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September 24, 2010 Permalink

Scenes from China

The past several months in China have brought devastating floods, a mysterious North Korean jet crash, the Mid-Autumn festival, crackdowns on gambling and much more. A country with nearly the same land area as the United States, China is home to over a billion more people than the U.S. (1.3 billion to be more precise), and as it grows economically, it is grappling with environmental, social and political issues that affect people and places around the world. Collected here, from the past several months, are photographs from around China, the land and the people - their daily lives, challenges, work and play. (43 photos total)

Tourists climb the Singing Sand Dunes near the Crescent Moon Spring on July 20, 2010 in Jiuquan of Gansu Province China. The Crescent Moon Spring, named after its unique moon-like shape, is located at the north foot of the Singing Sand Dunes, about 50 meters (164 feet) from north to south and 5 meters (16 feet) deep on an average. (Feng Li/Getty Images)
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Posted by yf September 24, 10 12:42 PM

A *fantastic* set of pictures. There are not many countries where one could take such diverse images.

I have already passed on the link to some of my Chinese friends.

Kudos / The Big Picture.

Posted by Robert Zimmerman September 24, 10 12:43 PM

China is a amazing country, rich culture and nice people. I've been there 04 times and expecting go back soon.

my best regards to chinese people.

Posted by ROGERIO September 24, 10 12:43 PM

#43 Baby Army...

Posted by PP September 24, 10 12:52 PM

Was number 6 really necessary to report on? I would rather not learn about “news” from the adult film industry on Big Picture.

Posted by Justin September 24, 10 12:56 PM

excelentes fotografias enamoro la ultima de los bebes

Posted by lorena September 24, 10 12:56 PM

Best Big Picture Ever. Period.

Posted by Alberto September 24, 10 12:58 PM

Great and amazing selection!

Posted by Yerkek September 24, 10 12:58 PM

amazing pictures
#33 han is so stupid

Posted by ea57h3r0 September 24, 10 12:58 PM

How come there is no pics of chinese cookery? or Cuisine

Food by far is China's best export (recipes)

The PICS are great!!!!!

I wish I had some means of traveling to China =)

Posted by Gabe September 24, 10 01:01 PM

#39- And you thought your place of work was bad?!?!

Posted by Coscro September 24, 10 01:10 PM

Truly a diverse collection of strong photos.

Posted by Ren September 24, 10 01:15 PM

I'm spending October in China, visiting for the first time. These are great & inspiring. Thanks!

Posted by Duncan M September 24, 10 01:18 PM

If there were more positive images of china, china is very beautiful

Posted by lifeh2o September 24, 10 01:19 PM

I in China and thank you and I cannot see this in China. China news shows not many of these things. Thank you and I love Boston Bi g Picture.

Posted by Xioping September 24, 10 01:20 PM

Amazing pictures of an amazing country. The more I learn about China, the more impressed I am with their inventiveness, creativity and get-up-and-go. These qualities are written all over their fantastic, new 1200 passenger bus that will travel OVER traffic while cars swoop through its' lower level. When I wrote about this advanced transportation concept, I couldn't help wondering what OUR transportation planners were up to.

Posted by savvysavingbytes September 24, 10 01:24 PM

Justin - really? why not? It's all part of human nature.
Brilliant photos as usual. Thank you very much.
#39 - 12 death in a company that I think employs about 400,000 people is actually a lower suicide rather than one would expect... in China it is about 21 per 100,000...

Posted by Jack September 24, 10 01:36 PM

#43 There's a baby missing from the inter tube in the top of the shot.

Posted by Jonathan Frei September 24, 10 01:41 PM

China is the last main Communist State,and we must tear down the Communist Party to welcome a democratic and liberial China.

Posted by Kay September 24, 10 01:56 PM

numer 28 is impressive

Posted by Israel H. September 24, 10 01:57 PM

#21 ...yum!

Posted by Omi-san September 24, 10 02:20 PM

I hope the guys in photo 27 were just 'training' and that the knives weren't real
China is a fascinating country, added to my list of countries to visit b4 I clock 50

Posted by okubax September 24, 10 02:24 PM

WoW .... Great collections.. :)

Posted by Goutham September 24, 10 03:25 PM

#11: lovely
#13: where is wally
#22: emptying the sea
#32: where is wally again
#40: i hope i will never eat such thing, even if there pesticide-free. this is no more food.

wall-e vision is not so far...

Posted by amertum September 24, 10 03:33 PM

The thing that really strikes me is the uniformity. Everyone wearing exactly the same clothes for military exercises...that, I suppose is to be expected; but every nurse wearing her hair in exactly the same style with exactly the same plastic hairbow? Individuality is certainly discouraged, comrade.

Posted by Alell September 24, 10 03:34 PM

Thank you Big Picture for always giving so impactful images. This collection is the best I've ever seen,

Posted by zjgeorge September 24, 10 03:36 PM

gotta love #21

Posted by Kevin September 24, 10 04:27 PM

There is a nice report at "truthdig" about new China's realities:

Posted by augis September 24, 10 04:51 PM

One of the better set of picture I've seen here, and that says a lot!

Posted by Jack September 24, 10 05:06 PM

Big Picture always amazing, congratulations from Majorca Island (Spain)

Posted by julian September 24, 10 05:23 PM

Awesome pictures.

Posted by Candacey September 24, 10 05:25 PM

#21 Beautiful Girl~

Posted by Louie September 24, 10 05:56 PM

everything is made in surprised theyres n factorys in the photos.hahahaha

Posted by colin abraham September 24, 10 07:13 PM

Question about #38: why don't they lock the door to the roof? Just asking...

Posted by Joe Hallissey September 24, 10 07:26 PM

Terrifying. The Chinese people seem to move like a massive single organism--focused and determined, even as they gain prosperity and self-identity. China produces while the west consumes. America and Europe, by contrast, are self-absorbed, less nationalistic and lost in cyber-reality. The Chinese nation is quadruple our size and in less than half a century will economically (if not strategically) dominate the globe. The West has had its day in the sun, now it's the East's turn. No "yellow-peril" fear-mongering--just a clear-eyed view of the future.....

Posted by Chuck Brookhouse September 24, 10 07:51 PM

Whenever I see one of these photos like #32 I am awed at the scale at which Chinese society organizes it's people.

I will make no assumptions about any differences between the Chinese and any other race ... but I will say there are many millions more of them!

Posted by Jon September 24, 10 08:35 PM

This is pretty awesome. I wish there was MORE!!!! Personally, I love seeing pictures from China. I feel as if there's just SOOO MUCH going on there, that Chinese ppl (aka, my relatives) DON'T talk about.

Posted by Jen September 24, 10 09:12 PM

i'm from China,very lively

Posted by zidane5956 September 24, 10 09:27 PM

Love the set. Thank you!

Posted by yip144 September 24, 10 09:51 PM

Stunning photos. Imagine requiring American schoolchildren to salute the flag these days, much less recite the Pledge of Allegiance. China will rule the world in no time.

Posted by Alan September 24, 10 10:16 PM

These are truly amazing photographs. There should be more sites dedicated to showing something other than what's going on in your backyard. The more opportunities we have to experience different cultures the better our chances to reconcile our differences peacefully.

Posted by Anthony R. September 24, 10 10:17 PM


Posted by DeEpReD September 24, 10 10:21 PM

Amazing ...!

I am a chinese, thank you for taking so many photos to let more people know about CHINA !

Posted by kimberly wong September 24, 10 10:26 PM

be proud of living in such country, even we have many challenges need to be faced.
will come US soon for working. :-)

Posted by idle September 24, 10 10:59 PM

At first,those really are great PICS!!
secondly,I agree with Louie,#21 Beautiful Girl~:-)

Posted by Vincent September 24, 10 11:06 PM

ALL those are great PICS!
@34,Cuz their factory think they need double insurance,no more suicide.
@32, I agree with u~

Posted by Vincent September 24, 10 11:13 PM

I'm horrified by life in China for its scale and apparent disregard for the natural world. I don't understand why we need to grow and expand until we choke ourselves to death.

Posted by Overwhelmed September 24, 10 11:23 PM

34Question about #38: why don't they lock the door to the roof? Just asking...

There are windows

Posted by Y September 24, 10 11:39 PM

Justin, I'd rather see more news about sex. Then there wouldn't be as much room for all the photos of all the religious people killing each other.

Posted by Bill September 25, 10 12:00 AM


Posted by Dawn September 25, 10 12:02 AM

#33 and #38 are like the two sides of a coin

Posted by Kaki September 25, 10 12:20 AM

I thought the pornography photo was totally and completely uncalled for, in addition to being a buzz killer.

The rest are lovely, of course.

Posted by TareX September 25, 10 01:42 AM

it would be more interesting if you compare it to what it were not 20 years ago

Posted by Alex September 25, 10 01:48 AM

Nice pics. More humanistic aspect of China.

Posted by viva September 25, 10 01:55 AM

What a nice variety of pictures.

