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October 11, 2010 Permalink

A North Korean anniversary and debut

North Korea is in the midst of a series of large-scale events designed to both commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of its ruling Workers' Party, and to introduce heir apparent Kim Jong Un to the North Korean people and the world. Current leader Kim Jong Il is now 69 years old and ailing, and has now positioned his twenty-something son, Kim Jong Un, as his successor through recent military and party promotions, and through media coverage of him by his father's side. Many western reporters were invited to these performances, though their freedom to cover events was still limited by minders. Collected here are images from the recent highly-orchestrated events in Pyongyang, and the "young general" Kim Jong Un. (33 photos total)

North Korea leader Kim Jong Il's son Kim Jong Un is photographed as he attends a massive military parade marking the 65th anniversary of the communist nation's ruling Workers' Party in Pyongyang, North Korea on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. Kim Jong Un's recent public prominence and promotion have signaled him as the heir apparent to his ailing father's ruling position in North Korea. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)
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Lol at the last picture. Always frowning.

Posted by Brandon October 11, 10 12:02 PM

#32 She must be crying because she lives under such a pathetic dictatorship. Maybe she missed a step and now she knows she will never see her family again. It's about to start all over again with Kim Jong Un.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Posted by steve October 11, 10 12:04 PM

Wow.. awesome photographs.. North Korean are very disciplined nation..

Posted by Manik n Ratan Bangladesh October 11, 10 12:07 PM

Just a nuisence, or total war in the horizon?

Posted by Francis Marino October 11, 10 12:09 PM


Posted by Cubevert October 11, 10 12:09 PM

Guess they've nearly perfected the brain-transplant operation, so Dear Leader can continue to rule forever...

Posted by abesapiens October 11, 10 12:09 PM


Posted by Dominus October 11, 10 12:11 PM

Very nice example of Communism.
The few eat with golden forks.
The rest don't have anything to eat.

I wish the people of North Korea master
the courage someday and revolt against those few,
like in Romania.

Posted by Andreas October 11, 10 12:13 PM

Such a peaceful country. Why is the west always trying to coax them into war? Freedom for North Korea means annexation of the South and the total anhiallation of the US!

Posted by Kim Jong Win October 11, 10 12:14 PM

A good edit as allways. I hope you enjoy my own edit in my blog La Mesa de Luz. The problem is that I Can't use Gettyimages pictures. I use Ap, AFP, Reuters and Efe (the spanish agency) in my post.

Greetings from Spain.

Posted by Esbirro October 11, 10 12:16 PM

Everything looks so clean.

I wonder what N Korea's carbon footprint is?

Posted by Thomas October 11, 10 12:17 PM

cult of personality, my god....

Posted by Spill October 11, 10 12:21 PM

The last one is gonna get a trillion captions over the internets..

Posted by Drakr October 11, 10 12:24 PM

#13--a few smiles that aren't fake. The rest look souless...

Posted by Kim Jong Blow October 11, 10 12:25 PM

I really do not think this sort of tiranny is simply going to peacefully self-destruct; perhaps its demise should be helped by the World powers.

Posted by Francis P. Marino October 11, 10 12:32 PM

stop communism:::
stop comrades:::
stop terror:::
i live in slovakia /before československo/ where was communism for 40 years and still lives...the leader vasil bilak is not in jail but he sitting in his villa..sad but reality...

Posted by anticommunist October 11, 10 12:36 PM

Pretty nice parade for a country that cannot feed it's people. Visually stimulating though...

Posted by Joseph Schmoe October 11, 10 12:39 PM

The homogeneity of that country is so strange. One race, one party. Everything is the same. Everyone is the same.

Posted by CNR October 11, 10 12:40 PM

National Geographic's look into N & S.Korea relations was astounding! I feel so bad for these people...This goes to show how life in the US is GREAT!!!! Wonder if Un will be any different than his father? Probably not...
FREE N.KOREA and allow them to live their OWN lives...

Posted by Miguel October 11, 10 12:46 PM

why so much commie hate?

Posted by t October 11, 10 12:47 PM

Yes, they sure did perfect brain transplant, comment #9 says it all.

Posted by A.Shawki October 11, 10 12:49 PM

At least evreyone looks happy... Erm...

Spooky stuff. Great images though.

Posted by Robert Zimmerman October 11, 10 12:49 PM

Another Dictator in power.


Posted by david October 11, 10 12:50 PM

Kim Jong Un appears to be constipated.....

Posted by Mark October 11, 10 12:51 PM

Everyone in that country looks like they hate life and their smiles are forced.

Those military parade pictures remind me of ones from WW2 Germany and the Nazi's parades.

Posted by jack October 11, 10 12:53 PM

Soldiers in picture #18 looks "skinny" to me. Compare with Kim Jung Un in picture #33.

Posted by Mats October 11, 10 01:00 PM

peaceful but look scary!

Posted by CNT October 11, 10 01:01 PM

#33 The Loved Leader(?) has his very own MINI ME. haha!

Posted by Juampi.V October 11, 10 01:04 PM

#33 Il doesn't look too confident in Un

Posted by Jonathan Frei October 11, 10 01:05 PM

One of the most interesting things to me was #23, the soldier filming the parade... with an actual, honest-to-goodness film camera. Not a video camera. That would be an antique in most places in the world.

Posted by Torrey October 11, 10 01:06 PM

Since Kim Jong Un is going to be the next dictator (puppet or not), I would give a lot to know what really goes on in his head.

Posted by Norbert October 11, 10 01:06 PM

A disaster for the people! It's incredible that in 2010 a dictatorship can be allowed to run a whole nation down the drain - and the world is just watching.

Posted by Jakob October 11, 10 01:07 PM

"10 Everything looks so clean.

I wonder what N Korea's carbon footprint is?"

N Korea probably has a very small carbon footprint. Private car ownership is practically zero, no domestic plasma screens, tumble driers or aircon.

Also, look at that film camera in number 23.I bet there's no film in it.

Posted by Nigel October 11, 10 01:08 PM

This is a great collection. I'm always fascinated by photographs from North Korea.

It seems everything one needs to know of the regime is depicted in photo #3; a staged performance for an anemic leader in an undistinguished room illuminated by one unadorned CFL bulb.

Posted by Alex October 11, 10 01:12 PM

Scoff! really, that twenty something year old is going to control North Korea. He is the only member of the pathetic Kim family that has never been through the Korean war so he probably just thinks that North Korea is a very powerful nation with no help, WRONG. North Korea can only stand to today is because of China. If Kim Jong Un is never told of the dire situation in North Korea and its reliance on China, we might as well be seeing the second Korean war.

Posted by Peter October 11, 10 01:18 PM

How depressing.

Posted by JohnUtah October 11, 10 01:19 PM

And here I am, consumate consumerist Westerner, wondering what watch make he is wearing in photo #11. My first thought was "I'll avoid that brand of watch" but then realised how pathetic that sounds.

Posted by Paul M. Watson October 11, 10 01:19 PM

#33 pretty much says it all for the future of North Korea. Yeah, that's going to work out just fine.

Posted by justa guy October 11, 10 01:20 PM

Caption #3 is ... interesting.

Posted by Xopher October 11, 10 01:22 PM

lol the guy in #23 has never heard of digital HD cams or? ;-)

Okay fun away impressive but scary pictures

Posted by marco October 11, 10 01:27 PM

Welcome to 1984

Posted by Cyril October 11, 10 01:30 PM

Looks like Kim Jong Un is well fed

Posted by Hillary October 11, 10 01:39 PM

I have noticed that all korean women featured have their nose fixed..

Posted by elmo October 11, 10 01:40 PM

Couldn't help thinking of Orwell's 1984 looking at these... a culture trapped in a perpetual state of militarization... #32 made me think of the woman in the theater scene of Chapter 1 crying out, "My Savior!" to the face of Big Brother on the screen.

Posted by Kelsey October 11, 10 01:42 PM

Is the N.Korean army the only employer ?

Posted by Zed Lepplin October 11, 10 01:43 PM

Beautiful pictures, shame all are faked. And what's up with the heir-in-waiting, always frowning, somebody forgot his candy at home.

Posted by okubax October 11, 10 01:51 PM

In #32 is she crying with happiness because she loves Big Brother?

Posted by Thomas October 11, 10 01:52 PM

Can anyone tell me what brand of watch he wearing in No.11?
It looks like a patek philippe 5118 in this angle, anyone have a clue?

Posted by FalconTurbo October 11, 10 02:02 PM

The poor people of North Korea: not allowed to leave the country, thousands starve, there is poor sanitation and health care whilst the political and military leaders live comfortably. I hope and pray that when KimJong Un takes over that the whole facade will fall apart just as it did in Russia and Eastern Europe in 1989.

