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January 19, 2011 Permalink

An uprising in Tunisia

Beginning in December of last year, a series of ongoing protests in the streets of Tunisia escalated to the point where President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali - who had ruled the country for 23 years - at first declared he would not seek re-election, then fled the country on January 14th. An interim government was assembled, but protesters remain in the streets, demanding removal of all traces of Ben Ali's old RCD party. Protesters' frustrations with high unemployment, inflation and corruption drove them to the streets after a pivotal event, when a young Tunisian vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after police confiscated his produce cart. Bouazizi died of his injuries days later. Collected here are images of the turmoil in Tunisia over the past couple of weeks. (40 photos total)

People demonstrate during a protest in central Tunis on January 17, 2011. After weeks of demonstrations, Tunisian protesters called for the abolition of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's ruling party on January 17 amid a chaotic power vacuum as politicians prepared a government of national unity. Hundreds of people rallied in Tunis and there were similar protests in Sidi Bouzid and Regueb in central Tunisia -- two towns at the heart of the movement that forced Ben Ali to resign and flee on Friday after 23 years in power. (MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images)
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#30 is magnific!

Posted by nehru January 19, 11 11:46 AM

Not to belie the seriousness of this situation, but are these the most well-dressed rioters you've ever seen, or what?

Posted by LEROY January 19, 11 11:50 AM

Increibles las fotos, problemas que urgen a todo el sub desarrollo.
Estamos mas unidos de lo que parece.

Posted by Mauricio January 19, 11 11:52 AM

Congrats to Tunisians and hopefully other Arab countries will witness freedom soon

(30 Is hilarious)

Posted by martani January 19, 11 11:54 AM

#30 – Assault with a Breadly Weapon.

Posted by Kernit the Font January 19, 11 11:55 AM

#2 made me cry, Mohamed Al Bouazzizi will forever be a Tunisian national hero, may he rest in peace.

Posted by Kaveh January 19, 11 11:58 AM

Get well soon Tunisia..we will pray for u...

Posted by Subhan January 19, 11 11:59 AM

Viva La Revolucion!

Posted by SkovdeSweden January 19, 11 11:59 AM

photos really terrible ...

Posted by Francky21 January 19, 11 12:01 PM

Egypt has it much worse. People are so busy earning a sub-minimal living for their families, they can't afford to go out on demonstrations... That's how you keep your people under submission; have them out of breath chasing their living.

Ben Ali is now living in one of the Royal Saudi palaces in Jeddah, and he has other properties -that we know of, in Brazil, Argentina, and France.

His wife has a ton and a half of gold in her possession.

His son probably found someone else to fly him his favorite Ice Cream flavor.

I hope it doesn't end there. Justice hasn't been served yet.

Posted by Kurt January 19, 11 12:08 PM

#07 to #23 shows tunisian people looks exactly like brazilians, every face I saw looks familiar to me.
Sorry for Bouazizi, God bless him;
I hope everything goes alright for Tunisia.

Posted by Gustavo Miranda January 19, 11 12:18 PM

#30 is great.

Posted by Fab January 19, 11 12:19 PM

Another people power!!
Smile for #30.

Posted by ical January 19, 11 12:21 PM

This is the time to get rid of old ruling party if they truly want a reform. If not they will have the same fate as we, the Romanians, are having.

Posted by a Romanian January 19, 11 12:27 PM

A great story. Good luck to all Tunisians!

Posted by peter January 19, 11 12:27 PM

thank u so much. I lived 2 years in tunisia (i am french) and travel offen over there. This country was a nightmare because of the politics and censorship. Now i am so proud of them.

Vive la Tunisie Libre.

Posted by wumps13 January 19, 11 12:31 PM

The man can be brave.

Posted by John January 19, 11 12:32 PM

Nice to see this featured, but it is disappointing that most (all?) pictures are taken in the capital Tunis. Tunisia is more than just the capital and the protests started in the small towns further south. The people who started the protests should get the credit they deserve.

Posted by hhm January 19, 11 12:34 PM

Yeah! #30! (bread)Stick it to the man!
Stop loafing around! Those weapons are breadly!

Posted by Ben Hyder January 19, 11 12:35 PM

thanks you!!

a tunisian woman

Posted by whatdialike January 19, 11 12:43 PM

Tunisia today; Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Bahrain...and maybe even finally Iran tomorrow...

A hopeful sign that Arab nations can achieve popular democratic revolutions and that the opposition to brutal strongmen in the Mideast isn't just even more brutal Islamic radical fanatics.

Posted by Ahmed K. January 19, 11 12:45 PM

i don't think Tunisia will Rest in peace after this

Posted by Elsherif January 19, 11 12:47 PM

Merci pour ces images terribles mais porteuses d'espoir .

Posted by yanng January 19, 11 01:01 PM

peuple tunisien

Posted by Nasreddine January 19, 11 01:11 PM

LEROY, i can't believe that you aren't ashamed to question the seriousness of these pictures just because you think that some of them look well dressed in some of the pics. It makes me so angry. First of all, don't you think that there exists thousand of pics, and they choose those which look most controversial or just the pics that happened to be good. Second, this happened quite fast ( ok, it started slowly with incidents in december, but around the 14-16 january it exploded at its most.) I am an swedish living here in Tunis, and my husbands sister, for example, went to protest on the 14th of january, but they newer knew its going to be such a violent demonstration with shooting included. They had to flee avay in panic when it all escalated, and they ran inside a building, and when a family saw these girls they welcomed them inside their house. We tried to go by car to cetral Tunis to pick her up and take her home, but it was not even possible to come close, and our eyes teared up from the teargas even in our car far from the riot places. So my husbands sister had to stay the night at these kind strangers house who gave them food for night and a place to sleep. She was wearing quite normal clothes for her, jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket...well dressed? well, if you except to fight maybe ( which she never would), but not for a normal demonstration. Then if you refer to people dressed like the man in picture nr 8, yes he is well dressed, one of the few with a costume, and could you imagine that maybe he dresses like this to work for example, and was stopped in his car on the way there, and exploded on the officer cause of that, and somebody took a pic of that? The situation is and has been very very serious, we feared for our lives at a time, we barricaded our doors and slept in shifts, and heard gunshots all the time, and helicopters flying above. even if we opened our frontdoor, we could smell the smell of gunshots, so please don't come and question the seriousness of the pics based on a few well dressed people in some pics. arrgh!

Posted by Eija Tunisia January 19, 11 01:14 PM

Great people, great revolution, great photographer. I'm proud of you.

Posted by yasser charouk January 19, 11 01:21 PM

#33 the legend is incorrect. The soldiers died trying to defend the population against the militia loyal to Ben Ali.... PLease Correct. The Army stood with the people Not Ben Ali

Posted by Slim Sassi January 19, 11 01:27 PM

Number 30!!!!!! Very telling... The "Jamine Revolution" by very exceptional Tunisian people.

Posted by Jasmine January 19, 11 01:29 PM


Posted by Moez January 19, 11 01:32 PM

#38 is just great. So deep, so true.

Posted by christine vaufrey January 19, 11 01:32 PM

Long live Tunisia

Posted by Neji KALBOUSSI January 19, 11 01:47 PM

#30 and #36

Two thumbs up!

Posted by Redz January 19, 11 01:47 PM

Let this be a lesson to all that live under corrupt regimes. Power to the people! (if you want it)

Posted by pronoblem January 19, 11 01:51 PM

#34 - the graffiti on the right . veni (I came), vidi (I saw), vici (I conquered).

Posted by double_G January 19, 11 01:53 PM

Fantastic ! Thank you very much !!