Posted by Buck Mojo September 25, 10 02:00 AM

AMAZING photos !thanks !

Posted by Marius Jovaisa September 25, 10 02:23 AM

#42 isn't marchin, they clearly train to fight or to defend themselves...

Posted by Frank September 25, 10 02:37 AM


Posted by 1st_sWorD September 25, 10 02:47 AM

Thanks,The Boston Globe!

Posted by Susan September 25, 10 02:59 AM

twitter 观光团

Posted by miao September 25, 10 03:06 AM


Posted by sn September 25, 10 03:18 AM

nice photos.i am Chinese,and my bf is chinese-tailand.he lived in USA for 8 years,but he decided to move back to China,i asked him the reason,
He told me China is an incredible country,you can see its changes everyday! Every morning you wake up,you can feel and see something differences. hope China is getting better in the future. 中国加油!中国人加油,将自己的家园变得更美丽!

Posted by raeraelinlin September 25, 10 03:18 AM

Nice pictures, nice comments. People here are friendly, I am glad to see this...

Posted by Datou September 25, 10 03:34 AM

trust me, there must be more dark side in CHN, and most of normal people live very hard...

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 03:38 AM

In #38 the photo description says:

"A worker walks out of a factory building outfitted with nets, installed to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths..."

But as it's a 7- or 8-story building and the only nets seen are between the second and third stories, I would say that instead the photo shows nets that—while they may prevent some suicides—actually are mostly used as a way to protect those outside the building from being hit by the bodies of potential suicide victims.

Posted by Jack McCartor September 25, 10 03:51 AM


Posted by jagrithi September 25, 10 04:13 AM

Imagine HUGE, MOST, VERY, LOT, BIG, and so so ..

Posted by faryod September 25, 10 04:47 AM

They are far from real china.
What you see here were only what the photographer was allowed to shot.

Posted by liao feng September 25, 10 04:49 AM

This is why China is the most organized country in the world.
& this is why one day we will all be chinese.
respect 4 ch

Posted by Jorge September 25, 10 05:36 AM

"Terrifying. The Chinese people seem to move like a massive single organism--focused and determined, even as they gain prosperity and self-identity. China produces while the west consumes. America and Europe, by contrast, are self-absorbed, less nationalistic and lost in cyber-reality. The Chinese nation is quadruple our size and in less than half a century will economically (if not strategically) dominate the globe. The West has had its day in the sun, now it's the East's turn. No "yellow-peril" fear-mongering--just a clear-eyed view of the future....."

Well, I think the Chinese like their computers more than we do, so I'm not sure about your 'cyber-reality' view on Europe and the States. Also, it's not strange people are terrified of Asia taking over the world if picture no. 38 is our future... Apart from that, the diversity of life in China is great and interesting, too bad most Chinese can't really choose which life they want.

Posted by Karen September 25, 10 05:39 AM

and how about Tibet?

Posted by van Grevelingen September 25, 10 06:18 AM

great pictures!!

Posted by Manuela September 25, 10 06:26 AM

Definitely one of the best photo reports I have seen on Big Picture. Thank you very much!

Posted by Mark Lauenberg September 25, 10 06:56 AM

Wonderful set of images. but I really wonder if these images are an accurate portrayal of contemporary China?
# 33 is shocking and freaky...hope some action is taken against this industrial thrust...

Posted by Wingnut Roy September 25, 10 07:07 AM


Posted by Luckeer September 25, 10 07:29 AM


Posted by Wandyhang September 25, 10 07:31 AM

It's proud to be a Chinese also It's puzzled to be a Chinese.Everyday all the f*cking problems we must face,every time u find the people here are so nice.It is the country we hate and love.But it's the state which rise me up.

Posted by Franklin Wong September 25, 10 07:35 AM

Cool photo!

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 08:14 AM


I am guessing that you are not aware that the godless have killed approximately one hundred million people in the Twentieth Century alone.

Posted by Bill K September 25, 10 08:45 AM

Awesome pictures, makes one feel small and humble.

Comment #19: Erm Kay, "democratic and liberal" like USA? Where enterprises are gaining more and more power in decision making? They can vote, in future they can become candidates, just a matter of time when Apple holds the nuclear football.

I'd rather let China rule over the world than Islam or "democratic" nations.

Posted by Cain September 25, 10 09:09 AM

@51, I feel very very sad when looking at #33 and #38 at the same time.

Posted by Liu Lei September 25, 10 09:18 AM


Posted by 小皮 September 25, 10 09:27 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 09:28 AM

Absolutely awesome. Beautiful photos just love em. I'm planning to visit China hope 2012. Wonderful mate

Posted by Rosie September 25, 10 09:54 AM

Dear editor, phone# for the #21 please!

Posted by dream September 25, 10 09:58 AM

Had the opportunity to work and live in this amazing country for 2 years and these photos bring back some great memories. When I first saw 2500 students a flag in the same uniform with similar haircuts I thought I would never be able to tell them apart but 3 weeks later I was wondering why I ever thought they looked the same. It is a country of contrast and although communist the most entreprenurial spirit I have seen. It is growing so fast at such a cost to their culture and people.

Posted by Chico September 25, 10 10:12 AM

Big Picture I love you!
Amazing and high quality photos with a diverse portrayal of China.. thanks for the constant awesome updates!!!!

Posted by Anna September 25, 10 10:12 AM

China run out end of dark soon, we will see, you will see

Posted by henryvoc September 25, 10 10:45 AM

so great.

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 11:40 AM

I'm struck by how similar life in China is to life in other places. People, love, suffer, care for their children and fight for a better life, just like anywhere else. This photo essay exposes the humanity otherwise hidden from western view. Thank you, Big Picture!

Posted by Irene September 25, 10 12:04 PM

Amo a Big Picture, me encantan todos las series fotograficas que comparten, felicidades...

Posted by Pedro Guevara September 25, 10 12:10 PM

Good pic's!

Posted by Stoicone September 25, 10 01:24 PM

blin, kitaitsi jarkie cheloveki=)

Posted by tetia lusa September 25, 10 01:30 PM

justin, comment #6, what's wrong with?? because you'd rather not see nor know, it should be suppressed from the news? C'mon we don't even see a boob in the picture!!

Well I'd rather not know you nor read your stupid comments either but I'm glad to be aware about sour people like you. I don't want to live in a bubble you see...

Posted by ben September 25, 10 01:50 PM

This is not the China I knew.I arrived in Teinsen in early 1946 to help send Japanese military and dependents to Japan.That completed I was sent to Peiking,where I lived until 1947.Life was barely liveable for most Chinese.The communist takeover was a blessing,followed by the rebuilding of the cities and the creation of improved living standards.The pictures are totally amasing to me.Thanks to those who put them on the web.It is my fondest wish to return to China.Age and health prevent that.

Posted by William F. Shorey,USMC Ret. September 25, 10 01:57 PM

The pics captured a tiny sliver of China. They are good. I've been in China about 17 yrs. China is infinitely more diverse. What the outside world know of China is the news of its phenomenal economic progress and achievements, and the views of the more prosperous parts esp. the big cities like Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen. But China is basically still a rather poor country with perhaps 70% of the population still trying very hard to make a decent living. I'm sure the government, for all the insinuations by the western press never ceasing to paint it as being very corrupt and dictatorial, and harping on the people lacking freedom etc, etc., is really trying very hard to uplift the country to a level approximating to some of the developed western countries. The biggest problem with those writing about China is that they did not spend a sufficiently long period of time in the country to get to understand even just a little bit of it. They look and judge China using the standards(western) that they have been brought up with.(This was the problem I had and the same mistake I made in the inital years of my stay in China). As my stqay got longer, I slowly began to see and understand its diversity, its culture thats still very much steeped in traditions, the clashes between the old and the new, the memories of its dynastic past, its domination and humiliation by the western powers, its sufferings under the Japanese, and the travails wrought on them by the Cultural revolution. The Chinese are very much all these rolled into one. Without a protracted stay in China, and having a sufficient level of proficiency of the language to communicate with the ordinary people, one one can really understand the Chinese and China properly. I can go on and on but I don't think the space here will suffice. One point I would like to make is the naive perception of China being a communist country. Somehow the word "communist" evokes in the westerners as something evil/terrible/frightening. I suppose they can be forgiven for all those years(and even today) of brainwashing by their governments/media during the Cold War period. If u want to look at China in the proper light of what it actually is today, you better discard all these bad notions about it being communistic! Yes, China still maintains that its a socialistic/communistic country. But really this is only just a name. You better think of China as a very capitalistic country! Sounds contradictory, doesn't it. But this is exactly what it is! You will never find another person in the world who is more capitalistic than a Chinese in thoughts and actions. So watch out world! Remove the blinders from your eyes!

Posted by Ken September 25, 10 02:23 PM


Seeing "XX观光团"everywhere on the Internet is just disgusting. It's like having amateur graffitis on the walls of a protected heritage. Please get yourselves some respect.

