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Pakistan in need

The devastating floods that have rolled through Pakistan for over a month now have left a disaster of massive scale in their wake. For a time, an area the size of England was submerged - one fifth of all the land in Pakistan. Although immediate loss of life remains relatively low (near 2,000 according to reports), damages from loss exceed $43 billion, almost one quarter of Pakistan's GDP. As the waters recede Nearly 9 million acres (3.6 million hectares) of existing crops are gone, 1.2 million livestock and 6 million poultry killed, and 17 million of Pakistan's 167 million people affected. It can be difficult to imagine individual stories of need when presented with such huge numbers, to see oneself in another's shoes when their overall predicament seems so vast and dire. Hopefully this collection of photographs from just the past week in Pakistan can help convey some of the stories behind the numbers. One way you can help is by texting "SWAT" to 50555 from your mobile phone to give $10 to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) - more ways to help linked below entry. (43 photos total)

Internally displaced Pakistani women wait for relief goods in Larkana on September 3, 2010. Relief efforts in flood-ravaged Pakistan are being stretched by the "unprecedented scale" of the disaster, while funding has almost stalled, the UN said on September 2. (ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)
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#39 is one of the saddest pictures I've ever seen..

Posted by Miguel September 6, 10 10:37 AM


Posted by Riccardo V. September 6, 10 10:38 AM

Chocante. Muito Triste... Very Sad!!!

Posted by Tiago (Brazil) September 6, 10 10:39 AM

Why are people of the same faith letting their brothers and sisters down in these terrible times?

Posted by g.h. in Europe September 6, 10 10:51 AM

#33 What can we do to save the children in Pakistan?

Posted by Bill Chi September 6, 10 10:55 AM

So so sad. Number 23 is so incredibly sad. I'm sitting in my office looking at these. I'm not a particularly emotional man but 23 has left me with a tear in my eye.

Posted by Denver Breslin September 6, 10 10:58 AM

and the developed countries dont help because its not _profitable_ -.-
f*cking capitalism.... it definitly kills people right now

Posted by sturmgeist42 September 6, 10 11:02 AM

@4: why help only those of the same faith?

Posted by michel_R September 6, 10 11:04 AM

Absolutely harrowing. Terrible.
The story behind photo 33 -

Posted by Girish September 6, 10 11:09 AM

I paused at #33... for a while.

Posted by Kevi September 6, 10 11:11 AM

"Go my friend.
Bestow your love even on your enemies.
If you touch their hearts,
What do you think will happen?" -- Rumi

Posted by g.h. in Europe September 6, 10 11:22 AM

An amazing job for portraying the current state of the flood and its victim.
however the catastrophe will have a very long lasting effect on the lives of these people. nearly all crops are destroyed and cost of living will surely become double in the coming months along with the harsh winter.

Please do help them out through any organization you trust. For those who are trying to find one I would recommend Edhi Foundation..

Posted by Farhan September 6, 10 11:24 AM

Dear Michael_R, comment no. 8,
heaping pain on pain is no solution. It would be wonderful if they helped each other ... see the further analyses at the right in this link, too ...

Posted by g.h. in Europe September 6, 10 11:32 AM

#33, so shocking, god!!!!

Posted by Felipe September 6, 10 11:37 AM

#33.....really Shock!!
although the fly stayed "on"the children, the eyes are still bright with smile!!!

Posted by KT-Lin September 6, 10 11:49 AM

#23 is so heart wrenching. I wish Pakistan didn't do stupid things like refusing the aid India is promising them just because both countries have a past history of animosity. As an Indian I wish there was something I could have done for these people.

Posted by Sarath September 6, 10 11:49 AM


Posted by Eryck September 6, 10 11:58 AM

very heart touching..Love the serie!
Really sad pics. I hope they recover as soon as possible!

Posted by kavita September 6, 10 12:14 PM

#33 - Too much helplessness everywhere, hope relief reaches everywhere it is required. God bless all.

Posted by Saurabh Sharma September 6, 10 12:27 PM

@Bil Chi Donate to Unicef, Oxfam, Red Cross, Church World Services to help women and children in Pakistan. Also there are all faiths affected. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in these devastating floods. All humanity affected. The scale is too big. Everybody should help.

Posted by Meher Zaidi September 6, 10 12:28 PM

le choc

Posted by phiphi31 September 6, 10 12:30 PM

This is a terrible time for Pakistan and its people. People all over the world have been sending aid in some form or the other which is heart warming. May Allah lessen the plight of Pakistani people and may He grant them patience and faith. Amen.

Posted by Zaaviyah Hussain September 6, 10 01:03 PM

#35 makes me think, "Oh, just hose it down" — obviously I've never lived with water scarcity!

(No thanks to "g.h. in Europe" (comment 4, 13), for the wholly unprompted injection of politics into a humanitarian issue. That demonstrates a near-sociopathic lack of concern for those suffering.)

Posted by Paul Kishimoto September 6, 10 01:08 PM

Everybody and anybody who feels can chip in. Many countries of the same faith are not officially providing funds as they believe the current Pakistani government is corrupt, which is quite true. They are funding unofficially through NGOs. Still the scale of effort required is difficult to image. For a rough idea use the fact that to provide food, shelter, medication and sanity to a family of five people, the cost is about US $15 per day. Over 10 million need support. Just do the maths yourself. The rehabilitation and support for constructing homes, schools, hospitals and funding irrigation and livestock will require a lot more. Just do what ever you can through an NGO you trust. One has been mentioned above, where as another trust able one is

Posted by Mujeer September 6, 10 01:15 PM

I think with the great advancement in Technology (Global Village), we can easily identify our responsibilities. It can happen anywhere in the world, so the common responsibility is to save the humanity.
Lots of NGO's & Government Organizations are working for the sacred cause. The least we can do is to pray, and then donation & help.
I can be contacted also.

Have Blessings

Posted by Syed Mohsin September 6, 10 01:21 PM

# 33 - it's shameful for me, that I am so privileged where as people is suffering so much.

Posted by Rupak - India September 6, 10 01:33 PM

I live in Indonesia, where there are 200 million Muslims. Most of them are poor. But they recently gathered together and collected coins for a lady who was facing a defamation law-suit from a hospital after she complained about their malpractice. It was massive news here, and there were university students standing at street lights collecting coins as donations. In just a few days they ended up getting 1 billion rupiah, or about 100,000 US dollars, for a single person facing a law-suit.
When the floods in Pakistan started, there was some news here for a few days, and an article or two about a few blankets and so forth being sent to help the victims. Then… it all vanished. In the last month, there has been hardly any news about the flood victims here. No photo essays like The Big Picture produces. No students at street lights collecting coins. No statements from the President. No more news of additional relief flights. You would think Pakistan had been moved to Mars, and there were no Muslims living there anyway.
I’ve mentioned Pakistan repeatedly on my blog and some people asked, “Where can we send money?” Unfortunately, my only reply was, “I have no idea!” because none of the large charity groups had lunched any appeals for funds. (I spent a few days searching the internet for local groups who were accepting donations and couldn’t find any. I think one or two may have started since then, in a small way, without much advertising.)
It’s common in this country to hear Muslim preachers quote the Holy Qur'an and say that “all Muslims are one family”. But, unfortunately, the reality on the ground is a blinding reminder that those words from the Qur'an are not always followed up with actions on the ground. What an incredible disappointment to see such indifference from fellow Muslims.