Posted by Msadaa January 19, 11 01:57 PM

freedom is not free, sometimes it costs blood, but it's always worth it

Posted by mus January 19, 11 02:11 PM

proud to be tunisian !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mehdi Gadhamy January 19, 11 02:30 PM

trééés émouvant
j'ai beaucoup aimé
fière d'être tunisienne

Posted by hajer January 19, 11 02:37 PM

Proud to be Tunisian !!!!!
Je t'aime ma chère Tunisie
c'est très émouvant!!!!!

Posted by Alaa Eddine January 19, 11 02:52 PM

#33# please correct. These soldiers are killed while they are defending people not the president

Posted by mohamed January 19, 11 02:58 PM

Thank you for these memorable photographs, and many thanks for our impressive Tunisians!!

Posted by Zeineb January 19, 11 03:05 PM

#30 is badass

Posted by pascal January 19, 11 03:05 PM

Fantastic ! Thank you very much !!

Posted by Tipsfootball Tunisia January 19, 11 03:05 PM

Just wait and see... This "revolution" will result in a Islamist takeover, sooner rather than later.

Posted by John January 19, 11 03:10 PM

Thanks for this panorama. I'm a Dutch-Tunisian and have never been so proud of Tunisians. Their revolution is beacon of hope for the entire Arab world and thye deserve the support of all democracies. Let me just clarify and/or correct some of the descriptions given:
#32 is of a torched supermarket chain owned by the former President's family (or simply "The Family"). Their cronyism and corruption played a central role in the uprising and their assets were particularly targetted.

#33 is of parents of soldires who died fighting the deathsquads left by the former president (and NOT while defending him). In contrast to some of the security services, the army refused to shoot at protestors. Which explains #10 (protesters showing sympathy to soldiers) and #39 (flowers laid on army personnel carrier).
The photo that marked many tunisians is a bad quality one from a video still showing an army lieutenant standing in salute for a passing funeral procession of a protestor shot by police. This was when president was still in power and took some bravery. Hier is the link:

Gustavo: yes you're right. I visit Brazil a few times a year and pass for a local. But prefer Brazilian garotas nonetheless :)

Posted by Dali January 19, 11 03:10 PM


Posted by Ghaieth Barkallah January 19, 11 03:13 PM

Mémorable 14 janvier! J'en pleure encore! Vive la Tunisie Libre!!!!

Posted by espoir2011 January 19, 11 03:18 PM

Vive nous! Vive la Tunisie libre!
Les océans sont faits de gouttes d'eau.

Think to come to Tunisia and help the tunisian economy this summer. You may come home.
Tunisia needs to be able to reconstruct a long-lasting sustainable DEMOCRACY.
FREEDOM is our ony GOALl.
Oceans are made of RAIN DROPS.
Long life for a FREE TUNISIA

Posted by Sami Ben Sassi January 19, 11 03:18 PM

33. Please correct, the 3 soldiers are killed when defending the people, not the president. The army took the people's side all the time

Posted by Eye witness January 19, 11 03:22 PM

Next is Egypt

Posted by ilvzvhg January 19, 11 03:26 PM

great shots, great people, great cause !! I LOVE MY COUNTRY

Posted by Nosra January 19, 11 03:31 PM

Tout est possible finalement...

Posted by Leila Sassem January 19, 11 03:35 PM

#22. "Tunisian protester attempts to turn President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali into a newt."

Posted by Vinnie Vidivici January 19, 11 03:41 PM

مبروك للتونسيين هذ التحرر العظيم

ونعتذر منكم كشعب سعودي للإسف الى الان القرار ليس بأيدنا

لكن سيأتي لهم يوم كما حصل في تونس

Posted by khalid January 19, 11 03:51 PM

To whoever says that Islamists will take over, I assure him that he does not know well Tunisia. Some people put the whole Arab World and even Islamic World in one "cube".

Today's demonstrations were very clear "We want Secular, Free and Democratic Tunisia". The Islamist exist and they have the right to but they are not a major force in Tunisia. Separation of Religion and State is the only guarantee for everyone to practice their freedoms, including freedom of religion.

I assure you that the Tunisian people will succeed, just leave them alone and keep your deceptions and Bush-like illusions for yourselves.

Posted by benbentn January 19, 11 04:10 PM

Please correct your comment about the killed soldier, PIC 33.
The army stood up with the people not with Ben Ali.

Posted by Zied January 19, 11 04:10 PM

I want to print and frame #30

Posted by Steve January 19, 11 04:13 PM

le silence est brisé, l'immolation de BouAZIZI a soulevé tout un peuple , pour dire à un dictateur ,cette fois , t'as dépassé les bornes , tu n'as pas idée combien il nous chère de perdre une vie humaine rien que ,parce qu'elle a dénoncé l'injustice et a réclamé sa dignité !!!!

Posted by hayet jebari January 19, 11 04:13 PM

Tack för alla 10 millionen i Tunisien,jag är stålt att vara från Tunisien.Jag känna mig fre även jag är här i Sverige.Det som händer i Tunisien är en mirakel.Tack för att ni har skrivit era historia med egna blod.

Posted by Anonymous January 19, 11 04:14 PM

I love my country , small country; big peopole!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ines Ajmi-Ghanem January 19, 11 04:29 PM

#9 - Scene of Kevin Bacon in "Animal House" - "ALL IS WELL!"

Posted by Brendan January 19, 11 04:42 PM

Valerá a pena a revolução? Em Portugal ninguém sabe se o 25 de abril de 1974 foi melhor ou pior para o país.

Posted by Eduardo Silva January 19, 11 04:53 PM

number 30 will be one of the best photos of the year

Posted by Jon January 19, 11 05:00 PM

FIrst of all I want to say something to people who are saying that this "REVOLUTION" will help islamists to seize power: No it will never happen!!! Do you know tunisian people? Do you know the way they live?
YES there are some islamists in the country but they CAN'T change us because WE ARE and will ALWAYS BE Tolerant!!!
Just read about our history and stop saying stupid things that we have already heard from politicians!
We made it and nobody helped us! Neither foreign governments nor political parties! This is a spontaneous popular REVOLUTION!!!

Posted by Yadh January 19, 11 05:02 PM

Plus que jamais fier d'être TUNISIEN

Posted by Ben Chaabane Aymen January 19, 11 05:03 PM

It reminds me to Argentina 2001 soooo much... Corruption, bad goverment and more corruption.
The sad side of the story guys is that after the uprising the song remains the same.

Posted by Juani Serenellini January 19, 11 05:20 PM

I was there , I saw my people screaming their anger but also their desire to be free..I can't even describe my pride..breath taking moments (Literally) , we did it people..let's keep it up now, our children deserve it.
God Bless you, God Bless Tunisia
عاشت تونس حرة

Posted by Ayoub January 19, 11 05:52 PM

viva unisia

Posted by attia January 19, 11 05:58 PM

keep figh it just start to long way to strugle,

Posted by ulunkijo January 19, 11 06:00 PM


Posted by M.Landoulsi January 19, 11 06:00 PM

Some one corrects the comment on picture 33. The soldier did not die DEFENDING Ben Ali's regime, he died after Ben Ali fled and remnants of his police fought the military and shot at people. as you can see in other pictures the people were shaking hands with the military which never shot at any citizen during the whole conflict. PLEASE CORRECT AND GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BG!.

Posted by mehdi tunisia January 19, 11 06:22 PM

My dream is for this to happen in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, PALESTINE - our only future as Arabs is together

Say no to Sykes-Picot!

Say no to the Balfour Declaration!

!لا لبلقنة الأمّه

Our future is together - if the European Union can do it, if the United States can do it - then we can do it.

