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India prepares for the Commonwealth Games

In two days, on Sunday October 3rd, the nineteenth Commonwealth Games will officially open in New Delhi, India. 72 nations will be sending more than 6,000 athletes to New Delhi to compete in 17 sports in 26 different venues from October 3rd through the 14th. Much criticism has been leveled at the host city for its preparation efforts, as security concerns are high and several incidents occurred recently, including construction accidents, an outbreak of dengue fever, and reports of filthy conditions at the Athlete's Village. Armies of laborers appear to have caught up with many of the demands, and the opening ceremonies will take place as scheduled on Sunday. Collected here are recent photographs from New Delhi, India as workers and athletes prepare for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. (43 photos total)

A member of the Bhiwani Boxing Club practices inside a stadium in Bhiwani in the northern Indian state of Haryana September 9, 2010. The club consists of more than 150 members, out of which three have been selected to compete in the 2010 Commonwealth Games that will be held in New Delhi, club officials said on Thursday. Picture taken September 9, 2010. (REUTERS/Adnan Abidi)
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Nice Work !

Posted by agharass October 1, 10 12:44 PM


Posted by Tiago (Teresina - Piauí - Brazil) October 1, 10 12:47 PM

Nice progress! Hooray \o/

Posted by Satishkumar October 1, 10 12:48 PM

Amazing, as always. Capturing the spirit via Photography.

Posted by Shekhar Sahu October 1, 10 12:56 PM

All sides of CWG... nice work

Posted by Hein October 1, 10 12:59 PM

Great job

Posted by Yogesh Malik October 1, 10 01:01 PM


Posted by Dyziek October 1, 10 01:09 PM

yoo india

Posted by andre October 1, 10 01:13 PM

I love how there is variety and also captured nice aspects of sport and daily life at the CWG, bravo

Posted by Jitesh Patel October 1, 10 01:18 PM

Nice collection of images ...

Posted by Yogesh October 1, 10 01:22 PM

way to go India :)
great photography as always

Posted by Jeet October 1, 10 01:26 PM

Wonderfull collection of images..hope india rocks wirh CWG.
Thanks big picture.

Posted by chaitanya varma m October 1, 10 01:31 PM

How awful that India is trying to sweep their problems under the rug for this event. I thought we were doing that here in Indianapolis in preparation for the 2012 Super Bowl, but we're not mowing down people's houses. Shame on you, India!

Images 21, 22, and 24 are especially heartbreaking.

Posted by Greg Bair October 1, 10 01:31 PM


Posted by Don October 1, 10 01:33 PM

Incredible photography!

Posted by Nathan October 1, 10 01:34 PM

Increibles fotos!

Posted by ramiro October 1, 10 01:35 PM

Awesome Pictures! CWG is surely not going down the drain.

Posted by Venkatesh Nandakumar October 1, 10 01:38 PM


Posted by Don October 1, 10 01:40 PM

Chak De India :)

Posted by Vijay October 1, 10 01:46 PM

Pictures speak. :)
Cheers to CWG!

Posted by Anand October 1, 10 01:49 PM

Painting the shantys might have been a better option rather than knocking them down and leaving the remains on site.

Posted by Bob... October 1, 10 01:54 PM

Glad to see the complete coverage...

Neither trying over portrait Indian Poverty nor CWG showcase...
Great coverage.

Yes, India surely has lot of poverty and very similar to China India took extreme majors. (No one was hurt in this).. although feelings were hurt for sure... But they say to gain something you have lose something... may be that's the part of it.

I appreciate the fact many people are appreciating Indian hospitality than just b.s. about India... (Like Australian Channel 7 fake report) that's the sick mentality.

Let's stand unite... let's praise which is good... and let's criticize whatever is wrong.

No one is perfect and it's specially very hard to be perfect when you are world 1/5 th population..


Posted by Lucky Ray October 1, 10 01:57 PM

China 'cleaned up' Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, India is 'cleaning up' for the Commonwealth Games... makes you wonder what lengths London will have to go to to clean up the slum of corruption and poverty that is London in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Posted by Ben October 1, 10 01:58 PM

@Greg Blair :-

Lol Do you really think that you are comparing apple to apple?

If yes, then can we both swap our houses.... your house in US is mine and mine in India will be yours...

Will you?

Dude, There is really big difference what you see.. what you know and what's the reality is.

All those slums are on "government property" and are illegal... Try building house some land where you are not owner... See what "YOUR GOVERNMENT" will do..!!!

I understand your feelings for all the poor and homeless people... I suggest try supporting financially than just plain dry words... Try being International Citizen than just blaming and booing others...

just a thought... don't want to insult your intelligence... but please always try to find real story behind the scene.

Posted by Lucky Ray October 1, 10 02:09 PM

Incredible India !
Incredible photography :)
all the very best CWG

Posted by Chethan Rajan October 1, 10 02:11 PM

Wish you had shown images of the much maligned games village and the rooms as they finally turned out in the end!
Great pictures overall.
Whats wrong with #7?

Posted by sm October 1, 10 02:11 PM

As for 'hiding the homeless', it is something done even at Atlanta Olympics in 1996 - and in Sydney in 2000 Olympics - :)

Posted by Shashikant Joshi October 1, 10 02:12 PM

I know we have to say that these are marvellous, just because they're being featured on the Big Picture, but all I get from these pictures is that India is a largely drab and uninspiring place.

Isn't it time we started having events such as this in countries that can actually afford it? I don't like the idea of competitions hosted in the middle of a society where beggars are competing just to survive.

Posted by Humanist October 1, 10 02:15 PM

There's no choice, nevertheless those are just temporary abodes not "houses" ! I am sure the person whose abode was mowed has no regret and could find another one and may be the same place after the games are done..

Posted by MJ October 1, 10 02:29 PM

Incredible India !
Incredible photography !
Incredible BG !
Incredible Beer !
Incredible Beer !
Incredible Beer !
Incredible Beer !
Incredible Beer !
Incredible Beer !

Posted by michael October 1, 10 02:33 PM


Very good point... (not)

Saudi Arabia (or most of the middle eastern oil countries) can host world's best games...

Wanna go there? Especially if you are an American / Canadian / British?

But again... don't you have beggars... Ohhhh homeless beggers? in your town?

Posted by Lucky Ray October 1, 10 02:35 PM

#29 is an especially beautiful portrait.

Posted by Meredeth October 1, 10 02:41 PM

# 8 Looks like somthing i wrong? :P

Posted by Peter T October 1, 10 03:23 PM

@Lucky Ray

No ray, I'm afraid we don't have a myriad crippled beggar children in London. And no, I'd also rather not have the games hosted in countries with appalling gender inequality, either. It's time we stopped giving such prestigious events to countries that actively squash other forms of competition. Competitions such as social advancement.

Great way to make a merit-less point, though. Well done you.

Posted by Humanist October 1, 10 03:36 PM

Great photos capturing the positive essence of the Commonwealth Games preparations.
Good job by India, go India go! So proud to be an Indian today! The politicians stood watching while the real people pulled it off with their hard work and determination.

Posted by Garima October 1, 10 03:56 PM

beautiful people, shots.

RE: homeless "relocation". same thing happened in Atlanta for the 1996 Olympic Games...but mostly buried by the media. correct me if i am wrong, i thought many of the homeless street beggars were "relocated" to Florida by bus ?