Posted by Gene Netto September 6, 10 01:35 PM

#33... I had never seen such a misery in my life, ever. Very saddening. Very very saddening.

Posted by Vaidy September 6, 10 01:44 PM

While all of this is so very unfortunate I don't see why other countries are always expected to bail everyone out. That is what it is like to live there and has been since the beginning of time but now because of over-population the effects living there are affecting more people. So be it! All countries have things to deal with. Why don't they do something about the over-populating in India and many other parts of the world and stop expecting the rest of the world to come to your aid?

Posted by Nosympathy September 6, 10 01:49 PM

I'm grateful to see that as an Indian you want something to do for us :) Not all of us hate Indians. Just some of the extremist do :)

Posted by Malaika September 6, 10 01:56 PM

#38 says a lot, look at the panic in the eyes of that girl.

Please donate so the organisations can help these people. A small amount of money can help!

Posted by Bert Veeningen September 6, 10 02:16 PM

shear devastation.. every one should pour some help what ever one can do.. even if its just a penny from his pocket he can share...

this is the call of humanity.. lets leave this religion thing behind.. they are human beings after all...

Posted by Aatif alvi September 6, 10 03:05 PM

Wow. Really beautiful and heart breaking photos.
#33 is rough.

Posted by M. K. Pedersen September 6, 10 03:15 PM

#33 & 39 - pictures like this with children involved always make me cry... I'll give some money to the red cross right now !

Posted by Thomas September 6, 10 03:17 PM

# 33 me conmovió. completamente inaceptable... yo tengo una hija y JAMAS espero que pase por eso.

Posted by Juany Valdés September 6, 10 03:44 PM

Thank you for sharing the photos. People can always donate to

UN World Food Program


Doctors Without Borders

They are always quick to respond & have kept more independence than many other charities. Any amount will help. You might save one person's life - which is of infinite value... Thanks!

Posted by China Rose September 6, 10 03:52 PM

#'s 23 & 33 are the worst pics. Horrifying thing to lose your juice in that situation... and the flies, christ!

And g.h. are you serious? Should everyone only help those that share the same citizenship and silly god-beliefs?

What are your thoughts on Public Healthcare in the U.S.?

Apologies if I misread, but you come across as the kind of person with very discrepant views about helping others domestically vs. internationally.

Posted by cgauthier September 6, 10 03:56 PM

our politicians will never arrive on time.

Posted by Terrible! September 6, 10 04:05 PM

Every picture is shocking. shows that how peoples are helpless and Government still quite and watching them with close eyes. Truth is that flood victims come back in life with their self struggle, and the funds received by government eaten by their big belly leader and corrupt politicians.

Posted by Anis September 6, 10 04:10 PM

I, as an American, wish to help those people, even if they hate us and resent the fact we even exist.

Posted by Kevin September 6, 10 04:26 PM

comment 23, Mr. Kishimoto, tell that to the BBC news reporters and to the government of Pakistan. In any case, gratitude to you for all you are doing to help these poor people. I assume you are doing a lot.

Posted by g.h.from U.S.A. September 6, 10 04:26 PM

Posted on many websites on Aug. 8, nearly a month ago ...
"Dear friends,
Our prayers go out to the victims of the devastating mudslide in the western outreaches of China. May all victims and their families in Zhouqu in Gansu find peace during these very troubling times. We also extend our prayers to the victims of the floods in Ladakh and Pakistan. May they, too, receive the help they need to restore their homes so that they are able to live peacefully again. Please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in these regions. Thank you!"

Posted by g.h. in Europe September 6, 10 04:34 PM

#33 is proof that there is no god.

Posted by andrew September 6, 10 04:49 PM

India wanted to give Pakistan $ 5 million as an initial aid, but shame on Pakistani Govt and their Islamic fundamentalism they just don't want to take help from India such a shame, and after international pressure and because of such a pathetic situation of Pakistani people they need whatever can be possible they finally agreed but not as a aid from INDIA rather as an aid from UN, India happily agreed to aid Pakistan in nay way, and after PAKISTAN accepted INDIA's Aid, now India increased its aid to $ 100 million .INDIA is really world's greatest country who is still helping country like pakistan who without any reason creating terrorism in INDIA and occupying Kashmir..

Posted by Raz Kr. September 6, 10 05:46 PM

@29 In an ideal world, those people would not need donations or they'd receive help from their government. Sadly, this country is poor and the government corrupted, so it's not going to happen. So four things against your argumentation:

1- Those people, those children, did not decide to leave there. You seem to imply this is solely due to overpopulation. Even if it were the case those children are not responsible for overpopulation nor for the disaster that struck them

2- Western countries are partly responsibe for the political and economical problems in these countries, and thus their inability to help themselves. Corruption and social unrest are in many cases partly (or mostly) due to colonialism and the mess it left. Similarly, those people wouldn't need donations if they weren't underpaid making the clothes you and I wear.

3- Every human has a right to food, clean water, and health. As a human being I believe it is our duty to help those not as fortunate as we are.

Finally: empathy. If that were to happen to me, I would desperatelly be hoping for people to help.

Posted by Ritariba September 6, 10 06:54 PM

siempre que haya niños me pone muy triste.impresionantes las imagenes.

Posted by susy September 6, 10 06:55 PM

Que dificil vivir en un pais como este

Posted by Otto Orellana September 6, 10 06:59 PM


Posted by Anonymous September 6, 10 08:43 PM

the estethics of these pictures shock me......its like the beauty of the vision takes over on the realty of the issue......please lets be realistic.... LETS MOVE !!!!!! however we can.....even a little movement can be efficient....lets just MOVE !!!

Posted by finn martin September 6, 10 09:06 PM

@45 - Funny how you think its our (Westerners) fault that it flooded over there and they are suffering because we oppressed them! Should I apologize for where I was born and I choose to be civil to my neighbor? I don't think they would come running over here if if they were able. Do you? Help starts at home, we need to have our stuff together before we can help everyone else. Its funny that you argue the point that you and I wear the clothes, with a emphasis on you wearing the, yet you continue to drive down the small countries by wearing the clothes that were made out of poverty that you argue about. SHAMEFUL and you admit it! Your argument on #3 I agree with to the point that we (westerners) need to have our crap together enough that we don't shoot ourselves doing it. We have our problems to, man up, cause it could happen here and we could be losing our own family.
God Bless those people, they need it!