Posted by al-we7da l'3arabeyya January 19, 11 07:00 PM

hahaha if this was in America they would kill you on the spot for that bread stick gun lololol

Posted by Jay January 19, 11 07:09 PM


Posted by cws1 January 19, 11 07:46 PM

I have some dear friends in Tunisia. Kind, peaceful, compassionate and intelligent. Do not fool yourselves into thinking these people want an Islamist government. Democracy is the only vocabulary that is on their mind.

Posted by Sharon from Canada January 19, 11 08:16 PM

I'm pretty sure Tunisia is not the only country that is going to experience something like this during 2011...

Posted by Avi Blum January 19, 11 08:26 PM


Posted by bevidni January 19, 11 08:36 PM


Posted by MMM January 19, 11 08:51 PM

To the people of Tunisia----You are brave people---you have shown great courage in the face of brutal adversity---rid your country of immoral corrupt politicians now. All the best. Long live Tunisia---- Good pics.

Posted by Dave January 19, 11 09:09 PM

so proud of the tunsians. I hope they can get a govt that will help their people truly. Lets hope the govt does not turn into corruption, radical islamism or concerned with only personal money and acts as a lapdog to the US. Democracy, Freedom and Peace!

Posted by no way! January 19, 11 09:43 PM

#7 Sparty On!!!
#30 is a winner!!!! I would love to have that picture on my wall somewhere.

Posted by Spartan4L1FE January 19, 11 09:44 PM

Arriba Túnez... Es algo raro ver a pueblos islámicos pidiendo DEMOCRACIA. pero, creo esos pueblos deben reconocer su papel primordial en sus países y ponerle frenos a los centros de poder políticos/religiosos que no hacen más que oprimir a esos pueblos.

Los árabes tiene destrezas que pueden ayudar a hacer de sus países, prósperos y abiertos, manteniendo su cultura y tradiciones en la modernidad.

La fuerza de juventud es la que mueve naciones y renuevan la vida política de un país.

Acá en Venezuela, los jóvenes universitarios están dando batalla en la calle también a un gobierno que se aferra más al poder con un falso socialismo que más bien parece un gobierno militarista. Creo a nuestro presidente le dio miedo ver como el pueblo tunecino se lanzó a las calles, y acá cerca, en Bolivia, el pueblo harto de decisiones de los gobernantes en contra de sus pueblos, se lanzaron a las calles a protestar. Es curioso que estos países -Bolivia, Argelia- sean de la simpatía de nuestro gobierno acá en Venezuela.

#Túnez #Tunisia. ojalá la chispa de la juventud que reclama una sociedad más justa, abierta, moderna, próspera, se extienda por todo el oriente Medio y prendan la chispa de las verdaderas revoluciones: las que empiezan en el Pueblo

Posted by Jonathan Seckermann January 19, 11 10:36 PM

Next one... Mubarak is having nightmares every night and all other Arab heads must be ringing Obama non-stop to secure their asses.

Posted by Selcuk Askin January 19, 11 10:44 PM

Congratulations to all the Tunisians on this thread!

I just hope this doesn't slip away from you all. Whatever you do don't let go of the momentum. This won't get surpressed, it's beyond that, but it might peeter out. Don't settle for pandering words, stay on the streets until they deliver.

Perhaps it would be prudent to request something like international monitoring of the upcoming elections, they might try to rig them. Hopefully they won't now that prople are fired up and ready to revolt.

Congratulations again.
All the best from Norway

Posted by Tor January 19, 11 10:51 PM

May Allah bring peace to the people. That's what ordinary people are looking for.

Posted by jamil Ahmed January 19, 11 11:02 PM

#30 is gonna be iconic!

Posted by Kamalselle January 19, 11 11:04 PM

Congrats to all Tunisian Freedom Fighters, You truly deserved to be free.

I love this quote!

I love my country , small country; big peopole!!!!!!!!

by Ines Ajmi-Ghanem

Posted by Migo January 19, 11 11:47 PM


Posted by WAQAR MAJEED-Karachi, Pakistan. January 20, 11 12:14 AM

People, the legend for pic#33 is correct, you guys misread it.

It says "Family of Tunisian soldiers killed by snipers trying to defend deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's iron-fisted regime", which implies that those 'snipers' are the ones trying to defend the ex-president's regime, and those soldiers died fighting them.

Posted by ChineseDude January 20, 11 01:30 AM


Posted by jeremy January 20, 11 01:48 AM

No 30
is THE photo of the year !!!

Posted by manground January 20, 11 02:51 AM

congrats Tunisians, God be with you.
your brothers in Egypt

Posted by Ahmad Shawky- Cairo January 20, 11 03:01 AM

Great people,a great nation : proud to be a tunisian and proud of our Tunisian army,by the way,please correct the pic 33# ,these soldiers (our heros) are killed while they are defending people not the "president".

I'm sure things will get better and we will see our Tunisia well is months

Posted by Hassen January 20, 11 03:25 AM

I am a tunisian,
I want to say that we are so proud of What we did. I have to tell you that the most important element in that revolution was the social media (Twitter and Facebook). It was our only way to exchange information because of media censorship. Even TVs took pictures and videos from facebook. It's the first WEB 2.0 revolution :-)

Now Tunisia is free and we hope to end up with everything related with the old regime.

Posted by Houcem January 20, 11 03:50 AM

Tunisa People Teaches the World

Posted by Afattah January 20, 11 04:06 AM

إذا الشعب يوما أراد الحياة
فلا بد أن يستجيب القدر
ولا بد لليل أن ينجلي
ولابد للقيد أن ينكسر
ومن لم يعانقه شوق الحياة
تبخر في جوها واندثر
كذلك قالت لي الكائنات
وحدثني روحها المستتر
ودمدمت الريح بين الفجاج
وفوق الجبال وتحت الشجر:
إذا ما طمحت إلى غاية
ركبت المنى ونسيت الحذر
ومن لا يحب صعود الجبال
يعش ابد الدهر بين الحفر
فعجت بقلبي دماء الشباب
وضجت بصدري رياح أخر
وأطرقت أصغى لقصف الرعود
وعزف الرياح ووقع المطر
وقالت لي الأرض لما سالت:
يا أم هل تكرهين البشر ؟:
أبارك في الناس أهل الطموح
ومن يستلذ ركوب الخطر
وألعن من لا يماشي الزمان
ويقنع بالعيش ، عيش الحجر
هو الكون حي يحب الحياة
ويحتقر الميت مهما كبر
وقال لي الغاب في رقة
محببة مثل خفق الوتر
يجيء الشتاء شتاء الضباب
شتاء الثلوج شتاء المطر
فينطفئ السحر سحر الغصون
وسحر الزهور وسحر الثمر
وسحر السماء الشجي الوديع
وسحر المروج الشهي العطر
وتهوي الغصون وأوراقها
وأزهار عهد حبيب نضر
ويفنى الجميع كحلم بديع
تألق في مهجة واندثر
وتبقى الغصون التي حملت
ذخيرة عمر جميل عبر
معانقة وهي تحت الضباب
وتحت الثلوج وتحت المدر
لطيف الحياة الذي لا يمل
وقلب الربيع الشذي النضر
وحالمة بأغاني الطيور
وعطر الزهور وطعم المطر

Posted by تونسي حر January 20, 11 04:08 AM

#30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 11 04:19 AM

c'est fantastic! c'est un miracle ! bien sûr pour un peuple tunisien

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 11 04:34 AM

Take from Tunisia both in Words and Action:

"When the people wants to live, destiny must surely respond
Darkness will disappear, chains will certainly break!"