Posted by Bohan September 25, 10 03:17 PM

Love China~!!!

Posted by Yang September 25, 10 05:16 PM

Always fantastic journalism Boston Globe!

Posted by Josh Winslow September 25, 10 07:16 PM

Number 6 really was necessary to report on. I would rather learn about “news” from the adult film industry on Big Picture.

Posted by Justine September 25, 10 07:33 PM

I love bighead babies

Posted by Wo Nt Te LL September 25, 10 08:27 PM

Justin: The adult film industry brings in 13 billion dollars annually, and is, in some cases, the first to release videos using a lot of the technologies we use today. Weather you like it or not, it's extremely relevant.

Posted by Jon September 25, 10 08:53 PM

The pictures are wonderful. Enjoyed seeing them.

Posted by Shirley Marion September 25, 10 09:04 PM


Posted by shaowei September 25, 10 09:58 PM

So nice pictures :)
#33, Han is really stupid to do that!

Posted by jubitor September 25, 10 11:19 PM

Number 6 made me do a double take, then it made me laugh and forward this page to my friends.

Posted by Melodie September 25, 10 11:51 PM

Love China!!!

Posted by Ning September 25, 10 11:52 PM

Beautiful and engaging photos well beyond the basic calender shots

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 12:36 AM

There's nothing wrong with a photo that shows people in the adult sex film business, so long as a 3-D sex toy doesn't leap from the screen and poke me in the eye.

Great photo mix. I don't know anybody else doing this. The Big Picture reminds me of the old Life magazine photo essays, or National Geographic.

Posted by Max September 26, 10 12:44 AM

#43... D'AWWWWW!!! So cute!

Posted by Krystyn September 26, 10 01:43 AM

#24 - the most adorable cake and little boy, because you can tell he's been helping himself to some of it

Posted by jay September 26, 10 01:56 AM

Shame to see so many Wumao Party comment here.

Posted by Grassmudhorse September 26, 10 03:41 AM

I wanne say to Stair #96,as a ordinary Chinese,I seriously agree with your point of view.

Posted by Hill September 26, 10 04:04 AM

Very impressive, thanks a lot. Photo #4 is extra ordinary

Posted by Michael Holakovsky September 26, 10 04:43 AM


Posted by young September 26, 10 05:02 AM

Still need time to grow up...BTW, the tatoo is so cooool.

Posted by Luxoracle September 26, 10 05:09 AM

great pictures

Posted by Nametso September 26, 10 05:23 AM

This is part of real China.

Some other interesting places are not shown in this series of potos.

Come to China and see the true face of it.

Posted by rickey September 26, 10 05:27 AM


Posted by 夺 September 26, 10 07:14 AM


Posted by jajaja September 26, 10 07:48 AM


Posted by 4778 September 26, 10 07:52 AM

nice picture!
China is a great country!

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 07:56 AM

very beautifull pictures!China is a continuously progressing country!

Posted by vasilis tsilivakos September 26, 10 07:58 AM

Looking for work, buy a house, children -- this is the real China dream

Posted by byChinese September 26, 10 08:56 AM

Picture is nice,and the people and the government?

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 09:11 AM

my english is poor!sorry!

Posted by liuosen September 26, 10 09:17 AM


Posted by Kafuka September 26, 10 09:21 AM

love China

Posted by 711 September 26, 10 09:33 AM

zjucc98 tourist,just have a look,it's good for more and more people learning about china.

Posted by zjucc98 September 26, 10 09:48 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 09:56 AM


Posted by Jack Li September 26, 10 09:57 AM

good,i am from china 哦 哈哈

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 09:57 AM

I want to say is that you see here and not a comprehensive Chinese
I am a Chinese college students, you want to know more about China, can contact me

Posted by chenhuang September 26, 10 10:01 AM

these pictures are the real discription of China!

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 10:11 AM

Nice pictures

I love China,but not the goverment.

Posted by brocade September 26, 10 10:22 AM

It is not all sides of china, you cannot use 43 pics to understand one complex country. Try to talk with more chinese to know more sides of china.
However, all pics are very nice!

Posted by oliver September 26, 10 10:29 AM

great cross section of dramatic photos

Posted by fulin September 26, 10 10:41 AM

Great images. Can't help noticing many of them have been made with a long zoom lense and one has a feeling of the photographers being detached, not close to their subjects. Which supports the lack of people's names in the captions. There is no individualism here. Uniformity. Obviously pictures shot by news photographers. Without being technical these are pictures made for western newspaper, magazine, web etc market. Would be nice to see how individual families live in china. quality wise spot on.

Posted by George September 26, 10 11:09 AM

to #96----I TOTALLY agree with your perspective on China :) and I'm glad you took the time to write about it so beautifully and succinctly. I, too, live in China and this is my 6th year here. To the average westerner who has never spent sufficient time in China you can NEVER even hope to understand them. I am intensively studying the language and I am getting a glimpse of how diverse, complicated, beautiful, contradictory, etc...... this nation can be. It is an incredible place to live and I am blessed to live here. China is a country of contradictions and such an interesting place to live. The people, by and large, are a very loving, hospitable people and I have been blessed by many friendships. Their language speaks volumes about who they are as a people and how they think---it is a beautiful, intellectual yet highly efficient language.
But I do see a country in angst-----we see physical fights everyday and lots of unhappiness bubbling beneath the surface. Until a nation can provide clean drinking water for its people and have the political system that REALLY provides freedom they will not be a first world country much less the next superpower anytime soon....get these issues changed THEN look out world :)

Posted by Renee' September 26, 10 11:15 AM

In China,everything is possible.Everyday our land is disappearing.In my hometown,most of land becomes small lakes because of the undergoround coal.Our goverment only knows to show their achievements to the world.WE NEED HELP BUT NOT IGNOREMT!!!!!!!

Posted by PINGAN September 26, 10 11:52 AM

A good pics of china.........

Posted by meena September 26, 10 12:30 PM

Interesting picture I would love to travel to china to photography around the country.

Posted by Ray September 26, 10 03:34 PM

very nice choice

Posted by rascarlo September 26, 10 04:17 PM

great pic! great China!

Posted by Anonymous September 26, 10 06:06 PM

these are great pictures for some one from southern sudan who don't know a lot about china

Posted by luaker September 26, 10 08:41 PM


Posted by pmin September 26, 10 08:46 PM

#21 - shes a babe :D

Posted by zzzttt September 26, 10 09:14 PM

This is a part of ture china

Posted by zonghust September 26, 10 10:17 PM

@Ken, #96 - I'll give you an AMEN on the arrogance and ignorance of the western view of China. I've been saying that since my first trip in '78.

China is a magnificent country. The Chinese government has done more to improve the quality of life for it's people in the last 32 years than any country ever has; for this it gets bashed and branded.

Certainly China has a long way to go if only because of the scale of its struggle. But consider this: if asked what 5 countries will have the most freedom, best quality of life and greatest opportunity in 20 years - what countries would you name?

Unless something changes, the USA will be very lucky to be in the top-5.

Posted by griz326 September 26, 10 10:18 PM


Posted by mag September 26, 10 11:10 PM


Posted by 太癫狂 September 26, 10 11:14 PM

These pictures are so beauful that I am so impressed.

Posted by zzc September 27, 10 12:43 AM

twitter观光团, 50楼就一sb~
#21 的美女不错
#19 昆明抓赌居然上国外新闻了,笑

Posted by 太岁 September 27, 10 12:50 AM

Of course you can't photo all the aspects, but all this pics just show you very common scenes in China.

Posted by Yanan September 27, 10 12:51 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 27, 10 12:52 AM

gr8 pics

Posted by rishabh jain September 27, 10 01:13 AM

great photos... nature's fury, joy and sorrow, pride and courage all covered for a nation.

would like to see how chinese are outside china....

Posted by Raj September 27, 10 01:18 AM

96 楼写的很好啊 赞一个

Posted by xXx September 27, 10 04:20 AM


Posted by qqq September 27, 10 04:48 AM

Even the inmates (#13) are lined up and orderly.

Posted by laha September 27, 10 07:03 AM


Posted by jshxxb September 27, 10 08:31 AM

To Ken at # 96

Well said. If only more "westerner" know as much about China as you do.

Posted by Lucy September 27, 10 08:46 AM

to #96 thx for the comments on China.
to others, China is still in development as #96 mentioned 70% of the populations are in hard life. but considering the big population with diversity of culture and living environment, I would say the government has done a lot. On the other side, I am complaining a lot in my daily life of course.

Posted by WY September 27, 10 10:41 AM

I'd love to know what the grafitti in #16 means... Great series, shows how discipline can lead to the best or the worst in the world!

Posted by Tom September 27, 10 11:24 AM

Ha, great pictures! nice work!

Posted by papa99do September 27, 10 11:33 AM

#96 and #139

True, If you never live in China for too long you never understand China. China is great and friendly country.