Posted by James September 6, 10 09:11 PM

Sad, my heart hurts!

Posted by allan September 6, 10 09:26 PM

#33 it cannot discribe my feeling. Cry for? Pray for? Focus on? No, no, no, it's far away from we can do.
Have Blessings

Posted by Connie September 6, 10 09:38 PM

#33, Shocking!!!

Posted by Dan September 6, 10 10:24 PM

@5 Lack of clean drinking water is the most important issue at the moment. People specially kids are getting sick by drinking unhealthy water. Animals are already suffering with some deadly diseases due to water problem. You guys can help by sending stuff like water purification pills. These are not easily available in Pakistan. I suggest instead of giving in form of money sending things like that is very helpful otherwise we would have to import them.

Posted by nomi September 6, 10 10:26 PM

@29 You are right about over-population in south-east Asia, sometimes society sets some rule for us like make a bEEEg family sometimes religious believes do and sometimes political parties support more people to come into their territory and vote for them; all of these are changing slowly and surely I believe people's mindset did not change dramatically with medical science, child mortality rate is now all time low and people are living above average lifetime here and practices of modern world makes them more demanding and above all humanity suffers the most.

Posted by Max September 6, 10 11:27 PM

43#33 is proof that there is no god.

Posted by andrew September 6, 2010 04:49 PM

Mr. Andrew, is number 33 enough for you to say there is no God? How did you exist? How can you breathe? You are still alive today right? Alive enough to say there is God. Faith connects us wth God. Try to seek Him first.

Posted by Kevin September 6, 10 11:59 PM

I wish Pakistan Government had concentrated more on their people than useless conflicts with India.All the pictures show the devastation. Pic#33 is particularly disturbing. May God Bless Them.

Posted by Nikhil Madhamshettiwar September 7, 10 12:31 AM

El insoportable silencio de Dios....ante la Humanidad sufriente.

Posted by Jacinto Méndez Capurro September 7, 10 12:38 AM

The Pakistan govt doesn't care, that's the main problem. They are only interested in helping extremists to hit on India. That's pretty much their only agenda. Common people and their problems don't figure anywhere on their list. Can you imagine refusing aid when you so desperately need it? That too from a country on whom you have unleashed terror? I mean, it's beyond ridiculous. The country will continue to suffer thanks to it's horribly inefficient and bad leadership. Nothing anyone can do to help. Sometimes people have to fight their own battle. Especially the homegrown one.

Posted by WellWisher September 7, 10 01:15 AM

#33 made me pause for a while!! it's really shocking condition!

Posted by prashant September 7, 10 01:19 AM

#33. I saw the same picture in local newspaper this morning and I was instantly moved.
I pray that God help them.

Posted by Ben Sailo September 7, 10 01:41 AM

So much painful, the baby is sucking empty milk bottle. the most annoying photos were for innocent children. oh my God! they are my neighbors!

Posted by L, from Iran September 7, 10 02:29 AM

@50 I'm not saying it is our fault there are floods, but that it is our responsability to help if we can. No sympathy seemed to imply this was only a Pakistanese problem, I believe it is not and that all countries are connected because of global politics and economy. Sure, not everybody might be able to help, it is a private decision to make and there should be no guilt in not giving if one can't afford. But I disagree strongly with the statement 'It's their problem, let them deal with it' for the reasons mentionned earlier.

There's no need to be apologetic or ashamed, we're not responsible for the world we were born in, but if I can help make it better, I'll try to.

Posted by Ritariba September 7, 10 03:40 AM

Where is God?

Posted by Trapi September 7, 10 04:15 AM

There is a benefit for Pakistan flood victims on September 14th in DC. You can also help via - We have two teams working on the ground in Pakistan.

Posted by Nabeel Ahmed September 7, 10 04:33 AM

Is it Nature against folks?

Posted by michael September 7, 10 04:35 AM

#16 is such a devastating picture... that girl must have such courage, to look the camera straight in the eye without an ounce of fear. I wonder what she is doing now.

Posted by Avery September 7, 10 04:47 AM

Pic #23 and #33 are heart tearing.....honestly, we are selfish people. Still spending so much for our stupid facilities. Look at that small girl who is crying for her juice pack and we even don't bother while wasting food items. Shame on all of us and our government, which is good for nothing.

Posted by Dua September 7, 10 04:57 AM

I adore those relieve helpers who work in such harsh environment!

I'm deeply touched and my prayer for those who is suffering.

Great work for your pix that keep us abreast of the situation there and let us not to forget million are still in desperate need of immediate help.

Thank you and might God help us.

Posted by seikomatic September 7, 10 05:25 AM

خدا كمكشان كند

Posted by Anonymous September 7, 10 05:29 AM

anyone know the camera+lens used for these pictures?

Posted by Enders September 7, 10 06:05 AM

@ Comment 29, Nosympathy. While your lack of sympathy can still be explained, you basing it on a lack of knowledge is simply wrong. Contrary to what you have learnt from a few news reports about Pakistan, most people there do not live in such conditions, nor have "since the beginning of time". In fact the three major (and they have been massive) events that have caused such displacement and anguish were the 2005 earthquake, these floods, and the army operations in against suspected militant safe havens. I, having lived in Pakistan since 1987 have only seen anything close to this misery in the last five years.

And while the 2004 Indonesian tsunami is still fresh in the world's mind - and literally everyone rightly contributed to helping its victims - why is Pakistan wrong if it does the same for a crisis even greater than that? And I also know what you mean by "expecting to bail out", but that is just not the case. Pakistan is not in a position to expect help; it is merely desperately asking for it.

Posted by Murtaza September 7, 10 06:32 AM

36&38 windows to the soul

Posted by vonTanier September 7, 10 06:33 AM

@40, Kevin.

Contrary to what Fox News or whatever propagandist news outlet you've been believing have been preaching, try not to kid yourself that eveyone in the world hates you and is out to destroy your country and way of life. You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. I am fairly certain that these people will be concerning themselves with finding food, water and shelter rather than plotting the destruction of the western world.

Posted by Pete in India September 7, 10 06:35 AM

# 23 , 33 Hurting me lot, Very shocking and heart touching, please help all over the world.,

Posted by Siraj September 7, 10 06:46 AM

(Extremist)Indians Please don't open your shop here...... if you dont have some thing good to say then.....
Indian Government provided aid just for show off... what Indian government is doing to innocent people in Kashmir is not hidden.
India is playing back door diplomacy in pakistan internal matters is not hidden any more...

---- All indians are not bad but the extremist one.

Posted by Shakeel September 7, 10 06:49 AM

If God exists, why does he allow this kind of things? Thinking God exists is imposiblle watching images like 33. IMPOSSIBLE

Posted by Trapi September 7, 10 07:05 AM

23, 33, and 39 most shocking pics
plz save childern and help pakistan

Posted by shiraz hassan September 7, 10 07:11 AM

31 is terrible!