Abu-Al Kacem Achabbi

Yes We Do!

Posted by Slim M January 20, 11 04:34 AM

libya is next soon

Posted by mir33 January 20, 11 04:58 AM

Je ne peux m'empecher de constater que nous vivons un tournant de l'histoire de l'humanite. Qu'une seule personne immollee par le desespoir puisse faire une revolution sans l'aide de personne d'autre que le peuple tunesien releve de la science fiction. Mais la realite depasse souvent l'imagination.
Deja des emules de ce jeune homme apparaissent un peu partout dans les pays opprimes et tous ce que je peux penser est que comme je suis canadien et que nous menons une vie plus que tranquille et sans histoire je ne crois pas sincerement que nous aurions le courage pour faire une telle revolution. Tunesien soyez fier comme je le suis pour vous et surtout je vous souhaite de rester LIBRE !!!

Posted by Andre Marcil January 20, 11 06:33 AM

Vive mon AMOUR, Vive ma TUNISIE

Posted by Drira Mohamed January 20, 11 06:34 AM

RIP Mohamed Al Bouazzizi

I hope that new Tunisian democratic govrnment will have wisdom to rule their people and country.

30# is epic demonstration of power from the people.

Be blessed all Tunisians!

Posted by Haris Berbic January 20, 11 06:56 AM

Already we have here 2011, and still nothing. I am of us sad.

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 11 07:02 AM

"Just wait and see... This "revolution" will result in a Islamist takeover, sooner rather than later."
your first reflex was to write this comment ? shame on you!

Tha arabs have never seen such an uprising! its commes from the bottom of our souls!

power to the people!

Posted by Nour January 20, 11 07:09 AM

besides great photos..

i like that #30

in a world where baguettes are mass destruction weapons,,, he would be the king of the world

Posted by Thai January 20, 11 07:14 AM

Greaaaaaaaaaat pictures

I was crying while watching

Posted by Saudi Man January 20, 11 07:28 AM

#30 Your a legend my man ! Freaking Legend

Posted by Tarun January 20, 11 07:36 AM

Amazing Photos!!
Vive la révolution !!!
A bas la dictature!!!
Tunisia I love u!!!

Posted by Mohamed Baha Chakroun January 20, 11 07:48 AM

my support , my total support to Tunisian People fighting against the corrupted tunisian regime
tout le pouvoir pour le peuple¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

from Mexico

Posted by zavi January 20, 11 08:03 AM

Bigpicture fans, this post is here for 2 day it has only 100 comments!!! Why does an amazing event like this attracts so few people.

Can't you see that this is the greatest even of recent years, people individually manage to overthrow a dictator.

Just to Think that it was people, not political parties or undercover spy agents, just normal people that stand their feet and said, no more.

I am very proud for Tunisia.

Posted by André January 20, 11 08:26 AM

Yaatik essaha, 3al collection

Really thanks a lot , our simple people in Tunisian suffered a lot and are gaining their freedom now ... with almost no help from abroad

A long way is still to do ... But at least free , without Zinochet nor RCD

Tres emouvant

merci a notre population zawallya , mais intelligente

J' avais oublié que j' etais tunisien jusqu' a dernierement .. Now I am back

Ah !!!! bisous aux miens a Thala la sinistrée

Yarhim chouhadana

Posted by Ftouh January 20, 11 08:47 AM

Cuba shoud be next to get rid of the castro brothers ,51 years of horror,that was the cuban robolucion,down with all dictators.

Posted by Felix Monrabal January 20, 11 08:50 AM

Great people,a great nation.
Viva Tunis. Congratulation from Croatia.

Posted by tade January 20, 11 09:13 AM

Tunisia, you have such a beautiful country, I hope you resolve your problems soon so your country can go back to being peaceful with great economic growth, Insha Allah.

Posted by Ubaida Mohammed January 20, 11 09:21 AM

I am not quite informed about the situation down there, I just see that the scenario is very similar to the Serbian one - hugging soldiers etc, which makes me think the whole thing was organized by CIA. This means one for the future of the country - a whole lot more poor people, and just a few of extremely rich guys, less jobs, more lies, less children, more expensive living space, etc etc.

Posted by Goran from Serbia January 20, 11 09:30 AM

Μπραβο σε οσους παλευουν για τη δημοκρατια.
Σε χωρες οπως η Τυνησια αυτο ειναι ακομη πιο δυσκολο.
Ευχομαι να πανε ολα καλα και η χωρα σας να ηρεμησει και να βρει το δρομο της.
Πανεμορφη Τυνησια !!!

Posted by Kost@s January 20, 11 09:48 AM

Brûle Tunisie, Brûle !!!!

Posted by Eclactop January 20, 11 10:13 AM

And now what? The dictator will be replaced by religious fanatics? Be careful Tunisia, don't fall from Charybdis into Scylla. And good luck, your destiny is in your hands. The world is watching you.

Posted by Nick January 20, 11 10:41 AM


I have captured some images from the solidarity march for the Tunisian revolution from Geneva on 15th Jan 2011.

In case you are interested looking at it :


Rohit Acharya

Posted by Rohit January 20, 11 10:44 AM

USA: freeze the bankaccount of the "royal" mafia family, get the gold back to the ppl of tunesia and force the presitent to return form saudi arabia to go to trail!!!!

Posted by buzzy January 20, 11 10:59 AM

Just very nice,al7amdlilAllah
اللهم ارزق ولي أمرنا البطانة الصالحة

Posted by أم فاطمة January 20, 11 11:18 AM

If they are protesting they have a reson for it. It's not right that their human being rights continue denied by the globalists. the 2% of Money is controlled by a handfull persons, and 1% of the Money is badly distribushed around the World by corrupted governments who abuse their own people.

Posted by LucyKnarnia January 20, 11 12:02 PM

ازادی خواست فطری انسان است و همه ملتها به ان دست خواهند یافت. زمان دست یابی به ازادی را اراده ملتها تعیین میکند
ومن لایحب صعودالجبال
یعیش ابدالدهر بین الحفر

Posted by Anonymous January 20, 11 12:21 PM

viva Tunez y viva las personas que habitan las tierras Tunezinas!!!!!! Muchos ánimos a todos!!!!

Posted by Jaume January 20, 11 12:23 PM


Thank you!

Posted by Salma Ajabi January 20, 11 12:31 PM

Many people are reading #33 the wrong way. "Family of Tunisian soldiers killed by snipers trying to defend deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's iron-fisted regime" says the SNIPERS were defending the president, not the soldiers. Wording could be better though.

Amazing pictures. This will be a scary time for Tunisians. Pray for them.

Posted by Heidi January 20, 11 12:39 PM

great pictures =))))

Posted by amine January 20, 11 12:45 PM

I am a 32 years old Tunisian Engineers, working in The Netherlands since 2003. I was 9 years old when Ben Ali took power.
Every time I go home, I talk to people about their lives, aspirations, and the injustice they are living as a result of the nepotism of the Trabelsi family. The last few years people I knew told me many times that the country will explode ... and people are just waiting for something to express their rage and anger. However, I never ever thought that Ben Ali's regime could be brought down. It was the dream of everybody, but no body was able to start it.

Thank you Mohammed Bouazizi for liberating the people of Tunisia. They showed the whole world how civilized and how dignified they are. I followed these development from The Netherlands, but my heart was with all the people. No matter how many times I tell you thank you, it won't be enough.
Thank You, You made us proud, You are a great people.

Posted by Idriss Sammoudi January 20, 11 01:03 PM

I am pretty sure the main in photo #30 would have been shot and killed if the Tunisian police followed Western police procedures. Faced with a demonstrator holding an object like a gun, any European or American police officer would have fired first, and asked questions about whether the object is a loaf of bread or a firearm much later.