Posted by David October 11, 10 02:14 PM

last comment...!

Posted by lucas October 11, 10 02:19 PM

Picture 19. Fourth woman from the left, definitely a spy.

Posted by Spy October 11, 10 02:43 PM

It really would be funny if it was not so tragic...

Posted by JC October 11, 10 02:44 PM

You are watching LIVE HISTORY in this pictures

Posted by josé costa October 11, 10 02:46 PM

What a depressing anthill NK is. Being born there seems a great misfortune.

Posted by Richard October 11, 10 02:47 PM

@ Comment 33. North Korea's carbon footprint isn't small at all. While you're right that there is very little private car ownership, the factories and industries have no regulations and are an environmental disaster. North Korea is still stuck in the dirty early 1900s industrial age.

Posted by Edgar October 11, 10 02:47 PM
Posted by Deian October 11, 10 02:59 PM

Fascinating pictures...
Let's go there!

Posted by Marc October 11, 10 02:59 PM

Great images as usual.
#11, 12, 13, 32 are my fav, with #32 being the best.

Posted by Sarang Kulkarni October 11, 10 03:01 PM

The KCNA needs to hire photographers who know how to operate a camera on something other than the "auto" setting ... it's making their dictatorship look bad. Seriously, these official photos are the worst of the bunch, even though you'd think they'd have the best access, while the photojournalists who manage to get into the country take some very compelling photos.

Posted by PJRiowa October 11, 10 03:02 PM

wonder if there are any job openings over there...

Posted by Unemployed October 11, 10 03:12 PM

"why so much commie hate?"

Because some of us have seen communism up close, and hate the slavery it entails.

Posted by Frank Ch. Eigler October 11, 10 03:22 PM

Kim Jong Un looks like he should be a lot of fun. Bet he can hardly wait to
carry on the traditions of his father, like starving the population, torturing
anyone who has a different view, allowing no independent thought,
brainwashing people, making sure no one in the regular population ever
gets a chance to get ahead, or to make a decent living for one's self
or family. I could go on forever. What a depressing dismal way to exist.
No future or chance for anyone to have a decent life. I truly hate these
repressive dictators getting fat and rich off the sweat and extremely hard
labor of the population. Long live the USA.
Anthony Traub

Posted by Anthony Traub October 11, 10 03:24 PM

#33 Papa dictator looks like he's thinking "I hope I made the right choice!"
I hope he made the right choice cause after 65 years of bad management, it's time for some badly needed changes. I hope the new dictator looks to China and how they re-structured communist ideology. It would benefit North Korea to open up a little bit so that their starving people get to eat something better than grass.

Posted by Full Circle October 11, 10 03:26 PM

Number 33.. HA HA !!

Posted by Nisse October 11, 10 03:53 PM

@Manik n Ratan

They aren't just disciplined to be disciplined...they are scared to death.

Posted by Elizabeth October 11, 10 04:01 PM

I see some misunderstanding comments on this.

#1 - North Koreans are not allowed to smile at Camera's
#2 - Despite them not having freedom, they don't even really know what it is. They're not entirely disatisfied with life and in fact really love their leader. Just shows what can happen when a government controls you.
#3 - It is required by law everyone in N. Korea joins the army at 18. I don't know the timeframe, but it's why they have such a large army.
#4 - All businesses are ran by the government.

Posted by Ray October 11, 10 04:02 PM

Every celebration in North Korea is always geared towards military activities, or celebrating some aspect of that dictator Kim Jong Ill. Pretty sad that the people are brainwashed there to believ that this is their Shangri-la.

Yet they have no lights at night, no cars, no comforts, and barely any food. They can't peer over into South Korea to see how much better their neighbors have it.

Posted by Tom Sanders October 11, 10 04:07 PM

They really are stuck in the 1950s. in #1 and # 23 the guy is using a 16mm movie film camera even though the still camera guys are using digital cameras. That film is so expensive to process here (southern california) these days because its such an old process that nobody uses it anymore. I wonder where they get their film stock.

Posted by Josue October 11, 10 04:09 PM

#13 and #32 - amazing pics capturing emotions so beautifully. Both the smile and the cry are so natural - the poignance almost makes my heart skip a beat.

Posted by Paul October 11, 10 04:11 PM

As a South Korean, I am scared, really really scared to see these guys.

They are just about 300KMs north of Seoul, South Korea where Samsung, Hyundai, LG head offices are based. They are maniac. My last name is also Kim argh

Posted by Kim October 11, 10 04:38 PM

Welcome to the 1940s

Posted by L1A October 11, 10 04:39 PM

#27 must be Kim Jong Un's son because he's already a Major General.

Posted by JHB October 11, 10 04:43 PM

Nice pictures but they are scary too.
Maybe the next war destination for the US ;-)

Posted by Thomas October 11, 10 04:51 PM

I am truly scared by these pictures though they are fascinating, in a way. I can imagine, however, that some people in this country ARE happy with their lifes and won't do any better just by having the opportunity to shop at WALMART, gorging themselves at McDonald's or watch FOXNEWS (which brainwashes people just in the same way this mad propaganda machinery does)... Anyway, only from watching these bloated and brainsick Kim-jerks that are constantly abuse millions of people for their own benefit and wealth, I do constantly loose my faith into mankind, considering the fact that we do have many many (weapon-, oil-, insurance-)managers, political leaders, investment bankers and so on that are by no means any better than our "dear leaders" here..

Posted by dave October 11, 10 05:05 PM

Poor Kim Jong Un doesn't get to be a rich playboy in Switzerland anymore and now has to govern his basket-case of a country. Thats why he's frowning!
And for anyone foolish or misinformed enough to defend North Korea, Pyongyang is the only part of the country foreigners ever see and it's an elite city reserved only for military and political leaders. The rest of the country lives in such poverty that they are envious of impoverished Chinese peasants because the Chinese get to eat rice on a regular basis and don't have to resort to eating grass soup. The idea that they don't know that they have it bad is absurd. That's why they try to escape by the thousand even though they will be punished in ways that would make the KGB or Chinese secret-police recoil in horror.

Posted by Bob October 11, 10 05:18 PM


Posted by SBD34 October 11, 10 05:18 PM

I am fascinated by the /youth/ in these photos--most of the people shown, and certainly not Kim Jong Un, have never known a non-divided Korea (though now that I think of it, Kim Jong Il was 4 at the start of the country's Communist Party by the USSR, which doesn't even exist anymore!) It is sad that Korea did not do what Germany did after the fall of the Soviet Union; by these photos, it will be a long time before the DMZ becomes a national park.

Posted by Phoenixbeak October 11, 10 05:26 PM

#1 - Canon, all the way :)

Posted by Iguana October 11, 10 05:43 PM

Very cool! Someday i wanna go visit DKPR!

Posted by Oscar Paz October 11, 10 05:49 PM

So nazi, seen it yet somewhere else.

Posted by Nowak October 11, 10 06:01 PM

Did you see them march. It looks like they are stuck-up! or even constipated. With so much forces to the kick, at the end they will get extremely tiresome, because of the uneven forces. They should know about this because TKD is in their teaching. They give out so much force to the kick, but no receiving force. Wasted energy, even more than Thermodynamics!

Posted by Tom October 11, 10 06:02 PM

Nice pics, and peace for all!!!

Posted by Edu October 11, 10 06:09 PM

You'll never get to 70.

Posted by Rares October 11, 10 06:19 PM

Laughing at the watch comments. Kim Jong Un went to school in Switzerland so it might be a really good one.

The permanent stage lighting on the building overlooking the square struck me as unusual.

And the limited decor in the #3 in the artist's home - All group pictures?

And who is #4 protecting the parade against with the Machine Gun? The oddly painted deer in the background?

Posted by Matthew October 11, 10 06:25 PM

If you says North Korean is communism than its means you know nothing at all about communism :)

North Korean is fascist under communism in disguise.

Posted by Oshii October 11, 10 06:32 PM

"A disaster for the people! It's incredible that in 2010 a dictatorship can be allowed to run a whole nation down the drain - and the world is just watching."

What could the world possibly do ? Start a nuclear war ?

Posted by Skyline93 October 11, 10 06:50 PM

Man, looking at this Kim Jong Un fella and you know why there's a famine in North Korea.

Posted by Schmierwurst October 11, 10 06:51 PM

Thanks for all the good laugh, specially the last picture.

N.K. has simply perfected the art of coercing people to worship dictators.

All dictators are pathetic creatures. May freedom shine on all citizens of countries suffering under the yoke of dictatorial systems.

The moment we put into practice the fact that none among us is chosen, and none among us is infidel, the pretense, claims and false shows of dictators along with their manipulation, legitimacy and control end before long.

