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September 22, 2010 Permalink

Animals in the news

Today we have a recent roundup of animals making the news - from the study of newly identified species to genetic modification, to racing, hunting, play, rescue and preservation. From a minuscule frog to an albino whale, fluorescent fish to a deep-sea Chimera, collected here are a handful of recent photographs of animals and our interactions with them, as companions, caretakers, observers, hunters and stewards. (57 photos total)

A dragonfish with teeth on both jaws and tongue is pictured in this image provided by the Census for Marine Life. even has teeth on its tongue. Though terrifying in appearance, the fish are only about the size of a banana. (AP Photo/Dr. Julian Finn, Museum Victoria, Census for Marine Life)
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Very Good... Great Pictures
15° - Very Sad

Posted by Tiago September 22, 10 01:07 PM

muy buen trabajo, pero los fotos del maltrato animal no las comparto, el mundo es de todos no solo de los humanos !!!

Posted by Danilo Contreras September 22, 10 01:11 PM

Amazing Photos, as always.

Saludos desde Argentina

Posted by Martín Sánchez September 22, 10 01:14 PM


Posted by Joannis September 22, 10 01:19 PM

Fantastic photos!

Posted by Pezhman September 22, 10 01:22 PM

some of these pics are amazing, really amazing

Posted by rascarlo September 22, 10 01:23 PM

When you live in the city it's easy to find yourself thinking "wildlife" is cats, dogs, sparrows, pigeons and us. These photos remind us of the tremendous (and in some cases as yet undiscovered) variety of species on our planet.

Posted by Kate M. September 22, 10 01:24 PM


Posted by danbst September 22, 10 01:27 PM

Where is Paul?

Posted by Fede Aikawa September 22, 10 01:30 PM

Buenas fotografías, aunque las fotos de las ballenas son horribles!

Posted by Paula Quintanilla September 22, 10 01:30 PM

Awesome Pictures. Afraid of this obsession to genetically modify every species, don't know where will it lead this world.

Posted by Suri September 22, 10 01:46 PM

Thanks for the beautiful photo,s

Posted by Elly van Wijngaarden September 22, 10 01:48 PM

These images are fascinating, especially the NOAA ones, but some of them are very tragic. I'm not especially a huge advocate of animal rights but rather the humane treatment of animals. I don't know the issues, but while fur farming might be objectionable, releasing them in that manner also seems irresponsible. There are far too few images here of people who are helping to preserve animals and far too many images here of people destroying them, and for what? In my opinion, many of these are very sad.

Posted by sc September 22, 10 01:56 PM

animals are our friends
don't eat them!

Posted by scienex September 22, 10 02:00 PM

some of these images were so beautiful, they made me weep with a weird mixture of joy and sadness. a thousand thank yous for sharing.

Posted by Munira Zoomkawala September 22, 10 02:12 PM

Pic 19- is that a 3-legged moose?
And what's with the warning on pics 50-51? No worse than a hunter field dressing a legally killed deer.

Posted by Matt September 22, 10 02:19 PM

"Cat and squirrel parted without incident."
This was helpful :)

@50 & 51 .. wth!

Posted by Salman September 22, 10 02:24 PM

All species deserve to be protected from human interference
Let's stop stealing their habitat!

Posted by Greg Carter September 22, 10 02:25 PM

I'm not a vegetarian, I have tried to avoid completely eating meat and its derivates but I can't... but it's really sad the whale killing (I guess the way they're cut open is for meat). The roadkill pic also made me feel unconfortable, how can the drivers of the area not be aware and drive carefully? =/
very beautiful felines though, the lion and snow leopards *__*

Posted by Dani September 22, 10 02:26 PM

Pic 38..Disgrace man..a Real disgrace :(

Posted by dipanshu September 22, 10 02:31 PM

That''s why I love this world))These photo make me smiling and crying both!!!
Be in touch with a part of nature=*

Posted by Mary September 22, 10 02:33 PM

#27 - I'm from Brazil and I hate Rodeos....

Posted by Mario September 22, 10 02:36 PM


animals are not our friends
but they are delicious

Posted by Justin September 22, 10 02:44 PM

:'( Pilot Whales.................... Why?????????????????
:'( Pilot Whales.................... Why?????????????????
:'( Pilot Whales.................... Why?????????????????
:'( Pilot Whales.................... Why?????????????????
:'( Pilot Whales.................... Why?????????????????

