are going through now. We know that the "Aussie spirit" will get you through.
Bob & Sandra King,Prince Edward Island, Canada

Posted by Sandra King January 16, 11 04:18 PM

many many thanks to the unsung Heros of disasters like this, the Women who work in kitchens at home to supply some comfort food for the tireless working SES volanteers & Emergency services people in the front line of disaster. They can't lift a shovel or sandbag but they can lift a spirit & at times that is more important. To all these Women I thank you very sincerely

Posted by Bill Holland January 16, 11 04:54 PM

I am a Rhodesian/Zimbabwean who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and now we have finally got to Australia (the country we wanted to live in 20 years ago, but couldn't get into!) and have been in Qld for 2 years.For the first time since I left my country of birth,(when Mugabe came to power) I am proud to be associated with and living in a country, that I want to call home.I am absolutely in awe at the ''Aussie Spirit''.......the humour, the determinantion and the will to just get on and do what needs to be done.No whingeing about who should do what, who is at fault etc.This would never have happened in SA or NZ...the arguments would still be raging over who was at fault and who would have to take responsibilty.The Queenslanders have just got up and got on with it.......and their efficiency and organization is unparalleled.I salute the Premier and her team,the Mayors of the cities and towns affected, the Emergency workers, the council workers,the Defence Force and most of all the ordinary every day people who have done dirty, back breaking work all week-end and the people who have donated money.God Bless each and every one of you and my heartfely sympathies to everyone who lost loved ones, pets, homes and businesses.

Posted by Louise Bradley January 16, 11 05:18 PM

I'm an American but grew up in Australia. Australia is always in my heart. You all are such heroes! My heart goes out to all of you during this horrendous time!
GO AUSSIES!!!!! The whole world is loving you and thinking of you!

Posted by Robin Walker January 16, 11 05:19 PM

She'll be right, mate..."Loss is not Loss, if properly perceived" !
(Mark my words....)
But I will 'go slow' on my Vegemite...looks like it'll be some time before I can get another jar !

Posted by Christopher January 16, 11 05:21 PM

My heart goes out to everyone who has been effected by the floods and also Bushfires across Australia, amongst all the pain and devastation the Australian spirit is unbreakable, our anthem should be "I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN"!! As you rebuild your lives we will be beside you assisting in any way we can from near and far, Courage dear friends our thoughts and prayers are with you. So proud to be an Aussie!!! P.S.Could all the Gambling Establishments in Australia please donate 25% of their Profits for one week to the Flood Apeal, It would certainly go a long way. God Bless.

Posted by Anna Farrugia January 16, 11 05:22 PM

To all the people in the Qld floods our hearts go out to you all .

When oversaes countries have disasters Australians are the first to donate lets see if the other countries recipitate ??

Posted by Kerri January 16, 11 05:31 PM

Australia. The place of my home. We have disaster after disaster, and still there were 12,000 volunteers to offer hands, hearts and minds to help on this past weekend in QLD. It makes me so grateful to be an Aussie - and so thankful that people have such wonderful, warm hearts.

Posted by Keira, Melbourne January 16, 11 05:33 PM

this has to be the worst flooding i have ever seen, i was in the floods of 1974 and thought that was bad,the east coast has copped a hammering but in the true nature of aussies,we will rise up out of the ashes of this disaster like a phoenix only to move on and smile.....
stef tilbury, babinda,far north queensland

Posted by Anonymous January 16, 11 05:38 PM

Heads up high and march through the pain.... we are Aussies... we can lead the way... We are unique... and I am proud to be Australian....!!!!

To all those who have helped in some way or other... thankyou for demonstrating that love, peace and respect is alive amongst us...

The touch of a human being... will be felt in the deepest and highest parts of the world... our sun sets today amongst the diaster floods of Qld, but will rise in the strength, hope and peace of tomorrow....

Tony B.
Bondi, Sydney, Australia

Posted by Tony B January 16, 11 06:44 PM

We feel for all you out there. We pray for you.
We have been there 1953 flood in Holland.
Thinking of you all every day.

Posted by pieter van papeveld January 16, 11 06:48 PM

May God be with you in your times of need and prayers are said from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Posted by Wendy January 16, 11 10:35 PM

The PM should get the 4 top Banks to contribute $ 4 Billion or so to help the flood victims , as these people contributed no doubt to the Billions that these Banks have amassed over the last few years .The Governments should also rebuild the Highways and Bridges ABOVE the flood levels , not Below it! Its not rocket science really you know. Its not too dificult to see the advantages of an all weather Highway now is it? Hitler had Autobahns in Germany in 1935 or so ! ,and we still have these goat tracks they call "Highways" , which require fixing every time it rains.Same applies with the Rockhampton Aerodrome [ or Aquadrome now , Build it above the flood levels , they know where they are now hey?

Posted by Rod Waite January 16, 11 10:57 PM

It's only words but words are all I have to give plus a donation. I wish you all a fast return to your previous life, I wish you health and a strong heart to come through this disaster. My heart breaks for everyone affected and my gratitude goes out to all the people coming to your aide, I would if I could but I am an aged disabled woman so I can only pray for you. God bless all of you.

Posted by Carol Schoenmaker January 16, 11 11:01 PM

Only in Australia would you find this strength of character! No where else in the entire world. Forget France or Spain they would be looting within minutes. You would be completely on your own. Not one person would lend a hand. Forget New Orleans, Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mexico they would not have the first idea about mateship. Only in QLD would they act like human beings. Aussie Aussie Aussie bull**** bull**** bull****

Posted by bruce the racist January 16, 11 11:22 PM

Shovked. The havoc is worst than the Panshet havoc at Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Posted by P.M.Paranjape January 16, 11 11:26 PM

I am proud to be a Queenslander from Brisbane. Have just been out helping in a small way but have been blown away by what others are doing - from the group of local women ferrying around sandwiches to the fire, electricity and emergency workers sweating it out in the stinking mud. Our finest hour - God speed to a full recovery and a mending of broken hearts.

Posted by Katerina K January 16, 11 11:40 PM

our hearts are with those in the QLD floods

Posted by robyn January 17, 11 12:59 AM

As a Queenslander but not a flood victim, I thank everyone for their thoughts and concern for us Aussies at this difficult time. Your photos of the flood only show a very small portion of this disaster but we will pick ourselves up and get on with the job of rebuilding our lives. For some of us though, our lives will never be the same unfortunately.

Posted by Emma January 17, 11 01:44 AM

Our family went through the 1974 floods in Brisbane and we will survive this one. Our homes and businesses are gone and parts of our beautiful state will never be the same. 50,000 Brisbane volunteers came along Saturday and Sunday with shovels and broom and buckets and mops to clean out homes in Brisbane and Ipswich. Some times it was a little emotional, coming across a dead pet or children's toys. We will mourn our dead and hail our heroes. We will re-build our beautiful Queensland if possible even better than before. Because we are Aussies and they can't keep us down.

