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October 6, 2010 Permalink

A flood of toxic sludge

On Monday, October 4th, a large reservoir filled with toxic red sludge in western Hungary ruptured, releasing approximately 700,000 cubic meters (185 million gallons) of stinking caustic mud, which killed many animals, at least four people, and injured over 120 - many with chemical burns. The 12-foot-high flood of sludge inundated several towns, sweeping cars off the road as it flowed into the nearby Marcal River. Emergency workers rushed to pour 1,000 tons of plaster into the Marcal River in an attempt to bind the sludge and keep it from flowing on to the Danube some 45 miles away. The red sludge in the reservoir is a byproduct of refining bauxite into alumina, which took place at an alumina plant run by the Hungarian Alumina Production and Trading Company. A criminal probe has just been opened by Hungarian authorities. (30 photos total)

A Hungarian soldier wearing chemical protection gear walks through a street flooded by toxic sludge in the town of Devecser, Hungary on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)
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bigpicture is so quick...

Posted by chunyu October 6, 10 11:51 AM

c'est horrible !

Posted by agharass October 6, 10 11:51 AM

Realmente impresionante.

Posted by Manuel González October 6, 10 11:52 AM

Oh my god.

Posted by Christian October 6, 10 11:53 AM

Peace be with these poor people! It is devastations such as this that reminds me of how lucky I am in my own life.

Posted by joe October 6, 10 11:57 AM

This is horrible—didn't even hear about this until I saw Big Pic's post. Sad. "185 million gallons of red caustic mud" oooofffff, sound like something out of a bad movie.

Posted by Michael October 6, 10 11:57 AM

so sad & tragic

Posted by shannon October 6, 10 12:01 PM

Picture 9 ist a RABBIT, not a CAT

Posted by Florian October 6, 10 12:04 PM

So that we can have as much aluminum as we want ...
like it, leave it, or be thrifty!

Posted by g.h. October 6, 10 12:04 PM

google maps link:

Posted by jalso October 6, 10 12:05 PM

9 is totally a rabbit not a cat

Posted by PacifismFailed October 6, 10 12:05 PM

#9 : I think it's a rabbit.

Posted by Arnaud October 6, 10 12:06 PM

Very sad :(

Posted by Aira October 6, 10 12:08 PM

Uma tragédia... realmente lastimável. Que Deus ajude esse povo a se recuperar rapidamente.

Posted by Fabrício (Brasil) October 6, 10 12:14 PM

damn man's hands

Posted by Carlos E Valle October 6, 10 12:17 PM

Tragic ? No... simply the human way of life : destroying everything everywhere, killing life all around the planet.
The human irresponsibility as usual.

Posted by Jos October 6, 10 12:17 PM

You really need to switch the #9 to the "contains graphic content ... click to view." I was trying to figure it out, and then I had to contain my stomach after reading the caption.

Posted by Phoenixbeak October 6, 10 12:23 PM

It's too bad that the first totally Hungary-related post is because of a catastrophe.
/a Hungarian Big Picture reader/

Posted by poTomek October 6, 10 12:23 PM

All the best to Hungarian people from Greece

Posted by apoelistas October 6, 10 12:24 PM

it is really breath taking and sign of havoc coming in near future!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bikal Shrestha October 6, 10 12:27 PM

Where's the helping hand of EU now?

Posted by Janne October 6, 10 12:27 PM

Where's Captain Planet when you need him? He could have cleaned this up in a matter of minutes! TV wouldn't lie to me, would it?

Posted by Nathan October 6, 10 12:28 PM

#9: That's not a cat...

Looks nasty. Poor animals. And people with flooded homes.

Posted by Simon October 6, 10 12:30 PM

Re: caption on #9, I just changed it to read "animal". There were two images of this animal, one labeled it as a cat, the other did not identify it. I agree it looks more like a rabbit than a cat, but can't say for sure. In either case, it remains a victim of this incident.

Posted by alan taylor October 6, 10 12:35 PM

To give perspective on this. The Gulf Oil Spill released an estimated 205 million gallons of oil over the months it was uncapped.
I could only imagine the real carnage experienced with all that released all at once.
My prayers go out to the people that are suffering.

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy October 6, 10 12:39 PM

Something like Tchernobyl or Deepwater Horizon... When will it stop?

Posted by gza October 6, 10 12:41 PM

That color is almost neon in some images. Not OK.

Posted by pik October 6, 10 12:49 PM

#9 looks like a cat more than a rabbit. It has a long tail and shape of the head is very catlike. The fur is too long for a rabbit, if it is not a tame and bred one. Also, it seems that the animal doesn't have long ears like rabbits do.
I would be 95% sure, it is a cat.

Hungary is a very beautiful country with very nice and strong people who will pull the same rope. I really hope (and I am sure) they will clean up the mess and get over this terrible accident very fast and learn everything they need to learn from it.

Posted by Thomas October 6, 10 12:55 PM

Una tragedia y lamentable por las victimas.
Con esto se demuestra que al final el mismo hombre provocara la destrucción de nuestro planeta.

Posted by Patricio October 6, 10 12:56 PM

Some countries are proud to export goods with a competitive price.

If the local regulation does not care about ecology, they are only creating a debt they will have to pay one day.

That was one of these days.

Too bad, one has to wait ti be the shame of the world before he improves his regulation...

Posted by toto October 6, 10 12:59 PM

Poor dogs and fish...

Posted by Tovkal October 6, 10 01:02 PM

It's already stopped I think. The reservoir is very close to populated area. That's why destruction is so huge.

Check this satellite map:,17.464314&t=h&z=13

Kolontar and Devecser are the most involved towns.

Could you attach this Google Map to the post?

Posted by poTomek October 6, 10 01:05 PM

The scale of the toxic tub is amazing. It's the size of a large dam / reservoir.

Posted by Frank Ch. Eigler October 6, 10 01:06 PM

Alan, thanks for always showing us what happens in the world... great job!!!

Posted by Paolo October 6, 10 01:08 PM

Some insider info: the worst part is that on top of the red mud was a layer of very alkaline, caustic water, causing the actual flooding. pH measurements in the villages showed values between 11-13.5 (14 is the end of the scale! 7 is neutral water). This (presumably) wiped out all lifeforms in the nearby Marcal river and it's now heading into the Danube although it gets diluted on the way.

Posted by lacalaca October 6, 10 01:12 PM

jesus christ!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 6, 10 01:12 PM

Remember the next time to buy a drink in a can.......the process of making aluminium from bauxite is one of worst uses we have put natural resources to.....for each ton of bauxite you get about 10% back in aluminium....awful stuff

Posted by Joe October 6, 10 01:12 PM

[comment removed at poster's request]

Posted by anonymous October 6, 10 01:15 PM

Thanks to capitalism for another fail. Must have been too expensive to perform tests and secure the lake. Share holders usually do not like investing in security.

Once again the poor people will be left with that mess to clean and will suffer and die from it. Big corporation will just leave with the money, just like that jerk from BP did.

Posted by etienne October 6, 10 01:19 PM

Shocking pictures.
"Only" 2 to 4 % of the red mud that is held there was released in this accident. They also have a lot of "gray mud" stashed there which is supposedly a lot worse (for one it's much thicker, so it would just level the houses if it was released like that). So I guess there is some luck in this disaster too, as it could have been much much worse. Small consolation to the families of the dead.
The red mud is nasty because it's caustic, leaves nasty burns and kills if swallowed. The real big disaster however will happen later over years, when all that mud will slowly dry out and become airborne dust which contains heavy metals. This will pollute the air for a long time, causing lung cancer.

Posted by Peter October 6, 10 01:21 PM

Una tragedia y lamentable por las victimas.
Con esto se demuestra que al final el mismo hombre provocara la destrucción de nuestro planeta.

Posted by Patricio October 6, 10 01:22 PM

I feel so bad that those animals and people had to through all that.

Posted by Dominecha C October 6, 10 01:24 PM

@Tovkal: poor dogs and fish? How about people that died there??

Posted by Tomek October 6, 10 01:24 PM

Mon dieu... :(

Posted by Lupa October 6, 10 01:24 PM

It is so sad.. after Hungary started to give more and more care about environment... but the capitalism is always at a number one place.

Now you can imagine about Rosia Montana in Romania. where they would like to build Europe's largest open-pit gold mine operation with a much more toxic cyanide fluid.

Posted by Nayan October 6, 10 01:30 PM

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may he make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may he turn his face toward you and give you peace

This i pray for the people Hungarian people.....

Posted by jason October 6, 10 01:41 PM

another way to help them is to send money to the local governmental account: 11748090-15427085-10070004. I am not sure if it could accept foreign currency. If somebody is interested in this way, and have questions, let us know. Here is the official gov. page for confirmation:

Posted by Frodo October 6, 10 01:44 PM

No god in that ... Only man to do this kind of tragedy !!!
Pas dieu, seulement l'homme; et il s'y connait dans ce genre de drames.

Invoquer dieu, c'est botter le problème en touche.

Je m'inquiète de voir ce genre d'incidents arriver avec une fréquence de plus en plus importante et des proportions accrues. Les espaces touchés par ces pollutions sont nocifs pour des générations. Une augmentation de ce genre de pollutions va entrainer une dégradation très importante des conditions de vie de l'espèce humaine sur la planète.

Posted by Marc Delaunay October 6, 10 01:44 PM

Picture No. 9 seams to be faked. Maybe the photographer take a dead animal an smudged it with the red mud.

Posted by Don Peter October 6, 10 01:49 PM

It is sad to hear such news from an admirable country of respectable people. I wish they would get over it as soon as possible. Silviu, Romania.

Posted by Silviu October 6, 10 01:51 PM

Another very sad story on mining for aluminum so that we can buy a drink in a can.
I hope this video inspires many of us to be very thrifty and to think before we act.

Posted by g.h. October 6, 10 01:53 PM


Posted by qweq October 6, 10 01:54 PM

What we're they planning on doing with this tub of toxic sludge (before it burst), just leave it there? or is there some kind of toxic tub cleaner continually at work? Why is there even a giant tub of toxic waste outside?

Terrible it happened, but seems it could have been prevented?

(not that I know anything about it, just questions of a 'peasant')

Posted by Jane October 6, 10 01:54 PM

esto es terrible:( lo que ha sucedido.

Posted by jorge mussuto October 6, 10 01:59 PM

I can't find the words to describe what i feel when i see these pictures... frightening! I'm from Hungary but fortunately from an other place and i hope that things will get better soon... :( Until then everyone try to help these poor animals and people!

Posted by Barbara October 6, 10 02:01 PM

Lindas imagens. Péssima sensação humana.

Posted by Humberto October 6, 10 02:01 PM

oh goodness...a lot of ire directed at the evil, evil 'Capitalism'.

Could anyone refresh my memory - I seem to be confused - what political ideology did the (look for the hint!) USSR ascribe to when the Chernobyl disaster took place?

Human folly and lack of responsiblity knows no ideology...take this disaster for what it is, and leave your superiority (inferiority???) complexes by the wayside

Posted by rummy October 6, 10 02:02 PM

How sad and ugly. Best wishes to those affected.

Posted by Ben Rosengart October 6, 10 02:07 PM

I see a few mentions of capitalism being cause of this disaster. If you do your research, you'll learn that this plant is a communist era factory, so I would leave capitalism out of the argument. This is a horrible disaster, and with any disaster, placing blame so early is of least importance. I am shocked that the Big Picture is the first place I've seen this.

Posted by Northwind October 6, 10 02:17 PM

Amongst disasters, man-made or otherwise, this surely ranks in the top group. OH, MY GOD!

[comment edited, quoted comment from another reader removed at their request]

Posted by Robert Zimmerman October 6, 10 02:18 PM

Horrible. So sad looking at dead puppies!:(

Posted by Elisabeth October 6, 10 02:24 PM

that's human way...

Posted by isaac October 6, 10 02:26 PM

Comment 56. Living in Europe and having access to news from around the world, the UdSSR remained silent about Chernobyl. European press did, too. Immediately after the disaster, it was only reported that their had been an accident. People sensed the danger though because the press told us to live "as usual." That made many people extremely sceptical. News finally got through after people in Europe walked around with Geiger counters, measuring the fallout and speaking openly about it. As of that point, reporters couldn't remain silent. UdSSR could, though, and Russia still does. After all, they have other problems.

Posted by g.h. October 6, 10 02:27 PM

Szörnyu, ami történt, ezért valakinek felelnie kell!!!
Nagyon sajnálok mindenkit, akinek át kellett élnie ezt a katasztrófát!

Posted by a hungarian from Serbia October 6, 10 02:31 PM

The real question is "What is the real cost of technology?". If you put a price to the health of people, the amenities of modern day technologies will be costing a lot than it does today. The developed countries outsource most of the risk related to production to developing countries and manage to keep things affordable.

Its easy to blame BP for the spill but then are you ready to pay $10 a gallon for your oil? The cost will finally be shared by the people on the street. The town in the picture would have been depending on the aluminum company for their sustenance. Now the comapny will be under attack for the tragedy. True, any body responsible for the security of the sludge should be prosecuted but no one can escape from the responsibility. Government is responsible for safety of the people and people are responsible for the governmen they chose.

Posted by Jijo October 6, 10 02:41 PM

Just to clarify some things.
Communism was gone 20 years ago in Hungary. But even considering that, this wasnt a fault of capitalism. The dam of the sludge container was checked regularly, and right a few days before the accident. It was according to international rules, and they found no problems.
What is more interesting, that it broke trough on the edge, where it is the most forcified. This dam is more than 62meters wide at its foot. If it breaks, one would think it would break in the middle, and not at the corner. Just look at the aerial picture. This is not logical.
Either, this was not an accident, or it is most likely a cause of aMINOR earthquake some years ago, wich placed some tensions and small breaches on that corner of the dam.

And, just to make sure you understand: If you look at any aluminium plant in the world, the red sludge is contained just like here. There is no use for the slude, no recycling possiblities since almost 100 years. If anything, this is the fail of capitalism. And a warning signal to every town in the world, thats near such red sludge container.

Posted by gowron October 6, 10 02:44 PM

It seems like a World War Z scene. The first picture could say: this is how the Zombie plague starts.

Posted by Rafael Goncalves October 6, 10 02:51 PM

"Bal sors akit régen tép,
Hozz rá víg esztendőt,
Megbűnhődte már e nép
A múltat s jövendőt!"

The Hungarian National Anthem

God Bless the Hungarians
With good cheer and prosperity.
Extend a protective arm
If they fight the enemy.
Torn by misfortune for long,
Give them happy years.
These people have expiated
The past and the future.

By Thy help our fathers gained
Kárpát's proud and sacred height;
Here by Thee a home obtained
Heirs of Bendegúz, the knight.
Where'er Danube's waters flow
And the streams of Tisza swell
Árpád's children, Thou dost know,
Flourished and did prosper well.

For us let the golden grain
Grow upon the fields of Kún,
And let Nectar's silver rain
Ripen grapes of Tokay soon.
Thou our flags hast planted o'er
Forts where once wild Turks held sway;
Proud Vienna suffered sore
From King Mátyás' dark array.

But, alas! for our misdeed,
Anger rose within Thy breast,
And Thy lightnings Thou did'st speed
From Thy thundering sky with zest.
Now the Mongol arrow flew
Over our devoted heads;
Or the Turkish yoke we knew,
Which a free-born nation dreads.

O, how often has the voice
Sounded of wild Osman's hordes,
When in songs they did rejoice
O'er our heroes' captured swords!
Yea, how often rose Thy sons,
My fair land, upon Thy sod,
And Thou gavest to these sons,
Tombs within the breast they trod!

Though in caves pursued he lie,
Even then he fears attacks.
Coming forth the land to spy,
Even a home he finds he lacks.
Mountain, vale - go where he would,
Grief and sorrow all the same -
Underneath a sea of blood,
While above a sea of flame.

'Neath the fort, a ruin now,
Joy and pleasure erst were found,
Only groans and sighs, I trow,
In its limits now abound.
But no freedom's flowers return
From the spilt blood of the dead,
And the tears of slavery burn,
Which the eyes of orphans shed.

Pity, God, the Magyar, then,
Long by waves of danger tossed;
Help him by Thy strong hand when
He on grief's sea may be lost.
Fate, who for so long did'st frown,
Bring him happy times and ways;
Atoning sorrow hath weighed down
All the sins of all his days.

Posted by Hungarian girl October 6, 10 02:54 PM


Posted by Amy October 6, 10 02:57 PM

Tengo familiares viviendo en este sector!!!!!!!

Posted by Eleonora Horvath October 6, 10 03:07 PM

It's tragic. These people lost everything. This catastrophe destroyed two towns...

Posted by Misi from Hungary October 6, 10 03:13 PM

How much rain had this area had before the failure?

Posted by Webguy October 6, 10 03:22 PM

It looks like the dog was chained. How horrible. Maybe he would have survived if not for the chains. People are to blame, but animals suffer along with people. In this case an animal was not free to run to safety. How cruel.

Posted by Lina Maslin October 6, 10 03:33 PM

"It's too bad that the first totally Hungary-related post is because of a catastrophe.
/a Hungarian Big Picture reader/"

I wanted to write exactly the same, now will do it in Hungarian:
Nagyon szomorú, hogy az első teljesen magyar post egy katasztrófa miatt született meg.
Egy magyar Big Picture olvasó

Posted by Bame October 6, 10 03:42 PM

i can't begin to imagine dealing with that. my heart and prayer go out to those affected.

Posted by Mike October 6, 10 03:43 PM

Horrible. So sad looking at dead puppies!:(
But it looks kinda like Prototype (Video game)

Posted by End October 6, 10 03:47 PM


Posted by ddd October 6, 10 03:51 PM

This is not terrible or horrible, this is CRIMINAL!. Is not like a volcano exploding without human responsabilities. We have bussines men here, investors, ineficient laws, etc.

Somebody has to pay and really hard, so people would understand that is not as simple as installing a factory anywhere, without complains of what could happen in an accident. It just CAN'T happen.

And if you pay, how to clean all that mess, these towns are going to be contaminated for years. The ground absorbs that shit, with evaporation your are going to breath that, it's going to mix with the water resources.. who knows the real effects of long term exposition to this substance?

In the end, you cant pay for this kind of mess, it's priceless... so it just cant happen.. but as we see, it's happening again...

Posted by Cmifuso October 6, 10 03:52 PM

Espero que dentro de lo malo y contaminante, Os de un justo y grato trabajo y sueldo. Mi fuerza, y que os den cinco veces lo quitado. Ojo en España paso, y sigue sin cumplir sus promesas. Luchar por vuestros derechos y todos a una. Como los de Fuente Obejuna.

Posted by José Antonio Simón Pérez October 6, 10 03:55 PM

Hungarian Red Cross, organizing a collection of red mud to help disaster victims.

if you can help for people in Devecser and Kolontár please don"t hesitate.
You could send your donation to official Hungarian Red Cross bank account.
IBAN Number HU37 1040 5004 0002 6547 0000 0000

For targeted donation don't forget fill subject field: "ISZAP" (sludge).

Please visit for detailed information:
(Official Hungarian Red Cross site)

Your's donation are help restart his own life victims of toxic disaster.
Thank you.

Posted by SzZ October 6, 10 03:56 PM

It's terrible. There was not just animals, there was (until now) 4 people dying, and there are many peoples in the hospitals. And the nature....
It's a big chatastrophe for everyone, for the people, for the animals, and fot the nature.

Posted by Reka October 6, 10 03:59 PM

WHERE IS ALL THIS GOING? When they clean off the roads into the river and water supply?

Posted by Roland October 6, 10 04:01 PM

As a hungarian, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your wishes. I'm honestly touched, and feel myself admirable, as I see, we aren't alone.

I wish you all the best!

Posted by corry October 6, 10 04:03 PM

Picture 23 seems to have had its color saturation turned up very high (note the volunteers' pants). Perhaps Greenpeace is trying to make the pictured scene seem somehow more unnatural than it already is?

Posted by Kevin October 6, 10 04:05 PM

The world as a whole needs to recognize that these harmful chemicals and toxic byproducts are a problem. I don't care if a bottle of window cleaner costs me $25usd, lakes of toxic sludge is just plain UNACCEPTABLE under any government or economic system. The problem isn't capitalism or government deregulation. The problem lies with us. The problem lies with a company that decides that it's profits go before the safety of people. It lies behind closed eyes.

As an American I can't help but draw parallels between this and the BP oil spill. These problems aren't going to go away with a new piece of legislation or government sanction. They will go away when companies decided that humanity is more important than their bottom lines.

Posted by DubRuss October 6, 10 04:25 PM

Nosotros mismos acabaremos con el planeta si no ponemos soluciones inmediatas. Este tipo de cosas son tragedias no sólo para esa ciudad, sino para todo el planeta.

Posted by Alma Elliot October 6, 10 04:39 PM

These settlements are not far from the Danube, and many fear that the river will be contaminated, which can affect the whole of Eastern Europe's rivers. (Danube, Tisza, Sava, etc). And more trouble, the landless people are just waiting for the real help, but it does not arrive.