Posted by Iranian October 11, 10 06:51 PM


Posted by X13 October 11, 10 07:53 PM

God, these people are so wrong
They need to be normal like us over in the US

Posted by John Roescher October 11, 10 07:54 PM

What are forces of evil on earth to me:
.......rats, flies, cockroaches, maggots, mouse, lice.
.......constipation, extreme fever, diahrrea.

Posted by Tim October 11, 10 07:58 PM


Posted by 白洋 October 11, 10 08:21 PM

I've been lucky enough to visit the country last summer. It is insane! Although we've only seen the people in Pyongyang that were trained to talk with foreigners, people seem happy in a different way. A way we can't understand.

Posted by Bas October 11, 10 08:32 PM

@Comment # 90
Who said the people in US are normal?
The people in the US are as dysfuntional or abnormal in totally other aspect.

Posted by andresv October 11, 10 08:44 PM

Astounding pictures, as always.
The difference between the pudgy heir apparent and the noticeably skinny soldiers is rather shocking, and I think indicative of the north korean system as a whole.

Cute girls in #13 though.

Posted by Chris Martin October 11, 10 08:56 PM

awesome pictures.

Posted by Pyuthani October 11, 10 09:03 PM


Posted by 李明 October 11, 10 09:16 PM

That's a lot of people in #20!

Posted by Richard October 11, 10 09:17 PM

Picture 33 says it all!

Posted by Akie A. October 11, 10 09:22 PM


Posted by xo October 11, 10 09:24 PM

the North Korea dictatorship is parasite of Chinese dictatorship . If we can have a Democracy in china . the North Korea communism would go to the oblivion.All the praise go to the Norway Nobel Committee have the guts to award Chinese dissident Liu Xiao Bo.

Posted by jiaolu October 11, 10 09:55 PM

If watch at Pic#11 is a Patek Philippe Platinum, it can't cost less than US$80,000.

Posted by Johnn October 11, 10 10:09 PM


Posted by hurly October 11, 10 10:22 PM

Look how thin and gaunt everyone is... Except the son of Dear Leader, who looks like he's suffered one too many Big Mac attacks.

Posted by Nas October 11, 10 10:28 PM

My uncle SFC Gerry Scott was captured alive by these guys in 1951....they starved him and other GI's and he is buried in a unmarked piece of dirt in North Korea. Scary system...but not scary enough apparently ...I took his place.

Posted by LT.Colonel Gerry Scott(USAR) October 11, 10 10:38 PM

Fearful citizens putting on a pretty show for their tyrannical leader, oh boy!

Posted by Eustace Shiltensworth October 11, 10 10:45 PM

Looks like we're back in the game.

We must find Moose and Squirrel?

Boris and Natasha

Posted by Fearless Leader October 11, 10 10:53 PM

Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph des Willens" revisited in Nth Korea

Posted by Selcuk Askin October 11, 10 10:53 PM

Photo #33, sums up the whole gallery.. Mr. Kim Jong II might be thinking whether his successor will ruin his name as he is not quite happy with his son's face expression

Posted by Rakesh Sivan October 11, 10 10:59 PM


Posted by ibarbecue October 11, 10 11:30 PM

The woman crying reminds of George Orwell's 1984.

Posted by Luis October 11, 10 11:40 PM

I'm trying really hard to understand this, handing down a country from grandpa to pa to son. There was Nicaragua's Somoza family, which basically ran its country in the same fashion as Chicago gangsters. Then there's also Singapore. Li Kwan-Yew's son succeded him as the PM, but then he was elected by Singaporean citizens. How can you inherit a country from father to son when you proclaim yourself a "republic"? Obviously there's something seriously wrong here.

Posted by Scott October 12, 10 12:11 AM

참... 할말이 없구먼....

The level of brainwashing and indoctrination, evident in these photos, simply leave me speechless. I guess it's a communist thing, but true Marxist-Leninists aren't supposed to pass down a country from a dictator daddy to his mini-me.

대한민국 국민 여러분, 정신차립시다. 이게 북한의 현실입니다....

Posted by gordo October 12, 10 12:15 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 12, 10 12:17 AM


Posted by simple and naive October 12, 10 12:23 AM

#10 Is an awesome shot.

Posted by jcrillz October 12, 10 12:26 AM


Posted by 番荔枝 October 12, 10 12:27 AM

All the ignorance I read in these comment is mind blowing.

People think they know what's going on in N.Korea but they'll only repeat what they hear in the news...thinking that there is no propaganda in our news.

in the USA : « we are better then N.Korea »
in N.Korea : we are better then the USA »

same lie everywhere.

Posted by GOUSA!!!! October 12, 10 12:30 AM


Posted by sinli October 12, 10 12:30 AM

Regarding pic#32: I don't know whether the dancer is crying because she's actually emotionally overwhelmed or because she needs to make her country look good in the presence of foreign press media. But if she cried because she was actually moved, then it really gives me the chills.

Posted by Krasnoye October 12, 10 12:31 AM

the shameless regime is similar to the China in the 1970s. however, all the dictators will be smash down.

Posted by f*ckGFW October 12, 10 12:31 AM

Funny, from what I've read famine and malnutrition in North Korea is a severe problem that affects majority of the population. But everyone in these pictures seem to be in perfect health!

Posted by jose vosco October 12, 10 12:34 AM


Posted by lasu October 12, 10 12:46 AM

Quote:- "A disaster for the people! It's incredible that in 2010 a dictatorship can be allowed to run a whole nation down the drain - and the world is just watching."

What would you rather do - invade the place, set up an army of occupation and a puppet government?
(Now, let me think.....where has that been tried before now?)

Leve them be - they are hurting no-one and at least they aren't dumping toxic waste all over the landscape or polluting the sea with oil.

Posted by Trevor October 12, 10 12:50 AM

they are using CANON EOS DSLR..... WHY?

Posted by riccomambo October 12, 10 12:51 AM

A few comments translated from Chinese to English.

Comment #89
This is our past or our future?

And #97
If Lenin saw communism in Korea, he would be very angry and disappointed because of the corrupt payments to the families say their God, and they control North Korea only to their own, this is for social Why so powerful they blew bragging, but erase the damage that their own people. I believe new leadership will be more abhorrent, more corruption because he was not with his ability to get North Korea to use, is his father gave him. And he has not experienced the Korean war era, so he will be chaos, and does not see the consequences. Good good disaster disaster.

and # 110
What a lonely and poor countries.

Posted by Glenn Barker in California. Thank God! October 12, 10 12:53 AM


Posted by LAONB October 12, 10 01:09 AM

我在想如果抗美援朝毛岸英没有挂 今天的中国~~~~~~

Posted by ET October 12, 10 01:10 AM

at least they don't kill others. USA soldiers kill tens of people everyday.

Posted by serhan October 12, 10 01:13 AM

to 89 过去,未来,和现在
to 97 列宁不也是极权主义么,他笑什么
to 100 人家老美拍照片没必要专门给出张天朝政治局的人来表示西朝鲜是它的宗主国吧?
to 103 不能赞同的更多!

Posted by jerio October 12, 10 01:16 AM

We are live in West Korea~


Posted by 太岁 October 12, 10 01:21 AM


Posted by jj October 12, 10 01:23 AM


Posted by PBK October 12, 10 01:27 AM


Posted by Bazinga!!! October 12, 10 01:34 AM

what happend there was so wrong .By looking kim jong II 's face i can only see evil ,the pure evil. May god save there people ,give them hope and freedom.and i also feel guilty and shame to watch those,the reason is i was come from another evil bad ice country --the biggest one .

Posted by will October 12, 10 01:35 AM

omg what a circus...

Posted by Tim Dong Kong October 12, 10 01:35 AM

Kim Jong -un's 28, he's never served in the KPA, and he's a FRIGGIN FOUR-STAR GENERAL!! lol

Posted by castor October 12, 10 01:46 AM

Photo #25, to Kim Jong II's right, Big Brother from China was waving his hand.

Posted by ooxx October 12, 10 01:48 AM


Posted by 一个中国精神病人 October 12, 10 01:49 AM

—— 《生命中不能承受之轻》

Posted by Anonymous October 12, 10 01:57 AM

So sad to see tht the bad management will continue in this poor country. So mournful to see that the people in this country will not resist for their future.

Posted by mournful October 12, 10 02:00 AM

O-o-o, mother... Thank BG!!!

Posted by michael October 12, 10 02:01 AM

Some comments are in Chinese. I tried to translate them:

76 为什么没有一个中文评论呢?
Why aren't there comments in Chinese?

89 这是我们的过去还是我们的未来?
Is this our (China's) past or our future?