Posted by laowai September 27, 10 11:45 AM


Posted by 林晓阳 September 27, 10 11:49 AM

No, China is not diverse. At least ethnically speaking. It kinda frightens me that a country so monoracial (and communist!) will soon be the superpower of the world. At least America is fairly racially diverse.

Posted by Adrienne September 27, 10 12:13 PM

Breathtaking photos!!! amazing

Posted by wjong September 27, 10 12:16 PM

China is great is many things but diversity of thought and tolerance of dissent are not among them. I am Chinese, and I recognize our own weaknesses. Until we acknowledge that and seek to change it, we will continue to be second to the west in critical thought and creativity.

As an example: Yes, all the Apple products are made in China, but without western creativity, they wouldn't have been made anywhere.

Posted by Xin September 27, 10 01:12 PM

這些是好的照片。 我在11月被激發去中國!

And btw,
Please leave America, griz326. We don't need you here.

Posted by Li September 27, 10 02:22 PM

Staggering diversity and enormity of people,topography and culture.Here truly there is validity to the statement "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words."

Posted by Alan Klaw September 27, 10 05:28 PM

Out of these most beautiful photos for the World to see in sharing, If I may say, I beleive some great Wisdom can be extrapolated, this, in sharing about China's Culture towards our own in the Occident and by which the seed of mutual influence, cultural exhange, economic trade and Diplomaty in passing time with goodwill "diversity of thought and tolerance" should gradually emerged. Very beautiful photos...Thank you, Merci , again for sharing with us. Lucien Alexandre Marion from Canada

Posted by Lucien Alexandre Marion September 27, 10 06:59 PM

quan shi hao tu a ~!!!

Posted by Anonymous September 27, 10 09:30 PM

it's the first time i saw china scenes from foreigner'eyes, very good pics. I love china much more, even she is often in danger, but chineses never lose confidence in her. china is great!

Posted by july September 27, 10 09:47 PM


Posted by Anonymous September 27, 10 11:02 PM

greate,man !

Posted by ztjames September 27, 10 11:37 PM

Ah, China.
When natural disasters strike you, they're always on a biblical scale.

Posted by Pieter September 27, 10 11:53 PM

awesome photos, great landscape of China..

Posted by farhanvsgnk September 27, 10 11:56 PM

China. A country notorious for its vast population, complete disregard for nature conservation, its people completely brainwashed and oblivious to their dark history of aggression against its neighbors(Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, Mongolia, etc, etc), total disrespect for any human rights, brutal oppression of any resemblance of democratic dissent, dictatorial rule of the CCP, pervasive piracy of intellectual rights, bullying of its Asian neighbors, and brazen support of dictatorships around the world including NK, Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iran, and so on. Shame that we have a nation like China for a neighbor.

Posted by Seoul citizen September 28, 10 12:04 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 28, 10 01:31 AM

China is a great country damned with a nasty government. But they won't last much longer. ;)

Posted by soho September 28, 10 03:16 AM

With all the marvels of modern China you focus on the military?

Posted by John September 28, 10 03:33 AM

in fact China is the country with multilaterial culture, we should love our proper country, my hursband, me and my son will move to Chine for know about it.

Posted by Wei September 28, 10 04:46 AM

I love china

Posted by zhaozheng September 28, 10 05:34 AM

I love China.

Posted by Rick Fortner September 28, 10 08:57 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 28, 10 10:09 AM

Hey, can I use this photos for an article about this pictures on my Blog (

Posted by Stadtpirat September 28, 10 10:35 AM

cute babyies!!

Posted by ana_silva September 28, 10 12:44 PM


Posted by Mangesh Nargide September 28, 10 03:21 PM

verey nice

Posted by sarwat September 28, 10 04:11 PM

The factory building retro-fitted with nets to thwart suicidal workers from hitting the ground when they dive out of the windows is one of the starkest, saddest, most desolate things I have ever seen. If you want to get a view into a scene right out of Orwell's 1984, this is it! The diminutive human girl-worker pacing in front of the building nervously (and perhaps quite madly) twisting her locks poignantly punctuates the horror of the scene. All of her fellow humans around the planet should make a phone call or shoot an email off to the PR Dept of all of those computer companies who contract with this manufacturer (Apple, HP and Dell) and DEMAND that they IMMEDIATELY investigate what the effin' hell is going on in that factory and warn them that if they do not demand an instant full remedy to the situation, they risk a full WORLDWIDE BOYCOTT OF THEIR PRODUCTS! If a human heart still beats in your chest you will immediately understand this call to action...

Posted by Sirius Black September 28, 10 05:14 PM

welcome to china !!
i am live in shaoxing of zhejiang .
I'll show you if you come to play.

Posted by HAN ZHAO 韩兆 September 28, 10 08:01 PM

.........nice, ture.

Posted by sorrow.Liang September 29, 10 02:02 AM

good pictures. But it is really hard to understand the motion and feelings of people captured by the pictures.

Posted by qiv September 29, 10 02:15 AM

Burvigas bildes. raksturojoshs nepazistamo Kinu. Lioti interesanti. Paldies.

Posted by jazeps September 29, 10 05:06 AM


Posted by Mag September 29, 10 07:43 AM

these pictures are very wonderful;except i didnt like how the babies heads was in the floaties , they couldve feel riqht throuqh the holes . their bodies shouldve been in the floaties instead of their heads

Posted by Ciarra Marsh September 29, 10 11:27 AM

To #180 the Korean guy:

"... history of aggression against its neighbors(Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, Mongolia, etc, etc), total disrespect for any human rights"

Very interesting result of decades of brainwash I see.

History also told us that a small nation like Korea has no way to control her own fate. It was between Japan and China before and now China and US. However I would like to point out some facts from history here:

1. The nation which brought the most humiliation and suffering to Korea is Japan.

2. China has helped Korea to fight Japan aggression for over centeries.

So stop the meaningless bashing here. Anyone with a clear mind know these are mostly prejudice.

For a small nation like Korea the most important thing is not to be a judge and decide who's right and who's wrong. It's about who you have to be ally with. I do suggest you restudy your history and think again.

Posted by WizBe September 29, 10 12:07 PM

West media are supposed to demonize China and Chinese people. I am surprised that they publish these kind of images which portray real China. Anyways, fun to watch.

Posted by Travis September 29, 10 04:53 PM

@WizBe - 199 Super one!
@Seoul citizen - Shame on you. Please do restudy your history and apologize to China and Chinese citizen.

p.s.: These are good photos, however, only showed a tiny part of China.

Posted by JW September 29, 10 06:37 PM
202. SO obviously have never done any extensive study on China, so I'll let you in on some facts. 1) ethnicity and race are diff. so don't confuse the two. 2) The government acknowledges 56 ethnicities in China. Each having extremely different religions/beliefs, languages, and cultures. Now, that is just what the gov't has acknowledged, but research shows that there are far more than 56 ethnicities within the large mass of land that is China. So, you can put your fear of monoraciality aside because it is unfounded.

@150 让外国人了解中国!

Posted by Moho September 30, 10 01:51 AM

These pictures are beautiful. I visit China quite regularly and I just do not know how long it would take me to visit all these beautiful places. Every year something new is dicovered in some remote place in China. Hopefully people like you can keep the photos coming so that if I am unable to visit the place in my life time I can at least get to see it.

Posted by Fu Qihua September 30, 10 03:31 AM

This is almost like a party propaganda collection of images from China. Unfortunately the majority of the population is still in deep poverty, work in abject conditions, and pollution is a big issue. This collection of images should have illustrated this as well. See also comment #96.

Posted by zob September 30, 10 08:52 AM

nothing can speak.................

Posted by xiaohua September 30, 10 11:05 AM

照片技术不错。不过身临其境的话 ,全是悲伤。

Posted by Hoffman September 30, 10 11:24 AM

@WizBe Don't worry about me being ignorant on history. Throughout our struggle against Japanese colonialism, both your KMT and CCP only used us Koreans in your power struggles. We Koreans faced off the Japanese in Manchuria and three Northeastern Provinces while Chiang Kaishek and Mao were too busy killing each other and running from the Guandongjun all the way to Chongqing.

You tend that our affairs are always influenced by the foreign powers. Perhaps. But what small nation doesn't depend on diplomacy and delicate balance of its powerful neighbors for survival? Please, this isn't the Ming dynasty. We don't have to listen to what you say to us. So Shut your crap about us being an American pawn while you control your North Korean puppets from behind the screen.

Posted by Seoul citizen September 30, 10 12:48 PM

i love asians

Posted by brisa September 30, 10 12:55 PM

pretty touching...
I don't care whether those photos really demonstrate the so-called authentic China,I just care those who live in this piece of land and I know I love it and miss it so much.
I can't see anything valuable in debating on what is the miniature of this country.
If you appreciate the photos, just share it,and do what you have to do.

Posted by denise September 30, 10 02:28 PM

I've never been there, but I would like to visit some day, to see the real lives of people.