Posted by Sue Coman Brisbane Queensland January 17, 11 01:49 AM

Oh you poor souls......

We are thinking of you all the time.... Hope it does not take too long to recover for you guys..

Stand tall and take charge...We are strong.

Posted by Liza January 17, 11 01:51 AM


Posted by VON January 17, 11 02:27 AM

We feel for all you out there. We pray for you.
We have been there 2010 flood in PAKISTAN.
Thinking of you all every day.

Posted by HASSAN Ghufran January 17, 11 02:44 AM

South Africa is praying for all affected by floods may the Lord of mercy be with you all.

Posted by Phindile Lucia Sibanuoni January 17, 11 03:31 AM

As a Queenslander, I feel so humbled as to all the support foriegners have shown us, as well to the 50 000 volunteers helping in Brisbane with the clean up. I am proud of my city and of being an Aussie. I never thought I would see this in my life time. To all those families that lost a loved one, my heart feels for you. To our gov't, please show the rest of the world that you actually care for your own. We are a generous country and give to anyone in the world, but right now we need our own help.

Posted by Anita R January 17, 11 05:01 AM

I do keep all of you in my prayer though I am not able to help you much. Do keep up with your good spirit to build and tidy up again.God be with you all. Sr. Margaret Fung from Macau

Posted by Anonymous January 17, 11 05:03 AM

Australians are pulling together as always,its times like these we are thankfull to live in such a great country, to all you folks affected by this disaster you are in our thoughts, things can only get better

Posted by Trisha Hardie January 17, 11 05:18 AM

I'm in the flood with my Dad and my little sister. It's so scary! Will it ever end... Hang in there Queensland!

Posted by Jennifer Logan January 17, 11 05:31 AM

To all the people suffering at the moment in QLD Hang on in there.

Posted by Gill and Mick KemtEngland January 17, 11 06:31 AM

Dear Aussies. I have met many of you and I have loved very dearly one of you. Being a Chilean I cannot but feel a sister of Australia. We share so many great things including the forces of nature in all its dimension. If we did it YOU DEFINETELY CAN. Be strong my friends. You have compassion in your hearts, good brains in your head and incredible strength in your spirits. I´m with you, and some day I will visit and give you the big hug you need now. So, mourne, be sad. Give time to your grief and then stand up and go to work. You have a wonderful country to put together again..

Posted by Carolina January 17, 11 07:10 AM

Why give all that money away for the Stimouous package when most went on alcohol and plasma TV's!. Save money for a rainy day I got taught - and it is so true, yet the rainy season as not arrived yet? It's Dams and more levee banks - keeping our people safe is what is needed -lets hope those poor poor innocent men, women and beautiful helpless children did not die in vain and the government puts what is needed to save those communities to the very best we can for their futures in Queensland. Do not let homes and building's be built in flood and low lying areas- how much land do we need? Build new communities elsewhere- where it's safer. My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones, words can never express how the world feels for you all right now. God be with You and if you don't believe in God move away for a good while until something is put in place to keep you safe. Barb T Victoria, Australia

Posted by Barb T January 17, 11 07:16 AM

my heart goes out to you all, your courage is amazing, your inner strength inspiring, god bless you all, may you soon have order and calm in your world, thank you for saving the animals too x

Posted by Gay Freer January 17, 11 09:33 AM

am sorry to hear and see such disaster like these sorry to australia god bless you

Posted by abdullahi hagi aden January 17, 11 09:41 AM

Aussies, It is obvious that even in this day and age man has little control.. most especially over the environment. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you dig out and rebuild your lives. You will go on. Debbie Robinson Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Posted by Debbie Robinson January 17, 11 10:18 AM

With prayers from Chicago, IL.

Bob Banzin

Posted by Bob Banzin January 17, 11 11:10 AM

Our hearts go out to all of you and we hope that the worst is over.
We wish we could be there and help with anything at all. We pray that God will give you courage and ability to overcome this disaster. Australians are a strong people and much loved by all.
The Sutherlins in California, USA

Posted by Jack and Merle January 17, 11 03:24 PM

Having watched with amazement what has happened to your lovely country, it seems to me that you had no idea that this sort of thing could happen to you. I look forward to returning to your country in the near future and enjoying THE GREAT AUZZIE HOSPITALITY that I know that you can put on. Not a God person but may GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!!!
Wally UK

Posted by Walter Clarke January 17, 11 04:37 PM

I am so sick at heart when I look at the devastation. I am from Sydney, lived in Brisbane for several years and now live in New Orleans. I was here in the 2005 flood and know the hardships most people in QLD will have to go through. After 5 years we are still rebuilding, but I know Aussie resilience and persistance will win the day. God bless, I pray every day for you all and for the great country of Australia.

Posted by Aussie in New Orleans January 17, 11 04:43 PM

We were there in november, it s so beautiful
and we can imagine how its tough for all Australians right now
We are with you and hope the life going to be back to the reality as soon as possible for you.

God bless you

Anick from canada

Posted by Anick January 17, 11 07:13 PM

Best of LUCK

to All

of you We hope it is soon over for you


Posted by Phil Evans January 17, 11 07:31 PM

We all love you Aussies and hope to visit some day. Pray for God's help to keep you strong and mighty. So sorry for the flood and heartbreak. May God bless you all. nursecarol1965@aol.New York,USA

Posted by Anonymous January 17, 11 08:30 PM

Try if you can dear people of afflicted flood areas, focus on the positives, count your blessings on what you have and not what you have lost and your blessings and grateful attitude will not go unnoticed you will be blessed with better times as you have your lives and with it a spirit of determination and compassion. We are faced at times with atrocities and the lesson is surely how we are able to overcome and shine through hardship as we not only gather our lives together but the compassion we are able to muster for others... Thinking of you all in flood areas and trusting in the universe to bless each and everyone of you...

Posted by Lee Simmons January 17, 11 09:28 PM

Sorry to hear and see the pictures of your your country. I am sorry I cannot do anything in person but i sympathize with each one and my prayers are there for u all to get back on your feet. With love

Posted by Mabel January 17, 11 11:39 PM

My thoughts are with you during these hard times. Although it may seem hard remember that property can be replaced but lives cannot. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one in the floods or fires.

Thinking about you up here in Canada

Posted by D. Johnston January 18, 11 12:45 AM

I was in Melbourne in 1987 on an assignement and found the Country as a very clean one. My heart goes to the brave people of Queensland with a sincere prayer for a speedy recovery towards normality. There is a lesson to be learnt by other countries from the solidarity exhibited by the people of Australia in general and Queensland in particular.