Posted by effraim October 6, 10 05:07 PM

Remélem a felelős bűnhődni fog. Bár az már sokat nem segít. :(
I hope the responsible will pay for this tragic. Although it doesn't help a lot.:(

Posted by seabiscuit from Hungary October 6, 10 05:08 PM

Wow....this is horrible. First a huge oil spill over here in North America, now an incredibly TOXIC sludge in Europe. When will we learn to ease off the chemical usage!?

Also, why on earth is a town built this close to a toxic plant; moreover, why is the containment pit made for a river and not better protected for something so lethal?? Wow. The things corporations do to save a few bucks.

Posted by ErikN. October 6, 10 05:32 PM

Why arent the non-military people wearing protection??? Why are they breathing that air?!

Posted by Jack October 6, 10 05:33 PM

I live in Ajka and I think it's attract attention the other reservoirs near at hand out of repair. Its also toxic and also could make big problems and the people lives between thats. Additionally in the past thay used that mud and the radiant ash of the thermal power station in Ajka to isulate the buildings.

Posted by Dor October 6, 10 05:38 PM

You are sad about the animals??? for god's sake!! Children died there and people's bodies got completely burned because of the toxic!!!!

WAKE UP! The toxic sludge ruined the soil forever! and the only thing you care about is some dogs... -.-

Posted by gwen October 6, 10 05:48 PM

As a hungarian citizen I must share some of my thoughts after seeing these pictures:

This is really a very serious catastrophe. What makes me more sad though: After the prime minister stated that this must have been a human error, he also added: The factory should continue work ASAP.

Even after the tragedy they don't learn from it, and they keep yelling to continue with exploiting nature, destroying everything.

But just as Monty Phyton sang some decades ago: "Always look on the bright side of life": These are those moments, when each and every hungarian citizen works together in order to solve this situation the best and fastest as possible. Just like after the flood this spring: The citizen (not the politicans!) decided we don't need such a grandiouse parade for the anniversary of Foundation of Hungary. We can even skip it, but let's help those who are really in need of it. And we managed to get it done :)

I hope this won't be a problem regarding this mud flood as well.

Posted by Ozylion October 6, 10 05:56 PM

es increible que tengan que suceder este tipo de cosas para que nos demos cuenta la falta de supervicion que existe para este tipo de empresas, no puede ser que no exista el desarrollo sustentable.

Posted by rigobertol October 6, 10 06:02 PM

man, kinda makes me want to put down my bong, get off my couch and help the world!... for real though

Posted by raynbec October 6, 10 06:04 PM

Pic 9- It is dog

Posted by Dodo October 6, 10 06:07 PM

This is just plain terrible. I lived in Ajka for 20 years, my parents still live there, my father works in the factory. Environmental pollution had always been an issue in my town, it used to be in the 'Dirty Dozen' in the country, now sure it deserved the first place. I hope some good will come out of this whole thing anyway, maybe we'll pay more attention. Until that I'm very sorry for the people who have to suffer now.

Posted by Peti October 6, 10 06:09 PM

I saw there were some comments that say the color of the greenpeace volunteer's pants are innatural. I think the pics are OK. I'm from Hungary and I have a 'coat' (or something like that) which has the same color. It's useful if you want to be seen (that's why it's like neon).
I live in a town not far from this area and I can't believe it's happening here, in my country, so near me... I can't imagine how these people will be able to get over this. They've lost everything! These poor old men and ladies, their houses were all they've had had :( It's so sad! Additionally, most people have to pay the credits for years for their houses that are destroyed by this flood!! And they've lost their home, animals, memories...
However, I'd like to say thanks for all of you for the wishes! God, it's really a big problem of all the people in the world and I hope people will take care of the nature after this catastrophe...

Posted by sw_ October 6, 10 06:24 PM

It is so important that we all see this disaster, rather than just read about it. Thank you for opening our eyes. This helps people to make changes in their lives which hopefully lead to more individual conscientious behavior. We have a choice in what we consume!

Posted by lysa holland October 6, 10 06:37 PM

I hope so so much that many industry leaders see the pictures and read this blog ...

Posted by Robert October 6, 10 06:44 PM

Imagine, what will happen to our world after we run out of fossil sources, and will not have enough energy to manage our common life az a developed society.
What happened Hungary two days ago, is just a small example of what could happen many places on Earth, az the human society falling down and apart.

Posted by Janos October 6, 10 07:11 PM

Thanks for your notes and prayers from Hungary. It's good to see that there are caring people around the world. God bless you all.

Posted by Peter October 6, 10 07:12 PM

A little extra info about the dead.

1: a 34 y.o. man whose car was washed away by the flood while he went out to help others.
2: an elderly woman trapped in her house
3: a 3 year old child found in the family home the day after
4: a 1 yearold infant torn from his mother's arms by the flooding mud

All this after a year of flooding rivers. Misfortune really tears us.


Posted by Imurai October 6, 10 07:20 PM

It's like in the movie "The Road" but in real life. Horrific.

Posted by RD October 6, 10 07:22 PM

Oh My God! This is unbelievable!

Posted by Natasja October 6, 10 07:26 PM

Inacreditavel!!Espero que os responsaveis nao fiquem impunes!

Posted by Paulo Mendes October 6, 10 07:30 PM

No doubt a vestige of the old communist run industry that was left on its own after the Soviets left town.

Posted by KLBIrd October 6, 10 07:30 PM

capitalism - sorry - wild capitalism
it is specific for hUngary

we all need tragedies! thats how life works

bad things, good things

in a new planet, maybe someday we will create a life, without bad things

Posted by Djogzo October 6, 10 07:30 PM

reply to #72:
Good point, there was an extraordinary amount of rain all spring and summer.

Inhabitants of the area said the feet of the reservoir had been standing in (alkaline) water for a long time. Also from the outside, that is. That and the loads of rain could have loosened the whole structure.

Okay, there were regular checks, but how thorough were they? Must have ticked some boxes on some forms and that's all. I'm just guessing, though. I'm no expert.

Posted by szmash October 6, 10 07:34 PM

Do these people actually want to go back and live in their houses. I hope someone tells them how toxic and dangerous that would be to their health. Something I'm sure the Hungarian government won't tell them so they can't be held liable for their oversights and properly regulating companies who produce toxic waste.

Posted by Janos October 6, 10 07:35 PM

The finger pointing will come later. Now is the time for the EU and neighboring countries to band together. This stuff will end up in the water supply, washed into the tributary water system and effect every country down stream. There is no time to waste!

Posted by Nick Sz. October 6, 10 07:40 PM

For every event that occurs, there will always follow another event whose existence was caused by the first. The environmental damage created by the toxic sludge is devastating & far from over even after the surface clean-up. It goes beyond what is visible on the surface. Lack of strict regulations & oversights by government officials are the main reason for these catastrophic tragedies. Humans, because of their arrogance, greed & self-interest continually bring forth the downfall of the world by the hands of their own creations.

Posted by Aranka October 6, 10 07:54 PM

Terrible and nasty in the short term and terrible and nasty in the long term. It was also probably preventable. The coal ash spill in Tennessee, Chernobyl, the GoM, the recent China pipeline burst, the utter destruction of the Aral sea (one of Communisms, if not the worlds, worst man made disaster)

All of those and more where preventable to a certain degree. Capitalism or Communism and all the jokes in between. It doesn't matter, there is a long trail of tears of environmental disasters and mismanagement.

It is apathy, neglect and a 'pass the buck' mentality that's partly to blame. Also lack of research, lack of understanding and many times, an 'instant' results priority system rather then any long term management. Grand visions of all kinds have destroyed as much as they have created.

Posted by Maria October 6, 10 07:58 PM

The effects of this will linger for decades. Contaminated water and land. Most of the vegetation will likely also die if it is caustic enough to cause chemical burns. I am sure most people will need to be relocated. Who would want to live in the impacted area now? Very sad.

It is not much different that all of the coal ash dams found over much of the united states. Didn't one of those break a year ago?

Posted by Quatguy October 6, 10 08:04 PM
Posted by Quatguy October 6, 10 08:05 PM

Comment 84 (Kevin) Good eye, the color is different on picture 23 than all the others, I thought it was the sunlight but I like your theory better

Posted by uzijohn October 6, 10 08:34 PM

It's just a matter of time before we KILL ourself off! We are so smart that we are dumb!!!

Posted by Tim Doughty October 6, 10 08:51 PM

@85 - and where do bottom lines come from?
They come from consumer demand, and too many consumers is a consequence of overpopulation.
Too many consumers buying the wrong products is also a consequence of ignorance and apathy.

It is possible to live in a world as our ancestors did without oil, aluminium, copper, gold and steel if the population really want it, but I suspect not. The world has changed and we'd better deal with the environmental risk and costs responsibly.

The Ajka accident is truly tragic and the pictures above do not show the true enormous scale. 40 sq km of animal life and flora have been wiped out. The rivers downstream will die and the heavy metal compounds will reach the Black Sea in a couple of weeks. Attempting to neutralising the alkalinity of a few million tonnes of slurry with a few thousand tonnes of gypsum (0.1%) will not affect the heavy metal concentration much.
Apart from the roads, the top 20cm of ground will need to be removed and the villages razed and rebuilt.
20cm over 40sq km is a lot of waste - 8m cubic metres or a cube with 200m sides weighing 20m tonnes, probably using 100,000 tonnes of fuel to shift.

Noone will want to live there for years, and no produce will be able to be consumed for years. Washing won't help much, the runoff has to go somewhere unless someone can install an efficient filter and separator to treat a whole river in real-time within the next few days.

The tailings aren't a big problem if they stay put and Murphy doesn't get in the way, but nobody, least of all the consumer, is willing to pay to put them back where they came from.

Posted by Andy Lee Robinson October 6, 10 09:24 PM

C'est terrible cette catastrophe. Il y eu certainement un manque de vérification à savoir si ce réservoir était sécuritaire. Pourquoi un réservoir avec un produit aussi toxique érigé près de la ville????????? J'espère que le monde saura en retirer une leçon de cette catastrophe !!!

Posted by Jean Morin October 6, 10 09:50 PM

Ridiculous to state Greenpeace is highlighting the colour!!! Geez! Do you really think they NEED to try and enhance this problem? Leave those ignorant comments to yourself or grow up. As to the capitalism / communist debate here, I am a leftie. But we are all to blame. Yes, money is at the root of this, but have you ever purchased aluminum before? Then you're part of the problem. We all are. How many people provided for their families that worked at that plant? Politics and activisim are not the issues. Good for Greenpeace. Maybe we all need to look at our purchases! Stop buying your pop, your conveniences.

Posted by Jeanette October 6, 10 10:33 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 6, 10 10:37 PM

what a calamity, real tragedy, now nothing will grow on the land , the toxic sludge will pollute every thing on its path destroy everything and kill the earth. this is nothing but sheer greediness of man over the earth, Capititalism at its hieght,I think that man should be eliminated from the face of the earth. A fresh taste of Capitalism. Capitalism sucks.

Posted by joel October 6, 10 10:52 PM

Picture 15 is a cat.

Posted by Santiago Oz October 6, 10 11:12 PM

27 looks like a manican

Posted by yhujg October 6, 10 11:52 PM

Those Greenpeace Activists got there fast, with their dramatic yellow jackets and little bottle. That'll surely help.

Posted by David October 7, 10 12:06 AM

et si ça n'avait pas pété ils en auraient fait quoi de cette boue ?

and if it had not broken what they would have done with this mud?

Posted by Alizé October 7, 10 01:02 AM

On pic 6 there is the power station, not the building of alumnia trading company
Anyway, it's tragic, moved me to tears. It's my hometown area, and I don't know how can it be recovered

Posted by kata October 7, 10 01:15 AM

There's a bit of hyperbole here -- the metals involved are iron, silicon, and titanium. There's nothing radioactive, there's no lead or mercury involved (unless the ore is unusually heavy with it).

What is burning people is the sodium hydroxide -- lye -- used to process aluminum. It is very dangerous, but is easily neutralized by addition of an acid solution. The trouble is, if it gets onto your skin and is sufficiently concentrated, it eats through the skin very quickly, then goes to work on muscle and fat tissue.

If you think that sounds like something that is so horrible it shouldn't be anywhere near people, you'll probably be surprised to hear that it is the most common ingredient in drain cleaners. You may have some under your sink right now. This isn't really "toxic waste" in the usual sense of the term, but there IS a whole lot of it, and that is going to create problems. If it gets into rivers, it will badly disrupt pH levels and contaminate them with metal salts that are not usually present.

...but the culprits should be condemned!!!

Kurva anyátok!

Posted by mflex October 7, 10 01:45 AM

This is tragic but blaming capitalism is a political ploy with horse blinders on. Did stuff like this not happen under communist or socialist governments (Chernoyble). Who holds them accountable when this happens? No one. With a proper government that is there to protect the people, they can hold the companies accountable as the U.S. did with BP making them participate and pay for the cleanup. Interestingly though, the things that held up the BP cleanup was the government not allowing barges and sand dunes to be built to stop the sludge because of beauracracy. Why wasn't the government stopping this activity. In other countries government doesn't allow this kind of storage system to go on. If you want a real solution, get real about the problem and think logically not politically and/or being a "useful idiot" as the old soviet union like to call the masses that were easily riled up.

Posted by EE October 7, 10 01:49 AM

April 25, 1998, a large reservoir filled with toxic sludge ruptured beside a natural reserve park, Donyana, southwest of Spain. Thousands of lands inundated, hundreds of animal species dead and injured, many public millions spent on recovering the zone, damages for unknown years. Boliden-Apirsa, a Swedish company, was found guilty by the Tribunal Supremo (the highest Spain tribunal), and was sentenced to pay 45 million euros but still nobody has paid nothing. IT IS ALWAYS THE SAME STORY. Good luck Hungary from Seville, Spain.

Posted by JOSE October 7, 10 01:56 AM

It is really very sad and horrible ... May Allah help to all Hungarian people :)

Posted by Yusuf October 7, 10 01:59 AM

I am breathless with shock . Every single photo jolted me to the core with horror but I am sure reality is much much worse . I feel intense pity for the people,the environment and the animals.

I can see by the posts that some people are getting angry about posters who only comment about the animals .This doesn't mean they don't care about the people there .In real life you will find in times of disaster some people focus on the environment,others on the people,others on the animals,some on rescue ,some on re-building,some on the clean-up etc and we need people who care about all those different things. I only wish I could help in all areas.This is such a tragedy...a disaster I can barely comprehend.I hope help comes quickly.

(and not to offend anyone at all but only because it has been discussed in the posts:- as someone who has bred both rabbits and cats I can assure you number 9 is a rabbit)

Posted by cassandra October 7, 10 02:42 AM

To jakiś koszmar,horror. Nie zasłużyliście na taki los. Trzeba ukarać winnych!

Posted by Mistrz October 7, 10 03:04 AM

here died 4 people, and 6 is still missing...

soo sad. no more words...

this land is dead for long long years.

Posted by sam October 7, 10 03:32 AM

But again I looked into the vault, and in fancy beheld the pale, shrunken forms still crouching there. Ah! What are our creeds, and how do we hope to be saved? Tell me, oh Bible, that story of Lazarus again, that I may find comfort in my heart for the poor and forlorn. Surrounded as we are by the wants of fellow men, and yet given to follow our own pleasures, regardless of their pains, are we not like people sitting up with a corpse, and making merry in the house of the dead?

Posted by Tom Scott October 7, 10 03:32 AM

very sad to know about it and God bless us all. I think we should wake up now and lets not allow any of the companies to dump their stuff against human nature. This disaster can take more lives in future if allowed.

Good to know that Govt. had cancelled co's license. I wish all the best to rescue team.

Love and Peace from India

Posted by Jay October 7, 10 03:40 AM

It became the biggest tennis court (clay) I've ever seen....

Posted by Ano-nime October 7, 10 03:40 AM

"27 looks like a manican"

nope. he perhaps just lost everything, he worked for in his life, and is now homeless and perhaps tries to figure "where to start" or is it even worth to clean all the shit there (and flood was like a man high - nothing is clean there, and it is not simple dirt). oh and winter is here soon..

could you imagine how you would look like?

Zéiksz / Hungary

Posted by Zéiksz October 7, 10 03:46 AM

To Lina (comment 73)
If you check out the videos of the accident that are on many news websites you can see that this happened very quickly and the chances are owner of the dog didn't have time to save themselves let alone their animal. Many people around the world chain their dogs up in their gardens or back yards to stop their them running the streets.. This does not make them cruel, just responsible owners. Like many posters have already said, although it's awful that dogs and cats have died. Think about the many people who have been badly injured or killed that also included children. This effected 7 villages and its not the villagers fault. I have lived in Hungary for 3 years and I live in one of the counties that now has a state of emergency. Hungary is very beautiful and the people are very hard working nice people and after the floods earlier this year this is devastating and very very frightening. Before we judge the villagers (I have seen this on other forums), who can honestly say they know exactly what is being produced by factories in the city, town or village where they live.

Posted by annon October 7, 10 03:49 AM

That's calamity, real tragedy!

Posted by E October 7, 10 03:54 AM

Greenpeace stated that they got satellite images of the dam two days before the catastrophe which displays huge a leak, but it turned out to be fake, as the real leak was on the definitely another edge of the dam. So how they want to help people? By advertising themselves?? I do my best, and granted some money for their help, they'd better do the same instead of acting like the ones who will save the entire planet, however they do not gave a bottle of water to the inhabitants.
(written by a Hungarian guy who is not involved, but shocked)

Posted by Tomex October 7, 10 03:56 AM





Seriously. Just like the oil spill and factory farms, we are all responsible for this.

Posted by Josue October 7, 10 03:59 AM

this is a fully irresponsible thing to install such a toxic industry above the nearby village's level. As if Hungarian inhabitants needed this to happen... This country is like home to me. Hungary is in my prayers.

Posted by pascapasca October 7, 10 04:32 AM

another human error... i hope something like this never happen again

Posted by arcobaleno October 7, 10 04:32 AM

Local authorities want the people to moye back to their houses in 6 weeks. That mud is radioactive. Not much, but inhaling the dust causes cancer. It'd be like moving back to Chernobil.

Posted by local October 7, 10 04:41 AM

It's a horrible disaster. I would like to express my solidarity and compassion with all people affected by this.

MK from Poland

Posted by MK October 7, 10 04:46 AM

Szörnyű,hogy ez megtörtént...:(
Nyugodjanak békében,kik elhunytak eme tragédiában!

Posted by Isty from hungary October 7, 10 04:49 AM

Its a died place.

Posted by PRL October 7, 10 04:55 AM

@David - when the authorities tell the public what materials the sludge contained you don't want an independent organisation to check on it?
The greenpeace office is 150 km away - they are an environmental protection ngo! This is the work they do.
You on the other hand sit behind your PC and contribute nothing.
Steve in Budapest

Posted by Steve October 7, 10 05:02 AM

#9 and #18 are so sad

Posted by rascarlo October 7, 10 05:19 AM

I can't believe the commenters who are condemning capitalism in this thread! You are sitting in a comfortable environment, using a computer, using an international communication network, and looking at digital photos. Please feel free to give all of those things up (an so much more) if you think that capitalism and the fruits of capitalism are so wretched.

Posted by capitalism isn't to blame October 7, 10 05:29 AM

Aluminium-containing ore, bauxite, is washed at high temperatures in sodium hydroxide. This dissolves the aluminium, which can then be processed further, but the red sludge is left behind as a waste product and is extremely toxic.

Posted by g.h. October 7, 10 05:32 AM

hungarian sludge videos:

Posted by Elek October 7, 10 05:39 AM

poor corncob r.i.p.

Posted by a member of korn October 7, 10 05:42 AM

The animal rescue team is working in this terrible place:

Posted by csiak October 7, 10 05:50 AM

God made a big mistake by creating "MAN" on this beautiful planet!!!
I pity Nature :'(

Posted by Jhonny October 7, 10 06:03 AM

These two town are very old, Devecser is at least 700 years old, Korontal is already known from year 1019, from age of King I. Stephen.

It seems currently that Korontal will be abandoned and a new village will be built for people who lived there. Korontal will be a closed area and a memento for future generations.

Posted by BCtalker October 7, 10 06:14 AM

on 9. pic is a DOG not cat and rabbit. it's terrible...i live near by Kolontár.... i can't believe this...everything's red....the ground, water, trees, houses, cars...

Posted by a girl October 7, 10 06:22 AM

Just a few correction:
-in Hungary there was socialism and not communism
-capitalism has nothing to do with this tragedy, most of this stuff was left there by the time of the Soviets
-there are Greenpeace activists in Hungary too, so they could get there very quickly (David)
-the colour of the mud is brighter red because it is deep in that hole where they are taking the sample and probably there is more water in it which makes it brighter - pic23
AND: can you plesae leave these conspiracy theories, it is not a stupid film! And you are crying for the puppies when a family has lost their 1 and 3 years old children, people have lost their homes, jobs, lifes.

