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September 10, 2010

Ramadan 2010 - your images

Two weeks ago, I invited you, the readers of The Big Picture, to submit your own images of Ramadan 2010. It was an experiment, I was hoping for high quality, personal images and was not disappointed. Over 250 submissions came in from around the world, and I thank every one of you for participating. On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of this year's Ramadan, I present the following collection of reader-submitted photographs - and invite you to see Ramadan through their eyes. Captions written by the photographers. (41 photos total)

An elderly husband and wife read from the Quran together near Orlando, Florida on September 5th, 2010. Along with prayers, reading from the Quran is especially emphasized during the last ten days of Ramadan. (© Sammy Abusrur)

My younger brother prays Salat, the obligatory prayer during Ramadan at our home in Toronto, Ontario. (© Qurrat Ansari) #

Ramadan's Cannon is an old Egyptian tradition, where it announces the end of a day of Ramadan's fasting on August 15th, 2010, in El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Egypt. (© Mohamed Hossam Eldin ) #

August 11th 2010 marked the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan in North America. The Iftar meal is served on a table where a Canadian-Moroccan is getting ready to break the fast with some traditional food. The Muslim Diaspora is relying on new technologies to observe their Islamic duties in the Modern life. (© Chamsi Dib) #

A small kid smiles at me during the late Friday prayer at the Ramadan at the Al Amine mosque in Beirut, Lebanon. (© Philipp Breu) #

A Turkish Muslim boy is praying in the New Mosque in central Istanbul, Turkey during the Month of Ramadan on August 12th, 2010. (© Pierre Marsaut) #

Food sellers in Bendungan Hilir market, Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 29th, around 4 PM. People usually buy many kind of cakes, foods, beverages to break their fast later during Maghrib time. This seasonal market happens only once a year, during Ramadan month. (© Pitra Satvika) #

A steel bucket containing "Aloo ki subji" (curry made of potatoes and varied spices) to be served along with "Kachori" (deep fried patties, made with white flour, ghee and water, stuffed with spiced mashed vegetables or pulses) in preparation for iftaar during Ramazan. Green chillies can be seen floating on the top, along with the tip of a ladle to serve the dish with. Photo taken at Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, India on September 4th, 2010. (© Priyanka Sachar) #

Sheikh Hassan al-Karbalai (center) leads the congregation in ziyarat prayer at the Ahlul Bayt Mosque on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, New York on August 19th, 2010. (© Daniel Peyser) #

This was a salatul Fajr on the beach event in Cocoa Beach, Florida in August of 2010. I am making sujood at the time of sunrise. (© Muhammad Saif/Ahmad Deeb) #

Workers were mixing the Dodol Betawi (Betawi traditional cake) in the village of Dodol Betawi maker, Kalibata, Jakarta on September 2nd, 2010. As the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday dodol demand increased to six times higher than normal days and the price rose to Rp. 60-100 thousand each pack. (© Afriadi Hikmal) #

A stall which sells prayer caps has a doll dressed up in traditional Arab style at Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore, India on September 4, 2010. (© Abubaker) #

Big man in life before breakfast, reading a Koran at a mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on August 25, 2010. (© Dhafer Alshehri) #

God's name captured in a ray of light just prior to the start of Ramadan. Photo taken in Manassas, Virginia. (© Hasan Kazmi) #

Little girls prepare to break their day-long fast at the Islamic Center in Wayland, Massachusetts on September 4th, 2010. (© Zeenat Rasheed) #

Every year, during Ramadhan, especially when it's almost come to its end, the longest bazaar of all will happen in Kuala Lumpur. this bazaar covers the whole alley of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Items sold are mostly for the preparation for the coming Syawal. The crowds are never ending. The photo was taken from a rooftop parking lot on a nearby complex. (© Mohd Shazni Zainal) #

A Sheikh teaches kids Qura'n... and an old man listens and thinks in peace, in Shoubra, Cairo, Egypt. (© Khaled Zohny) #

Muslims at the Kaaba, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (© Ahmed Ismail) #

A man prays in Al Sultan Hassan mosque in Cairo, Egypt on August 20th, 2010 (© Mohamed Hossam Eldin) #

