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November 10, 2010 Permalink

2010 World Fencing Championships

From November 4th through the 11th, 950 athletes from 110 countries are meeting in Paris, France for the 2010 World Fencing Championships. The annual event welcomes contestants to the historic Grand Palais in Paris this year, to participate in foil, épée, and sabre events. Collected here are several images from the first half of the 2010 competition. (33 photos total)

Maureen Nisima (left) of France and Tatiana Logournova of Russia compete during their semi-final of the epee competition at the 2010 the World Fencing Championships at the Grand Palais in Paris, France on November 8, 2010. (REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen)
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88 comments so far...

Beautiful sport, nice pictures!

Posted by Slobodan Miskovic November 10, 10 08:21 AM

Awesome photos! What a great location for fencing.

Posted by Thomas O November 10, 10 08:27 AM

Wow, great pictures. Makes me want to try this sport

Posted by Chad November 10, 10 08:48 AM

Muy buenas poses. Muy buenas fotos.

Posted by Sgt_Pepper November 10, 10 08:48 AM


Posted by Gian November 10, 10 08:55 AM

Pic 26 isn't wheelchair foil as the caption states, but wheelchair epee.

Posted by AJ Somerset November 10, 10 09:02 AM

Muy buenas fotos.

Posted by juan November 10, 10 09:10 AM

Niche theme. Still, Great Pictrues. Breathtakingvenue.

Posted by Steamer November 10, 10 09:23 AM

#6, wow. The most beautiful fencing picture I've ever seen.

Posted by Adam November 10, 10 09:29 AM

There's nothing weird about fencing...

Posted by Real Swords, No Masks November 10, 10 09:30 AM

very nice

Posted by Sumit November 10, 10 09:41 AM

En garde! Thunderbirds are goooooo!!

Posted by Jean November 10, 10 09:46 AM

bellissime.......e Forza Italia ;-))

Posted by Simone November 10, 10 09:48 AM

LMAO @ pic 32 hahaha funny

Posted by Petruscio November 10, 10 09:50 AM

Great pictures!

Minor quibble though. The caption under picture 26 says that it is the final of the wheelchair foil competition. Those are not foils, though, they are epees.

Posted by Phil November 10, 10 09:52 AM

its a boring sport

Posted by raj November 10, 10 09:54 AM

26 is wheelchair epee, not foil.

Fantastic pictures, though. I may be biased, though.

Posted by gallahad November 10, 10 10:01 AM

Noble sport, splendid location !

Posted by Romain November 10, 10 10:03 AM

Great pics !

Posted by Avs November 10, 10 10:07 AM


Posted by ++Alfred November 10, 10 10:10 AM

It looks like 'so elastic' :)

On #12 Peoples have so strong spirit and this is awesome

Posted by Dmitry November 10, 10 10:20 AM

believe it or not an unknown boy born to a slave mom and her master in 1742 made this sport what it is today in france, he was 17 when he faced the 40 something italian legendary champ who heard of the boy and came to paris to fight him, though he won the hard battle some say the kid took it easy on him, he recognised the boy was the greatest fencer he ever saw
it'd be nice if that "great" country of ours named anything fencing after the great Chevalier de Saint Georges

Posted by jdaddy November 10, 10 10:24 AM

#9 is crazy!

Posted by Ross November 10, 10 10:30 AM


Posted by phoenix November 10, 10 10:33 AM


Posted by phoenix November 10, 10 10:40 AM

don't care for this sport

Posted by huba luba November 10, 10 11:06 AM

N'est-il point beau ce grand palais?
J'apprécie particulièrement le fait que la performance des sportifs à mobilité réduite aie la même exposition que celle des sportifs sans handicap.

Posted by rebelbird November 10, 10 11:38 AM

See what we miss in this life! Beautiful!!!

Posted by Michele November 10, 10 11:45 AM

Великолепные фото!

Posted by автор November 10, 10 11:52 AM

Fantastic pictures!

Posted by Bruno Ázera November 10, 10 11:53 AM


Posted by CÉLIO MARTINS November 10, 10 12:47 PM

Beautiful sport and a beautiful venue (especially #2, #24 and #33).

Posted by PJRiowa November 10, 10 01:11 PM

Thank BG, nice pic's...

Posted by michael November 10, 10 01:17 PM

Correction on 26: Wheelchair epee, not foil.