Posted by double_G October 1, 10 04:26 PM

I am an Indian and I am ashamed of my country. What we see in these pictures is just a small fraction of what could have been had it not been for the corrupt officials and organizers. As for the poverty, there's hardly a point in trying to hide what is rampant.

We are an extremely poor country and the wealth of our nation is in the hands of a very few industrialists and politicians who have absolutely no care for the masses. The poor get poorer and take to arms as a last resort before the government's machinery wipes them off the map.

This reality of India will not change, no matter how many Games we host or how well we host them. This is just eyewash to tell the world that India is shining when in fact its rotting from within.

Posted by Che October 1, 10 05:16 PM

you call yourself 'humanist' and gloat about how games should be held only by rich countries?the revenue generated helps the poor too and lot of our sportspeople who have won medals have came from poor backgrounds,our govt is just trying to encourage more people to take up kindly mind your own business and zip up on how a country should spend its money.oh btw,americans and british have killed how many innocent people in iraq,afghanistan?what fine examples of humanity aren't they?

Posted by swapna October 1, 10 05:27 PM


"India is a largely drab and uninspiring place."
"Drab and uninspiring" ... have you never taken a history lesson?

You call India poor .. perhaps its time you ask the queen to return the Kohinoor back to us :).

There will always will be people like you who will not appreciate the leaps and bounds India has made since its got independence from the British. Compare it to the countries that have been independent for close to the same amount of time India has and you will appreciate where it stands right now.

Posted by GPRX100 October 1, 10 05:39 PM

Great pictures!!!!
Love to see INDIA organizing these kind of events more in the feature.

Posted by Aravind October 1, 10 05:54 PM

Very sad about the poverty especially in such a great historic nation!

Posted by Brian Carey October 1, 10 06:25 PM

Awesome pictures!!!
Good to see the positive side of things for a change. Alright people, INDIA'S ready and this game is gonna be a huge success, nothing beats the Indian hospitality:)

Posted by Shalini Mohanty( USA) October 1, 10 06:46 PM

"all I get from these pictures is that India is a largely drab and uninspiring place." Posted by Humanist

Someone in England calling another country "drab" is quite hilarious.

Posted by Jeff October 1, 10 06:56 PM

#27 cracked me up. That's his job? Watch over the guy with the paintbrush? I'd have grabbed a brush and helped, especially considering the tight schedule. Perhaps it's a cultural thing where visible status matters more to Indians than it does to us. I wonder how much the supervisor is being paid in relation to the painter and what his other responsibilities are.

It's also striking how Indians don't seem to like using safety equipment like masks (for fumigation), work boots (for street work), coveralls (for welding) or hard hats for the bridge collapse site. Stuff like that would be illegal around here, but I suppose Indians are a lot harder than us.

Were the people whose homes (illegal or not) were demolished compensated in any way, or provided with alternate accommodation?

Posted by T (New Zealand) October 1, 10 07:04 PM

great selection of pics :) :) :)

Posted by don October 1, 10 07:14 PM

I am surprised by the ignorance of most people who commented here. Incredible India? Chak de India? These photographs are bare naked truth to the condition of our country in the 21st century. I am very, very ashamed to be an Indian after what the corrupt filthy politicians have done to the CWG. Instead of encouraging, I'd highly discourage Indians to be proud of this event. Boycott this event. Only public shaming of such failures will teach them a lesson.

Posted by Ani October 1, 10 07:30 PM

Of course there are beggars in US as well...They are called CEOs and fly in private jets :)

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 10 07:36 PM

What you say is true. But...

India has amazing talent and resources in her people. Except that last decade of growth has squeezed the middle class and made rich, stronger and richer and poor...well the other way round. If not for the rampant corruption and mis-management by public officials, we would have been and can still be a great country. There is a true heroic act in every corner, they just don't make the news. So I guess instead of being ashamed, let's be proud of ourselves and what we have achieved (even though not everything) and hope and strive for what we will be, along with the world - a better place.

Posted by GG October 1, 10 07:46 PM

How about a photo collection about the current Paris 2010 Car show? That would be really great

Posted by Andres de Rosario October 1, 10 07:56 PM


Posted by LOVETEXAS05 October 1, 10 08:04 PM

Oh I see my mistake sir (Oh wait... I can't call you that... because your Queen has not given you that title yet. (Lolz...very very old queen who is not dieing and not letting her son her throne...greedy bast**d...))

anyways... I think you were the beggars and pirates who came in search of money and wealth 3-4 centuries back to richest country in the world India. You "actually" looted them because you were technically superior.. that time.

India is not in great shape now ... I think it's because of few factors... one important factor is Brits and second biggest factor is Indian corrupt politicians.

Anyways.. my point is... I am sorry if I hurt your prestigious ego but you know what I don't care... because you are one of those beggars who came to us for money and silk and spices...

Posted by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi... Oops October 1, 10 10:17 PM

all that fumigation and pesticide can't be good for the lungs.

Posted by Anonymous October 1, 10 10:30 PM

Amazing pictures (as always)

Nice to see India keeping the illusion alive. While the worlds eyes are upon you and your ability to spend $4.6 Billion (5 times the initial budget) to host an event you do not need, are not ready to hold, and cannot afford.
I am sure half that budget was spent painting a very thin veneer over so many of the countries problems. Case in point - a foot bridge collapsed (believe it killed 26) so paint it to look like a rainbow and problem solved.
Arrest all the beggars and that will take care of that problem for a week or two also.

It is easy to see why so many athletes are boycotting this event - between health, security, humanitarian, and preparedness risks - I would not feel like a winner if I got a gold medal from such a country.

Posted by Mike October 1, 10 10:38 PM

@Lucky Shame on you.
You are trying to justify destruction of houses of poor people. When houses of thousands were sealed, everybody spoke against government, and now when poor is targeted, nobody is raising voice. Everybody knows the illegal land acquired by many big guns. Why were they not demolished?

And don't forget our government is run by what kind of leaders.

Do you even know the spirit of games! What is the real meaning of commonwealth, the idea behind the games.

Put yourself in shoes of the poor people, then you will not write such things.

@Greg Bair Sir, i totally agree with you. But this has always been and will always be the situation. If king is corrupted and not concerned about poor, nothing can be changed.

@Shashikant Joshi This must be correct, If this can happen elsewhere,why not in India. After all we have always followed them. Were you really trying to say this?

Posted by Himanshu October 1, 10 10:41 PM

I think it's wonderful that India's hosting the games, it is a beautiful country I have visited many times. But to what degree do we continue to displace people (photos 21, 22 & 24) and harm our environment (17 & 23) in the name of sporting events. Sure, exercise is great, so is creating unity, but do we need to go to these lengths (e.g. Olympics, commonwealth cup, world cup) to demonstrate our passion for sport? I find those around me are most interested in sport when they actually participate in it, or watch their children and friends do it. As someone living in Vancouver, I know first hand the displacement of our less fortunate and harm to our local environment caused in the name of sport. Did people have a great time in Vancouver? Sure. Will many people in India have a great time? I bet! But will it be at the expense of our brothers and sisters for which we share our communities? Most definitely. So is it worth it?

Posted by HugeSportingEvents? October 2, 10 01:14 AM

I love how 'shocking and amusing' my country is!