Posted by christina September 7, 10 07:21 AM

My heart goes to all people out there who are suffering because of natural disaster. Lets unite and pray for good for humanity. No wonder few people strive for selfishness and because of it I think most of suffers. I have faith on God that things will be fine soon. Just BELIEVE IN GOD.

Love and prayers from India.

Posted by Jay September 7, 10 07:37 AM

How far YOU need to justify that these peoples are not outlaw or terrorist, They are just like you and me, Adam's descendant. God Bless them all.

Posted by Niamul September 7, 10 08:02 AM

Soon Some Allla allah comments will come.

Posted by Naveen September 7, 10 08:24 AM

Faced with this scene, I only pray in silence

Posted by Anonymous September 7, 10 08:27 AM

I think it's wonderful that the photographs show how the concerned Islamic nations of the Persian Gulf are helping out by generously giving of the petroleum wealth they have accrued over the years. Most people don't understand that one of the most important principles and tenets of Islam is charity. Nice going Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAR.

Posted by hasifleur September 7, 10 08:58 AM

What a f***ing horrible mess.

#33 is the most heartbreaking picture I've even seen here.

Posted by MarketGarden September 7, 10 09:23 AM

God bless them.

Posted by Joon September 7, 10 09:43 AM

You're mistaken about that Kevin. Not all of us hate you. And trust me, the majority does not. We respect America with all her hearts for America has always helped us through thick and thin. Don't bother the extremists, they hate everyone.

Posted by Malaika September 7, 10 09:44 AM

i feel crying when i see this picture number 33, just look at the quality of life these people are living . and we still don thank to Allah for giving so much.

Posted by faheem gaba September 7, 10 09:44 AM

SHAME ON US????????

Posted by praveen kumar September 7, 10 10:00 AM

Thank you all of you guys for feeling sympathy for us pakistani ...
I am so touched by the comments i have read above but can you guys believe that our leaders (Pakistani politicians) are still not united and fighting with each other and blaming each other.
We the people are donating our salaries and are going voluntarily to these places and helping our brothers and sisters but Pakistani leaders are "as always" with no plan.
I thank you all again ... please pray for these people and May Allah give us courage to help these people as much as we can.

Posted by Saniya September 7, 10 10:38 AM

Thank you for making this crisis real to the rest of us, for bringing attention to it when so few others are. God bless!

Posted by arijah September 7, 10 11:19 AM

#33 can be seen here in India too... and the same is happening with my brothers and sisters in Pakistan...i hope my nation's govt. does best to help the "sister nation" Pakistan...please Lord our brethren on the other side of Wagah border !!

Posted by Akash Kumar Sharma September 7, 10 11:33 AM

I am really touched by the comments ............... yes we need material help but its even more important that the world can understand the misery that we Pakistanis are going through ................... I hope we can break the cycle of violence in the world ...............

Posted by Navid September 7, 10 12:38 PM

Allah Bless on Pakistan under such cicumstanaces.....and western people dont make over by passing cheap comments, if they cant help these peoples...They should know that diseaster can hit anyone...anytime...T.C

Posted by Adeel Anwar September 7, 10 01:55 PM

Ok. You can go pray to your gods. I'll go write a check to a reputable charity and volunteer at home. But of course, you'll say "by the grace of god I wrote that check and volunteered!"

One can't win with The Believers no matter what one does. The only thing left to do is to be decent to our fellow humans and hope the delusional wake up one day, before it's too late for the whole species.

Posted by Maria September 7, 10 02:05 PM

Nature have mercy on Pakistan, they were once part of us.
Bless u India, may u always have this big heart, I am proud of u!

Posted by vids September 7, 10 02:19 PM

I am an Indian and could never show much sympathy for the people of a nation so bent on harming & killing us.

Yet, I found it hard to move past #33. And now find it hard to get that out of my head.

We have nuclear weapons to kill millions of each others' people yet this is how we care for our children. How did we come to this?

P.S. And to think of it, we're one people separated by religion.

Posted by rbx September 7, 10 03:00 PM

Maybe right now, like me, you wont donate nothing, but let's remember this, when we will have the chance to donate.

Posted by Mandrake September 7, 10 03:40 PM

We Pakistanis are very thankful to the world community for helping us in these tough times. We appreciate your donations and prayers.
May Allah protect all humans where ever they live and what ever religion they follow from such disasters and misery.
All those who want to help but don't know how can donate to "Imran Khan Foundation".
Thank you all, for your efforts and concerns, May God bless you all.

Posted by Tariq September 7, 10 04:30 PM

I have donated and encourage everybody to do the same.

The direction humankind is heading is wrong. Poverty must be ended, we must all start caring for each other. One movement working for this is the zeitgeist movement. Please read about it or at least take whatever steps you can to help the poor people and children suffering. Religions is irrelevant. Human life and the future of the planet is what matters.

Please support Unicef or other organisations in their work.

Posted by Moe, Europe September 7, 10 04:47 PM

God help the people of Pakistan,my heart bleeds when I see these pictures of misery and destruction. Let's all do what we can to help these people, dont just look at these pictures, go out and do something to help them! God will reward you for everything that you spend out of your wealth for these poor people.

Posted by Adnan September 7, 10 05:04 PM

My heart hurts so much. My friends and I have donated but it is simply not enough :( We must continue to help and in no circumstance should we turn our backs. The hardest task is yet to follow!! Pakistan really will be needing help now and months to follow. Please forward this article to as many people as possible. We are all the same children of God. We must care!!!

Posted by Belkiss Obadia September 7, 10 05:53 PM

My heart hurts so much. My friends and I have donated but it is simply not enough :( We must continue to help and in no circumstance should we turn our backs. The hardest task is yet to follow!! Pakistan really will be needing help now and months to follow. Please forward this article to as many people as possible. We are all the same children of God. We must care!!!

Posted by Belkiss Obadia September 7, 10 06:05 PM

Heart Breaking...

Very well covered. Great Photography

Posted by Shahi September 7, 10 06:17 PM


Posted by Jacinto Méndez Capurro September 7, 10 06:29 PM

Esto no es producto de Dios, esto es producto de la triste ignorancia del hombre. Es mas que evidente de que ahi hay ausencia de Dios, porque Dios es amor.

Posted by Veronika September 7, 10 07:04 PM

We must be spiritually prepared paras tragedies in our lives. Especially when it comes to loss of life.

Posted by José Luiz H. Ferreira September 7, 10 09:05 PM

The only God... keep us free...please... Help Us!

Posted by Luiz September 7, 10 09:10 PM

Its very pain full to watch but if v r not one of the victim it is necessary to see n do something we must care n share n give relief to these victims ,its our AAZMAISH how do v overcome or ignore .May ALLAh gives us courage n resources to fulfill our duties regarding our peoples.