Posted by Max Magnificent September 22, 10 02:44 PM

poor pig!!!!:-(

Posted by israel September 22, 10 02:53 PM

I wish I had studied biology instead of engineering !

Posted by Alan September 22, 10 02:53 PM

#20 gave me the heebie jeebies!

#27 - is the poor bull actually crying???

Posted by Kay September 22, 10 02:54 PM

The problem with releasing the farmed minks into the wild is that it disrupts the ecosystem for the indigenous animals and alters the habitat. Way to go animal activists.

Posted by Brian September 22, 10 03:08 PM

A lot of these are really discouraging. I can't believe the fattened pig thing. Guess what, dude, fattening a pig isn't going to bring you riches!

Posted by Melissa S. September 22, 10 03:16 PM

All stunning photos, as usual... #17 is the one that really shocks me, cruel, dangerous, just unthinkable.

And yes, I agree, releasing farm-raised minks into the "wild" when they've never lived on their own is cruel -- getting run over and left in the road is even worse than getting made into a fur coat.

Posted by Debbie September 22, 10 03:17 PM

amazing collection! the "animals in the news" are always my favorite of the Big Picture entries.


Posted by cmwillia September 22, 10 03:19 PM

#22 Like a Darwin Fish!

Posted by Rodrigo Souza, a.k.a. Sargento September 22, 10 03:21 PM

great photos! i realy like photos with Carnivorous Cats!

Posted by NikolayKa September 22, 10 03:22 PM

What, no dinosaurs?

Posted by Jonesin' 4 Dinos September 22, 10 03:35 PM

Oh! Genial! Me encantan! :O

Posted by yo September 22, 10 04:04 PM

Does anyone knows the breed of the dog at #10?

Posted by matee September 22, 10 04:30 PM

No chance in hell of a cat catching a squirrel :P

Posted by :D September 22, 10 04:41 PM

Beautiful Photo's
I am wondering that why the Wild life or something like that is only after Japan sin Denmark kill100 of Whales every year

50 & 51

Posted by Fish lover September 22, 10 05:57 PM

Beautiful Photo's
I am wondering that why the Wild life or something like that is only after Japan since Denmark kill100 of Whales every year

50 & 51

Posted by Fish lover September 22, 10 05:57 PM

To Matee, comment #36, I 'think' it's a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Posted by Jen September 22, 10 06:18 PM

"Greece's National Fur Breeders Association said most of the released animals were likely to die..."

Yet they would ALL die if left on the fur farm. And if the mink die on the farm, the fur companies profit greatly from their deaths. If the mink die in the forest, the fur companies lose a lot of money.

Posted by lenore September 22, 10 06:24 PM

Matee: The dog in photo #10 is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They're great dogs!

Posted by sr September 22, 10 06:28 PM

i agree, paul's missing from here!

poor guys on 15 & 17 ... and the rest. :/

Posted by xge September 22, 10 06:43 PM

LOL @ 57

Posted by Anonymous September 22, 10 06:59 PM

#38 es impresionante!

Posted by vidblain alberto ang September 22, 10 07:23 PM

always find new specie interesting, especialy the fish etc...

surprised theres no photos from that exhibition into the volcano crater where they found the worlds biggest rat and other species

Posted by mousey September 22, 10 07:27 PM

Releasing 50 thousand minks so they can either starve to death or get splattered on the road seems a lot crueler than making coats out of them.

Not to mention what releasing 50 thousand new predators into an ecosystem could do.

Posted by Matt September 22, 10 07:29 PM

Mais louco que o BATEMÁ.

Posted by Robson September 22, 10 07:38 PM

#34 wild horses beign chased off their own land which has been congressionally mandated for them to live on. What I would really like everyone to know is that these roundups are taking place at unprcedented, breakneck speed for no reason and at great expense. The Utah roundup in particular has many truly abusive and disturbing photos of what is happening for the sake of industrializing public lands to benefit private interests. The govt is violating First Amendment right of citizens ignoring a court order to allow the public to witness and document. And they are going through gymnastic hoops to keepthem out. They want the public out because we are getting very incriminating pictures of the abuse and death. You can read court filings by regular citizens on the issue at What is really going on out there ? We are paying for it, don't you want to know ?