Posted by Prof.P.N.Satish January 18, 11 12:52 AM

These high rainfalls of about 400mm were accurately predicted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology starting in September 2010. The Southern Oscillation index (El Nino / La Nina events) shows the waters off Nth & West Australia to be the warmest on record, surpassing all previous La Nina's. This warm ocean water means more evaporation and more tropical air causing more rainfall. This rain is greater than the rain that caused the '74 floods, the worst Brisbane flood. However, this 2011 Brisbane flood was a meter less than '74 due to the Wivenhoe Dam built after '74 which stores almost 3 cubic Km of water. Australia just came out of the worst El Nino event on record causing a long and terrible drought. Both these weather extremes and the rapid move from one to the other are consistent with global warming.

Posted by R Inglis January 18, 11 02:16 AM

Mother Nature is giving a lot of our planet a real belting at the all in Queensland, the human spirit will prevail and having lived in Oz for 20 years, u guys have plenty of it! Thoughts are with u all....from Christchurch New Zealand where we are "Shaken Not Stirred" from September earthquake and over 3000 aftershocks!

Posted by Martingo January 18, 11 02:34 AM

Our hearts in Canada go out to you all in Australia at this most awful time of your lives - bless your dear hearts - Sincere good feelings to you all.

Posted by Barbara J. Wood, Surrey,B.C. Jan.18th,2011 12.00 p.m. January 18, 11 03:02 AM

it was so sad to hear this disaster.i pray for that God end this.

Posted by Theodore Burikoko January 18, 11 04:46 AM

I hope god gives evryone the strength to pull through this. At times it takes difficult times to get communities together

Posted by Sandeep Chhabra January 18, 11 05:39 AM

So, sad to see all this, God bless and protect you all.

Posted by Rather January 18, 11 06:29 AM

We live in Rockhampton with family and friends in Bundaberg Toowoomba and Brisbane areas we all thank you for everyones well wishs it means a great deal to us here in Oz land of lots mud dirt and smile too thanks.

Posted by Jenni January 18, 11 06:38 AM

Prayers and thoghts and good wishes for your safety and well being in this very difficult situation.. My heart breaks for all your suffering and stress and worries...Many HUGSSS to all of you....Was always my dream to visit Australia..Wsih I could be there to help in some way!!!

Posted by Maddie from Canada January 18, 11 10:36 AM

To our freinds in Australia, we hope you have been spared this devastation. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Len and Dona Pollacchi January 18, 11 10:53 AM

I cannot believe the devestation you have endured. Here in Canada we watch with shock. Our hearts go out to you and we will continue to hope and pray this comes to an end soon. Keep smiling and don't lose hope. This to shall pass.

Posted by Barbra Goldman January 18, 11 11:31 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Bruce and Pauline Clark Oxford Ohio USA

Posted by Bruce Clark January 18, 11 12:53 PM

Dear Aussies, all the Brits in Great Britain wish we could help, You are wonderful people in a wonderful country and we love you all, We hope you all get back on your feet very soon, We guess with the Aussie spirit it will not take you very long. Good Luck and all the Best. x Esther W. From North Wales U.K.

Posted by Anonymous January 18, 11 01:28 PM

good blees from is the same but good blees really

Posted by emmanuel January 18, 11 04:01 PM

(URL) I have cried for victims of these floods in Queensland and Victoria, it is very difficult to watch the news with out being very saddend by it all. I love the strength of all the citizens pulling together and supporting each other, They are all doing it tough and they have toughened up to get through this devistation. My thoughts and prayer's are with you all, and I am sure the things you need will come to you all, I am sorry for the personal things you have lost and Family and Friends that has been lost that will take some real courage to deal with, how do we put that behind us and move on? Make those losses count and make sure something is done after this disaster that can prevent another big disaster, even if it does not happen again for 100 years something must be put in place to carry the overflow of sudden rises of water. God Bless You All!

Posted by Bernadette Cranshaw January 18, 11 06:11 PM

Hang in there, things will get better. Thinking of you all.

Posted by Anna lindgren January 18, 11 06:18 PM

I sincerly hope there is never a repeat of a flood like this again.My heart goes out to the people who have endured suffering & the unfortunate animals,who didn't have the luxury of being picked up by choppers or boats.

Posted by Karl Praehofer January 18, 11 07:32 PM

This is truly devastating to see. God Bless Australia and its people. Be safe.

Posted by Jessie Aulis January 18, 11 08:40 PM

I'm in Toowoomba, Queensland, but my house and I were high and dry during the flash flood of just over a week ago. Even though I'm safe and well, I'm really touched by this outpouring of goodwill from around the world, towards us here. It's good to know that such an event can have a good side, such as all these expressions of goodwill. Neil Munro.

Posted by Neil Munro January 18, 11 09:14 PM

All the best to the people of Australia, Canada is praying for you.

Posted by Albert Rouseau January 18, 11 09:57 PM

We live in England and have dear family relatives living in Queensland so have followed the news with great concern regarding the devastating flooding of a wonderful area of Australia. Distance and age does not enable us personally to be of physical help but our thoughts and prayers are with you, as they are around the world . There is every confidence in the strength of all Australians in overcoming this disaster and rebuilding not only their homes and livelihood but mostly importantly their spirit. Take courage and you will overcome.
God Bless you all and give you comfort and strength as you recover and rebuild Queensland/

Posted by Maureen and Brian January 18, 11 10:03 PM

#848 posted by VON .. that's rubbish, garbage, even trash & we're cleaning up enough of that already !
I have La Nina to blame for cycling back to the rain levels of 20-30 years ago & maybe some questionable management of release of water from Wivenhoe Dam.

Posted by Maurice Rich January 18, 11 11:23 PM

my heart goes out to all affected by the floods.
I live on the Zambezi river so I know about flooding but not this devistation type of flood.

Posted by mary January 19, 11 03:33 AM

I am so saddened by the destruction, and loss to the Australian people.My heart goes out to you.Prayers sent to the families that have lost loved ones.God Bless each and everyone of you with the strength and spirit to carry on.Love sent from Canada,....

Posted by Suzanne January 19, 11 04:09 AM

aussie, aussie aussie.....oi oi oi ! nuff said

Posted by mick January 19, 11 06:29 AM

would hate to be in the shoes of the people who have gone through this horrible display of mothet nature,our thoughts are with you. and lets not forget about the innocent animals . mark W.A

Posted by mark January 19, 11 08:42 AM

I was married in Sydney and spent our Honeymoon in Surfer's Paradise.We also lived in Perth for a couple of years but sadly returned to the UK due to homesickness.Love Australia and have always admired the Australian spirit courage and thier up and go attitude.My heart goes out to the Queens landers they have been superb during this flood criis and got stuck in to help and restore the wonderful place they live in.The Government have been very helpful organising emergency help where needed together with all the armed forces etc.Good on you all and I wish your lives are returned to normal soon

Posted by JOE WHITTLE UK January 19, 11 08:51 AM

An unimaginable task lies ahead for all those affected by enormity of this disaster. The Australian never say die spirit and resolve will eventually win through and frienships will be forged that can never be destroyed and will last a lifetime.