In pic # 24, while the focus is on the demolished shanties, you can also notice the proliferation of sky-rises, half of them still under construction. Both scenes represent the contrast that India of today is.

Most idealists frown at this disparity (and rightly so), but I guess the current development programs are still the correct way forward. There will be disparities, but they do exist in developed countries as well.

Our aim should be to continue the growth and try our best to take everyone along. And I'm sure we're headed that direction, albeit the India way!...It may not be perfect and may look appalling, but we are surely moving towards a better India...

...but yeah...there are promises to keep and miles to go, before....

Posted by Ruchir Jain October 2, 10 01:16 AM

Dear Humanist and others like her/him

India is home to 1.4 billion people.... remember 1.4 BILLION...
It is home to every known and unknown religion in the world...
India is a country with 22 official languages...
India is often considered a country which is EUROPE X 1000....
Imagine all the European (both eastern and western) countries... imagine the vast array of people living there... now multiply that by 1000... that's INDIA
and there are much much much more such astounding... incredible and unbelievable facts about India...

In a country like this... to expect everything to be perfect... is either highly "UTOPIAN" or "PLAIN STUPID"

Indeed India is home to hundreds of millions poor people... but India is also home to those refugees who cannot find shelter elsewhere...

Certain parts of India has caste system and certain parts of India does discriminate women... for which... we the Indians are equally disgusted and shameful as the rest of the world... But at the same time... there are certain parts of India... where caste system is not only non-existent but also unheard of.... Further, there are certain parts of India... where WOMAN have the upper hand and the right to property passes on to the daughters and the head of the household is THE MOTHER instead of the father... perhaps you guys did not notice the Nagaland Police team... all are women.

It is also true that there are millions of Indians who are corrupt... but at the same time there are a billion plus who are more hardworking... more sincere and more disciplined than most people in the world... that's India.

Switzerland... a so called "developed country" last year voted to "not allow mosques to build minarets" ( details here: )... where as in India... proudly boasts of the most beautiful building in the world the "TAJ MAHAL" which incidentally is a minaret.

Canada... another "developed country" in the world moved their homeless people from Whistler where the Winter Olympics game were held in January (details here: India being a much poorer country is doing its best... appreciate that...

I can give million such examples... but I am not here to out argue you all... I am just requesting you all to perceive things differently....

USA the richest country in the world... with a population of around 300 million has a standing poverty of over 60 million... India with 1.4 has slightly more in numbers...

All of us are global citizens... one country's pride should be all our collective pride... one country's joy should be all our joy... and one country's sorrow should be all our sorrow...

Support CWG - 2010 in Delhi... let the world know you all care...

Donate generously for the flood victims in that you care.

Be positive and constructive and if you cannot say something nice then SHUT UP.

Jai Gorkha... Jai Gorkhaland

Posted by Upendra Mani Pradhan October 2, 10 01:20 AM

Realy breathtaking !!! .

Additionally, the pictures show the silent, inner strength,resilience and determination of the Indian people of 2010,despite what the rest of the world might still ,have to say and attempt to, show of this otherwise poverty stricken post-independant India !!!

Forge ahead , India !!!

Posted by Gurudev PERTAUB October 2, 10 01:31 AM

Mike, try to be better informed than what you displayed here with your comment. No body died when the bridge collapsed. And it have been rebuilt in 5 days. Here are pictures for the evidence

Posted by Vick October 2, 10 01:47 AM

Really liked the way you 'Sir'ed 'Greg Bair' but not 'Shashikant Joshi' and 'Lucky'. Humanist should be proud of the way his ancestors have trained Indians.

Posted by Vick October 2, 10 01:53 AM

Most of the people who have criticized India have forgotten that its a young country, independent only 60+yrs ago and just growing now. It was the land of the poor but now one of the fastest developing nations. 1billion people cannot be made ;rich' overnight. Yet, there are 4 Indians in the Top10 World's Richest. Yes, CWG preparations were in shambles, and there was allegedly a lot of corruption involved. And @Mike , #53 : to clarify,the bridge collapsed but noone died. and @humanist: I live in London too, dnt get me started on various issues n inequality there but i will make one point,commonwealth games involve nations that were once ruled by the British, one could complain that continuing that tradition now would only mean imperialism and racism which was rampant then.The non-Indians here should stop comparing to whats in their own country. The world in not what is at your home. Plz showcase some cultural sensitivity. What works in your country may be alien to us. I am not giving any excuses for the corruption and disorganisation part but dont just blindly beleive the media and appreciate the good being done. There were problems everywhere: atlanta,sydney, beijing olympics, south africa football worldcup. Our media is free and one of the most strongest and we are a democracy and allow free speech and opinions and dont brush the problems under the carpet like others have done in the past. All the so called 'developed' countries know the might of India and China. So people get your facts sorted and gain knowledge before making opinions. Stop being prejudiced. Give us a chance. We will make mistakes. but we are only learning.

Posted by beinghuman October 2, 10 02:27 AM

This is a photography platform. lets talk about that.

Awesome Pics!!! Kudos to #9

Posted by beinghuman October 2, 10 02:29 AM

comment 37 by Che is totally spot on! well said.

i am an Indian and i totally agree. the CWG is all corruption, and has brought to light what is so wrong with India.
and demolishing the slum-dwellers houses is sad and inhuman.

we need to overthrow the greedy and corrupt government. its like a cancer on India.

God help India

Posted by Indianreader October 2, 10 02:37 AM

Humanist is a PIG.

"drab"? That is too rich a word coming from a Londoner. The commonwealth is nothing but a legacy of the British rule and I (strictly personal opinion) don't see it as a prestigious event at all. Though I am proud my city is hosting it.

The Big Picture has done a great job of showing the games AS they are, no bias. Parts of it are pretty, parts of it are ugly. It's the truth, deal with it. It's the same story across cultures and civilizations.

Posted by Delhigirl October 2, 10 02:51 AM


We are all slaves to dynasty politics, corrupt bureaucrats, and a handful of equally corrupt industrialists. There's nothing to be proud about that. All the amazing talent and acts of heroism that you talk about only serve to make the aforementioned people get more powerful, get an even stronger control over our lives and destinies.

Our only hope now is a military dictatorship which will overthrow these people from their seats of power (I would prefer that they are hanged by their scrotums) and bring Lal Bahadur Shastri's ideologies back in relevance.

Posted by Che October 2, 10 02:55 AM

@Mohandas Gandhi-
I am an Indian and would like to point out that it's high time that we stopped blaming the British for our miseries. Unlike popular belief British united India by taking the power away from more than 150 princely states whose rulers were only interested in filling up their coffers by looting their own citizens under the pretext of keeping the noble bloodline thriving. They did not care about the citizens who were treated like slaves. The British turned these petty squabbling Princes, Kings into titular heads and united India as one single country. Do you think that these rulers would have relinquished their power for the greater good of the country? India was based on feudal, caste system. The thing British did in India:
- They established the seeds of Democracy
- Created basic infrastructure such as Railroads, electricity, education system
- Got rid of all the 150+ kingdoms
- Most importantly created an Indian Army

Without the British we would still be 150+ little states all fighting with each other. None of the above comes without a price. Call it "consultation" fees which the British took from the coffers of the rulers, nizams the self pompous feudal lords. Nothing in the world is free. We Indians want everything free like we are entitled. Technical know how which the British had doesn't come cheap. Otherwise there will be no incentive to innovate. That is why we don't respect intellectual property rights, patents etc. We still make pirated copies of movies, manufacture drugs illegally and so forth. British came to India to do business to support their tiny nation. Had they been interested in looting India they would have done so and left. They didn't have to do all the aforementioned things.