Posted by KA January 20, 11 01:07 PM

Le peuple français est fier du peuple tunisien !!!!!
Mais il reste le plus difficile a entreprendre : confirme cet élan démocratique sans se faire voler sa substance par les hommes politiques.
Méfiez- vous des influences intérieures et extérieures pour mettre les bonnes personnes à la tête de ce pays si merveilleux !
Bonne chance à vous tous, les amis.

Posted by Philippe de Nice January 20, 11 01:07 PM

First Arab country to abolish slavery back in 1846 (even before the US, 1865)

First Arab country to promulgate a constitution, 1861

First Arab country to promulgate a Code of Personal Status granting women an unprecedented series of rights in the Arab world (abolishing polygamy, creating a judicial procedure for divorce and requiring marriage to be performed only in the event of the mutual consent of both parties)

First Arab country to legalize abortion (1973)

First Arab country to oust its dictator without military intervention, with peaceful demonstrations and thanks to the power of non-violence!

Hopefully the first Arab country to institute a modern democracy and give the power back to the people!

How do you spell HOPE? T-U-N-I-SI-A

Posted by Slim January 20, 11 01:24 PM

Bravo aux tunisiens!

le monde "libre" est fier de vous

Posted by Kurd January 20, 11 01:34 PM

Congratulation to the Tunisia´s people.

In Spain we are fuck and anybody fight, its depressing.

Good luck, my brothers!!!

Posted by Spanish sad guy January 20, 11 01:37 PM

#33 The legend is correct. It says that the soldiers died fighting those who were defending Ben Ali.

Posted by Martin Castellan January 20, 11 01:44 PM

lol #30 !!!

Posted by ViRaGisTE January 20, 11 01:57 PM

proud to be tunisian yessssssssss !

Posted by amel January 20, 11 02:24 PM


Posted by The_Fan January 20, 11 02:48 PM

nice pics

Proud to be Tunisian! :)

Posted by Suha January 20, 11 03:31 PM

Thank you for your brilliant.galery.It speaks for itself with a million of words.These picture should be dispayed in every country by every news paper to show that power can't and well never break the will and the soul of the deprived, and he depressed.These pictures are the parfum and the sccent of the Jasmine all over Tunisia .
Thse pictures should also displayed at the entrence of the white House and the European Parlement as lesson to a supposedly democratic instution that support , entertain and protect dictators.
Vive la tunisie
It is time to get rid of khanazir achaq.

Posted by Achour Jebali January 20, 11 03:39 PM



Posted by shareunlimited January 20, 11 03:44 PM

I hope the revolt spreads.

Ben Ali is one of the American armed and backed dictators along with Mubarak in Egypt and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. That's why there's so little coverage in the US.

The state department must be nervous.

Posted by Jeremy January 20, 11 03:57 PM

May the Tunisia be the spark of changes to all opressed people in Africa and the Arab world. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's so close to Europe yet it seems to be so far away.

Please, take my words of support from Poland, that's as much as I can do. Miracles do happen, as it was the case in Poland - occupied, behind Iron Curtain, wiped out from the maps but never defeated. Feeling like being Tunisian too these days.

Posted by Marek January 20, 11 04:04 PM

I cried, and cried, and cried like a little boy who lost his mom and finally found her. What a beautiful feeling I'm feeling now. Thank you my Tunisian brothers and sisters.

Posted by Hedi Ben-Abdallah January 20, 11 04:37 PM

Kick some oppressive ass, become a democracy, spread the word and try not to go the way of Iran and similar fundamentalist pricks. Wishing the best of luck to the people of Tunisia, from Portugal.

Posted by Manuel January 20, 11 05:24 PM

muy buenas fotos,ojala y todo se mejore en tunez.saludos

Posted by polo January 20, 11 06:39 PM

One of my best friends is from Gafsa. Thank You to Tunisian people! Good luck from Italy!

Posted by Davide January 20, 11 06:52 PM

Honor y gloria al pueblo de Tunez

Posted by juan January 20, 11 06:53 PM

What a perfect language to describe the truth in the streets of my new free country. Thanks a lot for your proffessionalim. These are the best pictures i ever seen about our revolution. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks

Posted by Sehili Raouf January 20, 11 06:53 PM

Honor y gloria al pueblo de Tunez

Posted by juan January 20, 11 06:54 PM

Notre Tunisie a eu une grossesse difficile laquelle a duré 23 années de lutte dans la souffrance dont la naissance a aboutit à deux jumelles: Liberté-Démocratie que nous espérant auront le temps de grandir dans l'amour éternel de son peuple extraordinaire.

Posted by Amrani January 20, 11 07:22 PM

Fier d'être tunisien.

Posted by rio zammel January 20, 11 07:26 PM

Tunisia for ever!! this is a country which has soooo much potential, the Tunisian people are very much like European people, educated and secularist. speculations that islamist will take over are far from the truth. the Tunisian people want a secular state, where everybody is free to live life like they want 2. I'm very proud to be a Belgian-Tunisian!! and i so truly hope that these, canning and daring, upstanding, educated, motivated, gracious, democratic people find true liberty!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Tunisia

Posted by Ali January 20, 11 08:02 PM

cute cat #6

Posted by lanwm January 20, 11 08:06 PM

Well,it looks like someone else id getting a chance to either screw up their country big time or maybe get it right and have something good come out of it? I am not really hip to the situation in Tunisia,but I hope the bloodshed is kept to a minimum?

Posted by Raymond Clifford January 20, 11 08:25 PM

How wonderful, the army doing its job and defending the people.
I am from Venezuela and our army could help us get out of the awful situation we are in, but instead they prefer to milk the country any way they can.

Go on people of Tunisia, you make the world proud. I hope we had the BALLS you guys have
Dios los bendiga

Posted by emi January 20, 11 09:31 PM

Resposta a "Valerá a pena a revolução?"
"Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena"

Eduardo Silva, foi graças ao 25 de abril que hoje somos livres de escolher.
É claro que nenhum tipo de governo é perfeito mas a democracia é o melhor!

Posted by Teodora Oliveira January 20, 11 09:33 PM

please, all of you, all the world, keep your eyes on the situation and continue to write your messages of support. we need your encouragement!

Posted by S January 20, 11 10:29 PM

I'll be honest. I've had a hectic month, so I've heard only some newsflashes here and there.

Could someone link me a place where I could be filled in?

People should be free.

Posted by Steamer January 20, 11 10:57 PM

I am an Iranian woman who one of the protests against the shameful president election last year. I proud you Tunisian people and thinking to you and your battle. Now you are the winner, please be aware of the danger of arising another Dictator among you like what happened in the 1978 in Iran.
take care and hand of GOD be with you and your country, i will pray for you and all of the real liberal in the world.

Posted by Neda January 21, 11 02:42 AM

Bonjour tous les tunisiens,

je suis un tunisien en france, vous etes courageux mon peuple, vous etes un peuple libre, je vous aimes beaucoup, manitenant je marche la tete en haut, vous avez entrez dans l'histoire.
On est un peuple unique personne ne peut nous faire mal.
on restera tjs unique, on s'aime et on défend notre pays

Posted by souidi abderrahman January 21, 11 03:04 AM

People fighting for freedom. Always the same story but the question is: is freedom what they need or peace, work and prosperity?. We all are living a strange age where lots of democratic countries are in great troubles (like mine, Spain) while some countries in dictatorship walks to the top, like China. Corruption is on the air, the regimen, democracy or dictatorship, does not change those things. Is Tunisia reaching the freedom to fall in fanatic hands?, who knows?. Good luck!.