Go Aussie go and show us all how out of such a tragic event you will rise yet again to show the way.

Posted by Bob Byrnes January 19, 11 10:39 AM

This is so heart breaking. I have two friends in this country and I wish I could help them. I'm glad everyone is working together in trying to get things back to normal. I know you all can do it and you are all in my prays always. God Bless All of You Always!

Posted by Marsha January 19, 11 10:52 AM

Our Hearts are with you all.'
Words are not enough to say how you must feel.
My heart goes out to you, my prays are for you all.
Love and light
Sue Clackline WA

Posted by sue brooker January 19, 11 12:41 PM

Pray to Jesus.... May god bless these peoples....

Posted by Arun January 19, 11 12:42 PM

I have always been proud to be an Australian but never more than at this time. When we see the kindness that is being shown during this terrible disaster it makes me proud that my father fought for this beautiful country. We have been shown the true ANZAC spirit! I am not much into politics but I have been really impressed with Anna Bligh and the way she has handled this situation - I know she is a politician but she has really shone during this terrible time.

Posted by Barbara R January 19, 11 04:18 PM

Rolf Harris is to release a charity single in aid of the flood victims. It will be called " Tie my caravan down, sport. ".

Posted by Steve Neville January 19, 11 09:09 PM

While we wish no disaster happens to avoid loss of property and loved ones.

However, when the disaster do happen, it is probably a time of communion to seek GOD's shelter. It shall make all trials and tribulations into a closer knit community and help each others effort towards rebuilding.

I am Indian residing in Malaysia. I have great many Aussie friends and have always found them to resilient and hardworking. I am sure things shall recover faster and better than before.

Surely my heart bleeds for all lives and things that has been lost, BUT remember GOD shall guide you and bless you. Above all have faith in your selves for a new beginning.

GOD shall bless you

Posted by Jayakumar Sirkunavelu January 19, 11 10:13 PM

From Thailand citizen, Chiraporn (Kaew) I will pray for you all everyday everynight. My Aussie friend Trevor Bird and Thai wife Aree said their feet still dry but the rest still not dry yet.... God bless you all please. Tomorrow Sun shine again and again so you all will get through all bad situation for sure.....

God bless you all

Chiraporn Nimitvanich (Kaew)

Posted by Chiraporn Nimitvanich January 20, 11 12:39 AM

I'am sorry to hear and see pictures in Queensland floods from Tnailand

Posted by Damri wongsuna January 20, 11 03:56 AM

if gods such a great caring and loving bloke why does he allow this to happen and let little children perish i think all you bible bashers are full of crap

Posted by alan stokes January 20, 11 04:17 AM

I am Queensland Aussie.
We are surrounded by the flood devistation, although not directly effected. My mates houses, businesses & my junior AFL footy club (Jindalee Jags) all were swamped by this raging water. We have and will continue to clean up and rebuild.
But it must be carved in stone and never forgotten that the tireless support of ALL voluenteers offering food, drinks, hot meals, beer, clothing etc has been inspirational and extremely touching.
I am not a God botherer, but there is a second something out there.
We will survive and may your god do something with those low life mongrel looters out there. Best god gets you before i do ...!
Thanks mates from the globe - bloody beaut support!

Sparksy from Westlake, Brisbane, QLD

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 11 04:56 AM

I wish all my friends in australia the best for the future. I know that you have the power and strengt to resist this problems and carry on.Espescially my tugboatfrieds in Karatta on the westcoast and my friends in Mackay
Regards from Frans Bleiksloot. A.S.D.trainingmaster from holland.

Posted by Frans Bleiksloot. January 20, 11 05:44 AM

May God Bless all these people and animals affected by this devastation and give them strength to carry on with their lives.God bless those who past away.

I really feel for you all.

Nick Kostohili Sydney

Posted by Nick Kostohili January 20, 11 07:40 AM

Can't imagine the devastation you have experienced but trust you will keep heart and continue helping each other through the recovery.
God be with you!

Posted by John & Joan - Canada January 20, 11 04:33 PM

I was deeply touched for the horrible flood happen in your beautiful country! I felt so sorry for all people who are affected but my prayers and my wishes that I know GOD will never leave all of you. Just keep your faith STRONGER than the WIND! After all the rainy days, the SUN will still SHINE and SHOWER you all the bountiful blessings! I love you all. .

Posted by Marylou B. Tobias January 20, 11 05:31 PM

Keep your chin up, you will get out of this. Got good friends in Brisbane. Hope they are all safe.

Posted by Norman Best Gateshead England UK January 20, 11 06:39 PM

now where are all the do gooders that could hardly wait to send money & help to Haiti, the poor there didn't see much ot that either& their Govt. sure is as slow to help as much as ours is. Course, you can bet our PM is warm& dry with dry feet too.& gets a lot of free dinners.Maybe. I;m wrong but In my opinionhe could help other countries other than Africa. Where are their leaders??

Posted by m, powell January 20, 11 07:17 PM

From Haliburton, ON, Canada:
So enjoyed my visit to your vast and varied country in 2004!
I know that your wonderful sense of humor will certainly help you get through this terrible devastation. Hang in there! God bless you all.

Posted by Heather Lindsay January 20, 11 07:56 PM

Ive got a couple of short films of the floods in our area in Brisbane if you're interested,

Posted by Jason Neville January 20, 11 08:21 PM

We have very good friends in Horsham, they say they are in pretty good shape compared to the rest of the Country, we wish not only them but all of the Aussie's nothing but the BEST. We spent some time in 80's touring your Great Country and look forward to the day we can return. John & Connie

Posted by J.R. Patton January 20, 11 08:48 PM

I wish I could find the Mel Mechercher family I worked with in Sarawak in 67-68. I just know they were in the flood zone. If they see this, tell them we pray for all Australians and contact me in Prince Albert.-Rod Thomson 306 763 3350

Posted by rod thomson January 20, 11 09:59 PM

I can still not comprehend just what mother nature can throw at us, but as a country, we stick together. The floods in Queensland were the worst I had ever seen. Every night we would watch the news and ACA and wonder how everyone was and how many more lives had been taken from this disaster. It has affected everyone is some way. Our prayers and hearts go out to all that was affected. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Posted by Mel Bennett January 20, 11 10:20 PM

Lolololol at all the Climate Changers. Still floods, even before climate change!

But hey, we will all get through this. We dont need to thank god, we need to thank all those people that have helped to come clean out our homes and businesses and are now helping to rebuild them. They are the real heros.