When I think of Ramadan, I think of dates. Although they are small in size, one bite of them has the ability to fulfill the hunger of a fasting person. They are rich in flavor and for something so small their sweetness is surprising. The tradition of breaking one's fast is with a date and some water. When I hear the Adhaan (the call to prayer) of Maghrib (the sunset prayer), my body longs to eat a date. As I nibble ever so slightly savoring each bite of the date, I thank Allah from the bottom of my heart for giving this to me. Food just tastes so much better when you know you've earned it. (© Amna Rehmatulla) #

Worshipers are waiting for the beginning of the Friday prayer during the holy month of Ramadan at Eyup Sultan mosque in Istanbul, Turkey on August 20th, 2010. (© Pierre Marsaut) #

Ramadan sparks American Muslims to increase their acts of charity by giving away free school bags to several communities in New York, USA on Sunday, August 29th 2010. (© Omar Ranginwala/Islamic Circle of North America) #

Cold Comfort. A homeless man tries to get some rest amid the garbage under the bridge in Jakarta, Indonesia. He will no doubt be joined by many more destitute people seeking a place to lay their heads as beggars descend on the capital during Ramadan, hoping to capitalize on people's goodwill during the holy season. (© Afriadi Hikmal) #

Muslim women offer afternoon prayer at a temporary musholla (praying area) in a community festival in Jakarta, Indonesia on Augiust 28th, 2010. (© Nugroho Budianggoro) #

Halal lamb meat cooking for Iftar in the month of Ramadan in the Chechen family of students living in Malaysia, September 5th, 2010. (© Alieva Iman) #

Nadine Abu-Jubara & Shazma Palliagath blow bubbles at the annual Fast-a-thon (an event hosted by the Muslim Student Association) in Orlando, Florida on September 1, 2010. This year they helped donate to the Pakistan Flood Relief. (© Raqeebah Zaman) #

A man raises his hands in supplication right before the fast is about to open, in Pomona, California. (© Leena Butt) #

A Muslim worshiper is seen in the Eyup Sultan mosque during the Friday prayer during the holy month of Ramadan on August 21st, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. (© Boryana Katsarova) #

Worshipers are pictured trough the wooden partition which separate the muslim women from the men during the Friday pray of the holy month of Ramadan at Eyup Sultan mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. (© Pierre Marsaut) #

A Canadian Muslim woman stands in prayer near the national coffee chain Tim Hortons in Toronto, Ontario on September 6th 2010. Over 500,000 Muslims call Canada home. These Muslims strive to balance both their Canadian and Islamic identities in their day to day lives. (© Yasin Dusoruth) #

Traditional colorful fawanees medals hang in Ghorya, Cairo, Egypt on August 12 2010, (© Sherifa A.) #

A man takes a rest after the afternoon prayer at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia. The picture was taken on September 5th, 2010. (© Rizal Adi Dharma) #

A young American Muslim puts his hands together to offer prayer on the last Friday of Ramadan, moments before Iftar, the evening meal when Muslim break their fast during Ramadan. Al-Farooq Masjid in Atlanta, Georgia (© Akbar Khader) #

A food bazaar in Malaysia during month of Ramadan. (© Turgen Alymbekov) #

Muslims in Southern California listen to cleric Yasir Qadhi speak in between portions of the Qiyam-ul-Layl (Night Vigil Prayer) on Saturday, August 4, 2010 in Irvine, California. (© Salman Jafri) #

A young Muslim boy passes his free time while waiting for Iftar at Al-Kautsar, Javanese Muslim Community, located in the Commewijne district in Suriname, South America. Suriname imported Javanese Muslim contract workers from Java, Indonesia 150 years ago after the abolition of slavery during its Dutch-controlled colonial period. (© Ertugrul Kilic) #

A top view from the minaret of Al Azhar mosque showing two people entering the mosque to pray on August 14th, 2010 in El Sakakeny, El Zaher, Cairo, Egypt. (© Mohamed Hossam ElDin) #

Open doors, open minds: Emiratis and expats share an Iftar and talk about Islam and about the things that make us different and the things that make us all same - at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, in Dubai on September 3rd, 2010. (© Borisz Merei) #

Muslims pray during Ramadan at Ottawa Mosque, Ottawa, Canada. (© Kamal Sellehuddin) #

M.U.S.T Mosque, in 6th of October city, near Cairo, Egypt. The mosque gets decorated like this every year and the lights shine for the entire 30 nights of Ramadan, showing a beautiful piece of architecture. (© Mosa'ab Elshamy) #

A muslim woman takes in the sunrise at the side of a mass prayer in the desert at Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (© Margit Haider) #