Posted by Indian October 2, 10 04:06 AM

these images are telling us the back side of games

Posted by deepak rana October 2, 10 04:08 AM

it is too good to see the lights and the good faces prepared for cwg.....but what about those hungry citizens of india who are completely alian to know event the name of is really very sad face of india and we are all cheering for the game which is actually not ours........................but anyways there is a good thing for some those who have earned a lot form the games...................

okkkkkkkkk.....................but changes can not be made in a day and that too in india.

Posted by aakanksha sinha October 2, 10 04:18 AM

I find all of this so wrong, be it in India or anywhere else. The amount of money wasted in these events and stadiums could be put to so much better use for the society when they clearly need it. Sadly, it seems it is more important to have a good standing internationally than to have a good standing between the country's population.

Twisted sense of priorities.

Posted by Frederico October 2, 10 05:40 AM

@all the britishers above

tell you ******* queen that we want our kohinoor back :D

Posted by andre October 2, 10 05:44 AM

nice photographs. incredible INDIA

Posted by Alok Kumar October 2, 10 05:47 AM

#8 looks like it still hurts...
Watch the head and the edge of the pool!

Overall, stunning as always ;)

Posted by Benedikt October 2, 10 05:52 AM

We should not focus only at the negative side of the country. India is a great country. If we have rural, traditional women at one side then we also have urban modern women on the other. We should also look at the positive side of our nation.

Posted by Shivani Jain October 2, 10 05:57 AM

great photography,the theme commonwealth game is really depicted out the images,a nice work to study for the budding photographers like me!

Posted by chetan October 2, 10 06:54 AM

Breath taken, the colors of the countrys people, wonderful.
John m. Clark

Posted by john m. clark October 2, 10 06:55 AM

The Indian government is making people sick in the name of "controlling mosquitos". These chemicals are known to be endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals that interfere with endocrine system function. The endocrine system consists of glands that produce hormones that act together to guide development, growth, reproduction and behavior, and to maintain normal organ function. This spraying is also proven to cause cancer as studies have reported increased numbers of liver tumors and an increase in the number of tumors in the nose or mouth. This is like Bhopal all over again. They won't be spraying when the visitors arrive, but the athletes, workers, and citizens will have to deal with the health effects long after the games are over.

Posted by Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss October 2, 10 07:54 AM

I'm not usually a person who takes part in such debates online, but I can't help responding to Humanist's comment.

Dear Humanist, here's a history lesson for you.

1. India used to be a really rich country.
2. The English came to India, attracted by India's wealth.
3. The English looted India. (No better way to put this. This is the unvarnished truth.)
4. India became a poor country.

Now the English could try to right this historic wrong by giving back all the riches they looted from us (the Kohinoor would be a nice start, as somebody mentioned above), or at least have the grace to apologize.

But since much water has flown down both the Thames and the Ganges since then, we'll let that be.

"Isn't it time we started having events such as this in countries that can actually afford it? I don't like the idea of competitions hosted in the middle of a society where beggars are competing just to survive."

You probably missed it, but your Prime Minister recently led a large contingent of UK business folks to India, begging to be allowed to do business with us. FYI, it feels really good when history turns the tables in your favour.

Posted by Jaz (India) October 2, 10 08:12 AM

Great overall work performed , looks world class facilities for athletes, shame on a few athletes missing the event because of misguided information

Could have done a better job on the footbridge which led to have a bad perception of hosting the commonwealth.

All the best and hope every one notices the great strides India has made in last 10 years.

Posted by Sanjeev October 2, 10 08:21 AM

Exquisite phtos, showing both the poverty and affluence in India. After all the negative reporting in the media over the past few weeks, it is refreshing to see the positives. This is the first view of the JN stadium, including the world's largest balloon that i have seen. I now have no doubt that the CWG2010 will be a great success and will showcase to the world what we are also capable of.

Posted by AG Ramasubramanian October 2, 10 08:40 AM

nice pics as usual but can you show some pic of the protest against "Stuttgart 21" in Stuttgart, Germany?

Posted by Great Britan October 2, 10 09:02 AM

@Jazz(India)- India wasn't a rich country before the British came, the little Kings, Rajputs, Thakurs, Princes and the few feudal lords who owned all the land were rich. General population was poor and was treated like slaves by the few who ruled all the little princely states. There was no way they would have given up their wealth to form a united India. India's diversity itself was it's bane to expect a revolution to overthrow all 150+ rulers and seize the power by people. The whole "British made India poor" is all a propaganda by Indian politicians who want you to believe it so they don't get any blame for their ineptitude.

Posted by Indian October 2, 10 09:09 AM

Not just the Kohinoor, but all the bronzes and other art and jewellry looted from here may please be returned.

All the photos are a treat!

Posted by Indian October 2, 10 09:33 AM

"beggars have been arrested or forced from the streets"?
I remember India is always claimed as the largest democracy country in the world. Is this how a democracy country supposed to treat their citizens?

Posted by hehe October 2, 10 10:09 AM

nice pics...

Posted by nirajan October 2, 10 11:02 AM

Let's just shup up and enjoy the games for now.

Posted by Shiv October 2, 10 11:28 AM

Great Job...
Exquisite phtos, showing both the poverty and affluence in India.

Posted by Vishal Nathan October 2, 10 11:36 AM


Posted by Nisha Singh October 2, 10 12:23 PM

CWG \m/
CWG in INDIA \m/\m/
CWG IN New Delhi \m/est

Posted by tarun gupta October 2, 10 12:41 PM

india has changed a lot

Posted by philip October 2, 10 12:50 PM

love #7 #34

Posted by rascarlo October 2, 10 01:27 PM

At last the good part of the CWG is slowly coming out. Wish the print media who also has the support of TV coverage had shown some restraint and focussed on the positive side of the CWG - efforts etc t would have given a much better philip and the best of all sorts would have come out.=

Posted by S,Venkat Raman October 2, 10 01:29 PM

All those comments like "I am indian and i hate my country...." Are you really Indians or just fake accounts??

Anyways.. Good collection of Pics... Yeah we know corruption is rampant.. But there are somethings which one cant explain... May be next time gwt born in India and may be then you will understand what it means to be an Indian... :)

And why do the comments make me feel that many people have a grudge or something against India... Is it because we produce the best engineers? or may be the best doctors??? or may be the best intellect?? or may be that your boss in an IITian or a BITSian??? the last one was cool...

Posted by Milind October 2, 10 03:01 PM

Fantastic images!

Posted by mode October 2, 10 03:29 PM

The funny thing is the fake ID's humanist and maybe people from his country and the country which was their former jail (also called the butt hole of the world) have made signing of as Che, Himanshu, et al. Why could it be them?

Obviously, if someone makes such shameful comments with no respect for other people due to their frustration and failure in life in general, he or she shouldn't have any pain or shame writing under other names either. Humanist, don't shame your own country, what is it called? London- sorry it's really never in the news because its one of those sidekick nations.