Posted by Maureen September 22, 10 07:52 PM

Nice pictures-the ones in which animals are happy..but cant see them suffering!

Posted by DA September 22, 10 08:12 PM

I spend four days a week volunteering at my local animal shelter. I love being surrounded by animals and those who care for them. These photos were beautiful, and tragic.

Posted by Decca September 22, 10 08:23 PM

I'm so expecting to see the great old Paul, the octopus.

Posted by liza September 22, 10 08:41 PM

These photos together could form a noteworthy exhibit on humanity's obsession with domination and control of nature - "What we have done."

I'll never understand the impulse to ruthlessly exploit a living thing of any species.

Posted by RB September 22, 10 09:12 PM

wonderful - loved the dogs on the bus!

Posted by Daniel Marcou September 22, 10 09:43 PM

Stop animal cruelty NOW

Posted by matiradu September 22, 10 10:54 PM

#50, #51:
Animal vs Animal :(

Posted by Anonymous September 23, 10 12:38 AM

:-( poor whales!

Posted by mode September 23, 10 12:43 AM

Animals surely don't have easy lives with us humans terrorizing them...

About the comments about the "crying" bull in #27:
As far as scientists go, animals' "crying" is not related to their emotional state. Probably just eye watering...
Still a sad picture though.

Posted by mko September 23, 10 01:15 AM

i like those pictures,..but i hate those people who killed the whale.....!!!

Posted by roelcabactulan September 23, 10 01:53 AM

thanks for your site

Posted by majid September 23, 10 01:53 AM

Definitely my favorite Big Picture collection ever. So incredibly fascinating. What an amazing world.

Posted by Sarah September 23, 10 02:01 AM

When I see this kind of pictures I always wonder: what the hell am I doing, working in an office?. Everyone should work outside, surrounded by the Nature. We all lost the balance centuries ago. Now our life is worse, more sad, less free, in fact we live as these caged animals into an invisible jail of asphalt and neon. Congratulations by the photos. Jose, Seville.

Posted by JOSE September 23, 10 02:09 AM

About 50 and 51, people of the Faroe Islands - two words "move on"!

Posted by Peter Mason September 23, 10 03:10 AM

Amazing Pictures..
Really like it..

Posted by Fitri Astari September 23, 10 03:22 AM

hao kan

Posted by jk September 23, 10 03:39 AM

Wonderful and interesting pictures, but do not reflect well on anything but interesting photography. Why kill Pilot whales? They taste good, even better than beef and chicken!

Posted by Jonas Egilsson September 23, 10 04:10 AM

Where is the well known animal called human ?

Posted by amertum September 23, 10 04:28 AM

still waiting for PAUL!

Posted by cornel September 23, 10 04:41 AM

Some of these are just so soul destroying, I can't believe people think they're better than animals and treat them so disgustingly.

Posted by Rupert Burr September 23, 10 05:05 AM

Amazing. Cat and squirrel was the best!
Very sad about the whales, how cruel.
And the poor fattened pig.

When will humans just let animals be as they are?
God destroy us if you must, but save these beautiful creatures for future life on earth.

Posted by Fan of big picture September 23, 10 05:41 AM

Pic 43,,,I survived the Christchurch quake as going to change my name to Magnitude

Posted by Yang September 23, 10 05:52 AM

26 is really owesome and needs to get reward... but 38 is really sad we should take care of them :-(

Posted by fawad September 23, 10 06:34 AM


Posted by Anonymous September 23, 10 07:13 AM

I'm an Indonesian and I hope we'll be at some point where we respect animal welfare, freedom, rights, etc. Too bad to know that there are still lots of people here who think that to love an animal is to get them chained and caged 24/7. Perhaps they think that animals are just complementary creatures of the earth so they often take them for granted. I'm not (yet) a vegetarian. But I'm trying my best to keep myself educated and informed, especially about the preservation of those endangered species. By the way, amazing pictures as always! My faves are the felines ones. Cats are just the best =) Peace yo!

Posted by Deasy September 23, 10 07:57 AM

some unbelievable captures. very well done man. nice job!