92 第33幅照片,金正日盯着自己的儿子金正恩,内心该是充满了对权力的恋恋不舍,但健康日渐恶化,不舍不得矣!
On Photo #33: staring at his son Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-Il must be reluctant to hand out the power, but his heath is getting worse. He has to!

97 要是列宁看见在朝鲜的共产主义,他会非常生气以及失望因为那个腐败的金家属把他们自己说成神,而他们控制朝鲜只是为了他们自己,这是为社么他们吹牛吹得那么厉害,而那抹去害他们自己的人民。我相信新的领导会更加可恶,更加腐败因为他不是用自己用能力而获得朝鲜的,是他的爸爸给他的。而且他也没经历过朝鲜的战争时代,所以他也会乱来,不看后果。善灾善灾。
If Lenin saw the Communism in Korea, he would be very angry and disappointed, because the corrupt Kim family claimed themselves to be the Gods, and they control North Korea only for their own. This is why they lie, and why the damage their own people. I believe that the new leader will be more abhorrent, more corrupted because he doesn't obtain his power with his own abilities, but to get it from his father. And he has not experienced the Korean war era, so he will not obey the *rules*, and he will not care about the results. God bless us.

100 怎么没有提周永康的存在?
Zhou Yong-Kang wasn't mentioned, why? (Zhou is one of the China's chairmen who was visiting North Korea recently.)

103 我曾以为我们跟朝鲜不同,我曾以为资本让我们有了一些优越感,但这些图片让我什么都明白了。
I thought we are different from North Korea, I thought we have some superiority over them because of the capital we have. But these pictures made me understand everything. (We're the same with NK.)

110 这是一个多么孤独和贫穷的国家。
What a lonely and poor nation this is.

Posted by endymion October 12, 10 02:14 AM

world peace is true, as long as they think they are happy and satisfied, leave it

Posted by Anonymous October 12, 10 02:34 AM

This country is a museum... The end will come soon for them.

Posted by michael October 12, 10 02:39 AM



Posted by china October 12, 10 02:45 AM


Posted by Sunding Hsie October 12, 10 02:49 AM


Posted by 子沫 October 12, 10 02:49 AM

You can sum up all of this with picture #33 !! This image describes everything!

Posted by Robert October 12, 10 02:53 AM

read somewhere that Kim Jong Un (the kid?) was studying in Switzerland? Why in the hell did they even let him to Europe? Commie bastards killing their own people...

Posted by Mr C October 12, 10 02:54 AM

This photos are extremely depressing. Probably no north korean will read this, but - we all know its just a pose, tragic, horrible pose. People in north korea are eating gras to survive, they are being killed daily when trying to emigrate with bare foot. North korea is really one big hell. I'm a humanist, but I would seriously consider special force to put their government down if I had the option.

Posted by polar October 12, 10 02:56 AM

Collective insanity

Posted by gauchito October 12, 10 03:01 AM


Posted by Eule October 12, 10 03:06 AM


Posted by Alex October 12, 10 03:08 AM

# 33 is like...

(im bored) (i did all this and you dont smile)

Do that chubby never smile??

Posted by BLK October 12, 10 03:15 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 12, 10 03:16 AM

This is a big Brainwashing!!!

Posted by Lightformat October 12, 10 03:22 AM

Bob (comment #75) actually I have been to the DPRK and have travelled several places outside Pyongyang. Yes, Pyongyang is the most prosperous city, but the whole country is not starving.

Posted by TID October 12, 10 03:59 AM


Posted by again October 12, 10 04:31 AM

Leader look like a big (fat), soldiers are skinny

Posted by Duy October 12, 10 04:35 AM

It's lamentable how many people with their skewed perspective can see so much sadness in this gallery.
I see happiness in them. They seem to be happy with life.

Posted by Young October 12, 10 04:55 AM

another China, but this "China" is poor.

Posted by BZ October 12, 10 04:59 AM


Posted by prc October 12, 10 05:02 AM

1% of me wish that the people are really happy over there like in the picutres.
99% of me feel somehow responsible for their suffering because we tolerated our government which backs up the tyranny region for all these years.

Posted by peter in shanghai October 12, 10 05:11 AM

Is that North Korean Guy shooting with an Arri 2c?

Wow, haven't seen one in years.

Posted by Mike V October 12, 10 05:45 AM

I love the moviecamera as used on pic 23 ! awesome !

Posted by Gerrit October 12, 10 05:58 AM

Pictures are beautiful.

But the big picture is scary. Reminds me of pictures from Hitler's Germany.
the extreme order and devotion to one individual.

hope these people are happy

Posted by reader October 12, 10 06:04 AM


Posted by lemonlx October 12, 10 06:23 AM

Everything seems to be normal there, beautiful show, happy people... I am no communist fan but I have respect for the people who lives there, it's always nice to see how they make a big show!!
Those people are no evil, everybody is happy, and look at the photo's it's amazing!! NICE!! !

Posted by Rauno October 12, 10 06:43 AM

Not like all those communist countries that don't have dictators huh.

Cuba (Castro), ah no monarchical communist dictator.
Oh but USSR? (Stalin) Oh no, dictator there too.
How about Yugoslavia (Tito), oh he's a dictator too.
Hmm... I'm starting to run out of communist countries.
China? (Mao) oh - he's a dictator too...
Venezuela: (Chavez) not communist yet, but not for lack of trying and certainly a dictator.

It seems like all the communist countries end up being dictatorships! The fortunate ones manage to break apart and reunite as a democracy. The whole 'one party rule' thing pretty much guarantees a dictatorship.

Here's a challenge for all you pinkos - rather than mocking people for thinking that self declared communist states are communist, why not point out a communist state that is successful. Or here's an easy one, find a communist state that didn't devolve into a dictatorship in a single generation.

Dozens of communist dictatorships can't be wrong! Communism IS tyranny!

Posted by TonyG LBCA October 12, 10 06:53 AM

Interesting. I see a common thread throughout all the pictures. "Solders" and "marching". Also, look at the 'ordinary' people in the photos. They're all thin and gaunt while the ruling elite are roly-poly cherubs. That should tell you something right there. But N. Korea has no oil or other resources vital to American Business, so we'll never do anything to help them except spout rhetoric.

Posted by TriSec October 12, 10 06:59 AM

You've got to give it to them, they know how to put on a show....

Posted by Joel October 12, 10 07:03 AM

Świetne zdjęcia, straszna władza!

Posted by Kamil Otocki October 12, 10 07:04 AM


The Inhabited Island......


Perhaps we should take a look at GNU..

Posted by whitefirer October 12, 10 07:15 AM

Revolution is betrayed.......

Posted by Francois October 12, 10 07:18 AM

Hopefully the new boy will bring change, resulting in true happiness for his people.

Posted by Jonasween October 12, 10 07:25 AM



Posted by 轩 October 12, 10 07:26 AM

Here folks in Seoul devotedly pray that the new dude is at least a little more sane than his old man.....

Posted by guanabara October 12, 10 07:29 AM

#113 这不应当是共产主义的东西,那是某些人根据他们的需求而曲解了马克思的原义。

Posted by whitefirer October 12, 10 07:32 AM

What strikes me is that they all seem to be hungry (except the leader of course).

Posted by Eric October 12, 10 07:39 AM


Posted by Eric October 12, 10 07:44 AM

A: Why the soldiers marching in the parade only kicked?
B: Save order to save food.

Posted by unreal harmony October 12, 10 08:03 AM


Posted by Klaas October 12, 10 08:23 AM

I grew up in such a communist system in Bulgaria. All this is familiar because I've lived. Now I live in a new post-communist system. Hunger, poverty, misery and corruption. Everything here is hidden too. In Bulgaria there are still people harnessed, like cattle to plow. I can not dispute the quality of various government departments. Everyone is so different. We are so different that it is difficult to know whether the Koreans are so happy or not. I'm happy in Bulgaria. Maybe they will not need drugs, alcohol, debauchery and all that they can prelozhi U.S. and Europe

Posted by Vyara Kaykova October 12, 10 08:31 AM


Posted by Chinese October 12, 10 08:38 AM

#33 is an amazing and telling photo...........the elder Kim Jong looks very frail and.........human!

Posted by utah October 12, 10 08:38 AM

Canon,inspire you all the time.

Posted by 青山 October 12, 10 08:39 AM

一切都是幻觉! 山东临沂老藏语!!

Posted by lee October 12, 10 08:59 AM

First FAQ on the north Korean government Web
Can I get a signed photograph from Leader Kim Jong IL?

anything more relevant..