Remember, people like humanist and other similar plankton/ bacteria/ no gooders, you are only making a fool of yourselves and making people laugh at your countries by writing negatively, nobody else is affected. Be positive or scram.

Posted by Alex Chaikovskaya October 2, 10 03:47 PM

Thanks to the Photographer ... Between Hate and Love.. i chose love.. and i am seeing love in all the photos...!

Posted by Indian Citizen October 2, 10 04:23 PM

@indian: take a history lesson. the british did not come here to unite india. may be the fate of india would have been different had the british not come to india but could not have been worse than what it was when they left.

@alex: criticism is never unpatriotic. it is a fact that around 70% of indian population earns less than rs 20 a day. is a budget of 70,000 crores for organising the cwg is justified in such situations. i definitely do not think so.

Posted by thegeek October 2, 10 06:22 PM

Your photos are amazing!
Your shots are inspiring me :)

Posted by Keren Gonzalez October 2, 10 06:56 PM

When a country explains its failures basing in its distant colonial past, the country is looking for an excuse for its recent sins.

Posted by JOSE October 2, 10 08:29 PM

GO India GO! Can't wait for the photo's to come!

Posted by October 2, 10 09:13 PM

I wanna be in India after these photos.

Posted by Bora IZMIRLIOGLU October 2, 10 11:11 PM

Thanks for those live photographs!

Posted by Renjith October 3, 10 12:07 AM

Each major events has its view and counter view.. till it successfully Hosted...
For now lets wait for CWG to complete.
I am sure they India will host it very well... since it has an effort from sweeper , military,painter, construction worker till PM.
People who had worked on the site of CWG till date, must be waiting to see it host successfully.

remember : India is country where sports was lagging an infrastructure.
such events spark the sports interest.
Previously also ,people from asia were considered rearward about sports, but for now they are competing in every space of game.
Its indias chance ..CWG will be a success..

Posted by Anup_s October 3, 10 12:47 AM

@thegeek: I said "British came to India to do business to support their tiny nation." I never said they came to unite India. Clearly they came here to do make money and sell their technical know how. However, if their intentions were to just come here to plunder and loot then they really didn't have to do any of the things that they did such as establish infrastructure, roads, schools and the army. They could have just plundered and looted India like Alexander, the Moguls or the Ottomans did to Europe. However, they did more than that. The plight of Indians would have been worse had they not come to rid India of the umpteen rulers who basically exploited the common man for years. Like I said everything has a price. We Indians by nature feel that we are entitled for everything. It's a cultural issue. That is why Indians expect favors from each other as if it was their birthright.
As far as the Kohinoor is concerned, it belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad. Had the British not taken it, it would still have been in the coffers of some pompous Prince. The common Indian would not have ever had been able to claim it anyway. Get real!

Posted by Indian October 3, 10 01:37 AM

beautiful photos which portaits the good & and bad sides as well.
Anyway Common India Dikatho...

Posted by sarin October 3, 10 02:01 AM

Thats great to see the picutre of CWG arrangements, but onething behind the staduim the slum areas they demolish, after the closing ceremony they will rebuilt the slum again, every time our indian govt try to hide this slum areas whenever like this events will happen in india, but what is the permanent solution for these people, had they think about this?

Posted by Sajid Mohammad October 3, 10 02:24 AM

Every mega sports event leads to extra clean up of the host city and relocation of the locals; includes that in the developed world. I find the santimonious tone taken by some commentators absurd. I'm sure London will be dealing with its share of sloth, corruption and clean up while it prepares to host an 2012 olympics.

Posted by Nikhil October 3, 10 02:35 AM

I loved all the photos. I was bit distressed with so much media bashing about CWG mess. But after seeing the photos, I really thank all those hard workers, who showed that we can also meet the world standards the same way we have shown our capabilities in IT and medical. Best of luck CWG!!!
I love my India!!!

Posted by Raman October 3, 10 03:17 AM

British impoverished India. That is a fact. But after independence, Indians have not done much to alleviate poverty. I live in US but keep a close watch on what is happening in India. I feel ashamed so much money is being spent on this nonsense when the same could have been utilized in improving sports infrastructure in the country. On Gandhijis birthday, Indians need to pause and ponder where they are heading. Is it progress or a bottomless abyss?

Posted by Sridhar October 3, 10 03:38 AM

The pics explain it all ! The vibrancy , the rise , the hiccups , the poverty that plagues India . But still the thing to be proud about . Yes we can do it .

Posted by Raghav Garg October 3, 10 03:44 AM

Awesome photography dude!

Posted by An Indian Outsourced October 3, 10 04:33 AM

@Humanist: It's ironical you call yourself 'Humanist'. And do you ever read or watch news or any of the things educated, aware people do. Try.

Posted by Loveleen Raina October 3, 10 07:06 AM

fantastic pictures

Posted by vk October 3, 10 07:13 AM

Great Pics. THANKS A TON! I was missing Delhi but this has been a great consolation :)

Posted by Loveleen Raina October 3, 10 07:19 AM

The games shouldn't have come to India at all. How much was spent? 76000 crores or w/e.. 9 odd lakhs for RENTING a treadmill for a month? 8000 bucks for renting a chair? All that money could be used to provide better infrastructure coupled with the JNNURM scheme

Pathetic. Nothing to be proud of at all.

P.S. I'm an Indian

Posted by Joshua October 3, 10 07:47 AM


Posted by Dileepkumar October 3, 10 08:20 AM

well well, this indeed is incredible india. a thriving democracy with unity in diversity, not only in terms of religion,cast creed but also in terms of corruption ,efficiency and deficiency,also in terms of free press hounding individual office bearers and not the prime party machinery alongwith media highlighting the success stories after the event..when mr gill the sport minister said indians do have all the hiccups but end well in having a grand marraige function. this is yet another proof of it.

Posted by v.p.paranjpe October 3, 10 08:34 AM

To all the british & indian( as well) who are criticizing India for its sobby prepration should be ashamed on themselves.
India tried what it can.....don't u see.
Its never easy to organize games of such magnitude.
India is a poor country no doubt,despite that it ha s made possible what was initially believed to be impossible.
come & see its easy to make comment from there.
Its really funny that world media always show the negative side of India-- poverty,slums,gender unequality,beggars etc.
come & see the positive side....what u can't ever find in your countries....

Posted by Pirates October 3, 10 09:19 AM

@sridhar and those who think that the British impoverished India are completely misguided and need to learn history. First of all all this grandiose notion that India was a land and honey before the British arrived is propagated by a few politicians to justify their lack of competence in running the country. First of all how do you define wealth? It's either by the gold standard, technical know how and the ability of it's citizens to contribute to the welfare of a nation as a whole. As far as gold, it all belonged to the rulers, kings, and the feudal lords. India was mired in caste system to have ordinary citizens bask in wealth and live like royalty. Do you really think that ordinary citizens in India were living in opulence before the British came? They were not. They were slaves in the hands of a few people in the upper echelons of the society governed by the caste system. Besides the Moguls did a good job of looting the general population without contributing to the society anyway. As far as technical know how, the contribution of India was none due to lack of established educational system (which in fact the British helped build). No significant inventions that would have contributed to the wealth of the nation came from India other than the invention of zero thousands of years ago. Thirdly India was never a united country with a single homogeneous army. There were 150+ princely states who were constantly quarreling with each other.