I've been watching the event for the last 6 days and it's been amazing.

Posted by Daniel C November 10, 10 02:49 PM

Can someone explain the electronics we see in many of the pictures (e.g. #s 3 and 18)? Are they to make it clear when a foil or epee has touched an opponent?

Also, why the "skirts" on the wheelchairs in # 26?

Just trying to understand what I'm seeing in a sport I'm not familiar with. Wonderful photos as always!

Posted by Carol November 10, 10 03:01 PM

Who did say that fencing is on its way out in our times of televised sport events?

Posted by Paul November 10, 10 03:03 PM

Amazing photos (as usual)
Thanx BG :-)

Posted by Lothar November 10, 10 03:54 PM

These are really great. It's just not something you see everyday, and I love that!

Posted by Julia November 10, 10 04:41 PM

Nice photo #12 !

Posted by Karl B. November 10, 10 04:45 PM

Congratulations to Daria Schneider from Brookline, MA for qualifying to the U.S. Women's Sabre team and competing in Paris at the World Championships! If has any photos of our hometown champion, please add them to this page!

Posted by EE November 10, 10 05:20 PM

Forget the fencers; I'm more impressed by the building. Not that this comes as surprise, though ...

Posted by Norbert November 10, 10 05:36 PM

#17 - I Will Break You. ~Drago

Posted by Mike November 10, 10 05:57 PM

I miss this sport so much....brings back memories.

Posted by jessie November 10, 10 06:32 PM

2#、6#、7#、11# ^_^

Posted by 380784416 November 10, 10 06:46 PM

'Lux, Veritas, Virtue'!

Posted by M. Jorinam November 10, 10 07:53 PM


Posted by pierroro November 10, 10 08:29 PM

Carol @ Comment #35
Three things to know: 1) target area by weapon, 2) parts of the weapons that can score a touch, 3) lames.

1) "Target area" is the area on the body on which a fencer can score a touch. It varies from weapon to weapon. Target area for Foil is only the torso, front or back. Target area for Sabre is anything from with waist up, front or back, including arms and head. Target area for Epee is the whole body, head to toe, front or back. As several have pointed out, the weapons in photo #26 are epee, not foil.

2) Foil and Epee blades score with the tips only, and the weapons have buttons on the end of the blades that when depressed, indicate a touch. Sabre blades can score with any length of the blade on the target area.

3) A lame (la-may) is made of a material that helps to "ground" where a tip depression or blade contact will score a touch. The lames foilists wear cover only the torso, ensuring that if the opponents tip lands anywhere other than the torso, the scoring equipment does not register a touch. Sabre lames cover the waist up, same concept as the foilists' lames: only waist-up landings register a touch. Epeeists entire bodies are target area, so no such lame is needed: just if the tips lands, the touch registers. In their case, just the fencing strip is grounded in a way that you can tell if the tip landed on the fencer's foot or the floor. Foot = touch, floor = no touch.

So with the wheelchair fencers, you need to make sure tips landing on the *chair* don't register a touch. The skirts probably act as lames for wheelchair epeeists to ensure such a thing. Body = touch, chair = no touch.

Posted by Sara November 10, 10 09:51 PM

good pics

Posted by muhammad aamir November 10, 10 11:38 PM

That Peter Joppich guy should play the villain in a Fencing movie.

Posted by Guanolad November 11, 10 02:27 AM

number 12 just amazing :)

Posted by Sara November 11, 10 04:18 AM

Fantastic photos!

Posted by Tabatha November 11, 10 05:06 AM

Nice to see sports not too often covered on BP, especially in such a beautiful place! Now, this is a sport where style has not lost all ground to pure performance, and that's great!

Posted by Tom November 11, 10 05:09 AM

amazing venue - still find the sport still boring

Posted by emma November 11, 10 07:19 AM

nice pics

Posted by noel lemuya November 11, 10 08:47 AM

Wow. After viewing these photos, I am a fan of fencing.

Posted by Laurie November 11, 10 09:15 AM

And where is World Champion's picture?

Posted by Valmar November 11, 10 10:35 AM

#47 Great explaination. Thanks Sara.

Posted by Richard November 11, 10 11:12 AM

AMAZING photos!!!