Posted by GQNiazi September 7, 10 09:23 PM

Photo #4 is really touching.. I couldn't take away my eyes from this snap for sometime.. The innocence in his eyes tells lots of stories..

Posted by Rakesh Sivan September 7, 10 10:49 PM

Those are manipulating this tragedy in their favor should be ashamed of themselves. I'm looking at you, the folks who are saying things like "As an American, I wish the best for them, even though they are hateful towards my country", or "Even though they're a country of terrorists, my home country offered them aid. It goes to show what an amazing country we are, even to terrorists!" Please, get the hell of your high horse and stop using this terrible event as a way to make yourselves look better. Your patronizing attitude is just as bad as apathy and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

To all the humble Indians and Americans out there who realize this isn't about national pride but about humanity — keep on keepin' on.

Posted by Sil September 7, 10 11:41 PM

If there is a God, then can one of His patrons please enlighten me what God has against those poor defenseless innocent children?

Posted by Silver September 8, 10 12:32 AM

@ 79 you are what the world sees in Pakistan. You are the reason why the world hates Pakistan. You are the reason these people are STILL suffering. You sir, and the likes of you running that country, will not accept aid from an enemy country because of your cockamamie theories. And in the bargain you will let your citizens suffer.
I am from India, now in US, and have served in the Indian army and even fought a war with Pakistan, but I cannot bear to see the suffering. I have donated for the Pakistan flood victims. I will continue to do so. People like you will always keep the hatred, corruption, animosity and suffering alive. The world will always circumvent you.

Posted by Singh September 8, 10 12:45 AM

this is hoorable...plz help us..

Posted by op September 8, 10 01:34 AM

It is high time Pakistanis understand who their true friends are. Instead of hating Indians, Persians and Afgans and Americans who always help Pakis at the time of distress, they should kick out or lynch their generals, ISI hawks and Mullahs.

Posted by Seethi Haji September 8, 10 01:55 AM

GOD will insha allah help all peoples..i can just say God bless:
i feel very very shamed on our politicians(government)very sad and very bad.

Posted by Aamer Shahzad September 8, 10 04:44 AM

So sad.

Posted by Michael Hwang September 8, 10 05:07 AM

Almost every one whose posting comments as such "OH WHERE IS GOD" and "THERE IS NO GOD" and over-emotional stuff like that needs to calm down and realize that DISASTERS DO HAPPEN. Sometimes we have earthquakes, tsunamis and floods and its all NATURE. Don't blame the nature blame your stupid government for taking ZERO to NONE precautions in case of emergencies. You mean to say your government and experts had no clue that a flood of 'this level' is on its way and they couldn't get their people ready in time? Get The F*** out of here...
And might i also add that if you really do want to blame this on GOD than lets look at this way, WHY IS GOD PISSED OFF AT PAKISTAN??? maybe because Pakistanis just slaughtered over 90 innocent Ahmadis in their Mosque while they were worshiping? and days later Pakistan witnesses it's BIGGEST FLOOD DISASTER IN ITS HISTORY, maybe this is Gods way of teaching you a lesson. Should I Also Add that at the Beginning of OCTOBER 2005 Many Ahmadis were slaughtered in their mosque, and few days later on OCTOBER 8th Pakistan witnessed its biggest earthquake in it's HISTORY which killed over 80,000 People And in the same manner now Pakistan faces its BIGGEST flood in its HISTORY. So once again if you wanna play the Blame GAME and blame it on GOD and stuff than there you have it. Other than that have your CORRUPT government really Help instead of always TALKING SH*T!!! Your "MUSLIM" president whose A Thief And A Murderer donated only pathetic $64,000? while Angelina Jolie A "CATHOLIC" American Actress Donated $100,000, WTF??? lol seriously Need i say more? Good luck to Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Posted by soso September 8, 10 05:17 AM

EVERY picture makes my heart cries.


Posted by Vlad September 8, 10 05:30 AM

@ 76 Hold Man. What pakistan is doing is not hidden to world? There are no human rights in pakistan. Corrupt politicains , corrupt players, Corrupt Intelligence ageny.
You peoples have no issues while taking dollars otherwise you people don't left a single chance to criticize USA.

Posted by Will September 8, 10 05:53 AM

In spirit of humanity,we need to help these flood victims. No more crying, no more sadness...all we need to do is come forward and HELP in our own possible way!
Come...lets give hope,smiles,courage and Re Built PAKISTAN!

Posted by kiran khan September 8, 10 07:07 AM

thought is vry vry nyccccc.............

Posted by SATABDI BHOWMICK September 8, 10 07:08 AM


Pot, meet kettle.

Posted by BabaGanoush September 8, 10 09:28 AM

My heart cries looking at these photos. May GOD give power and will to the victims of this catastrophic disaster!
This could happen with anyone anywhere in the world. Humans have created these natural disasters by going against the nature. People, we have to unite and protect this planet before it's too late!!!

Posted by Jimmy September 8, 10 10:55 AM

Great pictures as usual. Very shocking and heart touching. I

Posted by Siul September 8, 10 12:27 PM

tears in my eyes.. :'(

Posted by Ivan September 8, 10 01:23 PM

:((((((((( @ #33. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Posted by Dipen September 8, 10 01:31 PM
Posted by Miss Flax September 8, 10 05:50 PM

@ Post 113 I mistakenly responded to post 79. It should have read @ 76. Sorry Christina

Posted by Singh September 8, 10 08:53 PM

folks from all over who left nice comments here about the victims, my thanks to you from Pakistan.

and special thanks to for hosting these photos.

Posted by Pakp September 8, 10 09:10 PM

these photos make me want to donate every penny. and to think that pentagon's one year budget can end poverty around the globe.

Posted by Lorana September 8, 10 09:13 PM

É um trabalho fotográfico muito bom.Lamento infelizmente tanta tragédia.Aqui está mais uma causa para que se pede o milagre da multiplicação de todos os bens básicos à necessidade humana....Que se unam todas as "Divindades Superiores"...Para deitar mão a todos que dela necessitam,no meio de tanta desgraça.... e se cumpra a vontade de todos, o mais rapidamente possível....São os desejos de alguém 100% Humanista,e por isso nada ter....Mas pode fazer um repto....Apelando ás tais Divindades,Acção Rápida com todos estes seres humanos......

Posted by Maria Fernanda Morgado Ribeiro Silva Reis September 8, 10 09:31 PM

É um trabalho fotográfico muito bom.Lamento infelizmente tanta tragédia.Aqui está mais uma causa para que se pede o milagre da multiplicação de todos os bens básicos à necessidade humana....Que se unam todas as "Divindades Superiores"...Para deitar mão a todos que dela necessitam,no meio de tanta desgraça.... e se cumpra a vontade de todos, o mais rapidamente possível....São os desejos de alguém 100% Humanista,e por isso nada ter....Mas pode fazer um repto....Apelando ás tais Divindades,Acção Rápida com todos estes seres humanos......