Posted by JOSE, Seville January 21, 11 04:30 AM

picture number 30.. no comment

Posted by mejri marouen January 21, 11 04:35 AM

I'm so proud to be Tunisian! Tahya Tunis!

Posted by mejda chergui January 21, 11 04:50 AM

Freedom in the making.

Posted by LHRode January 21, 11 05:11 AM

Félicitations, amis tunisiens !
Ne sortez pas sans votre baguette (cf photo #30). ;-)
Courage, patience et bonne chance pour la suite.
J'espère de tout cœur que vous trouverez votre chemin vers la liberté pour vous et vos descendants.


Posted by HN January 21, 11 05:24 AM

This is the beginning of a change on the face of the planet, especially in the Arab world. Tunisians paid a high price but made it and earned their freedom for the second time in their history. Firstly from a foreign occupier in 1956, and now from internal dictatorship. TUNISIA - FREE FOR EVER.

Posted by Karim January 21, 11 05:26 AM

درود بر مردم تونس
واین انقلاب بزرگ شان
ولی باید خیلی مواظب باشند که بدست جانوران اسلامی نافتند

Posted by خسرو January 21, 11 05:31 AM


Posted by Anonymous January 21, 11 06:05 AM

nr 30 so good!

Posted by jagna January 21, 11 06:10 AM

#30 Weapon of Mass Nutrition

Posted by Said Slassi January 21, 11 08:20 AM

Muy buenas fotos, que la rebeldía siga y que el pueblo tome el poder de una vez.

Posted by JM January 21, 11 09:18 AM

I'd like to thank many of you for your supportive and encouraging comments, you'd be surprised how awful others can be (for instance those commenting in French papers).
Tunisian people deserve there freedom, they earned it, they fought for their democracy. As they liked to say (or rather whisper at the time) is that they were democrats living in a non-democracy.
I am certain that the path we've taken is the right one, and the fact that the governement is being harshly criticized is a token of how far we've gone. Hearing a group of people fervently discuss politics, in the open, in the middle of a café, is truly elating.
Now, we all know that this is just the beginning of the climb of a very steep mountain, but we have the will, the energy and the means to reach the top. International monitoring has already been requested and organized for the upcoming elections (answer to one of the comments).
For those who say we're about to be taken over by radical islamists, don't insult our intelligence, don't dismiss our martyrs. We know what is best for our country, for our rights and our economy, and we have no intention whatsoever to give anything up.

Posted by Narcissa January 21, 11 11:41 AM

I can only hope things get better.

Posted by F-dizzle January 21, 11 11:46 AM

Congratulations to the brave Tunisian people!
Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Posted by Carlos January 21, 11 11:55 AM

Congratulations to the people of Tunisia. We love your country.

Now you have to work even harder at being ONE people. Do NOT let the disease of Iraq set in and foment and ferment your society, or you will be even worse off.

God be with you.

Denis Hampshire England

Posted by Denis Findlay January 21, 11 12:55 PM

Such spirit... such courage... folks we are proud of you..
Now please focus and work for a terrific democratic future and prosperity!

Posted by Gopal January 21, 11 01:08 PM

I lived in that country for 2 years, and I am married to a Tunisian. I cannot express how proud I am of the people I have come to know, honor and respect. These people were able to overthrow a "president" with the Goliath of security, and they did it with as little blood-loss as possible (allah yarahmou to those who died.) I would love to move back to this country and help with the rebuilding of it. Now, when speaking of the Arab world, we can say that it is possible to put the power in the hands of the people. Tahia Tounes wa Yahia Djazair.

Posted by Sarah January 21, 11 01:23 PM

je me souviens comment etait calme cette pays

Posted by x__miller_x January 21, 11 01:38 PM

Fantastic !!
Fantastic pics, fantastic tunisian people, and fantastic warrior on #30 !!
The men of people army !!

Posted by little frouze January 21, 11 03:11 PM

23 YEARS of brutality was enough to say stop

Tunisians were born free and die free.

Posted by myriam January 21, 11 03:56 PM

Honor, glory and special tribute to the ones who fell to defy one of the most despicable dictatorships in the Arab world, especially to the one who started it all: Mohamed Bouazizi, a man of strong resolve and determination. This young intellectual, turned into a street vendor, harassed by dishonest and corrupt police officers, preferred to set himself afire, and turn the blaze onto his persecutors sparking off the Great Tunisian Revolution thereafter taken over by the very Tunisian youth whom the deposed dictator vainly tried to win over by proclaiming 2010, Youth Year. Former President and great Leader of free Tunisia has indeed educated the Tunisians who will manage to bring this glorious Revolution to safe shores. We have witnessed the greatest revolution in the 21st century, Tunisians, Arabs and even the entire world, keen on freedom and democracy, must be PROUD very PROUD of the Jasmine Revolution which set an example many other Arabs will soon follow. Long live the Jasmine Revolution! Long live the people of Tunisia! Down with Ben Ali and his thugs and hoods.
Ghazi. Tunisia

Posted by Ghazi January 21, 11 04:07 PM

Great pictures, and we sympathize with the Tunesian people
Beautiful country with friendly people.
I hope en pray that Jasmine Revolution brings you the freedom where you are hoping for.
That the dead in the struggle not died for nothing.

That they may rest in a free country.

Freedom for Tunisia, God bless you all

Posted by Greet January 21, 11 05:52 PM

Inshallah we will rebuild a Tunisia that is stronger economically and socially, to honor our martyrs.

Posted by Leila January 21, 11 09:15 PM

Congrats to Tunisians. The people have the courage to take down western backed dictators like Ben Ali. Next up, that dog Hosni Mubarak.

Posted by borg January 22, 11 12:24 AM

freedom &freedom in tunisia

Posted by fatma January 22, 11 06:22 AM

Vive la Tunisie!

Posted by Richard Armstrong January 22, 11 08:08 AM

I've never visited the country. From the looks very clean, no rubbish, no graffiti.
These people are trying to get themselves a better themselves. Contrast this with Haiti.....always with their hands out, begging. Welcoming the old problem-leaders back. Baby Doc and Aristide.

Posted by tortoise January 22, 11 09:03 AM

Bravo les Tunisiens
Je pense que beaucoup de pays vont devoir faire comme vous
Cela va peut-être venir en France car nos dirigeants de droite ou de gauche vivent sur notre dos avec les riches en faisant payer les français moyens pour entretenir les pauvres à un niveau très bas.

Posted by BLAIN CHRISTIAN January 22, 11 11:05 AM


I am very proud to be tunisian.

I thank you for the supportive comments you have added. I invite you also to visit the pretty Tunisia which is getting more and more beautiful..

Posted by Suha January 22, 11 01:10 PM

I hope my previous statement about the "former President and great leader of free Tunisia" will not be miscontrued. By former leader I meant the late leader of free Tunisia Habib Bourguiba who dedicated his entire life to two major tasks: Liberating the country from French occupation and building modern Tunisia by educating its people. Thanks to this excellent academic level of the Tunisian people, the Jasmin Revolution will come through and democracy and rule of law shall reign supreme...

Posted by Ghazi Deli January 22, 11 05:15 PM

like photo # 30 :)

Posted by drew karibou January 22, 11 06:47 PM

May their courage bring them freedom.

Posted by Anne R. Richards January 22, 11 07:50 PM

Overthrowing a tyrant is good, but you haven't won yet, don't even relax until you've installed a better government, a "well thought out" constitution is the next step, best wishes to the Tunisian people from the USA

Posted by uzijohn January 22, 11 09:07 PM

yeeeeeeeeeeah free tunisia ,good people تونسي وافتخرببلدي

Posted by Anonymous January 22, 11 09:11 PM

congratulations to the people of tunez and good luck for the long way open now.