And thank you for everyone for the good wishes and the prayers, those people need them.

Posted by HungarianBeatrix October 7, 10 06:30 AM

Greenpeace Ftw. this is the fail of capitalism and the wrath of god.

Posted by zzz October 7, 10 06:42 AM

Orbán Viktor speaking in english form 8:30.

Posted by Adri October 7, 10 06:46 AM

same thing happened in INDIA ,we are still suffering , We are with you ....

"Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu"

Posted by swagat October 7, 10 06:57 AM

The bauxit mining and the aluminium production started in the middle of the last century than we had 50 years under Russian rule so not only the actual owners, the so called capitalists are the guilty ones. Furthermore they were active in the past regime, they "inherited" their ownership with big or small tricks...

Posted by weirdo October 7, 10 07:11 AM

Pictures from local firemen:

Thank you all who have a little piece of your hearts with us now.

Posted by yana HU October 7, 10 07:19 AM

@David (126): It certainly will help, because the presence of the Greenpeace activists will ensure that it is not possible to cover up anything, The company representatives were quick to pretend that the mud is not hazardous...

Posted by ED October 7, 10 07:21 AM

News: River Marcal is completly dead now. The drinking water bases in safe yet.

Posted by BCtalker October 7, 10 07:28 AM

So sad catastrophe. RIP 4 dead ppl. :(

Posted by Hemaka October 7, 10 07:30 AM

To 73 who wrote this:

"It looks like the dog was chained. How horrible. Maybe he would have survived if not for the chains. People are to blame, but animals suffer along with people. In this case an animal was not free to run to safety. How cruel."

You can't imagine but it happened IN MINUTES!
A woman in hospital 'cause she only had time to put her 1 year old child on the top of the wardrobe, and she burnt.
A 3 and 1 year old children (siblings) were found dead in their home, their parents are lost, they didn't have time to go inside.
Do I say more story like these?!
Please, think before you write like this.

Thanks for everybody, good to see we're not alone here.
Pray for us.

Posted by Agnes October 7, 10 07:37 AM


Posted by Yougal Kishore October 7, 10 07:50 AM

Most aztán megmutathatják a "fejek",hogy mit képesek tenni az országért,a bajbajutottakért,a katasztrófa sújtottakért...

Posted by Colett October 7, 10 07:57 AM

Tragic pictures. Let's hope it won't get deep into the groundwater system and spread out miles and miles into the rivers and other soils. But that soil needs to be replaced asap...
Afaik, it's safe to breathe, there are not toxic gases just the sludge/water.

And guys, don't forget that Hungary had another huge disaster in may when the flood destroyed hundreds of houses in NE Hungary.

Posted by Oscee October 7, 10 08:02 AM

A szívem szakad meg a képek láttán!!!! Mi jön még erre az országra??????????????????????

Posted by Gabryella October 7, 10 08:02 AM

@Beatrix (158): Basically I agree with you. I can't understand how so many people in this thread can ponder whether a pic shows a rabbit or a dog or a cat amidst the shere scope of the desaster. Hey, guys, this happend in reality, people were dying, and many more were left with nothing else than naked life, these imasges are mot from a "Where's Wally" type of picture book.
But with regards to communism vs. socialism I would say it this is a rather academic debate. The ruling party during "socialist times" (1956-1989) in Hungary was the Hungarian Communist party, and the Hungarian breed of communism was generally referred to as "Goulash Communism". I think it does not make the system any better or worse if you refer to it as socialism rather than communism.
And with regards to responsibility: Of course it is nonsense to make "capitalism" as such responsible for the catastrophy, but it is also not the "Soviets" who are to blame. Comecon ended twenty years ago and there there would have been plenty of time to correct mistakes of the past. The management of the company did not do so, probably for very capitalist reasons: improving the security of the plant would have involved high costs, and these expenses would have hurt the companies competitiveness. So the management decided in favor of competitiveness (as there was noone - neither the Hungarian environmental authorities nor the EU - forcing them to improve environmental security).

Posted by ED October 7, 10 08:03 AM

@158 Just a few correction there WAS communism in Hungary. Ask my parents and grandparents.

Posted by Daniel, Hungary October 7, 10 08:06 AM

- ad 158: capitalism has nothing to do with this tragedy? nothing but capitalism is the reason! only maximizing profit is what counts, especially concerning big companies, safety causes a lot of costs and is negelcted in a criminal manner. the stuff was left by the soviets, ok, and I don't want to defend the soviets in any way. But it's only the business of the company to garantee safety and the business of the government to monitor the measures. The government failed in a criminal way too. They even not know the exact components.
- The dams are obviously not state of the art. The slopes are much too high.
- It's a crime to establish such an amount of risk potential near villages.
- the company and the government have to pay for all damages. I heard about € 400 for each house would be offerd by the company. Another crime.
- All best wishes for the future to all of these poor people.

Posted by Berny October 7, 10 08:11 AM

A töke kíméletlen pénzszivattyú.

Posted by Magyar October 7, 10 08:14 AM

So sad, my prayers are with all ... there are no words to express my sadness and horror....

Posted by ria October 7, 10 08:17 AM

pic 9- a rabbit

Posted by anna October 7, 10 08:38 AM

How terrible. Condolences to all those affected. At least the world knows about this so the experts from all over the world can help with containing this and finding ways to keep it from happening again. I'm praying that there's a way to restore the area to health and give the residents their lives back.

Let's hope there is a thorough investigation and that whoever is responsible is held accountable.

Posted by Ann October 7, 10 08:39 AM

Meg kene szivleljek a roman hatosagok a tortenteket mert Verespatakon is ez tortenhet.

Posted by Bela October 7, 10 08:42 AM

the worst is... people can't go back. this thing cannot be fully washed off.

the families will have to start from zero in a new place.

i think something's missing from the desciptions... this thing happened really fast. and it was 2 to 2,5 meters high at places near the reservoir.
most ppl who survived went up to their roofs, attics, higher places and were later rescued by firemen.

anyway... here's the red cross' bank account
IBAN number: HU37 1040 5004 0002 6547 0000 0000
description: "ISZAP"

iszap = mud in hungarian.

Posted by xge October 7, 10 09:02 AM

It's so hard to see on Internet and in television what is happening in my lovely country...I'm afraid it's just the beginning of another disaster...I hope I'm not right. Thanks for all who thinks about my people... I wish them good luck too and power to survive this situation.

Posted by EL, a Hungarian girl from the Netherlands October 7, 10 09:07 AM

@anna (175): who cares? Is that all you have to say admidst a desaster that killed several people and made thousands homeless? in which kind of parallel universe are you living?

Posted by ED October 7, 10 09:12 AM

And see what the owner company says? "It was a terrible NATURAL disaster..."

Posted by noname October 7, 10 09:15 AM

ad 158 - Greenppeace on pic 23
sorry but whole picture has evidently overhueed colors (not only pit with that waste) - for me typical medial propagandism falsing...
(but i do not infirm thet it is toxic and it is tragic disaster)

Posted by pete October 7, 10 09:16 AM

(Thank you for your compassionate words. My English is poor, sorry. I suggest you use any translator software.) Én köszönöm minden magyar nevében az együttérző hozzászólásokat. 2010 egy kegyetlen év Magyarország számára. A szörnyű árvizek hónapokon át tartották készültségben a szerencsétlen embereket, most pedig ez az ökológiai katasztrófa pusztított el két települést, Kolontárt és Devecsert. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök azt mondta, azok a falvak halottak, ott élni nem lehet. A Marcal folyó is meghalt. Most reménykedünk, hogy savval és gipsszel sikerül annyira megtisztítani az iszapot, hogy a Rába folyót és a Dunát nem pusztítja el a lúgos folyadék. A alumínium üzem igazgatója az elmúlt évek legcinikusabb nyilatkozatát tette, mert azt mondta, hogy az iszap nem káros az egészségre! Egy 14 hónapos, Angyalka nevű ("Little Angel") kislány halt meg a tragédia során, több ember eltűnt, több, mint 100 ember kórházban van, kettő beteg életveszélyes állapotban van, sokan várnak műtétekre, állatok megfulladtak, megvakultak... de az igazgató azt mondja, a cég nem hibás!
Ismétlem: 2010 egy szörnyű év Magyarország számára. Kérem, imádkozzatok értünk! Köszönöm!
Egy magyar nő. (A woman from Hungary.)
(Pls. use a translator software. Thank you.)

Posted by Beáta October 7, 10 09:20 AM

its a horrible disaster.and the most disgusting thing is,that we could against that.but as you know hungarians has a famous saying: We got a lot of time to do it! aha!just look it know...we havent got time to repair the fields,the lifes,the houses,or the nature!and in the beginning the hungarian government denied the facts.they said:'the mud isnt harmful'! all right.thank you so much everything.theese are the said facts.
BUT!know our first thing is to HELP the suffering people!and than we can search who is/whoes are the responsibles!!! **

Posted by justagirlfromhungary October 7, 10 09:28 AM


Grow up, and dont post stupidity like this...

Posted by Will October 7, 10 09:31 AM

@ #92 Geln, clearly you have no understanding of the world you live in...

Posted by patrick October 7, 10 09:35 AM

Mar megszokhattunk, hogy Magyarorszagon mindenert a termeszet a felelos. Holnap azt is kitalaljak, hogy biztos a szel hordta ossze azt a sok szart a taroloba.

Posted by BB October 7, 10 09:39 AM

A probléma a gyár privatizálása volt. Nevetséges összegért, 10 millió HUF jutottak hozzá az elvtársak, akik a milliárdosok listáján vannak feltüntetve. Háromszoros mennyiségét tárolták a megengedett mennyiségnek. Én börtönbe küldeném őket. Nem számít ember vagy állat halt, mert az élet pénzben nem mérhető! Betiltanám a gyár tevékenységét!
The problem was the factory's privatisation. For a ridiculous sum, 10 million HUF bought the "comerades" who are indicated on the billionaires' list. They stored the multiple of the dangerous substance for the permissible quantity. I would send all them into the prison. The matter is not human beeing or animal died, the life is not measurable in money! I would close this and all the similar factories for ever!

Posted by HIK October 7, 10 09:50 AM

Pic 9 is a Goat not a dog :s

Posted by Jason October 7, 10 09:51 AM

a képek nagyon jók lettek.
hála az éhes fotósoknak.
mindenki csak kommentel.
segíteni kéne inkább nekik.
aki tud küldjön takarító felszerelést,gumikesztyűt vagy gumicsizmát.
sajnálkozásra nincs idő.
tanuljunk belőle,és javítsuk ki a hibát.
végre egyszer fogjunk már össze mi magyarok!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by texi October 7, 10 09:55 AM

The president Orban Viktor said that the 40 square kilometer zone is unable to live, so they have to close it down and rebuild a new town somewhere else. The acid went to the river Danube that gives that drinking water to the half country, it is horrible! If this acid dry to dust it start to radiate and if a wind come, it will go with it. It causes lounge cancer.
This factory's owner is the friend of their hated last presidet Ferenc Gyurcsány who cheated minimum 2000.000.000.000 Forints per year (1 Euro is 280 Forints) and he saves the money to Indonesia.

Posted by Animals October 7, 10 10:17 AM


The summer floods, after no one would have thought that such a large scale disaster occurs. Poor countries do not have enough trouble with that too ... and who knows how much of the remaining reservoirs are in this state.
What is even more after that? earthquakes, tornadoes ....?
A lovely bit of an upper class is supposed to reach into his pocket and who is not only the "heart ".... (Eg: Dear MNB (Hungarian National Bank) President ... not the 8 million HUF monthly salary should cry, and "friends" .... then where are you ?....
The competent company director is on vacation? did not dare to stand in front of people ....

Fery from Baranya (Hungary)


A nyári árvizek után senki nem gondolta volna hogy egy ilyen nagy mértékű katasztrófa következik be. Szegény országnak nincs elég baja, még ez is... és kitudja hogy a maradék tározókból még mennyi van ilyen állapotban.
Mi jön még ezek után? földrengés, tornádók....?
A kedves felső tízezer kéne egy kicsit a zsebébe nyúljon és nem csak az akinek van "szíve".... (pl.: Tisztelt MNB elnök... nem a havi 8 millió fizetésért kéne sírni, vagy kedves "talicskázós" vezetőség.... ilyenkor hol vagytok?....
Az illetékes cég igazgatója nyaralni van? nem tudta a seggét odatolni az emberek elé....


Posted by ClioMaN October 7, 10 10:18 AM

# 189
Not just our government, but even the EU said on Monday "this mud is not toxic". Even then lots of people were in hospital because their body burnt through their clothes...
What do you wait from our government?
They won't help.
Common people are in the villages to help.
As always.
Viktor Orban, the head of our country, today -on the 4th day!- went there to see what happened, and said some "clever" sentences.
Don't count on our leaders.

Posted by Agnes, Hungary October 7, 10 10:25 AM

This is why we should recycle all aluminium, extracting the stuff from the bauxite ore costs a goldmine (ironically) due to electrolisis, while just melting down the already extracted metal is around 1/10 of the cost if I remember chemistry correctly. Australia has tonnes of the stuff.

Posted by bhutanian October 7, 10 10:26 AM

River Marcal is dead, the sludge now attack River Rába. Dead fish everywhere but perhaps the pH slowly decreases and the Rába remains alive. Acetic acid used for balancing the pH values although it can also cause bad side effects.

Posted by BCtalker October 7, 10 10:52 AM

Definitely it is not a coincidence, that such a disaster happens in a year which is so far the rainiest since measurements had begun. It's only the beginning of October, and the amount of precipitation this year already exceeds 800mm in average, including the drier areas on the Great Plane. The normal amount is 550-600 mm for the whole year, now we are at 800 mm, and 3 months are still left from this year. The particular area where the disaster happened is actually one of the rainiest areas in the country, and in this year it has seen more than 1000 mm of precipitation. This amount of precipitation is extraordinary in Hungary, and it has never happened before, at least since the beginning of the measurements more than 100 years ago.

However, an extraordinary amount of rain in the area should not be an excuse for anybody who is responsible. And the European system of standards is only good for smearing away the responsibility. If they indeed did everything in accordance with European standards, now they can just wash their hands, and say "we did everything according to the standards, we are sorry, but it seems the standards were wrong, and that is not our fault."

Posted by peter October 7, 10 10:57 AM

Well this is obviously Goerge Bushes fault!

At least Greenpeas is there they actually try to help things.

As always gr8 pixies, awful disasters.

-Tommy "the Jenga guy" Bobson

Posted by Tommy Bobson October 7, 10 11:06 AM

It's incredible how the irresponsibility and craving for power that some people have may and will affect the rest of the world and take away the lives of many, if not literally then in the sense that their homes and everything they've worked for is destroyed. My heart goes out to all those people left with nothing. :(

Posted by Teresa Cancino October 7, 10 11:12 AM

Teresa: Exactly!

Posted by Beáta October 7, 10 11:19 AM

David here again (Post 126):
- For clarification, I am an Engineer who designs Tailing Dams just like the one that failed here (fortunately NOT this one).
- I maintain that Greenpeace will not contribute anything but drama to these events.
- My deepest sympathies to all those affected, of course.

Posted by David October 7, 10 11:33 AM

O My God...There is nothing to say to the people suffering through this (words are insufficient to express the sorrow we feel for them)..but we ask the Lord Himself to help these people...We can pray and do whatever we can do practically to help them. May the God of all Creation send them help from on High, and may His people go and bring practical help, love, and consolation. (Psalm 20) My daughter lived in Budapest for four months and fell in love with Hungary. This tragedy breaks our hearts!

Posted by Marilyn October 7, 10 11:35 AM

I am a Hungarian woman, from Hungary. It is said in the news that the firm's proprietor is a multibillion man, who is included in the 100 richest Hungarians,...
Tragedy what happened, monstrosity... unfortunate people....

Posted by en October 7, 10 12:06 PM

Maybe some of you are right and bad things happens SOMETIMES. But has anyone with this opinion ever read about the hungarians? No one has to read their whole history... the last 100 years will be far enough to understand why are they embittered. Hungary was under repression for long bitter years, and it still can't perk up. This is not the first disaster in 2010... few months ago flood destroyed nearly 50 villages... they were simply washed away by water. Several people still don't have any place to live.
And this time the toxic sludge. It's terrible.... Hungary suffers too much!

At first they have to stick together, but HUNGARY NEEDS HELP!

I will pray for them, and do everything I can.

(sorry for my bad english...)

Posted by Marina October 7, 10 12:13 PM

Ezüst Hold Blogja
Magyar Himnusz szövege

Kölcsey Ferenc:
Isten, áldd meg a magyart,
Jó kedvvel, bőséggel,
Nyújts feléje védő kart,
Ha küzd ellenséggel;
Bal sors akit régen tép,
Hozz rá víg esztendőt,
Megbűnhődte már e nép
A múltat s jövendőt!

Posted by Nagy Éva October 7, 10 12:18 PM

You see a village with houses and gardens covered by 2 to 5 cm sludge and think about big catastrophe especially in residents life, but I guess where is that all toxic over one meter hight sludge now? THIS is a real catastrophe! Yes, you can clean that village and put that toxic polution away, but where? Now there are over ten times more polution like was in that mud lake. Maybe half meter of soil need to be removed. And all poisoned water must be drained from wells. Where? To river? And after that there still will be residual polution. People from thats villages will never comes back to his homes. Even if they returns, their lifes will be never like before. Now the priority is stop that spreading polution! Sorry, but a deads don't need a help anymore. Please save living.

Posted by Samec October 7, 10 12:34 PM

Picture 23 looks a bit like Was of The worlds Just after the Tripods searched the house.. If you know what i'm telling ya.

Posted by Mr B October 7, 10 12:36 PM

Hearing it for the first time made me stunned. It's so unbelievable. Made me cry.
I can't divert my thoughts from the question: who makes profit of all this? I mean many of these people will probably leave their homes and sell the land or house. Am I being paranoid?
I hope there will be enough soil replacement to use the soil again, and that those who are responsible for the catastrophe will not remain unpunished.
My sympathy to the people affected!

Posted by Edyth (HU) October 7, 10 12:37 PM

Kellenek a képek,de nem azért,hogy sajnálkozzunk,hanem azért,hogy az egész világ lássa mit tesz a kapzsiság.Sok ember élete teljesen kilátástalan és nagyon remélem,hogy akinek van mit a tejbe aprítani az most egy kicsit belenyúl a zsebébe és adakozik,mert ebben az országban mindig a kis ember segít a legtöbbet.Hát hajrá felső tíz ezer most meglehet mutatni,hogy van szívetek és adakoztok.A drága miniszterek is lemondhatnának legalább 2havi fizujukról.Még így is maradna nekik jócskán.

Posted by O.Katika October 7, 10 12:43 PM


Posted by tut tuni October 7, 10 12:48 PM

Apocalipsis 16.1-21

3 El segundo ángel derramó su copa sobre el mar, y éste se convirtió en sangre como de muerto; y murió todo ser vivo que había en el mar.

4 El tercer ángel derramó su copa sobre los ríos, y sobre las fuentes de las aguas, y se convirtieron en sangre.

Posted by el_santo October 7, 10 01:12 PM

Putain.. c'est fou !
Comment a t'on pu stocker tranquillement une si grande quantité de polluant... c'était jouer à la roulette russe avec un village entier !

La photo 3 est édifiante... et dire que les autorités minimisent les effets !!

Posted by Jerem October 7, 10 01:12 PM

Poor people:(. It is good, that it did not happened during the night, then almost everyone would have died.

Posted by Monika October 7, 10 01:21 PM

Borzalmas ! Szabad egyáltalán ilyen tározóban közömbösítés nélkül tartani bármily anyagot ?

Posted by Lajos October 7, 10 01:26 PM

Orbán Viktorra kiváncsi leszek mit fog tenni.
Kinába ezért akasztás jár !

Posted by Árpád from Hungary October 7, 10 01:30 PM

Relamente un desastre terrible!! USA, CHINA AND EUROPE WILL KILLS US ALL....

Posted by Carlos October 7, 10 01:43 PM

Really disappointing to see that again. We had troubles a few years ago in the lake Tisza. Now this thing, and I really don't know what those people going to do with their lives? Sad to realize that, what happened in Chernobyl once in nuclear way, can happen here to. After that nothing will grow on that fields for 20 years. I think we Hungarians are cursed... and I cant guess what will going to happen again soon.

God bless the Hungarians!

Posted by Matthew October 7, 10 02:01 PM

What is the chemical composition of the sludge? I have not found any article that mentions this. I expected some article somewhere to have a line similar too:

"The sludge, a by product of reducind bauxite ore into alumina, contains a mixture of:
Sodium somthing or other,
This acid,
That acid,

Posted by John Washburn October 7, 10 02:13 PM

A hungarian Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter and a Mig-29 fighter intercepted an austrian cable TV helicopter in closed airspace of Kolontar and escorted back to the country border.