Posted by jim September 23, 10 08:04 AM

pobres ballenas. que espanto

Posted by valeria September 23, 10 09:22 AM

When humans will treat animals like humans, they will stop treat humans as animals.

Posted by sc September 23, 10 09:52 AM

The girl in #46 is pretty.

Posted by salseiro September 23, 10 10:45 AM

Why do people always feel the urge to sacrifice an animal as a religious offer?Can't stand it one bit.

Posted by john September 23, 10 10:52 AM

#13 looks like something I used in my last film.

Posted by Ron Jeremy September 23, 10 11:38 AM

I love the Animal series that Big Picture runs. The photos are always so exhilarating, sad or inspiring.

Posted by melanie September 23, 10 11:45 AM

look, animals kill animals. all the flippin' time.
sometimes for food, sometimes for defense,
sometimes for no apparent reason.
humans are also animals. you do the math.

Posted by drow September 23, 10 11:46 AM

@79 John I totally agree with you. I assume you are talking about the pig but what gets me every time are the Spanish bull slayings like #24. I haven't heard many people mentioned those. They stab the bull over and over but still keep it alive making sure it takes the bull a long time to die. Probably one of the cruelest things I have seen. They have many festivals that do this sort of horrifying cruelty.

Posted by FSpain September 23, 10 11:52 AM

@78 Salseiro...the girl in #46 was genetically altered. She also glows in the dark. Just kidding

Posted by jk September 23, 10 11:55 AM

This is one fantastic range of animal pictures.Interesting, amazing,funny,happy but also sad.I was affected by several shots,but the one that had the greatest impact on me ,was Photo 38 Massive fish kill in the Bayou Chaland area of Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana.There was only one other comment about this,but not explicit enough to alert you.
This was the one disaster that was most likely caused by the also massive BP oil spill.We have no idea what residual effects that spill had on the eco system.The problem has supposedly been solved.No longer is the media actively covering this.They moved on to other sensational news.
No more coverage how people's lives are severely impacted by this as well.
Look at with happened in the same area in the aftermath of Katrina.Thousands of people are still displaced years after the event.Houses have not been rebuilt for many of those effected.The same is happening again with the BP oil spill.Livelyhoods have been distroyed and again the people affected join the ranks of the forgotten masses.
Anyone of these pictures has a story behind it - It depends if you want to "see" it !!!!

Posted by DiggerP September 23, 10 12:11 PM

I love #41! Great shot.

Posted by lulu September 23, 10 01:14 PM

Amazing picsss........

Posted by uma mahesh varma September 23, 10 01:40 PM

Beautiful pictures. Many wonderful, some as equally sad. Though picture 20 confuses me. The one with all the catfish. Are they in a huge catfish pile, or is there so many of them you can't even see the lake?

Posted by Robert September 23, 10 01:49 PM

#82 Yes, we are animals, but animals with the power of destroying ourselves and the environment - slowly with pollution and greenhouse gasses, or fast, by pressing the wrong button. With great power comes great responsibility. With the capacity of discerning good from bad, and understanding that another being is suffering, comes an even greater responsibility. You do the math.

Posted by kkia September 23, 10 03:04 PM

sUPERB shots !

Posted by Haim Behar September 23, 10 03:15 PM

Awesome!! One of the greatest gallery I've ever seen on BBP!!

Posted by Davide September 23, 10 03:21 PM

What is the point of rescue workers trying to save beached pilot whales when those fisherman kill them as they pass by.. This is ridiculous.

Posted by ... September 23, 10 03:23 PM

I hope every idiot that thinks releasing the animals from a fur farm is helping the poor mink takes a long hard look at #7. THAT's what you're accomplishing. Animals getting run over, starving & freezing to death, and wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem.

Posted by Drew September 23, 10 03:29 PM

I love this little frog at 18. Where i can get one? And what he is eating (frogs are hunting, aren't they?)? Dust?!

Posted by Simon September 23, 10 04:24 PM

For some reason i thought the ostrich were giants in #21

Posted by FiRez September 23, 10 05:34 PM

@50 & 51
it´s not the few people on a small island living for 1000s of years by hunting whales that´s the problem. It´s each of us eating more and more fish or meat that causes the problem.