Posted by Luis January 22, 11 09:41 PM

I wish days like these we are seeing in Tunis to be repeated in many tyrants' ruled countries, e.g Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan and all Kingdoms and Sheikdoms plus the new Monarchies calling themselves Republics all round the world.

Posted by Abu Zubaida January 23, 11 07:04 AM

#30 haha

Posted by csparis January 23, 11 07:31 AM

ALLAH akbar
Egypt next...

Posted by Kareem egypt January 23, 11 07:33 AM

I would like to invite people all over the world to visit our beautiful Tunisia...Let us give you a new opinion of islam...Yes we did it!! Démocratie and islam can live in peace together ...That's we will show to all the world ... Proud of my country...proud to be a Tunisien woman !!! Tunisia is the first democratic muslam country!!!! :) Peace for all ...

Posted by randa January 23, 11 09:10 AM

May chinese be inspired !

Posted by TZ January 23, 11 10:16 AM

Amazing Tunisia! We are at a turnpoint in History... Thanks for showing the rest of the world what will can do.
Be strong, brave and careful!!
Good luck Tunisians!

Posted by meili January 23, 11 10:20 AM

Le peuple Tunisien conjugue la gentillesse avec l'intelligence mais aussi la fermeté lorsque c'est nécessaire comme aujourd'hui. Mais je pense que la peur du fondamentalisme musulman ne doit pas nous pousser dans les bras d'un atheïsme direct ou indirecte et déguisé et qui nous fasse oublier l'humilité nécessaire en face de tels évenement et nous rappeler que Dieu est à l'origine de tout ce qui peut nous advenir. Je tiens à affirmer quelques vérités incontournable aujourd'hui: Dieu aime et veut la justice sociale, Il veut la démocracie, Il veut les droits de l'Homme, Il veut l'émancipation de la femme l'égalité absolue entre l'homme et la femme, Il veut la supression de toutes les formes de violence utilisées dans l'expansion des verités et des convictions qu'elles soient religieuses ou politiques ou scientifiques ou autres, Il veut l'abolition des préjugés et de l'intolérence sous quelques formes et dans quelque domaine que ce soit, Il veut que s'établisse l'unité et l'amour entre tous les peuples de la terre, la coopération la collaboration et la solidarité entre les races les ethnies les tribus les peuples et les nations de la terre. C'est Dieu qui veut tout cela et bien d'autre choses encore, mais c'est bien lui qui veut cela, le Dieu de tous les prophètes, l'ancien des jours, le Créateur, Celui qui aime et celui qui entend, le Miséricordieux. Je vous en prie, ne tombons pas dans l'arrogance et l'orgueil envers Dieu. Nous ne sommes que des créatures et nous le resterons toujours. Aimons notre peuple, aimons toute l'humanité et que Dieu nous bénisse tous.

Posted by Mohsen Jamel CHERIF January 23, 11 01:22 PM

Que la libertad y la justicia lleguen pronto.
Ánimo, luchadores!

Posted by Paloma Ocaña January 23, 11 01:31 PM

As a British person who has been visiting my friends in Tunisia regularly, every 6 to 8 weeks for over 8 years, I have had the honour to meet many people in Tunisia and my friends whom I visit one is the Director of a Vincci hotel will tell you I have been learning about Islam, the Quran and culture and history of Tunisia. They will tel you I am so proud of Tunisia and this time when I came I was arranging a vist of Officials and Ministers from England to be visiting in April and they were coming as a party from England to see Tunisia like a tourist would as so many English people wanted to know where to visit what they needed to know before they came. I was here from 29th December arranging this and went to video many places El Jem The Sahara where I had the most special exciting experience of my life i will never forget this, as the protests started, I had to leave on 16th January even though I did not want to and now I am back I am telling the truth of what happened in Tunisia. Tuniia I am so proud of you and my heart has been left with someone special there, who was teaching me about all the things I wanted to know about Islam , The Quran and what it means to be a Tunisian Muslim. England has heard your story and we support you with your fight for freedom and to get get rid of the Iron Fisted Regime you were it seemed locked into. I am so proud you have managed to become free rom this and my love and heart has been left there and soon I hope it will be reunited, but I feel I was there to see what happend and why and my love is with you all, I will support you and make sure as many people as possible know the truth as you are normally quiet gentle welcoming people so for you to fight like this the world must see the way you were being made to live and why you had to fight for your freedom. Freedom to Tunisia and I hope that you get the correct Government to help you get the rights you deserve and a President who wants to work for the good of the people. Good luck Tunisia Inchallah , Allah is with you all and we here in England are supporting you in any way that is possible in getting the freedom and way of life you deserve. I love Tunisia and the beauty of you the people and your country and I always feel at peace when I am with you in your wonderful country. To my friends and my extended family I love you and take care of yourselves you know where my loyalties are. England sends you their love and support and you can always contact me through facebook if you want to tell me your stories.

Posted by Susanne January 23, 11 03:04 PM

It is amazing that even ladies are seen here in western dress and openly intermingling with the males in crowd, even holding the other unrelated people and hand shaking with them; one with a security man and yet they have been ruled by only two tyrant rulers. This goes to show that Muslim nations can not be ruled by open democratic law even if the society is fairly well educated in western style. This puts the Muslim societies in dock.

The unfortunate part is that Muslims can not be governed by any other legal system than an authoritarian one. This shows their intolerant and volatile character. Hence the implication is that next ruler has also got to be a tyrant barbaric ruler if the nation of Tunisia has to be governed.
God bless
Dr. O. P. Sudrania

Posted by Dr. O. P. Sudrania January 23, 11 03:04 PM

"El revolucionario debe ser capaz de oir la hierba crecer" como decía Marx. Acerquémonos, todos los pueblos, al igual que Túnez, a la liberación (no-capitalista) de todos y todas las y los proletarios y proletarias,unidos, en todos los países. Proletarios de los todos los países, uníos!!!!!

Posted by ¡Viva Lumumba! January 23, 11 06:44 PM

به امید آزادی ایران
زنده باد جنبش سبز

Posted by iran January 23, 11 07:18 PM

These are wonderful pictures. Thanks for showing them, there has been little coverage outside of Europe. Congratulations

Posted by Oscar Pettigrew January 24, 11 02:09 AM

Bienvenue dans la cour des grands mes frères. Bienvenue...

Posted by PIERRE DEFOE January 24, 11 04:38 AM

Absolutely amazing photos - are there any more?

Posted by Salvo January 24, 11 04:42 AM

Courage and persistence for Tunesia!
They truely are a great nation.

Posted by Marco January 24, 11 05:01 AM

El Pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

Posted by gibgasachi January 24, 11 05:57 AM

Your president was maybe a bad dictator, but he hold you you and yours natures back. Tunisia, don't become to another fanatic muslim state please. And settle things soon couse tourism is your most valuable source of income, maybe only one at all.

Posted by Rixo January 24, 11 06:26 AM

It appears as if the Tunisian security forces acted with discipline and restraint. Well done to them!

Posted by Roux28 January 24, 11 06:36 AM

A beautiful tiny country,thogh most of Muslim population represent very noble people with faith in religion but having highly progrssive out look. They are highly hospital people .I am sure that Tunisians will tide over the situation and continue to move forward
My all the best to them

Posted by H P Pandya January 24, 11 12:45 PM

err opening fire on protestors doesn't match well "discipline and restraint". Sniping the protestors on top of that.
Bravo la tunisie! Les francais sont avec vous de tout coeur même si le gouvernement ne le montre pas. Alliot-marie, ministre des affaires étrangères, devrait mourir de honte pour avoir oser proposer les services de la France a Ben Ali afin de rétablir l'ordre....
Well done! I hope tunisia will be the first free democracy in the world and set an example not only for arab countries but also for France, Europe and the US.