Posted by BCtalker October 7, 10 02:27 PM

Greenpeace is there to take samples for independent verification later on. It will keep the Hungarian authorities more honest.

Posted by Ray Tillinghast October 7, 10 02:39 PM

Don't you just love it when anarchists, communists, and the like with the presupposition that capitalism came out of Satan's butthole blame everything that goes wrong on capitalism?

Posted by Captain Cook October 7, 10 03:20 PM

Captain Cook #225 - It's because they have failed in life and are in denial.

Posted by Reality Check October 7, 10 03:30 PM

Correction - picture # 4 is an aerial view of Devecser not Kolontar - google earth view it. The view is looking south - you can see the church in the middle left. i had nothing else to do today during lunch

Posted by brettrix October 7, 10 03:40 PM
Posted by cernageza October 7, 10 03:54 PM

Animals have died and lots of shit has happeneden. At this moment forget those "allah" mother fucking saves things. ALLAH SUCKS!

Posted by realist October 7, 10 03:57 PM

I from Hungary, horrible but very good pictures. Thanks

Posted by Attesz October 7, 10 03:58 PM

Well...Did you see that dog with chain in his neck? That is the most sad thing to me. Imagine how he died.....

Posted by October 7, 10 04:09 PM

Ez egyszeruen borzalmas! Mit tettünk, hogy a jó Isten ilyen borzalmakat oszt ránk!

Aki tud segítsen, ha másként nem a vonalas telefonon hívja a 1752 számot!

Szégyellem azon volt ismerosomet, akiknek ezzel kapcsolatosan küldtem e-mailt,. Erre O; megkért, hogy töröljem a levél címét!

Milyen ember az ilyen????
Aki tud segítsen, mert azoknak az embereknek mindenük elveszett!

Posted by Vígh Piroska October 7, 10 04:12 PM

In Barcarena, north of Brazil, we have also an alumina industry, but its reservoir is divided into cells. The communication between the cells is controled by gates. This would avoid this regretable disaster in Hungary

Posted by Valdenir de Souza Junior October 7, 10 04:22 PM

this is unbelivable!!!!!!!!!!!! how much longer are all this things gonna happend in order to change this f*cked up world. why do we need that something really terrible happends to understand.
i am so sorry for all those people, and above all for the nature , all the animals that died.
i really wish the best for all the citizens .
be strong.

Posted by biscotto viola October 7, 10 04:32 PM

Hungary is all about: Poor ppl are getting even poorer, rich ppl getting even richer. Here is, and always was bureaucracy and capitalism far as we can think. The communist leaders was always the most capitalist ones. The rich ppl here in Hungary should shot some money to save the others, if the poor ppls would vanish, who would be rich one among the poor ones? Every desaster strikes the poor familys here in Hungary. Thats the Shame of the Country, among under of some others... Sry for my bad English. Tom from Hungary.

Posted by [HUN]Tomas28 October 7, 10 04:37 PM


Posted by roberta October 7, 10 04:40 PM


Posted by roberta October 7, 10 04:45 PM

people... this is a very good example how weak the life, the nature and how irresposible we are! it must be retained in every human being memory for a long time. this is the first such disaster. so many people lost everything.. they have only faith. I think they beleive in that many people will help to they. I will do my best to help these people.

Szabolcs from Hungary.

Posted by szabolcs October 7, 10 05:08 PM

I pray for the people of Hungary. So sad what we are doing to our planet. People need to wake up in this world before we totally destroy ourselves.
God Bless all the victims and families.

Posted by Ed Shank October 7, 10 05:08 PM

remenants of the old Soviet Empire....where people didn't matter! What a sick deadly shame....

Posted by Bo De October 7, 10 05:26 PM
And what about the dead people, including a 1 year old baby? This disaster happened in 5 to 10 minutes, they haven't had the time to save themselves, not the animals. People died there, families lost everything they worked for in their whole life and you are worried about a dog. You're stupid...

Posted by Nyebi October 7, 10 05:42 PM

HI all, thanks for your compassion! I am Hungarian, and as a matter of fact I live 87 kilometres from the scene. By the time it happened, I was driving out of my town with my father and we heard the breaking news on radio that some disaster happened. We were on the bridge just above the highway and saw eight or nine police cars rushing to the west, sirens wailing. I had to give way for six more on our way. Nobody knew anything, it just happened.
Later on, we heard on radio that one person died and finally, on evening news on TV they announced 4 dead. Two of them children, 1 and 3 years old. The little baby was carried away by the wave, it took him from his mother's arms! Old people who couldn't move fast enough got caught in the mud in their homes, because without warning, it just suddenly blasted in through the doors and windows!
Later on, yesterday and today, there were villager forums on which the inhabitants demanded the company to compensate their losses and nobody ever came! Except that the high leaders sent a poor assistant director to try and clean up the mess they made.
Do you know what the company says? On their website ( the say

"Jól lokalizált, korszerűen megépített, monitor rendszerrel ellátott üzembiztos tárolók szolgálnak a vörösiszap tárolására. Nagy gondot fordítunk a vörösiszap-terek rekultivációjára,"
which means in Hungarian
"We have well localised, up-to-date reservoirs supported by monitoring systems serving as the holders of red mud. We make great efforts on recultivation of red mud-zones."

And it still is there, they didn't even remove this from their site! You want to find the responsible ones? It's them: powerful companies that take advantage of us, everyday people. They are powerful, they can do anything and walk away with anything. It's so the same all over the world. A feature that doesn't change through time.

Anyway, we have the best people working on it, Hungarian authorities, armed forces, fire brigade, ambulance units, hospitals, and everyone else are doing their best to save what is left and who is left. the Hungarian Catastrophe-Averting Service, the National Ambulance Service, the Fire Brigade, the Homeland Defending (the army) and police forces (including special task forces), mayors and government staff of the villages and even the local priest of the two villages most involved, has been working ever since around the clock.
But the locals all agree: their villages are dead and will be for decades. They all want to move from this dead land.

Posted by StarOfFlames October 7, 10 06:16 PM

Hungary is the most corrupt country in the EU. The authorities turn a blind eye to the things of the rich and the politicians. 10million Ft (cca 50000 USD) was to ensure the company. 50000 USD !!!!!!!! The damage to more than 10(maybe 50-100???) billion forints. The Hungarian political elite are criminals.

Posted by Laci, Hungary October 7, 10 06:39 PM

The Hungarian Red Cross welcomes donations for the relief effort:

Hungarian Red Cross: IBAN HU37 1040 5004 0002 6547 0000 0000, Swift/BIC OKHBHUHB (K&H Bank), Subject "ISZAP"

Posted by Anikó October 7, 10 06:58 PM

@144, then stop using the computer. moron.

Posted by carlos October 7, 10 08:09 PM

What a beautiful little town. What a tragedy.

As usual, an exceptionally well-told pictorial by the Big Picture.

Posted by Bruce October 7, 10 08:13 PM

READ COMMENT # 144. I agree completely, thriftiness is central to stopping the destruction of our resources and our planet. Not so long ago it was actually a valued concept.

Posted by Julie Byrnes October 7, 10 08:23 PM

A Jo Isten legyen veletek, innen Amerikabol imadkozunk ertetek...szeretnenk segiteni es ott lenni veletek, ...a verem is fellobban ettol a borzasto tragediatol. Kerek, minden lakot, menjetek tavol minel hamarabb ettol a helytol es soha vissza ne forduljatok. Tudom,, hogy mit jelent hazad es megelhetesed az eleted fontosabb!!!! A mergezes halalos, kerlek, menjetek tavol ,MOST!

Posted by Eva Zseller-Karlsen October 7, 10 09:36 PM

poli adiko

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 09:43 PM

Type your comment here...
Que desastre tan horrible, Dios los bendiga. Parte del problema es el gobierno...
God bless you all.

Posted by AGAPITO ESPINOZA October 7, 10 09:53 PM

Come Lord Jesus. Restore our earth.

Posted by Waiting October 7, 10 10:17 PM

My condolences to Hungarians.

Posted by danvolodar October 7, 10 10:20 PM

I so agree with Josue. We're buying ridiculous so-called high-tech gadgets that we really don't need. This is one of many disasters that is waiting to happen, had indeed happened. I really pity those animals which got killed and millions more who are dying because of massive environmental disasters like this.

Posted by lizzie October 7, 10 10:27 PM

I am trully concerned for the hungarian people. I am a german but I understand the devestation of these horrible situations. I will be praying for them...

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 10:40 PM

I am trully concerned for the hungarian people. I am a german but I understand the devestation of these horrible situations. I will be praying for them...

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 10:41 PM

For comments under #161 & 165 and all those who do not have any idea of what is & what was in Hungary. From 2002 to 2010 May there was a socialistic, Socialist Government with former communists managing Hungary. Forinstance a former primeminister, Mr. Medgyessy known as a KGB officer, followed by Mr. Gyurcsany the president of the communist youngman's movement in the 1980-s. Interestingly all these communists by now are multi billionairs. On October 3rd this year, there was a country-wide election for the municipalities etc., which was a followup for parlamentary election in April. In both cases the election was won by the opposition, the FIDESZ. At present, there is a criminal investigation, because it was reveiled that it was caused by human action. R.M.

Posted by October 7, 10 11:27 PM

You know what disturbs me the most? Pic nr 9, the dead dog. I love dogs, and I hate to see them dead or mistreated. Makes me mad to think of the stupidity of man.

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 12:55 AM

My heart and prayers go out to the Hungarian people effected by this horrible toxic flood, to those lost and to those who now are beginning the process of recovering their lives.

Posted by yggie October 8, 10 01:58 AM

A kapzsiság, a hatalomvágy. Nem a segíts, ha bajban van az ország.

Posted by D October 8, 10 02:11 AM

For those yerlling about us being a Sovjet "Empire" remnance I have the groundbreaking news that Hungary doesn't have relations with anything "sovjet" and by the way, a I have no idea how the old Soviet Union could be related to a disaster that was caused by humanly errors and technical problems.

By the way, on a Hungarian forum a guy said: "oh it's so strange to see those gears worn... when I was a kid, I was a member of the Reserve Catastrophe-Averting Service and they trained us how to use these stuff... not to be used anytime soon, they taught us because here in Hungary, such a disaster when these kind of protective gear should be worn is never anytime likely to happen... e're not in America!" Well, you see, the great English saying is proven: "Sit happens"

Excuse me, a message to my fellow citizens:
Srácok, mi ez a mocskolódás, nemzetközi fórumon? Szégyen, hogy így lejáratjátok az országot. Még ha úgy is lenne, ahogy mondjátok KIRE TARTOZNA? De nincs így. Nem vagyunk korrupt, keleti banánrezsim. Nem. Lehet, hogy ti még abból az lrából valók vagytok, rossz hírem van: én é még sokan mások environmentalista, liberális, patrióta, hazafi, öntudatos, gondolkodó, proaktív emberek vagyunk és az országunk is az. Egyszerűen elutasítom, hogy 2010-ben Magyarország más legyen. Az ország az emberek, az emberek pedig azok, akik lenni akarnak.
Én ez vagyok, és az országom is ez! Lehet, hogy ti máshol éltek.

Posted by StarOfFlames October 8, 10 03:52 AM

Family's and the comunities effected by this disaster have to be compensated one way or another. May the ones guilty of this terrible act be fully responsible and meet the punishment they deserve for destroying a huge part of beautiful Hungary.

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 03:53 AM

Animal Rescue archive from Kolontar area...

Posted by Jack October 8, 10 04:40 AM
Posted by aa_from_hungary October 8, 10 04:42 AM

Who said that capitalism a problem pls. think a bit. The hated capitalism make possible to post comments here...

In all state form have been happened similar tragedies, just think about Bophal, Chernobyl - I'm not against nuclear energy, it is just an example - and similar cases in US.

Make the right decision and apply the neccesary technology is possible in all state form to prevent the environmental harm. Not the capitalism the problem. Idiotic persons are the problem who have authorities but they did not do their duites...

Posted by molnibalage October 8, 10 04:42 AM

You can ask the question what led to this. The answer is easy, some people's willing for more and more money, and power. It's not communism, or capitalism, it's just human. Aluminum industry had been a government privilege until the 1990's, when they started the so called "privatization" what meant here selling the companies for coins. It happened in 1995 with these aluminum companies during Gyula Horn's government, when his family, friends, and business partners got these properties for a ridiculously small price. Ferenc Gyurcsány, who'd been Hungary's prime minister in the recent years, Peter Medgyessy, who was in the same seat before him were also part of this business.
For example, the alumina factory in Mosonmagyaróvár was sold for 5 million HUF to Ferenc Gyurcsány’s company. The factory worth was 3 billion HUF! Would you buy a $12million company for $20.000? Sure. The ’reason’ of the small price was that they made a contract to strenghten and cover the reservoirs, and environment protecting investments on the factory. This was the same for the other alumina companies in the country. But instead of this, they continued filling up the reservoirs, even with waste from other countries, and they earned huge profit from this too!
At that time, Árpád Bakonyi should have controlled the privatization, to make it profitable for the country, he was the leader of the company, doing the business so good, that later he became one of the owners too. Now his son, Zoltán Bakonyi is the leader, he is giving interviews, saying that the sludge is not dangerous, and the accident is not their fault. Saying this to half blinded residents, firemen with burnt hands, people who have lost everything.

Do you think any of these people is (or will be) in jail, hung on a pole, or whatever? They live in their villas built from our money, they’ve been politicians, so they are protected day and night by policeman payed from our money. This is only one of their many businesses, and it’s still happening. When will it stop? How big disaster should happen to open the eyes? This country could be a small diamond in the middle of Europe, why these bad hat bastards ruin it? Why do we let them ruining it?

Posted by p#ssedoffguy October 8, 10 04:42 AM

Kicsit másként kéne nézni a helyzetet.Megváltozik az időjárás nem csak Mo-n de az egész világon .Egy nap alatt esik annyi eső manapság,mint húsz éve egész éven.egy óriási esőzés után falvak mennek tönkre,hidak,házak,utak tünnek a semmibe.Ez az első nagy figyelmeztetés,boritékolva van a következő,legyen az Paks,Berhida,vagy Felsőzsolca.Amúgy a kitelepitésen kivül, a cég vezetése semmit sem tehetett volna ez esetben.Elavult technológia ,A fotókon látható a töltés hatalmas kövakből összehordott halmaz és föld.Sehol nincs beton teknő.Az a bűnös,aki engedte ,hogy ebbe tároljanak.

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 04:54 AM

Deaths, Long term poisoning of people and ecology, Unimaginable cost, Unimaginable health problems for many years, Unimaginable damage, Unimaginable clean up ---- BUT ---- I imagine as in the BP gulf oil spill there will be likely be no shortage of profits for "The Company" in yearly profits or retirement for their executive levels.

It's a mad world when corporates screw people over with no remorse or sense of responsibility. Money is their God. Conservativism, Respect, Morals, Decency & Caution are out the window. Money is worth more than human lives in their matrix of reality.

It's time to give the Corporates a thurough whooping!!!!!!!!
People of the world need to unite and kick their ass!!!!!!!!

More info here:

I will say many prayers for the people in Hungary!
You really need it now.

Posted by CAJeffO October 8, 10 05:24 AM

We have more to worry about here on Hungary! There is an another red sludge storage nearby the village of Almásfüzitő. And the most worrysome, that storage is only approximately 30 meters far from the river Danube!!!! If there would happen a similar tragedy, the we would pollute not only Hungary, but the whole river until the Black Sea! Maybe the pH value would be thinner until that, but those heavy metal compnents, what is in the sludge....who knows what horrible damage they make!

Here's a link about an aerial photo of that place.

Posted by Norris74 October 8, 10 05:33 AM

I am so outraged by people going on about the chain on the dog or whether greenpeace will or will not help, or whether capitalism is to blame or not. It's easy sitting on your comfy couch at home feeling sorry for the dog being on chains. You are so ignorant and should be so ashamed of yourselves! You are not focusing on the REAL tragedy... the destruction of LIFE. Humans, animals, nature, rivers... All of them died a horrible death, I'm sure, chained or not. And the people who have lost everything they ever worked for? Isn't that horrible? They were just working, going on with there daily chores and in a matter of minutes everything was gone, in some cases even their loved ones. I don't think any of us can really imagine a tragedy like this. It isn't a movie! So please, think about what you have to say before you do. Is it really helpful? We're trying to help here in whatever way we can, including shoveling the streets, collecting food and clothes for the people, taking injured animals to vets and praying that the sludge doesn't cause too much harm in the rivers and fields.... What we really need now is SUPPORT, just like all people do in any kind of tragedy.
We are very grateful for all those who are helping in any way...

Posted by Ani October 8, 10 05:54 AM

I thought it was a repeat from 1956 when I heard about vile red slime in hungary.

Posted by , October 8, 10 06:31 AM

Can you imagine, if it happens in the night and not midday? All ppl would have been killed. All...

Posted by JohnnyEasy October 8, 10 06:33 AM

A legszomorúbb, hogy a vállalat vezetői szerint ez egy ártalmatlan anyag amit csak vízzel le kell mosni, nincs bennük emberi érzés, a komcsiból lett vadkapitalista milliárdos tökéletes példája.

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 06:35 AM

To Anon, comment 141
No, chaining a dog DOES NOT make someone a responsible owner. This is a cruel practice that many international animal welfare organisations seek to bann. Unfortunately there is a high level of ignorance in Hungary regarding animal welfare, hence the number of animals chained in back yards. Yes this is a terrible tragedy for the humans affected by it, but it does not excuse those who abuse animals by leaving them chained up.

Posted by Susie October 8, 10 06:44 AM

This terrible disaster will reveal as one of the most emblematic industrial damages in the dark chronicles. No one wanted to anticipate it, neither the owners (ex-communist capitalists, among richest people in Hungary right now), nor lazy authorities. This is an alarming signal for citizens concerned about potential risks of industrial "development" of the world

Posted by Istvan October 8, 10 06:51 AM

"180 pic 9- a rabbit"

no its a cat!

Posted by daagi October 8, 10 07:42 AM

Jézus atya úristen! Ez nagyon durva.

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 07:43 AM

"A reality check" ... the story about us ...

Posted by g.h. in Europe October 8, 10 07:47 AM

This is the very dark side of capitalism.....greed, greed and again greed......NOBODY should have to suffer because of one company's inability to act with a certain level of moral responsibility. NOTHING is worth the destruction of our planet or of human and other animal's lives. The people responsible should be forced to give everything they have for the cleanup....the Hungarian government should be held liable for the fact that such toxic situations are allowed to even exist. BUt even then, it doesn't change the fact that our capitalist system is destroying us. Greed rules....and destroys everything in its wake. Poor Hungarians.

Posted by Paula Domzalski October 8, 10 07:50 AM

cind s-a intimplat accidentul ecologic de la Rosia Montana,ati facut un circ mondial ! Noi cei afectati acum de aceasta tragedie ce trebuie sa facem ? Cred ca ar trebui sa va trimitem de unde ati venit :IN PMONGOLIA !

Posted by teo October 8, 10 08:09 AM

"Nem vagyunk korrupt, keleti banánrezsim."

Sajnos a valóság az elmúlt 6 évben egészem mást mutat. Szar dolog nem szembenézni a tényekkel...

Posted by molnibalage October 8, 10 08:12 AM

I supprised when I heard this news.
My family went to Hungary last summer.
So sad this happens on beautiful country.
I hope restore it as soon as possible.
- from Korea

Posted by Jaeoh Cha October 8, 10 08:22 AM

Amazing how it seems that so little was done to reduce the risk.
Those dykes look really steep, and why wasn't the water from the sludge drained, in order to reduce pressure on the dykes?
And I can name a few other measures that could have been taken...

Posted by AxiMaxi October 8, 10 08:40 AM


I am from Hungary. Somebody asked here in Hungarian that why did God punish us with this?
It is not the only answer, but may be related to the topic, that not even a month ago, the Hungarian extreme-right wing party called Jobbik held a meeting with and for muslims in Ajka, the city near the disaster. It was called 'Hungarian-Arabic Friendsip Day' held just on 11th September... Many Hungaians opposed to this ocassion - maybe God did so...

Posted by Marco October 8, 10 08:43 AM

- 248 Köszönjük, Éva, de az igazság az, hogy ezek az emberek még azt sem tudják, hova mehetnének. Az otthonuk tönkrement, akinek gyereke van, elküldte távolabbi rokonokhoz, de ők maradnak, mert el KELL takarítani azt a szennyet! A kárt okozó cég dolgozói is ott vannak a katasztrófa helyszínén - azt mondják a vállalat vezetői, ők ezzel segítenek...! Felháborító! A legkönnyebb másokat odavezényelni, mondván, "ez a kötelességetek", pedig csak az igazi bűnösök helyett dolgoznak - ők IS. A cinikus vezetők még a lakossági fórumokon sem jelennek meg, 4 ember kezében van ez a cég a híradások szerint. Ők Magyarország leggazdagabb emberei, egyenként 20-30 milliárd forint vagyonnal. A károkat mellényzsebből ki tudnák fizetni - de ők még csak bocsánatot sem kértek!! 1997-ben 10 millió forintért a kezükre játszották a vállalatot, pedig az már akkor is többet ért 1 Milliárd forintnál. Egyedüli feltétel az volt, hogy tegyék biztonságossá a területet. Nos, ők így tették "biztonságossá". Csak nyomták bele a szennyet, magasították az oldalát a medencének - amíg a tározó nem bírta tovább. Ma, pénteken meghalt még egy sérült - ő volt az ötödik. Persze, vannak, akiket még keresnek. Halastavat engedtek le, de még nem találják az eltűnt embereket.