Posted by Tommy September 23, 10 05:38 PM

does the kitten ever get stomped on?

Posted by Anonymous September 23, 10 07:55 PM

So sad! Why is there so much animal cruelty? :(

Posted by <3 September 23, 10 09:59 PM

Amazing photos. I am an amateur photographers, and seeing this beautiful animal I know that my next profession will be photographing animals.
Thank you for my new job.

Posted by Mario Rubio-Ospina September 23, 10 11:00 PM

#80 Ron that tickles.Ha Ha.
Great Photos as always, compliments all round.

Posted by BT September 23, 10 11:15 PM

To Alan who said he should have studied biology: take it from me, you are lucky you didn't. You would be jobless and hopeless in finding one. No need to be one, just browse the many excellent books that are there for the lay person/aspiring scientist.
Excellent pics as usual.

Posted by Peter September 24, 10 02:07 AM

Beautiful, except for the sad bull, the big fat pig, the dead fish and the slaughtered whales. I really don't get how people are so blindly repeating what they are taught, that they let themselves be reduced to disgusting killers, shame on them and their sons! If they learn to be cold with a whale, they learn to be cold with any living thing. And that's true and dangerous.

Posted by dan weskin September 24, 10 02:43 AM

Regarding the no-kill shelter in Beirut. It is not the only one in the Middle East. i believe there are several in Israel.

Posted by Cheryl September 24, 10 03:36 AM

# 7

How shortsighted of the Greece National Fur Breeders Association.
Mink have been released by activists in the United Kingdom on several occasions and have caused great damage to existing natural wildlife.
They are voracious predators in the wild and although some may die others will survive.

Posted by FuzzieLover September 24, 10 04:18 AM

HI very good I like this picturs

Posted by Babu markose September 24, 10 06:25 AM

We humans will distroy this world for our profit.

Posted by akshat September 24, 10 06:32 AM

Fotos tremendamente bellas en la que se ve la mano "buena" y la "mala" del hombre ante la naturaleza.
Gracias por existir,fotógrafos :)

Saludos desde el Litoral de la Patagonia Argentina

Posted by GracielaDeRedCamarones September 24, 10 07:36 AM

It's amazing how ignorant the animal activists that released the minks in Greece are.These non native voracious predators will do untold harm to the local wildlife.Do they have no understanding of how eco systems work?They think they are helping animals but in reality they are destroying nature.

Posted by ams September 24, 10 07:58 AM

THE pain from all this is enivitable ...its the suffuring that is optional
WHY do we kill ? period BECAUSE WE CAN?? Then LETS STOP

Posted by MARYLOU SAKOSKY September 24, 10 09:45 AM

I loev 2 eet COWS!

Posted by Ahrefghat Mughasha September 24, 10 10:54 AM

Bon sang! Ce que j'aime la vie!

Posted by Kayoobi September 24, 10 11:12 AM

ossum.wildlife is our friend.We have to take care this beternal friend.

Posted by Anonymous September 24, 10 11:36 AM

Can we help it if god made animals so delicious?

Posted by Anonymous September 24, 10 12:38 PM

I love #41! Great Shot.

Posted by umberto September 24, 10 01:18 PM

Los animales si sienten y si sufren por algo están vivos y algo están acá con nosotros, excelentes fotos como siempre

Posted by Daniel Lobo September 24, 10 02:10 PM

Amazing photos!

#7 Hope you're happy now, animal activists. :-(

And I hope someone saved the puppies in #49?

Posted by Rachel September 24, 10 02:36 PM

#46 would be quite the experience.

Posted by Drewski September 24, 10 04:09 PM

Just wanted to point out the obvious about the careless minks activists, but comment 108 took the words out of my mouth. Actions like this give the fight for animal welfare a bad name and alienate masses of people from an important issue. How do they not see that they are going about it the wrong way and only making enemies?

Posted by Lili September 24, 10 04:32 PM

Hey # 36 -- Looks like a Rodesion Ridgeback (not sure of the spelling)

but pretty sure that's the breed.

Posted by Mick September 24, 10 06:15 PM

50 and 51, Humans disgust me!!!!!

Posted by No Way September 24, 10 11:03 PM

great pictures , some are really good, some are make me sad,by seeing this "stop killing" animals

Posted by satya September 25, 10 01:15 AM

Fish are friend, not food.