Posted by Singh November 11, 10 11:18 AM

Wow! I love fencing but I never, ever expected the Big Picture to cover the fencing championships! This is awesome. What a pleasant surprise!

Posted by Denise November 11, 10 01:02 PM

As someone who knows nothing about this sport, you have been very informative!

Posted by ThanksSara November 11, 10 01:43 PM

Elegant and beautiful sport and photos. The venue's acoustics must have added to the excitement. The parabolic dome catches the faintest whisper. Excellent collect of photos!

Posted by Basel November 11, 10 02:18 PM

were is novosjolov, the men's epee winner from estonia?

Posted by gapeta November 11, 10 02:32 PM

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! (Just one comment, for the caption under #20, it's not a fencing "helmet," it's a fencing "mask.")

Posted by Cristina November 11, 10 03:43 PM

Splendide immagini (come sempre)
poio vediamo le ragazze italiane che trionfano....
armando d.f.

Posted by Armando d.f. November 11, 10 03:57 PM

1st picture is the Final bout....on the 7th picture is not Lapkes....and on the 32nd Maureen won over Tatiana Logunova in the final and Emese in the semi-final...

Posted by Ania November 11, 10 04:11 PM

I don't get what's borig about it...It's exciting stuff , especially when you there at a competition. Lots to see, great fencing, and nice folks. I'm still playing at it at 65.

Posted by Tom Smith November 11, 10 04:30 PM


Posted by Humberto Borba November 11, 10 05:52 PM

beautiful and fantastic

Posted by Frank November 11, 10 06:40 PM

In one of the photo's the caption refers to a "helmet" fencers wear masks not helmets!!! and generally are kinda touchy about it.

Besides that the photographs are beautifully taken, and the use of a fish-eye was quite brilliant with a venue like that. since most venues end up being convention centers = booooooring

Posted by Keith North November 11, 10 07:00 PM

Love these shots? Learn to fence!! You can take up this sport at any age and LOVE it! Check out to find a club near you. There are many in the Boston area!

Posted by Cindy Bent Findlay, editor, American Fencing Magazine November 11, 10 09:00 PM

Nice pictures and glad to see such coverage from Paris 2010. Still, there is no single shot from the royal sports of fencing - mens individual epee competition. That's a major mistake.

Posted by Prez Allez November 12, 10 02:27 AM


Posted by mag November 12, 10 03:28 AM

Unguard!!! Too Shay!!!!


Gr8 pixies and doodles. Surely fencing is fantastisch? Ich werde gruuuuuber schon, bitte.

Posted by Ninja Swards and Other Swords November 12, 10 08:28 AM

How stunning! This is my dream.

Posted by Juliana F. November 12, 10 09:07 PM

superb photos..!!!

Posted by asyaz jufri November 12, 10 11:24 PM

Fantastic coverage of a great sport. This is professional sports photography at its best. Kudos to the photographer

Posted by Peter November 13, 10 04:58 PM

great pictures, some of them are really superb!!!

Posted by Paul November 15, 10 04:36 AM

magnifiques photos !! quel sport ... !!!!

Posted by Marion November 15, 10 11:05 AM

RESPECT very good !

Posted by RogerMain November 15, 10 01:00 PM

Daft Punk helmets.

Posted by Josue November 15, 10 01:58 PM

I'de like that

Posted by Berty Langitan November 15, 10 11:50 PM

amazing pic...

Posted by Anonymous November 16, 10 01:28 AM

Terrific pictures. Thank you.

Posted by Dieter von Oppen November 16, 10 02:41 PM

pic no. 24 is too much to handle....fabulous... great work

Posted by Anshuman Datta November 18, 10 03:05 AM

Super, super photographs. Great sport with excellent action. Magic venue

Posted by John Bouchier-Hayes November 18, 10 02:42 PM

Muito bom, dá pra sentir e ver toda a competição através das fotos: o clima, as emoções, os dias passando. Incrível!!

Posted by Pedro Oliveira November 21, 10 11:48 AM

Magnificent pictures drawing us into the agile, light-footed but also very dramatic sport of fencing. I love the close-ups of Peter Joppich before #17 (all concentration) and after his win #19 (showing the beast within?).

Posted by Jackie November 25, 10 03:56 PM

Great photos...they make me want to pick up a foil again!

Posted by Mick November 25, 10 09:52 PM
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