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 08:51 AM

omg das ist voll arg überhaubt ungarn meine wellt I LOVE UNGARN

Posted by TIFANY October 8, 10 08:57 AM

An here is a sad realtime video of the flow, from a truck driver, during the breakout of the sludge, in the village Kolontar :

Really scary :(((

Posted by dk October 8, 10 09:01 AM

- 278 What are you smokin, my dear? :)

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 09:11 AM

Szégyen ,hogy ez megtörténhetett. Azelöző kormány elnéző volt a köreikhez tartozó milliárdosokkal. Merem remélni, hogy megbünhődnek, s,avagyonukkal is teljes mértékben felelni fognak. Még hogy nem veszélyes az emberre -mondták, Elképesztő cinizmus, élet fogy nekik.Megérdemlik Ajóérzésü ember szive szakad meg a látványtól, őszinte együtt érzéssel.

Posted by Langer Béláné October 8, 10 09:16 AM

I hope they make the company pay for everything. It's disgusting that most of the times companies get away with these kind of events! (everywhere in the world). I feel bad for the family who lost 2 little children :(....

Posted by north europe October 8, 10 09:28 AM

Hasta Cuando Vamos a Seguir permitiendo Que Danen Nuestra Tierra, El egoísmo no TIENE Nombre y ni Hablar de la avaricia de ALGUNOS, no piensan en la ASQUEROSIDAD Que le ESTAMOS DEJANDO A proximas Las Generaciones.

Posted by GABRIELA October 8, 10 10:20 AM

Hungarian People! There are those who do not know you, but we care, and we mourn for your loss of life, and we worry for your health, and we are angry at bureaucrats who stand by and let disaster overtake the innocent. There are people around the world who stand with you, sick with rage at the helplessness, and unspeakable sadness for the suffering. This is so bad, and our media will try to suppress the pictures of damage and destruction, they will try to minimalize it, make it seem not so bad, but we know you are suffering. We know the truth of ths nightmare.

Posted by Liza Null October 8, 10 10:28 AM

So...Who's idea was it to keep a reservoir of toxic sludge in the middle of a town and why was the government OK with this? I feel bad for the innocent lives taken and ruined, but just like the BP spill, this was caused because of someone's incompetence and they should be held responsible. God didn't' do this to the town, some bloke did.

Posted by Tillman October 8, 10 10:35 AM

Similar disasters can happen everywhere, this is about profit maximization, corruption and bureaucracy. Again, next time can happen near to your home ... And if forced to find the responsible person one or few mostly innocent poor man will be found. And the truth won't be revealed ever.

I'm an IT person and when we had the Y2K computer problem 10yrs ago we had to make a contingency plan,optimized processes, a disaster plan and a recovery one as well. Of course it was a balloon, but we were well prepared, and bought extra hardware, spent extra work hours for minimal possible issues.

I do not think that this was the best possible way of storing such material... The red mud has its color from metal: it can be re-used in that case not need to pay for decades for storing and threating the village.

And if they wanna store, why not select a valley or a mine? That is a dam that nature built, must be stronger.

Anyway respect for those who helped these people, and thanks for the support (our company collected donations, and give them personally this weekend)

Posted by Bandee4hun October 8, 10 10:52 AM

Nyílt levél Devecser és Kolontár Polgármestereihez!
A sajnálatos tragédia után, a hogyan tovább legfontosabb elfoglaltságáról szeretnék írni.
A két tároló közötti fal átszakadása törvényszerű. De ennek megakadályozására tett kisérlet kötelességünk. A gát tetejéről, nehéz gépekkel történő erősítés azzal a veszéllyel járhat, hogy a szivárgó közfal tovább gyengűl. Ezért helikopterről beton panelokkal való megtámasztás célravezetöbb lehet.

Posted by Kelemen Károly October 8, 10 11:02 AM

Elég sajnálatos dolog, hogy ezt engedte valaki, hogy megtörténjen!!! HÁT NEM KELLETT VOLNA!!! FELELŐST!!! AZONNAL!!

Amiben segíteni kellene az államnak, az minimum az, hogy a bajbajutottaknak legyen meg a nap- mint napi betevőjük, és fedél a fejük fölött! Így legalább az egész világ megtudta, hogy milyenek is a kapzsi emberek, akik sajnálják a pénzt a megjavítására!!

Üdv. Eggyütt érzek mélyen az érintettekkel! :(

Posted by Egy_Ember October 8, 10 11:02 AM

This is so heart wrenching! My thoughts and prayers are with you in this horrible time of need. Canada Loves Hungary, we will pray for the swift recovery of your beautiful country.

Posted by - Ang October 8, 10 11:09 AM

Nagyon sajnálom öket!! Sajnos én hétfön a Veszprémi Kórházban voltam,mivel kisfiamat mütötték,a lényeg az ,hogy nagyon sok sérülttel kerültem közvetlen kapcsolatba,és sok kisgyerek sérültet láttam.Hihetetlen fájdalom,ijedtség rémültség ült ki arcukra.Átéreztem a fájdalmukat,de amit -amin ök most átmennek,az egy életen át tartó lesz!!!

Posted by plozer aniko October 8, 10 11:28 AM

StarOfFlames (#261): Teljesen egyetertek. Az orszag amugy is eleg nagy szarban van, nem kell meg melyebre huzni. Nem a komcsik tehetnek errol. Ez a katasztrofa emberi hulyeseg miatt tortent, de a szelsojobbos mocskot nem kellene belekeverni. Ez nem egy politikai forum. Mi, magyarok (azt hisszuk, hogy) tudjuk, hogy mi folyik az orszagban, de ezt nem kellene az eleg vilag ele kiteregetni. Nem kell elvenni a kulfoldiek kedvet, hogy Magyarorszagra utazzanak (es elkoltsek a penzuket). Ha mar mindenki az osszefogasrol papol, akkor talan ebben is ossze kellene tartani.

Posted by BB October 8, 10 12:08 PM

Two more dead body found today. :(

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 12:10 PM

In response to justagirlfromhungary - who is propbably dyslexic or does not speak her mother tongue properly - the hungarian government never said the sludge wasn't harmful, quite on the contrary the minister of internal affairs said - after one of the owners of the factory, indeed, said the sludge was not harmful to people (thereby winning the cyinical bastard competition with flying colors) - that he (the owner) should perhaps go and take a bath in it, then see how "not harmful" the material is.
The PM actually said there was no point in rebuilding or moving back to certain parts of the settlement, instead the residents would be relocated. Just to set things right in peoples' heads... coz there seems to be so much confusion.

Posted by xi October 8, 10 12:16 PM

tragedy caused tens of millions of forints in the privatized company (then dollar-forint exchange rate: about 20000 USD - 1994-1998). But the company estimated (underestimated) value of 1.7 billion forint was(1995)! No comment
the Hungarian elite is not corrupt????????

Posted by Laci, Hungary October 8, 10 12:20 PM

kérek a nálam okosabb statikust, válaszolna e, hogy indokoltan nőtt e meg a nyomás pont azon a sarokponton, én robbantásra gyanakszom.

Posted by téúr October 8, 10 12:24 PM
Posted by g.h. October 8, 10 12:36 PM


Posted by ANI CODARCEA October 8, 10 01:01 PM

And everyone looks at the United States and the evil doers when it comes to polution of the environment. Now with exception to Deep Water Horizon which by the way was a British company, housing this type of bio hazard in open air cesspools would NEVER be condoned by the US. How could this have been condoned by the Hungarian Govt? How else? Payoffs no doubt.

Posted by Shawn October 8, 10 01:02 PM

It doesn't matter what the animals are, it is horrifying and heartbreaking to see these animals covered with sludge and dying or dead. Absolutely heartbreaking. The animals could not help themselves as easily as humans can (aside from babies and little children, of course). The whole thing is mind-blowing. I see the pictures yet it is still hard for me to image what this must have been like. I think much worse than a regular flood with just water. The sludge flooded in the same way, but it somehow seems soooooo much worse. It burns, it stinks, it taints everything. It is worse. My heart goes out to all the animals and all the humans.

Posted by Jill - Denver, Colorado, USA October 8, 10 01:13 PM

is is so horrible what happened there

Posted by kl October 8, 10 01:19 PM

Are You a piece of HELP ? PLS just read ..

I'm a hungarian man from the capital , Budapest. That what happened here is just way too much sad, but the truth and the worst thing is that the factory's general director said that they dont have any resposibilitly. I wouldn't think so . And You?

Just think about it for a moment... all the houses, the roads , the cars .. its not that bad, but with the infected mud in the field there, would you like to live there ? or your children ? your wife? your love ?even if they would build you a new house,,, there's NO WAY to go back !! and i didnt mentioned the rivers that died out .

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all, please imagine that the factory offered 100000Ft for compensation , its means about 340 Euros for each family ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do You think? Want to help ?

The good news ! :
You CAN !!!!
just check it out :

There's an english text too . You can save lifes, hopes, dreams , friends and loves.

Posted by Suhi October 8, 10 01:20 PM

First the safety of all the people ! Number one priority !

The responsibility of this disaster lies on the owners of the company !

They should pay for cleanup , compensate the people for their losses.

They are responsible for the death of all those innocent people, CHARGE

them with criminal negligance.
God Bless Hungary !!!!

Posted by J October 8, 10 01:26 PM

WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY ? My heart goes out to the people of Hungary.

Posted by Rosemary from Pickering Ontario Canada October 8, 10 02:12 PM

Nagyon komoly és jó fotók ugyanakkor sajnálatos és felháborító dolog hogy ilyen megtörténhet 2010-ben meggondoltatlan emberek döntései miatt... timföldgyár vezetőségét és tulajdonosait remélem hogy felelőségre fogják vonni ezmiatt a dolog miatt mert hiszen tudták hogy ez a tározó nem képes ennyi anyag befogadására mégsem tettek ellene semmilyen lépéseket és ez lett a következménye és akkor még ennek ellenére azt hangoztatják hogy egészségre nem ártalmas... ami igencsak nem fedi a valóságot!
Nem az elöntött falúk házairól van szó mert azt lehet kárpótolni hanem amit azok az emberek átélnek akik elvesztettek valakit és amit átéltek illetve "életek" mert van akinek még egy fényképe sem maradt a múltról... sajnos ez nagyon sajnálatos dolog és a felelősöknek ezért bűnhődniük kell hiszen nem kis ökológiai katasztrófát sikerült okozniuk meg úgy egyébként is ez a hely tisztára olyan lett mint amilyen Pripyat vagyis lakhatatlan csak ez idővel le lesz takarva és eltűnik a föld szinéről!

Posted by Spawn October 8, 10 02:13 PM

This (- 278 What are you smokin, my dear? :))
changed for this:
- 284 What are you smokin, my dear? :))
(Sorry, I was careless.)

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 02:26 PM

1.) It is not "we" who are to blame (not the people). It is the greedy son of a bitches, who contained toxic sludge in a reservoir, made of cinder.
2.) Many people tries to help. Green peace, Hungarian Guards, civilians (e.g. a lady offered her own farm for a family, and many other no-name-heroes went there to help, others offered money etc), and of course the fire fighters, some millionares, and other simple people.
3.) The chairman of the company said, that it is not a dangerous chemical. Check this out:
a firefighter, who used a coveralls:
4.) People died, even little babies, rivers and lakes become dead.

Posted by Norbert October 8, 10 02:31 PM

ha -ha -haa
csak egy kis gondollatmenet a már a kezüket dörzsölő politikusoktól , meg az általuk alapitott cégek gondollataiból ! !

-végre történt valami , gyűlik ismét a sok adomány ! épp ideje ! igy lesz megint miből ellopni ! meg az ix ipszilon én cégem fogja megszakérteni , megtisztitani , katasztrófátelháritani , persze mindezt sok jóóó pénzből , adományból ...

aki tényleg segiteni akar az mennyen oda és , adja oda amit akar annak akinn látja hogy tényleg rászorul!

Posted by darth vader October 8, 10 02:31 PM

Picture 7. That is a car of a man, who tried to save others from the sludge.

Posted by Norbert October 8, 10 02:34 PM

- 290 : Correction: 1 dead little girl (14 months old) and her sister is seriously injured. The 3 years old girl maybe will be blind, her throat was burning by alkali. :(

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 02:36 PM

"A kormányzat esetleg átvállalja a MAL Zrt.-től a kártalanítást, cserébe azonban "visszaállamosítja" a céget."

Kinek az érdeke? Talán direkt volt? A nagy bevételű MAL kellene az államnak?

Posted by Hedvig October 8, 10 02:46 PM

We live 20 kms from the area. I have relatives and friends living there. One of my colleagues has lost everything of her properties. I feel very sorry for the victims. It's terrible!! :( :(

Posted by Gergő October 8, 10 02:48 PM

- Fe2O3 (vasoxid) 40-45 % ez adja az iszap vörös színét
- Al2O3 (alumíniumoxid) 10-15 %
- SiO2 (szilíciumdioxid) 10-15 % nátrium vagy kalcium-alumíniumszilikátként van jelen,
- CaO (kalciumoxid) 6-10 %
- Tio2 (titándioxid) 4-5 %
- Na2 O kötött nátron 5-6 %

Posted by szabi October 8, 10 03:25 PM


Posted by Jorge October 8, 10 03:30 PM

these towns are erased from the map... who would want to live there? drinking pure chloride is less poisonous than that red stuff...

Posted by Zoli, the Hun October 8, 10 03:40 PM


Posted by Denis October 8, 10 03:54 PM

Yup, man has absolutely no affect on our environment. Keep believing that religious nuts.

Posted by Jack Burton October 8, 10 03:55 PM

- Ébredjetek emberek! Földön átívelő pozitív gondolatokkal tudunk hatást gyakorolni az itteni helyzetre!

- Awake people! With your positive thoughts (across the earth), we can change this situation!

Posted by paripa October 8, 10 04:11 PM

és tényleg hagyni fogjuk hogy ez a gyár újraindulhasson és a vezetöi továbbra is milliárdokat akasszanak, a magyar földböl???????

Posted by egyes October 8, 10 04:13 PM

Nem értem,hogy a kormányt miért kell ebbe az egészbe belekeverni.
Azt,hogy mi miért és hogyan történt MI kis emberek sose fogjuk megtudni és sajnos az áldozatok sem.
Már megtörtént a baj,siránkozás és sajnálkozás helyett, segíteni kell.
Aki ezt érzi tegye meg,de az,hogy ezen a forumon sajnálkozik azokon az embereken nem segít.
Az,hogy ki a felelős??????????
Úgyse tudjuk meg.................

Posted by Csányi Judit October 8, 10 04:20 PM

Scrivi il tuo commento qui ...To je svinstvo,nevieme o tom kym nam tà sracka netecie po hlave.Vsak na nieco umriet musime: é uno schifo;

Posted by Anonymous October 8, 10 04:42 PM

- 328 Az ilyen kishitűség vezetett ide. Senki sem szólt - mert nem mert szólni. Senki sem szólt - mert nem hitte, hogy van értelme.

Posted by Bea October 8, 10 04:45 PM

Hungarian authorities must find responsible people!!! It's required to stand as an example for other factories - so maybe those'll pay more attention in the future.
And about God: he gave brain to human to avoid cases like this!

Posted by An inhabitant from not too far.... October 8, 10 04:48 PM

I would like to teach all commenters one hungarian phrase.

Say it like shag-eat-ack!
It means: "I help you!"

Bonus, another one good to know.
'ö' sounds like u in turkey -> kusunum
That means "Thank you."

Posted by János October 8, 10 05:33 PM

Illésnek 2002-ben még tetszett a Mal zagytározója akkor még csak egyetemi tanár Illés Zoltán, JELENLEGI KÖRNYEZETVÉDELMI ÁLLAMTITKÁR hallgatóival látogatást tett az üzemben...elismerését fejezte ki a környezetvédelmi munkáért, elsősorban a teljeskörű környezetvédelmi rendszer befejezéséért, a rekultiváció felgyorsításáért".

Posted by Roberta October 8, 10 06:21 PM

Seven died , more than two hundred injured and two lost people.
Almost five hundred destroyed house in two village.
Thousand hectares ground under sludge with PH12 level basic toxic and heavy metals include low radioactive radiation.
Twenty years from now may be to live there again.

Alex from Hungary.

Posted by Alex October 8, 10 06:34 PM

Nem szabad feladni,ez borzasztó,az egész politikai elit elgondolkodhatna azon hogy nem a saját zsebüket kellene tömködni,hanem segíteni rajtuk,a felelősöket,végre felelőssége vonni,és nem eltusolni,elhallgatni mindent ahogy azt oly sokszor tették,PL anno Africa Annaba,,,,a fájdalom nem enyhül,a felelősöknek kívánom hogy éljék azt meg amit mi megéltünk,ha ismerik azt a szót hogy lelkiismeret,,,egyszer isten előtt számot kell adnotok,,és bűnhődni fogtok...........

It is not allowed to give up,this terrible,the whole political elite could reflect on it that it would not be necessary to stuff their own pocket,but to help them,the responsible,finally his responsibility to pull over,and not to take a shower,to keep everything back it like that it was made many times,PL long time ago Africa Annaba,,,,a a pain does not subside,I wish the responsible it how it should be lived through what we went,if that word is known that lelkiismeret,,,egyszer before a god number is needed adnotok,,és you will be suffering.......

Posted by tru October 8, 10 07:07 PM

Greenpeace Austria says Arsen:

Posted by zsofffi October 8, 10 07:17 PM

Oh! t That nice city it was .

Posted by José Luiz H. Ferreira October 8, 10 07:20 PM

Be sure to look for " Kolontar, Hungary" on Google Earth. Almost dead center is the red, so-called reservoir before it burst. The surrounding pools of something also look like they'd be bad for humans and other living things.

Posted by RAD October 8, 10 07:23 PM

Did not receive protective clothing for several days in one village. 5 days. That's the truth! This is the Hungarian government. 2 weeks ago, the authorities inspected the dam. You can see the result .....

Posted by Laci, Hungary October 8, 10 07:24 PM
340.,18.282924&spn=0.018562,0.045447&t=h&z=15 Almásfüzitő!!! Duna mellett közvetlen! Ebből mi lehet ha átszakad?

Posted by Csaba October 8, 10 07:42 PM

This is beyond sadness and unbelief. My heart and prayers go out to all the Hungarian people. Remember, you guys are descendants of the Mongolic warriors, who, at different times, almost ruled the world!! You still carry that Spirit. Times like this you are reminded that we are alive, and that life is always a struggle. Fight On!

Posted by John October 8, 10 09:36 PM

For all people posting this is because Hungary is corrupt in North America where I live this has happend with coal slurry ponds ,urainium slurry impoundments etc (lets not forget the gulf oil spill) and in the future will probably occur again example waste ponds for tar sands in Canada and other oil wastes all over the continent and world wide ,not to take anything away from this tragedy and I wish the best for all forms of life that have to suffer pain because of it, but all governments, corporations and the uber rich are in bed together and we sleep on the floor.It is all tainted by money,power and lies,and the promise of jobs.

Posted by Richard October 8, 10 10:12 PM

Terrible man-made scene. Happily, Jehovah(God's name in English) will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”(Revelation 11:18); he will execute judgment on those proud, godless humans who are responsible for earth’s sorry state.

Posted by machika October 8, 10 11:59 PM

For the people and animals and nature of Hungary, I grieve for you. All of us are sick to death of the psychopaths that runs these companies. We are all being looted and out earth destroyed by these monsters.
They have to live here too but they think they are Gods.

Prayers for you!

Posted by Arlene de Caray October 9, 10 12:21 AM

Nem az előző kormányt kell szídni, hanem a mostanit. A cég tulajdonosai ugyanis 2000-ben alapították a mal zrt-t és kaptak rá működési engedélyt. Továbbá a drága első (és sajnos nem az utolsó) fidesz kormány alatt voltak ilyen-olyan szakértők tanácsadók. 10 millió forintért vették meg és vállaltak 3 milliárd forint környezetvédelmi beruházást. Na ezt kell számon kérni az Orbánéktól. Nem kell elhinni mindent amit mondanak, előbb kicsit körül kell nézni.