Posted by Maria Fernanda Morgado Ribeiro Silva Reis September 8, 10 09:36 PM

These people in the photos don't hate America nor do they support terrorism. Even before the floods came their lives were indifferent to the happenings around the world. Why? Because for the poorest of the poor life's all about a constant struggle to find the next meal for their children. It's been that way for generations.

To all Americans who care, and most do, thank you for being the most generous people in the world. We can learn so much from you.

To all Indians who submitted sympathetic comments, I want to thank you and let you know that most Pakistanis agree with you that we need to put an end to poverty and misery in the our countries.

Posted by Mir September 8, 10 09:36 PM

I think that a penny counts for this and i think we should start saving and sending this.

Allah Bless and Forgive Us Please We Can make the mistake but for prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) please forgive us all muslim ummah ammen.

Posted by Atika Saeed September 8, 10 09:41 PM

oh my god....
It's heart breaking photos but beautiful.
I'd like to help them if I can.
I also hope that they recover quickly from the disaster.

Posted by Jieun Lim September 8, 10 10:06 PM

As it is obvious that over & above 30% of the Pakistan has been drowned and this disaster has washed away a large number of population along with shelters & crops etc. Now these disastrous people have an immense need of food/shelter/health security. Please extend your humanitarian feelings to save humanity especially in pakistan.

Posted by Shoaib Alizai September 8, 10 11:18 PM

sadness of all with deeply heart tears are must in eye

God helps those

here is all faults of people if make good himself then all is right ,government, atmosphere, all are
when me is crupt then all is crupt
" The Wording of Ahdees Mubaraka "

Posted by fahim rana September 9, 10 01:15 AM

There are several points to be raised while debating over the background, as well as foreground of the tragedy. The undeniable fact is that the 'actual rulers' of Pakistan have never allowed the government to initiate any Dam and/or design esp. Barrages to properly store and utilize water for all purposes.

Posted by Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui September 9, 10 01:58 AM

Perhaps Mother Nature is starting to get her own back on the most destructive species on the planet?
Shame that pain and suffering is part of that.

Posted by take the high road September 9, 10 04:33 AM

Brothers of Pakistan. We Indians will always be there to hold your hands and lift you from the calamities happened... As a Student I did as much as I could do, we will always be there with you.. Some politicians made boarder stop us from coming there and helping you all but our prayers will always be with you..

Posted by Anand T Madhavan September 9, 10 05:07 AM

So much painful really :(

Posted by Wind Walker September 9, 10 07:39 AM

#33 is proof that there is no god. [2]

Posted by Paulo September 9, 10 07:56 AM

There is so much need in the world and a lot of waste in the United States. So many things that people throw to the trash can could be a treasure for this incredible missery, even a plate to eat, a container to keep things out of so much contamination, socks to protect their feet, shoes, old cotton t-shirts, even to make a roof.

Posted by Lindapersona September 9, 10 11:32 AM

#33 & 64-There is God! It's time to stop blaming Him and asking Him where is He in all these. It's only our hard-headed ways wherein we reject, deny Him with our limited knowledge, and just talk/write (just as some are doing now) that He cannot manifest Himself. He's in each and everyone of us through the goodness we can do to help these who are suffering. Try helping by giving to charities bound for Pakistan or even praying for them and then God could reveal Himself. A comforting message to one who is from there who can read a message here is already a blessing to them.

#33 photo-Flies are comon in these parts of the world & the tropics. The arid and dry environment cause flies to seek moisture and nutrition through your eyes, nose, mouth, open wounds. This is how diseases spread easily. Flies are only part of the misery. It's people who don't care about other people (as the girl who lost her juice packs), chaos, lack of law enforcement that makes the misery even worse.

To those who say "where is America?" Heard that all over again from the Indonesia tsunami, to Haiti, etc. Our troops are always one of the first to respond in any part of the world. They are in Pakistan though there is very little news of it. Check out their websites to know what they're doing. I wouldn't count on the papers or TV for this. There are hindrances (as with any third world country) in distributing aid-red tape, corruption, lack of organization, chaos, a culture with a low regard for life, and angry mobs that hamper rescue operations as the photos and the UN say. I'm glad to see messages from concerned Indians here. Seek a charity bent at providing help to them. You can give of your time, money, talents and even prayers. Walk the talk.

Posted by George September 9, 10 01:01 PM

As Pakistanis we appreciate all the empathy, help and love from all the human beings around the world regardless of nationality, religion or political differences. If you could help physically, financially or even by remembering us in your thoughts and prayers, please continue to do so...

Much appreciated!
A humble Pakistani.

Posted by Hasan September 9, 10 03:56 PM

I'm not going to sit here and feel bad. Then absolve myself of all responsibly toward other human beings. I cannot do anything. I cannot feel sad. I will put up a hardened façade on my face even after seeing picture number #33. I simply cannot do anything.

Posted by JohnIsNameless September 9, 10 05:40 PM

this is so heartbreaking... where is their future?

Posted by Imli September 9, 10 09:07 PM

I feel so sad and terrified by looking at these pictures. May ALLAH swt show his mercy on them and forgive our sins.:( It makes me wanna donate everything i have and help these people as much as i can..
these are heart aching pictures.

Posted by Aneezay Awan September 9, 10 09:24 PM

Sad, Where is the Mohamed.

Posted by Bars September 9, 10 10:22 PM

How sad to see it, but where is infrastructure for development?
I hope they don't blame it on India again, am happy India donated $100 Million for them.

Posted by Sharath September 10, 10 12:35 AM

now Pakistan government and there terrorists frnds must have to take sum lesson with this disaster , as the terrorists r living inside the Pakistan with the support of government and creating trouble for rest of the world. As much u create trouble for innocent people in rest of the world God will create the same for your stop terrorism

i know the people who r surviving in this disaster don;t goin to blame it on India or any other country as they all r trying to help em as much as possible.I request to Pakistan government to use all fund for the surviving people only............

Posted by rambo September 10, 10 01:42 AM

#33 me fez pensar mais sobre minha vida, sobre as condicoes que moro, impressionante o estado de vida dessas crianças.
Que o Deus do ceu tenha misericordia e ajudem essas familias,

Posted by Pevide September 10, 10 01:52 AM

Terrible but awesome pictures. Pakistan is really the worst place to get this natural disaster, on top of their political and economic situation.
It's to fear that lot of poor people will never receive the aid sent to them. One's feel terribly helpless, only bystanders, onlooking. One should, I should, be bold enough to go there to help, even if it is "only" by taking these picture to witness and inform the rest of the world.

Posted by Serge September 10, 10 02:46 AM

Utter nonsense. Deeply depresses me that the gullible and insecure still cling to this ridiculous notion.