Posted by Creep October 12, 10 09:10 AM

That new guy looks very sympathic.... NOT

Posted by etienne October 12, 10 09:17 AM

Me pregunto qué dirían los norcoreanos si pudieran hablar y qué escogerían si pudieran votar

Posted by Juan Carlos Posada October 12, 10 09:24 AM

Everyone is so thin and starving except the fat one with the expensive watch which is about to become the new dictator. Compare picture #11 with #12.

Posted by George D. October 12, 10 09:35 AM

the new dictator looks like a evil man

Posted by Kim Kim Kim October 12, 10 09:57 AM

#18 and #24 Worse goose-step!! The best of all time was Wehrmacht (1933-1945) and too NVA (1946-1989).

Posted by Vasco Miguel Marques October 12, 10 10:01 AM

Having served in Korea I found the pictures to be very informative. We really don't know how bad it is in North Korea but we do know that they have enough weapons pointed at Seoul to kill millions of people. I pray it will never come to that. What scares me is that when you put ultimate power in one individual he or she can inflict tremendous pain. History has so many examples. Kim Jung-un, we know so little about him, yet he will dictate the peace and stability of region. That does not make me very comfortable.

Posted by GI Joe October 12, 10 10:06 AM

Read the George Polk Award and Robert F. Kennedy Award-Winning Journalist Barbara Demick’s "NOTHING TO ENVY: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" for a clear view on the time-bomb that is North Korea

Posted by Quinton October 12, 10 10:09 AM

Republic has nothing to do with democracy. In republic all people are equal but somke peole are more equal than others. Funny how countries whose name includes words like 'peoples' or 'democratic' have nothing to do democracy or peoples rights.

Posted by Shallowimpact October 12, 10 10:13 AM

Why there are people crying during the anniversary show and crying for what?

Posted by QYG October 12, 10 10:19 AM


认为朝鲜很好 比韩国还好的 是被洗脑的
认为朝鲜在2010年还饿死人马上就要崩溃 也是被洗脑的

Posted by 草民 October 12, 10 10:28 AM


大家可知道 在60 70年代所谓的汉江奇迹发生前

Posted by 草民 October 12, 10 10:35 AM


Posted by cn_tang October 12, 10 10:47 AM

金氏世袭的不道德性由于 朝鲜经济的困窘而凸显
但是经济好 世袭就道德吗

如台湾的蒋氏父子 新加坡的李氏父子

Posted by 草民 October 12, 10 10:50 AM


Posted by Jade October 12, 10 10:58 AM


Posted by 郭翔 October 12, 10 11:11 AM

such good posture

Posted by anon October 12, 10 11:20 AM

I see many saying that we should leave the DPRK alone because they aren't hurting anyone.
I think the people who are constantly being summarily executed or sent to forced labor camps would probably disagree. North Korea is the worst human rights offender anywhere, without question.
Pictures from somewhere other than Pyongyang would show a very different story.

Posted by CR October 12, 10 11:28 AM

The future leader is the only one who looks well fed.

Posted by Derek Rubinoff October 12, 10 11:28 AM

Hallucinating, this photo collection seems taken in 1933 in Germany or 1917 in Russia or here in Spain during Franco dictatorship... never mind political signs, they looks the same. But the saddest thing it is that were taken in 2010, past weekend.

Posted by Alejandro Muñiz October 12, 10 11:30 AM

Note in #26 one official is snapping a photo right at the photographer.

Posted by BGE October 12, 10 12:15 PM

am i the only one, that have to think at the time between 1933 and 1945? just another sign ..
by the way, ugly fat guy at #33 -.-

Posted by marv October 12, 10 12:20 PM

Pobre gente, solo la clase militar y miembros de del politburó pueden tener comodidades durante su vida; el resto de la población debe "sacrificarse" y esperar mejores tiempos (???). Bonitas fotos de los juegos florales, tienen buen gusto.

Posted by SDI October 12, 10 12:21 PM


Posted by nobody October 12, 10 12:28 PM

In a country where so many are starving, it doesn't look like Kim Jong Un has missed too many meals.

Posted by ttyymmnn October 12, 10 12:46 PM

@ 135

I totally agree. But I had the same feeling when seeing a picture of George W Bush...

Posted by Rubosa October 12, 10 12:58 PM

This is the most ridiculous country in the world. It truly is a circus, I feel soo sorry for the brainwashed people of that country. How come after so many years there has never been a revolt, revolution or coup de tat?

Posted by Mike October 12, 10 01:15 PM

I enjoyed image #13 so much! It is a marvel how a smile can be so contagious. I could not help but smile myself looking at the photo. In contrast to the mood of #33, it really is marvelous. The human spirit survives in any environment! Let us hope it shall always endure.

Posted by Jimbo October 12, 10 01:25 PM

My friend was there. People at North Korea are very poor. They are living like we in Russia at 1980 when the communistic regime was in our country.
On my experience, I can't tell that the communistic regime was an elemental evil as many people think about it. It have one's merits and demerits. I remember an empty desks in the shops - it was an awful deficit. Milk, meat, sausage, fruits, textile, tools, electronics - all this things was hard to get. Our people has waited an hours in queues for goods. Just only a bakery was in plenty.
But at the other side, we has a stable work and salary, home for free, university education for free - at the expense of the state. This things was giving us an assurance for tomorrow's day.
The communistic idea is a good idea, but people are not ready to manage themselves in this regime. There are many tempts in this way for governors to turn handles for personal profit. That we see in North Korea. And in other world in large or small degree.

Posted by Mr. S. October 12, 10 01:39 PM

workers party or generals party ?

Posted by Khaled Khalil October 12, 10 01:57 PM

Comment 118, right on.

Could not agree more.

Posted by humanbeing October 12, 10 02:24 PM

re: #170
we can add one entry here: the big islands of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean - off from South Africa, with its new dictator andry rajoelina, alias tgv: anti governmental has been shut down, intimidation of political opposition using the Army and Police, students had to find out something to write down about the "glory" of the new regime, ....

Posted by Fanalolahy October 12, 10 02:51 PM

@124, 129, 169: They are hurting nobody, they are killing no one? You must be kidding. Many many thousands of people are in forced-labor camps; for example, tens of thousands of Christians are put there to be tortured and killed for their faith. It reminds me a bit of the old Rome: Worship the emperor or die. Don't just believe the pictures that are released by officials.

@217: Communism may be a good idea in theory, but it will never work. I know because I grew up in former East Germany. It will never work mainly because humans are inherently sinful and selfish (me included). Communism falsely assumes that we can improve ourselves. Benevolence must either be enforced by law (which goes only so far) or come freely from the heart if it has been changed by God.

Posted by Germany October 12, 10 03:36 PM


They look kinda ronery...

Posted by Rinze October 12, 10 03:51 PM

PLEASE!! Someone give Kim Jong Un a smile!

Posted by Pablo Garcia-Mina October 12, 10 04:34 PM

Weak mouth and chin ... think he will be even more wacko than his father.
Serious problem child in the making.

Posted by Stephen October 12, 10 04:43 PM

WHY WHY alwzy find something to say...let Nkorean live their way,PREFER american way of life...soon what you call liberty will be taken away.wait and see

Posted by mama October 12, 10 04:45 PM

I dont think they are starving:)) humankind not supposed to be as fat as like the other morbid country*s XXXL residents.

Posted by hann October 12, 10 06:19 PM

#127 나도 같은보고 북한 한국어 TV를봤을 때 북쪽 imjin 강의

Posted by gordon October 12, 10 07:03 PM

The chinese means long live the great general Kim(il sung)
the name means: a paranoid chinese.
P.S for idiots who don't understand what I mean: that person means whoever fells like saying, ''Long live the great general Kim Il Sung'', is paranoid.

Posted by Peter October 12, 10 07:50 PM

This is so depressing.
"This picture was shown to the public on the national..."
These are pictures of propaganda shown to the world and to their people.
It's just a big show.
In reality their people are dying on the streets from starvation and anyone who tries to flee the country is killed or put in concentration camps along with their family and friends.
It's nearly funny when you think about how they can't afford to feed their population but the government is able to fork out a fortune to put this whole "celebration" together.
It probably costs less to keep the people content by wasting cash on this feign of prosperity then it is to actually spend the currency on something that might actually help eg. welfare.
It's interesting how their "celebration" is comprised of smiling faces and military shows of strength.
Broadcasted around the country is their nation's pseudo prosperity and the disciplined, fanatical soldiers of the reich- I mean state.
A full wing of their army is called the "Korean People's Internal Security Forces"... Gestapo anyone? NKVD maybe?
This country is as bad as china except without any money and that makes all the difference.
Wars are not started by economically sound countries.
If by some rare chance a north korean reads this; know that you have my full respect and sympathy and I wish you the best of luck in perservering. To take an old saying from my own country "Your day will come".
On a lighter note, jong il's chubby kid is a 4 star general without having ever serving in the armed forces. That's hilarious if not very telling of the depressing times we live in.