Posted by Smith Tamas October 9, 10 02:42 AM

Breaking news: hungarian goverment decided to evacuate Kolontar.
Kolontar evacuation began after the damaged 10th storage barrier weakened further. According to the experts during the constructions of 3rd dike they measured very high moving and tearing. That's why they decided to evacuate Kolontar. Devecser's people also called to prepare the most neccesary things in a bad for possible evacuation. Police car speaker wanders the streets, soldiers and policemen can be seen everywhere.
What next??:(

Posted by Szabolcs October 9, 10 03:20 AM
Posted by Attila October 9, 10 03:35 AM

We tend to view murderers and rapists as the worst criminals but considering the levels of devestation and the lives affected by preventable disasters like these (and I include financial ones like sub-prime, or even deliberate ones like Worldcom), we need to re-assess how we sanction people gulty of these acts. Which is worse: a deliberate act of violence against a person, or a deliberate act of negligence that has the same result?

There should be no distinction. As ordinary people who work for companies that may impact our worlds, as people who have pensions invested in companies we do not even know of, we can only hope to change this if we find out where our money is being spent, or what our employers are up to. I know it is a noble and idealistic view, but that is no excuse to do nothing. We have to start somewhere.

Posted by Joe October 9, 10 04:00 AM

Hungarian Red Cross' fundraising campaign to help people affected by the red sludge disaster.Donations can be transferred to the bank account of the Hungarian Red Cross:

Account number: 10405004-00026547-00000000

Bank name and address:K&H Bank Budapest, 1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 1.
...Account holder: Magyar Vöröskereszt (Hungarian Red Cross)

IBAN: HU37 1040 5004 0002 6547 0000 0000


Please indicate in the bank order the word: "ISZAP" (sludge)

Pease help, if you can.

Posted by Vicky October 9, 10 04:52 AM

Hey there #284 Marco!

You have to be an ignorant fool to believe so. First, this is no punishment of God, but if it were, how can you say it is because of the Hungarian-Arab friendship day? How can you bring your false beliefs and politics into this matter?

The dike broke probably because of the heavy rainings this year, and no one checked if the reservoirs are safe. The company is to blame, no one else.

This has nothing to do with a divine being or with any party or arabs.

Posted by zweigelt October 9, 10 05:05 AM

Nem hiszem, hogy ennyire felelotlenek lennenk, ha lathato jelei vannak egy ilyen katasztrofanak ne tennenk ellene semmit!!! Ebben szandekossag lehet! Ennyire azert nem hulyek es felelotlenek a politikusok sem. Lehet szidni a kormanyt es a vallalatvezetest a milliardosokat, de megint csak mi tortenik? MOCSKOLODAS! Mint mindig. El lehet beszelngetni mindenrol, de itt tenni kell es segiteni!

Posted by Domi October 9, 10 06:07 AM

Az egész tározó be fog omlani! Készültségb
en van mindenki! A lakókat kitelepítették és várjuk a követkető cspást!

Posted by Éva October 9, 10 06:14 AM

(303-as) A véleményem ugyan az!!! Mért nem a merepedt része tört át? Gyanús hogy pont a telephely költözése után.Mért költöztek el? Tele volt a tározó és nem volt más "megoldás". Szép!!! Iszapfürdőt a felelösöknek!!

Posted by Kovács Zsóka October 9, 10 06:19 AM

It's very-very horrible. I was shocked when I heard about this tragedy...We have to help these people. They lost their home, and all of their property.
I can't imagine, what they feel :(
Call the number of 1752...
It would be very nice, if foreign countries could help the Hungarian people...WE HAVE TO HOLD TOGETHER!!!

Posted by Klau0624 October 9, 10 06:57 AM

Képek a kitelpítésről:

Posted by Attila October 9, 10 06:58 AM

Runs these companies.he will execute again example waste ponds The surrounding pool so maybe those'll pay more

Posted by Ferenc Farkas October 9, 10 08:30 AM
Posted by Kalle October 9, 10 08:35 AM

Neskutečná tragédie pro všechny zůčasněné !

Posted by kordík October 9, 10 08:43 AM

je ne peut pas comprendre que nous ne sommes jamais prêt à éviter de tel-les désastres.A ce rythme là, on cours tous au désastre.COURAGE,à tous ces gens à la rue.

Posted by chevriere josiane October 9, 10 09:06 AM

Uram, könyörülj rajtunk!

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 10 09:39 AM

Akkor összefoglalnám a MAL ZRt. álláspontját:
a vörös iszap nem veszélyes, ellenben igencsak jó az öntartó képessége, így alig folyt ki valamicske a tározóból. Különben is erős slagos lemosással el lehet távolítani, egyébként meg egy uniós normatíva szerint még veszélyes hulladéknak sem minősül, a céget pedig az égvilágon semmiféle felelősség nem terheli, hiszen egy órával a gátszakadást megelőzően még mindent rendben találtak, milliárdos károkról beszélni pedig butaság.
Én meg azt gondolom, hogy irgalmatlan nagy szerencséje az ajkai vállalat vezetőinek, hogy a családtagjaikat gyászoló, eltűnt hozzátartozóikat kereső, borzalmas körülmények közepette földönfutóvá lett embereknek most épp nem nagyon van érkezésük internetes híradásokat böngészni, és az esti híradó megtekintése se tartozik a napi rutinhoz. Máskülönben már túl lennénk pár kőkemény nyaklevesen, és néhány markos falusi beledörgölte volna a cégvezetők orrát az iszapba. Sőt, slagozás is lett volna, csak nem úgy, mint azt a timföldgyárosok ajánlották.

Akkor a cégvezetőkről:
Bakonyi Zoltán és Bakonyi Árpád - utóbbi a 28. leggazdagabb magyar!
Bakonyi Árpád közvetlenül már nem vesz részt a cég irányításában. Ő az, akit az SZDSZ-es Fodor Gábor környezetvédelmi miniszterként egyik legelső lépéseként Környezetünkért díjjal tüntetett ki! - ezt csak azért jegyezzük meg, hogy tudjuk, honnan fúj a szél. A Napi Gazdaság által a leggazdagabb magyarokról összeállított listán Bakonyi Árpád és családja idén a százfős mezőnyben a 28. helyen található, 16,5 milliárd forintos vagyonra tett szert az alumíniumból.
Bakonyi Zoltán tehát a cég vezetője. A MAL Zrt.-ben 30% tulajdonrésze van a Bakonyi-családnak.
Tolnay Lajos - 21. leggazdagabb magyar! Gyurcsány Ferenc üzlettársa.
A Napi Gazdaság összeállítása szerint a tulajdonosok közül Tolnay 23 milliárd forintos vagyonával a 21. leggazdagabb magyar.
A MAL-ban 40 százalékos tulajdonrésze van.
Petrusz Béla - 28. leggazdagabb magyar! A cég első vezérigazgatója, Bakonyival osztozik a 28. leggazdagabb magyar címen, ugyanis mindketten 16,5 milliárdos vagyonnal rendelkeznek, amit nyilván tisztességesen gyűjtöttek össze.
A 2000-ben átalakult, ma Magyar Alumínium Termelő és Kereskedelmi Zrt.-nek tehát ők a fejesei.

A Hírlap beszámol arról is: arcpirítóan olcsón, tízmillió forintért!!! privatizálták a hétfői vörösiszap-tragédiát okozó ajkai timföldgyárat Horn Gyula kormányzásának idején.
Csiha Judit volt szocialista miniszternek (privatizációért felelős kormánytag) a lap birtokába jutott belső jelentése szerint a gyár értékét 1997-ben 1,7 milliárd forintra becsülték, s azért engedték el a pénz nagy részét, mert az azóta lényegében változatlan tulajdonosi kör hárommilliárd forintos környezetvédelmi korszerűsítést ígért a gyárban!!!
A Csiha-jelentésből való az a táblázat is, amelyen jól látható, hogy a magyar alumíniumipar szinte teljes egészét bagóért adták magánkézbe - olvasható a lapban.

Ha valaki úgy lesz milliárdos, és az ország egyik leggazdagabb embere, hogy közben nem figyel a környezetvédelemre, a munkavédelemre, ha közben meghalnak emberek, és több százan megsérülnek, az igazságtalan, és morálisan elítélendő.
Úgy kellett volna kezdeni, hogy zárolni a vagyont, és utána már nem beszéltek volna cinikusan, a felelősséget elhárítva.
Lehet a biztonságon spórolni, kivenni azt profitként, de akkor most szó nélkül vállalni kellene az anyagi felelősséget, kártérítést, környezetrendezést, akár a magánvagyonból.!

Posted by erpi October 9, 10 09:53 AM

Csak a tisztánlátás kedvéért (345. Smith Tamásnak):

1991-ben HUNGALU Magyar Alumíniumipari Rt. néven szervezték részvénytársasággá a Magyar Alumíniumipari Trösztöt, amely 1993-ra minden állami segítség (járuléktartozás elengedése, tőkeemelés, hitelátvállalás) ellenére hatalmas, majdnem 10 milliárdos adósságot halmozott fel. Az állami mamutcéget az Antall-kormány próbálta egyben tartanai, de már akkor is kivettek néhány elemet a holdingból: elsőként 1992-ben a bezárt tatabányai alumíniumkohó helyén alakítottak ki ipari parkot.

A Horn-kormány idején, 1995-ben felpörgették az alumíniumipar privatizációját is. A holdingot azonban nem egy darabban, hanem részenként adták el, így a befektetők kimazsolázhatták az értékesebb részeket (így került például a Gyurcsány Ferenc korábbi kormányfő tulajdonában álló Altus Rt.-hez a mosonmagyaróvári Motim Rt.). A privatizáció idején, 1995-től a HUNGALU elnöke Bakonyi Árpád volt, aki közvetve ma is tulajdonosa a Mal Zrt.-nek.

Később, az első Orbán-kormány idején az Állami Privatizációs és Vagyonkezelő Rt. felügyelőbizottsága készített egy jelentést az alumíniumipari privatizációról, amely szerint a "társaság [a Hungalu] értékesítése során a magyar államot jelentős mértékű veszteség érte". A jelentés szerint a kár összesen 25 milliárd forint volt, és főként abból származott, hogy a cégeket áron alul adták el.

A Mal előzményének számító Magyar Alumínium Kft.-t 1995-ben hozták létre, majd 1996 végén az azonos nevű részvénytársasággá alakult át. A cég először, 1996 nyarán az Inotai Alumíniumkohó Kft.-t vette meg az állami mamuttól. Később újraépítették a teljes holdingot a bauxitbányászattól a fém feldolgozásáig: A Magyar Alumínium Kft. és a Motim Rt. (két másik céggel együtt) vette meg 1996-ban a Bakonyi Bauxitbánya Kft. többségi tulajdonrészét. Ugyanebben az évben privatizálták a Köbal Könnyűfémmű Kft.-t. Végül, 1997-ben az Inotai Alumínium Kft. vásárolta meg az Ajkai Timföld Kft.-t.

A Budapesti Közgazdaság-tudományi Egyetem (a mai Corvinus) egyik 1996-os tanulmánya szerint az ajkai timföldgyár megvételére több külföldi érdeklődő is volt: érdeklődött a Norsk Hydro nevű nemzetközi holding (az MTI korabeli híre szerint a norvég külügyminiszter magyarországi látogatásán is szó volt a privatizációról), amely Szlovákiában épített alumíniumkohót, és szüksége lett volna timföldre. Végül azonban nem a norvégok, hanem a Magyar Alumínium csoport lett a befutó.

Timföldgyár tízmillióért
Az ajkai timföldgyárért egy, a Közgazdasági Szemlében 1998-ban megjelent cikk szerint tízmillió forintot fizettek, viszont vállaltak hárommilliárd forint értékű környezetvédelmi kárelhárítást. A hulladék elhelyezésének kérdése már 1997-ben lakossági tiltakozást váltott ki: a Magyar Alumínium Rt. ugyanis Ajkán akarta tárolni az inotai alumíniumkohóban keletkezett mintegy 29 ezer tonna hulladékot.

Posted by erpi October 9, 10 09:56 AM

Mindegy kit szidunk a katasztrófában szenvedő emberek helyzetén nem változtat, senki nem fog segíteni nekik, biztosító nem fizet, önerőből pedig nem fog menni.Kabzsiság ide vezetett,nem elég soha ami van még több kell és elöbb utobb katasztrófa lesz belőle,csak egy baj van h az ártatlan embereket sujtja.

Posted by Hanna October 9, 10 10:06 AM

What happened there is unbelievable...How could someone not know that this was going to happen? No one cared...I am so sorry for the people there...They are now and forever in my prayers...God help them...

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 10 10:19 AM

thanks for sharing. Just this is not so good to be "shared" with friends.
I got many calls, emails from Malaysia asking about the latest conditions.

Now this is one of the hottest news in Malaysia. Let me send our best wishes from Malaysia to Hungary.

Posted by LAM, Hon Loong October 9, 10 11:01 AM


Posted by jOSE eMANEZ October 9, 10 11:16 AM

Irja EGY megjegyzést itt ...
Ma vittünk le Budapestről-Devecsebe EGY rogyásig rakott Ford tranzitott.
Gyógyszerek maszkok konzervek gumicsizma védőszeművegek, ecet éS ivoviz volt. AZ autoban.
Élőben sokkal durvább, tv es Nettó tartózkodás Mellett adja Vissza a tragédiát.
Élőben sokkal durvább, tv es Nettó tartózkodás Mellett adja Vissza a tragédiát.

Posted by Hamika October 9, 10 11:23 AM

I am very sorry for the people in Hungary.I do hope that the people, who are responsible for this, will be found. I can hardly imagine what a pain and sorrow will be there. Everything that people built, everything they had is gone and not replaceble. I hope the European countrey's will quickly start a help programm, the people of this villages need everything. It is shocking and terrible.

Posted by José October 9, 10 11:53 AM

Actual news
International press conference of Prime Minister Orbán Viktor: (video)

Posted by Beáta October 9, 10 11:59 AM

The Hungarians has JUST elected a new government in, after years of communist party rules. Mr. Orban will be tested, if the new government is any change and they have the gutts to put people responsible in jail and take all their wealth and compensate people for their loses. If not, poor hungarians has shoot them in the foot, again.
Namost meglatjuk mennyite lehet az uj kormanyban bizni. Ha Mr. Orban kemeny kezzel elintezi a felelosoket, bortonbe csukja oket es elkobozza vagyonukat, ez egy jo kezdet lenne a megigert reformoknak. Ha nem akkor O is csak olyan bunos, mint a felelosek ezert a katasztrofaert es O is csak egy masik Komcsi, csak uj dumaval. Ugy hallottam, mivel a szo Canadaba is eljutott, a FIDESZ kipucolja a korrapt felso tizezret akik elloptak a magyar allami vagyonokat es az ezzel bekaszalt penzel ujra lehet kezdeni az orszag epiteset. Rossz a fulem? Vagy meg mindig olyan nagy a kommunistak befolyasa, lehetetlen letorni oket? Fidesz 85% al gyozott, vagy rosszul tudom? Itt az ideje hogy valaki rendet csinaljon abban az orszagban. Sajnos az egykori magyar rettegesbe tartotta Europat, most csak szajhosok es corrupt kepviselok es polgarok orszaga. Zokog a szivem.

Posted by Zoltan M. Padar October 9, 10 12:19 PM

- 366 : We have excellent engineers, but the owner is the boss. :(

Posted by Bea October 9, 10 12:21 PM

- 369 Most a legkisebb magyar gond is nagyobb annál, hogy azon elmélkedjünk, hogy Atilla rettegésben tartotta Európát vagy sem... :) Kedves Uram, ha gondolja, jöjjön ide és "csináljon rendet ebben az országban". A többiek pedig ezalatt derékig érő vízben-lúgban mentik ami menthető, dolgoznak éjjel és nappal, a távolabb élők pedig gyűjtenek élelmiszert, ruhát, teherautókkal szállítják a gipszet - anélkül, hogy dicséretet várnának érte. Mert "ilyenek ezek" a magyar polgárok, tudja... Isten áldja meg őket.

Posted by Bea October 9, 10 12:41 PM

Marhaság, amit némelyik ember ír. Méghogy, nem a bolsik tehetnek róla. Ki volt akkor, akik kitalálták a spontán privatizációt? Talán, a vasbetonszerelő valamelyik lakótelep építésén. S kik folytatták az Antall éra alatt? Szilvássi, Apró, stb...! Hogy ehhez asszisztáltak a fórumosok? Onnan nyergeltek át, mint a kisnyilasok a komcsi pártba, meg az ávóba. Ja hogy aztán a Horn meg a Zorbán folytatták? Igaz, s ebben már, mi vagyunk hibásak, mert hagytuk bekötni a szemünket. S meddig hagyjuk még?

Posted by Kunavar October 9, 10 01:15 PM

Nem hiszem, hogy ennyire felelotlenek lennenk, ha lathato jelei vannak egy ilyen katasztrofanak ne tennenk ellene semmit!!! Ebben szandekossag lehet! Ennyire azert nem hulyek es felelotlenek a politikusok sem. Lehet szidni a kormanyt es a vallalatvezetest a milliardosokat, de megint csak mi tortenik? MOCSKOLODAS! Mint mindig. Lehet beszelgetni mindenrol, de itt tenni kell es segiteni!

Posted by Domiboy October 9, 10 01:35 PM

Hogyan tortenhet meg ilyen felelotlenseg?! Hogyan?! Hany ember csukta be a szemet egy kis penzert amig ez a szornyuseg megtortent?! Es kerdezem megerte?! Hogyan magyarazzak majd meg az embereknek, mindazoknak akik elvesztettek valamit hogyan hogyan lehetseges hogy megtortenjem barmi ehhez hasonlo!

Posted by Angela Janosi October 9, 10 01:43 PM

Azt hiszem, megint eljutottunk odaig, hogy a politikara kenjuk az egesz problemat! Szerintem minden rendszerben talalunk korrupt uzletembereket, tehat nem ezzel kene most foglalkozni, hanem azzal, hogy milyen modon tudunk segiteni a raszorulokon! A bunosok utana is megkaphatjak, amit erdemelnek, en is szeretnem latni mielobb!
Es csak ugy megjegyzeskent: Attila hun volt, nem magyar, de ez legyen a legkisebb gond :) !

Posted by LordBaker October 9, 10 01:53 PM

Hihetetlen,hogy az emberek ebben a helyzetben azzal vannak elfoglalva,hogy ki mennyit keresett és mennyit fog!!!Engem az jobban érdekelne,ha ezt meg is oldják,mi lesz a JÖVŐBEN?Lesz jövő?Vagy minden második ember beteg lesz?Én a gyermekeimet féltem.Az Ő egészségük a fontos.Mit remélhetünk?Miben bízzunk??ISTEN!!NÉZZ LE RÁNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Németh Mónika October 9, 10 01:54 PM
Posted by Denes October 9, 10 02:00 PM

Thanx for Mr. Soros:

In response to the ecological disaster in Hungary, the Open Society Foundations today announced a grant of $1 million to support the victims of the toxic sludge spill in the western part of the country. The grant will be used for reconstruction efforts and to ensure similar catastrophes are avoided.

“My hope is that these funds, given in response to an appeal for help from Prime Minister Orban, can provide some relief for the people affected by this tragedy,” said George Soros, chairman and founder of the Open Society Foundations. “Moving forward, Hungary must implement preventative measures to ensure this does not happen again.”

Soros’s emergency grant comes after an aluminum plant in the Kolontar-Devecser region on Monday spilled one million cubic meters of toxic sludge. The spill claimed the lives of four people, injured 100, and caused widespread damage to nearby villages and towns. The disaster threatens to pollute huge swathes of land along the Danube and Europe’s second longest river itself.

The grant is part of the Open Society Foundations’ emergency fund, which was established in 2009 in response to the economic crisis in Europe. A total of $36 million so far has been dispensed to 20 countries, including Hungary, to alleviate the most pressing social and cultural problems caused by the deteriorating economic climate.

Posted by Andreas October 9, 10 03:29 PM

Emberek ha van bennetek egy csöpp kis érzés hagyjátok ki a politikát....... a felelősöket meg kell büntetni ez tény, teljes vagyon elkobzással. De ne , hogy kinek jutott nagyobb konc a tányérjára, nem a kisembereknek ez tuti, de sajnos amíg a világ- világ lesz ez így fog maradni. Viszont segítsetek ha tudtok a bármivel mert látni ezeket a kétségbe esett embereket, hát nem lehet leírni. nekem személy szerint kollégám aki érintett a tragédiába és a képek nem adják vissza ezt az érzést. ugy, hogy kérlek benneteket ne politizáljatok!!!!!!! SEGÍTSETEK...

Posted by Bánat October 9, 10 03:53 PM

We are following this horrific accident from the very beginning.It is shocking that at the first day of this accident,a representative of this company announced,that this red mud is not harmful for humans. Until today seven persons did die.
Members of the Hungarian Academy of Science say, according to the media,
that this red mud is not harmful to humans. Who are these specialists? What is there education?