Posted by chicktochick September 30, 10 09:29 PM

To the Korean Guy:

You only mention the history during and after WWII, let's say these are true since everybody was killing everybody in that time, isn't it?

But, can you be kind enough to tell me how Koreans "faced off" Japanese aggression in the Ming and Qing dynasty. Alone?

Yes, this is not the Ming dynatsy. China has been a third grade country since the Qing dynatsy and no good things happened in a third grade country.However, look at how China change during the past 30 years. I, as a Chinese would say there is a big chance China gets back to her rightful position. Well, maybe not the world but at least in east asia. Fine if you don't want to listen to us again, But since we both agree on the small nation being depended on diplomacy and balance part, I can't help but point out one fact: I see nothing about "balance" on your post against China but only hatras. If I may speak for the others, China or Chinese as general has never seen Koreans in such way. I really do not think such attitude is a good thing for Korea and Koreans in the future.

But if you insisit, go on. History only teaches us one thing which is people never learn from history.

Posted by WizBe September 30, 10 11:23 PM

Something added to the Korean Guy:

Again if I may say for the others, Chinese never saw Korean as enemy, not even today. The current north-east asia status is a result China and US both should be responsible for. And since Korea is closer to China I'd have to say that uncle sam has sticked his nose too far. All China wanted (throughout hisotory since Ming) from Korea is a peaceful and troubleless neightbor. I do feel sorry for you but if you want to hate someone for it, at least be fair and hate both.

Just as I once said to some Americans, if you wish China to be friends we can be good friends but if you want to make us enemy we will not let you be dispointed. I really don't want to say the same to some Koreans like you since it would be very stupid to make China enemy for Koreans.

Your choice, your future.

Posted by WizBe September 30, 10 11:47 PM

#37: does not look like lavender to me.

Posted by J-rom October 1, 10 02:26 AM

I have to say, it's really nice pics....

Posted by Chris October 1, 10 10:34 AM

nice pictures!
Surrealistic scene #19

Posted by fixerNox October 1, 10 11:21 AM

Don't know what to say after seeing so many disaster / natural calamities at China. That is what Mother Nature is.

I like the tradition, culture , heritage , due respect what ever you name it, but for some reason, they better should not interfere with neighburing countries unnecessarily. And also should stop thinking about its hatredness with India especially China joining hands with Pakistan and Srilanka (as per News source). I believe Long term, it is not going to benefit for China.

Posted by Ram October 1, 10 06:13 PM


Posted by name October 2, 10 02:33 AM

To #216:

China has been a good neighbor with India for centeries. But look at what happens during the last two centeries: It is India who joined the US to contain China. Put border conflict aside, do I need to remind you it is India who host the tibetan rebel forces.

Also India ocean is the vital route for China's oil supply, yet India joined hand with the US to control this route. How can China be friendly to this? Sorry, China's too big to surrender to nobody but to stand up being herself. If anybody wants to stand in the way, be ready for the consequences.

Sorry, India Chose side first, which I think in long term will not benefit India. Time will tell.

Posted by WizBe October 2, 10 02:58 AM

china is the only country in the world ruled by the true souls of the human being, i wish great china will lead the world very soon where all the human being will be enjoying life without any injustice and racism.

Posted by hari pathak October 2, 10 02:22 PM

great pictures of china. though i am still very happy to live in new zealand

Posted by Anonymous October 2, 10 05:58 PM


Posted by Hu Gourd October 3, 10 01:03 AM

pics are good.not the chinese people.inspite of zen buddhism taoism and confucianism,they are too aggressive.people here are not only brainwashed, but mesmerized too.China will never lead the world into prosperity.rather it will take the world to another round of world war.had been to china 3 times and know what they are into

Posted by vivek October 3, 10 03:10 AM

To WizBe
Please know your country first before you insult neighboring countries. China has worst problems with border claims, human rights, environments to list a few. Don't claim something that don't belong to you, respect human rights. Environment too. Your aggressive responses to other people's statements is very offending, and this offensiveness is not what I have experienced with other Chinese. Think why China is STILL DEVELOPING in spite of its resources. It won't be "developed" until it improves the issues mentioned above. As noted in 138 and 139, these pictures are good side of China. A lot of people are starving and treated poorly, which is NOT SHOWN!

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 10 05:27 AM

i loved the pics....i am coming to China....woooaaahhhh...

Posted by johnny nku October 3, 10 07:12 AM

To 223 the anonymous:

Firstly, how does a "aggressive response" from a Chinese suddenly supprise people like you? Oh I get it because the word "Chinese" in your mind has always been someone who is "not aggressive", who takes all the blames and give anything others want. But wait a second, for the past centries China has been "not aggressive" AKA "nice like you said, what have we got? NOTHING but humiliation. If you don't like it, so what do have have more to lose? The humimiliation part I'm sure. Well, if the new attitude offenses you, I'm sorry, but get use to it. What more can you all do huh?

Secondly, since China has so many problems seems unsovlable there shouldn't be a problem for you to worry about, right?

Posted by WizBe October 4, 10 02:51 AM

China is such a beautiful place...

Posted by Amanda October 4, 10 11:31 AM

Bardzo ładne zdjęcia. Very nice foto.Greeting from Norge and Poland

Posted by miec October 4, 10 12:30 PM

Very good pictures, thanks!

Posted by oleg October 4, 10 07:48 PM

I love China. Most of these pictures are ture ,but it can't reflect the whole society. thanks.

Posted by yangyang October 5, 10 04:29 AM

Masha'Allah Amazing pics, Long live China-Pak friendhsip!

Posted by Faddy October 5, 10 06:39 AM

very good pictures....impressed..............

Posted by krupal October 5, 10 06:40 AM

very good pictures....impressed..............

Posted by krupal October 5, 10 06:41 AM

Algunas imágenes son sorprendentes, otras sin sentido,y la minoria bellas.

Posted by raquel October 5, 10 10:49 AM

to wizbe,I am very impressed with your reply to those people,as a Chinese myself,having been lived in the west for the past 8 years,I know exactly how brainwashed the westerners(most) are,its no different with the way we had been brainwashed in china,but we Chinese knows our problems,they don't.
lots people expect china to be a developed,open society,and can you believe that?so are we!!!!!!thats why we are on the way to achieve that,but its not a over night job as you may expected,things like this are better improve slowly,step by step.yes,we do complain about our government just like you do in the west,and we know exactly how bad they are like you do in the west,but we also look the other side,we also know the government did a fantastic job to improve our people's lives,thats sumthing you westerners dont know or dont want to know.
and someone said 70% of us still live in deep poverty,well,how you justify the "deep poverty"? I am from a very ordinary family,my mum and dad were both factory workers,they only earns around 3500 rmb (combine) which is 350 pounds/month,and they are living in a very nice 155 sqm apartment(I can show you the pics if you dont believe me),they sent me to study in the UK for 4 years and they just bought a honda,I believe they are not middle class by any sense,there are plenty people in china can earn much more than that,but we dont live in poverty,all my friends have similier back ground as me,and none of them lives in poverty either,some people judge us by hear-say,deep poverty is sumthing you can see in india,not china!!
google this title,find out what a bbc journalist said about china.(sorry that I can post a link)
------India struggles to catch China By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

Posted by eathoy October 5, 10 04:32 PM


Posted by 谢朝辉 October 6, 10 02:31 AM

very nice photo.

Posted by fenil October 6, 10 04:14 AM


Posted by mining October 6, 10 04:52 AM

to: WizBe 哥们!有你这样的中国人 我感到骄傲!!!

Posted by 走马观花 October 6, 10 02:47 PM


Posted by ali October 7, 10 02:06 AM

nice pictures~

Posted by Khalid October 7, 10 06:38 AM

Ce reportage est certes orienté politiquement, mais dénonce cependant des faits condamnables

Posted by Michel D October 8, 10 01:43 PM

To 234. 請不要提銀碼!免給人知道我們中國人多有辦法,你双親年收入4200鎊,供你在英留学,除非你有獎學金!中学要超過20000鎊。大学還好,便宜一點。你其它觀點,我同意,說得好!

Posted by D HO October 8, 10 03:47 PM

to 242,我没有奖学金,我学服装设计,每年学费1.2万英镑,我父母就第一年给我一些生活费,后来都是我自己打工赚钱的,不过他们俩确实也作了一点副业,呵呵,加盟了一个服装品牌店:)

Posted by eathoy October 8, 10 04:05 PM


Posted by himanshu Upadhyaya October 9, 10 08:35 AM

I live in Shanghai,China,and I wish to go around my country first before studying abroad.Despite how terrible the gov is,I still feel proud to live in such a beautiful country.

Posted by IheartCN October 10, 10 03:19 AM

wow Great job!

Posted by Scot Giddings October 10, 10 02:14 PM

#168, China is extremely diverse. I has 56 recognized ethnicities and 66 recognized languages. You might think "they all look alike." but even I (a white american women) can tell the difference not only between nationalities but also between several ethnicities.