Posted by bhyogt9r October 12, 10 08:23 PM


Posted by sj October 12, 10 08:39 PM

Look at the Image #3... the house of the couple .. its almost empty.....
poor people.. dont have enough money to buy their needs

Posted by Toink October 12, 10 08:51 PM

North Korea is BEST Korea

Posted by Fred October 12, 10 09:09 PM

22# 32# 哭得跟个泪人儿似的 ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Posted by Louie October 12, 10 09:32 PM

Kim Jong Un shows us there must be plenty of food to go round in North Korea...or perhaps he has been eating pillows.

Posted by Kumar October 12, 10 09:34 PM

Why do the communist countries always have such massive military parades? They have such pride in their weapons of mass destruction, parading them down the streets.

Posted by Nas October 12, 10 09:49 PM

Extremely great Captures..allowing us to have a view of how life is in a communist country. But then again, these are just the 'good' side of the country which Kim Jung Il had allowed the media to capture...
Anyhow, His fat fake 4 star general son looks like he is able to carry out more evil deeds than his father

Posted by Ben October 12, 10 10:33 PM

looks good.
the 33th photo is best!

Posted by l4ever October 12, 10 10:55 PM

한글이 하나도 없네

Posted by plainKing October 12, 10 11:02 PM


Posted by try October 12, 10 11:52 PM


Posted by fatboycsc October 13, 10 12:55 AM

Sorry for commenting again, but it seems the propaganda of the west is showing its effectiveness here.

Yes, North Korea is a secretive place, and I've seen very little actual footage or reports from there. Based upon that I cannot comment on anything here to the extent that others are.

Unless you've been there, how can people say that these photo's only show the good side of NK? Unless you've lived there, how can you say that conditions are bad? Unless you've known someone from there, how can you say how things are.

Don't get me wrong, I respect the comments from ex north Koreans, or people who directly know them. By those comments, NK is not on my must visit list

But it really seems to me that most of the comments here are knee jerk reactions to a country they know nothing of, are scared of, and ready to ridicule simply because it's had the gumption to tell the west where to stick its supposedly higher ideals.

Posted by humanbeing October 13, 10 12:56 AM


Posted by Alexander October 13, 10 01:33 AM

왜 저 노인네하나 못죽이고 있는걸까

Posted by 노인네 October 13, 10 01:36 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 13, 10 02:08 AM

North Corea, China, Cuba, Arab countries... there are so dictatorships in the world, there is so little freedom... Democracy is only the exception of a handful of prosperous countries, the weak dream of the free man across the centuries. The truth is that this dream, this minority, is always in danger.

Posted by JOSE October 13, 10 02:16 AM

I think if these peoüle are sad they should help themselfes we should not react as long as they leave the A-Bomb alone.

Posted by katze October 13, 10 03:21 AM


Posted by caffeinesins October 13, 10 03:31 AM

saw someone try to translate Chinese for Guizi, I will try too~~^~~^
People of the West Korea condole with their counterparts in North Korea

North Korea is alone and lonely? Are you KIDDING? They have more than a billion comrades in West Korea

I used to think that they are a mirror of our history, and now I believe that would be our highly possible future.

Posted by Oukwi.W October 13, 10 03:43 AM

Awesome country, love it. Not like retarded US with bunch of idiots and they think they have freedom. I am American and got tired from this stupid country, I hope Obama is going to change something. North Korea rocks, f$ck the haters.

Posted by Mark E. October 13, 10 04:42 AM

I'm from ex-USSR and I can tell you for sure that when we had comunism we was living way much better then now.

So, don't blame North Korea, maybe for them? it's better to have communism then chaos as we have

Posted by Sergii October 13, 10 05:25 AM

Pure madness,all the regimes on this planet by the way.
A brainwashed puppy in charge.
I hope there will be better times 4 the people.

Posted by cmys October 13, 10 06:49 AM

Poor people, i hope they´ll find freedom one time..

Posted by JK October 13, 10 07:22 AM


Posted by Taiwanese October 13, 10 07:43 AM

beautiful parade. such great geometry. wish we had this at home.

Posted by eric October 13, 10 07:47 AM

que viva la dictadura!!!!!! :S x.x

Posted by vacaminiatura October 13, 10 07:48 AM

2 bhyogt9r (229 comment)

absolutely right,
very very sad

Posted by gg1 October 13, 10 08:12 AM


Posted by Britney October 13, 10 08:18 AM


Posted by lwq8818 October 13, 10 08:33 AM

Chinese people are sorry for this !

Posted by an angry Chinese October 13, 10 09:03 AM

Somehow this reminds me of "1984"

Posted by lokesh October 13, 10 09:39 AM

Poor North Korea they must bear with the government like this :[ .communist countries is conservative,I'm a person who living under communist society and i can understand :(( world couldn't rescue

Posted by han October 13, 10 09:46 AM

Fireworks are my fav pictures here. But all pictures are awesome! Thanks for uploading this.. ;)

Posted by zee October 13, 10 10:10 AM

Poor people, but worse it is to show ur military power vs irak or afganistan... isn´t.

Posted by Alejandro October 13, 10 10:10 AM

Amazing. One picture out of 33 (13) shows a smile that wasn't bought and paid for.

Posted by Rick October 13, 10 10:42 AM

I dont think they are poor or starving.They are a bit okey ..too much organised may be:)) I am sure that no one dying like a dog on the streets from hunger or they dont need to work till death for the goodies that no one needs indeed..And plus I am sure that thay are not killing other country's people for oil or other resources..I mean thay are not thieves at least!!!

Posted by SD October 13, 10 11:48 AM

I went to university with him in switzerland, calm friendly funny and very very intelligent young man. If anything will change for good in North Korea anytime soon it's because of him.

Posted by Klaas October 13, 10 12:33 PM


Posted by Steeve October 13, 10 12:39 PM

I am really happy to see a country without any obesity problems, that's great !

Posted by Kh7Did October 13, 10 02:34 PM

Not much differnt from Zimbabwe
Dictator, masses too scared to speak up, etc
The only difference is that there is some order on N Korea
In Zim - total chaos with thousands spilling over to South Africa, a country which is also suffering under corrupt and useless government.
How come communists/national socialists haven't learnt that economic growth can really be sustained in a market economy???

Posted by Pieter October 13, 10 04:11 PM

Say what you will, Kim Jon knows how to throw a party.

Posted by Fernando October 13, 10 04:31 PM

#198 At least some of the people that aren't completely brainwashed realize what a terribly grotesque masquarade this event and their whole lives are. My guess would be that it's probably a good moment for them to release their inhibited emotions, since if anybody asks, they can always say they're just tears of joy for their beloved leader. I lived in a totalarian regime, so I know from personal experience that living in a permanent state of fear, paranoia (not knowing if you can trust anyone), and pretending day after day gets very tiresome.

Posted by tovjstF October 13, 10 04:40 PM

Yes aprel em kommunistneri orok ev es dra hamar chem zxchym. Ait tarinere amanalav tarinern en exel im keankym.Kar orenk ev martkutiyn.Hima nor serynde chi haskana.

Posted by Anait October 13, 10 10:18 PM

STOP betraying democracy and Human Rights. STOP this dictators.
I'm from East Germany, and I must say we're much better now, in liberty, than in socialism. We are free and can say what we think, go were we want to go, and vote who we want to vote. Too bad there are still men like this criminals who lie to millions of people.

Posted by Falko October 13, 10 11:07 PM

Wy I remember HITLER seeng those pictures!
The History always repet!
Poore humanity!

Posted by Pedro Chiwiacowsky/ Brasil October 13, 10 11:27 PM

nice pictures!

Posted by Gizmo October 14, 10 12:50 AM

So many ignorant people posting here saying that NK is a good place to live. NK is a terrible place to live, it's the place in the world with the least freedom. You can't even leave the place if you wanted to. NK is also very poor and suffers from hunger and starvation.

Posted by Derp October 14, 10 02:12 AM

@221 saying "humans are inherently sinful and selfish" -
this viewpoint is shaping the world of catholics and protestants, but no one else. Start gettign used to that. ;)

Posted by eastern orthodox October 14, 10 02:42 AM

Why are they celebrating? They didn't win the war yet - nor will they.

Posted by Frayam Zwillen Horsthain October 14, 10 06:13 AM

i wonder that some people make their country as South Korea and other make that Like North Korea!, Two with same race but different purpose, same languages but different life, same land but different world!, one have big industries in Asia and world and one with big poverty and restriction in world,...