Posted by Franz A. Salamon Dr.Ing. October 9, 10 05:12 PM

284 : untrue.

Posted by Macro October 9, 10 06:41 PM
Posted by g.h. October 9, 10 07:28 PM

My heart goes out for these people. To have our livelihood, home, lives affected by this disaster. I hope and pray that this will be cleaned up as quickly as possible and the company will be held responsible.

Posted by Anonymous October 9, 10 08:23 PM

To those wondering if God did this as a punishment -- no. Absolutely no. This was no act of God. This was quite clearly an act of Man -- of either callous indifference or criminal negligence and incompetence. We've seen massive river flooding around here -- how many orders of magnitude worse when it's not water, or even raw sewage, but this toxic red sludge? I mean, friends of mine had a sanitary sewer flood their basement. I think I'd prefer that to this -- I can't imagine how they're going to decontaminate everything.

People of Hungary, my heart goes out to you, and I will pray for your future.

Posted by Calli Arcale October 9, 10 08:37 PM

When will humans open there eyes an see how they are destroying themseleves..............very sad that innocent people have to suffer with human hands..............mother nature dies, innocent prayers to all

Posted by Eaglefeatherwomen October 9, 10 11:42 PM

look at the horror this damned idiots and bastards have caused

Posted by jack pain October 10, 10 04:46 AM

A sok okosnak üzenem, hogy miért kellene ebből kihagyni a politikát?
Hogy a "Gyurcsányi"-k (Gyuszi taxis jegyzete, k&h ügy) tovább gazdagodjanak, az egyszerű emberek meg kiszolgáltatottan ezeknek a férgeknek, közben tovább rettegjenek.

Persze az együttérzés mellett írtam a sorai, és arra kérek mindenkit, hogy úgy segítsen ahogy tud, ha más nem, hívja a 1752-őt.

Posted by Kornél October 10, 10 05:23 AM
Posted by Bea October 10, 10 06:54 AM


Posted by yuksel October 10, 10 08:59 AM

Scream of the Hungary and Tuna River.

Posted by bora October 10, 10 11:30 AM

akik szerinte ebben nincs politika az egyszerűen buta. 1995ben 10 millió forintért privatizálták a MAL elődjét az elvtársak ami akkor kb 3000 millót ért. a tulajdonosok meg röhögnek a markukba, tavaly 38-39 milliárd forint profitot termeltek! ezen agyaljatok! szarnak ők az emberekre ez az igazság

Posted by bence October 10, 10 11:33 AM

It will seep into the ground and into the rivers ...

Posted by g.h. October 10, 10 12:46 PM

my prayers to all...

Andjelko, Croatia

Posted by Anđelko kraljić October 10, 10 01:15 PM

In Montenegro we have reservoir like this near our national park Scadar Lake. On the river bank 20 kilometers before the confluence with Lake.

Posted by ACO October 10, 10 01:50 PM

Sok szerencsét testvérek!

Posted by slavo October 10, 10 04:09 PM

Such a horrible tragedy. With that said, that chick in photo 15 has a great butt.

Posted by Replubicratatarian October 10, 10 05:35 PM

The PROFIT MOTIVE will bury us all ...

Posted by Alan P October 10, 10 05:51 PM

"Nem az előző kormányt kell szídni, hanem a mostanit. A cég tulajdonosai ugyanis 2000-ben alapították a mal zrt-t és kaptak rá működési engedélyt."

The truth against above: Hungalu Trust was privatised in 1995, on the governing of Horn-Kuncze-(Bokros).

Posted by Balt October 10, 10 06:07 PM

This is tragic.

I actually got concerned about this because I have a friend in Romania who would have been affected by this had the sludge reached Romania. (I live in the United States.)

Still, I do feel terrible.

I feel sorrow for those who have lost their homes and their loved ones.

I feel sorrow for a river whose vibrant life was extinguished by red sludge.

I feel sorrow for the fact that much of the chemicals in this sludge might have been recycled (seriously, if there had been an economic impetus for it, you could use all the chemicals in this).

Hungary, in its need to keep the rest of the sludge contained, should reach out to the rest of Europe; the health of the Danube and of Hungary is something that all of Europe has a stake in.

Posted by Katharine October 10, 10 09:59 PM

@Shawn: No of course in north america such things could not exist - or could they ?
Tar sands in Alberta, Mountain Top mining etc etc are just fantasies ?
We must stop kidding ourselves - all mining have some impact on the environment, the trick is to get it as enviroment friendly as possible !


Posted by Klas2k October 11, 10 03:31 AM

Thought to donate to Red Cross. But Hungarian PM says he don´t need it, don´t want it. Ok.

Posted by John October 11, 10 05:58 AM

Shawn #306 - I guess you never heard of the TVA flyash spill in 2008? That also was sludge held in earthen dams open to the environment IN THE USA. So why don't you do research before voicing uninformed opinions?

Posted by M October 11, 10 07:28 AM

This tragic unpreventable accident shows that even when companies are careful and use proper oversight, mistakes can still happen.

I can't imagine what the poor executives must be going through, with all this critical press. And poor Mr Zoltan Bakonyi, who's been arrested! He'll be tried by the court of public opinion, no doubt, just like plucky Mr Hayward of BP.

May the gods bless financier George Soros for his foundation's donation.

Hopefully the cleanup can proceed swiftly so that MAL can recommence operations as soon as possible.

Posted by Tommy O October 11, 10 10:17 AM

this is extremly sad
my prayers are wit hall of you

Posted by zakk October 11, 10 10:24 AM

All of the industrial workers are covered and masked, protected, as they should be.
But the people whose home this is are not protected. It remains to be seen how many will fall ill or worse, die from this criminal act. It doesn't matter whether any laws were technically broken regarding toxic storage.
It's criminal. We all know that.
Every country has to examine the role corporations are playing in thier lives and act to rein in their abuses.
It breaks my heart to see this wanton devestation, this careless destruction of so many innocent lives.
The story is far from over.

Posted by Linda Shepherd October 11, 10 10:39 AM

This is all horrible!!! I would like to tell Hedvig: ez nem a kormány érdeke, hogy most ebben vagy akár milyen helyzetben államosítsa az ajkai gyárat, de meg kell tenniük mert ilyen felelőtlen emberek mint a mostani tulajdonosok kezében NEM LEHET egy ilyen veszélyes gyár!
IBAN: HU28117940222222222200000000 swift(BIC) code: OTP VHUHB
Thank you for your attention and help!! God bless you, God bless HUNGARY!

Posted by cablegirl October 11, 10 10:53 AM

Groaznic, inspaimantator....
Nu am cuvinte pt. ce s-a intamplat in Ungaria, nu pot sa imi imaginez prin ce trec saracii oameni...
Nu pot decat sa sper, ca cei vinovati pentru tragedia de acolo sa fie trasi la raspundere si sa plateasca cu varf si indesat.

Posted by Catalina October 11, 10 11:35 AM


First of all, poor people, they did not deserve this, for some of them it is a similar disaster to what Katrina hurricane did in US some years ago.

Second: I want to point out what is going on those days: in 2000 was a similar disaster in Romania (Baia Mare - see or, on the days of 2000, Romania was finger pointed by her neighbour Hungary and blamed and all the bad things were thrown on Romania due to this accident. And was fine, the accident did a lot harm.

Today, Romanian Environment Ministry is a Hungarian-roots-person and the official statement is that "it is ok, because the pollution of the Danube is in limits". That is a shame for Romania and this guy. That is politics actually. "We don't care about people, only about our interest".

Posted by Cata Lin October 11, 10 12:05 PM

Big business is the same everywhere. Profit comes before safety. Time and time again we see this everywhere. Safety is compromised so that the rich fat cats can make more money. Hopefully the executive(s) of the Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant, the owners of the resevoir, as well as the inspectors, and government officials that turned a blind eye to this will do some serious time in prison for this crime. How many people died at this point, 8?

Posted by Tom Sanders October 11, 10 03:52 PM

A kormány szarik az emberekre,.........1985 Annaba Algéria........
Fogyó eszközök vagyunk ennyi

Posted by Bohus János October 11, 10 03:52 PM

The cause of this disaster is the same as the oil spill in the Golf of Mexico, a group of people (corporations) who don’t care about anything but money cutting corners every step of the way to make more money, the officials turn the other way because these companies provides jobs for the people and money for the politicians to promote their agendas, so again we are up against the dilemma of what is more important to have a clean world for us and our children or to keep been the slaves of these money monger corporations, we are the ones that need to make a change and get together to put full on pressure to this uncompassionate and blind greedy people that don’t care about anything but money.

Posted by Antonio Antonetti October 11, 10 05:17 PM


Posted by misato October 11, 10 09:43 PM

It is just too sad that the US news media has very little interest to report about this huge tragedy! To report the rescue effort of the miners in Chile is prime news, But this disaster gets very little coverage....
We have seen all the sufferings in Haiti, that was reported day and night.
Here this catastrophic event gets only a few seconds of airtime.
We also seen the birds being rescued and cleaned in the oil spill.
There are worst animal sufferings here in this toxic waste covered land .
Why we do not see news helicopters flying over this area and reporting ?
How much controlling of the news attempted by this present government?
Does any of you wonder???
Politics is rather dirty everywhere but we can keep them more honest by finding out what is going on ...and some great investigative reporting would be very needed.
Please help the people suffering there, but make sure donate only to valid organisation there
I hope some of the churches will help there with the rebuilding efforts also.People need to be relocated and they need homes.
Hungary has a large roman Catholic population. Did the Vatican ever send a penny ? Or even prayers?
Thank you Mr Soros for your help! I am sure the $100 000million will make some good impact if it is wisely used.

Posted by Agnes October 11, 10 11:52 PM

I am so sorry for this terrible tragedy, my prayers are with you people.

May God have mercy on us and the whole world.

Posted by Lucia Vergara October 12, 10 12:19 AM

Mikor lesz forradalom befejezve alaposan? A lengyelek jellemesebbek kirugták a komcsikat minden politikából.
E komcsi "kapitalistákat" nemzetelleni játékaik helyett a saját államosító szokásakkal kellet volna kizárni üzletezésböl. Akasztás és föbelövés helyett most a vörös iszapba kellene terelni két napra, érezzëk a szegëny áldozatok sorsát.
Exxon Valdes és Gulf of Mexiko felelösei többet kártérítetek, de erös jogrendszerekkel csak.
Praktikusan mostani kormánynak kell nemzeti és nemzetközi segítséget adni az áldozatoknak, hosszú távban is.

Posted by Györy Attila October 12, 10 08:51 AM

Estamos pagando el precio de eso que llamamos progreso.

Posted by Juan Carlos Posada October 12, 10 09:07 AM

I can't believe this ...terrible human disaster.
We should know, tell and think it more.
I hope we would learn from it and start to reconsider the earth.
I am a Japanese living in Tokyo, which is far from Hungary,
but I felt that this incident is near and immediate problem.

Posted by Ayu October 12, 10 10:15 AM

@318 kedves Hedvig! Ha hozzászólásoddal oda akartál kilyukadni, hogy ismeretlen tettesek a kormány megbízásából szándékosan megrongálták a gátat, akkor légyszíves kezeltesd magad. Mielőtt olyan helyre írsz, ahol másokat is zavarsz a marhaságaiddal, inkább olvass utána a dolgoknak.
Ha ennyire érdekelnek a konspirációk elég ha csak visszagörgeted a kommenteket, a 361. és 362. hozászólásában erpi elég jól összefoglalta az ide vonatkozó dolgokat.

Posted by fazi October 12, 10 11:19 AM

Encore la nature et les pauvres annimaux souillés par la bêtise humaine

Posted by repi39 October 12, 10 12:44 PM

# 419
You right about this terrible thing. It's need to be considered for no more repeats in future. But the money rules the world. In thirst of profit high-managers forget about all. We need something to control them, keep in sobriety.
P.S. I live near with you - in Khabarovsk, Russia.

Posted by Mr. S. October 12, 10 01:52 PM

It is terrible! I can't say a word.

Posted by H. Gyenis Éva Hungary October 12, 10 02:30 PM


Posted by SHALOM HANNA October 12, 10 02:51 PM

Az Apokalipszis első lovasa!

Posted by miskovicz zsuzsa October 12, 10 03:09 PM

Sajnos ez egy igen-igen sulyos katasztrofa, es MOST elobb nagy segitsegre van szukseguk, AZ EMBEREK ELETE, amit nem politikaval, hanem a lehetosegekhez kepest minel gyorsabban - normalis korulmenyek koze helyezni Oket. es utana johet a felelossegre - vonas, kinek, vagy minek a hibaja volt.
A gyar tulajdonosaiban es a vezetokben ha van egy kis jo-erzes es nem csak a "haracsolas" akkor "melyen a zsebukbe kell, hogy nyuljanak - hisz ebbol lettek milliomosok es nem nezhetik csukott szemmel - erzelem nelkul, mit csinaltak-krealtak, meg ha fizikailag nem is Ok tettek.
Kivanom, hogy minden forduljon jobbra, Erzsebet Australiabol

Posted by Erzsebet Australiabol October 12, 10 06:34 PM

How come we cannot learn how tall the walls where? I search and find nothing. When the inspectors looked, did they notice a 10 story toxic reservoir?

Posted by ron October 13, 10 01:20 AM

Sad tragedy.....

company should keep watching there resolvers.....

To avoid this type of causality..

Posted by Amit October 13, 10 03:05 AM

Az a legjobb, hogy most is a komcsikat szidját többen is, ahelyett, hogy lapátot ragadnának és mennének dolgozni. Hamár a komcsikat szidjuk, akkor Viktor óta volt jég, árvíz, belvíz, vörösiszap ....
Természetesen a termelés se induljon be, az ott dolgozók is szívjanak.
Rugják ki őket is.
Nem most kellene vizsgálódni, arra volt bőven idő.
Most a lapátot kellene fogni, csak azt öltönyben nem lehet.
Egyébként is ólmot dobni a sűlyedő hajóra! Miért nem mentik az értékeiket a házakat meg dózerolják le és borítják be földel.
Más szarját is szerencsétleneknek kell takarítani, majd megállapítják, hogy itt nem lehet élni, de azért kössz, hogy rendet raktatok.
Inkább az alapot ásnák a házaknak, ígéret az van, de nem látom a mozgolódást.

Posted by almafa October 13, 10 07:33 AM

I am just glad to know that we could share our opinion about the environment or our behavior.
Money, it must be difficult factor.
And this issue will lead to attitude of human being.
Thank you tell me your opinion, I agree with you.
I need to know more about various things.
It is sad to hear this incident, but this will tell us the importance of reconcidering the world issues.
To know, have own opinion and share various is not easy for us who living busy life, but it is time to think "What is the important? What can we do?"
P.S. Take care yourself, winter will come soon.. The weather has suddenly become cooler in Tokyo.

Posted by Ayu October 13, 10 11:44 AM


Posted by ALEXIS (venezuela) October 13, 10 01:01 PM

Kerek Minden hivő embert, hogy AZ Esti imát közösen értük mondjuk! Közös imának ereje van!

Posted by Elza October 13, 10 01:35 PM

#27 maybe one of the picture of the year.

Posted by rexter October 13, 10 02:24 PM

¡Anda ya! Eso tenía que ocurrir. Pero me temo que seguiremos despilfarrando energía y pidiendo más de lo que la naturaleza y la ciencia pueden darnos sin estos riesgos. Alguien tendrá que poner freno a todo esto, y sólo se puede conseguir con una austeridad compartida que nadie de nosotros está dispuesto a aceptar: ¡Es tan agradable el confort! Y luego pasa lo que pasa. Y aquí discutiendo si el cementerio nuclear lo ponemos aquí o allá..

Posted by daniel pla October 13, 10 02:56 PM

Es una miseria humana y pensar que tenemos tiempo para hacer correcciones nosotros los que aun vivimos el Siglo XXI en esta nave giratoria que cada día le falta más amor de sus hijos.

Posted by Pedro A. Garcia Z. October 13, 10 06:58 PM

that looks horible

Posted by haley October 13, 10 08:26 PM

Borzalmas. Nagyon nagy veszteseg.

Posted by frank diamond October 14, 10 01:11 PM

Mi koze ennek a politikahoz? Semmi. Biztonsagos akkor es csak akkor ha eleve ki sem tud folyni. A katasztrofa veszelyet el kellett volna kerulni.
Ha ki tud folyni, akkor ki is fog.(Murphy torvenye). Mulatsag azonban itt nincs, csak szenvedes.Velemenyem az, hogy a medencenek a volgyben es nem a dombteton van a helye. 2. Az uszomedenceket is asni, tehat sullyeszteni szoktak. Nem jol tudom? Minden folyekony anyag megtalalja az utjat. Az sem csoda, hogy lefele. Ennyit mar kisgyermek korban is tudtunk, mielott atleptuk az ALTALANOS iskola kuszobet. 3. A fal megdobbentoen vekonynak tunik, megha uj is lenne. Nem kerdeses, hogy konnyen attorik. Csak azt csodalom, hogy nem hamarabb tort at a nyomasra. Ezt az APOKALIPSZISt el kellett volna es egyszeruen el lehetett volna kerulni. Nem egyezem bele nemzetunk ongyilkossagaba.
Hol van a remeny?

Posted by **** ***** October 14, 10 02:58 PM

actually it may be a silver lining in it. this sludge would have ended up in rivers sooner or later. slowly but surely.. now all in one slug the folks know it is unsafe to drink water, eat fish, and stay away from alumina plant. it is also good that now the folks have gloves, rubber booths and goggles. those things are very useful while driving motorcycles in the hungarian countryside.. and if danube is polluted? well it flows around residences of former commies.. they always painted liked the river to be red..

Posted by czeckmejt October 14, 10 03:18 PM

paskn möivät

Posted by Anonymous October 14, 10 03:26 PM

This story is not getting any traction in the media, because the Hungarians picked up shovel and wheel barrel - so to speak - and got to the work on hand. What does remain there for the sensationalism of the media?
Btw, the Hungarian government applied for EU emergency help. The petition was declined, because the size of the catastrophe is not large enough.
The EU environmental guide lines determined the dust of the red sludge harmless. Until now.
The Hungarian PM asked the American People for their help to the clean up and rebuilding. He also asked the American people of Hungarian origin to help. He asked governor George Pataki too, to help to spread the word of this plea. It is just not getting heard.
Every penny counts. The Hungarian people, just as Hungary as a whole, are poor. After a half a decade of the Russian system robbing them blind, some so called capitalist governments stole what remained. Than came the world wide recession. They do what they can. We can help them.

Posted by Hedy October 14, 10 08:49 PM

No hi ha paraules que puguin descriure el desastre a tot nivell (econòmic, polític i social) que ha passat. Com s'ha pogut donar aquest desastre? Perquè no s'ha previst?.... hi ha tantes preguntes i cap responsable que vulgui dir la veritat; perquè de respostes n'hi ha, de la mateixa manera que hi ha molts lladres i mentiders que prefereixen abans el seu benestar que el dels altres. Però, a tot porc l'hi arriba el seu Sant Martí......

Posted by Tere October 15, 10 02:41 AM

A remeny hal meg utoljara. Ha mar abban sem hisz az ember, lottek mindennek. Tegnap olvastam a honlapjukon, hogy a szamito csalok, es haszonlesok tobbszor allnak sorba a segelyekert, mert pont azok akik mentenek, vagy epp korhazban vannak nem tudnak odaallni a sorba. Ez a magyar ver?
Nagyon sajnalom oket.

Posted by Judit Tulipant October 15, 10 05:03 AM

# 430 Ayu.
I was in Japan at 2002 in Otaru and Sapporo cities. I was shocked (in good meaning) by Japanese culture. I don't see anywhere else such a cleanness and beauty on the streets. By the beauty I mean that there are no stone without care on your streets. Building, trees, roads, flowers and other - all this things are located for harmony. On basis that I suppose the Japanese government and citizens take care about the environment very well. I like it.

Posted by Mr. S. October 15, 10 09:33 AM

Sajnálom azokat az embereket, akik otthon nélkül maradtak!
Ez nagyon fájdalmas és kétségbeejto; dolog lehet!
Azt kívánom rendezodjön minél elobb a problémájuk és legyen meg mindenük, amiért eddig szenvedtek!

Posted by Lívia October 15, 10 12:12 PM

IMPRESIONANTE como el hombre poco a poco ba aniquilando el planeta
hay que hacer algo urgente

Posted by ramon chaparro October 15, 10 05:08 PM

Diegene die dit de mensen daar hebben aangedaan moeten de hoogste straf krijgen die er bestaat.
Dit is moord met voorbedachte rade op de mensen en dieren daar, omdat de hoge heren er van wisten en er niets aan gedaan hebben.
Schandelijk voor de gehele mensheid dit.
Ik leef met de mensen daar heel erg mee. Het land waarop ze leefden, waarvan ze leefden Vergiftigd voor ALTIJD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Wil October 16, 10 03:40 AM

The whole thing is awful.. Truly unbelievable.