Posted by Anh Dung Nguyen September 25, 10 02:09 AM

after seeing there only one ting came in my mind "awesome"

Posted by Anand Singh September 25, 10 02:50 AM

Awsome Picture..... 2 Thumbs Up....

Posted by Cecep.w September 25, 10 03:38 AM

49: We *put* the horses there in the first place, these are ferral horses. Albeit they've been running loose for a hundred or so years, they aren't natural to the habitat. This is why we round them up, the ferral horses have no preditors and will go over the carrying capacity of their land. And then, good-bye to all ponies! Without the round up these horses would over populate. Believe it or not, it's actually a good thing, and most of the ones rounded up go to amazing farms and live amazing (foal free) lives.

Posted by Anonymous September 25, 10 05:21 AM

Humans, we are the cancer of the earth. We, the ones supposedly the most intelligent, are the ones destroying everything. Breaks my heart to see some of these pix.

Posted by MG September 25, 10 09:29 AM

41 & 48
gotta love cats :-)

Posted by bassel September 25, 10 02:49 PM


Posted by Magurean Elena September 25, 10 03:48 PM

#41's last line is hilarious: "Cat and squirrel parted without incident."
#57 is just freakin' awesome.

Keep up the great work!

Posted by Ali S. September 25, 10 07:18 PM

#47 What do you figure the baby kangaroo is thinking? "I know...looks a bit cramped, but hey, beats hopping!" :) #50 & #51 The pilot whale thing in Denmark, I understand it's part of the culture and the history, but really....haven't we evolved beyond that at this point. :(

Posted by CandyceRae September 25, 10 09:46 PM

Posted by Ivan September 26, 10 10:43 AM

Imágenes muy buenas e imágenes un poco tristes. Como la del toro con la lágrima.

Posted by José September 26, 10 12:31 PM

"Rescuing" minks and other fur-animals that are keept in farms is a big mistake. They are very invasive and make a big thread to native biodiversity. People that release animals from farms are ignorant and dont really know much about protecting environment.

Poor whales....

Posted by Chriss September 26, 10 01:51 PM

oh viantres ,esas imagenes me han dejado impactado maria

Posted by juan alberto marcelo September 26, 10 04:31 PM

Check out #22. Is this the walking "Darwin fish" you see in bumper stickers? It's awesome that so many unknown species still exist. How many will we lose to habitat destruction before we even discover them?

Posted by Lee September 26, 10 05:44 PM

Does that moose have three legs?

Posted by jessamyn September 26, 10 07:38 PM


Posted by Mabel September 26, 10 10:46 PM

We eat meat in the West. Anyone who eats chicken, beef, pork, fish, you need to take a look at yourself before you chastise people for killing whales or any other popular sympathetic animal.

People in northern latitudes can't grow as many crops due to weather. Alaskans and others hunt the seas and eat blubber because that's how you survive the winters - you eat animal fat. Our ancestors in China, America, Siberia, survived the Ice Ages doing just this kind of thing, hunting fatty animals, and you are likely descended from people like them as well. Yes it's tough to see guts spread out like that, but there is no such thing as a chicken nugget, and steaks don't come from a steak factory.

These people in the photos have lived off the whales for thousands of years, and they don't hunt with modern weapons. It's important to respect other cultures and understand where they are coming from. Yes, I love whales and I can't eat one, but I'm not a fishermen and I don't live in a very cold climate.

Posted by Jackie September 27, 10 01:39 AM

Extraordinary photos with beautiful natural colors. Very instructive but short comments.Merci-Thank you.
Lucien Alexandre Marion

Posted by Lucien Alexandre Marion September 27, 10 11:21 AM

Poor whales. Made me sick to my stomach to see those pics.

Posted by Gurleen September 27, 10 08:15 PM

While there are beautiful pics of animals and new creatures in here, the pictures of the whales leave a lasting image of cruelty to animals. its sickening to see how people treat helpless animals for their own good!

Posted by Save the animals September 28, 10 12:34 PM

While there are beautiful pics of animals and new creatures in here, the pictures of the whales leave a lasting image of cruelty to animals. its sickening to see how people treat helpless animals for their own good!