On a general note, this is a great collection of work. It showsd very typical chinese life.. I'm happy to see more "real" china out there because many foreignors misrepresent the nation.

Posted by jessica October 10, 10 07:52 PM

My home country and becoming beauty and charming although there are still some problems. I love it and welcome to China.

Posted by Kris October 10, 10 10:17 PM

These are great pictures. You would not have been able to see them 30 years ago, simply because such images did not exist. For those who claim they are Chinese and know better and are critical, I suggest they go home to take a look. If they are not happy with what they see, they should stay & do something to improve it, if they care about China. Bad mouthing from afar helps nobody.

Posted by Seng Chen Teh October 11, 10 07:23 AM

hey, the woman on the left in slide 35 is Sun from LOST!

Posted by vjmartin October 11, 10 07:48 PM


Posted by 电力 October 12, 10 04:04 AM

Impressive pics. And it is always enjoyable to read the arguments, although there is no value at all in some pure subjective assumptions and malicious attacks.
We all know that there are countless imperfections in the current China, who does not? Please be aware that China is still on its way to development, what did they do when US, UK and other developed countries struggled their way to wealth? Think and think several more times before you question China.

WizBe, very impressive indeed!


Posted by William October 12, 10 09:46 AM

To #180 the Korean guy:
Korea's hitory was written in Chinese. Before 1905 when Korea was annesed by Japan, the official language of Korea was Chinese, every educated Korean must have Chinese names,read and write Chinese. those without were farmers and beggers. The funny language you use now was invented for these under-people, now you all use it. Because you can not read Chinese, so you don't know your history and you fabricated alot like your woman all do plastic surgery,coverying genetical uglyness. Yo know why there is no beautiful woman in Korea? Because for thousands of years, you picked your most beautiful ones and sent to China as tributes, China sent them to brothels because we thought they were doggery, no one would marry them. so the left are geneticallly inferior. By the way, even the national flag of your last kingdon had these words in Chinese on it " a subsidiary of China Empire". You know we sent a special envoy to acknowledge the succsesion of Kim 3rd last week just like we didi for the last 1000 years when a Korean king died and his son was not legal ruler until the Heavenly China sent envoy to acknowlege him? This is the history and reality of your little state's destiny.Accept it, Koreans!

Posted by I'm proud Chinese October 12, 10 11:04 AM

I have been to China but when we got to our 5star hotel for the first night, the electricvity was off so we had to walk up 5 floors to our room. Originally, thy said our room was on the 14th floor, but since, I couldn't handle
that, they let us climb to a room on the fifth floor. Then we had a buffet dinner which had been sitting out waiting for us to eat it, and the meat was
so tough we couldn't chew it. China turned out to be a big disappointment, but I did attend a Catholic Mass and read the liturgy in English from the Altar to the congregation gathered in the audience.

Posted by GKJones October 12, 10 06:17 PM

#253 has shown the true face of China. Thank you :)

Posted by Folks October 13, 10 01:30 AM

to 254# GKJones
You must have a bad memory, where you went to was India, not China. The food and service in China is the best quality in the world. Interestingly why you connect your so-called China tour with religion? Biased, so your comment is dubious

Posted by David October 13, 10 04:17 AM

To #254:
To my knowledge what you have encountered is very very hard to believe if not impossible in China. Even for small cities, multi supply of power is a must.

Well, since you have been to a Cathlolic church, you must be able to tell some of the people here who think that Chinese governemnt forbids practise of religion how wrong they are.

Posted by WizBe October 13, 10 06:56 AM

to 255#
I don't care you love China or not, as long as you are obedient. We will regain our dominance over the world in place of US no matter you like it or not. We will do whatever US did and do it better,hehe. Hate us, we don't care.

Posted by yourdayisgone October 13, 10 10:50 AM

China is the only nation on earth that has both its genetical and cultural continuity, which means we are the selected people.Ancient Egyptians and Indians were long gone, had nothing to do with the modern ones. They did not pass the test. Losers! US, although strong now, only 200 years old, long away from passing the test. Will it exist in the next 100 years? Who knows? You do not have the blood and cultural glue to be a people that can go through real peril. 1800 years ago,we Chinese were almost extinct by northern barbarians, only 20% Chinese survived.,fewer than 5 Million. Just these great ancesters drove away these animals and reclaimed our existence and created glorious history. Can anyone else do that?Modern technology and science is just small tricks that the selected people can easily understand and surpass the current forerunners.It took us 30 years to leap from a closed and poor communist country to the 2nd largest capitalistic economy. What will happen in the next 30 years? we will be able to live to see it coming.White people prevailed the world in the last 400 years, well, it's going to be Chinese to prevail. It is not the return of the King, but the Emperor!

Posted by ourdayiscoming October 13, 10 11:12 AM

To #171 Li, Who made you "God" and what gives you the authority to order anyone who may disagree with you "to Leave America"? If you've earned the privilege of living in America, I would hope that you had learned that Americans under the First Amendment enjoy "THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION" and are entitled to voice their opinions.

Posted by iaintpo October 13, 10 12:48 PM


Posted by qiuyushan October 13, 10 06:06 PM

To Ken #96: Where can one find interesting litterature on China that goes beyond the clichés? Sounds like a fascinating country and I'd love to hear/read more. Thanks a lot.


Posted by Pascal Jappy October 14, 10 08:14 AM

Beautiful country and very nice people. These pictures take me back 64 years, at that time I was stationed in China with the U.S. Air Force. I flew the Hump in order to assist in repairing a cargo plane that had engin trouble. This was in Chentu. From there I went on the Shangahi where I was bilited for a few months untill my number came up for rotation back home. I was Unassigned and Unattached as was free to go or visit anywhere I wanted. I have great memories of the way things and people were 64 uears ago. I loved the people there, that is the every-day people, the college students. I am still in touch with one of them, that is how I see these pictures E Mail.

Posted by WED Jacksonville, Florida U.S. A. October 14, 10 12:57 PM

to Pascal Jappy 262
If you don't know chinese language,you can never understand chinese literature.Chinese can not be translate! The beauty of the literature is lost after translating.Your latin language is nothing but a collection of character,Chinese language itself is a poem,a painting . we can now easily read literatures written 5000 ago. your name is Pascal ,mathematician pascal can make computer only after he saw chinese abacus.I don`t know why you foreigners considered china as a no democratic evil nation.UK \Japan has a king,US Bush father and his son are all presidents,Cliton husband and wife are leaders,is that democrat?In our eyes ,you are brainwashed.We can read your culture easily,Latin language literature now careless about humenity,like US movie,you are just interesting in story,violence and sex. your news don't care about poor people in your country ,just care about whom in other country.You vote for two people who standing for different financial group。your soldiers blood for the oil company.We are different ,that's all.we do not change your lifestyle,you don`t change us.

Posted by jiangyang October 15, 10 12:51 AM

You can even leave a message in NK&US web who called democrat.We can leave a message after reading a news in china web like sohu and 163.but BBC CNN can not.

Posted by 真搞笑 October 15, 10 01:00 AM

I see these pics by chance..especially at such time!!3:18 a.m!!

Posted by lynn.pasadena.C.A October 15, 10 06:18 AM


Posted by 张锋 October 15, 10 06:29 AM

To WizBe

好样的~ 为中国人感到骄傲~

Posted by ytsword October 15, 10 08:05 AM

In fact, China should be more beautiful.
I have repeatedly visit China.
It is really fascinating.


Is there anything worse than Kimchi?


You are a great Chinese.

Posted by Charlemagne October 15, 10 08:29 AM

To # 180 Seoul Citizen. South Korea is not a sovereign nation just as Japan is not a sovereign nation. No bon-a-fide national sovereignty includes foreign troops on your own soil. China knows that better than anyone. Deep in your hearts you know it.

SK and Japan are crotch worms of the US and are in denial of it. While I can understand some of the causes of your skewed views, I pity your embrace of ignorance and reluctance to objectively study History which landed you with nothing but belligerence.

I understand your views are fueled by the designs of the SK media which is controlled by the SK government and those views are not of the minority in SK. This will be the reason of demise for SK. But that's okay. Korea should be united under a different form of government any way.

China’s achievements were attained amidst embargoes and sanctions and her ascend is well earned and respected. As a mega country throughout history it’s always easy to tell the differences of demeanor between us and the typical suzerain subjects. Better wake up now, Seoul Citizen, or you will be faced in having to choose your next sponsor soon.

Posted by Badabing October 15, 10 12:20 PM

I can see by these posts, nationalism and arrogance is human and not limited to a certain race or nation, say the Nazi regime, Imperial Japan, 20th century capitalist America or modern day China. And one wonders why we are always at war.

Posted by kismet October 15, 10 04:21 PM

Long Live China... Great Country and Great People!!!

Prosperous Wishes From Pakistan

Posted by Loving Friend October 15, 10 11:14 PM

It is really funny to see brainwashed Americans bashing the Chinese to be brainwashed. I have been to China and I can tell you the Chinese know much more about America than the Americans know China.