Posted by Andy January 20, 11 10:37 PM

My heart goes all out to you guys. Hope it's much better now since the photos are taken approximately 3 weeks ago. May God bless you all and help you guys in this natural disaster.

Mofosplefe from Singapore

Posted by Mofosplefe January 20, 11 11:07 PM

i have never been there but I have seen lots of pic and heard alot about there. it is my dream land not all australia Esp quensland...i pray for all of you guys....
love pray from
Sabir from nepal.

Posted by sabir January 21, 11 12:55 AM

Sorry to see this happen to such a friendly nation. Fortunatly you are organized & proud people who will survive. We spend a month in Queensland & left 28 Dec, we fell in love with the land & people. Thinking of you & wish you the best.

Posted by Willy van Rooyen January 21, 11 01:55 AM

I'm crying see these photos.

I'm from Sydney Australia, currently travelling overseas.

the extent of the damage is inconceivable. These photos really show the tragedy of it all.

Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Posted by Lovelly January 21, 11 05:41 AM

My thoughts are with you all. May you NEVER have to suffer such a disaster again.

Posted by Irene January 21, 11 05:57 AM

C'est épouvantable ! mais je prie pour que vous ayez le courage et gardiez l'espoir qu'il ne faut jamais perdre .
apez votre commentaire ici ...

Posted by suzanne January 21, 11 09:50 AM

I see those pictures and my heart goes out to Australia, nobody should have to live through such a disaster. I am sending power and strenght to get through this horrible time.
Sylvie Philippe

Posted by Sylvie Philippe January 21, 11 11:13 AM

My heart goes out to Australia, i am sending you power and strenght.
From Ottawa, Ontario. Canada
Sylvie Philippe

Posted by sylvie philippe January 21, 11 11:17 AM

If only people in every country had such big hearts ,broad shoulders and community spirit the world would be a much better place.
Brian Smith
Ontario Canada.

Posted by Brian Smith January 21, 11 03:17 PM

What a disaster. Every picture tells the story.My heart goes out to everyone affected. I pray that you all can get the upper hand again. Love from Ellie. Clitheroe. England x x x

Posted by Ellie Hill January 21, 11 03:18 PM

our familys thoughts go to our neighbours across the water stay strong

Posted by maureen palmer January 21, 11 07:17 PM

We have had a terrible disaster in Australia and we will overcome our hardships but it warms our hearts to know that others from around the world love us as we love them....thank you for all your kind thoughts and words...a big hello to you all from Queensland...

Posted by Michael January 22, 11 01:00 AM

Hi all
I'm Australian born and proudly an ancestor of a convict transported to Australia from Britain in the Second Fleet.
Never have Ozzies shirked from helping others in need, which is recorded in History from numerous World Wars & conflicts far from our shores. We are the largest contributor for overseas aid from a country of only 25 million. We're made up from almost every Country in the world & we're all Aussies.
I'm so proud of old & new Australian's that call this country home. Maybe a message for other countries that share an ever changing global migration.

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 11 04:29 AM

Knocked down but not OUT. I am proud of you all for facing this natural disaster with great strength & surviving the unpredictable wrath of mother nature. I am praying for those who lost their lives & families with such horrific grief to deal with. My heart goes out TO ALL From a fellow Aussie who longs to come home xoxo.

Posted by Hannika Cristante January 22, 11 05:31 AM

very sad for Australian people

Posted by parvez January 22, 11 06:00 AM

Sorry to see all the pic of your floods,it must to really bad to lose all the little things you can't replace,Our hearts go out to you all GOD bless Keep your chins up, From England We have family in oz they are the lucky ones not near the floods, we visited last year and had great time you can rebuild

Posted by linda west January 22, 11 11:39 AM

these are some tough times for the flood victims. it is sad to see great devastation of this magnitude affecting thousands of people all across the world. the people of the world should unite and give those in need a helping hand. the least you can do is to pray for them and make them feel they are not alone. may ALLAH Almighty mitigate the suffering of those affected and help them restore their lives.

Posted by omer tamer January 22, 11 01:05 PM

Its a pity there is only photos of Queensland. The devistation is also in Victoria & I believe Tasmania copped a bit too. At least us who live in Northern NSW flooded but not as wide spread as our neighbours in our other states. Most of us, in our area is so used to it, that we have a flood plan.

Posted by Debbie January 22, 11 03:36 PM

May God Bless and walk beside you all. I know he will carry those who can no longer walk.

Posted by Sheila Turin January 22, 11 05:48 PM

My thoughts are with you during these hard times. Sorry this happened to your beautiful country.

Posted by Johane Duque January 22, 11 11:47 PM

I know the people of flood devastated Australia really appreciate your kind offers of support, but as The Lucky Country we have highly integrated Essential, Emergency and Military Services to cope with and eventually manage these natural disasters. With that great 'Aussie Spirit' we will survive and eventually prosper, being so lucky to have our great natural resources and people. Here in Australia we send our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to Haiti and most recently Brazil, who have endured far greater loss of life and personal deprivations in their recent disasters. May GOD protect and inspire us ALL.

Posted by Warwick of Sydney January 23, 11 12:18 AM

Imagine I was in for three weeks from 2nd December last year.. It is so sad to see all the damages done by the floods...more so the lost of lives and property and livelihood of the people. well done to the welfare organisations and to the security forces in handling such a mammoth disaster.

Arise Aussies .not from the ashes this time but the waters.

Posted by solomon cheong January 23, 11 10:26 AM

I pray for allof you all may God keep his hand on all of you
God bless each and everyone may this trial be over soon for you.

Posted by h. reynolds January 23, 11 02:25 PM

As a Aussie, a Queenslander, & living in Brisbane, sometimes we feel very isolated from the rest of the world. However after reading all of the wonderful comments coming from all over the world,offering your thoughts & prayers for our wet & muddy land, I am sitting, crying my heart out and realize we are not alone.

We will clean ourselves off, help others to build their lives again, keep smiling & see our wonderful city, state & country shine again. God Bless the rest of the world for caring.

Posted by Libby Benson January 23, 11 07:54 PM

Whats the big deal, its only Queensland

Posted by Anon January 23, 11 10:12 PM

things will improve in time, certainly hasnt been a great start to a new year
hang in there, our thoughts are with you ALL, xx

Posted by joanne judd January 24, 11 01:20 AM

It saddens me to see the disaster in Queensland. Be strong'll recover soon! Take care.

Posted by Marian January 24, 11 03:06 AM

A terrible time for all you Aussies, but I know you will all pull thriugh with that usual fighting aussie spirit. The ODI series results must also help keep your heads up. Best of luck to you all out there. You are in my prayers over here in England. Brother is in the warm part of Aus ie WA.