Posted by Quentin January 24, 11 03:04 PM

Susanne thank you, I even had tears when reading ur words!
It reminds me that in this world, we still can communicate , understand ans support each others !
For all who think about the possibilty of the deviation of this revolution and the possibilty of Extremists getting involve, DON'T WORRY !
Tunisian people is well educated !
We will build a democtratic goverment !
We won't give up our freedom no more !
And the law will be the supreme power !
I was dreaming about this moment since my childhood !
Everytime I see a shootingstar, I immadiately pray GOD for a miracle to change our goverment !
I was dreaming about a miracle !
and Finally it seems that freedom, don't need miracles !
They just need HOPE !
don't give up guys !!!

Posted by Ashref Mohamad Chamari January 24, 11 04:13 PM

I have been a regular visitor to Tunisia for many years and I assure you I will be back as planned in March. Over the years I've come to know many Tunisians and witnessed at first hand the poverty and lack of work for many but never thought the day would come in my lifetime when things would change. I am certainly not afraid that extremists will take over the government as the people want and deserve democracy and I am confident that is what they will get. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Posted by Pat January 24, 11 08:23 PM

just few weeks ago I wa s just a Tunisian , but now I'M VERY VERY PROWD TUNISIEN .

Posted by WILD EL BLAD January 25, 11 07:25 AM

This is a great inspiration for us Iranians..
Hope to see the end of tyranny in Iran too very soon.

Posted by Farhad January 25, 11 02:21 PM

Like all Tunisians I'm so proud of my fellow Tuisians for the solidarity and the rage of dignity they displayed in this 'layman' revolution. Though all the pictures are very symbolic I find number 30 and 38 the most expressive.
Picture # 30 (with the man holding a 'baguette' or breadstick in the position of an arm) indicates that the power of the people's basic needs once triggered can shoot harder than policemen's sophisticated arms.
Picture # 38 (with the man opening the cage for the Tunisian flag to fly away) is a very symbolic picture of this revolution which set the tunisian people free, hopefully forever...

Posted by Sloumak UAE January 26, 11 12:42 AM

Brilliant photos - fantastic days. Several here could win photo-journalism competitions.

Posted by Mustbcrackers January 26, 11 04:38 AM

The Turnisian people are great.

When will we Chinese people rise for our future?

Posted by Y.Tsai January 26, 11 06:48 AM

Vive la Tunisie Libre!!!

Posted by Alan Appel January 26, 11 08:01 AM

todas las fotografias son muy buenas, en todos los reportajes . La unica critica que les hago es que deberian tener una mejor traduccion al idioma español .

Posted by W . Pupo January 26, 11 12:22 PM

Tunus halkının demokrasi yaşam ve demokrasi mücadelesinde başarılar diliyorum.Ancak bu mücadelede ABD,Avrupa ülkelerinin ve Soros'un oyunlarına dikkat edilsin. İran gibi ülkelere değil kendinize güvenin.yarın çok geç olmadan...

Posted by Erkan January 26, 11 04:33 PM

Ti voglio bene ma bella Tunisia, e adoro il suo popolo
sempre avanti (ultras).

Posted by issam zarbout January 26, 11 06:41 PM

love one another..take courage.. perservere for justice and freedom..listen with new ears.. see with new eyes

Posted by Penny Renner January 28, 11 07:51 PM

Bravo Tunisia!! Good luck from Poland!!

Posted by Patrick January 29, 11 07:36 AM

zwracam uwage na mezczyzne z bulka zdjecie fantazja w srodku zestawu

Posted by adaś January 30, 11 12:29 AM

A quand la Tunisication du monde pour abattre toutes les dictatures réelles ou cachées , Birmanie,Corée du nord,Algérie,Iran,Cuba,Syrie,Libye,
Arabie saoudite,Vénézuela,Biélorussie,j'en oublie certainement vive les Tunisiens un Normand admiratif

Posted by Quaire, Jean January 30, 11 03:50 AM

Independenza.....que tous ces chiens crient viva Tunisia.....

Posted by Al-Marsa January 30, 11 05:03 AM

Amazing work, Tunisians! Now I just hope you get the free country you deserve.

Posted by Martin January 30, 11 05:46 PM


Posted by G.PIETRO February 1, 11 12:35 AM

the people united will never be defeated

el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido

le peuple uni ne sera jamais vaincu

Posted by wooooozee February 1, 11 07:06 PM


Posted by rym February 2, 11 05:06 PM


Posted by Salah Bornaz February 5, 11 09:48 AM

I hope Romania can change the way Tunisia has......

Posted by Roma February 5, 11 11:22 PM

The people who are working for the right case ... god bless them and i will pray the situation will come under control and peace will come back

Posted by Ashish verma February 6, 11 11:18 AM

أبانا الذي في السموات،
ليتقدّس اسمك، ليأتي ملكوتك.
لتكن مشيئتك، كما في السماء كذلك على الأرض.
أعطنا خبزنا كفاف يومنا. واغفر لنا زنوبنا وخطايانا،
كما نحن نغفر لمن أخطأ وأساء إلينا. ولا تُدخلنا في التجارب،
لكن نجّنا من الشرّير.
لك الملك، والقوة، والمجد، الى أبد الآبدين.


Posted by صحيح مخلص February 6, 11 04:30 PM

Je suis fière de la jeunesse tunisienne en particulier et de tous les Tunisiens
qui ont montré l'exemple.
C'est une forte émotion sans cesse renouvelée à chaque image.
à chaque évocation de tous ces évenements.
Je souhaite de tout mon coeur que la Démocratie triomphe et que notre
belle Tunisie connaisse la prospérité dans
la Paix Sérénité du bon peule tunisien

Posted by debbiche manoubia February 7, 11 04:16 AM


Posted by CLAUDIA T February 8, 11 03:33 AM

It is about time the arab people to take control over their lives, expel their opressors and unite for freedom. Well done tunisians!

Posted by Breno Flávio Ferreira Murça February 9, 11 10:55 PM

God Bless you all in Tunizia. I only wish we Cubans had the "Cojones" you have. Instead we continue to live under 50+ years of a failed dictatorship fueled by a psychopathic egotistical dinosaur.....

Posted by Mario LaCasee February 13, 11 09:17 AM


Posted by HABIB ROBBANA February 14, 11 11:21 AM

love you tunisia; je t'aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime tunsie; nhebeeeeeeeeeeeeeek tounes

Posted by souma February 15, 11 12:07 PM

NouS SommeS Des Arabes & musilmans, et troOoOP FierS de L'étre! Qu'allah Soit AveC NouS enChallah En Cette RevolutioN!! On tente & on realise jusQu'à la mort, n'est Que la suite de La Vie!

Posted by Abidi Ali February 21, 11 11:37 AM


Posted by yagani_0 March 15, 11 12:54 AM


Posted by yagani_0 March 15, 11 12:55 AM


Posted by christine March 15, 11 03:04 AM

And who can still maintain that North Africans are not mature enough for democracy?
And our democracy will not be hijacked by corrupt politicians at the service of oligarchs or financial magnats

Posted by Moya Mokhtari March 17, 11 06:09 AM

it shuld stop as soon as possible,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by abid qamar April 17, 11 01:01 AM

thank's god it's our revolution and we won

Posted by Anonymous April 28, 11 09:04 PM
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