Never mind though, you can still live in your dream.

Posted by ilovechina October 16, 10 11:05 AM

to 272
Hi brother from Pakistan, you know we Chinese call you what:Paki the Steel, that means brotherhood like steel. We always stand with you,brother.

Posted by chineseareselectedpeople October 16, 10 12:40 PM

Those who have not idea about what China is really like or those losers right here living in the country, it's totally a shame for you to blame China or belittle it in any way. Try get to know China's situation and think about this:

If the US had 1.3 billion people to feed, what would it be for a country, which claims to respect human rights? In China, there is only one way to save this country, and to feed its large population while gaining power among the world, and that is exactly what Chinese government is following right now. So save your words and have fun living your meaningless life. Compared to all the people who try their best to make a better life for one fifths people of the world, you just suck and nothing else.

Posted by Anonymous October 17, 10 09:41 AM

To #263 WED Jacksonville:

The Hump? 64 years ago must be around 1945. Then you must be there to witness the end of the war and shared joy with the Chinese people. Please accept my salute to the an Amiercan veteran. My grandfather fought together with you during the war against the imerprial Japan. Your sacrafice for our country is never forgotten.

Please take a visit to our beautiful country, you will be amazed what Chinese have achieved.

A fellow Chinese.

Posted by WizBe October 17, 10 11:29 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 17, 10 11:55 AM

I have been emialed these 40 great and wonderful pictures with their captions and lot of comments, if I may say so, these are just the 40 odd pictures out of the billion plus Chinese faces,it is the classic case of ' the more one sees the more one realises how little one knows of the world ' in this case the China.
I just returned last week from our annual China trip, our itienary this time included sailing down the China's Yangtze River from Choingqing to Yichang section of about 600 kilometer of unique & breath-taking scenery with its many river-gorges,we past through the world's lagest river-dam known as ' Three Gorges Dam' with the world's biggest hydro-electic power station at Yichang,our cruise ship has to climb down, from the upper-range to the lower-range of the mighty Yangtze River,through six big ship-locks built at the side of the Dam in a steep river-drop of about 600 feet, it is an engineering marvel one has to see to believe it, daily thousands of tourists ( Chinese and foreigners ) go there to witness it. this three Gorges Dam and its power station serves as one of the important economic vehicle driving China's economic miracle,currently at about 4.8 trillions US Dollars. the second largest in the world today , is something no body dreamt of for China just about 30 years ago, Now with the world's largest (USA's 20 thrillions $) economy facing all sorts of crisis, and with China steadily posting annual growth (GDP) rate of around 9%, the forecast is it won't be long before China becoming the largest economy in about 15 to 20 years' time, this, understandably,shall cause a lot of awe and concern even jealousy in the non-Chinese world, particularly among some of her neighbours who may have not benifited from her economic boom,, it calls for a high degree of Diplomatic and Public Relation exercise to be undertaken on the part of the Chinese Goverment, many comments posted herein are very intellegent and humourous, however , it is as hillarious as it is outragious to hear that there is no beautiful lady left in Korea since all the Korean buaties were sent to China as tributes to the Chinese Emporors in the olden times,this remark came probably in reponse to the equally un-complemntary remark by a Korean twitter that it was bad fortune to have China as a neighbour,,baseless as they may be , they provided some humorus read, and the freedom of expression must be tolerated, and encouraged if they are thuthful and wise, that is how our civilasation envolve.

ming-tung Hsieh, India.

Posted by Ming-tung Hsieh October 17, 10 12:21 PM

I love China

Posted by chou October 18, 10 12:19 AM

中國 加油

Posted by ryan October 18, 10 02:51 AM

As a Chinese, living in China, I feel the comments should be more factual, after all we are people from a big nation with long civilized history. Real strength comes from the truth, not perceptions. While WizBe has many good points, it's force is diluted by over use of energy. We are a huge nation, both in size and in population, we can afford other nations' miss conceptions and their people's ignorance. With the tools of modern technowledge, those who want to improve themselves will find ways to know China better, those too In bedded with hatred or naivety will have their own karma dealt with.
There is no use to argue about human rights either as the west and China have two different Interpretions of the terminology. Chinese human rights are one on one, the general public feel they are equal to everyone --- class concept does not exist in China which makes it hard for service industry to train staff.
While it is difficult for the media to be too critical of the government, the average person in China is guaranteed of freedom of speech. No government in the world would stand around and do nothing if it's core root is threatened.
Btw, why is ethnic different from race (I can't remember which earlier comment was)? Nationality and race are two different things. To me, by being of Han race, I am ethnically Han.

Posted by Cliveden October 18, 10 08:26 AM


Posted by seenu October 19, 10 06:13 AM

UTTERLY amazing photos of China.. what a different world..

Posted by catty October 19, 10 06:46 AM

beautiful pictures

Posted by Anonymous October 19, 10 04:49 PM

Yes China beautiful country, yet still corrupt gov't. by leaders and all understudy ruled by one person down to the roots of their Mao--still in place. Hope they prosper in decades to come. Posted by Canada.

Posted by Anonymous October 19, 10 08:26 PM


Posted by ic October 20, 10 12:27 AM

To 285 the poor Canadian:

A lot of people from the west have a very weird understanding of China's political system. Their poor history education if not purely properganda always portray China like a old time eroupean country where a king did rule a country with a size like what, 1000 people.

There are two reason why this understand is werid (ie, ignorant).

Firstly, ever since 2000 years ago when China was united, China has been a big country, big as the entire eroupe. Such a big country is just physically impossible for one man to rule unless he is a superman. Every emperor has to share power with the ruling class which is similar to congress in the modern system. The classical dictator only exisits in small countries like Japan or German but not China. Even in Mao's peak time he has to wage a cultural revelution to regain power from the ruling class.

Secondly, Chinese people do not have a ruling religion which means authority is not supported by religuus force. Everybody is thinking about his own interest, but not God's will. In such society, a dictator can never be born.

No offense, but I do find that a lot of people from Canada have very poor and naive knowledge on issues like this. Interesting.

Posted by WizBe October 20, 10 02:44 AM

喜欢 支持你!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 20, 10 11:53 AM

I was in China about 15 years ago and the amount of building in Shanghai was amazing. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to roam the countryside so it is wonderful, now, to see these beautiful photographs. Maybe, one day,I will go back and see these sights for myself.

Posted by Lila October 20, 10 12:43 PM


Posted by Benben Lee October 21, 10 01:57 PM

说实在的..我还真骄傲不起来.. 看了这些图片我才发现...啊...我们的国家这么的专制 贫穷 落后 灾难重重 ..什么婴儿游泳比赛...青年人烧高香.....拍摄者到底想要披露什么社会现实啊?!我倒是不奢望拍摄者把主城区夜景或者步行街街道什么的拍出来...但也不用弄成这样吧.. 这是10年前的中国还差不多!拜托你们这些人..尊重一些客观事实行不!!!
maybe you see poor.backward.autocracy and so on in the pictures,i want you understand ,it,s not naked truth! China is a beautiful country where i live!

Posted by xin October 23, 10 11:57 AM


Posted by 黑原 October 24, 10 12:08 AM

nice place.......!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous October 24, 10 02:47 AM

great photos's really wonderful..........................

Posted by Pratik Shah October 25, 10 10:47 AM


Posted by 三九爱妻 October 25, 10 11:27 PM

1) To poster #213, I had the same reaction regarding photo #37.
Lavender does NOT grow as high as the flowers shown in the
photos for one thing and the blossoms just don't look like the traditional
garden or commercial varieties of Lavender as grown in England or

2) I am an American who lives in China for 6+ months each year
and I have to say I think it is an extraordinary and amazing
country which is growing by leaps and bounds. It somehow has
managed to blend its ancient traditions with a new world order
and, as such, it is very exciting to be here. I feel very honoured
and privileged to be living here during such exciting times as
China makes a great leap forward towards prosperity for itself
and her people. And, speaking of which, the Chinese people are
the heart and soul of this nation and they are just about the
warmest, kindest, and friendliest people I have ever encountered
anywhere in all of my travels

Posted by MR. LEE October 27, 10 10:49 PM


Posted by 王富春 October 29, 10 10:38 PM

My country is always to make some ridiculous things to people.
I'm joining the Communist Party, tried to change her.
I will have fluent English.
To share with the world.

Posted by muhe October 30, 10 06:22 AM

i still don't like the govt of china, everybody seem depressed commies.

Posted by stevo November 2, 10 12:59 AM

China amazes me. I visited the seas there in 1944 serving in the Royal Navy and again in 1950 with the Indian Navy. Am too old now to contemplate a visit but when I return in a new life ( and China is No.1 in the world ) one wonders what the civilisation then will be like.

I notice there is a small bias against India. What a pity. With power in the west on the wane I can see these two giants controlling the world of the future for several decades, don't you ?