Posted by Sarah September 10, 10 06:47 AM

The United Nations has rated the floods in Pakistan as the greatest humanitarian crisis in it's history with more people affected than the South-East Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined. Its not the time to see your cultural, political and religious differences but help these people in any way possible.
Firstly, India has contributed for whatever reason and the pakistani people are grateful for it.(#151 look at the other side, India opened water gates to Ravi river which could have made the situation a lot worse). Secondly, honestly these people are struggling for their own survival right now so expecting them to make plans for world destruction is a little too much.
Pakistani people have been effected the most, The floods have taken away everything.3/4 of the country has been directly affected by the flood. The water is drying up now and giving rise to diseases.Doctors psychologists and medical professionals are needed. In a month the prices for basic commodities will rise so much that the poor will have no money to survive.
So please..I would request you guys to please help us in any way possible. Yes the govt is corrupt but there is the army which has played an impressive role. Pukaar is also doing alot. It is run my one of the most reliable people in Pakistan:
Help Pakistan.

Posted by mnaeem September 10, 10 07:27 AM

pic #33 god help them ...

Posted by Yeni September 10, 10 11:06 AM

May God help them ( as He did so far).

Posted by Sonofapreacherman September 10, 10 11:12 AM

We need to help each other.

Posted by Christina KR September 10, 10 01:00 PM

those of u who r saying that u cannot do anything thats wrng!all pf u can donate n help save thousands of lives in my country.will r still short of so many things.i dnt have to explain as these pictures show enough as it is!please donate dnt just sit n feel sorry n sympathetic for us!help us!innocent children r dying everyday.there are a lot of organizations!please i beg u all!donate whatever u all can!be it money clothes food.anything will do!i hope this makes a difference.thank u

Posted by maryam September 10, 10 09:38 PM

To all the people bickering over whether or not God exists or whether or not He did this, please, shut up.
This is a natural disaster. They happen. This is a very bad one. That also happens, though very rarely. Bickering amongst ourselves does nothing. You're on the internet. You're not going to convince anybody. If you feel the need to have won an argument, online, I suggest you seriously think about why.

Now, to the more important matter. Please, please help these people, any way you can. I know the scale of it is so large, it feels like anything you donate is a grain of sand in the desert but if you help even one person, one mother get milk for her baby for a day, or schoolbooks for a child for a year, or a tent for a family for the winter, you've done so much.

One US dollar is 85 Pakistan Rupees right now. That's a LOT of money there. Several bottles of water, several notebooks, a bottle of oil. Just...I know you've heard this before, but just restrict yourself from one little thing, one coffee a week or one chocolate bar or one pair of shoes. Why should you? You don't have to. There's no reason you should put yourself out for random strangers across the world. You don't owe them anything. If the situation was reversed, many of them wouldn't help you at all. But aren't you above that?

You may say or think anything to make yourself feel better about not helping them. They did it to themselves, they overpopulated their little dirty villages with their brown, Allah-worshipping, West-hating, extremist, lazy, corrupt, ignorant selves and now they're just getting what they deserve. Well, wow. Because children really choose what their parents do, and people really choose what their neighbors do. And people who can't even read are aware enough to know not to vote for corrupt politicians. Because when people in power tell them that all their problems are America's fault, they should just magically know all the facts and be able to refute that. Look, yes, they should educate themselves and make better decisions, in so many things, but wow, yeah, your silent judgment is really helping anybody at all. Why not HELP them? You hear of the worst and the loudest of them. So prove them wrong.

Is there seriously not a group of...let's be conservative, let's say there a group of 50% of people from the population of your country that you would say you agree with? In political matters, in religious matters, in anything? Because if there is, you're very lucky. Or you live in a very boring place. And you may say that those 50% may believe in choice or NOT believe in it, to your horror and shock, but that's hardly the same as murdering thousands of people in bombings or raping women and then killing them for honor. Yes. It's not. But don't you see that Muslims are even more the victims? How many people do you think have died at the hands of Muslim extremists since 2001, including September 11th? And do you realize how many of them were Muslims? In Pakistan and Iraq and Afghanistan? At the hands of other "Muslims"? This is not a situation of their own making. To think like that, you might as well accuse a victim of causing her own rape. Which, yes, also happens to many MUSLIM women and girls. You can't feel sorry for even them?

Honestly, if you're the type of person who can look at somebody and judge by color, nationality, or religion, you must just hate everybody. Liberal fags, redneck hicks, European socialists, slant-eyed Chinks, sly Jews. They'll all get what's theirs. Whatever. People like you, nobody'll get through to.

I'm talking to the other people. Whether you're a Christian or a Muslim or any other religion or an atheist or agnostic, isn't this something ANYbody with ANY goodness in their heart would do?

Please, help.

Posted by Anonymous September 10, 10 09:39 PM

organizations on these pages could definitly help.please check them out
and thank you to each n everyone who donated n r still donating.
n id like to say please stop fighting can u?i mean even after looking at whats hapening how can people fight n taunt n what not eachother!please get a grip.this is no time to argue whos right,wrong,good,evil etc!v have to work together!no one perfect!no one here can say the other is wrong.v all have defects in us.lets just try to overlook them.everyone should try and be a better human being.

Posted by maryam September 10, 10 09:58 PM

Amazing photography

Posted by Richard September 11, 10 07:09 AM

Misery, poverty and nature's cruelty!
My prayers and wishes for speedy recovery with these people and kids!
But one general Question, why are they producing so many children when they thelselves are so miserable? ( Look at the photo where a malnourished girl child is taken to hospital by her brother! BROTHER! And still producing!!!! Shocking!)

Posted by Rose September 11, 10 09:48 AM

Allah will help? Why the hell did he let this happen? Boredom?

There is no god.

Posted by Mm September 11, 10 10:32 AM

This is so sad. I wish I could do something instead of just sitting in front of my computer, enjoying the coziness of the house warmer.

Posted by Rizky September 11, 10 02:21 PM

thank yu allah for nothing.....there is no such thing as god...religion is for the week..

Posted by mark September 11, 10 02:59 PM

To comment #29. I simply have to say, shame on you for thinking and believing that the devastation of the floods is something that they will have to deal with themselves.

Posted by lm September 12, 10 11:36 AM

After watching these pix I can convincingly say I DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM but much unjustified worrying and BS.
God help us all seeing the big picture in this world; yet, send prompt relief to those innocent!

Posted by Daxvan September 12, 10 02:03 PM

allah kareem

Posted by abuwasima September 12, 10 02:54 PM

I pray for Allah to help those poor people.

There is a God, but that doesn't mean that life on earth will ever be pefect, this is not heaven. I use to think like that before I converted to Islam. I use to think, how can there be a God when this can happen? But do you not see the absolute beauty of life around you as well? Marvel at the birth of a child? Be struck silent by the beauty of a sunset? There is absolute beauty, as well as absolute horror here on earth, I cannot lie. But God exists.

Oh God, please ease their suffering. It breaks your heart to see pictures of those poor, innocent children. God please have mercy on them.