Posted by Tommy Thomas January 24, 11 05:20 AM

To all people who have been devastated by this terrible tragedy my thoughts and prayers are with you. I can't even imagine what you all are going through. My prayers are with you.

Posted by J.E. Smith, Canada January 24, 11 09:47 AM

Iam praying for you. Remember no situation is so big that God can't handle. Continue to trust Him, He will come through for you. May God richly bless you.

Posted by Dottis Arthur January 24, 11 10:49 AM

Omigosh! Wow, I hope no one got hurt! Look like most of the teenagers and kids are going to be having fun, like it is summer all over again. God Bless you People! May one of all of you people get well. I have never been in a terrible flood so I don't know what it feels like, but it looks terrible! I may be just a kid, but if I was there I would take my time to help! Not let the parents do all the work while we kids go outside in our swim suits and play around.

Posted by Natalie January 24, 11 11:54 AM

I an Englishwoman I am always delighted to beat you at any sport but I have only admiration for the way you have dealt with the flooding.

Posted by Pamila Bye January 24, 11 12:11 PM




Posted by kris schirmer January 24, 11 03:27 PM

Don`t be afraid Australia. God won`t leave you. Everything will be fine!!! Only pray.

Georgia is with you.

Posted by Nino Begishvili January 24, 11 04:02 PM

Hi my name is Bill Morison and I live in Lakes Entrance Victoria. I have just finished reading all of the comments from all around the world made about the floods in Quuensland and Victoria. It is very heartwarming to see so much love and compassion expressed over this tragedy. I also would like to say how devastated I have felt in watching the whole event unfold before our eyes on television. We are so deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life that has occured and send our heartfelt concern to all those people in the flood areas and hope that you will recover from this awful event with an undaunted spirit. Much love to you all.

Posted by Bill Morison January 24, 11 04:16 PM

From an Australian, not afflicted by the flood waters and i am presently in a state of awe (and tears) to the overwhelming messages of support, compassion and love. Thats the spirit of the world that i will rise with as we all are faced with these events, and as long as we can be there for each other, no matter when, and shine in that moment of darkness, to help another, we are going to pull through - always!!

Posted by Michele Karst January 24, 11 07:53 PM

that to bad for them, i wish it will not happened again. take care u all

Posted by AnouxaySoukharath January 24, 11 09:55 PM

Australia es un territorio de una riqueza y diversidad increíbles, y, sus gentes, están acostumbrados a luchar duro. Los australianos han demostrado en muchas ocasiones de que pasta están hechos y, no dudo, ni por un momento que saldrán victoriosos de esta mala pasada que les jugó la madre Naturaleza.

Viendo las escenas que aquí nos muestran, no tenemos más remedio que sentirnos solidarios con todas esas familias que, habiendo perdido sus hogares han tenido que ser evacuados hacia otros lugares y, cuando todo esto termine ¿qué harán? por mucha ayuda que reciban nunca será volver al pasado, una nueva etapa comenzará en sus vidas.

No podemos más que, desde España, desear que todo pase pronto y que la recuperación se produzca con el menor sufrimiento posible. Aquí es donde las Naciones deben dejarse ver y estar arrimando el hombro para que, el País afectado, aunque sea moralmente, no se vea solo.

¡La Naturaleza! Que no queremos observar para ver lo que continuamente nos dice, si escucháramos sus mensajes...Mejor nos iría.

emilio silvera

Posted by emilio silvera January 25, 11 01:43 AM

When I had come to hear the dreadful news of this beautiful country of Australia being flooded, I was totally in shock, no one can ever be prepared to such tragedies it is so surreal,,I am still in shock, my heart goes all those that are affected by this, May GOD comfort them and give them the strenght and courage to move forward during the hardships they face today and tomorrow as they recover from this flooding prayers and my sympathies go out to all who have loss loved ones during this time,,god bless you all,,

Posted by Pauline Quachegan January 25, 11 02:38 AM

Our entire family's thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Chnky Nanda.

Posted by Chicky Nanda January 25, 11 03:35 AM

Words are failing me, just keep up the Aussie spirit and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. good luck to you all. The Cieslak family in England.

Posted by Sylvis Cieslak January 25, 11 05:09 AM

I have people in Adelaide and Tasmania, and we have friends in England who are due out in Brisbane shortly to see their lovely son, daughter in law, and two tiny children, so we have been following the news regularly. Having met some wonderful Aussies in my visit out there 10 years or so back, I feel very deeply for you all, facing such a disaster with such fortitude, courage and the usual Aussie strengths. Thank you for the lesson you are sending us all when faced with Natural disasters, and thanks, too, for trying to assist the wild animals as best you can. Hope your goverrnment is doing all it can to get you back on your feet.

Posted by Tessa January 25, 11 07:46 AM

May Gods Radiance shine upon you and your land. And carry you in his arms to higher ground and place his hands between the waters like the Red Sea. I live in Ohio in the United States and have been praying for your people since this disaster began and your animals. I thought the Katrina flood was bad nothing can compare to what you are expericing. These floods were not Gods undoing . He is walking along side you through this also. BE BLESSED by his LOVE for you.

Posted by Gloria J Henderson January 25, 11 03:52 PM

To all of you in Queensland and Victoria my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have lived in both states and was in Brisbane in 2009 visiting family. It is truly a beautiful city and it will be again. I have lived in North Dakota for the past 17 years and we have experienced life changing floods more than once in that time. So take heart and know that this will get better and don't be too proud to accept any help that is offered because it is offered in friendship and love. God Bless you all

Posted by Lianne King January 25, 11 10:33 PM

So much pain ... so many heroes! Our hearts go out to all those who've lost so much, especially those who've lost family. I wish you all the strength to cope at this tragic time. My heart went out in a different way to the people I saw taking the time to rescue animals too. To the young man with a boatload of terrified kangaroos and to the old bushie at Ipswich, who went back in his little tinny to swim two exhausted horses (not his own) out of the floodwaters ... the helicopter pilot who cried because he could not rescue everyone and all the everyday people who rolled up their sleeves and mucked in to help folk they didn't even know... you are all truly heroes and you make me feel so humble and so very proud to be Australian. It's Australia Day today and I have my little flag flying outside. I'm not in the position to be able to help much except to give money, but I offer up a prayer for those who are struggling and have to face the long haul of making a new start. God bless !

Posted by Jan January 25, 11 10:47 PM

what's the animal in 31 ,reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fuuunnnnny n cute^^

Posted by flyer January 26, 11 12:01 AM

Wishing you all strength to carry on through this difficult time, we are all so proud of your spirit, Pat, U.K.