Posted by Save the animals September 28, 10 12:34 PM

great jobs

Posted by Viktor September 28, 10 02:14 PM

i am mad at all those killers and no this is not an eco worriors im going to tell the policia on all you whale killers

Posted by dofy September 28, 10 04:49 PM

Amazing pictures!! good job!!

Posted by Mapache September 28, 10 04:56 PM

50, 51
i knew they are japanese when see the 50, 51 picture
but thats now japanese
i knew only japaneses hunting whales

Posted by Kins September 28, 10 10:23 PM

Very nice pictures but i dont want to see the killing whales.They must nat kill them..

Posted by Cumhur ersoy September 29, 10 06:16 AM

How does whale taste?

Posted by Kr September 29, 10 11:04 AM

Nice job animal activists! Hope those minks dont ruin the ecology of greece and get run over....whoops too late!

Where are the guys from "whale wars" now?

Tiger in a suitcase? cute pic but whoah!

Horses being rounded up for a good cause, im down with that. Id rather see that then them overpopulate an area, then starve to death like Deer in and around Austin do because nobody can hunt them. That and get hit by motor vehicles.

Powerful pics for sure, but really use your heads, some are taken way out of context people.

Posted by john September 29, 10 12:40 PM

#3 - Really, Arno Burgi? Would it have been too difficult to shoot at f/3.2 or f/4 and get the whole thing in focus?

Posted by Travis September 29, 10 11:20 PM

#22 is a species of Anglerfish, the one pictured would be female.

Posted by Trent September 30, 10 07:43 PM

To the people taking issue with a 1200 year old hunt on a tiny little set of islands north of the UK. How else are these people supposed to eat? Ship in all food products at great economic and resource cost? Move to a temperate zone? This culutre has in fact bent over backwards to make the hunt as humane and as fair as possible. No nets, no harpoons.

It's easy being an armchair activist, or a thoughtless activist like the people who release cages animals to die in the wild.

Posted by Maria September 30, 10 09:10 PM


Posted by GEORGE October 1, 10 12:01 AM

This culutre has in fact bent over backwards to make the hunt as humane and as fair as possible. No nets, no harpoons.

Posted by Lukay October 1, 10 12:37 PM

son fotos muy buenas aunq algunas son crudas pero el material es en verdad muy bueno felicitaciones al personal

Posted by oliser molina October 1, 10 12:46 PM

INDEX 2010:
Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region

Posted by Nick October 1, 10 02:39 PM

Our disrespect for these whales is astounding. They are most probably intelligent enough to also question their own existence... They probably wonder about the same things as us. Why are we here? How did all this come to be? We have no right to murder them like this. Damn humans. We deserve whats coming for us...

Posted by Louis October 1, 10 04:33 PM

#19: three legs?!?!

Posted by Mago Fabian October 1, 10 05:41 PM

Very interesting photos. I especially liked the cat-and-squirrel game and the albino whale.

I think the plural of mink is mink (i.e. no s), but it probably depends on what style manual the Globe is using.

Posted by Chris B. October 1, 10 06:35 PM

The idea of the genetically altered salmons for food is awful and should be forbidden. They must work on better ways to preserve what we already have and prevent further accidents like the BP oil incident.

Posted by Mike E October 1, 10 10:40 PM

Oh.......Specially pic38................?

Posted by Gibon October 2, 10 04:17 AM

wooow realy love this pick congratulations

Posted by ale October 2, 10 06:00 PM


Posted by revaldo October 3, 10 01:40 AM

The pictures are excellent, the Mexican Bicentenary was really fantastic, congratulations. Thanks for be here.

Posted by Luis Buenrostro October 3, 10 04:38 AM

Escriba su comentario aquí ...Pedro ees un crak mauel saludos

Posted by Anonymous October 3, 10 05:54 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 3, 10 07:23 PM

what a shame to kill whale

Posted by nono October 4, 10 05:11 AM

despicable and unbelievable that people do things like this. I agree with what many have said before me about animals and how humans treat them. What kills me the most is that i cant do anything to help them or protect them. I give a ton of props to those who are out there doing something about it. But, overall, great pictures, i loved them.