Posted by david October 14, 10 07:22 AM

hay que reconocer que acojonar acojonan.

Posted by Vacceo October 14, 10 08:07 AM

The west is just pissed because it can't get their capitalist hands on the country.

North Korea may not be perfect, but western countries also have homeless and income disparity. There are over 1000 billionaires in the world and countless millionaires reeking of corruption, the average joe starves and struggles to survive. At least in North Korea only the leaders have that sense of superiority.

Posted by Go Anon October 14, 10 08:18 AM

I can understand why some of the participants are so emotional. Their dear leaders are graciously allowing them to earn enough not to starve to death and maybe even save the lives of some members of their famlies.

The difficulties in our lives pale to nothing when compared to N Korea.

Posted by toosinbeymen October 14, 10 09:24 AM

...picture 29, second row left. HOT

Posted by C Johnstone October 14, 10 10:25 AM

Freaky communist monarchy!!!

Posted by Edu October 14, 10 10:28 AM

wery gud

Posted by KRLD October 14, 10 11:28 AM

这是西方的一种盛大幻觉能看见。 北朝鲜使人民挨饿并且有自卑感。 我希望新的领导有更多同情,并且能改变事,当金正日死时。

Posted by Moneylicious October 14, 10 11:49 AM

I hope one day in North Korea will be Freedom! Today we are witnesses that Soviet system (or Russian system - I don't know) is CAN'T bring anything good...
I'am watching on this pictures and feel and don't know what to say!

Just thanks to photographers.

Posted by Marut Vanian (Stepanakert) October 14, 10 12:40 PM

If it was a soap opera, it would be a piece of (grotesque) art...

Posted by peter October 14, 10 01:15 PM

she's crying because she's hungry

Posted by stu jones October 14, 10 02:29 PM

when I see the wonderful pictures (thumbs up!!! Vincent!) and all those negative comments towards North Korea ...,

... I just wonder who is indoctrinated.

Posted by Geerten October 14, 10 04:05 PM

I wish them well in whatever they do. They do not have to live nor do like us. Everyone thinks the other guy is a bad guy. They are just another nation with a different view point. Our government is not all that clean either.

Posted by Kim Tet Han October 14, 10 04:53 PM


Posted by 中国人 October 15, 10 12:45 AM

Pyongyang isn't even a city, it's a grotesque theme park intended to promote an image of normalcy, stability and happiness to the rest of the world. By inviting foreign journalists into the normally secretive and inaccessible nation, Kim Jong Il's regime ensures that the only pictures most people will ever see of his country are those of smiling, well-fed citizens oozing with adoration.

Truly a well-executed propaganda coup. Anybody who accepts these images as representative of the true situation in North Korea does an enormous disservice to the other 99% of the country, which suffers oppression, starvation and abuse to a greater extent than any other population in modern civilization.

Anybody arguing that "things aren't that bad" and that North Korea's negative image is merely the result of "western propaganda" should visit for themselves.

Posted by Lewis October 15, 10 12:45 AM

Everything is just like in USSR)))

Posted by George R October 15, 10 03:21 AM

#221: Absolutely agree - communism was working properly nowhere.

#235: Communist countries always have such massive military parades (and not only military), because one of main communism ideas - it's a parity of the all people. Parade - it's a demonstration of parity and solidarity.
Ha-ha, as ex-USSR citizen, I know that the people was enforced to participate in this parade. We call that enforced action as voluntary-forced event :)

#241 What do you want? It's just a photo of parade. For more aspects of North-Korean citizens life - google the web.

Posted by Mr. S. October 15, 10 09:01 AM


Posted by ljg October 15, 10 10:51 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 15, 10 11:28 AM

I think North Korea is a very well managed country compare to others democratic capitalist.

Posted by zzz October 15, 10 01:06 PM

# 21...those metal junk tanks are a easy piece of cake for a M1 Abrams ;).....and a for a "Javelin" antitank missile

Posted by Anonymous October 15, 10 03:26 PM

Picture #23.. Somebody, tell to operator about videocam! Or it's true film master? ;-)

Posted by Bizonsky October 15, 10 03:50 PM

It's fairly easy to see through the grandeur: just look at those soldiers at #8. Obviously most of them are extremely malnutritioned; even those middle-ranked officers in #6 look older than they most like are. Since I used to serve in the Chinese military, these photos reveal to me a little more information.

Posted by Lt. S October 15, 10 05:08 PM

Nice pictures that really show the spirit and status of NK.
Is North Korea worse the Saudi Arabi, Kongo, Yemen or Somalia? NK, like Laos, are kept above the surface by China as a strategic territory. But NK has proven to be a great example of what happens when communism is implemented on a nation, as a warning to the civilized world.
It is just a matter of time before the communist dictatorship collapses or the territory is absorbed into China. As a nation it's a Epic Fail!

Posted by ClearSight October 15, 10 05:46 PM

These pictures break my heart.

Posted by 정 October 15, 10 07:32 PM


Chinese is not better more than North Korea.
Chinese don't have freedom for publish,
Many chinese don't know who win this year Nobel Peace Prize at all.
So luck Taiwan don't be dominate by Communism,
Otherwise, it will be a another North Korea.

Posted by Freedom_China October 15, 10 10:20 PM

my gosh. the secne is like being in the misery of last century

Posted by Arnie October 15, 10 11:58 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 16, 10 12:44 AM

It's a totally different reality, in a way that big issues and problems of high-edge capitalized nations are absolutely inexistent in North Korea, such as economic crisis, obesity, mediocritude. I would have to pay a visit to really understand what goes on, for not trusting merely any report from it, considering it's a place that's been misplaced from global reality.

It's only a shame that the population needs to remain attatched to that highly regulamentatory State, in order to prevent interference and subdue to imperialist countries (vide what long happened here in South America, neoliberalism ruined argentina's economy for a good while). That creates a strange and stiff situation for their country. But necessary in their case, until now, at least.

Hugs from Brazil

Posted by Newton October 16, 10 12:53 AM

Nice picture!

But that can't show the North korea's actual.

Posted by Stanley October 16, 10 05:12 AM

光鮮亮麗的表面, 朝鮮人內心在哭泣!

Posted by 西恩 October 16, 10 12:14 PM

很强 很神秘!

Posted by luobinbin October 17, 10 02:24 AM

I was there in 2005, the closest thing to "Orwell 1984" I have ever seen, ..and I also lived in the Ceaucescu Romania. What a waste for so many people.

Posted by anonimous October 17, 10 04:23 AM

A grotesque masquarade!

In picure 26 the photographer himself is caught on a digital camera by, what I think is security. Who else would own a digital camera in such a poor country?

Posted by no care October 17, 10 12:18 PM

I feel sorry for that people living restricted because of their comunism dictator.
i hope they do a revolution, we're living in 2010 , i dont see it normal to have a life like that.

Posted by Mish October 17, 10 02:31 PM


Look at the Image #3... the house of the couple .. its almost empty.....
poor people.. dont have enough money to buy their needs

Really? do you need to buy? how do you measure those needs? is a TV, cable and internet a need? or are tought that we need to spend money on it?

Posted by Diablociego October 18, 10 12:52 AM

Amazing country, just like Mao's China with LED TVs and in DSLR photos.

Posted by Vietnam guy October 18, 10 02:09 PM

As in every dictatorship most of the wealth is spent on the military and political omnicrats; by and for themselves.
We in the USA are being controlled and victimized by the same sort of rotten omnicrats in government, the military industrials, and some rank seeking soldiers and GS civilians.
The difference is that WE CAN revolt and change our nation. Citizens..we need to kick the politicians in their butts and remind them that they work for us and we need to tell the billionaire and millionaires to get with the program or GET OUT OF THE USA!

Posted by M. Jackson October 18, 10 04:02 PM

Wow, do they all blink at the same time while they're goose-stepping too?? #24

Posted by G. Chicago October 18, 10 04:15 PM


Posted by ニック October 18, 10 10:17 PM

another fat evil man in the making.

Posted by Mr.America October 19, 10 08:24 AM

The States tested the Atomic Bombs.
American culture is nice..and americans are kind
.why doing so many WARS?

Posted by Eco_Japan October 19, 10 09:59 AM

"If you don't know what else is there for you, you will just be content with what you have." It is human nature to go after things that others can have.

If I am a north korean with little knowledge of McDonald's or Coke will be content with a decent rice cake I am having, untill I saw someone eating McDonald's meal and I would develope the desire of having McDonald's meal.

It is not strange that north koreans can smile and live their life normaly under the brutal regime. as we see it.

Posted by Casper October 19, 10 11:29 AM

Excuse my ignorance, I was born in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Is this what the Soviet Union was like? With the big fancy productions and the secrecy? I mean, I've heard about it in class, of course, but it's quite surreal to see it played out in 2010.