Posted by Indian October 3, 10 09:53 AM

To all the british & indian( as well) who are criticizing India for its sobby prepration should be ashamed on themselves.
India tried what it can.....don't u see.
Its never easy to organize games of such magnitude.
India is a poor country no doubt,despite that it ha s made possible what was initially believed to be impossible.
come & see its easy to make comment from there.
Its really funny that world media always show the negative side of India-- poverty,slums,gender unequality,beggars etc.
come & see the positive side....what u can't ever find in your countries....

Posted by Pirates October 3, 10 11:25 AM

india gonnnaaa be rockkkkkkk......

Posted by preety October 3, 10 12:01 PM

Great snaps!!! An eclectic collection... what I love about this selection is that these showcase the real people who are actually working hard to put together these games (and atheletes practicing)... not a single corrupt politician part of the organizing committee, nor any of those complaining international officials/atheletes... no extremes.

Somehow, you don't find such subtle (& real) sensibilities in media reports (and blogs) here in India...

Posted by Jayanth October 3, 10 12:12 PM

@Che. On your reply to @GG: Lmao. I second that ( hanging by their scrots is a superb idea ^^). Only an ethically correct (need not be with perfectly right morals) dictatorship can save India from what it is, and from the ridiculous prejudices from beings as people who dare call themselves 'humanist's.

To someone in this forum who insisted on only discussing on photos - this being a photography platform - well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and they tell a long story..something on which all these arguments and counter-arguments have been goin' on here.
And thanks to the photographer and(/or) the one who has posted them here.
PS: to be developed a nation, people in it need to think in a developed way, which is hard to explain..being beggars and millionaires comes second

Posted by Atanu October 3, 10 12:38 PM

@118, India has tried its best, we know that. That's why we think India shouldn't apply and shouldn't be selected to host this game at all. India's best is laughable by international standard.
Magnitude of CWG? I don't see how large it is, it's even smaller than Asia Games by every measure.

Posted by hehe October 3, 10 02:15 PM

For those who think British only impoverished India, look at your railway network! Under British rule, from the first railway was built in 1832, by the time of 1920, the railway network had expanded to 61,220 km. Now look what you have done in past 60 years! The total mileage now is 63,140 km, less than 2000km in 60 years! What a great achievement!!!

Posted by hehe October 3, 10 02:29 PM

Do post pictures from the opening ceremony of the CWG. I guess it would blow people's minds away.

Posted by Ayan October 3, 10 03:30 PM

On the british improved india debate:
Just making kilometers of railways is not improvement alone. Materialistically maybe, but on the other hand the millions that were exploited, lost their traditional skills because they were made to work as construction laborers or the suppressive eduction system, not to mention the 'divide and rule' policy that creates friction between hindus and muslims till date. It all depends how you want to define growth.
Just read a report in the BBC that developing countries should not make Dams for electricity, its a big mistake the developed countries made, looking at the water crisis the world is heading towards. Only time tells what is good or bad, so dont make premature judgments.

On the CWG:
I must say, they could have done better. I dont like that they put the dirt under the carpet. The CWG had the potential to make Delhi a much better place to live in. My mother who is living there, tells me the city looks beautiful now, but only if the municipality is able to maintain it, is it worth it.
The same goes for everything - what they have done for the CWG, if such a city can be maintained, i would say its definitely worth it. On the slum dwellers that were moved, i am sure they are given compensation, otherwise the indian media should fleece the municipality!.

Posted by Adi October 3, 10 04:11 PM

You really need to get some facts right.
British definitely looted India.
Fact: They came to do business but ended up establishing an empire which was highly unfair ( unjustified taxes on land, food and salt, license raj, amplified castism and no good for the poor)
Fact: They established railroads, education systems, postal system and other such basic facilities, to get local resources to run their businesses and their empire. Not for the well-fare of the common man here.
No doubt, India benefited from it, but that was just a side-effect.
Fact: Most of India united as a nation due to british - that is true. If not for british - who knows, it could've been the same or could've been a subcontinent with many smaller countries like Europe.
Fact: A much bigger proportion of Indians were living in better conditions i their local provinces. The poverty definitely amplified after that.
Fact: Not all 150+ nations were quarreling against each other. It were the british who helped one against the other at many places. (not all, but many)

What I agree on - That India and Indians shouldn't keep blaming the british for the current situation and I believe, we don't (at least with time, this belief is diminishing).
It is a completely different debate if games should have been the priority at this juncture for India. Can be argued either ways.

You need to realize that India is a teenaged nation - just 60 years of independence - let me correct myself - technically only 19 years (after the economic reforms in 1991). Since then, India has defintely gained a lot of ground. The literacy levels have increased, Number of women in non-domestic sector has increased. Middle class is growing and the younger generation is earning more.
though, corruption still is high, but if you look at the stats, on many levels it has reduced from what it used to be pre-1991.
(Agreed, CWG was highly ill-managed and highly corrupt)
But, still proud of India and its achievements.

@Raghav Garg: Well said!

Posted by Malpani October 3, 10 04:36 PM

#27 is unique, it speaks volumes about India ... could it be hindu culture, 200 years of British rule or 1000 yr mogul rule .... others pics are what you would expect in rest of world, show your best and hide the rest. I can possibly find the same filth and dirt in some corners of Boston .... to all the pessimist, it not easy to stage anything in a so called vibrant democracy, with third world budget and first world rights.

Posted by Pradeep October 3, 10 04:37 PM

Just the network is not the best way to judge the success of Railways.
though, the network might have jut increases 2000 KM in 60 years.
What has happened is improvement of Railway service in General.
More trains, easier access to a common man to rail services and very importantly doubling of the Track length (appx 120 000 km now).
which means - more tracks were laid on same routes and more train services were offered.

Please do not make the mistake of assuming that the British left the two partitioned countries and their institutions in ample of wealth.
When it became extremely tough and infeasible financially to carry around business in India after the World War II. British left India with no money.
Picking it up from there, I think Indian railways are slowly but steadily going up. And, with the middle class becoming bigger and the population needs of transport growing faster, it will only become better.
Agreed, the entire system is in Shambles - but every rise, comes with a hiccup and it will improve.

Posted by Malpani October 3, 10 04:54 PM

awesome pic no 43
really makes me feel proud

Posted by shashank chinchli October 3, 10 07:27 PM

I'm very sure they will be able to hide the destitute Indians from the CWG participants, as they had for me once while on an official trip. India was a very beautiful and interesting country. My second trip as a backpacker, revealed another very different image. India's caste/ class system is not only bad, it's gross.

However, I'm sure the reportedly poor conditions of the Athletes' Village has been exaggerated by the western media, as always. Best wishes to all the CWG athletes!

Posted by lizzie October 3, 10 08:57 PM

There is no such thing as a perfect country!
Being positive is much better than being negative!
Thank you for the images.

Posted by Didi Ziyad October 3, 10 10:17 PM


They have so many guns!!!!

Surely it is better than the USA. Most places are =-(

Posted by Vijay October 3, 10 11:12 PM

Proud to be an Indian....

Thousanda & Thousands of workers hard work come without an rela pic @ 3rd Oct....