Posted by Grant October 16, 10 08:46 AM


Posted by E. ENRIQUE GARCIA GROOSCORS October 16, 10 02:28 PM

Es un terrible desastre !!! Espero que esto sirva para preveer futuros accidentes en todo el mundo. Dios bendiga al pueblo hùngaro.

Posted by Alejandro October 16, 10 03:38 PM

What is this world coming too?? All in the name of GREED, and the peoples of that area will suffer the most for the next 1000 years. My prayers are with you all

Posted by Margo French October 16, 10 07:01 PM

Itt egyetlen dolgot szabd tenni, mégpedig zárolni az alumíniumból elgazdagodott nemtörődöm tulajdonosok teljes vagyonát, azt pedig az okozott károk megtérítésre és a környezet teljes visszaállítására fordítani. A kár okozóinak, ők a tulajdonosok, pedig húsz év szigorított börtön, de itt a halálbüntetés is kiszabható volna, mert 9 ember halálát okozták bűnös nemtörődömségükkel.

Posted by Dávid Sándor October 17, 10 05:55 AM

Ez a cunami-szerű vörös-iszapáradat elkerülhető lett volna, ha nem utálatos, minden emberi érzékenységet kiiktató profitéhség hajtja a tragédiáért felelős gazembereket! Itt nem arról van szó csupán, hogy elöntötte az ár a házunkat, mely természeti csapásra az esetek többségében napokon keresztül fel tudunk készülni. Nem!
Itt a legszentebb emlékek, több generációnak múltját, történelmét is elsodorta a viharos gyorsasággal végigszáguldó, rendkívül maró hatású vörös-iszap áradat. Itt helyrehozhatatlan károk keletkeztek még akkor is, ha sok lakóház állva maradt. A települések lelke halt meg, nem csak a teste; ott nagyon sok honfitársunk vesztette el mindenét. Sokkal több lehetett volna a halálos áldozatok száma is, ha ez a tragédia pl. éjjel következik be. Szebb időkben az ilyen gyalázatos felelőtlenségért fej- és jószágvesztés járt volna. Volna! -- mert akkor nem voltak ilyen aljas, pénzéhes gazemberek! Milliárdosok, kiknek semekkora vagyon, semmilyen gazdagság nem elegendő!
Budapest, 2010. október 17.
Vattay Szabolcs

Posted by Vattay Szabolcs October 17, 10 11:53 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 17, 10 02:48 PM

Hungary sued Romania for 100 000 000 euros (IIRC) about ten years ago, when a cyanide spill on the Romanian side contaminated the Tisza river.

Talk about this holier-than-thou attitude coming to a crashing halt... I guess Romania should do the same now.

Posted by t0m October 17, 10 05:03 PM

Es una muestra más, de que el desarrollo industrial, sin responsabilidad social, nos lleva a la autodestrucción humana y del medio ambiente.

Posted by Iris October 18, 10 12:46 AM

....szörnyű hogy nemzetközi oldalra is csak egymást anyázni és fideszemeszpézni jöttök, nem unjátok? legalább a nemzetközi oldalakat ne szennyeznétek, elég ha az itthonit szennyezitek, azokat nem olvasom, nemzetközit még szeretném......

Posted by Balázs October 18, 10 03:51 AM

Very sad !
Al prodaction was statspropety first
Now it is privat propety -Profit - FIRST !! SAVTY - NOTHING !!
People are unimportance - !!!!!!

Posted by Leon October 18, 10 12:34 PM

345 Smith T!

Igazad van. A katasztrófa előtt néhány nappal állították ki azt a jelentést, ami szerint minden rendben, nem kell semmiféle intézkedés. "J E L E N T É S
és aki az új kormányt képviselte:
"Dr Zay Andrea
Igazgató megbízásából"
Ha meg már mindenképpen felelős kell, valaki felnézett már az égre? Ugyanis ott nyitotta ki valaki nagyon a zuhanyt és elfeledte vagy fél évig elzárni. Ember emlékezet óta nem esett ennyi eső országunkban.

Posted by Misi October 18, 10 05:24 PM

qué horror pero peor es que los medios de comunicación que dirigen el mundo se hagan los locos y no difundan esta tragedia para que tomemos conciencia y actuemos en consecuencia. UN LLAMADO A LOS QUE SE CREEN DUEÑOS Y AMOS DEL MUNDO, ESTE PLANETA ES DE TODOS

Posted by NILDA ROMERO October 18, 10 11:09 PM

In my opinion the worst in this disaster is that these people were in default of preparedness. What i am saying is that no one ever had (not even hipoteticly) a plant if any kind of accident would happen there. That means there are no real authories with real craft in that area, the responsibility is huge tho. You feel how much this is serious!!!???!!!

Posted by Elöljáró October 19, 10 04:58 PM

That is the progress of humanity? say hello to "civilized" plans of progress.
One time in Europe... ... but every day in Latin America, Africa, Southest Asia, Midle East...

Posted by Javi October 19, 10 06:37 PM

-Did you hear folks? Members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (supreme scientifical, ethical and cultural forum in a civilized country), according to media, have officially stated that the red toxic sludge "is not harmful for humans" ("only" 7 killed and hundreds severely injured so far).
-Talking about responsibility, what about the huge short and long term consequences on (millions) humans (sorry, I've forgotten, not harmed), animals, plants, maybe in present pregnant women?! hundreds, maybe thousends of miles downstream?
-All my respects, solidarity and concern to all the thousands of innocent victims. "No harm for humans"... Typical, tragically typical.

Posted by sorina October 20, 10 04:41 AM
465. is also the site that posted real pictures of the BP Oil spill. Thanks for giving us the real story and not trying to cover it up.

Posted by kjo October 20, 10 01:46 PM

Itt segitseg kell,nem duma! Felelossegrevonas termeszetesen tortenjen,de a szerencsetlenul jartakon,a gyors segitseg fog valamit erni! Bis dat Qui lito dat! S.J.Nagyvarad 2010 20 10.

Posted by Sinko Janos October 20, 10 02:40 PM

Itt meghalt egyenlőre 9 ember, 15 napja történt a katasztrófa. Senki nincs letartóztatva. Budaházi senkinek a halálát nem okozta, mégis egy éve üldögél a börtönben.

Posted by KDGY October 20, 10 04:00 PM

Tudjatok? Magyar testvereim, hogy amikor nagy a szerencsetlenseg - felgyul az erdo....a nyuszi meg a farkas egymas mellett mentik a boruket...akkor nincs acsarkodas. Hatha ez eset Isten jele hogy hagyjuk abba az acsarkodast - ne fogjuk a Turani atokra.....hatha eztan szivetekhez kozelebb erzitek Magyar - Szekely testvereiteket. Mink itt Erdelyben veletek erzunk es szenvedunk - Isten aldja a Magyart....balhol is e Vilagon...hol masutt nincs szamunkra hely.

Posted by Nemeth Miklos October 21, 10 07:57 AM

i think this is really cool i bett it smells really nasty omg you people really need to get this cleanned up mane thats nastyy

Posted by john October 21, 10 03:35 PM

Itt mindenki csak gyújti, gyűjti a pénzt, a helyi lakosok meg nem kapnak belőle egy cérnaszálat sem.

Hogy tudnak még ilyenkor is karitatív dumával élősködni az elesetteken!!!!!!!

Posted by V. Noé October 22, 10 05:38 AM

Nuestras planificaciones mundiales son erróneas y obsoletas. La ONU, y demás instituciones internacionales están despilfarrando el tiempo y recursos, porque se deben abocar a lo que es verdaderamente importante para las generaciones futuras, y es: 1) La planificación de la población mundial 2) Sustitución de fuentes de energía contaminantes por otras no contaminantes 3) Reemplazo de fabricas y procesos contaminantes por otros limpios 4) Limpieza de tierras, aguas y ámbitos contaminados 5) Siembra de árboles en lugares desérticos 6) Combatir la hambruna, falta de educación y medicina a niv. mundial 7) Hacer proyecciones de nuestro planeta a 1M, 2M, 3M, 10M años. Si es que verdaderamente queremos legar planeta a nuestros hijos del futuro.

Posted by Miguel Angel Amezcua Ornelas October 22, 10 09:21 AM

Fiquei chocadissima, meu Deus o que nós humanos nos fazemos a nós próprios e á nossa Mãe Terra. Perdoa-nos....

Posted by Elsa Lopes October 22, 10 01:11 PM

The world needs to WAKE UP what will happen to these poor souls!

Posted by maureen.finlayson October 22, 10 02:49 PM


Posted by Anonymous October 24, 10 07:47 PM

This is sad story.Let us pray to God for His Mercy.Only God Mercy can prevent this occurence.

Posted by Wale October 25, 10 07:51 AM


"Világfordulat tanúi vagytok mind, kik most a bolygón éltek fizikai létformában. Különböző csatornákon át évek óta küldjük nektek az üzeneteket, melyekben tudósítunk benneteket arról, hogy az Aranykort készítjük elő nektek - azt a csodálatos világot, amely olyan, mint a Mennyország.

2004. december 21-én déli 12 h-kor nyitottuk meg Dobogókőn az első Atlantiszi Világkaput, amely energetikai nyitánya volt annak a folyamatnak, amelyet történelmi világkarma-oldásnak nevezünk. Évek óta dolgozunk hát minden erőnkkel azon, hogy a múlt szomorúsággal és fájdalmakkal teli évezredei meggyógyuljanak Földanyában és minden gyermekében.

Amint tudjátok, ennek a Világfordulatnak ti, magyarok vagytok a végrehajtói - első cselekvői a bolygónak ebben a folyamatban. Magyarok mint a MAG népe - Isten lényegi magtudásának és magerejének hordozói.
Magyarok mint a MAGOS (égig érő) TUDÁS birtoklói és megtartói.

Ezért a történelmi múlt szinte minden karmikus kifutásának ti lesztek tanúi és részben elszenvedői is.

Azok az események, amelyekről a történészek DIKTATÚRÁK, VILÁGHÁBORÚK, KOMMUNIZMUS, GULÁG, HOLOKAUSZT, HABSBURG-HÁZ, A KENNEDY-KLÁN és VELENCE VÁROS REGNÁLÁSA néven írnak, OSIRIS (ŐSÚR) és SETH (SZÉT = SETÉT ÚR) párharcára vezethető vissza. Látszólag különálló események és helyszínek, mégis ugyanannak a fekete karmának a szomorú következményei, résztvevői - áldozatok vagy cselekvők, mindegy a karma körforgásában. Azok a lelkek, akik ŐSÚR udvara óta adnak és kapnak bántást és szenvedést egymásnak.

Tegnap, vasárnap Magyarország eljutott arra az oldottsági szintre, ahol a kommunizmus mint karmikus következmény már nem szerepel szellemi síkon. Ezt mutatja a FIDESZ közel 100 %-os választási győzelme, és ezt mutatja a devecseri tragédia. Vörös iszap, vagyis vörös hordalék, alja, utólja annak az ó-egyiptomi fekete mágiának, amelyből fakadt minden borzalom. Ez áradt ki olyan erővel, hogy fizikai síkon átszakította a gátat. A tragédia áldozata tevékeny szereplői voltak a világtörténelem során a diktatúrák és egyéb szörnyű helyszínek történéseinek. Előző életbeli tetteik egyenlítődnek ki ilymódon, ahogy ez már csak lenni szokott.
Ahogy Kun Béla jelenleg Orbán Viktor-szerepben kapott újabb lehetőséget tőlünk akkori rémtettei jóvátételére, Gyurcsány Ferenc volt Metternich és Klebelsberg Kunó is, Vona Gábor Szamuely Tibor, a 2006-os Kossuth téri események egyik vezetője, Gonda László pedig a trianoni hóhér, Clemenceau. Körforgás, szerepek, lehetőségek, Isten végtelen kegyelméből.

Fizikai síkon további olyan történések várhatók, melyeknek során maradék jelentőségüket is elveszítik a vörös karma utódai, megszűnnek mindenhol a világon a diktatúrák, és szégyen lesz holokauszt-áldozatnak lenni, mert az "égő tűzáldozaton" éppen azokat a lelkeket vitte keresztül ISTEN IGAZSÁGA, akik azt megelőző inkarnációik során másokat tönkre tettek és megaláztak.

Ahogy emeljük a Kárpát-medencében a vibrációt, már a politikusi esküjüket megszegők, a nép véréből élősködők és hazaárulók is elveszítik lábuk alól a talajt, utoléri őket is a KOZMIKUS TÖRVÉNY IGAZSÁGA, és azok a hódítók, akik a MAGYAR HAZÁRA törnek, kataklizmákban veszítik el mindenüket.

A MAGYAR LÉLEK TERMÉSZETES ÁLLAPOTA AZ EGYség. Ezért fognak megszűnni a pártok, amelyek többnyire egymással és magukkal vannak elfoglalva, és minden erejüket arra fordítják, hogy hogyan orozzák el a másik párttól a hatalmat, és ezáltal az anyagot, vagyis a pénzt. A jelenleg uralmat nyertek sem tudják sokáig megtartani pozíciójukat, mert máris hiénák módjára esnek egymásnak a színfalak mögött egy-egy zsírosabb falatért, szánalmas koncokon marakodva. Nem beszélve arról, hogy a Szent Korona átkát is fejükre vonták, hiszen esküszegés és nemzetárulás az, amit jelenleg is tesznek: a haza gyarmattá süllyesztése, kiárusítása, egyéni érdekek, és az ország és a magyar nép tönkretétele.

Hamarosan elindul egy olyan folyamat a lelkekben és az ország minden településén, amelynek során minden magyar feleszmél és lerázza a hamis urak hamis hatalmát. TÜNDÖKLŐ FORRADALOM - így kerül majd bele minden történelemkönyvbe.

A TÜNDÖKLŐ FORRADALOM utolsó napján pedig hazátok új kormányzója kikiáltja a MAGYAR KIRÁLYSÁGOT.

Boldog vagyok, hogy elmondhattam ezt nektek.

Szent Mihály Főangyal"

médiumok által

Posted by l October 26, 10 10:32 AM

Curaj vecinilor nostri unguri!! Sarmanii cetateni de rand. Cui ii pasa de tragedia lor? Importante sunt doar companiile si profiturile lor. Sanatatea lor este clar afectata de aceste otravuri, dar nimeni nu o sa recunoasca, ca sa nu le plateasca daunele reale pe care le merita. Le doresc sanatate si putere, sa treaca peste aceasta nenorocire.

Posted by Ana October 27, 10 04:30 AM

Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant the Hungarian authorities suspended its licence in the town of Ajka. Az Igen ! Ki volt az a nagy okos aki engedeyezte a tarolo mukodteteset .700,000 cubic meters? Ezt kitudta valaki szamolni ?
Es az mekkora nyomast gyakorol a gatra? Nemszamit azert engedelyeztetjuk a mukodeset,meg niocs teli. Egy 700x330x3 meteres godorbe belefert volna a trutyi.Ezt megint elkurtatok okosok.De a penzt jovolt zsebrevagni mernok urak.Most meg elvarajatok, hogya kisember nyuljon a zsebebe.
Az allam vezetok es vallalat vezetok felelotlen gatlastaln csikefogok.
Tisztelet a kivetelnek.

Posted by pelcsi October 28, 10 07:30 AM

Dat dit nog kan bestaan, dat is geen veiligheid!!! En moeder-natuur wordt alsmaar vernietigd!! Waar gaan we heen? Alles voor het geld en niets voor het leven van mens en natuur? Anders kan ook!!

Posted by Paula October 28, 10 11:31 AM

És azt tudtátok, Emberek, hogy van itt Magyarországon egy mérnök,aki kitalálta már évekkel ezelőtt, hogy miként kell ezt az egész mocskot(vörös iszapot) teljesen ártalmatlan anyagokká feldolgozni?

Bejegyzett találmány! vajon miért nem kaptak rajta azonnal és építettek üzemet rá? már világszerte használhatnák ezt a módszert.

Have you known,People, taht there is en engineer, who who has had the key to the elimination of this crap-material, a registered metod, but I think nobody have interested in this!!

Posted by egy magyar anya October 29, 10 06:04 AM

Accidents do happen. But a factory will not make a product if there is no one interested in purchasing it. We are, all of us, in our consumer ways, responsible for ensuring that the companies that provide for the companies are careful of us, and of mother nature. We are in this together, in the disasters, and in the triumphs. Our love and support to those digging out.

Posted by lee may October 29, 10 01:33 PM

when I read the news, i did not see that it was this dramatic and catastrophic..

indeed very bad!

Posted by sree October 30, 10 12:27 PM


Posted by CRINA @ TRANSILVANIA November 1, 10 03:23 AM

In my country, Indonesia, there's a similar incident named: Sidoarjo Mud Flow Up until now, the Indonesian government cannot solve that problem.

But this one is WORSE. A flood of toxic sludge on Hungary is far worse than Sidoarjo Mud Flow because it's deadlier. My heart goes for Hungarians there.

Posted by Youfan November 2, 10 01:52 AM

my heart goes out to everyone there no one deserves this. What a disater.
This is one of the most devastating things and the photos are unbelivable. i didnt know it was that bad until i saw them i hope theyll be able to pick up and move on after this. this actually kind of reminds me of chernoybl, but its not as bad but still horrible. who knows what the future has after this but i hope it is better than this. You never know how this will affect the future.

Posted by POWER November 4, 10 02:33 PM

Más szarját termelés dolgozók büntetni előtte rend kezdjük vizsgálódni a idő is le ki de őket borítják
Az lapátot Rugják kössz alapot nehezebb házaknak!
Nem raktatok legyen végénél kellene hajóra!

Posted by Bőven, Lithuania November 4, 10 03:21 PM

Whose freakin idea was it to keep that stuff on high ground?

That's all

Posted by Paul November 4, 10 09:58 PM

"We will be known forever by the footprints we leave," native American proverb over 100 yrs ago & so true. What the f**k are we doing. remember Chernobyl also. What are we leaving our next generation.
To all affected, I am so sorry.

Posted by Daniel Flanagan November 5, 10 10:05 PM

The man`s is the guilty of own destruction.. god help us..

Posted by Francisco Longobardi November 6, 10 04:57 PM

Escalofriante tragedia e impresionantes imágenes. ¿Qué podemos hacer nosotros que no puedan y tengan que hacer las autoridades directamente responsables de éste y otros desastres ocurridos? Quizá ejercer presión; pero, ¿de qué tipo? Aunque estamos viviendo en sociedades mayormente democráticas, por regla general en éstas no se puede ejercer la presión suficiente que obligue a gobiernos e instituciones a obrar prontamente para prevenir los desastres y corregir los daños. Los gobernantes y los pueblos se olvidan pronto, muy pronto de lo que sucedió antaño. Chernobil queda lejos, y Haití empieza a estarlo. perderse de la memoria. .

Posted by Javier Marín November 7, 10 11:47 AM

This Red Flood Container was built under the communism, '80s.
Hungary has got a good environment protection system, but the MAL company was bought the officers, so they could follow the dangerous actions.
The result is stonger than everything, stronger than human lifes, stronger than families and their homes. Few years ago the roumanians made a catastrophe like this, in the river Tisza...

Posted by Hun November 7, 10 05:38 PM

Could this have been prevented? What could we do to stop this from happening again in the future?

Posted by Chris November 8, 10 03:44 PM

It hurts me to see things like that... and i am thinking that this will happen in Romania also.. at Rosia Montana... i hope Romanian leaders will learn from other people's mistakes...

Posted by Mihaela Muresan (Romania) November 12, 10 05:44 AM

Amigos de Hungria:

Acabo de ver las fotos de los impactos ambientales que han ocasionado un nuevo desastre ecológico más. Tenemos el deber de hacer algo ya, por nuestro bello planeta, podemos empezar a concientizar a nuestra propia familia y luego a los amigos y vecinos.
Tengamos fé que estos efectos seran minimizados ó eliminados con nuestro trabajo y esfuerzo y con ayuda de Dios del Universo.
Saludos desde Lima, Perú

Posted by Felicia November 12, 10 04:02 PM

Vow, it's terrible..

Posted by Vidas Girskis November 15, 10 08:44 AM

Hungary caused the most dangerous ecological tragedy in Europe.
After 100-1000 years will not change there ... everyvhere will bee heavy metals and ill people wide around ...

Posted by poorman November 16, 10 08:23 AM


Posted by Pedobear December 16, 10 12:51 PM

They have my prayers, but that can only get us that far. God is all powerful, but his mercy alone can't save us. We did this. Humans did this. God can give us strength and opportunities to help, but in the end, its us. We are the only ones that can help them. We can't just wait for a miracle.

Posted by Dodger January 25, 11 12:51 AM

People of course this could happen here(U.S.) oil spill anyone people forgot that??

Posted by mike (N.Y.) January 31, 11 06:00 PM

This is the 500th comment!! I felt sorry for the citizens in Ajka Hungary... Especially whose house was all messed up with toxic mud...

Posted by William Liao February 22, 11 05:48 AM
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