Just look at the different things in the pictures: the trucks in 15 and the film camera in 23 really stand out. I have no idea about military tanks, so I could not tell you how dated they are, but I'm pretty sure that film cameras like that haven't been used since the 1970's or 1980's. I have the nagging feeling that if one could go out into the actual cities and towns of North Korea, it would paint a very different picture than what is shown to the world.

Communism sounds really good on paper, but it's not practical in the real world. For a lot of countries, it will turn into a dictatorship and from dictatorship... then what? If the countries have a revolution and attempt to switch to democracy, is it going to be better off in the short term? You know what happened to Russia in the 1990's -- a massive economic depression.

Posted by Kaitlin October 19, 10 07:48 PM

“现代版的封建王朝。” 可惜说这话的人也活在差不多的国度。

Posted by 共朝 October 20, 10 05:13 AM


Posted by 共朝 October 20, 10 05:19 AM

Most evil peaple in the world:
1. Bush
2. Kim Jong (just tyrannize his own folk)
3. Putin

Regards from europe.

Posted by Carsten October 20, 10 11:04 AM

I just to say thank you Wasky for sending this pictures

Posted by Fero October 20, 10 12:37 PM


Posted by steve69 October 20, 10 02:28 PM

so nice photos..............

Posted by jawdat October 21, 10 02:17 AM

It is shocking to see the King and his son post a indifferent face while their people excited to cry at least the Chinese officer that standed beside the King had a political smile.

Posted by Chinese October 21, 10 02:19 AM



Posted by Johnson October 21, 10 05:14 AM

It looks like a miniature Reichsparteitag. I can imagine how scared or/and amused Allied Powers were when they saw german parades. A person is treated as a pupped. That is inhuman.
As long as they do not act like germans in in 38 the world can watch it.
Best regards from Europe (Germany).

Posted by Stefan October 21, 10 05:17 AM

Folks, remember that these are tightly controlled, carefully publicised events from an autocratic regime. You can't make any assumptions about how normal North Koreans live from the photos here because all the people you can see are there because the government wants them to be there. Those you see applauding the "dear leader", for example, are the privileged few - the well-fed party elite who have access to things like nice apartments and digital cameras. The reality for the average North Korean is work, hunger, and poverty (the country is reliant on foreign food aid just to survive, after all), and if you step out of line or try to leave the country, then it's prison and hard labour.

Posted by Matt October 21, 10 01:03 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 22, 10 12:28 AM


Posted by Crazy October 22, 10 03:42 AM

Don't rely on western media, these staged photographs or 100s of opinions from most who have never been.

Visit. See for yourself. Make up your own minds.

Posted by Just_back_from_the_DPRK October 22, 10 07:35 AM


Posted by Ray October 22, 10 10:08 AM


Posted by Ray October 22, 10 10:45 AM

Some of the NK women are totally hot. After Baby Kim gets the throne, I want Him to quit ASAP because I can't wait for Playboy's "Women of North Korea".

Posted by Al Hanson October 22, 10 05:34 PM

Now,,,Are you happy?

Posted by jun October 22, 10 08:37 PM


Posted by 李刚 October 22, 10 09:10 PM

To #334


Posted by wrl October 22, 10 11:52 PM

Oh , why is it so hard for you to understand that they're "happy" just because they don't know freedom like other countries do ?
And how make you understand forbidding a whole region to journalists and cameras sure implies that there is something to hide ??

And finally, the biggest deal isn't really to make this country more democratic but to be sure we can provide them more freedom while we'd be trying to set democracy to people who does'nt want to .
I mean,it's like 'imposing democracy' and this idea isn't democratic at all . That's the real problem in every dictatorships in the world .

(sorry for my bad writing expression, I'm not an English speaker usually)

Posted by Nicole October 23, 10 03:15 PM

#277. You do not have to be religious to know the fact that humans ARE by nature selfish. This is a natural fact. Which just proves truthfull in Communism. Those in power reap the benifits, the rest suffer. So his viewpoints are not restricted to just Catholic and Protestant. It is universal.

Posted by Schaffer October 23, 10 06:57 PM

has anybody read the comic book "pyonyang" by Guy Delisle? well you should. totally recommended

Posted by h0wen October 24, 10 12:06 AM

PRNK = jail !

The most precious gift on earth is freedom. These people are not free, nor happy.
They are slaved by a system... We, in our capitalistic world are slaved by OUR system.
Which one is the worst ?
I can write these lines, can a North Korean do that ? I doubt ! They eve can't think by their own. In communism, individuals are nothing, you are neglectible.
Only counts the system !

I want to live free and be able to do and think what i want. I'm on earth to fullfill myself, not to serve a regime.

Posted by Patrick2A October 24, 10 04:58 AM

This is typical totalitarian showboating, only they don't realize how dated and amusing it is, they have no sense of history or irony. I mean you just have to laugh here. Those ridiculous gala games with the changing murals, it's something out of a bad Hollywood movie. Those trucks are right out of the Fifties and probably have carburetors in them, new. And that's worse than the stuff they used to play at halftime at the Superbowl before they started booking talent. Farcical and pathetic.

I am sure that if I lived there they'd have me up in the stadium switching placards to the music, and god help you if you didn't show up. By the way if I posted this comment in that place I could look forward with confidence to a visit by the Gestapo or their equivalent within hours. And what good would it do? America...Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Posted by Richard Hecht October 24, 10 01:02 PM

I am really happy to see a country without any obesity problems, that's great Posted by Kh7Did October 13, 2010 02:34 PM

Yea, Kh7Did? Really?
Did you check the size of their leaders? Specially the heir apparent?

Posted by Quixtop, CA. October 24, 10 03:52 PM

Big brother is not great!

Posted by 1984 October 24, 10 08:52 PM

Poor people.

Posted by Justin October 25, 10 04:31 AM

Great pictures, sad story.

Posted by Dr.Soran October 26, 10 12:14 PM

Mas años de terror...

Posted by Anonymous October 26, 10 02:02 PM

Only military power! I feel sorry for all the great people living in North-Corea... one day everything will change!

Posted by gspaul99 October 26, 10 04:45 PM

muy interesantes las fotos de esta nación socialista, es de los pocos paises en el mundo con un régimen tan duro seguido con el de China

Posted by mezcal October 26, 10 05:42 PM

one of the best facade the north korean government can muster is the street scene in #15, it is even poorer than the street I live in in a small coastal city in China( Yantai).In in a communist government, the best places always have to be the capital and a small coastal city in China is richer than the North Korean capital means that China is much much better than North Korea.

Posted by 华侨 October 28, 10 10:33 PM

these are Officially released
you should see the unofficial ones

Posted by igrip October 29, 10 06:52 PM

Shame on them.
This is really tragic of the human world.

Posted by 李正平 October 30, 10 12:38 AM

Sadness. Kim Yung Il is no more living inside. Look at his eyes on the last picture. Is empty. Poor man, poor country. The obvious failure of communism.

Posted by Louis October 30, 10 09:30 AM

communist vanity.....

Posted by arash November 2, 10 07:07 AM


Posted by bd November 3, 10 02:56 AM


Posted by Mohsin November 3, 10 10:05 AM

.............the beginning of the end

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and his son Kim Jong Un they do not trust even each other !!!

Posted by Janek Kos November 3, 10 01:14 PM

Great shots!
Please watch the movie "North Korea - A State of Mind

Posted by volen November 7, 10 04:48 PM

if you can't change your enviroment,then adapt to it.acting speak loud then complain.

Posted by liu November 22, 10 11:24 PM

This is a reality show, the Big Brader

Posted by Wágner Rudolf November 24, 10 02:01 AM

ez egy őrült elmebeteg világ

Posted by Anonymous November 24, 10 01:16 PM

if i was a homeless I' d rather ruled by communist party

Posted by warren buffet November 26, 10 04:06 AM

que m la xupen esos chinos culiaos q siempre le sacan la reconchetrumadre a esos yaqnquies hijos de putas que estan llenos de negros y se los pasan culiandose y les sacan la trilla de lo lindo

el zolfaqar FAIRD

Posted by felipe rojas diaz December 3, 10 04:47 PM

@ 293

thank you

Posted by mike portman December 29, 10 06:39 PM

Very Interesting. So many people here campaigning for democracy/human rights and other rubbish, not even understanding what is really going on in the world. If you, my dear friends, stopped listening to all that cunning propaganda that Western media plant in your heads maybe you wo

Posted by Anonymous March 11, 11 08:09 AM

Obama won that 2010 year Nobel Peace Prize ,

Posted by Anonymous March 31, 11 11:25 AM
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