Posted by muslimrevert September 12, 10 10:00 PM

picture #18 ! reminds of terrible tsunami in Aceh, n how all the mosques still survive! God exist!
@Anonymous(#161): i agree with you.

Posted by hest September 12, 10 11:09 PM

@50 - "Should I apologize for where I was born and I choose to be civil to my neighbor?"
No, of course not.
But we should apologize for our silence when we noticed our government or companies are misusing corrupt governments of other countries to earn more and more money.

And now people of those countries need their money which - believe or not - is partially in OUR pockets.

Posted by senof September 13, 10 06:08 AM
Posted by g.h. September 13, 10 06:08 AM

یا اللہ پاکستان، پاکستانیوں اور دینا بھر کے مسلمانوں کی حفاظت فرما، آمین۔

Posted by بلال صدیقی September 14, 10 03:23 AM

The only thing I can do is to Pray to Allah and Hope all these people and animals survive with food and water. Not only Pakistan but throughout the world.

Posted by Zahra Bhaijee September 15, 10 01:52 AM


Posted by TAPAS September 16, 10 05:04 AM

May ALLAH bless all of the world,s community, who support & help the
people in this natural disaster,please carry on no matter if you are christian , muslim or hindu . Do help to mankind , GOD will help you
near in future . thanks to all countries , arab ,nonarab , fars. europeans , africans american, german , english etc

Posted by z.a bukhari September 18, 10 03:06 AM

Hope Allha give them good health once again.

Posted by zakir September 18, 10 11:20 AM

What a horrible mess. I have been sending funds to Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan, headed by former mayor of Karachi, They have 24000 volunteers working day & night. I was impressed when i read their report at Reuters and at New York Times. Amazing how they managed so many volunteers and huge operation, larger than government and yet very few know them.

Posted by Irfan September 19, 10 03:27 AM

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i just want 2 say. speechless no words just pray for Pakistan. if any organization needs a male Nurse than i will do work with out any salary for Pakistani kids

Posted by yasir Waqar September 19, 10 11:19 AM

This is so heartbreaking!!!....May Allah help these people!

Posted by Noureen Shiraz September 19, 10 11:38 AM

this is our brothers in islam, but we are in good condition, then we are not even think to help them in this situation.... all brothers in islam we fear ALLAH to try to help this people with prayer and money both side... ALLAH SWT help this people! ameen.

Posted by sanusi salisu September 19, 10 08:23 PM

I wish I can fly there now and help them in any way possible. So sad. May God bless them all.

Posted by liza September 19, 10 11:50 PM

@161 - Thank you for your eloquence.

I know that people are wondering why their tax dollars should be spent helping Pakistan. As a Pakistani I agree. We need to help ourselves. More importantly our leaders, past and present who have pillaged and plundered this nation, need to return the ill-gotten wealth that they have stolen from the poor of this country. Holbrooke and others want the Pakistani Governemt to instill a flood tax. The reality is that no Pakistani wants to pay any tax to the Government because we know that our government is not reliable. Where will the taxes go? To someone's Swiss bank account, to buy a chatteau in South of France? Pakistani citizens practise amazing charity all year round disaster or no disaster. I have myself been to a relief camp as an individual. Individuals are doing what the governent should be doing. I work in a school and my students raised 230,000 ruppees and donated toys, food and towels and clothes as soon as we requested them. We collected bottles which someone filled with water and delivered to camps. On Eid we went with some university students to one of the camps just outside Karachi with toys and music to celebrate eid with the displaced people. We found a glum atmosphere as all night it had rained on their tents and the ground was wet and so was their food and the quilts they coverd themselves with. But as soon as we began mingling with them and talking to them, these people smiled with us, shared jokes with us, thanked us for just coming to see them. We met children who had lost their schoolbooks, mothers who had lost their sons and daughters, mothers who were about to give birth, new born babies, fathers and brothers. Whatever we do as private citizens can never be enough.
One organization run by private citizens i know personally is Karachi Relief Trust. This organization has been wonderful in the past with disasters like the Kashmir earthquake. If anyone wants to help, money can be sent by wire transfer to them. visit their website at

@ Gene Netto in Indonesia please take note. A friend of this organization is collecting money in Malaysia.

So please don't judge us by our government alone.

How can these poor babies be blamed for the corruption of the leaders of Pakistan. Meeting these rural dwellers now displaced to our cities has made me realize that no matter where we are or where we live we all grieve in the same way and no one is more patient and enduring than Pakistani people. We have suffered a long time now and yes we need to help ourselves. But we are all part of the human family and how can we turn a blind eye to those who need. I lived in America and I doanted money to victims of floods in the midwest. I did not think then that these are not my people and I do not need to help them. We are all human beings and this could happen to any one of us. So can we set aside the prejudices and stop judging by our own standards and just react to the suffering?

Posted by Muna Kazi Pathan September 24, 10 12:43 PM

photo no 33 really makes me sad.. i feel like crying too, faheem gaba..

Posted by kiwietoshi September 28, 10 04:03 AM

if i could help them i would so im going to start a new thing thats going to help these people if they still need help ok with that

Posted by Anonymous September 28, 10 04:56 PM

#11 .. makes me want to be a doctor who can go out there and help people in need ...

Posted by Ed September 30, 10 12:32 AM

الله في عون العبد ما داما العبد في عون أخيه

Posted by ذكر الــلــــــ& October 2, 10 06:09 AM

pakistana yardım için bütün dünya elini uzatmalı

Posted by engin dovan October 5, 10 06:30 PM

you are the best damir sagolj....

Posted by harun tajudin October 18, 10 12:05 PM

@112 god has nothing against any of these children or us. god is what links us all and enables us to feel sympathy and face reality steadily - even where that reality is very hard to bear.

Posted by AlJG October 25, 10 04:13 PM

Tapez votre commentaire ici ..
Cette tristesse humaine que nous voyons sur visages n'a pas besoin de paroles. Mon regard face à mon miroir, me dit avec notre égoisme Européen , Ouf ! ce n'est pas nous et nous compatissons en nous disant , Ah les pauvres Gens !! quelle souffrance !!
Avec le recul et en toute sincérité , je me pose la question pourquoi cette situation ? où tant de gens souffrent , cela ne devrait pas arriver. Mais ces pays dits de l'émisphère sud , sont toujours soit en guerre, des Dirigeants corrompus et des problèmes de religions. Dans nos pays Européens , quand nous voyons nos simples problèmes de retraite à résoudre et il faudra bien les résoudre!! nous sommes bien loin de cette tristesse perçue à travers ces photos qui me font mal.

Posted by Daniel October 26, 10 12:21 PM


Posted by faisal faruq November 14, 10 03:24 PM

UN happy time these days in Pakistan,there is no pic our gilgit baltistan

Posted by afzal rasool January 5, 11 02:38 AM
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