Posted by Anonymous October 4, 10 04:03 PM

picture 17.. thats's just sick and sad and so wrong! Poor little tiger :(

Posted by fins October 5, 10 04:54 AM

the puppy r cute

Posted by ronnie October 6, 10 02:10 PM

About the BLM Mustang round ups....many many horses are dying because they have been rounded them up in record heat. Mares that have just foaled and newborns forced to run for miles and miles. They are trying to keep the press out so this doesnt get reported but you can google it. Let the BLM know you think the round ups should stop. Adoptions are down, these horses will sit in holding pens for the rest of their lives just so cattle can graze where they once did. All so we can have a burger! Speak out!

Posted by Amy W October 6, 10 11:44 PM

This is one of the most amazing collection of animal photgraphy I have ever seen... Amazing work!

Posted by Anonymous October 7, 10 12:05 PM

To those who defend the faeroese tradition of whale slaughter: be informed first that they do not live off the whale's meat. This is an almost insignificant aspect of their economy. They don't eat a lot of the meat. Most of the killing is done simply for the heck of it, much like the Spanish don't need to slaughter bulls in rings in order to survive.
I hope that someday everybody will understand that you can't treat an animal with disrespect and think that it's ok because it isn't a human. I understand if you come from a culture that needs to trade pelts or hunt to survive, but if you don't live in an igloo or in the bush, then I honestly believe that there is no need to kill other creatures.

Posted by so October 7, 10 11:25 PM

#46 can keep my whale wet anytime.

Posted by Free Willy October 8, 10 07:43 AM

very nice pics!!!! first one kinda took me by surprise tho O_O!!!! Love the baby kangaroo!! =D

Posted by Dave October 8, 10 08:06 PM

#27 Is very sad shot. It shows me how cruel , ruthless animals are but there always will be "Human" that makes 100000 times more harm , thаn any one else. IMHO. Thanks for pictures.

Posted by Dmitriy October 9, 10 05:41 AM

LOOOOOOVE this site! As a wildlife lover i find this site very fascinating still wondering that there are still species discovered in our time but why all in Indonesia...i guess is the lost world of our planet

Posted by mark October 9, 10 10:27 AM

The best of the best !!!! Lovely and wonderful for all.

Posted by narumol - jatuchai October 12, 10 03:05 AM

amazing pics.....a wonderful creaturs

Posted by khalidaskn October 12, 10 10:57 AM

wonderful pic.. and wonderful animal

Posted by nathan October 13, 10 08:43 AM


Posted by Anonymous October 13, 10 10:36 AM

52 is very nice ...18 is the weirdest and 27 breaks my heart !

Posted by Wissam October 13, 10 03:17 PM

#45 Jabba the hut is not dead!!

Posted by Oliv October 18, 10 12:13 PM

"The BP oil spill wasn't to blame for this die-off. Instead, it's the result of a very large number of fish getting trapped by the tide in a very shallow pool of water on a very hot day. All of those factors added up to not enough oxygen to go around, and the fish suffocated...These don't happen every day, but they're also not particularly rare in southern Louisiana"
from BoingBong

see also:

Posted by eula October 20, 10 10:53 AM

really amazed by the pictures ........

Posted by anit manandhar October 25, 10 07:34 AM

#89 -> We humans are animals ? You got it wrong, completely wrong. Yes our physical shape and construction is similar... but that does not make us animals. Difference is we've got a conscience and it changes the way we live. If you kill someone, you will affect a lot of people in a negative way. Because we have the ability to feel strong emotions and think further than our nose, killing a fellow humain being is obviously wrong. Also, most animals do not kill their own species.

Posted by edwin October 26, 10 07:45 AM

That chick in #45 is hot.

Posted by miguelsanchez October 29, 10 02:55 PM

I think it was very interesting.

Posted by jimmy November 1, 10 10:58 PM

very very nice picture i was sock thanks

Posted by bansi suresh November 25, 10 11:00 AM

i realy am sad abut the wales just send this with me and give it a good one

Posted by omeed.attar December 10, 10 12:22 AM

wow!!! amazing........

Posted by billy March 21, 11 09:02 PM

wonderful just wonderful

Posted by Anonymous April 16, 11 12:56 PM

some of the animals in the picture look really bad and some of them look adorable..............

Posted by Anonymous April 29, 11 12:16 PM
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