Posted by Pat January 26, 11 03:37 AM

It is truly heartwarming for an Australian to read all the messages of support from people throughout the world. We shall prevail, even though it will take a lot of hard work and many billions of dollars. Just remember that this is probably the worst floods that Australia has experienced in the past century....and is a clear message that climate change is upon us, and sadly the effects are likely to impact on our country more so in coming years, unless our own and other Governments make the hard decisions to at the very least minimise the effects of climate change.
Australia is a country which has historically been affected by flood, drought and fire, but not to the extent that we are currently experiencing. Wake up Australia and the rest of the world before it is to late.

Posted by Terry Hannan January 26, 11 05:32 AM

What a disaster, but things will improve in time.
My heart goes out to everyone effected.
God bless you.

Posted by George Zebeda January 26, 11 10:45 AM

I have lost my husband, my business, my home, my mum, my self respect and would just like anyone from Ipswich to let me know if my container of furniture is still in Reif Street. My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones.

Posted by Jarnine Calleja January 26, 11 04:27 PM

R Inglis, I am Australian and Australia has suffered many floods and droughts, all of them awful.
The Brisbane floods of 1841 & 1891 & 1974 were the worst ones, there were no cars etc in the 1800's.
The global warming alarmist scam, is from global conman hoping to make some money out of the worlds gullible people.
Global ice age is what you should be worried about then we would be in trouble.
People need to learn science, without carbon dioxide the world dies.

Posted by Gilly January 26, 11 10:28 PM

So hard to see the devastation.
Hope you get back on your feet fast.
Stay strong! Don't be afraid!
Love, from Israel

Posted by Adam Russo January 27, 11 05:11 AM

R.I.P Jordan Rice, you're a bloody hero looking after your brother like that.

Never to be forgotten

Cheers from Down Under

Posted by James January 27, 11 08:52 PM

Our thoughts have been with you all during this terrible devastation. From our distance there is little we can do except pray, donate good clothes and give financial assistance. We hope our little bit helps to some extent.
We wish we were closer to help you clean up. Keep your chins up - it is good to know so many people from all over the world are sending messages.

Posted by J&A January 27, 11 10:16 PM

for all the people who have suffered loss in australia due to the floods, my heart goes out to you. for the people who blame god... you should be ashamed. keep in the australian spirit as it will get you though anything. keep yours families safe

Posted by eliza January 28, 11 04:50 AM

Somebody needs to build an ark,this is so scary. May the weather change soon and bring some sunlight and relief to those who need it.
We have lit a candle for all Australians ,be safe and take care, specially for all the ex South Africans living there.We miss you.

Posted by Rene reynolds January 28, 11 06:52 AM

I was terribly depressed to see what the flood waters have caused to both animals and human beings. I am sure that the people in Queensland must have been devastated by the fury of the floods. Our prayers are with you at this time and hope that you all will have the courage to go thru these difficult times. Gerard K Alweyn, Coimbatore, India

Posted by Gerard K Alweyn January 28, 11 08:00 AM

I'm a Brit with cousin in Brisbane, he was lucky to have been kept dry! So shocking to see these pics. Good luck to you all, keep smiling!

Posted by Jo Page January 28, 11 11:42 AM

Wir bewundern die Bevoelkerung, die eine solche Katastrophe durchgemacht hat. Kein Klagen und jammern und zuversichtlich sen fuer die Zukunft. Zu-
sammem stehen, gegenseitige Unterstuetzung und Hilfe, das zeichnet die
Australier aus. Davon koennten viele andere Nationen in aehnlicher Situation
lernen. Trotz allen materiellen Verlusten und Opfern immer Kopf hoch, das ist
es was wir bewundern!!!!!!

Wir sind absolute Fans von Australien.

Posted by Ingrid u.Klaus Behmann January 28, 11 02:29 PM

We are praying for you all in oz hope you all get back to normal life very soon Rose & Peter Dakin UK

Posted by R & P Dakin January 28, 11 04:37 PM

It is too bad- but mercy is for all forgotten.

H Miller

Posted by Harry Miller January 29, 11 01:17 PM

All these comments mean nothing if we don't send things they need and cash.

Posted by karentester January 29, 11 03:39 PM


Posted by anonymous January 29, 11 06:03 PM

Please God, help the flood victims get back on their feet and get their lives back to normal. Our prayers are with you .
Australians are the kindest people in the world. I was bedridden with Myasthenia Gravis, a neurological disease, in the Philippine General Hospital for 2 years when Australian penfriends who also had this disease worked with their doctor and enabled me to be flown to Australia and got free treatment and hospitalization at the Prince Henry Hospital in Sydney , Australia. They also trained me for another career because I could not do nyrsing anymore. You will recover from these floods.

Posted by Charito Llamas Hall January 30, 11 11:02 AM

I'm a Gatton resident Qld Australia and now the water has almost gone we have to contend with the brown snakes that came up the hill to our property. My 2 red cattle dogs 9 months old were under the house when a 6.1 foot long brown snake visited them. We are in for more of them as we walk the paddocks. There are still 9 people missing after Towoomba floods ran down the mountain. A 7 metre wall of water went through Lockyer Creek into Helidon and Grantham. The people missing is terrible and the amount of dogs, cats, birds, cattle, horses and native animals that drowned was horrible as well. Thanks for your wishes and kind blessings. The University of Queensland have been looking after all the saved animals until they can be collected by there owners. The wildlife saved will be released. The 9 missing most probably will never be seen again after the amount of soil that has been dumped by the water. We can only hope the families have friends to help them get through this.

Posted by Roby Curling January 31, 11 02:07 AM

God help us.

Posted by daniel January 31, 11 01:10 PM

As a child in the thirties I watched the Brisbane River breaks its banks regularly. But I have never seen anything like this before. Maybe some good will come out of it? The insurance companies may be shamed into giving sensible explanations of their coverage; dams must be given regularly updated operational protocols and operators must be given a better understanding of their roles; flood plain development must be re-assessed; the building code needs revision; development along the Brisbane River in the metropolitan area needs to be looked at and so it goes.

Let's hope the government flood inquiry takes an honest look at our situation and accepts that Australia historically has been a land of feast, famine, flood and fire and it is about time that we learnt to live with this fact.

Posted by val wake January 31, 11 08:17 PM

As a member of the community of emerald in western Queensland,i would like to thank everyone in various parts of Australia and around the world for their kind words and support.

Posted by shane January 31, 11 11:21 PM

I am sure I speak for the people of Scotland..............Pain is what forces us to grow.............but sometimes growing sucks! Healing comes from not being forgotten - it comes from attention, care, love - from being surrounded by people who stand up for you in a weakened state, that sleep by your side, refuse to let you give up.........and see you as a precious human being................. People of Australia, know that you are in our prayers............even those of us who do not regularly pray..........
G'bless you and keep you safe.

Posted by Margaret McGill February 2, 11 06:39 AM

just pray always... and remember our GOD.........