Posted by soli mehta November 4, 10 02:30 PM



Posted by JACK November 7, 10 09:12 PM

Things are changing -- to care for a population so large is a feat by itself, but to advance is amazing.

Posted by Norah November 13, 10 11:54 PM

it is horrible

Posted by TALA JOYCE BRYANT November 16, 10 05:51 PM

So much beauty.So much opportunity Press on. All politicians have a smell of gun powder and promise. P.S. Hey 303! Give up smoking whatever it might be. Life is a real struggle for most. It is a "snuggle" for a scant stinky few. Dismissed! .

Posted by John Joseph Molloy November 21, 10 06:17 PM

so nice....

Posted by Anonymous December 3, 10 12:21 AM

居然还有人说不爱自己的国家,你是哪国人啊 ?

Posted by nick December 4, 10 10:50 AM

I am a retired Chinese-American, who immigrated to the US in my teens in 1953, and had a career as a Civil Engineer in California. I just returned from my 6th trip back to my homeland visiting the cultural part of the China inland of Shanghai and Ningbo. Some of the pictures on this Website reminded me of the beautiful places I visited on my trip.

I read most of the comments made by the readers around the world here and arrived at a conclusion that China has been, still is, and continues to be a country that you either hate her or love her. When China was suffering from the Opium epidemic in the 1900s, people were down and out; the world called her "The Sick Man of Asia" without considering the causes. As China is about to turn around in the 21st Century, many people still put her down as evidenced in some of the comments made by the readers here. After 200 years of humiliation, I see China as courageously forging ahead in taking care of her citizens, defending herself from foreign invasion, and leading the world to free the remnants of colonialism.

In a recent interview article from the Wall Street Journal, Lawrence Summers, outgoing Director of Economic Council, predicted that in 75 years from now, "It will be how the world adjusted to the movement of the theater of history toward China... And it is also the central American challenge going forward." So let's respect each other, and together we can build a theater of history free of prejudice and war in this perilous Atomic Age.
Posted by yfg December 5, 2010

Posted by Yim Gee December 6, 10 12:03 AM

Despite all the hardships China had endured over the past 200 years, the Chinese people will always treasure and remember the outpour of goodwill and assistance from people around the world.

Today, we Chinese are deeply touched by the many lovely comments posted by viewers on this website.

For those who posted negative comments and others who hold similar view, here is a poem written by an unknown author expressed a feeling shared by most us Chinese:


When we were the Sick Man of Asia, we were called the Yellow Peril. When we are billed to be the next Superpower, we are called The Threat.

When we closed our doors, you smuggled drugs to open markets. When we embrace Free Trade, You blame us for taking away your jobs.

When we were falling apart, You marched in your troop and wanted your fair share. When we tried to put the broken pieces back together, Free Tibet you screamed, It was an Invasion!

When we tried Communism, you hated us for being Communists. When we embrace Capitalism, you hate us for being Capitalist.

When we have a billion people, you said we were destroying the planet. When we tried limiting our numbers, you said we abused human rights.

When we were poor, you thought we were dogs. When we loan you cash, you blame us for your national debts.

When we build our industries, you call us polluters. When we sell you goods, you blame us for global warming.

When we buy oil, you call it exploitation and genocide. When you go to war for oil, you call it liberation.

When we were lost in chaos and rampage, you demanded rules and law. When we upheld law and order against violence, you call it violating human rights.

When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech, When we are silent no more, you say we are brainwashed-xenophobes.

"Why do you hate us so much?" We asked.
"No," you answered, "We don't hate you."

We don't hate you either. But do you understand us? "Of course we do," you said, "We have AFP, CNN and BBC's...."

What do you want from us?

Think hard first, then answer ..... Because you only get so many chances. Enough is Enough, Enough Hypocrisy for This One World.

We want One World, One Dream, and Peace on Earth. This Big Blue Earth is Big Enough for all of Us.

Posted by efg December 7, 10 07:38 AM

It makes me very sad to see all the comments filled with hatred on one side or the other.

Is it possible for you only to consider others' point of view without bashing it straight away, calling it "ignorant" and just ignore any argument it could contain ?!
I find it very enlightening how the Chinese say the westerners have no clue on history because they're brainwashed, and the westerners say just the same the other way around !! Could it be that both are half right/wrong ?

I have no profound experience of China, having stayed there only 3 months in 3 trips, the latest being 3 years ago, but I remember watching national Chinese TV news and thinking how it was twisted, just as I noticed the exact same thing in my home country, France.
I suppose a majority will believe blindfolded what the news reports state, but a large amount of people still keeps a critical mind and knows how to disentangle propaganda from facts. That’s true for every human being on the planet, the proportion of intelligent people being the same in every part of the world !

Just why is it so compulsive for people to be aggressive instead of discuss and debate humanely ?

Posted by justnuts December 7, 10 11:00 AM

good,perfect shot

Posted by omeed.attar December 8, 10 12:25 AM

#287 WizBe, your observations are very profound. The size and population of a country and religious tradition certainly have a great deal of influence on the views of the Chinese and the West. Recognizing these differences will enable the world to move forward in peace.

Your other responses to critics are also well said.

Posted by yfg December 8, 10 11:18 PM

I love china & I like to coming to china in more times.

Posted by Faramarz YazdanPanah December 10, 10 04:50 PM


Posted by Anonymous December 15, 10 01:48 AM


Posted by pigeon December 16, 10 10:42 PM

I toured China and stayed in Beijing and Shanghai. Beautiful terrain and beautiful people....hard workers and very smart people. I'd like to know more about their history - ancient history.

Posted by connie corvette December 31, 10 06:27 PM

#315 - I am just the person to answer your question. If you want some good information on their history/anciant history, there are a couple of great books (Things Chinese) and if you want a visual source, check out the Mysterious China Series - DVDs.

Hope that helps!

To all the other commenters, let us all get along.
The Chinese have faults as we all do, but to concentrate on them is ill advised. Encourage cross-cultural sharing and caring. In the end, we all want the same thing: Freedom and a Colorful Life.

Posted by James January 31, 11 11:26 PM

these pictures are impressive. so is the big economic achievement in China these days. however over the last 4-5 years, i had the opportunity to help and witness the operation and maintenance of a privately funded elementary school in a very poor village in shanxi province. in this short period of time, the school nurtured thousands of students and improved the test scores enough to send most if not all of the students to much better secondary school, which was never possible prior to existence of this school. these farmers' kids now have a choice to go to college and land much better jobs than their parents did. this experience tells us it's possible to change peoples' lives and that it can be done quickly. but the local gov't seems slow in grasping this concept. even though the big cities like Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen can afford big and modern schools, many remote and small villages cannot. why? it's probably not because of economic reason alone but the lack of incentives to do so. when the cities folks are sweeping up LV bags in shopping arcades, do people realize a fraction of these extravaganza can educate hundreds of children in remote towns. the new found wealth of cities folks are not really shared with small villager comrades, sorry for borrowing this old fashion communistic term...i agree China is improving in leaps and bounds but the disparity of rich and poor needs to be addressed agressively and quickly. giving everyone the chance to move up the social ladder via education is one of the most effective long term means. Chinese people as fellow citizens can do a lot more in this regard. i love China and wish one day to witness an education system comparable to the west. sure hope this day comes sooner!

Posted by OneChineseinUSA February 15, 11 10:19 AM

Some strikingly awesome but why's the young women in people's square when it's raining? ^~*

Posted by Angel_devil123 February 16, 11 01:39 AM

China will be a great nation in 20 years time.
My wish that they will inspire the other Asian Nations to focus on governance through discipline, the key to stability & sustainable growlth in development .
China has been consistent in many aspect of its fiscal policies for a greater China and prosperity for its people & in creating an intelligent & industrious workforce.
Well done China.

Posted by Edward Chua jit Guan February 17, 11 06:15 PM

战机失事都让你给拍个正着,我还能说什么呢 ,也不好说什么 ,以为中国太大了 ,就算是个中国人也未必能真正了解。

Posted by the pig April 5, 11 08:09 PM

Beautiful and informative pictures too. People who can understand the history of China, and had traveled there will be able to view pictures of China in an open mind and see the development of the country objectively. That is why many Westerners have even moved and make their homes there. There will be problems every where, even in places with the most affluent societies. But the problems are that those ill-informed westerners who are anti-China, jealous of its economic rise and her system of government will always try to belittle China's development, especially her human rights. Remember that China had only 30 years since the opening up to her present position. It had more or less risen from the ashes after her humilating defeat by the combined western powers and the looting of her treasures and burning of her palaces and many historical buildings. The Sino-Japanese War, too had inflicted great dignity and damage to her people and country. The West, especially the US, is trying to compare the now China with their present development. They should compared China with the time they were keeping slaves in their homes. Then they will understand human rights. But undoubtly the younger generations had forgotten this shameful part of history and human rights of their country.

Posted by Martin lee May 7, 11 06:28 AM
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