Great Start.... Excellent Work.... Jai hind

Posted by charles John October 3, 10 11:48 PM

Mr Hehe,
Never mind we are ok with what we have we didn't ask you to develop Railway network....
Poor ppl in Delhi...This is what we are and we are not hiding anything if u wanna come and otherwise shut your mouths and sit at your home...Poor ppl get work and they will be back to city after CWG.
And non indians critics stop critizing India. Never been a rule that Big events like CWG should not be conducted in poor countries.
We may not be developed country now but I feel the development happening in my country and sure lot of ppl here in India feel it and don't be suprised if we host olympics after 50yrs. We may not have infrastructure. But ppl here are intelligent. That will build everything to INDIA.
By the way opening cermony was awesome. Mind blowing lights and super exhibition of culture. We have 23states and 23cultures :) That is a beauty.

Posted by CHANDU October 4, 10 12:03 AM

India had a fantastic opening ceremony. This article was written on October 1st. It's October 4th now.


Some really great stuff. None of the ceremonies were as spectacular as this one.

Posted by Ravish Rawat October 4, 10 12:26 AM

if 70000 Crore Rs. is given to Tata's or Infy or Wipro, they can better drive the nation to the next level, increasing in terms of job creation, employement. but India Govt. is not having this picture in their mind, after these wastage of money, what India will get, --- nothing.
what do you think ?

Posted by Jigar October 4, 10 01:10 AM

Amazing Shots.... Each pic is a marvel.

Posted by Rajni Setia October 4, 10 01:27 AM

I agree there are issues. But tell me the name of a country which dont have issues, it is always there, may be in some other forms.
I love my country, The Great INDIA.
Indian peoples are very innocent and believe in living simple life.
Jai Hind.

Posted by Naveen @Mangalore October 4, 10 01:55 AM

now we r prepared 2 host Olympic games. Jai Hind

Posted by victor October 4, 10 01:59 AM

#8 means 'preved medved' :)
that's in russian

Posted by alexey October 4, 10 02:03 AM

great photos..showcasing every emotion of India..Follow me on :

Posted by Shailesh October 4, 10 02:07 AM

The photographs are awesome, especially the number 2, 9 and 10. Concerning #2, was it orchestrated? If not, it is a terrific one !!! #9 shows the immense talent of the photographer while #10 is just breath-taking.

Posted by mohanty October 4, 10 02:08 AM

Boston, now please upload CWG opening ceremony picture... which was really spectacular and awesome show.....

Posted by Anil berry October 4, 10 03:26 AM

awesome photo of my amazing country where on one side we have a spectacular opening ceremony and just outside you will find a migrant labour who could really made this happen , searching for some food.
Folks ,we are a developing nation and thats the part of it .It will take some time when our enterprenuers/technocrats will take us to the developed status overcoming our inept beuracracy.

Just celebrate the diversity of India and if u cant do something for the less fortunate stfu . No country will have such a rich culture with so many different dialects and still manage to define Indian ness
Also hats off to the spectators who cheered for pakistan and jeered kalmadi

Posted by Sid October 4, 10 03:35 AM


Posted by Hiren October 4, 10 03:36 AM

Ya Really fantastic pictures.Thanks to photographer.what a taste..................

Posted by sakthi babu October 4, 10 04:24 AM

A Westerner having just left India after working five years there, I tend to concur with comments of Che (#37) or Ani (#46): India, due its size and history, is home to both the best and the worst of mankind. No need to grudge over the past, no need to boast about supposedly "best in the world" ranking (I am sure every single country in the world is the best at SOMETHING, be it balancing a 11,37 lb vase on one's left earlobe or having the shortest national anthem). Now is time for masses to show their disagreement for this outrageously inequal society (come on, 4 of the 12 richest persons AND 40% of the world poor are Indians!!) and make this country the paradise it should be!

Posted by Tom October 4, 10 06:09 AM

You are indeed a PIG..
U call us beggars. You are the biggest beggars on earth.. Can you live a without the support from US. U are the arrogant idiots.

Posted by Indiangirl October 4, 10 06:44 AM

"east or west, india is the best..."

Posted by upasana October 4, 10 06:56 AM

Good pics :)

Posted by girraj October 4, 10 07:06 AM

Photo #18 struck me immediately.
This welder is wearing sandals, no gloves whatsoever, and sunglasses instead of actual welding goggles. Providing him with NO protection whatsoever. However, it does provide his employer with maximum profits since they don't have to pay for protective gear. Who cares if the worker is burned and blind after 2 years on the job? Plenty more where they came from right?
Every civilized nation should pull their athletes from this crap-hole.

Posted by Ima Pseudonym October 4, 10 07:29 AM

Its seams very big and good efforts but as usual projections is very poor. Especially the tiger image does not link with this game (“Tiger in Namaste pose” not good for tiger’s personality), also feel like I am seeing some cereal breakfast advertisement…..
I hope India can maintain this all in terms of cleanliness. I am not criticizing this event but we can do loot better then what I am seeing here.

Posted by Ravi October 4, 10 08:55 AM

Thanks Big Picture for showing the images of the Games. But in my opinion it is tilted towards demeaning India than showing this country in a proper light. Inspite of rampant corruption, callous government, widespread poverty, India is a country in a path to succeed as an economic powerhouse (if that is what the world perceives as success). Much of the Indians are hard working, educated and aspire to take a meaningful place in the world. There are problems everywhere and we have our share of problems but don't demean this great country just because of the negative reports on games preparation. There are umpteen number of Indian success stories as well that need representation in this picture blog.

Posted by An Indian October 4, 10 08:57 AM



Posted by DRAGON October 4, 10 09:51 AM


Posted by BEJAHU October 4, 10 11:10 AM

As an American, and a member of the human race, I wish all the success to India. I hope they can pull this off, and demonstrate that they can organize and execute a large scale production such as this. Unfortunately the greed of the boss's have already made tis hard. $80.00 for a roll of T.P.

Great photo's as a;ways.

Posted by Becks October 4, 10 11:51 AM

Every major event that is organized is riddled with corruption and wrong doings. This is not new. You think the FIFA wasn't riddled with corruption or scandals etc. Good and bad are 2 sides of a coin without that there won't be balance. I find the Indian people from India complaining and feeling ashamed but they are not seeing the good in all this. They are not seeing the trade deals that will be made the numerous jobs it created and will be created. They are not seeing the many poor jobless people getting a chance to survive. It is easy to complain but hard to take action. All those who are complaining why haven't you taken action if you feel so stongly about this. In the words of the Former president and Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdul Kalam ask what you can do for the country and stop pointing fingers and blaming our own shortcomings on others. Congratulations India you have showed the world we can do it.

Posted by Jana October 4, 10 12:36 PM

I just love India , I miss home :(
Great pics again..

Posted by Maha October 4, 10 03:52 PM

I love India even though I was born and brought up in Africa. I have always instilled in my kids that there is nothing better than being an Indian! I feel the British exploited us including psycologically so much so that we still keep referring to people as Ma'am and Sir when in India. I would all of us Indians to grow out of the colonial system and be proud of where we stand today and who we are and stop this Ma'am and Sir business forever. Britain should return all the looted jewellery back to us so that we can live happily ever after.

Good luck to India on the commonwealth games.

Posted by ambee12 October 4, 10 04:53 PM

Thanks for posting this photographs.......

Posted by asmi October 4, 10 11:12 PM

great pics . i luv india .