Posted by Dorrey Vee February 2, 11 06:50 AM

For me Australia is such a peaceful country and cannot imagine such disaster would happened to this nation. I cannot imagine the horror which the people, all domestic animals and wildlife. I am touched to see photos of people trying to rescue the Australian wildlife. I wished that i could help from the other side of the world. Now i hope that people and animals will get back to their normal life and rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

Posted by nancy Lee February 2, 11 10:07 AM

same flood in here(sri lanka)

Posted by pavithiran February 2, 11 10:24 AM

My heart goes out to all those Australian people affected by these floods. May they soon return to normal.

Posted by Barrie C Myhill February 2, 11 12:56 PM

Our hearts are with you, so much devastation and loss ! Australians are plucky survivors, an example to the world of courage and resiliency. So many of us are following your disaster with sorrow, praying for your many Americans wishing we were closer to lend a hand.......

Posted by Chris Morrison February 2, 11 01:40 PM

Talofae, our hearts are with you,God bless you all!!

Posted by FLTP February 2, 11 04:17 PM

I am an American, but my grandmother is from Brisbane, and I have relatives there, as well as in Melbourne. I am hoping and praying that everyone is ok. I love the Aussie people, and their "no worries" attitudes because it is so refreshing. I have faith that you will recover from all of this, and please know that you are all certainly in my thoughts. Not to get political, but I really hope the U.S. government steps up to help. We seem to help with every other natural disaster around the world, and this one is no different. Thoughts, love, and prayers are being sent your way from across the world.

Posted by Erika February 4, 11 10:21 AM

too much

Posted by manoj February 5, 11 06:27 AM

I'm an Aussie living here, Thanks for the care everyone. What I want to know is: How do you guys get all the best pics? Raining again here as I type!

Western Queenslandern not directly affected

Posted by Lyn February 8, 11 12:13 AM

To all
Are prayers are with each and evrey one of you, be strong

Steve, Jules from Liverpool UK

Posted by Steve Jones February 8, 11 12:55 AM





Posted by Robyn February 8, 11 01:00 AM

no es posible tanta destruccion por nuestra falta de amor acia nuestro mundo

Posted by angel February 8, 11 07:32 AM

As an American I am ashamed that our mainstream media has not broadcast this!

Our friends in Australia have given US so much and we haven't heard a word of this.

May God Bless you all and bring you rapid recovery and healing.

Posted by chic February 8, 11 11:41 AM

I felt so bad to see this great devastation in your beautiful land.
May you have the strength and courage to live through it all.
All the best, H. Moghadam, Calgary Canada

Posted by H. Moghadam February 10, 11 06:42 PM

this is saaaaaaaaaaaad!

Posted by doosh February 12, 11 10:48 AM

I have been so sorry to see all the devistation. Be brave and I understand that there has been a lot lost in all of this. I just wish you all to be safe and secure as family helping each other. I am so glad to see also that there are ppl helping the animals also....

Posted by E. A. Pudwell February 13, 11 12:11 PM

keep strong qld flood victims

Posted by scott February 13, 11 09:37 PM

I hope all affected by your floods, fires and bad winds, stay safe and your lives come back to normal asap, these photos made me cry, so so sad, I will pray for you all

Posted by Gail Dittmer February 14, 11 05:00 AM

God Bless all, What a horrible thing to go through,

Posted by Barbara February 16, 11 07:40 PM

Amazing you have all gone through so much and still manage to smile even through your hurt. Thank you also for caring for the animals that cannot care for themselves. I live in Australia and am one of the lucky few who so far have managed to miss any devistation that has been thrown at this country, done my best to help but never feel it is enough. God keep you strong and you are all in my prayers. Christine

Posted by christine hetper February 17, 11 12:02 AM

it is not the end of the world.. we can stand together... be STRONG...

^____^...." ^^

Posted by kahlil endaya February 17, 11 02:41 PM

Words fail me! You are amazing people! Everyone should take a leaf out of your books! An inspiration to the whole of the human race! xx

Posted by Lyn February 18, 11 04:36 AM

It's a tragedy I know, flooding and whatnot. I find it ironic how Australians (generally) have been complaining about a drought and were all pissed about how man-made 'global warming' was the cause. As a result they were caught for all intents unprepared for an event that had geological evidence for occurring on a somewhat regular basis.

Posted by Solokov February 20, 11 06:26 PM

I'm so sorry that this has happened to your lovely country. You have been in my prayers. I am so ashamed of our government not sending you funds. You all deserve the very best our country could provide! I can't do much but will keep you in my prayers to our loving Heavenly Father.

Posted by Dorothy February 23,2011 12:07

Posted by Dorothy February 23, 11 12:08 AM

I hope everybody's house that got destroyed get built again.and everyone who left their homes,GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Orlaith March 3, 11 03:10 AM

that was very sad to see, hopefully they get back on their feet.

Posted by McCartney March 9, 11 11:16 PM

I really do hope that everyone was very safe after that flood.Me and my family will pray for all the ppl that live there.Well if everyone is still alive i will pray or everyone that is there me and my kids. And i hope that yall will get new houses cause yall is got to have somewhere to lay your heads down on. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU PPL HOPE IT DON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.

Posted by Tamara Green March 10, 11 01:46 PM

Je suis désolé pour ce que vous traverse actuellement Mais je qu'aucun malheur n'arrive dans une ville sans que l' Eternel ne l'est permis.
Que Dieu vous donne sa force avec ce nous tsunami qui s'abat en cet instant
sur votre pays. COURAGE

Posted by bibo March 11, 11 04:46 AM

god bless all and keep the prayers going. god answers all prayers. i pray the rosarys for all australia. may this disaster bring people and families together and support each other. i live in new york and from ireland by birth and i wish you all good luck in building back up. stay positive and may jesus mary and st joseph keep you all strong.

Posted by fiona March 12, 11 01:40 PM

Even tho this is very sad, these pictures are truely amazing.

Posted by Wakwe March 16, 11 02:40 PM

My prayers go out to you for strength and unity, and for the Lord's blessings to be upon you as you persevere through these devastating adversities. May God bless all of you my dear brothers and sisters in Queensland.

Posted by Berit March 30, 11 02:02 PM

Thanks, everyone for your thoughts. Many people in their homes. many still arguing with insurance companies. (check your own) Water has dropped in most of the state and we look forward to you coming and seeing our great country.

I love the photo of a boat full of wallabies.

Posted by Paul Connor April 6, 11 09:31 PM

I think that this flood is like as like in bible says...................

Posted by Cleamy P.D April 15, 11 04:33 AM

Though it has 4 months since this occured, just know that you're still being thought of and I will be praying for you. I am so sorry for your losses.

Posted by Kaleigh May 10, 11 08:28 AM
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