Posted by neeru October 5, 10 12:28 AM

india is gr8 and dnt interfere in our internal matters whether it is kashmir or babri masjid.....indians have uttermost respect in its judicial system and i think the judgement given by court is gr8 which ensures peace in the country....dare u say anything about our gr8 nation....let me tell u that india is ranked world most powerful country after USA and China. our economy is world's second fastest growing economy after Chian, and India's purchasing power is 4th in the world.

Posted by sami October 5, 10 04:12 AM

Really Nice photos... !!!!!

There are many other countries who faced much more disasters than ours and still they raised all above.

Who was the reason behind British conquering the entire country.?? Who let them in and who supported them??

Let’s stop blaming our past and look forward to build a better and greater country.

Posted by Avi October 5, 10 04:58 AM

very good

Posted by ThuanLang October 5, 10 09:49 AM

Why do so many people consider the photographic portfolios here to be a platform for political or religious debate?

This site would be better if whoever runs it just turned the damned "Comments" ability to OFF!!!
(After this has been posted, of course).

Posted by Trevor October 6, 10 01:20 AM

@ dragon
So You are one of the radical Mullas, so you will talk like that. You are frustrated person and please dont spread you hatred here. Being an Indian let me clear you Kashmir is integral part of India and seperatist(supported by enemies) are doing only propaganda. Ayodhya matter truth will always prevail and yes wait... Kashi and Mathura are in row..

Posted by Indian from Kashmir October 6, 10 02:46 AM

i'd be interested to see if the Indian government ships in sex slaves for this even like what was done for the SA and Berlin olympics?

also, for a country that likes to perpetuate the "The British did this to us"'s interesting how modern-day debt slavery is still alive and well - at ALL levels of society.

Posted by rummy October 6, 10 12:34 PM

WoW kubsurat photo

Posted by sanjay kumthekar October 6, 10 03:20 PM

WoW kubsurat photo

Posted by sanjay kumthekar October 6, 10 03:25 PM

Nice One, Mera Bharat Mahan

Posted by Gaurav Tripathi October 7, 10 02:40 AM

I am so looking forward to visit India... this winter.. I am of an indian origin as my parents migrated to US from India in 60's.
My girlfriend and me are even more excited about our trip after looking at these pics..

Posted by Rahul Jain October 7, 10 11:24 AM

@jaz - India may have been rich, but they weren't looted by the british. There is a large gap between the rich and everybody else in India. Its the rich that looted india. People even took incredible amounts of money that was meant for CommonWealth Games and swallowed it. No wonder the project didn't finish until right up to the end. How many laborers you see in these pictures that have fat bellies? Look at the supervisor standing over the man that is working. That, in itself, is the essence of India. I am glad I was able to get out of this shithole, but feel bad for others that have no means to get out or do something, no matter how much they try.

Posted by sean October 7, 10 12:30 PM


Posted by SHIMNA JOHN October 7, 10 10:03 PM

Nice work but I have heard there is a tissue paper for $ 80.00.
May be lot of corruption took place b'coz of commonwealth

Posted by bijal October 8, 10 12:00 AM

You might not have "crippled begging children" on the streets of London but you have several thousand crippled begging children around the world precisely because of the decisions that "humanists" have made in London. Decisions having to do with arms deals, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and we certainly can work our way back through the decades to other unjust wars) structural adjustment plans etc. Are you really so blind as to not see how the "Liberal West" has enacted the most heinous crimes and continues to do so? crimes against both people and the environment across the globe, all to maintain the standard of living (or greed?) that you think ought to be a precondition for hosting the games. Which is not to say that countries from the global South are blameless. (also opinions on who should host the games or not are irrelevant to the real issues your thoughtless comment raises.) In conclusion, a little reflection on your part before posting to a public forum would be wonderful. Oh and great job voting in a conservative government! I'm sure several more "humanist" policies will be put in place.
PS: humanist? "bigot" or "ignoramus" might be a better fit.

Posted by Berkeley grad student October 8, 10 03:14 AM

games is so verry nise.

Posted by srinivas October 9, 10 12:03 PM

the goverment has banned paragliding in India for the games. can not understand why they used a way like this? what's the relationship between paragliding and games..paragliding was a good income for India.

Posted by Bahadir Serinkaya October 10, 10 05:54 AM

Foto bellissime. (a wonderful photo album)

Posted by Lucio October 10, 10 06:46 AM

not good ............. iit is see the problem of india

Posted by abhishek kaushik October 10, 10 09:34 AM

hi i am moazzam. u r womderful photo. fantastik.

Posted by moazzam hussain October 10, 10 02:00 PM

Photos are amazing... Specially the no. 2 where the girl running with Baton and Taj at the background....

May I get the High Resolution picture e-mailed to me.

Thanks Keep it up.

Posted by Vijay Ingale October 10, 10 09:57 PM

Lovely photographs...
I'm proud to be an INDIAN....

Posted by Devi Chakkaravarthy October 12, 10 05:34 AM

Iam INDIAN I proud to be Indian....... I love India
I will help to make my country developed in future...

Posted by Mandeep Sonii October 13, 10 07:14 AM

Which nation does not have poverty. Does USA not having beggers asking for free ride at the intersection of freeways/highways. Are there no homeless in USA.?

Are there no bridges collapsed in other parts of the world..?

Newyork city streets has as many pot holes like Indian rural roads.

Why highlight only negative things, when some good games happen in India.

India is the largest democracy in the world with second largest population. As fellow Indians, we are trying our best to make our country better everyday.. Who ever willing to work has jobs in India.. It has become choice of work now.. Agriculture sector has already having labor shortage and same in some Industrial regions in some parts of the country

Please do not try to give an image as if India has 'n' of jobless and homeless people.

Posted by Indian Citizen October 13, 10 11:28 AM

When I was a young delhi scouts boy I used to wonder after 60 years my country will be .. must be a great dreams are coming true..we must be proud of all good that we have and improve upon what we must have..this was the dream..of as a young boy right guide of delhi scouts at republic day parades..and then went on to be commissioned officer in Indian Army in 1969..though away now in USA our hearts shall always be with the indians the kind angel indians...beleive me you all are better than any humans on this planet.

Posted by CAPT RAM SANDAL October 13, 10 12:04 PM

Hope we'll see actual CWG pictures soon! Trust India to pull off a spectacular show last minute :)

Posted by Shivya October 14, 10 01:06 PM

@Jose (comment #97) I didn't realize that 70 years ago was the "distant past." I bet some senior citizens might argue otherwise.

Posted by sami October 15, 10 01:26 AM

Delhi- Heart of India...Great Picture

Posted by Pradeep October 15, 10 03:19 AM

its nise

Posted by mohammed October 17, 10 01:39 PM

nice photo

Posted by gaurav rathod October 22, 10 03:33 AM

i am proud being a indian

Posted by reji mathew October 23, 10 08:34 AM


Posted by VIVEK GUPTA October 25, 10 09:45 AM

These shots have magical Effects,as if whole event is refolding again
CWG was marred with many controversies,but Whole Event was Uneventful.
Thank you for these mesmerising pics. and Thanks to all those came INDIA.
You are most Welcome again.

Posted by DR.MOHAN SHARMA November 18, 10 11:24 PM


Posted by Kahoko November 24, 10 03:02 AM

You pictures are really assume ....Really never seen before and i must say i love my dilli from the core of my heart.....

Posted by mohit trivedi November 30, 10 08:56 AM
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